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Chapter 335

In the next few days, Brian Gu still didn’t come to trouble Wayne Lin, and there was no movement in the entire North Sky Meeting, as if Brian Gu had forgotten Wayne Lin.

This has made Wayne Lin’s reputation even more invisible. Many people have focused on Wayne Lin, looking forward to the way Brian Gu will trouble Wayne Lin. But as a result, it has been more than a week in the past. Brian Gu still did not move. This is completely different from Brian Gu’s usual domineering style. Does it mean that Brian Gu is already afraid and dare not come to Wayne Lin for trouble?

So in the circle, this topic is still the hottest topic recently, and many people are mentioning it.

Wayne Lin did not relax his vigilance, because he knew that Brian Gu would never let him go. There has been no movement for so long. There is only one reason, that is, Brian Gu is replenishing his energy and preparing energy to treat him well. Make a fatal blow.

He had always been on guard, and at the same time gave orders. Now he must be conservative in business and not give Brian Gu a chance to break through.

It was Ouyang’s side that made him helpless. Ouyang Xuehai had already invited him to dinner once, saying it was for business talks, but in fact the main thing was to match him with Ouyang Yanran. How dare he go, especially after experiencing the events of that day, he is even more embarrassed.

He is almost 30 years old. Ouyang Yanran is only 20 years old. She is still a college student and can be Ouyang Yanran’s uncle. Besides, he already has a family, not to mention that he made a mistake that day. When the spring light leaked by Ouyang Yanran, intimate movements were also produced.

But some people can’t hide from him if he wants to. After he refused Ouyang Xuehai several times, Ouyang Xuehai came to the door directly.

When he came out of Ziqiong Mansion that day, Ouyang Xuehai stopped him, pretending to be displeased, and said: “Wayne, you are really a dragon without seeing the head, and then I finally caught you. This will make you and uncle Have a good meal.”

Wayne Lin was embarrassed at the moment. Since Ouyang Xuehai had found the door, if he refused, he would not give Ouyang Xuehai a lot of face, so he nodded and agreed.

The place to eat this time was in Ouyang’s manor. Ouyang Yanran also came back from school during this time. Seeing him at home, she was stunned for a moment. The frost on her face was even worse. She thought that Wayne Lin was not dead and wanted to persuade her. What about her family!

Over the past few days, the relationship between her and Laibinbai has continued to heat up and become stronger. Laibinbai has been more gentle and considerate towards her. Now I want her to leave Laibinbai and marry Wayne Lin, an old-fashioned uncle. It is impossible!

So when she was eating, she kept her face cold throughout the whole process, and never showed Wayne Lin’s face. Even if Ouyang Xuehai and Zhang Guilan kept winking at her, she didn’t think she had seen it. Now she wants Wayne Lin to know Hard to retreat.

Ouyang Xuehai couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “Yan Ran, don’t let your head go to eat, go and serve your brother Wayne.”

Ouyang Yanran pretended not to hear, and ignored it, until Ouyang Xuehai repeated angrily, she said impatiently: “He is such a big person, can’t he serve his own food? .”

“Hey, you girl, how do you speak.” Ouyang Xuehai was very angry, his face a little bit uncontrollable.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin took the initiative to say: “It’s okay, Sister Yanran is right. I have hands and feet, so I can serve my own meal. Besides, I’m already full. Uncle Ouyang and Aunt Zhang, Nothing, I want to go back first.”

Ouyang Xuehai immediately put down his chopsticks, kept Wayne Lin, and scolded Ouyang Yanran angrily: “Ouyang Yanran, look at you, you are not at all polite, and your brother Wayne is angry! How do I usually educate him? Yours, you have forgotten everything, right!”

Ouyang Yanran was also annoyed. She herself has a more assertive character, “Dad, you are endless! I have told you how many times, I already have a boyfriend, and I have no interest in this uncle, why are you You must force me to do things I don’t want! In your eyes, I am a tool, am I? Have you really cared about my feelings and my happiness!”

Ouyang Yanran also had infinite grievances in her heart, so that her eyes were a little red, and she stared at Ouyang Xuehai very angry and unwillingly.

This made Ouyang Xuehai very shameless. He slapped his chopsticks vigorously and cursed angrily, “It turned you back!”

Wayne Lin saw this scene, only

I felt very big head, and knew that I should have rejected Ouyang Xuehai at the beginning, and that it was the correct way not to come to Ouyang’s house for dinner.

Now Ouyang Yanran looked at him with hatred and disgust, thinking that he was a hypocritical and ugly person, destroying her relationship with Laibinbai.

At this time, he had to stand up and speak, “Uncle Ouyang, I don’t think you should scold Sister Yanran. She is right. You should really care about her feelings and care about her happiness. I am married. And she is nearly ten years older than Yanran’s sister, so there is no happiness in being together.”

“This…” Ouyang Xuehai’s mouth moved, and he was speechless.

Now he felt very tired. His father Ouyang Feng tried his best to recruit Wayne Lin through marriage. In the end, both Wayne Lin and Ouyang Yanran strongly opposed it. It was really difficult to rely on him to force the match.

Now he looked at his daughter’s stubborn and disappointed look, and his heart softened. He waved his hand helplessly and said, “Let’s do it. Now that you all said this, then I won’t beg you anymore. .”

Ouyang Yanran’s tight face relaxed, and she was particularly happy. She didn’t expect Wayne Lin would speak for her. It seems that this uncle is not too bad.

Then Ouyang Xuehai apologized to Wayne Lin again: “Wayne, I’m really sorry, the little girl is so stubborn that you laughed.”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. In fact, I really admire Sister Yanran’s character who dares to love and hate.”

Ouyang Yanran rolled her eyes in disdain, cut, do you still appreciate it?

Now she just wants to see Laibinbai as soon as possible. She has planned it. If the time is right, she can consider giving her body to Laibinbai!

This is something she has deliberately considered. After all, she and Laibinbai have been in a relationship for three years. After changing other couples, she has already rolled through the sheets many times, and she and Laibinbai are still holding hands. This is unfair to Reibinbai.

Besides, when raw rice is cooked into cooked rice, parents will recognize Laibinbai even more!

Thinking of this, a happy smile appeared on her face.

Next, Wayne Lin stayed at Ouyang’s home to drink tea, chatted with Ouyang Xuehai for a while, when the time was almost time, he started to go back.

“Yan Ran, go and see your brother Wayne.”

Ouyang Xuehai ordered.

Ouyang Yanran was immediately unhappy, “Why should I send him off, doesn’t he know the way?”

Wayne Lin also said: “Yeah, Uncle Ouyang, I don’t need to send it to my sister Yanran, I can go by myself.”

Ouyang Xuehai said: “This can’t work. They are all guests from far away.”

Finally, under Ouyang Xuehai’s order, Ouyang Yanran was no longer happy, so she had to send Wayne Lin out obediently. Anyway, she planned to go back as long as she sent it out the door and let Wayne Lin walk back by herself.

“Hey, uncle, let me tell you, you think you don’t think about it. It’s impossible for me and you. Now my relationship with my boyfriend is very good. After we graduate, we will get married. “Ouyang Yanran said solemnly.

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t give you an idea. However, don’t believe your boyfriend too much. I don’t think he looks like a serious person. You’d better not be so quick. Give him his body.”

Ouyang Yanran rolled her eyes, thinking that Wayne Lin was purely maliciously slandering Lai Binbai. She and Lai Binbai have been in love for so many years. Doesn’t she know who Lai Binbai is? It is absolutely impossible to blame her!

“Hehe, thank you for your reminder, but Bin Bai is a gentleman, and he is absolutely impossible to do anything I am sorry for!” Ouyang Yanran said categorically.

Wayne Lin saw her attitude and didn’t bother to talk about it.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard a sound of talking from the next door. He looked over and saw a white Mercedes-Benz car. The car was shaking up and down. It was in the car. what!

And, when he saw one of the figures in the car, he was stunned at the moment, unbelievable, is there such a coincidence? ? ?

Chapter 336

Isn’t it? Wayne Lin saw the figure in the car. It was Ouyang Yanran’s boyfriend Laibinbai who I met a few days ago!

Now Laibin was in the car, riding on a woman, all kinds of affection.

I go, it’s too coincidental, too exciting!

Do young people nowadays know how to play?

Wayne Lin expressed shock. He has lived for 28 years and has never experienced such a thing.

And this Mercedes-Benz hasn’t closed the windows yet, Wayne Lin’s hearing is good, and he can hear their conversations even tens of meters away.

Wayne Lin retracted his gaze and looked at Ouyang Yanran, who was inexplicably confident in front of him. He didn’t know what to say for a while. How sad would it be for Ouyang Yanran to see this scene? I am afraid that I may have doubts about love.

Without knowing it, Ouyang Yanran snorted, and said displeased: “What is your expression, don’t you believe me? I have been with Bin Bai for more than three years, and he has never taken advantage of me. I have always been based on my opinions and respect my wishes. Do you think that a gentleman like him would do things that are sorry for me? Besides, I have confidence in my looks, and Bin Bai will definitely not appreciate it. Other women’s.”

“Isn’t that not necessarily?” Wayne Lin could not help but speak as if she was so convincing.

Had it not been for seeing Laibinbai in the car with other women, he would really not dare to say that.

But this guy named Lai Binbai is too brutal, and he is doing this near Ouyang Yanran’s home. Is he really not afraid of being discovered by Ouyang Yanran?

Ouyang Yanran hasn’t noticed this yet, she snorted heavily, and said with disdain and confidence: “Why don’t you think that all the men in the world are like you, you are obviously married, and you still want to marry. Do you have one more? I really don’t understand. Grandpa and Dad were given Ecstasy by you. It is inexplicable that I have to marry you.”

Wayne Lin once again looked at the truly trembling white Mercedes-Benz in the distance, and said: “Ouyang Yanran, I think there are some things you’d better not say so absolutely. Your little boyfriend is really not a dedicated person. I won’t stay with you for the rest of my life, maybe I don’t know which woman I’m out with. So, I persuade you to take some time to share with him.”

However, Ouyang Yanran sneered when he heard his words, and said: “Saving the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain! Your words made my impression of you to the extreme. You are also a listing. The chairman of the company, his eyes are so small, and he said such disgusting words to slander my boyfriend. Do you think you are so stupid to hold him, do you believe you?”

Wayne Lin was speechless. He had seen a stupid woman, but he had never seen such a stupid woman, who would act so arbitrarily, completely ignoring the other’s opinions.

Okay, it doesn’t matter to him anyway, he didn’t bother to talk about it anyway, shrugged and said, “Okay, you like it yourself.”

Finally, Wayne Lin couldn’t help looking at the white Mercedes-Benz, and sighed, “Young people now really know how to play.”

Ouyang Yanran followed his gaze and looked in the direction of the white Mercedes-Benz. She immediately saw the car swaying up and down again, and her face suddenly turned red.

Although she is still a big girl, she is not a little girl who knows nothing. In this case, she naturally understands what is going on inside. In fact, many classmates around her also like to do this kind of thing.

She still couldn’t accept it. This was too shameless. Originally, this kind of thing between couples was very private, but when they came to the road, they would be seen by passers-by. It was shameless enough!


Ming, this guy is still fascinated, he is a pervert!

When she thought that she had been taken advantage of by Wayne Lin a few days ago, she felt particularly sick and cursed, “Pervert, shameless!”

Wayne Lin was taken aback, and said, “Why am I shameless?”

Ouyang Yan then took a few steps back, moved away from him, and said with contempt: “You are still sophistry. You were fascinated just now, stinky rascal, disgusting!”

Wayne Lin was speechless for a while, and said, “If you really say shamelessly, it’s not my turn, but your boyfriend Lai Binbai.”

“Shut up!” Ouyang Yanran cursed fiercely: “You are not allowed to say that to my boyfriend!”

Wayne Lin smiled, pointed to the trembling Mercedes-Benz in front of him, and said, “I said what happened to him? He dares to do this kind of thing, so no one is allowed to say it.”

Ouyang Yanran frowned, “What are you talking nonsense? When did my boyfriend do this kind of thing!? You had better explain it to me, or I can sue you for slander every minute!”

Wayne Lin said with a weird expression: “Are you short-sighted and didn’t you see who is in the car?”

Just a few tens of meters away, it is reasonable to see clearly… Suddenly, Wayne Lin thought of something, he slapped his forehead suddenly, watching him, he forgot about it.

He is in a congenital realm, and his eyesight is comparable to that of an eagle, so he can see the white face of Rabin on the other side clearly at night when the light is so dark.

But Ouyang Yanran is different. She is still an ordinary person, so she can’t see clearly.

“Insane, I don’t know what you’re talking about, disgusting person! I’m going back, go back by yourself!” Ouyang Yanran turned and left after speaking.

By now, Wayne Lin could no longer sit idly by. In any case, Ouyang Xuehai treated him pretty well. If he hadn’t seen it, it would be okay. Now that he has seen it, he can’t just sit idly by.

So he went straight to hold Ouyang Yanran’s hand and walked towards the white Mercedes Benz.

Ouyang Yanran’s reaction was great and she was taken aback, “Hey! What are you doing, let go of me, or I will kick you!!”

“Shut up!!” Wayne Lin was a little annoyed, and yelled at her. With some momentum, Ouyang Yanran only felt that her eyes were dark, and she didn’t dare to scream anymore.

But she was also very angry, thinking about waiting for her to return home, she must make a complaint with her family! Let parents and grandpa see Wayne Lin’s true colors!

“Hey, Wayne Lin, you’d better let me go, otherwise I really yelled!” Ouyang Yanran cursed in shame. She is getting closer and closer to the white Mercedes-Benz, and has already begun to hear some movement on the car. , Which made her blush and shame.

Wayne Lin let go of her and pointed to the white Mercedes-Benz and said, “Didn’t you insist that your boyfriend will not do anything to sorry you? Now you go and see who is the man in the car!”

Ouyang Yanran was stunned when she heard these words, and then her face became much paler, she shook her head vigorously and said, “This is impossible!!!”

“Impossible? You’ll know if you go and see for yourself.”

Just then, the windows of the white Mercedes-Benz car opened wider, and the sound inside became more pronounced. The woman inside said, “Hey, Binbai, if you do this, you are not afraid of being known by your girlfriend.”

“Cut, how could she know it! This idiot is so desperate to me now, don’t say it, hurry up…”

When Ouyang Yanran heard these words, her eyes were red immediately!

Chapter 337

Even now, even if she is stupid and knows the truth blindly, Wayne Lin didn’t lie to her, Lai Binbai really betrayed her, and was doing something sorry for her!

All of a sudden her nose became sore, and she felt aggrieved and pained.

She had never thought that Laibinbai would do such a thing!

The old mountain alliance and each other were all deceptive. Fortunately, she refuted Wayne Lin so surely just now, believing that Laibinbai was an upright gentleman and would never be derailed. Now it seems to be just a joke.

The unbearable voices of Lai Binbai and the woman continued to be heard in the car. For Ouyang Yanran, it was cruel and merciless trampling again and again. In the end, Ouyang Yanran could not bear it, tears streaming down her eyes.

Wayne Lin also felt sympathetic when he saw this scene. This Lai Binbai was so shameless, he was simply a scumbag.

At this moment, Lai Bin’s white face turned here, and he happened to see Wayne Lin and Ouyang Yanran outside the car. His expressions were extremely exciting right now, and his whole body was shocked instantly, and he was scared to death. Up!

The woman said dissatisfiedly, “Hey, Laibinbai, what are you doing? Why is it gone? I haven’t enjoyed it yet.”

Ouyang Yanran stared at him, gritted her teeth and cursed: “Lai Binbai, you are really worthy of me!!!”

Laibinbai reacted, and immediately panicked, and hurriedly interceded, “Yan Ran, listen to me, things are not what you think you want to ask! Yan Ran, listen to me to explain!”

But Ouyang Yanran would still listen to him explain that she picked up a stone on the ground and threw it heavily on his forehead with a thump, and the pain made him scream even more, not caring so much, she hurriedly opened the car door and planned to chase Go to Ouyang Yanran to explain.

He was so flustered, he accidentally stepped on the air and fell a dog to eat shit, but Wayne Lin made a smile.

“Damn, it’s you again! It’s you who are behind the scenes and destroy the relationship between me and Yan Ran. If I don’t kill you, you won’t be named Lai!!” Laibin yelled violently, and then a carp bounced off the ground. , Rushed to Wayne Lin with an angry face, and punched Wayne Lin’s face with a heavy punch.

I have to say that this guy Laibinbai is still a little capable, and the force of this punch is great, and ordinary people are seriously injured. Unfortunately, the person he faced was Wayne Lin. From Wayne Lin’s point of view, this punch was full of flaws.

Wayne Lin kicked out at random, with a bang, and Li Binbai was kicked like a ball, hitting the Mercedes Benz heavily, denting the Mercedes Benz into it, showing the weight of Wayne Lin’s kick.

Wayne Lin didn’t need to give him face for such garbage.

Laibinbai spewed out a big mouthful of blood, and now he was falling apart all over, unable to get up, his eyes were full of shock and fear when he looked at Wayne Lin. Only now did he realize who he had offended, Wayne Lin. How terrible it is.

The woman was so scared that she screamed and ran away without getting dressed.

After Wayne Lin finished his kick, he chased in the direction where Ouyang Yanran disappeared. After a while, he saw Ouyang Yanran standing by the bridge, about to throw himself into the river. Wayne Lin was taken aback and hurried over. , Hugged Ouyang Yanran behind, and said loudly: “Hey, what are you doing! Just because of a scumbag, you are about to end your life, is it worth it?! Have you ever thought that your family would know How sad and sad it will be, Ouyang Yanran, you are too fragile and too selfish to do this!”


; Wayne Lin is really annoyed, this Ouyang Yanran is too shameless, because a scumbag who cheats is about to die and he is really fragile. If this were for Ouyang Yanran to experience the suffering he had suffered, wouldn’t it be a hundred times to die?

Ouyang Yanran struggled violently, and said in panic and annoyance: “Hey! What are you doing, let me go!”

Wayne Lin pulled her back from the bridge before he was willing to let her go, and said with a cold face, “Ouyang Yanran, you are too shameless. For this little setback, you are going to seek death. Have you thought about your family members? ?!”

Ouyang Yanran said: “I’m crazy, who said I’m going to hunt for death, I just stood there and looked at the scenery to calm myself down, is this also wrong!”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment, “Well, then you can’t go out like that, what if you accidentally fall down.”

Ouyang Yanran said: “Why did I fall down so well?”


It’s the dog biting Lu Dongbin that he doesn’t know good people.

Wayne Lin said: “I think it’s late, you should go home early, lest your family worry about you.”

Seeing Wayne Lin was about to leave, Ouyang Yanran didn’t know why, she was particularly disappointed, and she had an inexplicable need in her heart, hoping that Wayne Lin could stay with her.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Ouyang Yanran hurriedly stopped him.

Wayne Lin turned his head, frowned, and said with some impatience, “What’s wrong?”

Ouyang Yanran was very angry when she saw his impatient expression. She was already like this. Wayne Lin was still so impatient with her that she would not take the initiative to stay with her. She had no sympathy at all!

“I’m broken in love, won’t you stay with me as a man?!” Ouyang Yanran said dissatisfiedly.

Wayne Lin looked at Ouyang Yanran with a weird expression, and said, “Don’t you hate me? Why do you want me to stay with you.”

Ouyang Yanran was asked, yes, she should hate Wayne Lin, why should Wayne Lin be with her?

She wanted to force Wayne Lin to leave, but when the words came to her lips, she couldn’t say anything. Now she was really lost, very empty, and needed someone to accompany her. And Wayne Lin was the only one who knew about this, and it was a common topic.

She thought about it, and said naturally: “If you hadn’t come to my house for dinner tonight, my dad wouldn’t let me come out to send you off, and I would not have seen that scene, so you shouldn’t be responsible to me!”

Hearing this strange theory, Wayne Lin was all stupid. He saw a stubborn woman. It was the first time he met with a stubborn woman. He was too lazy to waste time with Ouyang Yanran and put it up for Ouyang Yanran. A thumbs up, praised: “You are great, you can blame me for this.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Seeing that he was really angry to do it, Ouyang Yanran became even more panicked, and said quickly: “Hey! Wait a minute, don’t go!”

Wayne Lin still didn’t stop, she panicked even more, and said in a choked voice: “Don’t go, I’m really sad now, I need someone to accompany me, please…”

Wayne Lin stopped. He turned his head and saw Ouyang Yanran, who was crying with pear blossoms and rain. His heart softened suddenly, and he sighed helplessly, and said, “It’s really bad luck for me to know you for eight lifetimes.”

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