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Chapter 110

But he answered honestly again, “This person is called Wayne Lin.”

The ugly master put the cigarette butt in the palm of the man, then stood up, saying: “Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin… the name sounds nice.”

Situ Nan: “…”

He was speechless, I came to you to avenge Wayne Lin, why are you still praising Wayne Lin’s name?

Situ Nan was not sure about the character preferences of this ugly master. He always felt that the ugly master was very dangerous and unpredictable.

Then, he said to Liang Zhentian: “Hit your son-in-law, also called Wayne Lin?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Yeah, this person is also called Wayne Lin, which is very hateful…” Liang Zhentian nodded quickly, and he wanted to talk about Barabara, and immediately saw the leopard staring at him, and he remembered ugly The Lord doesn’t like people who talk too much, so he swallowed them back quickly, just enough.

Chou Ye gave a meaningful smile, “This is a bit interesting. It’s the same person. It seems that Wayne Lin has something.”

Situ Nan asked, “Ugly Lord, what about me…”

Chou Ye nodded lightly, expressing acceptance.

Situ Nan was overjoyed, then he thought of something and said: “But Wayne Lin has Jeff Han to protect…”

The leopard urn on the side said with an annoyed voice: “Just Jeff Han, it’s not worthy to carry shoes to the ugly man.”

“Ugly Lord!” Situ Nan said loudly.

The Ugly Master waved his hand and said, “I’m tired, you can leave after you check out.”

Situ Nan originally wanted to continue chatting with the ugly master and deepen his friendship, but the ugly master had already issued the order to evict his guests, so he had to give up, thinking about it, and waited for the matter to be done, he could make good friends with the ugly master.

After they were all gone, the ugly master returned to his study and closed the door. From the safe, he took out a file bag that seemed to have been sealed in dust for a long time. From inside, he pulled out a photo with a smile on it. The splendid man is no one, but Wayne Lin!

To be precise, it was Wayne Lin a few years ago, who looked relatively immature.

The ugly master gently stroked the photo, his eyes trance, not knowing what he was thinking of.


Guo Junyi is very annoying recently. She obviously doesn’t like Huang Wenhua at all, but her father, regardless of her feelings, insists on betrothing her to Huang Wenhua, but she is so angry!

She protested many times, but her father still didn’t let go and decided that Huang Wenhua was her beloved.

For this reason, she hasn’t eaten for two days, making her hungry and groaning.

She shut herself in the room and used a hunger strike to show her position.

Now she is particularly eager to have a true emperor, like the movie said, stepping on the green cabbage Yunxia, ​​appearing on the stage under the circumstances of much attention, and winning her over!

She has liked to read novels since she was a child, those novels with heroism, so she has always had this hope in her heart. Because of this, she likes to disguise women as men, yearning for a free and easy life of joy and enmity. But she was a daughter, and the restraints were too great to break away.

She hates this kind of arranged marriage, and doesn’t like Huang Wenhua at all. It is a pity that she was born in a rich family and is powerless.

Today, in a novel, she saw the plot of the heroine running away from marriage, and then met the real son, and lived a wonderful life, which immediately stimulated her.

She opened the quilt, put on men’s clothing, and slipped out when the bodyguard was not paying attention.

Because she walked in a hurry, she didn’t even bring her mobile phone, and she just didn’t like to bring cash. She was penniless for a while and even had no money for taxis, so she had to walk on the road.

After walking for half an hour, she became very tired. She hadn’t eaten much in the past two days and she was not physically strong. Now that she has walked so far, she is even more tired.

She suddenly regretted that she came out in a hurry and didn’t bring a penny. In today’s society, it is too difficult to live without money.

But she stopped immediately and cheered herself up. No way, she left home for half an hour. How could she give up! The protagonists in those novels are very determined

of. If she went back dingy now, it wouldn’t be even more despised by her father.

Besides, she believes that she can definitely meet her own destiny.

After self-purge, she continued walking.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of crying from the left, she turned her head and saw the scene that made her angry!

In the alley, there were three airy bastards who were oppressing a thin student. Her brain was hot, and she strode over and shouted, “What are you doing, stop me!”

While excited, she forgot to hide her voice, shouted out her female voice, and immediately attracted the attention of the three gangsters in the alley and looked at her.

These three gangsters were found, a little guilty, and immediately saw her beautiful face, even if she was wearing men’s clothing, they couldn’t hide her graceful figure, and they all immediately lit up.

Guo Junyi was full of enthusiasm and did not realize that she is a lamb, not a hero, and has no ability to save people. With a cold face, she deliberately stepped out of the majestic footsteps, walked in front of them, pointed at them, and said loudly: “Langlang Qiankun Under the circumstances, you dare to bully the weak, or are you still human! Hurry up and apologize to this little brother, otherwise, I will not forgive you lightly!”

She felt that she must be very handsome and mighty at this moment. When she grew up, she had the opportunity to be a hero for the first time. She was so excited that she simply ignored her abilities and whether she could be a hero.

The three gangsters looked at each other, and then all laughed, “Haha, where is this funny, you dare to be a hero? Read more novels, right?”

“A pure idiot, haha.”

Guo Junyi was very angry. She did read a lot of novels, so she was particularly disgusted with others saying that to her.

That thin middle school student, he is also very speechless, think this sister, is there something wrong with his brain?

“Huh!” Guo Junyi cursed loudly: “You three thieves, you are about to die, and you dare to be presumptuous! I order you to get out of here immediately, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you. Tell you, I am a master of Sanda , Just relax the three of you!”

With that said, she also assumed a posture of Sanda.

It’s a pity that she is purely embroidered pillows, how do you know what Sanda, plus she is a daughter, it can be said that there is no deterrent.

In particular, her dress was basically a neutral dress, not a woman disguised as a man. Even if the lights in the alley were dim, they all could tell at a glance that Guo Junyi was a woman.

And it’s the kind of very good figure. At this moment, Guo Junyi was learning Bruce Lee to bounce around, causing a wave of waves, and immediately made them look straight and swallowed fiercely!

They laughed strangely, let go of the thin middle school student, walked directly to Guo Junyi, surrounded Guo Junyi, and laughed strangely, “These days, there are still beauties who have taken the initiative to send them to the door. You guys are lucky. That’s great too.”

The other two also licked their lips and said, “Yeah, they are so pretty, they must be very fun to play with!”

Hearing this, Guo Junyi immediately panicked. They actually discovered her identity as a daughter? How could this be.

In a panic, she slammed a fist and called out to die, planning to strike first.

It’s a pity that she was too weak, and she hadn’t eaten for two days. This punch was so soft that the other party didn’t even hide, making her hit the chest without any lethality.

“Oh, it’s quite fierce.” The man Jie Jie smiled strangely, and then grabbed Guo Junyi’s hand.

Guo Junyi struggled a few times to no avail, and became more panicked and frightened, “You let me go!”

“Let go of you? There are no doors, please accompany three brothers obediently, hahaha…”

The three of them smiled, and then they were about to take advantage of Guo Junyi’s. At this moment Guo Junyi’s face turned pale and completely frightened.

She shed tears and regretted that she had long known that she would not come out so capriciously!

At this time, she hopes that there is a real son who can come from the sky to save her!

It just so happened that at this moment, a voice really rang from the top of her head, “You don’t want to die, just let her go…”

Chapter 111

This voice appeared suddenly, and the voice was low, shocking everyone.

Guo Junyi, who was already desperate, shuddered when she heard the sound. Then she immediately raised her head, looked up, and immediately saw a tall figure standing on the balcony on the second floor opposite. , Looking at them condescendingly.

Because of the backlight, she couldn’t see the other person’s face from this angle, but at this moment, the shock to her was extremely huge, and it directly encroached on her mind!

She became excited at once, tears filled her eyes, and she muttered, “Hero, my hero has appeared…”

“Where is the idiot, dare to pretend to be a ghost there!”

“f*ck off, or I will even get you together!”

“piss off!”

The three bastards yelled, they obviously didn’t pay attention to each other.

The dark shadow on the balcony gave a cold snort, jumped, jumped down from the stairs, and stood neatly in front of the three gangsters. The movements were very chic and elegant, like the martial arts master in an action movie. It can be seen that he has Two brushes.

The height of the second floor is more than three meters, which is not too high. Ordinary people will not fall to death if they jump from above, but they are definitely not so cool and comfortable.

Guo Junyi saw the black shadow so cool, the light in her eyes became more exuberant.

“Go away, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to you.” Sombra said coldly.

The three gangsters didn’t know who they were facing, relying on their large number of people, unscrupulous, insulting in their mouths, and then shot at the dark shadow together.

“I can’t help it.” Sombra chuckled disdainfully, and then saw him easily and freely, slapped three times, and solved the three gangsters. It was not a level battle at all, they all slayed like a pig. Screamed and rolled on the ground.

Guo Junyi opened her mouth wide and watched this scene completely dumbfounded, shocking her in her heart as never before!

When she was facing a difficult situation and needed the most help, the gods descended to the earth, with a cold image, swept through these gangsters and rescued her at a speed of destruction. Isn’t this the true son of her dream?

It’s a pity that because she is backlit in this direction, she can’t see the other person clearly.

However, the silhouette of the other party made her feel very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere.

“Are you okay?” Sombra walked up to Guo Junyi and asked gently.

He walked out of the backlight, revealing his appearance. When Guo Junyi saw him, he also saw Guo Junyi’s appearance clearly, and then they all called out in unison.

“It’s you?!”

“why you?”

“Guo Junyi.”

“Wayne Lin.”

That’s right, this dark shadow is Wayne Lin. He went out to buy things. When he passed by, he heard a voice. He leaned to see what was going on. As a result, he saw Guo Junyi drawing a knife to help, but he fell into danger. thing.

He did not recognize Guo Junyi at that time, and now he saw Guo Junyi, he felt very surprised.

Even more surprised was Guo Junyi.

No, she is no longer as simple as surprised, but excitement, excitement, and all kinds of emotions come to her heart!

She never expected that the person to save was Wayne Lin, the good brother she had made a while ago.

In fact, she has absolutely no affection for Wayne Lin in that respect. She just thinks that Wayne Lin is a pretty good person. But now, after what happened just now, Wayne Lin’s figure is infinitely magnified in her mind. She feels that Wayne Lin at this moment Ming is handsome and charming. As a result, when Wayne Lin looked at her like this, her heartbeat speeded up inexplicably, and the deer bumped randomly.

Wayne Lin soon discovered that Guo Junyi was still wearing men’s clothing, which was weird, especially the appearance of peach blossoms on her face.

, Staring straight at him, making him a little hairy.

After coughing twice, he said, “Why did you get here? Where is your bodyguard?”

Guo Junyi recovered, she took her gaze away from Wayne Lin and said, “I ran away from home.”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin cried out in surprise. The word ran away from home sounds so strange, but soon he was relieved. After all, she is the eldest lady, and ran away with her family. It’s not too unusual.

“Really.” Wayne Lin replied casually, and then looked back, the middle school student was frightened and ran away.

“Since there is nothing wrong, then I will go first.” Wayne Lin said again, he didn’t want to have too much involvement with Guo Junyi.

However, as soon as he turned around, he was stopped by Guo Junyi, “Wait a minute!”

Wayne Lin looked back and wondered: “Is there anything else?”

Guo Junyi’s mood is difficult to calm now, and her body has always been very active. The whole person is in a very inexplicable state. She raised her head and looked at Wayne Lin, then lowered her head and said: “Just now, thank you. “

In panic, she had forgotten to change her voice and exposed her original voice, which was crisp and pleasant to the ear.

Wayne Lin chuckled and said in a big tone: “What’s the matter, we are brothers.”

That’s what Guo Junyi called Wayne Lin last time, and Wayne Lin said that now, and it’s fine.

But now Guo Junyi sounds like she doesn’t like it anymore. She doesn’t want to be brothers with Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, I think we should be friends. It is not appropriate to be brothers.”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, and you have this realization, “Okay.”

“Then I’m leaving first, and I have to go home.” Wayne Lin added.

“Wait a minute!” Guo Junyi called Wayne Lin again, “Well, it’s still early, don’t go home so early, or you can accompany me around.”

Wayne Lin said, “It’s not convenient tonight, my wife is still waiting for me to go back.”

When Guo Junyi heard this, she was very lost all of a sudden, yes, she is already married, she is still a son-in-law…

When Guo Junyi thought of this, she was very unhappy, and her joyful mood suddenly dimmed.

“Then I’m leaving now…”


At this moment, Guo Junyi’s stomach rang, the voice was loud, and it clearly reached Wayne Lin’s ears.

The atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing, and Guo Junyi’s face turned red.

Under the light, Wayne Lin realized that Guo Junyi’s face was quite blue, her lips were pale, her spirits were lethargic, her stomach was still grunting, and she stood there shaking and wobbly, and she knew that she had been hungry for a long time.

“You haven’t eaten?” Wayne Lin asked softly.

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, Guo Junyi felt aggrieved. Her nose suddenly became sour. The grievances and sadness she had received over the past few days suddenly rushed to her heart, which directly made her eyes red, and she actually cried.

The cry of her directly frightened Wayne Lin. She didn’t bully her. Why did Guo Junyi cry?

“Hey, why are you crying?” Wayne Lin said helplessly.

Unexpectedly, Guo Junyi cried even louder, the kind that couldn’t be received, and even sobbed. People who didn’t know thought Wayne Lin did something heinous to her.

Wayne Lin looked dumbfounded, hurriedly took out the crumpled tissue from his trouser pocket, handed it to her, and said, “Brother Guo, why did you drop it? Why did you cry.”

“I haven’t eaten for two days.” Guo Junyi took the tissue and said grievously.

Wayne Lin: “…”

Chapter 112

Confusingly, Wayne Lin took Guo Junyi to eat supper.

He was going to go home, but now he has no choice but to send a message to Alma Chu telling her to go back later.

Alma Chu didn’t ask him why, so she responded concisely: “Oh.”

It happened that there was nothing to eat nearby, so I could only fight. I ran to a farther place and took Guo Junyi to a beef hot pot.

Wayne Lin looked at Guo Junyi who was devouring it, and didn’t even know that her hair had fallen out.

The current Guo Junyi, although wearing men’s clothes, is already exposed, just like a woman, and she did not deliberately pretend to be a man and restore her feminine side.

Wayne Lin found that Guo Junyi looked quite beautiful, and she was of the same level as Alma Chu, both of which were big beauties, and her appearance was more biased towards Xiaojiabiyu.

This kind of Guo Junyi is very eye-catching. In the hot pot restaurant, from time to time there are eyes looking at it, and he feels very envy and jealous of Guo Junyi’s only male partner.

“Eat slowly, no one will rob you.” Wayne Lin saw her hungry ghost reborn and burned her tongue several times. Wayne Lin poured her a glass of ice water and kindly persuaded her.

“Thank you.” Guo Junyi smiled sweetly at Wayne Lin, drank a cup, spit out her little tongue, and said: “I haven’t eaten for two days, I’m almost starving to death.”

“Why don’t you eat, your family abused you?” Wayne Lin asked strangely.

Guo Junyi snorted and said angrily: “Don’t tell me, you really abused me! My dad wants me to marry someone I don’t like…er…”

Having said this, she suddenly realized that she had said something wrong and immediately closed her mouth. Then she saw Wayne Lin’s calm expression. She knew that she had been seen through, and her face flushed again, feeling very shy.

“You know I am a girl?” Guo Junyi said cautiously.

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, and then said in surprise: “Huh? Brother Guo, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”


Guo Junyi rolled her eyes. She had seen herself in the mirror next to her, which was her usual appearance. Besides, she came out in a hurry this time without wearing a corset. How could Wayne Lin not see her? Come out.

However, Wayne Lin’s foolish look is quite cute.

“Wayne Lin, I am a girl, my name is not Guo Junyi, but Guo Junyi, I deceived you, will you be angry with me?” Guo Junyi asked Wayne Lin, with some anxiety in her tone.

Wayne Lin was amused. What’s so angry about him? You are a boy or a girl and have nothing to do with me.

In this case, he didn’t have to say it, and said with a smile: “It’s okay, you have your reason for doing this, what makes me angry.”

Guo Junyi’s eyes were moved, “Wayne Lin, you are so kind, much better than the men outside.”

“Well, maybe you have fewer men.” Wayne Lin realized that Guo Junyi’s eyes were a bit dangerous, so he quickly changed the subject and said, “You eat slowly, I will take you home after eating.”

“Okay…” Guo Junyi nodded subconsciously, and soon she reacted and shook her head quickly: “I won’t go home, I won’t go back anymore!”

Wayne Lin gave a cry, and did not ask much, but said, “It’s okay to calm down first.”

“Yeah…” Guo Junyi put two pieces of beef into Wayne Lin’s bowl, and then said with a pleasing expression: “Wayne Lin, I will go to your house during this time.”

Wayne Lin was taken aback by these words. Fortunately, he had just picked up the teacup and had not had time to drink tea. Otherwise, he would spray on Guo Junyi, “What are you kidding?!”

Guo Junyi shook her head and said: “I’m not kidding! I mean it!”

“That won’t work.” Wayne Lin refused.

“Why not, aren’t we good friends?” Guo Junyi said unconvinced.

Wayne Lin is speechless. When have I become good friends with you? We have only met twice in total, okay?

Because my house is full of people. “Wayne Lin said.

Guo Junyi said: “Then I can sleep on the sofa.”

“I slept on the sofa.” Wayne Lin said.

“Ah? Why? Why don’t you sleep in bed?” Guo Junyi was puzzled.

Wayne Lin sighed and said helplessly, “Because my wife won’t let me sleep…”

Wait a minute, why should I tell her this?

He quickly changed the sentence and said: “It’s just inconvenient anyway. Besides, you are a beautiful woman who came to live in my house. How proper?”

Guo Junyi heard the word “beauty”, but ignored the other words, and his eyes lightened a lot, wow, he thought I was a beautiful woman, happy…

She didn’t even realize that she was in a state of nympho.

“Then where do I live, I can’t live on the streets?” Guo Junyi said grievously, looking at Wayne Lin pitifully, unexpectedly acting like a baby.

Wayne Lin got goose bumps all over.

Although Guo Junyi is now a daughter, in Wayne Lin’s impression, there is still a part of her as a boy. Now he always feels weird when facing Guo Junyi’s acting like a baby.

“You are the eldest lady, you have a lot of savings, just find a place to live, or you can go to your friends.” Wayne Lin said.

Guo Junyi said discouragedly: “Don’t mention it, I didn’t bring out my mobile phone, I didn’t bring my wallet or anything, and I was penniless. If I didn’t happen to meet you, I would be living on the street. Besides, I was in Hwadrid. There are no true friends. If I find them, they will definitely notify my parents. Therefore, the only thing I can rely on is you.”

Guo Junyi said, holding her cheeks in her hands and looking at Wayne Lin with bright eyes, making it hard to say rejection.

Wayne Lin was also speechless for a while, and almost couldn’t help but agree. After a while, he reminded him: “Miss Guo, in fact, we only met twice and we haven’t been familiar with it yet.”

“But we hit it off right away! Last time, I invited you to a meal, didn’t we talk very well.” Guo Junyi said.

“Now I invite you to this beef hot pot, so we have a tie.” Wayne Lin said.

Guo Junyi put down her chopsticks, her eyes dimmed a lot, and she whispered: “Wayne Lin, do you hate me?”

“Uh…” Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “No, well, why should I hate you.”

“Then why are you so indifferent to me, aren’t we friends already? In the entire Hwadrid City, the only person I can count on is you.” Guo Junyi said in a sad tone.

When Wayne Lin saw Guo Junyi like this, he was a little bit intolerable. After thinking about it, he said: “Well, I will lend you 10,000 yuan. You can find a house outside by yourself, or stay in a hotel. If you have the money, return it to me. What do you think?”

Guo Junyi thought for a while and said, “Ten thousand yuan is too little. You can lend me one hundred thousand yuan. When I have money, I will return you two hundred thousand yuan.”

As someone who has only met twice, he borrowed 100,000 yuan as soon as he opened his mouth.

Now one hundred thousand yuan, for Wayne Lin, it is not a small amount of money, in order to get rid of this trouble, he had to agree.

After eating hot pot, Wayne Lin went to a nearby teller machine and withdrew 100,000 yuan in cash to Guo Junyi. As a result, Guo Junyi turned around and bought a brand new Apple mobile phone for more than 10,000 yuan. Then he went into the clothing store and shook his head. I spent more than 30,000 yuan on clothes, and within an hour, there was only 50,000 yuan left.

Wayne Lin can only sigh with emotion at this speed of spending money, the eldest lady is the eldest lady, spending money like water, without distress.

Originally, Wayne Lin wanted to leave, but Guo Junyi refused to let him go. She had to drag him to book a hotel, and only after sending her up, did she let him go, acting like a couple.

Coming out of the hotel, Wayne Lin suddenly felt something. He looked back and frightened the two people in the car on the opposite side of the road, “Is the other party spotting us?”

“It shouldn’t be. We are professional detectives. With so good tracking technology, the other party can’t find us. It should be his whim. Look, he is gone.”

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