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Chapter 341

“Hey, now that the other person is gone, you can let me go.” Wayne Lin gave Tao Sanniang angrily.

Tao Sanniang opened her eyes wide and looked at him with incredible eyes, as if she had known him for the first time.

Wayne Lin touched his face and said curiously, “What’s wrong, is there anything on my face?”

Tao Sanniang let go of her eyes, instead of releasing Wayne Lin, she hugged him tighter. She didn’t care that she was being eaten tofu by Wayne Lin, her expression exaggerated, and said admiringly: “Wow! You were too domineering just now, right? Is this the Wayne Lin I know? He’s so handsome. I love it.”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes. Tao Sanniang’s exaggerated acting skills are really speechless. She is obviously young and pretending to be tender. “I said you are all too old and pretending to be a little girl, don’t you feel embarrassed.”

Suddenly, when Tao Sanniang heard this, the expression on her face stiffened, and she could no longer maintain the exaggerated worship. A pretty face was pulled down, and she pinched Wayne Lin’s arm hard, sighing. “Die Wayne Lin, who is old, my old lady is only 26 years old now!”

With that, she also deliberately puffed up her chest, as if she was going to rip out, giving people a great visual impact.

Wayne Lin is a person who has eaten meat now, and his resistance to Tao Sanniang, who is naturally charming, can be said to be very low. Just a glance at his dantian shows signs of fire. He coughed twice and looked at him. He moved away, and took his hand out of Tao Sanniang’s arms, and said, “Okay, I won’t be kidding you. Now Du Xinli is gone, my fly swatter has completed the task, so don’t bother me anymore. “

“Entanglement?” Tao Sanniang’s eyes jumped, Wayne Lin actually called her entanglement, so many people wanted to get close to her without this opportunity! I’m really mad at me.

“I’m going to pester you, how can you drop it?”

As soon as her voice fell, Wayne Lin quickly made a move, tapped acupuncture points on her body, and she couldn’t move at the moment.

Wayne Lin smiled, carrying his schoolbag, and left without her.

Tao Sanniang is a little panicked now, she feels like her body is imprisoned, she can’t move at all! This is acupuncture by Wayne Lin, this Liu Xiahui who doesn’t know the style!

“Wayne Lin, you can’t go, quickly relieve me.” Tao Sanniang yelled, but no matter how hard she yelled, the words she yelled out were very small, and she felt as though her throat was pinched.

Seeing Wayne Lin go further and further, she really panicked.

Now that more and more people are present, many men are looking at her smirkly, and there are a few others who want to come over to rogue her. Now she really panicked.

Wayne Lin accepted it as soon as he saw it, walked over again, relieved Tao Sanniang in a few strokes, and said, “It’s time to be honest now.”

Tao Sanniang felt that she was finally able to move, and she was relieved. She was fixed there just now and couldn’t move, which was really terrifying.

“Are you still acupuncture?” Tao Sanniang looked at Wayne Lin in surprise after moving her muscles.

Wayne Lin said, “Is it weird?”

Tao Sanniang thought about it carefully, but it wasn’t that strange actually, considering the strength of Wayne Lin’s innate realm, acupuncture can only be said to be a small skill.

“Your acupuncture skills are too scary. You can’t move with just one tap. How many women are in your hands.” Tao Sanniang said meaningfully, touching her chin.

Wayne Lin was almost choked and said, “I am not as sordid as you think.”

Tao Sanniang said in a low voice, “I think you want you to be a little dirty…”

Wayne Lin pretended not to hear her, and continued to move forward. They are now going to the airport, flying to a city on the northern border, and then rushing there by car.

On Du Xinli’s side, they watched Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang walking together, chatting with each other, he kept gritting his teeth, and the jealousy and anger in his eyes never disappeared!

“Brother Li, why did you stop us just now? This little white face looked weak and weak. We put him on the ground and eat shit to vent your anger!”

“Yes, Brother Li, just

That little white face is too arrogant. Damn, he dared to be arrogant at you, calling you Shabi, and I was so angry! With a few of us taking action, we must not torture him to death. “

“Just because of his little white face, we beat him down on the ground in minutes and begged for mercy!”

“It’s really uncomfortable that I haven’t heard the bad breath.”

“Yes, even if we beat him, Yuntian Pavilion will definitely not really care about us.”

The group of men with Du Xinli were venting their dissatisfaction, and they didn’t understand why Du Xinli had stopped them just now.

Du Xinli squinted his eyes, flashing infinite cold and murderous intent, and said cruelly: “What do you know, just beating him will only make him suffer a bit of flesh and blood. It’s too cheap for him, it’s boring. It’s tomorrow. The hunting competition has begun. When he dares to participate, I will hunt him directly in the hunting competition and treat him as a pig and let him die in despair.”

Those who were still filled with righteous indignation were stunned when they heard Du Xinli’s words, and their scalp numb.

They just wanted to teach Wayne Lin a lesson. At most, they had broken hands and feet, and Du Xinli directly wanted Wayne Lin’s life!

Especially the crazy expression on Du Xinli’s face made them feel terrified.

Now when he thinks of Tao Sanniang’s act of acting like a baby in Wayne Lin, he is extremely angry and jealous, especially after passing the northern border tonight, Tao Sanniang wants to sleep with Wayne Lin in a bed, and he is extremely uncomfortable. ! I felt like I was wearing a green cap and green.

So Wayne Lin must die.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Tao Sanniang just stood up and stopped, not to protect Wayne Lin, but to protect him.

Taking Wayne Lin’s martial arts as an example, they can torture their mobs to death.

The itinerary this time was quite stressful. Not long after Wayne Lin came here, the plane started to take off. Because of the long distance, I still took a flight, otherwise the helicopter would be too slow.

Tao Sanniang was with Wayne Lin the whole time, which surprised Wayne Lin and said, “Is Yuntian Pavilion only sending you over for this hunting competition?”

“No, the large troops of the Yuntian Pavilion have passed yesterday. I am here to wait for you.” Tao Sanniang blinked and said, “How is it? Is it particularly moved? I want to agree with my body. ?”

Wayne Lin ignored her directly.

After a pause, Tao Sanniang said again: “Wayne, can I ask you something?”

“You want me not to kill Du Xinli tomorrow.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Tao Sanniang was stunned for a moment, a little surprise flashed in her eyes, and she immediately returned to normal, nodded and said, “Du Xinli has a bad temper, but he is not too bad, and he has done a lot of charity and crime. Not to die.”

Wayne Lin said: “If this is the case, why do you have to reject him repeatedly? I think this Du Xinli is also a talented person, so he should be worthy of you.”

Tao Sanniang rolled her eyes and said, “What’s the use of being a talented person? If I don’t call him, I can’t live my life with a man I don’t like.”

“Then what kind of man do you like?” Wayne Lin began to regret after asking this sentence.

Sure enough, Tao Sanniang’s eyes lit up, and she said shyly, “Anyone like you, or if you divorced your wife later, go get a certificate with me, my skills are very good, I promise to make you happy. .”

Can’t talk this day!

Wayne Lin simply closed his eyes and stopped paying attention to her.

After flying like this for three hours, the plane finally began to land, and Wayne Lin took a nap, full of energy.

He just wanted to stretch his waist and found that Tao Sanniang was asleep leaning on his shoulder, and there was a line of saliva flowing out of the corner of his mouth, showing his clothes, making him speechless.

Du Xinli, who happened to be sitting in front of him, turned his head and saw that they were so close, the jealousy in his eyes was so intense, he did something to Wayne Lin’s neck, threatening.

Chapter 342

How could Wayne Lin be threatened by him? He sneered and gently patted Tao Sanniang to wake up, “Wake up, it’s almost there.”

Tao Sanniang opened her eyes and saw that she was leaning on Wayne Lin’s shoulder, and her saliva was still wet with Wayne Lin’s clothes. No matter how thick she was, she couldn’t help blushing and said, “Sorry, I got your clothes wet. “

Then take out a paper towel to help wipe it.

Wayne Lin was speechless, and said, “No need, wait until the wind blows and it’s done.”

After a while, the plane landed successfully. When I got off the plane, I immediately felt a cold wind blowing, which made people tremble. The temperature here was much lower than that in Hwadrid.

Wayne Lin’s physique is good, it doesn’t matter, but Tao Sanniang’s physique is not that good, so she can’t hold it anymore. She sneezed, hugged Wayne Lin next to her, and said shiveringly, “It’s cold.”

“Hey, what are you holding me for? Wear clothes when you are cold.” Wayne Lin said quickly. He was held by Tao Sanniang and felt helpless.

Tao Sanniang is quite famous, so Wayne Lin has become a thorn in the eyes of many men invisibly, especially Du Xinli hates him so much that he can’t wait to thwart him immediately.

Tao Sanniang hugged Wayne Lin and immediately felt a lot warmer. Wayne Lin’s body was like a stove, especially warm.

So she said naturally: “You are so warm, it won’t be cold if you hold you.”

With Wayne Lin’s black thread, this lady is really getting more and more intolerable, knowing that he has a wife, and still teasing him like this, unscrupulously, I really think he dare not do anything!

So Wayne Lin embraced Tao Sanniang generously and put her hand on Tao Sanniang’s buttocks, “Really, then you just keep holding it.”

Sure enough, Tao Sanniang’s nerves tightened instantly!

A surprised and panicked expression appeared on her face. She did not expect Wayne Lin to be so courageous. Not only did she hold her arms, but also put her hands on her hips. Feeling the heat of Wayne Lin’s big hands, Tao Sanniang pushed Wayne Lin away immediately. His face flushed a lot.

“Didn’t you say you want to hug me? Why didn’t you hug me?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

He understood that Tao Sanniang was also a strong-mouthed king, so she dared to beep. If it really wanted to come true, Tao Sanniang immediately persuaded her.

Tao Sanniang didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so courageous suddenly, she was shocked, and now she saw the disdainful expression on Wayne Lin’s face, she understood it, Wayne Lin was laughing at her.

When the other men saw this scene, they were all jealous, especially Du Xinli’s eyes burst into flames, gritted his teeth, and couldn’t help but want to rush to Wayne Lin several times.

In the end, they were all dissuaded by reason. Anyway, they have reached the northern border. When the hunting contest begins tomorrow, Wayne Lin can be beaten to death in a fair manner. Still have to bear it!

Tao Sanniang gave Wayne Lin a fierce look, opened the suitcase, took a down jacket and put it on.

As for Wayne Lin, he didn’t feel cold at all, so he didn’t need to add clothes.

Out of the airport, there is a special bus to pick up and drop off, everything seems so low-key and simple.

This kind of experience is quite interesting. Almost all the people who come to participate in the hunting competition are rich owners. They usually have special cars and special planes to pick them up. I don’t know how long it has been since I took a bus.

From the airport, the bus drove for more than two hours before reaching the destination, where the hunting competition was held.

At first glance, it is a dense forest, surrounded by big trees with lush leaves, and occasionally animals can be seen running by. This is completely natural.

Wayne Lin stayed in the steel city for a long time, suddenly

When I came to nature, I felt very novel and comfortable.

His senses are very keen now, and he can feel that within a few kilometers, there are many birds and beasts. At 300 meters on the left, there is even a burly tiger staring at them fiercely.

In addition, there are many monkeys jumping around on the big tree.

If ordinary people come into this forest, it will be difficult to get out alive.

Many people in the same group showed excited expressions and leaned out the window to watch.

“The location of this year’s hunting competition is well selected. In the big forest, there must be many wild animals to hunt!” someone said excitedly.

“Yes, I heard that there are still many tigers and bear blind men. It must be interesting to hunt!”

“Anyway, it must be more interesting than last year!”

“I don’t know who can win the first prize this year. I heard that this time the prize for the leader is very generous.”

“Who do you care to win the top spot, it can’t be you anyway.”

“Cut, it might be possible, I came here prepared this time, maybe I will pick up the leader by then.”

They all began to discuss fiercely, and it could be seen that they were not participating in the hunting competition for the first time, and they were very excited about this hunting competition.

It’s no wonder that most of them live in steel cities, and have been living a civilized and law-abiding life, but there is no way to satisfy them with materials. Coming here now, through hunting, they can inspire the blood and madness in their bones.

This is also an important reason why Sanda and boxing are so popular and enduring for a long time.

In fact, Wayne Lin was also a little excited. It wasn’t because of hunting animals that it was too low-level, but from here, he could recognize more powerful people.

In fact, for him, whether it is a big tiger or a blind bear, there is no threat to him, and he can be killed easily.

What he really expects is the rules here, and killing is tacitly permitted. Moreover, he can also come into contact with more powerful people.

Now he has felt a few strong breaths.

Du Xinli sat in front. He turned his head and glanced at Wayne Lin, showing a cold and cruel smile. In his eyes, Wayne Lin was already dead.

He said disdainfully: “Cut, what’s so exciting about hunting animals? Animals don’t have weapons and don’t know how to practice. They are just beasts without wit. The hunting contest, what is really attractive, is the rules here! Here, killing people It was acquiesced. When you see someone who is not pleasing to the eye, you put a knife on his neck, just like this, blood spurts out! Watching him kneeling in front of you begging for mercy, despairing and dying, that’s fun! “

After saying this, he deliberately took another look at Wayne Lin.

Tao Sanniang saw it too, and she cursed in a low voice: “This idiot, the frog in the well!”

Wayne Lin thought for a while and said, “Since everyone knows that killings in the hunting contest are acquiesced, how come so many people come to participate, aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m afraid, but I have to be afraid, otherwise, in a civilized society, where is this opportunity?” Tao Sanniang said, “In fact, the annual hunting competition is, in a sense, a fight between enemies. In one of the activities of the People’s Republic of China, people die in hunting competitions almost every year.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “That’s quite interesting.”

Tao Sanniang wanted to say something, but in the end she didn’t say it.

After a while, the car stopped and it had reached its destination.

Chapter 343

What I saw was a not-so-luxurious and high-end hotel, about ten stories high, standing in this deep mountain and old forest, the sense of violation was quite big.

“Here, let’s get off.” Tao Sanniang said with a little excitement.

Wayne Lin nodded and got out of the car.

After I got down, I saw some acquaintances, some of whom were bosses in the Hwadrid business circle. They were all ordinary people, but they dared to participate in such a hunting competition. Wayne Lin still admired them.

In addition, there are more customers at the Yuntian Pavilion auction site last time, but when they saw Wayne Lin, they did not come up to say hello to Wayne Lin, but looked at them with pity, sympathy, and gloat. Wayne Lin, and many people discussed in a low voice.

“I’m not mistaken, isn’t this man standing with Tao Sanniang, Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Media? At this juncture, he actually dared to participate in the hunting contest? Is he crazy?”

“It’s really him! This guy is too courageous, don’t you know that Brian Gu also signed up this year? The venue this year is in China, Brian Gu has a high probability of coming over! And Wayne Lin this The guy taught Gu Hanxing another lesson last time, and I heard that he also broke Gu Hanxing’s “foundation”, and it will never be possible to break through the innate realm in the future. This is not a common enemy, because of Brian Gu’s character. It is absolutely impossible not to take revenge.”

“What? This year’s hunting competition, Brian Gu will also come to participate? f*ck, then Wayne Lin will be finished this time. According to my guess, the reason why Brian Gu did not seek Wayne Lin revenge during this period should be waiting for this time. A chance! After all, killing in a hunting contest is tacitly permitted, which can be said to be a vacuum belt of the law.”

“And this guy came here alone? I really don’t know if he is arrogant or arrogant.”

“I think he is purely knowing how to live and die, seeking his own death! Who is Brian Gu, the vice president of the North Sky Club, has an unfathomable cultivation. The leader of the previous year was taken by Brian Gu. I am. Even now, I still remember that in the hunting competition last year, Brian Gu slapped a few hundred catties of brown bears to death with a single palm. The power was really appalling and ghost-like! This time, Wayne Lin was so bad. “

“It’s a dead end, alright.”

“It’s a pity, Wayne Lin is such a young and capable person, why can’t he think about it so much and offend Brian Gu.”

They were all discussing, and the voices were not too loud, but they were all heard by Lin himself.

Brian Gu really came, and this did not disappoint him.

Many people don’t know that Brian Gu is here to avenge him. Why would he let Brian Gu go again?

When Tao Sanniang heard that Brian Gu was there, some worry flashed on her face, biting her lip and saying, “Oops, Brian Gu is going to participate in this year’s hunting competition? Then Brian Gu will definitely use this opportunity to kill Drop yours!”

Wayne Lin looked at Tao Sanniang meaningfully and said, “You specifically asked me to come and participate in the hunting contest, isn’t it just for a fight between me and Brian Gu?”

“Fart! Is my heart so bad? If I knew that Brian Gu would come, I would invite you to come over and do something. I’m full and I can do nothing.” Tao Sanniang was very angry, very dissatisfied that Wayne Lin was not. Believing her, she immediately took Wayne Lin’s hand and said worriedly: “If it is just Du Xinli, it will not be a threat to you, but the threat from Brian Gu is too great! No, I see tomorrow’s

Don’t take part in the hunting contest. When that happens, you will lie down in the hotel and say that you are sick and it is not convenient to participate. As long as you don’t participate, Brian Gu can’t help you. “

Wayne Lin looked at Tao Sanniang closely, trying to tell the truth of Tao Sanniang’s words.

He watched it for a while, but he didn’t see Tao Sanniang’s acting element, he finally chose to believe in Tao Sanniang. For Tao Sanniang, there is indeed no motive to harm him.

“It just happened that Brian Gu was here. I wanted to find him to solve the problem.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

Tao Sanniang immediately opened her eyes, “You are crazy! Do you know who Brian Gu is? He is the vice president of the North Sky Club! He has an unfathomable cultivation base, shocking the world, and I don’t know how many masters died in him. Hand. And he is already in the middle level of the Innate Realm, even if you are in the Innate Realm, you have just broken through, how could it be Brian Gu’s opponent!”

Wayne Lin did not speak, but kept a faint smile. Suddenly, he felt something and looked back in one direction.

In his sight, a middle-aged man in a gray suit appeared. He was tall and straight. His face was majestic. His eyes were piercing, deep and terrifying. One glance would scare people into fear. Knowing him Is an extraordinary person.

This person is not someone, but Brian Gu.

His appearance caused the audience to quiet down. Everyone held their breaths, and was frightened by Brian Gu’s momentum. They did not dare to make a noise for fear that they would offend Brian Gu.

While Wayne Lin was looking at him, he was also looking at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was staring at him in this way, and he could feel his eyes rising, as if he had been burned by fire.

This was not really being burned by the fire, but Brian Gu brought him too much pressure, and his eyes seemed to be on fire.

Even Wayne Lin is like this, so there is no need to mention other people. Now they obviously feel that the surrounding temperature has risen a lot. It was cold here, and it was about to reach zero degrees. However, because of Brian Gu’s appearance, the surrounding temperature has risen by many degrees. What kind of power is this?

Of course this is impossible. It’s just that Brian Gu’s aura is too great and it has a huge impact on their spiritual world. Under the influence of their hearts, they feel that the temperature around them has risen. It’s just that they were intimidated by Brian Gu. , Your body secretes a lot of hormones, thereby increasing your body temperature.

Even so, it’s terrible, Brian Gu’s cultivation is terrifying.

Indeed, since taking a palm of the neon clothes that day, it has been helpful to Brian Gu. From that palm, he has realized more things and his cultivation level has risen slightly.

Seeing Wayne Lin appear now, his anger suddenly rose, and he wished to rush up immediately and beat Wayne Lin to death.

Wayne Lin’s expression also became solemn, and it was obvious that Brian Gu had brought him tremendous pressure.

He had investigated Brian Gu beforehand, and knew that Brian Gu was a strong man in the congenital realm, with strong strength, and he was already mentally prepared. But when I saw him now, I realized that he still underestimated Brian Gu.

However, this is even better, the stronger Brian Gu is, the more he can stimulate his potential!

At this moment, Brian Gu showed a smile that was not a smile, and ignored the people around him greeting him, and walked towards Wayne Lin.

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