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Chapter 272

Originally, Wayne Lin didn’t want to be arrogant. In his capacity, his general knowledge with little people like Qiu Yuanming would lower his style, but Qiu Yuanming was too much and his mind was too small. The friend cried for the bully.

His words caused Qiu Yuanming to raise his eyebrows, showing a disdainful expression, and said with a smile but a smile: “Excessive? What kind of green onion are you, I told my subordinates to have half a dime with you?”

Qiu Yuanming looked down upon Wayne Lin from the bottom of his heart. As an elite in the society, Qiu Yuanming had come into contact with many big bosses and developed a pair of glaring eyes. He looked at people very accurately, mainly big people, he could tell at a glance.

And Wayne Lin in front of him is just an ordinary person, he can’t be a big person, as long as an ordinary person is an ant in his eyes, he can trample and humiliate him at will!

At the same time, he is also very jealous of Wayne Lin. Such a weak ordinary person can actually chase after a beautiful woman like Guo Junyi. It is really a toad that has eaten swan meat! He seriously suspected that Guo Junyi had an IQ problem, and that he could choose a social elite like him with such a good condition, but in the end he fell in love with Wayne Lin and was simply sick.

The combination of these two factors made him particularly unhappy with Wayne Lin.

When Guo Junyi heard Qiu Yuanming scold Wayne Lin, she reacted greatly, and she turned back and said: “Hey, Qiu Yuanming, respect your words, we didn’t offend you!”

Qiu Yuanming thought that Guo Junyi was beginning to be scared, and the smile on the corner of her mouth became stronger.

Since he was rich, he has been surrounded by beauties, and even some unknown female celebrities have played a lot, but he has never played a level like Guo Junyi, and he rarely sees it.

At first he thought that Guo Junyi was single, and he was quite sure that he could take Guo Junyi down. He was still very excited, but later discovered that Guo Junyi actually had a boyfriend. He watched the best stunners like Guo Junyi and other men like me. But he was mad, otherwise his usual style would not make it difficult for Zhou Xinfang in the public, which would have an impact on his reputation.

“Guo Junyi, I admire you very much. As the eldest lady of the Guo family, she is willing to be with the poor boy. You don’t give him less money?” Qiu Yuanming sneered, and then said to Wayne Lin: “I said you too , There are people with hands and feet, who actually do little white faces and don’t even need dignity for money? Ha ha.”

There were still many people watching. After hearing Qiu Yuanming’s words, the eyes looking at Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin also began to change, and Qiu Yuanming began to take the rhythm.

Isn’t it right? Guo Junyi’s dress and temperament, at first glance, you know that she is a rich girl, and she has money at home, while Wayne Lin wears ordinary clothes that can’t be ordinary, and there is no outstanding temperament. A poor boy, people believe that he is a food delivery.

As a result, such a pair of men and women is actually a lover, and the logic of normal people would think that Wayne Lin is eating soft food.

When Guo Junyi heard this, her face immediately changed, and she hurriedly looked at Wayne Lin, fearing that Wayne Lin would be angry, so she would not contact her anymore. Fortunately, Wayne Lin had no reaction, his expression was flat and he was not affected.

She breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately couldn’t help feeling resentful again, feeling that Wayne Lin was too cold and didn’t care about her at all.

Wayne Lin felt the change in her mood, with question marks in his head, and couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

It’s not that Wayne Lin is indifferent, but that he is not a little white face at all. What makes him angry? In his eyes, Qiu Yuanming is nothing but a small person.

Qiu Yuanming could not see through him, but he could see through Qiu Yuanming.

Guo Junyi said anxiously: “Who said he was

Little white face? Open your dog’s eyes and see, he is called Wayne Lin, but the chairman of Hwadrid Ziqiong Media! With a net worth of more than six billion, I don’t know how many times stronger than you! You are just a small person in front of him! “

Then, Guo Junyi couldn’t wait to say to Zhou Xinfang: “Fangfang, don’t be afraid. My boyfriend is the chairman of Ziqiong Media. He has great prestige in the circle. As long as he is there, Qiu Yuanming can’t block you. In this way, I would say hello to my boyfriend and let you work in Zi Qiong Media.”

Chairman of Harmony Media?

Just this guy wearing a few hundred Baleno?

The people at the scene couldn’t help being stunned when they heard Guo Junyi’s words, and they all looked at Wayne Lin.

Zhou Xinfang also stayed for a while. She naturally knew Ziqiong Media. It was a well-known media company across the country. It had signed a lot of celebrities. It was a big company that she couldn’t look up to!

Among them, Chairman Zi Qiong is a legendary existence. To them, middle-class white-collar workers, they are undoubtedly a fairy-like existence. In recent months, she has listened to more than a hundred discussions about Chairman Zi Qiong.

Such a capital crocodile, she can’t even think about it, but now Guo Junyi actually tells him that the young man in front of him who looks shameless and wears a few hundred yuan of Baleno is the well-known Chairman Michelle?

She felt that Guo Junyi was joking with her, otherwise she would be crazy!

Part of the reason why Guo Junyi was so excited when she saw Wayne Lin was because she knew that Wayne Lin was the chairman of Ziqiong Media, a super big person. This identity was too scary. As long as she moved out, Qiu Yuanming would definitely know the difficulties. Retire and dare not provoke her again.

Seeing Zhou Xinfang’s dumbfounded look, she felt very stunned and said to Zhou Xinfang: “Fangfang, are you scared? Wayne, the chairman of Ziqiong Media, stomped her feet casually. Causes an earthquake. So you don’t have to be afraid, the little Qiu Yuanming can’t threaten you at all.”

Zhou Xinfang came back to his senses, first looked at Wayne Lin with a helpless look, then looked back at Guo Junyi, and reached out to Guo Junyi’s forehead, and said: “Junyi, are you ill?”

Guo Junyi slapped Zhou Xinfang’s hand away, and said angrily: “I’m so big, I’m telling you the truth, my boyfriend is really the chairman of Shiqiong, if you don’t believe me, ask him.”

Wayne Lin watched Guo Junyi move out her identity and pretended to be coerced.


At this moment, an abrupt laughter rang out, “Hahahaha…I’m so ridiculous, the chairman of Michelle Media, such big people dare to pretend, do you treat everyone as idiots?”

It was Qiu Yuanming, who laughed loudly, as if he heard a big joke, tears streaming out of his smile.

The people around them couldn’t help but laugh when they heard it. They felt that Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin were too shameless, and even had problems in their brains, even saying such things.

Who is the chairman of Ziqiong Media? Everyone present knows that he is the absolute big boss, capital predators, and stomping can cause an earthquake in Hwadrid. How can such a big person appear in such a place, without bodyguards, without assistants, and wearing such cheap clothes?

The most outrageous thing is that, as the big boss of Michelle Media, what kind of status will people ridicule and keep silent? Will they be so useless?

Zhou Xinfang also shook his head, thinking that Guo Junyi had a mental problem, that’s why he said such absurd things.

Chapter 273

“What are you laughing at? Wayne Lin is really Chairman Ziqiong!” Guo Junyi said with anger on her hips, her cheeks bulging, that look can be said to be very cute.

Zhou Xinfang looked at Guo Junyi with sympathy, and sighed and said: “Junyi, have you been stimulated recently? I know your family puts you under a lot of pressure, but you have to take care of yourself. “

Guo Junyi said anxiously: “Hey Fangfang, listen to me, Wayne Lin is really chairman Ziqiong. If you don’t believe me, you can find the photos by searching online for yourself.”

Now not only Zhou Xinfang thought that Guo Junyi was irritated, but others also thought so, very sympathetic. It is a pity that such a beautiful woman had mental problems.

Zhou Xinfang said bitterly: “Junyi, I hurt you. I knew I shouldn’t have called you out for dinner. You have been at home for too long during this period. Alas! Junyi, I know a psychologist. The level is quite high, why don’t I take you over today?”

Zhou Xinfang believes that Guo Junyi has a mental problem and needs to see a psychologist.

Several other friends who had dinner together said the same. The eyes looking at Guo Junyi were full of sympathy. As for Wayne Lin, they ignored him, and they never thought that Wayne Lin would be the chairman of Ziqiong Media. .

This is just like someone pointing at a beggar on the street and telling them that he is a god in the sky. It is a very absurd thing.

Guo Junyi has never been so aggrieved. It was clear that what she said was true, but no one believed her. She thought she had a mental problem, but she was anxious to death!

“Wayne, you have to say a few words! They don’t believe you are Chairman Ziqiong.” Guo Junyi took Wayne Lin’s arm and said anxiously, this feeling of being misunderstood is too uncomfortable!

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly and said, “Do they believe it is so important?”

“It must be important!” Guo Junyi nodded vigorously: “They are looking down on you, you don’t want to slap them in the face.”

“What’s the point of slapped in the face?” Wayne Lin said with a smile: “They are just small people. What does their belief or not have to do with me? The most important thing to be a person is to be calm, not to please things or grieve yourself.”

Wayne Lin said his philosophy of life. Now that he has experienced so much, he is less and less caring about what others think of him. To his comments, he only needs to live himself well and live the way he wants. . Therefore, the misunderstanding and contempt of Zhou Xinfang, Qiu Yuanming and others can not cause any waves in his heart.

It’s a pity that his words fell in the ears of other people, and it became an expression of confession, especially Qiu Yuanming. He smiled even more sarcasm and wanton, “Hahaha, I’ve opened my eyes today. There is such a shameless person who is obviously a poor boy, but he pretends to be very high and deep. Who would he pretend to be? You are really so awesome, but you can prove it to us. Also, the chairman of Michelle Media, I See if you are cleaning the toilet by Michelle Media, haha!”

Others laughed when they heard this, and the air was filled with joy for a while.

Guo Junyi was so angry that everyone was shaking and wanted to hit Qiu Yuanming in the face!

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to be familiar with Qiu Yuanming. He said to Guo Junyi: “Let’s go.”

Guo Junyi can’t understand why Wayne Lin can be so calm, isn’t she angry at all! Obviously Wayne Lin is Chairman Ziqiong. She has this ability to slap Qiu Yuanming in the face. She still remembers clearly how powerful and domineering Wayne Lin was at the engagement banquet that night. He and Situ Nan and others had no temper at all. Why are you so confused now? This is not Wayne Lin’s character at all!

Guo Junyi feels uncomfortable, look

When Wayne Lin didn’t want to worry about it, she had no choice but to endure and leave with Wayne Lin.

However, when Qiu Yuanming saw Wayne Lin’s persuasion, he became more determined that Wayne Lin was a pale face, and decided to take advantage of the victory to chase down the dog, and immediately stepped forward, stopped Wayne Lin, raised his head, and said loudly: “Why, offend people still Want to go easily?”

Wayne Lin was a little unhappy now, frowned slightly, and said, “What do you want.”

Qiu Yuanming stared at Wayne Lin with a victorious attitude. He was the absolute king at this moment, and Wayne Lin was just his plaything.

“Chairman Ziqiong is a good friend of mine. You dare to pretend to be him outside and denigrate his reputation. As a good friend, I must seek justice for my good friend.” Qiu Yuanming said loudly.

His words immediately made many people exclaimed, and the gazes looking at him became more intense and admired.

“Wow, this President Qiu is too awesome, he still knows Chairman Zi Qiong! This is an absolute big man.”

“It’s too strong. The high-ranking chairman Zi Qiong is his good friend. Then he must be the boss of one party. No wonder he can block others.”

“Looking so young, the future is limitless.”

As Qiu Yuanming listened to the exclamation of those around him, the smile on his face became stronger, and his mood became even more sad. In fact, he has never seen Chairman Michelle Harmony, let alone a good friend of Chairman Michelle Harmony, but he doesn’t say that, who knows? And he is about to move to an advertising company newly opened by Chairman Michelle. By then, with his ability, won’t it be a matter of minutes to get the appreciation of Chairman Michelle?

Now he straightened his waist and looked so arrogant, he also deliberately looked at Guo Junyi with triumphant eyes, meaning that you gave up on me will be the worst decision in your life!

Guo Junyi was almost mad at seeing him so shameless. She was in a state of madness. She couldn’t understand why there are such shameless people in this world! Lying will not blush at all. Wayne Lin is clearly in front of him. Qiu Yuanming still opens his eyes and talks nonsense, what kind of character, what kind of face!

Wayne Lin also had a strange expression, and asked Qiu Yuanming, “Are you sure you and Chairman Zi Qiong are good friends?”

“Nonsense!” Qiu Yuanming was very determined and said unceremoniously: “Your kid is bold enough, and he doesn’t take a piss to show what he is like. Even Chairman Shi Qiong has to pretend to be? You are long-winded, quickly kneel down and apologize, I can also help you beg Chairman Zi Qiong to let him let you go, otherwise let him know, with his temper, you will die every minute!”

Everyone looked at Wayne Lin gleefully, thinking that Wayne Lin had caused a catastrophe. As an adult, it is absolutely shameful to kneel down and apologize under the public.

Moreover, the current Internet is so developed, and everyone has mobile phones. When the time comes to take pictures and upload them to the Internet, then Wayne Lin will be a big hit.

Qiu Yuanming thought of this too, he was very happy, and the expression in Guo Junyi’s eyes became more happy and proud.

At this moment, Wayne Lin suddenly laughed, “I see a lot of people who live and die. I have seen a lot of people who have no eyesight like you. This is the first time I have seen you. I didn’t want to be the same as you. Didn’t take it to heart, now you want me to kneel down and apologize to you? Okay, in that case, then I will fulfill your wish.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, everyone was a little baffling. He acted very aggressively, and then said that he wanted to satisfy Qiu Yuanming’s willingness. Is this schizophrenia?

Only Guo Junyi saw the expression on Wayne Lin’s face. She was so excited that she clenched her fists and was very excited because she understood that Wayne Lin was going to teach Qiu Yuanming!

Chapter 274

For some reason, Qiu Yuanming saw Wayne Lin’s expression and suddenly felt a little afraid.

Immediately he shook his head, threw out this fear, and secretly scolded himself for being too cautious, even fearing Wayne Lin.

“Huh, you dare to pretend to be garlic when you die? You really think I can’t do anything with you, right?” Qiu Yuanming snorted heavily, with an ugly face, pointing at Wayne Lin, and said with a gloomy expression: “You are Wayne Lin, right? , I know your name. If you don’t kneel down and apologize today, I have a hundred ways to make you unable to mix in China! If you don’t believe it, you can try it.”

Zhou Xinfang said worriedly to Guo Junyi: “Junyi, let your friend kneel down and admit his mistake. President Qiu is very powerful in the country. If he wants your friend to stop, he really can’t. “

Guo Junyi said nonchalantly, “Fangfang, don’t worry, the person who should kneel down is not my friend, but this guy.”

When Zhou Xinfang saw this time, Guo Junyi could still say such things, shook his head, and said no more, thinking that Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin were not saved, so he hurriedly walked aside and set aside the relationship for fear of being bothered by them. To yourself.

“My patience is not good. I count to three. If you haven’t kneel yet, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Qiu Yuanming’s eyes widened, and an aura emanated from him. I felt frightened, especially Zhou Xinfang who were most afraid.



He began to count, Wayne Lin looked at him like a clown.

Finally, after counting to three, Wayne Lin was still indifferent. Qiu Yuanming’s expression became even more ugly now. He cursed and toasted not to eat or drink fine wine, and then he walked up and wanted to shoot Wayne Lin himself.

From his movements, you can see some traces of Muay Thai, some of the basic kung fu, most people are not his opponents two or three.

Wayne Lin still didn’t move. After Qiu Yuanming came up, he took the shot lightly, and easily caught Qiu Yuanming’s punch, “I didn’t see that you have practiced Muay Thai, but the strength is too weak.”

Qiu Yuanming didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would easily grab a punch with his full strength, his face changed a little, and he snorted and said, “I said you were so courageous, so you had practiced it. It happened that I…”

Before he could finish his words, he couldn’t hold back a scream. Wayne Lin used a little force, grabbed his fist and pressed down. The strength completely exceeded the limit Qiu Yuanming could bear. Qiu Yuanming knelt down on the ground. Looks particularly embarrassed.

Even a blind man can tell that Qiu Yuanming and Wayne Lin are not at the same level.

This scene happened so quickly that many people did not have time to react, and Qiu Yuanming was already kneeling in front of Wayne Lin.

Zhou Xinfang opened his mouth wide, his face was full of horror and horror, his face turned pale, and he wailed in despair, “It’s over, President Qiu will definitely not let me go!”

Isn’t it right? Wayne Lin is Guo Junyi’s boyfriend, and Guo Junyi was called by her. As a result, Qiu Yuanming is now embarrassed, and now he has made Qiu Yuanming kneel down. With Qiu Yuanming’s character, she must not be killed!

Now she only felt that her world was dark and there was no future.

She is very aware of Qiu Yuanming’s influence in this circle. As long as Qiu Yuanming has a word, she really can’t get along.

At this moment, she not only regretted it, but also began to complain about Guo Junyi’s arrival. If it weren’t for Guo Junyi’s boyfriend, she would still have a bright future!

When Guo Junyi saw Wayne Lin’s easy move, Qiu Yuanming knelt down, extremely happy and wanton, and couldn’t help clapping with excitement.

Qiu Yuanming is about to explode, he is such a noble person, kneeling in front of a poor boy, this is a great shame to him!

“f*ck you, I’m going to kill you…Ah!!!” Before Qiu Yuanming finished cursing, Wayne Lin started to scream again, and his body was shaking with pain.

Now he really has the heart to kill, Wayne Lin, a b*tch, a lowly race, dare to fight back and make him kneel down! ! This is simply a blasphemy against him, an unprecedented offense.

He vowed to take revenge and kill Wayne Lin, sure! ! !

“You are dead, I swear, you are dead!” Qiu Yuanming let out a terrifying roar, the whole floor was alarmed, and many people came to watch.

Wayne Lin shook his head, and said dismissively: “Just a small character like you, dare to yell at me? In this case, if you don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t remember it.”

Wayne Lin pressed harder, Qiu Yuanming’s wrist was twisted backwards, twisting a huge arc, as if it was about to break at any time, and Qiu Yuanming’s body became a strange posture.

The intense pain finally destroyed Qiu Yuanming’s will, and he quickly begged for mercy, “Pain, pain…Let go, please let go, my hand is about to break…”

Wayne Lin did not let go, staring at him condescendingly and said, “Now that I know it hurts? Do you dare to be arrogant?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” Qiu Yuanming begged for mercy, but some coldness and hatred still flashed in his eyes, and he wanted Wayne Lin’s revenge.

Wayne Lin couldn’t see it, but he was too lazy to be familiar with this kind of garbage.

So he let go of Qiu Yuanming and faintly cursed: “Get out.”

Qiu Yuanming hurriedly got up from the ground, his face began to become savage with anger, and shouted: “Want to go? No way! Who will help me stop this beast, I will give him one hundred thousand!”

There must be a blessing under the heavy money. Qiu Yuanming’s words immediately irritated many people, and they all began to surround Wayne Lin and prevent Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi from leaving.

Qiu Yuanming smiled grimly, then took out his cell phone and started calling people to avenge Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin saw his crazy look, and his expression slowly cooled. It is a happy thing to come over tonight for the celebration dinner of the new company. He is in a good mood. He didn’t want to have the same knowledge as Qiu Yuanming. Qiu Yuanming does not know how to live or die, and does not know how to make progress. If this is the case, then he has nothing to show mercy.

He is grandiose, but it doesn’t mean he has no temper. Now Qiu Yuanming’s approach has exceeded his bottom line and must be punished.

But he didn’t make any moves. He didn’t make a call. He wanted to see who Qiu Yuanming could call.

After Qiu Yuanming hung up the phone, with a face full of excitement and hatred, he pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed coldly: “The surnamed Lin, wait for you to die! I have called someone from Ziqiong Media to come over. You fool, you dare to impersonate. Chairman Zi Qiong? I see how you died this time!”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin’s face once again showed a strange expression. This Qiu Yuanming actually called someone from Ziqiong Media?

Wayne Lin simply asked, “People from Ziqiong Media? Is this fat man Damon Wang?”

Qiu Yuanming pointed to Wayne Lin and said, “Just add to the crime, do you dare to call the king always fat? This time I will give you your last name if you don’t die! Wait, Mr. Pan will be here soon!”

Mr. Pan?

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, thinking of who was Pan in the senior level of Ziqiong Media. After a while, he thought, it was him…

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