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Chapter 290

She received a huge blow again and suffered a brief period of dementia. She couldn’t help but ask: “Are you sure, won’t you have dinner with me? You know that many men don’t have a chance to eat with me.”

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face did not change, and he asked, “Do you think I am joking?”

Not like…

It is precisely because of this that Tao Sanniang is uncomfortable.

Fortunately, her psychological quality passed, and the embarrassment on her face was quickly wiped off by her, and she reappeared with a coquettish smile, saying: “Hehe, I’m actually joking with you.”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly and said noncommittal, “Since Sanniang has nothing else to do, then I won’t disturb you in doing business.”

Tao Sanniang raised her brows lightly and said, “I’ll send you out.”

Wayne Lin didn’t refuse at this point, tasting Tao Sanniang to the door.

Finally, Wayne Lin said thank you, he was very polite, without the slightest arrogance and rudeness, and the gentle and elegant image made Tao Sanniang unable to find any problems.

Seeing Wayne Lin leave without looking back, she seems to be really not interested in her. Tao Sanniang stomped her feet in shame, and snorted when she looked at the direction of Wayne Lin’s disappearance, “This guy must be a gay guy. Ignore my charming technique, damn it!”

After getting in the car, Ugly Master asked with a weird expression: “Why do you reject Tao Sanniang?”

Wayne Lin said, “I said, I’m already married.”

The ugly master said: “Don’t look at Tao Sanniang being so coquettish. She is notoriously difficult to learn. There are no less than a hundred men around her, but she has never been taken advantage of by anyone, and she is very clean.”

“So?” Wayne Lin looked at the ugly master.

The ugly master shifted his gaze aside, secretly slandered, changed the subject, and said solemnly: “The best medicine for marrow washing is so powerful that it cannot be taken at once, otherwise the body cannot bear it.”

Wayne Lin opened the box, and the top-quality Xisui Pill inside appeared, and a strong medicinal scent came out, and it was very refreshing to smell.

Then, the ugly master told Wayne Lin how to take it, what contraindications should be paid attention to, what side effects will occur, and so on.

After listening carefully, Wayne Lin became more confident in his heart.

Now he is the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, as long as he takes this superb cleansing marrow pill, he will be able to break through to the innate realm without any accident. Once you reach the innate realm, your strength will improve by leaps and bounds.

According to Chou Ye, there are currently five realms in martial arts. Through professional training, ordinary people have made great progress in their physical fitness. They can beat several ordinary people alone, and they are martial artists, that is, they are just getting started.

After that, he became proficient and reached the realm of masters. Many professional boxing, Sanda, and MMA athletes can also be called the realm of masters.

The next stage is the realm of masters. At this realm, there are very few people who are already qualified to start sects, and they are also called the pinnacle realm by the insiders. Wayne Lin is currently in the realm of masters.

The vast majority of masters will be stuck in the realm of masters, and there are many people who have never made a breakthrough in their lives, because they want to go from the acquired peak to the innate realm, and they can’t be achieved by personal cultivation.

The innate realm is also called the transcendent realm. In this realm, in a sense, it is already a new kind of human being. Not only the fighting level has improved greatly, it can be a person

Hit a group of people, the vitality will also increase a lot, and the life form will change. If it is not for being poisoned, conspired, and died unexpectedly, they can generally live to 120 years old or even more.

According to the ugly master, there are very few masters in the transcendent realm in today’s world.

If Wayne Lin can successfully break through to the innate realm, then he can be regarded as a big man, qualified to compete with the world’s heroes.

But this is not yet able to challenge the BRAGRUN organization, because there are many transcendent realm masters in the BRAGRUN organization.

“After the transcendental realm, is there still a way?” Wayne Lin asked the key.

It was the first time that he heard of this concept and felt very new. Now he is the pinnacle of the acquired state, and there are few opponents in the society. It is hard for him to imagine what a transcendent state or even a higher state would be like. The presence.

Ugly Lord’s eyes suddenly projected brilliant light, with worship, awe, and fear. He took a deep breath and said: “Behind the transcendent realm is the legendary broken void. King Kong is not bad!”

“Broken Void, isn’t King Kong bad?” Wayne Lin was stunned, his eyes filled with suspicion, and said, “You are teasing me, as you said, I have gone to cultivate immortals.”

Ugly Master was very serious and meticulous, and said: “I’m not joking. In fact, many people don’t know that there is a realm behind the Transcendent Realm that King Kong is not bad. King Kong is not bad. It is not the kind of cultivation in the novel. Immortality, but the body is strong to a certain degree, it is not invaded by a hundred poisons, and the vitality is strong. No virus or any poison can harm the real body of the strong.”

“Of course, it is even rarer that King Kong is not a bad power. As far as I know, there are only two or three in the world!”

Wayne Lin could see that the ugly master did not lie, so he immediately asked, “Who is it?”

The Ugly Master glanced at him and did not answer directly, but said: “Little Master, I know you have always wanted to kill BRAGRUN organization and rescue the young lady. But as the loyal servant of the young lady, I advise you, for now Dispel this idea unless you have grown to a state where King Kong is not bad.”

Wayne Lin lowered his eyes without answering. There was no expression on his face, and no one could see what he was thinking.

After the Ugly Master bid farewell, Wayne Lin returned to his villa in Yulong Bay, hid the best cleansing pill, and began to arrange a team of bodyguards. During this time, first protect Alma Chu’s family of three to prevent Gu Hanxing from coming to retaliate in anger.

Now Wayne Lin must consider all aspects in his work and cannot make mistakes easily.

In the next step, he would find time to relax, leave everything alone, and fully attack the innate realm.

Of course he didn’t rush to do it right away. In the next few days, he calmed down and concentrated on studying the Xisui Pill, striving to minimize the risk, and the safest way to break through to the innate realm.

Now he is not alone, there are still many people standing behind him, and he can’t have an accident.

Finally, after he had studied it clearly and had ninety-nine percent certainty, he began to concentrate, retreat for half a month, and break through to the innate realm with all his strength.

When he was about to start retreat, on Gu Hanxing’s side, he also made all the preparations and started to sprint with all his strength.

His eyes projected raging anger, with the belief in revenge, he must break through to the innate realm.

“Wayne Lin, when I break through to the innate realm, Lao Tzu will be the first to seek revenge from you! Wait for Lao Tzu!”

Chapter 291

Gu Hanxing went to retreat with the determination to revenge this time. He was determined to break through to the congenital realm. It was shameful!

When he returned to Beitian, his father Brian Gu gave him a severe lesson. It took two billion before he bought a first-grade cleansing pill, while other people spent 300 million to buy the best cleansing pill. The face of the second Gu family was lost by him.

So his father Brian Gu gave him the order of death, he must break through to the innate realm anyway.

With this kind of will and determination, Gu Hanxing believes that he can definitely successfully break through to the innate realm. As long as he reaches the innate realm, he will be fished over the dragon gate. From then on, his position is different, the sky is vast, let him soar!

Even if his determination is firm enough, when it comes to breakthrough, the pain it brings is still unbearable!

The medicinal properties of Xisui Pill are too strong. For ordinary people, it is a deadly poison. Even a little bit will break the meridians, collapse the five internal organs, and bleed to death from the seven orifices. Only the super strong whose physical strength has reached the peak of the acquired day can withstand the medicinal power of Xisui Pill.

But even if he could bear it, the severe pain it brought was unbearable enough. Gu Hanxing just took a little bit of his finger and it made him feel so painful that he rolled on the ground and sweated all over his body.

If it weren’t for his father, Brian Gu, to supervise the scene, he would have to give up. It would be too painful, and it is simply not something people can bear!

This is more painful than having a baby.

Although he is at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that this martial art is back from his own practice. In fact, his martial arts mainly relied on his father Brian Gu to cooperate with drugs to force him to this level. If he relied on his own talent and will, it would be impossible to cultivate to the peak of the day after tomorrow.

So he is taking Xisui Pill now, and the pain and destruction caused to him has broken his mentality.

It took half an hour before he stopped screaming, the effect of the medicine was digested by his body, and he was gasping for breath, full of stinky sweat.

“Too, it’s so f*cking painful.” Gu Hanxing cursed with lingering fear.

Brian Gu said: “Now is just the beginning, and then you will continue to eat the marrow pill, one a day, for ten days, as long as you survive it, you will be a strong person in the innate realm.”

Gu Hanxing shuddered severely when he heard these words, his face was pale, and he shivered and said, “Ten, ten days? Guru!”

The sharp pain just now was enough to scare him, and if he had to go through it nine times, he couldn’t keep going!

Brian Gu’s eyes widened, and angrily cursed: “What are you shaking! How high is the innate realm? Once you jump into the innate, you will be extraordinary. There are billions of people in the world, and fewer than a hundred people can truly reach the inborn realm. If you can reach the innate realm, you will be a land immortal from now on, a little Wayne Lin, you can easily crush!”

Gu Hanxing was suddenly stirred, and he couldn’t help being excited when he thought of the beautiful scene after he broke into the innate realm. But immediately, he thought of the pain he had experienced, and he immediately persuaded him again. It was not that his will was not firm enough, it was too damn pain!

Brian Gu saw Gu Hanxing’s trembling, and he said coldly: “In any case, you have to persevere and break through to the innate realm, otherwise I can’t spare you!”

Gu Hanxing slapped his spirits again. He was not afraid of anything. He was afraid of the strict father in front of him. He quickly said, “Yes, father.”

By the next day, he started taking Xisui Pill for the second time to exercise his body.

Washing marrow pills, as the name suggests, is to wash the marrow of the body. This marrow washes the bone marrow, the meridians, and the five internal organs. It almost transforms the body on one side. It is equivalent to the severe pain of ordinary people, all kinds of damage to the body, and the pain is not ready for life.

Without breaking or standing, how difficult is it to break from the acquired realm to the innate realm? It is equivalent to opening the human body’s genetic code, in a sense, it is equivalent to modifying the gene. It’s not a person with great will and great courage, even if there is a marrow pill, it is impossible to break through, because it can’t stick to it.

By the next day, Gu Hanxing felt more painful, and his body was as if he was forcibly torn apart. That kind of pain, even more than the first time, was not enough to describe.

Moreover, he persisted for longer. Several times he couldn’t hold on and wanted to give up. He had no choice but to have his father Brian Gu guarding him. No matter how painful he was, he didn’t dare to give up easily, so he had to gritted his teeth!

When it was finally over, he lay motionless on the ground, as if he had just walked out of hell.

“Yes, I persisted for the second time. Now your physique has been significantly strengthened. Continue to persist. After taking the whole marrow pill, you are the strong in the innate realm.” Brian Gu nodded with satisfaction. .

Gu Hanxing looked unlovable. After a few minutes of rest, he stood up sharply with a carp, clenched his fists, and his eyes were bright, like two light bulbs that could glow.

He punched a set of punches on the spot, with great power and power. He obviously punched in the room, but the airflow in the room was lost.

It was manipulated, as if a tornado appeared out of thin air, making the furniture and windows in the house rustling, which was particularly frightening.

“Dad, am I in the congenital realm now!? I feel that I have infinite strength in my body, and one punch can kill all the elephants!” Gu Hanxing said excitedly.

Brian Gu nodded and said, “Yes, you have survived the first two times, and your physique has made a breakthrough.”

Gu Hanxing said excitedly: “Then am I in the congenital realm now? I don’t need to take Xisui Pill tomorrow, right?”

Brian Gu’s face turned black immediately, and said, “It’s still far away, how difficult is the congenital realm, and it’s difficult to climb to the sky! You are now only because you have digested a part of the medicinal effect of the marrow pill, and your physique has increased. You want to break through to the congenital realm. , It is necessary to take a whole Xisui Pill and consolidate it before there is a chance to reach the innate realm.”

“Ah? Want to eat it?” Gu Hanxing’s energetic expression instantly collapsed.

Brian Gu glared at him fiercely and said, “Be timid before you fight! How can you avenge Wayne Lin like this! Tomorrow you will continue to take Xisui Pill, if you dare not follow, I will break your leg.”

Gu Hanxing trembled, and had to agree.

On the third day, he was already terrified. Under Brian Gu’s persecution, he barely swallowed a part of the marrow pill, and it was painful to death, and it hurt more and more!

By the fourth day, he had completely lost his will, and he wanted to stop here, was forcibly captured by Brian Gu, and poured the Xisui Pill in. This time it was more painful, the body was torn apart, and I was incontinent, and the feces and urine were unsightly.

On the fifth and sixth day, he really couldn’t hold on anymore, no matter how Brian Gu forced him, he refused.

In the end, Brian Gu had no choice but to tie Gu Hanxing with strong means, forcibly pour the Xisui Pill in, and then plug his mouth with a muzzle.

Sticking to this method can be considered barely enough to finish taking the whole Xisui Pill.

Finally, under Brian Gu’s coercive means, Gu Hanxing finally survived. When he opened his eyes, golden light seemed to flow through his pupils. The temperament of the whole person became different, and there was a huge amount in his body. energy.

He stood up, the hemp rope that had tied him was actually broken away easily by him.

“Dad, I find that I have inexhaustible strength, one punch can pierce the sky through!” Gu Hanxing said confidently, and then he punched out, punching a hole in the wall, it was like a bubble, unbearable one strike.

Brian Gu nodded, and said lightly that was good.

“Dad, am I already in the innate state now?” Gu Hanxing asked.

Brian Gu did not answer immediately, but was silent for a while, sighed and said, “It’s almost.”

“What!?” Gu Hanxing opened his eyes wide, full of disbelief, and said: “Impossible! I feel that I have endless power now, how much stronger than before, I don’t know how many times it is possible, how can it not be innate!”

Brian Gu was also annoyed, and said, “You are not to blame! You don’t have enough will to stand it down, and I rely on Lao Tzu to pour it into your mouth with strong means. How can this effect be better!”

Gu Hanxing suddenly withered, like a frosted eggplant.

Brian Gu said again: “However, the effect of the medicine is still in your body. As long as you work harder and digest the effect of the medicine, there is still hope to break through to the innate realm.”

“That’s good, that’s good…” Suddenly thinking of something, Gu Hanxing hurriedly said: “No! The beast that Wayne Lin photographed was the superb cleansing marrow pill. If he took it, wouldn’t it be innate. Up?!”

Indeed, it is normal for Gu Hanxing to have such concerns. What Wayne Lin photographed was the superb cleansing pill, which had better medicinal effects, wouldn’t it be easier to reach the innate realm? And he is not in the innate realm now, and when he meets Wayne Lin, isn’t it the situation of being completely abused!

However, Brian Gu sneered and said, “What about the best cleansing pill? It is undeniable that the quality of the best cleansing pill is indeed better than that of the first class cleansing pill. This also means that the people at the peak of the day after tomorrow have taken the best cleansing pill. , The pain will be even greater! If Wayne Lin really dared to take the best cleansing pill, then he will experience more than three times the pain of yours. Do you think he can survive it? And once it fails, it is A dead end!”

Gu Hanxing laughed loudly after listening, and he was not sad for a moment, especially proud and gloating, “According to that, Wayne Lin is a beast, hahaha…”

Brian Gu also smiled, but, deep in his heart, there was a faint worry. In case, if Wayne Lin really survives, then Wayne Lin’s innate realm will be even stronger.

So did Wayne Lin survive?

In fact, not long after Gu Hanxing finished taking Xisui Pill, Wayne Lin also started taking it.

Without the help of any outsiders, he shut himself in a remote room, and after preparing everything, he used his own ability to break through.

Chapter 292

“Master Neon, don’t we really need to go in and look at the young master?”

Not far away, there were two people standing on a towering tree more than ten meters tall. It was no one but the ugly man and the neon clothes. They stood firmly on the branch without any tools. Fortunately, this area is a remote mountainous area. It is now at night and no one is passing by. If you see this scene, you will definitely think you have met a god!

Nishang is still wearing a red dress, her clothes fluttering, like a fairy from the nine heavens, not eating fireworks.

Chou Ye is known as the underground emperor of Huarvell. He has many horses, but he is respectful like a dog in front of the neon clothes. He always bows his head and bends over. He doesn’t dare to look directly at the neon clothes. He seems to take a second look. , Are all blasphemy against neon clothes.

“No, Brother Wayne should be able to survive by himself.” Nishang said lightly.

The ugly master thought for a while and said, “What if the young master fails to survive on his own, what happens?”

Nishang looked deeply at the dimly lit small room in the distance, and said: “If he can’t even survive this difficulty, how can he rescue his aunt from BRAGRUN organization?”

Chou Ye nodded, intellectually felt that Nishang was right, but deep down, he was still worried about Wayne Lin, because he knew how effective the Xisui Pill was. Although he had not personally experienced it, he still listened to it. Many people at the peak of the day after tomorrow have not been able to survive after taking Xisui Pill, and eventually exploded and died, or they fell short of success and became confused.

But anyway, Master Nishang was right. If Wayne Lin can’t survive this difficulty, don’t talk about taking Qin Yuehua away from BRAGRUN organization.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he has already started taking Xisui Pill. Even though he had been mentally prepared in advance, knowing that the process would be very difficult, when this ferocious medicinal power turned into a surging beast, when it was born in his body to collide, Wayne Lin was still shocked. Suddenly, he almost Didn’t hold on.

Fortunately, his willpower was firm enough to hold it quickly.

Brian Gu was right. The quality of the Supreme Cleansing Pill was purer, the medicinal effect was stronger, and the side effects were even greater, which was simply beyond human tolerance.

If someone is here, they will definitely be frightened by Wayne Lin’s appearance, because Wayne Lin’s whole body is red, and there are rats in his muscles, which looks particularly scary.

Wayne Lin roared in his throat, and the stainless steel handrails of the stairs were twisted into twists by him, which shows his strength!

This kind of pain lasted for forty minutes before it stopped!

Not only was Wayne Lin sweating profusely, there was also some dirt on his body, which was the impurities forced out of his body.

After he breathed, he returned to normal, making fists at will, he could feel the surging strength, and his physique increased a lot!

Next, he rested for a night, and the next day, he began to swallow a part of the marrow pill again, and the tide-like pain swept through again, drowning his whole person. And the painful thing lasted longer, from forty minutes the first time to an hour.

However, after the severe pain, the improvement brought by him is tremendous. Now he can beat two himself before taking Xisui Pill. So he finally understood why Xisui Pill was so precious and the asking price was so high.

On the third day, the pain became even more intense, and it was as late as being bullied. If he hadn’t been strong enough and had a strong belief in his heart, he couldn’t hold on now!

By the fourth day, he had the idea of ​​shrinking, and then thinking of his mother and the opponent he would face in the future, he still clenched his teeth and persisted.

He survived until the eighth day!

Now his body is stronger and thinner, a full circle thinner, but his strength, energy in his body, compared to eight days ago, has changed dramatically! And he is getting closer and closer to the innate realm.

I slowly began to understand the meaning of the innate realm.

On this day, he looked at the few top-quality marrow pill that was left in front of him, and he had a long ideological struggle in his heart. Finally, he gritted his teeth and picked up one.

Swallow it.

This time, he had a full pain for three hours, it was hellish torture!

After three hours, the effect he brought was extremely obvious, and his strength ushered in a breakthrough improvement.

Finally, it was the tenth day.

Wayne Lin had no less than a hundred determinations in his heart before he swallowed it with ulterior motives.

The last time, the unprecedented pain, it seemed that someone had ravaged all parts of his body alive, and even the cells were painful, constantly being destroyed and reborn, reborn and destroyed.

But this time, he lasted the longest, five full hours before he stopped.

Then he passed out.

When he woke up, it was dark again, and he rose from a pile of rubble.

This nearly 100-square-foot house was demolished alive in his violent state.

Fortunately, this is a deserted suburb, and there is no one within two kilometers. Otherwise, you must be scared to death, thinking that a monster has appeared.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, and a divine light flashed, as if the whole world was illuminated!

A strong majesty radiated from his body, causing the insects, birds and beasts within a radius of three kilometers to be quiet at this moment like a pause button on a TV, and it seemed a little strange!

This is because his aura is too strong. As the most sensitive bird and beast, he felt it for the first time, and was immediately trembling with fright, crawling on the ground, bowing his head and claiming court.

Even the ugly man in the distance felt Wayne Lin’s momentum, his heart was pinched by a big hand, and his brain was blank in an instant, and he couldn’t breathe.

“Master, it’s done.” Ugly master said in astonishment.

The neon clothes next to him showed a smile of relief on the originally nervous face, and then her figure flashed and disappeared, silently, and even the ugly master next to him did not notice.

Wayne Lin’s aura was only maintained for two seconds before he put it away.

Now he was naked and a little embarrassed. Fortunately, although the house collapsed, his suitcase was not damaged. He took out a whole suit of clean clothes and put it on. Then he asked the ugly master in the distance. He beckoned and said, “Don’t hide, come here.”

The pupils of the ugly master shrank. He is a few hundred meters away from Wayne Lin now, or here, Wayne Lin found all of them. It can be seen that Wayne Lin’s skill has improved a lot now.

When he walked in front of Wayne Lin, the Ugly Master looked at Wayne Lin in front of him, and he was full of emotion. He can be said to have watched Wayne Lin grow up since he was a kid. He has grown up from a little kid at the beginning to an extraordinary power in his innate realm. Who said, “Congratulations, Master, successfully stepping into the innate realm!”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Joker, thank you so much for this period of time. I have been protecting the law for me.”

When the ugly master heard Wayne Lin’s words, he felt flattered, and said hurriedly: “It’s okay, it’s okay, this is what I should do.”

Very strange, now Wayne Lin has clearly broken through the innate realm, but the feeling he gives to Ugly Master is even more ordinary, and he can’t feel the existence of a trace of real energy!

You know, before that, even if Wayne Lin’s realm was higher than Ugly Master, Ugly Master could still perceive Wayne Lin’s true energy fluctuations and knew that Wayne Lin was a strong man. But now, Ugly Lord can’t see Wayne Lin at all. This also shows that Wayne Lin’s realm is already far too much.

I could not help but screamed abnormally.

But he was still very happy for Wayne Lin.

Indeed, now that Wayne Lin has stepped into the Innate Realm, his aura is hidden deeper, and he is more like an ordinary person. It is impossible for people who are not in the Inborn Realm to see his strength.

“During my retreat, nothing happened to my family, right? Did Gu Hanxing ask for trouble?” Wayne Lin narrowed his eyes and said.

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