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Chapter 344

Everyone felt the dignity of the atmosphere, and the sword was tense.

Some ordinary people who are not so courageous even feel that it is difficult to breathe, and their throats are choked, very uncomfortable!

After Brian Gu appeared, his gaze never looked away from Wayne Lin. No one could see that Brian Gu had blood and blood enmity against Wayne Lin, and this time he wanted to take Wayne Lin down.

Seeing Brian Gu striding towards Wayne Lin, many people started to get excited. They didn’t dare to blink their eyes, waiting for the two of them tightly, for fear of missing some wonderful pictures!

Brian Gu, but a famous figure in the circle.

He is an infinite master of the Innate Realm, or the vice president of the Northern Sky Club. He still has a lot of industries under his hand. It can be said that regardless of financial resources, military power, and status, they are all top-level existences. So many people dare not provoke him and treat him. Respectful.

As for Wayne Lin, he is the most popular person in Huarvell recently. At the age of 28, he is already the chairman of three companies. Among them, the market value of Ziqiong Media is rushing to the tens of billions.

The most powerful thing is Wayne Lin’s own strength. Rumor has it that he has successfully taken that superb cleansing pill and stepped into the innate realm!

The cultivation of a body is also shocking to the world. At the opening ceremony that day, he defeated Gu Hanxing with a single punch, and also broke Gu Hanxing’s “foundation”. He was also a murderer.

Now there will be a battle between the two upstarts and the old tycoons, which is full of gimmicks and extremely exciting.

Tao Sanniang is just an ordinary person in the realm of a master. Facing the pressure of Brian Gutai Mountain, how can she withstand it? Now she is shaking and her legs are beginning to swing.

Seeing that he couldn’t hold it back, and was about to collapse, Wayne Lin didn’t make her ugly, patted her shoulder gently, and then stood in front of her to block Brian Gu’s pressure on her.

In an instant, Tao Sanniang felt much better, and the pressure on her body relaxed by 90%.

She was gasping for breath, looking at the tall figure standing in front of her, the shock in her heart was particularly strong. With Wayne Lin blocking in front, she feels safer and will never be afraid again.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin is a huge rock. No matter how fierce the waves of Shanghai beat, he can stay still and protect her safety.

She hadn’t had such a strong sense of security for a long time. At this time, Wayne Lin guarded her figure, carve it deeply in her heart, and could never forget it again.

Finally, under everyone’s gaze, Brian Gu walked up to Wayne Lin and asked, there was only one meter between the two.

For the super masters of their realm, this distance is equivalent to no distance, and a shot is extremely powerful, unable to resist!

However, Wayne Lin did not back down, even with a relaxed smile on his face, and was not intimidated by Brian Gu’s powerful pressure.

Brian Gu stopped, eyes like swords, piercing directly into Wayne Lin’s eyes.

Being so close, Wayne Lin could feel Brian Gu’s magma-like heat even more.

But why should he be afraid?

At this moment, Brian Gu said, “Wayne Lin, you have a lot of courage, you know that I will trouble you, and you dare to come to participate in the hunting competition, are you afraid that I will kill you?”

When Brian Gu spoke, his face was smiling, but there was no slight smile in his eyes, which gave people a creepy feeling.


p; To many people, Brian Gu is comparable to a beast, with extremely surging energy hidden in his body. Once it bursts out, it will destroy the world!

Although Wayne Lin is great, in terms of aura, it is really far from Brian Gu, and the difference between the two is not at all orders of magnitude.

Originally, many people were not optimistic about Wayne Lin, but now in such a comparison, they even think that Wayne Lin is already a dead person and has no way to survive.

Wayne Lin also smiled and said, “Why didn’t I dare to come? Are there other occasions where I can kill you in the hunting contest tomorrow?”

Brian Gu laughed loudly when he heard what he said, as if he heard a huge smile.

He laughed so loudly, full of air, as if a wave of air came from his mouth, spreading around, it was too loud, louder than firecrackers! It seemed that there was a constant explosion of powerful explosives in his mouth, frightening the birds and beasts several hundred meters in diameter and running out of fear, and the birds on the big tree spread their wings and fled. The picture was extremely shocking.

As for the people around here, it is even more uncomfortable. They have covered their ears, otherwise they are really afraid that their eardrums will be ruptured.

Tao Sanniang was very close. She covered her ears, still feeling very uncomfortable and buzzing.

Only Wayne Lin was not affected at all. He still kept a smile on his face and sneered, which just offset the wavelength of Brian Gu’s laughter, making everyone around him feel much better.

This is the same reason as many noise-reducing headphones on the market. As long as the frequency is opposite to the sound source, the noise can be reduced.

Now Wayne Lin is the same.

Brian Gu sensed that his voice was cancelled out by Wayne Lin, he narrowed his eyes, stopped laughing, and looked at Wayne Lin carefully.

“What a young and frivolous, Wayne Lin, since you set foot on this land, you are dead, and your life will no longer be under your control.” Brian Gu stood with his hand in his hand. He did not embarrass Wayne Lin anymore. Now he accepts With all his aura and majesty, he looked just an ordinary businessman.

Wayne Lin laughed again and said, “Brian Gu, you are old and you are not my opponent. Now you apologize to me for your son. I can look at the face of Beitianhui and stop worrying about your father and son. . Otherwise, your life will stay here and become a dead soul in this forest.”

Wayne Lin’s words weren’t too loud, but everyone heard them. They all opened their eyes and looked at Wayne Lin in shock, thinking that Wayne Lin must be crazy, so he said this. Don’t understand the situation? It’s this juncture, and you’re still stiff, what are you Wayne Lin using to fight Brian Gu!

Don’t talk about them, even Tao Sanniang felt that Wayne Lin was arrogant this time and was looking for his own death.

Brian Gu’s name is too loud, it is not comparable to Gu Hanxing’s dude.

It can be said that Wayne Lin has no chance of winning at all.

The coldness in Brian Gu’s eyes became more intense. He has now completely sentenced Wayne Lin to death, and he has begun to think about what methods should be used to torture Wayne Lin by tomorrow!

As for not being able to beat Wayne Lin?


He had never thought about this, because it was impossible. If he can’t beat Wayne Lin, the vice president of the Northern Heavens Association, he might as well just find a piece of tofu and kill him.

In the end, Brian Gu didn’t waste any more saliva with Wayne Lin, stared at Wayne Lin coldly, and started to leave.

Chapter 345

After Brian Gu left for a long time, he still didn’t dare to speak loudly, and his heart lingered. The pressure Brian Gu brought to them just now was too great.

But for them, it was more excitement, thinking that this hunting competition was worthwhile.

Originally, they would travel all the way to this deep mountain and old forest just for the excitement. Now that they can see a battle between dragons and tigers, wouldn’t it be nice?

“Wayne Lin, you are crazy, you dare to talk back to Brian Gu, because of his character, he will definitely break your body into pieces! What can I do now? How about you go back to Huarvell… Alas, but now I don’t have this chance either. Once you come here, you won’t be able to go out until the hunting contest is over, otherwise you will be hunted down, and it’s over… if I knew I would not invite you over. Blame me, blame me…” Tao Sanniang was particularly frightened and panicked, and also very regretful. Her eyes became red and she blamed herself very much. She would raise her hand and slap herself in the face.

Wayne Lin shot her in time to stop her, and said, “You don’t need to blame yourself. I came here voluntarily. I knew in advance that Brian Gu would come, so it has nothing to do with you.”

Tao Sanniang still reproached herself and said: “That’s not what I said. If I didn’t take the initiative to invite you, you wouldn’t have this thought. After all, I killed you!”

Seeing Tao Sanniang’s self-blaming appearance, it was not a pretense. Wayne Lin is still quite warm when she comes. After so many contacts, Wayne Lin also sees that Tao Sanniang is not the kind of vicious-hearted person, on the contrary Tao Sanniang’s heart is still kind.

“Okay, I will be fine. Brian Gu is not my opponent. The one who should be unlucky tomorrow is him, not me.” Wayne Lin said seriously, his tone was very flat, but his eyes revealed a great deal. confidence.

But in Tao Sanniang’s opinion, Wayne Lin was still arrogant, because she really couldn’t figure out what Wayne Lin could compare with Brian Gu.

Brian Gu’s reputation in the circle is too great, Tao Sanniang has no confidence in Wayne Lin at all.

She decided to lock Wayne Lin in the hotel tomorrow. As long as Wayne Lin did not appear on the hunting ground, according to the rules, Brian Gu would have no choice but to take Wayne Lin.

Of course Wayne Lin’s reputation is also discredited by doing this, but compared to his life, what is his reputation?

Wayne Lin saw Tao Sanniang so worried, he wanted to ask Tao Sanniang why he cares about him so much? They have only met a few times, just a general friendship. But when the words came to his lips, he swallowed it back without asking.

There is no need for this. Besides, is it important that Tao Sanniang cares about him?

Not necessarily.

Many people who had greeted Wayne Lin at the scene were very regretful now and wished to give themselves a big slap in the face.

If Brian Gu knew about this, he might be troubled by them.

In the eyes of most people, Wayne Lin is already a dead person. Just showing goodwill with him is completely useless, and there is even a risk of being hated by Brian Guji.

As for the people who kept their distance from Wayne Lin at the beginning, they are now very fortunate and gloating. Fortunately, they are witty and know that Brian Gu is coming, so they quickly keep their distance from Wayne Lin.

At the same time, two people stood on a window sill above the hotel, drinking there, looking at Wayne Lin below leisurely, as if looking at the scenery or a clown.

“Interesting, I didn’t expect that someone would really dare to provoke Brian Gu’s majesty, he is still such a young man.” One of them, a middle-aged man in his 30s, with a playful smile on his face, lay lazily on a chair. , Slowly shaking the goblet with his right hand, his muscles are particularly strong, full of visual impact, and he knows that he is a super master at a glance.

Opposite him, there was also a woman with short silver hair,

Her face was painted with coquettish heavy make-up, her figure was very tall, one meter eight, and she was still Caucasian. She did not speak Chinese, but spoke English. “This person is called Wayne Lin. Yuntian Pavilion auctioned a top-quality marrow pill, and now it has successfully broken through to the innate realm. He is a peerless genius, and it is normal to have his own arrogance.”

Some surprise flashed in the middle-aged man’s eyes, and said, “It is indeed a genius to be able to reach the innate realm at such a young age. It is a pity that he provokes Brian Gu, and tomorrow will be bad luck.”

The white woman said: “This is not necessarily true. Maybe Brian Gu is not his opponent. Wayne Lin’s murder testimony has since become famous and has gained a firm foothold in the circle.”

However, some disdain flashed in the middle-aged man’s eyes, and he said, “Killing to testify? Hehe, he is far from Brian Gu.”

When Brian Gu was mentioned, some fear flashed in the eyes of this middle-aged man.

He had competed with Brian Gu before and lost.

In addition to this, on a towering tree not far away, there was also a man standing. He was very young, strong in appearance, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, a face like a knife, handsome and masculine, he stood steadily. On a branch, his eyes were placed on Wayne Lin’s body, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his mouth muttered to himself: “Hua Guo is really a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and all the extraordinary masters who are under 30 years old have appeared. Wayne, Wayne Lin, I hope you can survive under Brian Gu’s hands and don’t disappoint me.”

At the same time, similar voices sounded in different places, and many hidden masters have already noticed the tit-for-tat between Brian Gu and Wayne Lin. Especially when you look at Wayne Lin, Brian Gu is a celebrity in the circle, a veteran extraordinary master, anyone in the circle will know him. And Wayne Lin is a newcomer, and many people have never heard of him before and know nothing about him.

This hunting competition attracted a lot of masters who usually hid, some of them came from the battle between Brian Gu and Wayne Lin, although most of them didn’t like Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin also retracted his gaze from Brian Gu, and when he turned around, his gaze naturally flicked in several directions. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, revealing a faint smile. How could he not detect these masters hiding in the dark? ?

Now he didn’t have any fear or worry in his heart, but rather excited. This time his party did not come in vain.

Wayne Lin didn’t care that no one greeted him anymore. Now he was going into the hotel with his luggage. Seeing Tao Sanniang still following him, he asked with a weird expression: “You are still following me, don’t be afraid of being missed by Brian Gu. Huh?”

Tao Sanniang bit her lip, and some fear flashed in her eyes, but after thinking about it carefully, she still said: “What is afraid of, I have no direct conflict with him, he can never interfere with me and you. Friends!”

She said this, but the fear in her eyes could not be eliminated.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Forget it, you’d better be with your colleagues from Yuntian Pavilion. I can do it in my own room.”

“That won’t work!” Tao Sanniang was very stubborn and was about to be with Wayne Lin.

At this moment, a group of people came over, and it was the old Fan who had met in the Yuntian Pavilion that day. After they came, they greeted Wayne Lin, but their attitude was very alienated, and they were not in the Yuntian Pavilion before. So passionate.

Then, Fan Lao said to Tao Sanniang, “Sanniang, I have arranged a room for you, so don’t bother Randal Lin, you know?”

Tao Sanniang gritted her teeth and said nothing.

Wayne Lin didn’t say a word. This is human nature. Everyone thinks that he will be dead tomorrow, so he naturally wants to distance himself.

Tao Sanniang said, “Fan, I will stay with Wayne Lin one night at last, can’t you?”

In her tone, there was clearly a pleading.

Chapter 346

To be honest, Wayne Lin was really surprised to see Tao Sanniang like this.

He did not expect that in this case, Tao Sanniang would still ask to accompany him for the last night.

Does Tao Sanniang really like him?

It shouldn’t be. How can someone like Tao Sanniang, who has never seen him, like him? Besides, having been in the circle for so long and seeing too many false feelings, Tao Sanniang wouldn’t be emotional.

But anyway, Wayne Lin was still very moved. He could see that Tao Sanniang was not acting, but a voice from the heart.

Fan Lao pulled his face down immediately, gave Tao Sanniang a fierce look, and blamed Tao Sanniang for being ignorant and burying hidden dangers for Yuntian Pavilion.

“You can talk to Randal Lin for a few more words, and then go with me. This hunting contest is very important. A lot of work is waiting for you to do.” Fan Lao scolded.

Tao Sanniang bit her lip. She still listened to Fan’s words. She looked at Wayne Lin again, her lips moved slightly, she wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything, just went up and gave it to Wayne Lin. A hug, held for five seconds, and then let go of Wayne Lin, and left with Fan Lao and others.

Old Fan took two steps, then turned around and sighed with regret at Wayne Lin, and said, “Young man, in fact, you shouldn’t be against Brian Gu, it’s a pity.”

Wayne Lin smiled, noncommittal.

When Old Fan saw him like this, he didn’t speak any more, shook his head and strode away. In his eyes, Wayne Lin was indeed a dead person.

Masters of the Innate Realm who are under 30 years old are rare in the world. As long as they are given a long enough time, ten or even twenty years, it will not be impossible to reach the peak of the Innate Realm.

It is even possible to send an impact on the legendary realm of King Kong indestructible.

Now that there is nothing, Wayne Lin has offended Brian Gu, it is impossible to live, everything is in vain.

There is a saying, no matter how talented a genius is, once he dies, he is not a genius.

Now they looked at Wayne Lin’s gaze, that was the emotion.

Some people feel sorry for Wayne Lin, some are gloating, and there are all kinds of people.

Wayne Lin just smiled at this indifferently. He was misunderstood a lot, and the current situation couldn’t cause any waves in his heart.

Then he walked directly to the hotel, without showing his ID, he knew who he was and he was eligible for admission.

Tao Sanniang was right, because there were many people who came to participate, and there was only one hotel, so there were not many rooms. Many two or three people lived in one room.

According to the allocation, Wayne Lin wanted to live with another man, but when the two men heard that it was him, they were immediately frightened. They hurriedly applied for a room change with the hotel, and refused to live with Wayne Lin, as if Wayne Lin was the plague god. Whoever gets it will die.

The hotel had no choice but to arrange for another person to share a room with Wayne Lin, but everyone who was drawn did not want to live with Wayne Lin.

“Oh, Randal Lin, I’m so embarrassed, I have a habit of sleepwalking, so I won’t disturb Randal Lin when you rest, so I won’t live with you.”

“Randal, I snoring very loudly when I sleep. You can’t stand me, so I won’t bother Randal Lin.”

“I have athlete’s foot…”

“I have a contagious disease……”

They all kept a distance from Wayne Lin and avoided the plague god. In the end, the hotel had no choice but to arrange for Wayne Lin to sleep in a room by himself. They had never encountered this situation before.

Wayne Lin was also happy and leisurely. He was not used to living with other people, but now this situation is just right for him.

Into the night.

In the depths of the big forest, looking up, there are endless trees.

It was not peaceful at all, there were noises everywhere, and it seemed very lively.

Up to now, at least five hundred people have come to participate in the hunting contest, plus the staff to maintain order, the total number is even more than one thousand.

After taking a shower, Wayne Lin went down to the banquet hall to have dinner, and the scene was particularly lively.

Wayne Lin glanced over and saw many masters in the realm of masters, as well as many of the pinnacles of the acquired.

However, there are not many people in the innate realm, and there are only a few people, and Brian Gu is one of them.

After Wayne Lin appeared, there was a brief silence in the audience

, And then began to return to normal, they didn’t look at him, as if they had ignored him.

Not far away, Tao Sanniang was having dinner with a few people from the Yuntian Pavilion. After she saw Wayne Lin, she subconsciously waved and called Wayne Lin to come, but she was immediately stopped by the people around her.

She had to put her hand down, her expression very sad.

Even she thought from the bottom of her heart that Wayne Lin was dead this time.

Wayne Lin smiled faintly. He didn’t care about it. He went to have a meal and came back. He found a place to sit down. The other people at this table had a stiff expression, and then they all stood up and said, “Hey. ,I’m stuffed.”

“It’s a coincidence, I’m full, let’s go for a walk.”

All of a sudden, everyone else on this table was gone.

Without any expression on Wayne Lin’s face, he started to eat, as if he could not see the rejection and hostility of these people towards him.

After eating, Wayne Lin set up a hotel and started walking, but no matter where he went, the people there would disperse, fearing him.

As I walked, I arrived in a small wooden house and heard the noise coming from inside.

Vaguely, he mentioned his name, he thought about it, and decided to walk over and see what was going on.

He soon understood what was going on.

I saw that there were more than 20 people gathered inside, all rich bosses in the city, and now they are gathering together to open a gambling game.

“Everyone, tomorrow is the start of the hunting contest, which is also the battle of the century between Brian Gu and Wayne Lin. Now I, Mr. Wang and Mr. Liao are the bankers. You bet at will. Brian Gu’s odds are 1.13 to 1. “

Someone said loudly, with an agitated tone, but immediately met with opposition from other people, “Grass, 1 to 1.13, the odds are too low! I lowered it down to 10 million and only earned 1.3 million. It’s not enough for me to give Xiaomi a month’s allowance!”

“That’s right, 1.13 is too little, so why not have to be 1.2!”

The banker just now said: “Why, if the odds are too low, then you can buy Wayne Lin to win. Wayne Lin’s odds are 1 to 7.3. You buy 10 million. Then Wayne Lin will win. You can make 73 million.”

“Damn, it’s even more outrageous. How could Wayne Lin win and lose 7.3? You lose 17.3 and no one buys it! It’s boring, it’s boring!”

“Yes, anyone with a discerning eye knows that Wayne Lin will lose, and he still loses 7.3.”

“Wayne Lin is absolutely dead.”

Many of the remaining people scolded, thinking that the odds of the three dealers were too unscientific.

Another dealer said: “You don’t need to beep here. Since you all think Wayne Lin will lose, then buy Brian Gu. 1 loss of 1.13 is not money. But let’s say, a person can only receive a maximum of 100 million. A lot more.”

The third dealer said with a smile: “However, everyone is old friends. If you buy Wayne Lin to win, there is no upper limit. You can buy Wayne Lin for 1 billion to win, haha.”

“One billion, you can make 7.3 billion!”

Many people were moved when they heard this amount, but they calmed down and thought about it. Wayne Lin couldn’t win. No matter how much he bought, he would only give money to the three dealers.

So they all bet one after another, buying Brian Gu to win, there are under 10 million, some under 20 million, and the highest is indeed under 100 million.

There is no accident, no one is willing to buy Wayne Lin to win.

This made the three dealers frowned. They were most afraid of pushing them all aside, so that when Brian Gu really won, they would have to die.

“Hey, you all bought Brian Gu, so you don’t like Wayne Lin so much? I heard that Wayne Lin is already in the congenital realm, and he is afraid of being young. Maybe Wayne Lin can kill Brian Gu.”

The dealer’s words immediately aroused the disdain of other people’s rebuttal, “Ha ha, Wayne Lin killed Brian Gu? Ha ha, do you think it is possible?”

“Yes, you treat us as stupid.”

“Even if 1 loses 1.13, you will lose a lot this time, haha.”

The dealer was a little panicked. Knowing that, he should set the odds lower!

At this moment, a voice rang from behind everyone, “I will pay 2 billion and buy Wayne Lin to win.”

Everyone was taken aback when they heard the sound, and they looked back, and saw Wayne Lin standing at the door looking at them with a smile, all showing embarrassment.

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