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Chapter 371

Della Qin lay beside Wayne Lin, feeling particularly excited and nervous, returning to the feeling of staying next to the boy she liked when she was in love.

Finally, after lying down for two minutes, she began to gather courage and slowly leaned towards Wayne Lin…

Little by little, Della Qin moved very slowly and was very careful. Finally, she touched Wayne Lin’s hand and her breathing couldn’t help speeding up a lot.

When she met Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin finally felt it, and in a daze, he turned around subconsciously, grabbed Della Qin’s body, and said vaguely, “Alma, you are here. .”

Della Qin was hugged by Wayne Lin in such a way, and instantly, her whole body muscles tightened at this moment, and her heart was pounding and pounding!

God, Wayne Lin took the initiative to hug her!

She held her breath.

Wayne Lin really regarded her as Alma Chu, and after hugging Della Qin, his hands became reflexively dishonest.

Della Qin’s face turned red all of a sudden, did Wayne Lin treat Alma Chu like this? This is too…envy her! !

At this moment, Wayne Lin also began to wake up, but he has not discovered that the person in his arms is not Alma Chu, but someone else. He smirked and said, “Alma, you really don’t want me to be one. People are sleeping, come here to accompany me? Hey.”

Della Qin closed her mouth tightly, afraid to make a sound, for fear of being discovered by Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin continued: “How about, Della Qin is already asleep, right? She didn’t tell you about me just now, right? No matter what she said, don’t believe it. I am innocent with her. In my whole life… Hey Alma, how are you…”

Suddenly, Wayne Lin realized that something was wrong, and stopped halfway through.

As a couple who have slept many times, Wayne Lin is still very familiar with Alma Chu’s figure, and now he feels that the person in his arms does not seem to be Alma Chu!

Even the scent on the body is different.


The room suddenly quieted strangely, Wayne Lin thought of something, his scalp became numb, and he was blinded.

And Della Qin also knew that she must have been discovered by Wayne Lin.

Isn’t the woman in her arms Alma Chu, but… Della Qin? !

Wayne Lin’s scalp is numb, what did he do just now?

Wayne Lin hurriedly turned on the bedside lamp, and she saw a beautiful face. In front of her, it was not Alma Chu, but Della Qin.

Della Qin’s face is super red now, but her eyes flashed with weird excitement. While Wayne Lin was in a daze, she quickly hugged Wayne Lin backhand and said, “Wayne Lin, you just took advantage of me. You have to be responsible to me.”

Wayne Lin’s face turned black. He never thought that Della Qin would be so courageous and would run to his room. If he hadn’t found something wrong in time, this would have caused a big mistake!

However, I can’t tell that Della Qin’s figure is quite good… Hey, what are you thinking about!

“Della Qin, you are so courageous, you dare to come to my room in the middle of the night, you, you…”

Della Qin blinked, not afraid of Wayne Lin at all, and asked: “What’s wrong with me? I have the habit of sleepwalking, and I came to your room unknowingly. Instead, you bullied me like this. I will not tell Alma Chu to go.”

With that said, Della Qin was about to leave.

Wayne Lin was shocked by what she said, and hurriedly grabbed her and said, “You are crazy, give me

stop! “

Della Qin cried and said, “You let me go, I want to tell Alma Chu, you eat my tofu while I am sleepwalking.”

Now in the middle of the night, Della Qin yelled a little loudly, and it happened that Alma Chu was sleeping in the guest room next to him. Wayne Lin was really afraid that Alma Chu would hear it. Then things would be bad. He couldn’t wash it after he jumped into the Yellow River. !

The key point is that Della Qin’s courage is also too great, and he even dared to run into his room to engage in night attacks. He was even more courageous than Tao Sanniang.

How come the women nowadays are so rascal.

Wayne Lin hurriedly covered Della Qin’s mouth, and said in a low voice, “You are not allowed to call, or I will be rude to you!”

It’s just why Della Qin was afraid of him, looking at Wayne Lin with fluttering eyes, clearly saying, Wayne Lin, you scumbag, you dare to attack Alma Chu’s good friend, it is too scumbag.

Wayne Lin was really pissed off by Della Qin. How could there be such a shameless woman? It was obviously Della Qin who came to his room by himself, and now the wicked complained first.

But he couldn’t help it, because he knew that once Alma Chu knew, with Alma Chu’s character, he would definitely choose to believe in Della Qin, not him.

I had known that he should lock the door behind him when he went to bed, so as not to give Della Qin a chance to attack at night!

Della Qin was not afraid that Wayne Lin would cover her. Now she was struggling and hugged Wayne Lin. If Alma Chu saw this scene, it would really be unclear if she jumped into the Yellow River.

The worst thing is that Wayne Lin is a healthy man. In this case, it is a great test for him.

If this continues, he suspects that he will really lose control.

I had to take a deep breath, circulate the true energy in my body, and quickly calm my mind, “Enough, Della Qin, you can stop, let me go, and go back to Alma Chu’s room. I think this has never happened. “

Della Qin heard the seriousness and anger in his tone, her heart jumped, a little scared, and her movements stiffened.

“Wayne, I like you. I really like you. Give me a chance.” Della Qin said affectionately. Under the shining of the bedside lamp, she appeared to be so affectionate and gentle, making men feel heartbroken. It’s soft.

Della Qin herself is a big beauty with a high-value appearance, and there are many pursuers outside, but it is difficult for normal men to resist her beauty, so she has never known that she only relies on suitors to invite her to eat, drink and have fun. More chic.

Wayne Lin is a man, a normal man, or a handsome man, and it is difficult for him to sit still.

If he is an ordinary man, he must have made a mistake now, but he is not an ordinary man. His will is very tough and his principles are firm, so he still gritted his teeth, pushed Della Qin away, and said seriously: “Della Qin, Please pay attention to your identity! You are Alma Chu’s good friend, and I am Alma Chu’s husband, are you so worthy of Alma Chu!”

Guilt flashed in Della Qin’s eyes, yes, Alma Chu was her good sister, and treated her very well, I believed her… However, she did this entirely to help Alma Chu.

“Why can’t I be sorry to Alma Chu? Don’t think I don’t know. You also have a lot of peach blossoms outside, and there are a lot of vixens entangled in you, and sooner or later you will be succeeded by these vixens. If this is the case, it is better for me to go out and take you When it is squeezed dry, you will not have the energy to get rid of flowers and grass outside, and Alma’s identity as the main palace will not be threatened.” Della Qin said naturally.

Wayne Lin was blindfolded when he heard these words. What kind of strange theory is this?

Wayne Lin was about to speak to retort. At this moment, he suddenly heard footsteps in the corridor outside, and when he reached the door, he opened the door slowly. In an instant, his nerves were tight!

Only one person can come here at this time, Alma Chu! ! !

Chapter 372

When Della Qin saw Wayne Lin stay still, she thought that Wayne Lin had been persuaded by her, and was extremely excited, and then began to hug Wayne Lin again, preparing to sacrifice herself.

But at this moment, Wayne Lin showed an extremely flustered look on his face, lowered his voice, and said nervously: “No, it’s Alma here! You quickly find a place to hide!!”

“What?!” Della Qin was frightened immediately when she heard this, and cried out aloud, “Alma is here…”

Wayne Lin heard her yelling so loudly, he really wanted to kick her down to the bed, this Della Qin would be too bad, and when Alma Chu heard it, it would be over, so he had no choice but to hurry. She covered Della Qin’s hand, made a’hush’ gesture, and said in a low voice, “You shouted so loudly to die! Hurry up and hide…”

However, as soon as his words fell, the door was already opened, and Alma Chu walked in!

Wayne Lin really had a numb scalp. At the moment of his death, he could only hold Della Qin’s head, stuff her into the quilt, and then hug her, tightly, trying to make sure that he was sleeping alone. Look like.

But he just started to regret this move, isn’t it worse, once Alma Chu saw it, it was really over.

Now that Alma Chu ran over in the middle of the night, she must have discovered that Della Qin was not by her side, and suspected that she had come to him…

Thinking of this, Wayne Lin was so desperate that he had a dead heart.

On Della Qin’s side, she was held in her arms by Wayne Lin, and she was stunned for a moment, and then she was ecstatic. It was great that this kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was met by her. Now her relationship with Wayne Lin can always go further, hehe.

She also took the opportunity to hug Wayne Lin with her backhand, taking advantage of Wayne Lin’s advantage, and found that Wayne Lin’s figure was so good, she didn’t expect to be so strong and perfect.

But Wayne Lin is suffering, he is really on the edge of the intersection of ice and fire, alas.

Speaking of Alma Chu’s side, after she came in, she walked in very carefully and walked to the bedside, and found Wayne Lin sleeping soundly and there was no trace of Della Qin in the room, she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

Then she lifted the quilt and wanted to sleep in.

Perceiving this movement of her, Wayne Lin had a numb scalp, and he dared not pretend to be asleep anymore. He quickly’woke up’, opened his eyes, and said to Alma Chu in surprise: “Huh, Alma, you are not with you. Is Della Qin sleeping? Why did she come to me?”

Don’t look at Wayne Lin’s expression now being calm and doubtful. In fact, he is already flustered inside. The key point is that Della Qin, the girl, is still attacking him constantly, and there is a risk of exposure at any time, and it is really about to collapse. !

Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin wake up, she didn’t go to bed, and asked: “I woke you up.”

Wayne Lin said: “Fortunately, I am almost sleeping. By the way, don’t you sleep with Della Qin?”

Alma Chu said depressedly: “I woke up just now and suddenly found that Della Qin was gone, and I wanted to see if she came to you.”

When these words were said, Wayne Lin’s heart jumped instantly and he was extremely nervous. Della Qin who was in the bed was not much better, his heart thumped and his heart thumped, and the restless hand, which was originally restless, stopped now.

Regardless of what she said just now, she was so righteous, she still dare not really want her to face Alma Chu. So now I still have to linger, if Alma Chu finds out, she won’t be embarrassed no matter how thick-skinned she is.

Wayne Lin laughed dryly, and said, “How can this be possible, why did she come to me so well?”

Alma Chu said meaningfully: “It’s hard to tell, I think that girl Della Qin often mentioned you recently, it seems to be interesting to you.”


Wayne Lin swallowed heavily. What did Alma Chu’s words mean, did she find out?

Not only him, but Della Qin who was in the bed also broke out in a cold sweat, panicking, did he really behave so obviously that he was actually given by Alma Chu


This is so neat.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin’s reaction was fast enough. He rolled his eyes and said, “What are you talking nonsense? Della Qin is your good best friend. How could she be interesting to me? I think you are too sensitive and thinking about it.”

However, his words made Alma Chu squinted and said, “Wayne Lin, I just said casually. What are you doing with so many explanations? Are you guilty of conscience?”


Wayne Lin took a sigh of relief, feeling cold in his heart. Has Alma Chu discovered something?

It’s over, it’s over…

Seeing Wayne Lin’s silence, Alma Chu laughed out loud and said: “It’s making you play, it scares you.”

Wayne Lin was dumbfounded, what’s the situation, Alma Chu teased him? Damn, is there such a joke? He was almost scared to death!

Alma Chu went on to say: “Della Qin doesn’t know how high his eyes are, how can I look at you. Besides, Della Qin and I are good sisters. How she looks at you is just like me. That’s right, I’m only interested in you. Okay, I’m not talking to you. It’s a bit cold, so hurry up and I’ll go to bed and stay warm.”

With that, Alma Chu opened the quilt and was about to go to bed.

When Wayne Lin wanted to stop it, it was too late.

Alma Chu is already here.

In an instant, Wayne Lin’s heartbeat was almost at its extreme. If Alma Chu discovered the existence of Della Qin, she wouldn’t have to kill him.

At the same time, Della Qin was also very nervous, she quickly let go of the hand that was holding Wayne Lin, lest she be touched by Alma Chu.

“Why is your body temperature so high, do you have a fever?” Alma Chu said curiously after going to bed.

Fortunately, this bed is big enough, otherwise it is already exposed. To be more safe, Wayne Lin quickly turned off the bedside lamp and said, “I am excited to see you here.”

Wayne Lin hugged Alma Chu first, lest she would find Della Qin.

“I hate it.” Alma Chu said angrily.

After a while, Alma Chu said softly: “Wayne, do you blame me for acting on my own way and not listening to your opinions?”

These words made Wayne Lin a bit confused by the second monk, and asked, “What do you want to do? Did you hide what I did?”

Alma Chu said, “Idiot, it’s about tonight. You obviously want me to sleep with you, but I didn’t listen to you. Let Della Qin stay alive.”

Wayne Lin smiled dumbly and said, “You said this, it’s okay, do you think I am so stingy? You and Della Qin are good sisters, and it is good to have a good chat with her.”

“Um…” Alma Chu nodded lightly, then held Wayne Lin’s big hand and pressed it to her face, and said, “Wayne, you are so kind to me.”

Wayne Lin smiled, and then Alma Chu said again: “Wayne, now I am here, shall we come again?”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was frightened, and said quickly: “This, don’t you need it?”

Alma Chu asked suspiciously, “Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Now that I am here, I can come.”

“Fool, in your eyes, is your husband such a nasty person? Okay, I guess Della Qin should go to the bathroom. You should also go back quickly, otherwise it will be bad if she finds out that you are not there.”

Wayne Lin had to praise his wit.

Sure enough, Alma Chu was even more moved after listening to it, and said, “Wayne, you are so kind to me!”

“Of course, I’m not good to you, who is good, okay, go back quickly, and it won’t be good if Della Qin finds out.” Wayne Lin said solemnly.

Alma Chu nodded, kissed Wayne Lin’s lips, said goodnight, and then crept back.

Chapter 373

Finally, after Alma Chu had left and closed the door, two sounds of relief sounded in the room, and Wayne Lin and Della Qin both breathed a sigh of relief.

It was really thrilling just now, if Wayne Lin’s reaction were not fast enough, this would have been exposed!

Once Alma Chu knew about it, then Mars hit the earth and died completely.

Della Qin hurriedly got out of the quilt, gasping for breath. She had been stuffed in the quilt just now, almost deprived of oxygen.

“I was almost suffocated.” Della Qin finally breathed smoothly, and said: “It was really dangerous just now, and Alma almost discovered it.”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes frantically, “If you didn’t come to my room, would there be such a risk? Okay, now Alma has gone back, so go back too!”

After Alma Chu’s personal contact just now, Wayne Lin’s fire has risen again. It is really bad enough. He doesn’t dare to keep Della Qin here, otherwise he will be the unlucky person.

Della Qin said proudly, “I don’t, it’s early.”

Wayne Lin’s face turned black immediately, and he said, “Della Qin, you are enough.”

“Don’t be so fierce to others. They just like you and want to be with you. Is that all wrong?” Della Qin made a sobbing gesture, looking at me like that, and had to say, Della Qin’s skill in acting as a baby is indeed very deep, and people like Wayne Lin can’t get angry anymore.

“Della Qin, don’t provoke my bottom line, I have given you enough face.” Wayne Lin continued to say coldly.

However, Della Qin saw through his pretense. He was not afraid of him at all. Instead, he came to hug him and said in a sad and pitiful tone: “Wayne, don’t do this to me, please. I am I really like you. I just want to stay by your side. I don’t need any status or money. I just need you to come and see me and give me a little love. Isn’t that impossible? “

“You…” Wayne Lin really wanted to take it.

Della Qin immediately continued: “You believe me, I promise that I won’t let Alma know, and I won’t threaten her position! Really, I swear!”

As she said, she really raised her finger and swears to the sky, “God is up, I, Della Qin, only like Wayne Lin in my life. I don’t ask for any status or threaten Alma Chu’s identity in the palace. I only hope that Lin Zi When Ming thinks of me, come and see me, and give me a little love is enough. If there is a lie, I am willing to thunder…”

“Enough!” Wayne Lin couldn’t listen anymore, and quickly interrupted her.

This Della Qin really went too far.

However, Wayne Lin couldn’t dislike it anymore, because he could feel that Della Qin was not lying, these were all inner words.

So Wayne Lin is having a headache now, and he doesn’t know what to do.

After thinking about it, he also said seriously: “Della Qin, you should interrupt this thought. I am different from the men you imagined. Alma Chu did not give up when I was the most depressed and incompetent. , I will not do anything to betray her. Your conditions are very good, and you can find a better man without hanging on a tree of mine.”

Della Qin paled a bit when he heard what he said, and wanted to say something, Wayne Lin said again: “Okay, you can go back now, I don’t think anything happened tonight, you work at Ziqiong Media Will keep it, and if you perform well, I will be promoted to your position. Do it well. For Alma Chu’s sake, I will never fire you.”

When Wayne Lin said this, he had done his best.

After listening to Della Qin, she bit her lip tightly, lowered her head, her eyes turned red, and she was silent for a long time.

Wayne Lin didn’t speak either, he had already said what should be said, and Della Qin left to make his own choice for the rest.

After a while, Della Qin raised her head and said, “I know you had a bad impression of me before, but I will work hard and set up a good image for you. I want to dazzle you and be your woman. , This sentence is not just a simple statement.”

After speaking, she got out of bed and walked to the door. She looked back, smiled and said goodnight to Wayne Lin, then disappeared and returned to the guest room next door.

Looking at her like this, Wayne Lin only felt a headache.

Peach blossom debt, it is really peach blossom debt again!

Is he really the fate of a stallion?

In fact, Wayne Lin knew very well in his heart that with his current physique, being just a Alma Chu really couldn’t satisfy him.

Especially when he reached a higher level, the three Alma Chu were not his opponents.

It’s just that he is a very traditional person in his bones, letting him hug each other, three wives and four concubines, this kind of thing, he really can’t get through the hurdle in his heart.

Alas, don’t worry, just take one step and count one step.

Now that Della Qin and Alma Chu took turns to provoke, Wayne Lin’s dantian fire was so strong that he couldn’t sleep, so he had to take a cold shower again, soaking for an hour before lowering the fire. .

By the next day, Wayne Lin still got up very early. He now has a particularly good sleep quality. Three hours of sleep is enough for ordinary people to sleep for ten hours, and he is full of energy. Moreover, these minor injuries on his body have almost recovered, recovering 90% of his strength.

Not long after, Alma Chu and Della Qin also got up, Della Qin obviously had two dark circles on her face, and she didn’t sleep well last night.

After eating breakfast, Della Qin did not continue to stay, and started to go back to work.

Wayne Lin first sent Alma Chu to Centec to work. After the bodyguard team was in place, he began to return to ziqiong media, briefly held a high-level meeting, and then went to Tengyue Advertising Company and Aegis Security Group. He showed his face, and set the direction for the company’s next development. One day passed.

At the same time, on Gu Hanxing’s side, he already knew about Brian Gu’s death by Wayne Lin. He was already pale with fright on the spot, and his entire world collapsed!

Brian Gu is his father, and also his heaven. Without Brian Gu, he would have been beaten to death long ago. In his mind, Brian Gu is an absolutely invincible existence, a middle-level master of the Innate Realm, plus the identity of the Vice President of the North Sky Society, walking sideways on the southern ground.

And now, was actually beaten to death by Wayne Lin?

He couldn’t believe it!

Looking at Brian Gu in the crystal coffin blankly, he was more not sad, but fear. Now that Brian Gu is dead, what will he do in the future?

All of a sudden, his tears flowed out.

If I knew this, he wouldn’t be against Wayne Lin if he was killed!

It’s alright now, taking all his life in.

Not only him, but the entire Gu family, now there is also a cloud of sadness and sorrow, full of hissing crying.

At this moment, a lanky figure walked in from the door, and everyone who saw it showed awe and fear.

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