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Chapter 368

Wayne Lin was taken aback. Damn, why is Della Qin here? Did you see the intimacy of their couple just now? This is a bit awkward.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin was thick enough, he coughed dryly, let go of Alma Chu, and said, “Della Qin is here, why don’t you tell me?”

Alma Chu rolled her eyes at Wayne Lin, expressing speechlessness. She found that Wayne Lin had not only changed color, but also had a thicker skin than before.

“You are ashamed to blame me. You don’t have time to say hello to me when you come back. I have no time to tell you.” Alma Chu complained a little bit, and now she feels embarrassed too. Just now Wayne Lin reached out to her clothes. I went inside, and Della Qin saw this scene, which was really embarrassing.

Speaking of it, she and Della Qin haven’t seen each other for a long time. Just in these few days, Della Qin came to talk to her every day, and several times even took the initiative to mention Wayne Lin. It was good, it was embarrassing to be seen by Della Qin of the intimate things between their husband and wife.

I have to say that Alma Chu is really beautiful, especially after she became a woman, her gestures and smiles became more feminine, especially attractive.

At this moment, Della Qin took the initiative to walk over, her eyes fell on Wayne Lin’s face, and there was a clear grudge. She saw the affection between Wayne Lin and Alma Chu just now, and she was envious and jealous!

She longed to become Alma Chu by herself so that Wayne Lin would eat tofu well.

“Alma, I really envy you, the relationship with Wayne Lin is so good.” Della Qin said half-jokingly after walking over.

Alma Chu didn’t know that her good friend Della Qin had long been on Wayne Lin’s idea. She blushed and said, “Della Qin, don’t laugh at me.”

Della Qin said: “There is no joke on you, I really envy you, I can find such a good husband as Wayne Lin!”

When she said this, she deliberately licked her lips and made a provocative action to Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin shuddered immediately. He quickly moved his gaze to the side. Della Qin is also a fairy. what!

Why is there so many fairies around him inexplicably now, it seems that he has become a Tang monk, and one inadvertently was eaten by these fairies!

Alma Chu was acting a little stupid now, and she didn’t hear Della Qin’s overtones, nor did she think that Della Qin had already hit Wayne Lin’s idea. She went to hold Della Qin’s hand and said with a smile: “Della Qin, take you It’s not easy to find a good man. I think that Mr. Liao was very good before. He is handsome, has a company, and is quite rich.”

When Della Qin heard this, a little panic flashed across her face, and she quickly explained: “What are you talking about, Alma, Master Liao and I are very innocent. There is absolutely no such relationship! Don’t slander me. Ah, now I’m single, I’ve always been single, and I’m so clean.”

Della Qin’s remarks were clearly spoken in front of Wayne Lin.

In front of his wife, how dare Wayne Lin show any intimacy with Della Qin? He quickly moved his gaze to the other side and pretended not to hear it.

Alma Chu saw that Della Qin’s eyes were not right. When she said this, she did not say to her, but looked at Wayne Lin. She felt very strange and asked, “Della Qin, you said this and looked at Wayne Lin. What are you doing?”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he immediately panicked and glared at Della Qin.


Della Qin was also a little panicked and explained: “No, I haven’t seen your husband for a long time, I heard that your husband is now the big boss.”

I have to say that Alma Chu is simple enough, and she did not suspect that there is any secret between Della Qin and Wayne Lin. She immediately obeyed Della Qin’s words, and said with some pride on her face: “Yes, Wayne. I am now the chairman of Ziqiong Media, how about it, is it powerful?”

Speaking of Alma Chu’s face, she couldn’t hide her pride and pride. Before, Wayne Lin was her shame she didn’t want to mention, but now Wayne Lin is her pride.

Wayne Lin was a little helpless, thinking, Della Qin knew this identity better than you.

Della Qin was also very uncomfortable. Speaking of it, she really discovered the identity of Wayne Lin first. From that time on, she found a new life goal, that is, to use all her methods to make Wayne Lin this The turtle-in-law caught it!

For her, this was a sure thing. She thought it could be done in minutes. After all, there are no cats that steal fishy in this world.

In the end, Wayne Lin was really that kind of stranger. After so long, she didn’t pick her up and hug her. She had doubts about her charm many times!

Now that Alma Chu talked about this, don’t mention how depressed she was.

What’s more depressing is that she has to make a surprised expression, “Is it? Ziqiong Media, that’s a very large company. Wayne is actually the chairman of the board. It’s amazing.”

Alma Chu smiled so hard that she could not see her teeth, and said, “Yes, I don’t know how he can become the chairman of Ziqiong Media.”

Then, Alma Chu had an awkward blow, making Wayne Lin a little embarrassed, and said, “The sun is going down, let’s go in the house and chat.”

Alma Chu said in hindsight: “Look at me, you have forgotten about it. Della Qin, it just so happens that my mother is going to make dinner too, so you can stay for dinner.”

Della Qin had this intention at first, but she didn’t know how to speak, but now Alma Chu invited her, just right in her arms.

But on the surface, she still said shyly: “Huh? That’s not good.”

When Wayne Lin heard that he was going to stay Della Qin down for dinner, he also felt uncomfortable. It was not that he was stingy, but he knew Della Qin’s character. Now he is staying Della Qin for dinner. When the chat is late, he will stay in minutes. It is possible for Della Qin to stay for one night!

And once Della Qin stayed for the night, wouldn’t it affect the big plan between him and Alma Chu?

This is absolutely impossible.

So he hurriedly said, “Yeah, it’s not so good. I think Della Qin is a beautiful woman. There must be a lot of handsome guys asking her for dinner. Let’s not disturb Della Qin.”

Alma Chu asked, “Della Qin, are you going to eat with the handsome guy? If so, then I won’t keep you for dinner.”

Della Qin quickly said: “Nothing, nothing! I have said that I am single now, and I don’t plan to fall in love for the time being. It’s too late to go back to cook now, and I don’t want to eat takeaway, Alma, you stay I have dinner, thank you so much.”

With that said, Della Qin hugged Alma Chu and deliberately stuck out her tongue at Wayne Lin while Alma Chu couldn’t see her, and made Wayne Lin so angry.

Chapter 369

In the end, Della Qin stayed for dinner. There was no alternative, Alma Chu initiated the invitation. Della Qin had a thick skin, and how could he stop it.

Now he is really depressed. It has been a long time since he won the wedding, and it has been a long time since he made love to Alma Chu. He thought that he could indulge himself once this time, but a Della Qin appeared, which ruined his plan.

After entering, Della Qin saw Alma Chu holding Wayne Lin’s hand intimately. The little bird looked like a human, with the word happiness written on her face. She was particularly envious. Fortunately, she even laughed at Alma Chu before and got married. Wayne Lin, the door-to-door son-in-law, turned out that Wayne Lin was not a waste, but a real big man. Alma Chu also flew directly on the branch and turned into a phoenix.

On the contrary, it was her, who has never been able to find Ruyi Langjun, alone.

One thing she did not lie, she is indeed single now, and has been single for a long time.

It’s not that she was not chased by anyone, but that after contacting Wayne Lin, her vision was raised a lot. Now, she is totally indifferent to those so-called rich second generations, brothers, and can’t compare with Wayne Lin’s hair.

That’s why she thought, to chase Wayne Lin, even if she was just Wayne Lin’s underground lover, then she was willing.

Originally, she was quite guilty of Alma Chu for this idea. After all, Alma Chu was so good to her and treated her as a sister, but she seduced Alma Chu’s husband and was very immoral.

But later she learned that there were several fox spirits pestering Wayne Lin outside, and one was more beautiful than the other. They were all fairies, and they focused on Wayne Lin, the Tang monk. How could she sit still, and act quickly. Anyway, Wayne Lin would be hooked away by the foxes outside sooner or later, and then he would threaten Alma Chu in turn, which would pose too much of a threat to Alma Chu.

It would be better for her to be the vixen by herself. Firstly, she found her own happiness. Secondly, she and Alma Chu are good sisters, and they will definitely not threaten Alma Chu. And she can also use her skills to squeeze Wayne Lin dry, so that Wayne Lin will not have the energy to find a fox outside. This is killing three birds with one stone.

I have to say that sometimes women’s thinking is really weird, even such thinking can be thought of.

Wayne Lin chatted with Alma Chu in the living room for a while, and then he went to take a shower first. After a day’s flight, he is still wearing other people’s clothes and not very comfortable, so he still needs to take a bath.

The weather is quite cold now, but Wayne Lin still washes in cold water. This is his habit and it slightly helps his physique.

After a battle with Brian Gu, he appeared to be unharmed on the surface, but in fact he still suffered some injuries, but he couldn’t see it in his clothes.

Now that he took off his clothes and rinsed under the shower, he could see a lot of bruises and broken capillaries on his body.

Just kidding, even if Brian Gu was beaten to death by him, he would be a proper mid-level master in the congenital realm. His cultivation base was shocking, and one punch and kick would bring infinite power. Otherwise, the fight between the two of them would not It has caused such great damage to the forest.

Even if Wayne Lin is a master of the innate realm, every collision with Brian Gu will bring damage and load to his body.

It’s just that these are minor injuries, as long as he adjusts, he can return to normal.

For him, what was really more serious was Brian Gu’s last trick to return the carbine. Even if he took a deep breath, he literally retracted his chest by an inch, just avoiding Brian Gu’s explosion.

The fist strength of the hair. But Brian Gu’s style of fist still hit his chest, but its power was reduced by 90%.

But the remaining 10% was enough for him to drink a pot, after all, it was the chest.

Now that he took off his clothes, he could see that there was a clearly visible fist mark on his chest, and there was blood oozing out around him, which looked particularly scary.

Wayne Lin has been standing under the shower, cold water constantly washing his body, motionless, as if he was asleep.

In fact, he used his consciousness to enter his body, control his true energy, and slowly repair these injuries.

This was a skill he only mastered after breaking through the innate realm. In a sense, it was a bit like the “inner vision” in the Taoist family.

The human body is the most sophisticated machine. Any action of the human body will cause more or less damage to the human body. When you are young, the cells are healthy and active and can be actively repaired.

But once you get older, the cells are too old and lose their vitality, and it is difficult to repair them. Over time, people become older and worse, their physique worsens, and their immune systems are reduced, making them easy to get sick and even die.

After breaking through the innate realm, cell activity is greatly enhanced, damage can be repaired quickly, and it is not easy to get old. Especially after learning to’introspect’, this ability is even improved.

It is no exaggeration to say that Wayne Lin can at least maintain his peak to 60 years old or even longer! And his lifespan will also be greatly increased, this is the real charm of Innate Realm.

After all, no matter how rich a person is, no matter how much he can fight, he will not be able to sustain the baptism of years. When he gets older, he still has to turn into a cup of loess.

Now Wayne Lin is not only improving his own strength and intelligence through cultivation, but in a sense, he is also fighting against the sky.

He believes that when the legendary King Kong is indestructible, the life span will increase even more, maybe even two hundred years old!

Two hundred years old, what a long time this is…

Wayne Lin feels that when he has reached this point, he is no longer just a good martial arts master. He is more of a scientist and even a biologist, exploring the limits of the human body through his own experiments.

In this bath, Wayne Lin took one full hour to wash, and when he finished, his injuries had healed a lot and he had recovered 80% of his peak strength.

If you take a good rest tonight, you can recover to 90% tomorrow and 100% the day after tomorrow.

And this time, after his battle with Brian Gu, it has greatly helped his cultivation. Although his realm has not improved, his fighting ability has improved by at least one level. His understanding of fighting has become more profound. He has confidence. If a master of Brian Gu’s realm comes out now, he can easily defeat it, and he will not suffer any harm.

After coming out, mother-in-law Candice Liu just finished the dinner, and it was time for him to come out.

Since his father-in-law and mother-in-law knew his identity, now he seems to have become the head of the family, and even Berry Chu has to look at his face.

For this, Wayne Lin didn’t care much.

After dinner, Wayne Lin’s most worried thing happened. Alma Chu and Della Qin chatted very speculatively and really left Della Qin to stay overnight…

Chapter 370

“This, isn’t it good?”

Wayne Lin said immediately, and gave Alma Chu a frantic wink, telling Alma Chu not to leave Della Qin down for the night. Just kidding, he hasn’t eaten meat for a long time. If this is to leave Della Qin down for the night, he would have a bath in minutes.

However, Alma Chu couldn’t help blushing, and gave Wayne Lin a shy look, pretending not to see it.

Della Qin kept focusing on Wayne Lin, and naturally saw Wayne Lin’s expression, she became more determined to stay overnight.

She sighed for advancement and sighed very disappointedly. She said to Alma Chu: “Alma, since Wayne has said this, then I’d better go back and come to see you next time. “

At this point, she sighed again and said, “But speaking of it, our two sisters really didn’t talk about it, remember the last time, it was time for college, right? Huh…”

Alma Chu is a very softhearted person. Now she sees Della Qin’s resentment, she can’t bear it anymore. Besides, Della Qin is right. The two sisters have indeed not had a long conversation for a long time.

So she took Della Qin’s hand and said, “Don’t worry about him, you can stay to sleep tonight. Our two sisters haven’t slept together in a long time.”

what? Are you still sleeping with her? What should I do!

Wayne Lin immediately opened his eyes wide, stunned, and hurriedly said, “Hey, did you forget me? You sleep together, what about me?”

Alma Chu gave him an angry look, and said, “You sleep by yourself, why do you want to squeeze with us?”

I think…

Of course, Wayne Lin couldn’t say this anyway.

“I didn’t mean that, but you two will have a chance to talk in the future. Why bother with this night?” Wayne Lin felt that his performance was obvious enough, Alma Chu could understand it anyway.

Alma Chu naturally understood. There was a blush on her face. In fact, she also wanted to sleep with Wayne Lin, but Della Qin is already here, and she is such a good girlfriend, she can’t drive Della Qin away. So I can only temporarily wrong Wayne Lin for one night.

“That’s it. Tonight, I will sleep in the guest room with Della Qin, and you will sleep in the master bedroom by yourself.” Alma Chu said firmly.

Della Qin flashed some cunning eyes, hugged Alma Chu’s hand, and said happily: “Great, our two sisters can finally have a good chat, hehe.”

Taking advantage of the angle that Alma Chu couldn’t see, Della Qin blinked at Wayne Lin again, showing a triumphant expression. This made Wayne Lin very angry, gritted his teeth, and when he went back, he had to deduct Della Qin’s salary!

Wayne Lin knew that the matter had settled, and he was powerless, so he sighed helplessly, and let’s go to bed tonight. When the light bulb of Della Qin is gone tomorrow, he will teach Chu well. Philip.

Tonight Alma Chu and Della Qin sleep in the guest room, and Wayne Lin sleeps in the master bedroom alone.

He was indeed a little tired. After entering the room, he simply meditated for a while and then went to bed to rest.

Sleeping is a necessity for everything, even if Wayne Lin cultivates to the innate state, it is no exception, but the time he needs now does not need to be as long as an ordinary person.

Soon, he fell asleep. During his sleep, his physical injuries were gradually repaired. When he wakes up tomorrow, he will be much better.

Sleeping in a daze, he suddenly heard vaguely, as if someone opened the door and came in!

The other’s movements were very gentle and cautious, Wayne Lin was already asleep.

He heard it, but he was too sleepy, so he slept soundly.

It was already three o’clock in the middle of the night, and Della Qin finally put Alma Chu to sleep and created this opportunity to attack Wayne Lin at night.

Fortunately, the door of Wayne Lin’s room was not locked, and she was given this opportunity, which is great!

She had been on Wayne Lin’s idea for so long, and now it was the first time she had the opportunity to come into contact with Wayne Lin so close, which made her very excited.

Tonight, she could see that Wayne Lin was holding fire all over her body. This was a good opportunity for her.

If Wayne Lin can be taken down, then she won’t have to worry for the rest of her life.

After locking the door, Della Qin walked in step by step using the bright light of the phone screen. This feeling of being a thief was really exciting.

Finally, Della Qin quietly walked to Wayne Lin’s bed, and saw Wayne Lin sleeping soundly, especially quiet and handsome.

It is very strange that Wayne Lin’s appearance, at first glance, is not a handsome type, it can only be regarded as ordinary, but when you look closely, the more you look, the more attractive, and it makes people addicted.

If it were changed before, Della Qin would definitely not like Wayne Lin, he would be just an ordinary man. But now, Della Qin feels that Wayne Lin is handsome, and especially has the masculine and charm of a man. It was the first time she had seen this type of man when she grew up, so she especially envied Alma Chu that she could marry Wayne Lin.

The key point is that Wayne Lin is still a peerless man who doesn’t steal food. Isn’t this even more precious than a panda? Those men outside now, who don’t have money and are very carefree, look for flowers and ask Liu everywhere.

Della Qin looked at Wayne Lin now, her heartbeat was very fast, she tried to stretch out her hand, waved in front of Wayne Lin’s eyes, Wayne Lin did not wake up, she should have fallen asleep.

This is even better, hehe, to facilitate her sneak attack.

She tried secretly, kissed Wayne Lin’s face lightly, and then squatted down quickly and hid beside the bed for fear that Wayne Lin would wake up.

As a result, Wayne Lin just wiped his face and continued to sleep without waking up.

In this way, she was more relaxed. Depending on the situation, Wayne Lin was really asleep.

Then she began to try to go up, the movements were particularly gentle, for fear of making a noise, she woke Wayne Lin.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin still did not wake up, sleeping soundly.

In fact, according to Wayne Lin’s normal state, he was very awake and asleep, and he would find out as soon as Della Qin entered the room.

But because of his life-and-death struggle with Brian Gu yesterday, he suffered a lot of damage to his body. Now he is in a dormant state of healing. In addition, he feels safe in his own home. He relaxes and enters deep sleep. The existence of Della Qin.

Finally, Della Qin got into the quilt, and was only ten centimeters away from Wayne Lin. Her heart was beating quickly, thumping, and it had been so nervous for a long time.

In fact, she ran into Wayne Lin’s room in the middle of the night and made a lot of determination, because once Alma Chu knew about it, she would be finished, and no friend had to do it in minutes.

But she still did, because she liked Wayne Lin more and more. In the past, she used Wayne Lin’s idea mainly because of her wealth as the chairman of Wayne Lin and Ziqiong. However, after some contact and understanding, she had a deeper understanding of Wayne Lin, knowing that Wayne Lin is a very attractive man, she slowly fell into it.

In other words, even if Wayne Lin is no longer Chairman Zi Qiong, she will continue to like Wayne Lin.

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