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Chapter 605

Without Wayne Lin’s approval, Jiang Liqun didn’t even dare to stand up straight, his posture was extremely humble.

Wayne Lin accepted it as soon as he saw it, nodded lightly, and forgave Jiang Liqun, “Okay, tonight is your big day, I won’t be embarrassed for you, you go and go.”

“Yes, Randal Lin.” Jiang Liqun was relieved and dared to stand up straight. He was a little embarrassed to see the horror of so many people at the scene, but he also wanted to understand that Wayne Lin was originally his boss, now Wayne came back, he should show loyalty to Wayne Lin.

In comparison, he was more curious about what happened to Wayne Lin these days.

Wayne Lin patted Jiang Liqun on the shoulder and said, “Today is your 50th birthday. I will give you a big gift later.”

Jiang Liqun was taken aback for a moment. He saw Wayne Lin empty-handed, obviously he didn’t bring gifts.

However, Wayne Lin is the boss, even if Wayne Lin doesn’t give him gifts, he dare not say anything.

But in general, Jiang Liqun was very happy to see Wayne Lin returned and he was still so strong. He said quickly, “Thank you Randal Lin.”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and signaled Jiang Liqun to go busy first. Leave him alone. Jiang Liqun took the lead. When he turned around, he straightened his waist and resumed his posture as the richest man in Yuancheng.

He did not feel embarrassed or embarrassed, because in his mind, an existence like Wayne Lin should be so domineering and prestigious. It is normal for him to submit to Wayne Lin, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, he felt it was an honor. After he himself broke through to the innate realm, he understood more and more how powerful Wayne Lin was.

The most important thing is that this major event that Wayne Lin did caused a huge shock in the circle. Under the eyes of more than forty innate realms, he snatched away the spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, especially, there was another innate. The peerless powerhouse of the Great Perfection, but what a mighty power, what a horror?

But Wayne Lin didn’t die like this, but instead he recovered to his peak in such a short period of time. This is even more proof that Wayne Lin is great and his future is unlimited!

Wayne Lin saw Yin Hong’s eyes widened, as if he knew him for the first time, he couldn’t help but smiled and said, “Why, Miss Yin, don’t you know me?”

Yin Hong swallowed, and what happened tonight really surpassed her knowledge and acceptance.

“Mr. Lin, you, who are you?” Yin Hong couldn’t help but asked this sentence, her whole mind is chaotic now.

Wayne Lin said, “Who do you think I am?”

“I, I don’t know.” Yin Hong is now that she can’t speak clearly. Suddenly, she finds Wayne Lin staring at her face and approaching her. In an instant, her heartbeat speeds up even more. Yes, almost the heart has to jump out.

Oh my God, what is Mr. Lin going to do? Could it be that he really likes me? Like other big people, do you want to occupy me? If this is the case, should I resist? However, Mr. Lin seems to be different from them. It seems that if you follow Mr. Lin, it is also a good choice…

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed through Yin Hong’s mind, and her face turned red all of a sudden!

In just two seconds, it seemed to her that after a long, long time, she was so nervous that she even closed her eyes, waiting for Wayne Lin’s infringement on her.

But then, she heard Wayne Lin’s words, “Well, you have something on your hair.”

“Huh?” Yin Hong opened her eyes and saw Wayne Lin renew

Keeping a distance from her, her heart suddenly lost.

At this moment, a stern scream sounded from behind, and then, a person rushed over and knelt in front of Wayne Lin with a thump, crying with his nose and tears, “Randal! Randal! Me! I was wrong about Randal Lin. I didn’t know Taishan and offended Randal Lin. I hope Randal Lin will not be as knowledgeable as my dog.”

It was Gao Chi. He was still half arrogant and arrogant now. He knelt directly in front of Wayne Lin, kowtowing his head desperately to admit his mistake, he was inferior to a dog.

Soon, Li Jinbo also hurriedly rushed over and apologized to Wayne Lin together. It was so miserable and miserable.

Now they both felt extremely regretful!

I had known that Wayne Lin was really a big man, who could make Jiang Liqun bow his head and proclaim himself. How could they dare to be disrespectful to Wayne Lin, and it would be too late to kneel and lick Wayne Lin.

Especially Gao Chi, he was so regretful that his intestines were blue. He was really a pig. How could the person who could make Lu Fan kneel and admit his mistakes be an ordinary person! This time is fine. He has offended a big man for no reason. If he doesn’t handle it well, he will be over for the rest of his life.

At the same time, he was also puzzled and couldn’t understand. Since Wayne Lin is such a big man, how could he wear such shabby clothes and have something to do with the Yin family. Alas, empiricism kills people!

Wayne Lin has no interest in these two ants now, and directly said to Jiang Liqun, “I don’t want to see these two ants again.”

Jiang Liqun people are spirits, how could they not know what Wayne Lin meant? Some spirits flashed in his eyes, and he hummed coldly at Gao Chi and Li Jinbo, and then ordered his men to throw Gao Chi and Li Jinbo away. Get out.

Everyone knows that these two guys are finished.

Soon, the scene returned to its original state again, but many people’s minds were not put on Jiang Liqun. After what happened just now, the protagonist of tonight has become Wayne Lin, and they have speculated about who Wayne Lin is.

In fact, Wayne Lin’s reputation is not small, many people know him, but because Wayne Lin deliberately uses mental power to affect the thinking of the audience, they can’t accurately see his appearance when they look at him, so Except for Jiang Liqun, no one recognized Wayne Lin.

Using mental power to influence others sounds very illusory, like a fantasy, but it is not at all.

This can be explained from a scientific point of view. A person’s mental power is strong enough to emit brain waves to the outside, thereby affecting others. Now Wayne Lin’s head is a large radiator, which can continuously radiate the brain outward. Electric wave.

As long as it is a person with a lower realm than him, in front of him, he will be affected by his mental power.

Of course, if it is not necessary, Wayne Lin would disdain to do such things.

Wayne Lin found a place to sit down and started to eat to replenish his energy.

Now he has returned to the peak state before the injury, and he is only the last barrier to complete the congenital realm. Give him a few more days to break through with a light poke.

Suddenly, Wayne Lin felt something, a meaningful smile appeared on his face, and said, “Here.”

Yin Hong asked in amazement, “What’s coming?”

However, at this moment, a person suddenly flew in from outside the door and fell heavily to the ground. Then, accompanied by a huge bronze bell, flew in, and then slammed in front of Jiang Liqun with a bang. There was a loud noise.

This sudden change shocked everyone present!

Chapter 606

Yin Hong was too frightened and shook her whole body. The mobile phone in her hand fell and was caught by Wayne Lin in time and returned it to her.

This movement really came too fast. A bronze bell of this size, weighing hundreds of catties, just flew in and hit Jiang Liqun in this way, smashing the ground directly into a big hole.

Moreover, if Jiang Liqun’s reaction were not fast enough, this bronze bell would have hit him!

But even so, he avoided it in time. This huge bronze bell would still roll forward. Fortunately, Jiang Liqun was a master of innate realm. He reacted quickly and stretched out his hands to catch the bronze bell. Otherwise, , I don’t know how many people will be killed or injured!

He caught it, but the huge shock still made him uncomfortable, his internal organs rolled, and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Both hands were numb.

He was very angry, and the anger in his eyes almost came out!

Someone dared to send a bronze bell on his fiftieth birthday. This is the final piece of clothing. It is obvious that he came to step on his place and fight him! ! !

You know, he is the richest man in Origin City, he is also a master of innate realm. He admitted that he was old and far less powerful than Wayne Lin, but he was not a bully, anyone could step on him.

“Who is it, dare to make trouble on my Jiang Liqun site!!” Jiang Liqun was angry. This is no longer as simple as to provoke him, but a sea of ​​blood and a deep hatred!

He still didn’t know who was so courageous that he dared to die like this.

At this moment, everyone at the scene also recovered. They looked at the huge bronze bell that suddenly appeared in this hall, and everyone was stupid.

No matter what, if you send a bronze bell to someone’s 50th birthday, and in this way, then it is an endless bloody hatred! Who is so reckless?

Or, they overestimated Jiang Liqun’s energy. First, a young man named Lin just asked Jiang Liqun to bow his head. Now, not long after, someone is insulting Jiang Liqun?

“Jiang, President Jiang…it’s not good, Yao Sheng, he brought people over to step on the court…”

The middle-aged man who flew in just now vomited blood crazily. On his chest, there was an obvious pit. His face was pale, his vitality eyes were weak, and he seemed to have spent everything after saying this. With strength, his neck crooked and he died.

Jiang Liqun stared at him blankly, his expression changed frantically, he clenched his fists, his face was full of anger, and his mood was like a volcanic eruption, unprecedented anger!

There was a strange silence in the audience, everyone was shocked, afraid to speak, watching Jiang Liqun helplessly.

To be honest, tonight’s events were still too shocking and subversive for them. Whether it was the appearance of Wayne Lin just now or the scene now, they were completely beyond their expectations.

They have lived for most of their lives and have never encountered such a thing.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps at the door, accompanied by a teasing voice, “How about, Old Dog Jiang, are you satisfied with this gift I gave you? Hahahaha…”

This voice was full of joking and contempt. Soon, a group of people appeared at the door. Among them was a man in a white robe holding two iron balls in his hand, looking at thirty. His eyes are very big, like a light bulb

, Piercing, he was obviously walking, but every time he took a step, a big earthquake would occur, as if the earth was controlled by him.

This is a master of the second stage of Innate Realm.

Behind him, there were more than a dozen people, all masters. Among them, standing to his right was a man with a blank expression wearing Tang suit and cloth shoes. He looked very ordinary at first glance, but the more careful Look, the more you can feel his horror.

It seems that he is a black hole that can draw people’s eyes in, which is terrifying.

This is a super master of the third stage of Innate Realm.

Wayne Lin took a look and saw that this man in a Tang suit had real combat power with Zhao Xia.

This is a very good cultivation base. You must know that the innate realm masters are originally rare in existence, and the proportion among humans is very small.

It is already extremely difficult for ordinary martial artists to cultivate to the innate realm. After all, not everyone can be as perverted as Wayne Lin.

“Yao Sheng, it’s you!!!”

When Jiang Liqun saw the other party, an unprecedented hatred erupted in his eyes, his entire face instantly flushed, and he gritted his teeth with anger.

It was the first time Wayne Lin saw Jiang Liqun’s anger and hatred. He soon remembered that Yao Sheng was Jiang Liqun’s old enemy.

People at the scene heard the name Yao Sheng and immediately started to discuss it.

“What? Yao Sheng! Is this Yao Sheng! Yao Sheng, but the richest man in the Pearl City, didn’t expect to be enemies with Jiang Liqun?”

“This is nothing new. Yao Sheng and Jiang Liqun are old enemies. There is a sea of ​​blood and deep hatred between them.”

“Really, why haven’t I heard of it, what kind of hatred is between them?”

“This has been a matter of years ago. At that time, Yao Sheng and Jiang Liqun were still good friends. Rumor has it that Yao Sheng was brought out by Jiang Liqun at that time and taught Yao Sheng many things and gave Yao Sheng a lot of resources. That’s why Yao Sheng can make a fortune.”

“Ah? According to you, Yao Sheng and Jiang Liqun shouldn’t be friends? How come they became enemies.”

“Listen to me first. After Yao Sheng got up, he became interested in Jiang Liqun’s wife. While Jiang Liqun was asleep, he assaulted Jiang Liqun’s wife and caused Jiang Liqun’s wife to become mentally ill, became a lunatic, and finally became depressed. And the end! Are you saying that Yao Sheng and Jiang Liqun are enemies of life and death?”

“f*ck, Yao Sheng and Jiang Liqun have such a past? Don’t you tell me, I haven’t heard of it yet.”

All of a sudden, the people at the scene, one pass ten, ten pass a hundred, all know this past.

After Wayne Lin heard this, he was also quite surprised. He didn’t expect Jiang Liqun to have this past. At that time, Jiang Liqun just told him that he had a big feud with Yao Sheng, but he did not expect such a bloody feud.

Even if it was Wayne Lin, after hearing this, he had a murderous intention towards Yao Sheng.

And today, Yao Sheng insulted Jiang Liqun on Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday, clearly intending to put Jiang Liqun to death!

This is Jiang Liqun’s catastrophe tonight. It is conceivable that if Wayne Lin hadn’t come here by mistake, then Jiang Liqun would not be able to get through tonight.

Chapter 607

Wayne Lin didn’t come out right away, he first watched the changes and see what Jiang Liqun would do.

Facing Jiang Liqun’s anger, Yao Sheng’s face was joking and happy. He also hated Jiang Liqun incomparably, because in the past few years, Jiang Liqun has made trouble for him. Even his own son was given by Jiang Liqun himself. Get it in prison.

Now the two of them can be described as endless bloody enemies.

However, because Jiang Liqun had always stayed at the pinnacle of the acquired day before, and could not step into the gate of the innate realm, he had always had the upper hand in the struggle between him and Jiang Liqun and swallowed a lot of Jiang Liqun’s resources.

Seeing that Jiang Liqun could be a fatal blow, and when Jiang Liqun’s business empire could be eaten in one bite, I don’t know how, Jiang Liqun, an old dog, actually broke through to the innate realm!

And the strength is not bad. After sweeping away the previous slump, he became fierce, not only to resolve his offensive, but also to counterattack, constantly eroding his industry, making him extremely angry and crazy.

Originally, in terms of commercial ability, he was not as good as Jiang Liqun, because he was a master of the innate realm before, and Jiang Liqun was only the pinnacle of the acquired, so he took a lot of advantage. But now, Jiang Liqun has also broken through the innate realm, so his advantage no longer exists, and even fell short.

In the end, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and went directly to Jiang Liqun to single out, but he was actually defeated by Jiang Liqun, causing Jiang Liqun to be humiliated severely.

At the beginning, if he hadn’t left a hand, Jiang Liqun would have killed his life!

How can this make him acceptable?

Later, under his investigation, he found out that the old dog Jiang Liqun had actually taken refuge in Wayne Lin in Hwadrid and became Wayne Lin’s running dog! And Jiang Liqun also broke through to the innate realm with the help of Wayne Lin.

For Wayne Lin, he has heard of fame, an absolute master, and an existence that he absolutely cannot provoke.

He hated it, but he could only endure it, and didn’t dare to trouble Jiang Liqun anymore. If he provokes the terrifying existence of Wayne Lin, he would be finished.

But it didn’t take long for him to hear a shocking event!

The incredible Wayne Lin is dead!

In the hands of more than forty congenital realm masters, they robbed heaven and earth spirit fruit, and finally died in the hands of congenital realm Dzogchen. While he was shocked and admired by Wayne Lin’s behavior, he was also gloating and happy! In this way, he could boldly attack Jiang Liqun.

It just so happened that he realized that the super master of the third stage of the innate realm next to him, and with the help of the other party, broke through to the second stage of the innate realm, so he couldn’t wait to come over to seek revenge from Jiang Liqun.

Just choose Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday!

What could be more insulting than sending Jiang Liqun to his 50th birthday? Hahaha.

“Jiang Liqun, as an old friend, why don’t you tell me about your 50th birthday tonight.” Yao Sheng said jokingly, “How about it? You like this big clock I gave you, right? I can put you in and send you the end, hahahaha…”

Yao Sheng laughed loudly, as arrogant as he was, everyone wanted to beat him up after hearing it. On this occasion, sending a bell to Jiang Liqun was really a shameful character.

However, they dare not show a trace of dissatisfaction, because Yao Sheng is not something they can afford to provoke.


Jiang Liqun’s eyes were cracking, his chest was about to be pierced by anger!

Tonight is his fiftieth birthday. He even invited so many people over, but Yao Sheng still stepped on his place like this. If he is not annoyed, then he is not human.

“Yao Sheng, you f*cking, this is looking for death!!” Jiang Liqun’s sanity was washed away, the anger in his heart now can burn everything in the world.

Soon, after his words fell, immediately, many black-clothed bodyguards appeared in every corner of the manor, surrounding Yao Sheng and the others.

Each of these black-clothed bodyguards is a professional retired special soldier, holding a weapon in his hand, eyeing each other, and the threat posed is great.

However, facing these black-clothed bodyguards, Yao Sheng didn’t blink their eyes, but showed a disdainful sneer. Yao Sheng said, “Old dog Jiang, old dog Jiang, don’t you think, Just these ants, can they threaten us?”

Jiang Liqun naturally knew this. His brain was angry. In an instant, he was already shocked by the anger, and he lost the reason he should have.

However, he had seen the world after all. He took a deep breath and quickly recovered his calm. He closed his eyes for two seconds, then opened them again, and said to the guests on the scene: “Dear guests, what happened tonight In some unexpected situations, a mad dog is coming to bite people! I disturbed everyone’s Yaxing, Jiang said sorry to everyone. Now Jiang is about to close the door to beat the dog, and I would like to ask all the guests to avoid it for a while. When the next day, Jiang will definitely host another banquet , To entertain you all!”

These words are so beautiful that people have to admire Jiang Liqun, and he can recover his calm even in this situation.

From this it can be seen that Jiang Liqun’s achievements today are really not luck.

All the guests at the scene nodded quickly, indicating that there was nothing wrong, and then they were about to leave.

After all, they are also savvy people, knowing this kind of occasion, they shouldn’t stay here, staying will only cause trouble.

Neither Jiang Liqun nor Yao Sheng was willing to provoke them.

However, at this moment, Yao Sheng said lazily: “Hey, since they are all here, why are you leaving? Let’s take a look at how I, Yao Sheng, trampled on the old dog.”

Those guests felt embarrassed when they heard Yao Sheng’s words. They didn’t want to get involved, they were just ordinary people.

“Mr. Yao, I still have something to do at home. If I want to go back immediately, I won’t be with me. Please forgive me.”

“Yes, Mr. Yao, my wife called me just now and said that she is going to have a baby soon, and I have to go back now.”

“Mr. Yao, there is still something to do with our company, I will go back soon…”

Those guests all began to say they were leaving.

But at this moment, Yao Sheng snorted coldly, as if there was a bomb exploding in their ears!

“I stay here for Lao Tzu, and you are not allowed to go anywhere!” Mr. Yao said domineeringly, and then he tilted his head, showing a joke and playful smile, and said: “Tonight is a moment to witness history. Starting tonight, Mr. Jiang will only be an old dog! You are all my witnesses and are not allowed to leave. Whoever dares to leave is against me, Yao Sheng!”

When the voice fell, he stepped on it hard, and the floor tiles under his feet suddenly began to crack, and the sound of crackling spread a large area, which was very scary.

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