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Chapter 401

Gu Hanxing was shocked, afraid, and quickly flattered and said: “Yes, yes, the uncle taught it right, with the uncle here, what does the young Wayne Lin count for?”

Wu Meizi glared at him, then set her eyes on Wayne Lin, making no secret of her murderous intentions towards Wayne Lin.

Of the thousands of people present, none of them did not feel the creeps.

“There is a good show to watch now!”

“Yeah, Wu Meizi and Wayne Lin are about to collide. Both are super masters of the Innate Realm. Their life-and-death struggle will definitely be unparalleled!”

“This birthday party is really not in vain.”

“I have to admire Wayne Lin’s courage. It’s this time, and I dare to take the initiative to come to Wu Meizi to kick the field. This is a personal thing!”

“Huh, courageous? I think he has no brains. Who is Wu Meizi, but she is a famous female devil who wiped out her enemies more than ten years ago. Now more than ten years have passed. Knowing what terrifying realm he has reached, and Wayne Lin is just a newly promoted innate master, how could he be Wu Meizi’s opponent?”

“That’s not necessarily true. Wayne Lin also defeated Brian Gu somehow. Brian Gu is also a veteran innate master.”

“Cut, what is Brian Gu? Wu Meizi is many times stronger than Brian Gu. Even if Brian Gu and Wayne Lin add up, they may not be Wu Meizi’s opponent. There is only one Wayne Lin who wants to defeat Wu Meizi. It’s so idiotic to talk in sleep!”

“Damn, is it true? Wu Meizi is so good?”

“Nonsense, a genius who came out every 30 years is kidding you?”

Everyone present began to discuss enthusiastically, very excited.

Ouyang Yanran heard these comments and asked worriedly, “Dad, is Wayne Lin really Wu Meizi’s opponent?”

Ouyang Xuehai sighed and said, “The two of them are not at the same level, what do you think?”

Upon hearing these words, Ouyang Yanran bit her lips tightly.

On Luo Zifeng’s side, he also knew about it now, and he was particularly excited. He thought that Wayne Lin was dead this time.

Similarly, I don’t know how many people are watching Wayne Lin’s jokes.

Everyone thought that Wu Meizi’s character would immediately give Wayne Lin a thunderous blow, but Wu Meizi did not do so. She took her gaze away from Wayne Lin and continued on Gu Hanxing’s birthday.

Wayne Lin also closed his gaze, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a little smile.

The birthday party tonight has changed because of Wayne Lin’s appearance. The atmosphere is very weird. The big scene of thousands of people is surprisingly quiet, and everyone dare not make any noise.

Gu Hanxing has a place in Wumeizi Town, and now he is not afraid of Wayne Lin at all, but feels very excited. He feels that Wayne Lin is purely looking for death this time. When Wu Meizi takes action, he will kill Wayne Lin, then from then on, His status is even more unshakable!

Thinking of this, he was very happy, the smile on his face couldn’t hide it.

He said loudly to everyone: “Today is my 32nd birthday of Gu Hanxing. Thank you for your participation. I toast everyone!”

As he said, he raised his glass and toasted everyone.

The four thousand people in the audience stood up to show respect to Gu Hanxing. Even Ouyang Feng’s family, Yuntian Pavilion and other high-ranking officials all stood up and toasted to Gu Hanxing.

Only Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang were still sitting there, unmoved.

Tao Sanniang felt tremendous pressure at this moment.

There are people in the world, but this situation still makes her breathless.

The more she was like this, the more Wayne Lin admired her, because Wayne Lin was very calm, drinking and eating food in his own way without any influence.

Just when Gu Hanxing was about to drink boldly, Wayne Lin made a move. He violently threw the jug at Gu Hanxing’s body.

The speed is extremely fast, and the sight of ordinary people can hardly see the traces, and can only hear the sharp sound of breaking through the air, as if the air has been cut, particularly harsh.

At a distance of tens of meters, in less than a second, he arrived in front of Gu Hanxing, and saw that he was about to hit Gu Hanxing in the face! It is conceivable that if it is hit, Gu Hanxing will be fainted on the spot, and his face will be broken.

Gu Hanxing was also a master at the acquired peak anyway, he immediately felt the power of this hip flask, and his scalp was numb with fright and his face was pale.

At this moment, Wu Meizi, who was next to her, took a shot, her expression was cold, she brazenly shot, and steadily caught the hip flask flying through the air.

But even if she had caught the jug, the wine in the jug was still spilled out due to huge inertia, and more than half of it was poured onto Gu Hanxing’s connection, especially embarrassed.

Gu Hanxing was frightened, panting heavily, a layer of cold sweat on his forehead.

This scene shocked everyone, and no one thought that Wayne Lin would shoot Gu Hanxing like this.

After reacting, Gu Hanxing became furious and pointed at Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed: “Wayne Lin, are you looking for death…”

Gu Hanxing’s face was distorted, and the strength of the wine poured just now was not small, and some of it hit his eyes, making him feel pain in the position.

Wayne Lin ignored him, drinking and eating food on his own.

The audience fell silent for a while.

Wu Meizi snorted and shook her hand, and the flask flew over to Wayne Lin at a faster speed.

Wayne Lin didn’t even look at it. He flashed his head lightly and escaped, but the people behind him were not unlucky. He was hit hard by the hip flask on the chest, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, sending out a miserable misery. call.

The people around all walked away one by one, frightened and pale.

“Wu Meizi, no matter how overbearing you are, you don’t have to attack the guests?” Wayne Lin said with a smile, full of playfulness on his face.

Wu Meizi’s face was extremely gloomy, Wayne Lin was provoking her majesty!

Gu Hanxing was also gnashing his teeth with anger. Wayne Lin is really disgusting, grass!

“Wayne Lin, you are looking for death.” Wu Meizi narrowed his eyes, and burst out with infinite coldness and murder.

Even Gu Hanxing, who was next to him, couldn’t help feeling terrified.

Wayne Lin did not answer her, but directly said to Gu Hanxing: “Today is your 32nd birthday. As an old friend, I will give you a present.”

As he said, he snapped his fingers, and several people came in carrying a huge object with a white cloth draped on it. Wayne Lin uncovered it, and it was a half-human bronze bell!

At Gu Hanxing’s birthday party, the bronze bell was presented, which meant to send the end to Gu Hanxing!

When the audience saw this scene, they were all aghast, Wayne Lin was going to tear his face with Wu Meizi, and he would never die!

Gu Hanxing was so angry that he screamed at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled and saw that he was holding the hundreds of catties bronze bell in his hand. Gu Hanxing and Wu Meizi walked over step by step. They were magnificent, like a god of war, who would stand in front of him and disperse them for fear of avoiding it. .

Chapter 402

Every time Wayne Lin took a step, his aura increased by one more point. The huge gymnasium was all quiet, so quiet that the needle drop could be heard, everyone held their breath and stared at Wayne Lin closely.

Not everyone has this courage to challenge the entire Gu family with one person.

Tao Sanniang was behind, looking at him tightly, holding her fist, extremely nervous, and unable to breathe smoothly.

Wayne Lin asked his back generously at this moment, leaving an indelible impression in her heart!

In fact, it was not just her, but many, many people present, looking at Wayne Lin’s back, were also deeply shocked.

Ouyang Yanran opened her eyes wide and she was short of breath. Now that Wayne Lin looked so attractive from the back, she thought she would never forget it in her lifetime!

“Wayne Lin, this son is really a person. No wonder he has cultivated to this level at such a young age. There are thousands of people present, and they have been overwhelmed by ordinary people, let alone dare to challenge Wu Meizi. “

“Yeah, Wayne Lin is really a genius. It’s a pity that he is still too young and too impulsive. He shouldn’t be head-on with Wu Meizi at this time.”

“It’s a pity, Wayne Lin is going to fall here…”

Fan Lao, Ouyang Feng, Ouyang Xuehai and others all shook their heads, expressing regret. They honestly did not think that Wayne Lin could defeat Wu Meizi.

There are also many people who are watching Wayne Lin’s jokes. At this moment, Wayne Lin is carrying a lot of pressure on his back, pushing forward.

The pressure was great, unprecedented, and Wayne Lin had never experienced such a scene before.

The pressure was almost overwhelming, pressing against him without any gaps. His muscles and bones were all under tremendous pressure.

This is a very strange feeling, just like an autistic person who has to give a speech in front of thousands of people. That kind of pressure can really overwhelm a person.

But Wayne Lin’s pressure at this time was much greater than that in that situation.

Because he was going to be the enemy of the entire Gu family, and Wu Meizi, just one Wu Meizi was enough to make him jealous.

With just a glance, Wayne Lin could tell that Wu Meizi’s strength is far above Brian Gu!

No wonder he claims to be a rare genius in thirty years, but it is precisely because of this that he is more excited and more challenging.

As he walked over, hundreds of masters surrounded him and surrounded him. Among them, there were more than a dozen masters at the peak of the day after tomorrow, all of them staring at him, trying to swallow Wayne Lin into his stomach.


Wayne Lin walked five meters before Gu Hanxing and Wu Meizi, he stopped, put down the huge bronze bell, and made a dull sound.

“Wayne Lin, there is a way to heaven, you don’t go, there is no way to hell, you break in! Very good, today is your death day!” Gu Hanxing gritted his teeth and looked at Wayne Lin with a grim expression.

Wayne Lin laughed. He slapped the bronze bell and made a loud bang. He sneered and said, “Gu Hanxing, you shouldn’t do it, go find trouble with my family!” Today, you only have, death! Way! One! One!”

After saying this, Wayne Lin suddenly threw the bronze bell out.


The force was so great that it directly caused the thick bronze bell to resonate and slammed into Gu Hanxing’s.

Feeling this tremendous force, Wu Meizi has not waved from the ancient well, like a face that has been frozen for thousands of years, but finally changed. She can’t take care of it anymore. At the moment of her death, she grabbed Gu Hanxing’s arm abruptly. , Violently pulled over, allowing Gu Hanxing to withstand the impact of the bronze bell.

But Gu Hanxing hid, the Gu family behind him didn’t

With such good luck, I was hit like a bowling ball. When the court flew upside down, I was seriously injured and screamed again and again.

More than 3,000 people on the scene saw this scene, their scalps were numb, and they sucked in cold air. They did not expect that Wayne Lin would be so sturdy, a bronze bell of hundreds of catties, like a basketball in his hand. Yes, so many people were seriously injured all at once.

Wu Meizi was finally annoyed, her eyes widened suddenly, and she shouted, “Wayne Lin, you are looking for death!”

Then she couldn’t help it anymore, and shot Wayne Lin directly.

I have to say that Wu Meizi’s cultivation is really incredible. With her shot, Wayne Lin felt that her eyes were dark, as if the sky was torn and collapsed.

If Wayne Lin had changed before he defeated Brian Gu, he would have been unable to bear this move, his spirit would be affected and he would instantly lose.

Wu Meizi’s cultivation base is so high that it can cause mental interference to the masters of the innate realm. It can be described as appalling!

Fortunately, after the first battle with Brian Gu, Wayne Lin’s strength was greatly increased, otherwise he would be killed by Wu Meizi now.

Almost in an instant, Wayne Lin was back to normal. Faced with the palm Wu Meizi slapped, Wayne Lin did not choose to take it hard. First, he stepped back two steps to avoid his sharp edge, and waited until Wu Meizi’s momentum was half weak , He shot again and punched Wu Meizi in the ribs.

Wu Meizi snorted coldly, her eyes seemed to have turned black now, very terrifying, she suddenly kicked Wayne Lin to death from an unexpected angle.

And Wayne Lin didn’t let her succeed. He immediately changed his moves. Within a second, he collided with Wu Meizi three moves. The speed was so fast that it could be said to be reaching the extreme, and it was overwhelming.

And all the furnishings around them, tables and chairs, were shaken to fly around, as if they had explosives on their bodies, and some of them burst apart.

“Fight up, fight up!”

“It’s wonderful! Is this in the hands of a master of Innate Realm? This is no longer a human being!”

“Ask about the innate realm, also known as an extraordinary master, I’m kidding you! I think people in this realm are called superhumans in the West, just like the superheroes in the movies.”

“This is too fierce. It’s worth seeing the life and death of two masters of the innate realm in this life!”

“If I had this state too, that would be great…”

“You? Wake up…”

More than 3,000 people at the scene began to get excited, and many people even took out their mobile phones to record videos.

It’s a pity that Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi’s speed is too fast. Many of their actions are beyond the level that the naked eye can catch, and their mobile phones are not professional equipment, so they can’t be seen clearly when recorded.

Wayne Lin finally felt the horror of Wu Meizi. The two Brian Gu together were not as good as one Wu Meizi. No wonder so many people were afraid of Wu Meizi, and a single phone call allowed them to draw a line.

“Wayne Lin, your strength is indeed beyond my expectation. Given time, I really may not be your opponent. But today, you will definitely die!” Wu Meizi stopped and pulled away with Wayne Lin more than ten meters Distance, the two looked at each other.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Wu Meizi, as a master of the innate realm, you actually attacked a bunch of ordinary people. No matter how high your cultivation is, it is just a rubbish! I can kill your old friend Brian Gu. , Can also kill you.”

Speaking of Brian Gu, Wu Meizi was very angry, “Wayne Lin, you killed my brother, you have a capital crime!”

“Want my life? Okay, come get it if you have the ability! Hahahaha…”

Wayne Lin laughed loudly. At this moment, he was free and unrestrained and heroic, as if he was a generation of sword fairy in ancient times, and he was extremely charming.

Chapter 403

Many women present were deeply shocked by Wayne Lin’s heroic look!

Especially Tao Sanniang and Ouyang Yanran, their heartbeat speeded up a lot, and they jumped continuously.

His eyes have fallen on Wayne Lin, nothing else, Wayne Lin at this moment is too chic, too bold, and too charming.

Tao Sanniang bit her lip tightly and squeezed her fist. She knew that she would never forget Wayne Lin in her life. If Wayne Lin really died in Wu Meizi’s hands, then she would not live anymore. Follow Wayne away.

It stands to reason that she has seen too many false feelings like this, and for a woman who is in love, she will not like a man so easily. Especially she and this man, there is no unforgettable experience yet.

But in fact, she fell in love with Wayne Lin so hopelessly, like a moth to a fire, something that was destined in this life.

Ouyang Yanran was not so strong, but Wayne Lin’s heroic soaring at this moment also left an indelible impression in her heart.

But for Wu Meizi, it was a big provocation and a big offense. The anger in her heart was poured into a bucket of gasoline and burned with a bang.

“You! Find! Die!” She popped these three words from the gap between her teeth, and then she no longer kept it, letting out all her momentum at this moment.

There was no wind and waves, her tsunami-like momentum swept the entire stadium. More than 3,000 people present felt her terrifying aura, and they shivered and shivered, as if they were frozen.

Old Fan said in amazement: “This Wu Meizi is really terrifying. Is this the cultivation level of the high level of Innate Realm! Just the momentum has brought us such a shock, I can’t imagine how much Wayne Lin has to bear. Coercion.”

“Wu Meizi, she is so strong. I didn’t know that she was so strong before. Many people thought that Brian Gu’s cultivation was superior to her. Now it seems that it is the opposite, just the opposite!”


“Now Wayne Lin is dead, dead!”

Ouyang Feng also has a faster heartbeat. He is just an ordinary person. Now Wu Meizi’s terrifying aura has brought a huge load to his heart. His face is pale, sitting on a stool, breathing heavily, and he has to take medicine to stay calm. Up.

Ouyang Feng is not the only person in this situation. Many elderly people are also overwhelmed.

As the person involved, Wayne Lin did feel the unprecedented pressure, which made his breathing a little bit faster.

In his spiritual world, Wu Meizi is no longer alone, but a dark female devil with three wings on her back. The wings are made of black iron and are extremely hard!

When it was said that it was too late, Wu Meizi was already moving. This time, she shot even harder, and her consciousness immediately enveloped Wayne Lin’s body.

Wayne Lin could clearly feel that the air around him seemed to become viscous at this moment, not gas, but liquid. Of course, this is an illusion, because Wu Meizi’s aura is too domineering and fierce, which directly affects him.

It is conceivable that Wu Meizi’s strength has reached the realm!


Wayne Lin faced Wu Meizi’s punch, and instead of dodge, he chose to head-on.

At this point, he had no need to back down, only to move forward.

Advance is life, retreat is death!

An invisible sound wave radiated from their center, producing a huge movement, causing people who were close to cover their ears. It was too loud, and it was beyond their ability to bear.

“Good job!”

Wayne Lin roared loudly, then began to fight back, fighting Wu Meizi unreservedly.

Their moves are extremely sophisticated and fast, many times more sophisticated than those in martial arts movies.

Bang bang bang…

As they moved, jumped, and collided with various fists and feet, all kinds of shocking fist-to-flesh sounds occurred in the audience, which made people burst into blood.

Some ordinary people with insufficient eyesight cannot follow in their footsteps at all.


Wu Meizi moved her right palm up to the top of her head, and then turned down again. With such a simple action, it seemed that the heaven and the earth had been subverted. The sky was below and the ground was above. Then she took this piece of China’s land and moved towards Wayne Lin’s body was pressed down, much more domineering than the myth that the Tathagata Buddha Five Finger Mountain pressed Sun Wukong, Wu Meizi is now using the entire continent to suppress Wayne Lin.

Facing this trick, Wayne Lin felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. He subconsciously wanted to retreat, and had the idea that he couldn’t bear it.

But between the sparks of light, he has no room to retreat, because he knows that once he retreats, then he will fall into the wind, and in front of a super master like Wu Meizi, falling into the wind means defeat. And the end of defeat is death!

So Wayne Lin made the quickest and most correct decision at the moment of his death, and that was to punch Wu Meizi’s mainland China with a punch from his chest.

Now he is the God of War Xingtian. Facing the suppression of the heavens and the earth, he is unyielding and unwilling, and roars out his own resistance. Even if it is heaven, I will poke a hole for you, and I will destroy the earth!


Almost instantly, Wayne Lin’s punch hit Wu Meizi’s palm, and it seemed that he was taking advantage of it.

But he still suffers, because Wu Meizi’s momentum has been brewing for a long time, and he brought the earth-shaking, a piece of earth to suppress Wayne Lin’s smell, and Wayne Lin fought back in haste, naturally not as powerful as Wu Meizi. .


So Wayne Lin spouted a mouthful of blood, Wu Meizi’s palm hurt him, mainly because Wu Meizi’s aura was too strong.

“Oh my God!”


In the crowd, Tao Sanniang and Ouyang Yanran yelled out loudly. They were extremely nervous when they saw Wayne Lin was injured. Tao Sanniang’s eyes were red, almost crying.

As for Gu Hanxing, he was so excited that he couldn’t hide the smile on his face. He kept yelling, “Uncle Shi killed him, killed him! Hahahaha…”

Some surprises flashed in Wu Meizi’s eyes, but she did not expect that Wayne Lin would still be able to catch this palm of her. You must know that this palm is one of her killer features. Even if Brian Gu is here, she will be caught by her. Suppress it.

And once the scene of suppression, her brain was smashed.

“Wayne Lin, you are defeated.” Wu Meizi sneered, without stopping, and began to attack Wayne Lin more fiercely.

Wayne Lin’s gaze was neither happy nor sad. At this moment, he seemed to have suddenly lost his soul and became a emotionless machine.

In the face of Wu Meizi’s crazy attack, he can only parry.

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