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Chapter 128

Even Guo Junyi’s expression was a little unnatural. Did she know that Wayne Lin was married or the son-in-law of the Chu family was here, but now she appeared next to Wayne Lin as a female companion. She will feel embarrassed by the stubborn look.

So she let go of Wayne Lin’s arm.

Her little movements didn’t escape Wayne Lin’s eyes. Wayne Lin didn’t blame her or be angry. This is human nature. After all, Guo Junyi is still a lady of Huanghua, and was born in a rich family, so she must have a thin face.

If you come to buy a car, you will meet Chen Hao. Wayne Lin didn’t expect it, but now that he has already met, Wayne Lin doesn’t shrink back. He smiled and said, “Chen Hao, you didn’t start a company with a reputation for annual income. How many millions? Why did you come here to sell cars?”

It’s okay for Wayne Lin not to mention it, it hits Chen Hao’s death hole and his expression instantly becomes ugly. He gritted his teeth and wanted to yell at him, but he saw Wayne Lin’s smile, and he wanted it anytime. When he started beating him, he was stunned again, and said with a heavy snort: “You can’t control my business! It’s you…”

Wayne Lin interrupted him and said jokingly: “So, your company has closed down. Could it be that after that night, you started to have bad luck?”

Chen Hao’s face is green, and Wayne Lin’s expression is too cheap! He was so angry that his face was crooked, “Fart! Who said that my company closed down? I just came here temporarily, changed job, and experienced life!”

He was obviously panicked and began to speak incoherently. There was no logic in what he said. A discerning person knew that Wayne Lin was right. Chen Hao was really down. From the previous boss, he fell into selling the car.

Speaking of it, selling a car is not a shame. After all, there is no high or low job, but it would be too shameful for someone like Chen Hao who likes to pretend. So when he came to this kind of sales manager, he never said that he had started a company before.

At this moment, the salespersons looked at his eyes, more or less gloating, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable! He clenched his fist, wishing to slap Wayne Lin’s nasty face with a punch, but he didn’t dare. Once he did it first, Wayne Lin would fight back in self-defense by punching him.

Fortunately, he has also experienced big scenes, and his psychological quality exceeds that of ordinary people. He took a deep breath, calmed down quickly, and said with a sneer: “That’s better than your son-in-law who eats soft meals! Wayne Lin, I am I really don’t know where you come from, eat Alma Chu, wear Alma Chu, use Alma Chu, and still dare to take Alma Chu’s money and come out to pick up girls? Do you dare to buy someone’s 800,000 car? You really lost the man’s face!”

I have to say that what he said was very poisonous. Suddenly, people around him began to point at him, full of contempt and condemnation.

“I really didn’t see it. This man named Wayne Lin looks like a talent, with hands and feet, but he is so shameless. He actually has the face to hold his wife’s money and raise a mistress outside.”

“No, there are too many people with human faces and animals…”

“I remember, this Wayne Lin is not the son-in-law of the Chu family, he is very famous in our Hwadrid two years ago!” Someone erupted in the crowd, which immediately attracted the attention of others. .

“Yes, yes, yes! When I said that, I also remembered that there is indeed such a door-to-door son-in-law in the Chu family, who has hands and feet, but all day long.

Staying at home, unwilling to come out to find a job, so I stayed at home to do housework, I heard that my mother-in-law was washing her underwear, hahaha…”

“f*ck, it’s really fake, it’s too hot, there are such crappy men in modern society, it really refreshes my three views!”

“Hey, don’t tell me, this Wayne Lin’s wife is very beautiful, she is called Alma Chu, and she is one of the three beauties in Hwadrid!”

“In this way, Wayne Lin is really not a thing…”

For a while, many people around began to discuss it, condemning and disdain Wayne Lin.

In this regard, Wayne Lin felt helpless. He felt more and more that he was compelling to his physique, and he would always attract attention wherever he went. There is no way, he is too famous in Hwadrid as the son-in-law of the Chu family. He once appeared in the Hwadrid Daily, causing many people to know his’big name’ even if they don’t know him.

Guo Junyi heard these voices around her, her face was constantly changing, and the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes changed a little.

“What, do you think I am such a person?” Wayne Lin asked Guo Junyi with a smile.

“No, no…” Guo Junyi shook her head hurriedly, but she did not dare to face Wayne Lin and lowered her head.

Wayne Lin smiled indifferently, without making any waves in his heart, but feeling a little bit terrifying.

As Chen Hao listened to the surrounding voices, so many people followed Wayne Lin’s condemnation, his face was about to smile crookedly, so many years of depression, at this moment, more than half disappeared!

“Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin, I really feel worthless for Alma Chu. I don’t know if I told Alma Chu what will happen to you?” Chen Hao said jokingly.

After speaking, he took out the phone and made the appearance of calling Alma Chu.

Seeing this situation, Guo Junyi was even more embarrassed. She was originally a thin-skinned person and hadn’t encountered such a thing.

Wayne Lin laughed and said, “Chen Hao, you look like a young man, you really look like a clown. Alma Chu used to have a high evaluation of you. I didn’t expect you to have such a small heart and eyes, and you are not happy. Seeing that others live better than you, I feel uncomfortable and insist on biting people like a mad dog, ha ha.”

Chen Hao’s expression suddenly changed and he became even more annoyed. Wayne Lin’s remarks pierced Chen Hao’s sore spot and made him angry. “Okay, you won’t cry if you don’t see the coffin! I’ll give your wife now! Call and see how you die!”

Wayne Lin frowned slightly. It was not a guilty conscience, but he felt that this kind of thing had disturbed Alma Chu, which was not a good thing after all. What’s more, Alma Chu is still angry with him now, he said: “Okay, Chen Hao, don’t be a demon, don’t you just hold grudges that I taught you last time, I apologize to you, don’t be alarmed Alma Chu, she is in a bad mood now.”

When he said this, he became more convinced of his guilty conscience. Suddenly, Chen Hao burst into laughter, “Now I know I’m afraid? Hahaha…Tell you, it’s too late! Just wait to be taught by Alma Chu. As a door-to-door son-in-law, without a bit of b-number, dare to take his wife’s money outside and get in trouble? I see how you died this time!”

After speaking, he directly pressed Alma Chu’s number and dialed it, and he also deliberately turned on the speaker so that everyone could hear it.

Chapter 129

This situation caused Guo Junyi to cover her face, and she felt ashamed of herself.

These people around are also gloating, and they like to watch this kind of tearing battle.

Wayne Lin said in a deep voice: “Chen Hao, you are enough. I think you are a classmate Alma, and you don’t care about you. You don’t want to make an inch.”

Chen Hao expressed disdain for Wayne Lin’s warning, but he was even more happy, thinking that Wayne Lin must have a guilty conscience.

Guo Junyi pulled Wayne Lin’s hand and said cautiously: “Should we go?”

Wayne Lin wanted to leave just now, but now, he will not leave. Chen Hao’s behavior has completely annoyed him, “No, wait until I finish cleaning him.”

“But, he called you my wife, aren’t you scared?” Guo Junyi’s face was full of counseling words.

Wayne Lin said freely and easily: “I have nothing to be afraid of. I am not afraid of the shadow leaning.”

Guo Junyi didn’t believe it very much. She deliberately covered her face to prevent it from being photographed. She began to regret it. If she had known, she would not come to the Audi store. It would be great to go to BMW and Mercedes-Benz stores.

At this time, Chen Hao’s phone was connected, and a woman’s voice came: “Hello?”

It was Alma Chu, and Chen Hao was excited. He quickly made a’hush’ gesture to everyone, and then said, “Alma, it’s me, Chen Hao.”

Chen Hao deliberately glanced at Wayne Lin, his face was full of complacency, and he deliberately made a gesture of wiping his neck to scare Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin just spit out two words for his contrivance: “Fool.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone on Alma Chu’s side hung up, and a busy tone came.

Chen Hao suddenly looked confused, what’s the situation? Alma Chu, did you hang up his phone?

The atmosphere was awkward for a while.

Wayne Lin couldn’t hold back his laugh right now. Chen Hao, this guy, really didn’t know anything about himself. He did such a disgusting thing after the last classmate meeting. Would you like to expect Alma Chu to take care of you? Dreaming.

“The signal must be bad.” Chen Hao stiffly explained, and then continued to make the call, but this time, it was directly prompted that the call you made could not be answered. This was hacked by Chufila.

In an instant, Chen Hao’s expression became even more ugly, and Wayne Lin took the opportunity to make up for it: “Chen Hao, please, before discrediting others, can you review yourself first? With your character, you still expect Alma to answer your call? “

When other people saw this situation, the look in Chen Hao’s eyes also became weird.

Chen Hao was very angry. He snorted heavily and said, “Damn Wayne Lin, you must have said a lot of bad things about me in front of Alma Chu. You are despicable!”

Wayne Lin said indifferently: “Chen Hao, I advise you not to be a demon. This matter is enough to stop. I apologize obediently to us. I can consider letting you go. Otherwise, you won’t even be able to keep your job, believe it? “

“Frighten me? Even you deserve it?” Chen Hao expressed disdain, spat, and gave Wayne Lin a little thumb.

“Okay, if you die, I can’t help it.”

Wayne Lin shrugged. He had just discovered that this Audi 4s store seemed to be an industry of Damon Wang. The manager looked a little familiar. Wait a minute, he directly called Damon Wang and made Chen Hao unemployed on the spot. .

At this time, Chen Hao had lost his mind. He had forgotten his identity as a sales manager. He thought about reporting Wayne Lin and saw Wayne Lin’s shame.

So his phone couldn’t get Alma Chu’s number, so he immediately ordered

Angrily, he grabbed the phone of a salesperson next to him and ignored the other’s unhappy expression. Then he quickly entered Alma Chu’s number and dialed it.

Soon, it got through, and Alma Chu’s cold voice came again, and Chen Hao hurriedly said: “Alma, it’s me, don’t hang up, I have a big thing to tell you, about Wayne Lin!”

Sure enough, when Alma Chu heard this, she did not hang up, but said in a deep voice, “What’s wrong with him?”

Chen Hao regained his dignified appearance and said, “Alma, as an old classmate, I would like to give you a kind reminder. You should check your account. Is there a lot of money missing?”

He turned on the loudspeaker, shaking his head like that, the image was like a traitor in a TV series, and he would especially make a small report.

“Chen Hao, just let it out if you have a fart. I don’t have time to talk to you, a scumbag of inferior character!” Alma Chu’s tone was full of gunpowder, and Chen Haosee’s expression immediately stiffened on his face. Many people around He started to laugh, which made him extremely embarrassed.

He is a face-saving person, and he felt like eating shit. He coughed quickly to cover up his embarrassment, and said, “The last time was a misunderstanding. Everyone knows my good character. .”

With another snap, Alma Chu hung up the phone impatiently.

Wayne Lin finally couldn’t help it, and said, “Chen Hao, you are such a wonderful person, so why bother to humiliate yourself so many times?”

Guo Junyi can’t help but can’t help but Chen Hao’s behavior is just like a clown. Not just her, many people are also laughing.

Chen Hao gritted his teeth, the anger in his heart became more exuberant. He pointed to Wayne Lin and pressed down a ruthless sentence, “You are less proud, and you will know how to write dead words immediately!”

He called Alma Chu again, and as soon as the call was connected, he directly said loudly, “Alma Chu, let me tell you that. I saw Wayne Lin take your money and take care of the mistress outside!”

Alma Chu was silent over there, as if being moved.

Chen Hao smiled triumphantly again, and said to Wayne Lin with his mouth: “You trash, you are dead!”

Wayne Lin still reported in two words: idiot.

The audience suddenly became quiet, and everyone was waiting for Alma Chu to explode in anger.

Finally, after a few seconds, Alma Chu spoke, but what she said was completely different from everyone’s imagination, “Chen Hao, are you mentally sick?”

Chen Hao’s triumphant smile stiffened on her face, “Alma…you have to believe me, I really didn’t lie to you, otherwise you can video with me, now Wayne Lin and that little third are here with me!”

He said that he would press the video.

At this time, Alma Chu said again, “Enough! Chen Hao, you really keep refreshing the lower limit of my impression of you! At the last classmate meeting, you were robbed of the limelight and asked the public to surround us and be surrounded by Wayne Lin. I learned a lesson, because everyone is a junior high school classmate, I did not choose to call the police and let you go. Now you still have the face to call me just to say this?”

Chen Hao’s expression was panicked, he couldn’t see the extreme, he hurriedly explained, but Alma Chu didn’t give him this opportunity, and then said: “Besides, you said that Wayne Lin took my money out to find the mistress. It’s just nonsense. Wayne Lin himself It’s the big boss. He invested 100 million in our company yesterday. You said he took my money to find Xiao San. Are you insulting my IQ? Besides, Wayne Lin and I are affectionate, and it is impossible for him to carry it. I am looking for women outside! So Chen Hao, you are really rubbish!”

After speaking, Alma Chu hung up the phone.

Chen Hao was left dumbfounded, and everyone around looked at Wayne Lin in shock. They all captured a piece of information just now, and Wayne Lin invested 100 million!

Chapter 130

Including Guo Junyi, also looked at Wayne Lin in surprise.

Although she was born in a rich family, there are several sports cars in the family, but a hundred million is not a small sum of money for her.

Only at her father’s level can she easily come up with 100 million.

And how old is Wayne Lin, about her age, right? Can you actually come up with 100 million to invest in the company? The point is that Wayne Lin is not the son-in-law of the Chu family. Everyone says he is poor and has no status in the Chu family? How can there be one hundred million?

This is a very unusual thing!

Chen Hao was shocked the most. He was completely stunned now, and his mind was in a mess. He couldn’t turn it around. It is difficult for a door-to-door son-in-law like Wayne Lin to find a job. How could he be connected with a billion? Isn’t this a fantasy thing!

Wayne Lin also had a headache. He knew that Alma Chu would not be fooled, but he did not expect that Alma Chu would tell the matter. This is not Alma Chu’s character.

It seemed that Alma Chu was still angry with her, and the remarks just now were obviously grieving.

Wayne Lin guessed right. Alma Chu is indeed in a bad mood now. She went to the company today. Although everything is back on track, her power is unprecedented. However, during the meeting just now, she still had some unhappiness with the Chu family. , She had to use her chairmanship and the elite team sent by Damon Wang to calm them down.

Of course this is still a trivial matter. What really irritated her was the fact that Wayne Lin knew Chairman Zi Qiong. According to her logical inference, this shows that Chairman Zi Qiong saved her twice before, it was not because of her at all. It was because of Wayne Lin, it really made her feel very disappointed, sad, very hurt, and her heart empty!

And now the phone call from Chen Hao intensified her mood even more.

In fact, she doesn’t doubt what Chen Hao said, because she now knows that Wayne Lin is rich and has the resources to look for women outside, which makes her feel even more unhappy and even feel wronged.

But she was still angry, instead, she helped Wayne Lin attack Chen Hao.

Because she owed Wayne Lin more than one favor, a great favor, and regardless of the truthfulness of Chen Hao’s words, even if Wayne Lin was really looking for a woman outside, she could only endure it. Because she has never fulfilled the responsibilities and obligations of her wife…

So she is in a very complicated mood now, with Chairman Zi Qiong on one side, and Wayne Lin on the other, but she never thinks that Chairman Zi Qiong and Wayne Lin are actually the same person.

Wayne Lin didn’t know that Alma Chu’s mood was so complicated. He now said to Chen Hao: “What tricks do you have now, let’s use them together, otherwise you will have no room to fight back when I make a move.”

Chen Hao’s heart was shocked. He opened his mouth wide and looked at Wayne Lin with a bloody expression, “You really invested 100 million in Centec? It’s impossible. How could you have so much money? You are obviously just a door-to-door son-in-law. what.”

Other people around have the same question.

Of course Wayne Lin would not answer him, but took out his mobile phone and called Damon Wang, “Is the Audi 4s store on Luopan Street yours?”

“Yes, Chairman, what’s your order?”

“There is a sales manager named Chen Hao in the store. I don’t think he is pleasing to the eye. Let him resign.” Wayne Lin said lightly. After thinking of something, he added another sentence and said: “By the way, block him and let him The 4s stores in Hwadrid cannot be mixed up.

Damon Wang received this call with a dazed expression. How could a rich person like the chairman go to his 4s shop… Wait a moment, he suddenly thought of a possibility, and layers of cold sweat appeared on his forehead… Chairman, isn’t he investigating his industry?

After hanging up, he hurriedly called the manager of the Audi 4s store and followed the instructions of the chairman.

When Chen Hao saw Wayne Lin making a call there, he immediately showed a disdainful expression, thinking that Wayne Lin was just acting hard. He reacted now, and he was sure, including Alma Chu’s remarks just now, that they were all nonsense. Wayne Lin couldn’t come up with 100 million yuan. Besides, Centec was just a lighting factory with little value. Where could anyone be so stupid who would invest 100 million in that?

So he hugged his chest and said dismissively: “Oh, Wayne Lin, you really installed it? Just you want to fire me from the Audi 4s store? Did you not wake up! Know this 4s store? Who is the big boss behind? Damon Wang, President Wang, President of Ziqiong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.!”

He is not afraid at all. Even if he is dereliction of duty today, but he is a good employee in the store. He has sold dozens of cars these days. How could the store manager fire him because of what happened today?

However, after a while, the store manager ran out in a panic and recognized Wayne Lin. He hurried to Wayne Lin and yelled respectfully: “Mr. Lin!”

Upon seeing this scene, Chen Hao’s expression froze suddenly, his eyes widened, and he rubbed his eyes vigorously, unable to believe it was true.

Wayne Lin looked at the pot belly in front of the shop manager indifferently, and said, “Who are you from Damon Wang?”

“Mr. Huilin, Damon Wang is my brother-in-law.” The store manager must be as respectful as he can be. He was on lunch break when he received a call from Damon Wang, and he woke up immediately. On the phone, Damon Wang was more serious and serious than ever before. He told him to entertain Mr. Lin well, and he must not offend Mr. Lin, otherwise he, the store manager, would not have to do it.

This frightened him so much that he got out of his shoes without wearing his shoes.

Wayne Lin was quite satisfied with the attitude of the store manager. He nodded and said, “Nothing else. I think the sales manager in your store is not pleasing to your eyes. Let him resign.”

Wayne Lin pointed to Chen Hao behind the store manager.

The shop manager immediately turned his head and looked at Chen Hao, with murderous eyes in his eyes, gritted his teeth and said: “Chen Hao! Blind your dog’s eyes, and even Mr. Lin dare to offend? You are so bold! From now on, you are officially fired. Hurry up and get your stuff away!”

Chen Hao was really dumbfounded. This change came too fast. He couldn’t react at all. How could Wayne Lin become Mr. Lin? Even the store manager should treat him so respectfully?

Is he hallucinating, or has the world changed?

Not to mention him, many people around also showed horrified expressions. They looked at things in their eyes from beginning to end, and never expected that the plot would have such a twist.

Including Guo Junyi, the eyes looking at Wayne Lin now are full of shock and interest.

“The store manager! Did you make a mistake, Wayne Lin, he is the son-in-law of the Chu family, just a trash!” Chen Hao said anxiously.

When the store manager heard this, he was shocked in a cold sweat. Without thinking about it, he slapped Chen Hao’s face with a slap in the face, “Presumptuous! Who gave you the courage to dare to slander Mr. Lin like this! I think you survived.” Are you impatient?!”

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