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Chapter 716

Isn’t it right? They have never seen such a tiger. They are strong and have a bad temper. They don’t persuade them to be the rich and powerful in Yandu at all, and they just teach them relentlessly.

Don’t look at their arrogant arrogance and the appearance that they are not afraid of the sky. It is based on their profound background. When they really meet a ruthless person like Wayne Lin, they are instantly stunned.

Fu Bo and Chen Shu, the two masters of the innate realm, now feel that their scalp is numb, and are even more in awe of Wayne Lin. Although they are the bodyguards of these second generation ancestors, they dare not say anything.

As for Shane Chu and Chu Xing, they didn’t know how excited they were. They kept shouting that brother-in-law is invincible and brother-in-law is mighty.

They were really excited. Just now, the second generation ancestors treated them as beasts and insulted them. Their hatred for the second generation ancestor was so great that they don’t know how happy they are now.

Qin Shao suffered more than a dozen slaps. At this moment, he was already numb from the pain, and his head became dizzy. He completely lost his arrogance. He completely gave in, and begged for mercy with tears and nose. Hit me, don’t hit me, I know I was wrong, oooooo…”

He was really afraid of Wayne Lin now, he had never seen such a tiger in his life, it was terrifying. He had a feeling that if he didn’t beg for mercy, the lunatic in front of him would really kill him.

He cherishes his life more than anyone else.

Wayne Lin saw that he had succumbed, and didn’t embarrass him any more, let go of him, and said coldly, “Yes?”

“I have taken it, I have taken it.” Qin Shao nodded quickly, now he has no arrogance, like a scared child, dare not have any dissatisfaction.

Wayne Lin snorted and said, “You think you are from Yandu, so you don’t put the people of the world in your eyes. You think that all the people in your circle are mud legs?”

These second generation ancestors didn’t dare to refute, one by one they lowered their heads, and they couldn’t help.

Wayne Lin continued: “I know what you are thinking. You don’t admit defeat. I want to call your family as soon as possible and come to me for revenge. Yes, if Wayne Lin sits and changes my name, I can’t change my surname. You have any dissatisfaction. You can come to me for revenge. But, here is what I said, if you dare to move my family, I will care that you are the king of heaven and I will kill you!”

After saying this, Wayne Lin directly grabbed the railing next to him, pulled it hard, and became Ma Hua directly, and threw it in front of Shao Qin and the others, making them tremble uncontrollably.

“Get off.” Wayne Lin waved his last big hand, letting them go.

They didn’t dare to stay anymore and left in a desperate manner.

After he came out, Qin Shao went to the hospital the first time. He was beaten the most severely. His teeth were broken, and the pain was so painful for him.

“You are not allowed to say anything just now, you know, whoever said it, I can’t spare him!” Qin Shao gritted his teeth.

Those second generation ancestors and bodyguards all nodded quickly, indicating that they didn’t remember anything.

The incident just now was a great shame to them, and if it were to spread to Yandu, their face would be lost.

However, when they thought of Wayne Lin’s horrible performance just now, they couldn’t help but tremble. Even if it came out now, they couldn’t even think of revenge.

Back to Wayne Lin’s side, Shane Chu and Chu Xing were so excited, and they were going to practice martial arts with Wayne Lin one after another. If they want to learn Wayne Lin’s skills, they can be so prestigious and don’t have to be afraid of being bullied.

Regarding this, Wayne Lin only smiled. He knew that these guys did not have the talent for martial arts, and most importantly, they did not have the willpower to persist.

About half an hour later, Alma Chu, Thompson Chu and others finally rushed over by car. Their faces were full of worry and panic, and they were all afraid that something might happen to Shane. If there really is something wrong, then That’s bad!

When they rushed over, they were relieved to see that Shane Chu and Chu Xing were all right.

“Parents, you guys came too late, didn’t you see how majestic brother-in-law was just now!”

“Yes, my brother-in-law is super handsome. Those guys who came from Yandu didn’t dare to put a fart after being taught by my brother-in-law, especially their boss, who was beaten into a pig by my brother-in-law!”

“Hahaha, super cool, I want to give birth to a monkey for my brother-in-law!”

After hearing the experience just now, everyone in the Chu family became more grateful and admired for Wayne Lin.

And Alma Chu held his hand, very affectionate, and said: “Wayne, thank you very much, we are fortunate to have you in the Chu family.”

“Fool, what are you talking about? We are a family, and we should help each other as a family.” Wayne Lin squeezed Alma Chu’s Qiong nose gently, full of petting.

Suddenly, Wayne Lin’s prestige in the Chu family became even greater, especially the little guys Shane Chu and Chu Xing, who were clamoring to learn martial arts with Wayne Lin, one by one, as if they were beaten up. But soon, when they heard Wayne Lin say that they have to get up at six o’clock every day, run 20 kilometers, and have basic training such as standing stances, they instantly withered.

According to Chu Xing’s words, fortunately, they have a brother-in-law, so they don’t need to practice martial arts by themselves and will not be bullied. When other people hear this, think about it, it is indeed the same thing, anyway, there is a brother-in-law, they don’t need to be so hard.

The next day, Wayne Lin went to Yuancheng to meet Tao Sanniang.

Speaking of it, he hadn’t seen Tao Sanniang for a while, and it was quite guilty to speak of it.

Although he and Tao Sanniang have established a relationship, this time, because he has always been busy with things, Tao Sanniang did not worry about Tao Sanniang and left Tao Sanniang in the source city for a long time.

However, when Wayne Lin went to Yuancheng this time, he did not directly tell Tao Sanniang over the phone, intending to surprise Tao Sanniang.

He didn’t even say that Jiang Liqun, he ran over by himself, very low-key.

Because he knew that once he told Jiang Liqun, with Jiang Liqun’s character, he would definitely make a grand and exaggerated welcome. Even though Wayne Lin is now the number one in Province G, his character is still very low-key and doesn’t like to be so public.

After arriving in Yuancheng, he did not go to Tao Sanniang directly, but was outside the company, waiting for Tao Sanniang to leave work.

He knows that Tao Sanniang will leave work here every day when it arrives.

However, when he waited almost to the point, suddenly a red sports car drove over at high speed. The speed in the city exceeded eighty yards without slowing down, so it rushed straight over.

There was a roar from the engine, and Wayne Lin frowned immediately.

He has always been displeased with this behavior, but he was too lazy to take care of it, but suddenly, he found something was wrong. A little girl came out from the corner and was shocked by the sports car that suddenly rushed over. Stay in place and won’t move anymore.

Wayne Lin gave a squeak, then screamed badly.

Chapter 717

At the speed of this sports car, within such a short distance, the car would definitely not be able to stop, and the little girl would be knocked into flight.

At this time, Wayne Lin couldn’t take care of that much. He shot directly and sprinted out. Before the sports car hit the little girl, he quickly hugged the little girl, and then turned around to avoid the sports car.

With his cultivation skills, it is easy to hide from the sports car. Even if he is hit by the sports car, there is nothing wrong with the sports car.

Wayne Lin was very angry at the bad behavior of the sports car owner. He snorted and then shot. When the sports car staggered, he shot directly, kicking the stones on the ground and shooting towards the front wheel of the sports car at high speed.

He shot with anger, how terrifying his power, let alone sports car tires, even if it is a copper wall and iron wall, a hole must be punched.

So there was a bang, the tire punctured directly, and the sports car was at such a high speed, the car body began to lose balance, hit the tree next to it, and the front of the car was sunken in.

This sudden change dazzled everyone present, and none of them thought that the little girl was so fateful that when she saw that she was about to be hit, someone suddenly appeared and hugged her away.

And the sports car suddenly punctured and hit a tree, which was a coincidence.

Yes, none of them saw how Wayne Lin made the move.

The little girl was in a state of despair. What happened just now made her unable to react for a while. After a while, she came back to her senses and cried out wow.

Wayne Lin quickly comforted: “Little sister won’t cry, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

This little girl was only seven or eight years old, and she was very cute. If Wayne Lin happened to be here today, she would have been hit by a sports car just now. The young life fell. In this regard, Wayne Lin’s heart is still a fire. In this big city, people come and go, this guy actually drives so fast, he clearly doesn’t take other people’s lives seriously!

At this moment, the door of the sports car was opened, and a man with a greasy face and a famous brand came out. He was injured on his forehead, bleeding out, and flowing to his face, making his already hideous expression even more so. Terrible.

After he came out, he was full of anger and cursed loudly: “You are looking for death!”

He pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed.

Then he saw his sports car crashed like this, and the corners of his mouth were twitching. This collision was at least hundreds of thousands of people away from him!

Moreover, he dressed up so handsome specially today to chase beautiful women, but he was really annoyed when it came out.

He strode over and pointed to Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed: “You are looking for death, who made you rush out just now! I crashed my car. This is McLaren. Millions, can you afford it, a poor ghost!”

He yelled at him, which was very indecent. He almost killed someone just now. Not only did he not feel ashamed, but the wicked complained first, and his behavior was particularly bad!

Wayne Lin said coldly: “You still have the face to say that when you drove so fast just now, you almost ran into the little girl. At the speed you just ran into, the little girl would be dead! Your broken sports car is more than Is it worth a life!”

The other party has nothing at all

With a heart of repentance, he glanced at the little girl and found that the little girl was dressed very plainly, and her face was a little dirty. At first glance, she was a child from a poor family. He had no background. He cursed disdainfully: “Just a poor The broken child of the ghost family, how to drop it if he is killed, I can take insurance. But now I have a car crashed, and the maintenance costs are millions. Can you two poor ghosts afford this responsibility!”

He yelled and was aggressive. He was rich and he was superior to others, which made him uncomfortable.

Wayne Lin’s eyes became even colder, and everyone who knew him knew that he was angry.

“You are a poor ghost. Seeing what you mean, you think you are rich, so you can ignore other people’s lives?” Wayne Lin asked rhetorically.

The other party snorted and said, “The life of a poor ghost is a horrible life, so what if he is killed. This little guy knows that it is a poor ghost at first glance. If she is killed by me, the insurance will cover her family. If someone has a sum of money, maybe her parents are grateful to me!”

Wayne Lin was really angry when he heard these words. Even with his identity and position, he has never ignored the lives of others. In his opinion, everyone is equal and there is no distinction between high and low in life. Whoever is rich or poor, life is equally precious.

Now, when he heard this guy’s words, he was already angry.

“According to you, your life is very precious?” Wayne Lin said without a smile.

The other party snorted, straightened his waist, and took it for granted, “Of course! I have a net worth of more than 100 million yuan, and the cost of a month is comparable to the income of you poor ghosts for ten years! I and you Doing so much nonsense about the poor ghosts, I can’t afford to pay for your virtue. A poor ghost is a poor ghost, and you will be a poor ghost all your life.”

After he finished speaking, he spit on Wayne Lin’s feet, like that, as many as you owe you, you owe you too much.

However, at this moment, Wayne Lin made a move. He did not hit anyone. Instead, he picked up an iron rod on the ground and pointed it directly at the McLaren sports car. It was just a bang, bang, bang, and soon. Smashed the sports car beyond recognition.

It’s not just a crash of the front of the car, but the whole car is broken. It is no longer a concept of maintenance, but a rebuild.

“You!!” The guy’s eyes were cracking, he pointed at Wayne Lin, his face was full of anger, and his body was shaking violently!

The crowd onlookers were also frightened by Wayne Lin’s behavior, and they had never seen such a crazy person. You know, this is a McLaren sports car worth millions of dollars, not an ordinary car.

If you smash it like this, you have to pay for it!

The little girl was also stunned. She thought that the big brother Wayne Lin was so domineering.

Wayne Lin clapped his hands, as if only doing a trivial thing, and said: “Since you are so rich, smashing your car, I believe you will not have any impact.”

The man exploded directly, and he roared angrily, “I want to kill you!!”

He ran over like crazy and wanted to teach Wayne Lin, but his embroidered pillows were nothing but silver gun wax heads. Even ordinary people were the bottom of the rubbish. How could it threaten Wayne Lin? Before he rushed to ask Wayne Lin, he was kicked easily by Wayne Lin.

Chapter 718

Wayne Lin’s kick did not kill him, but he also felt uncomfortable. The other party only felt that his intestines had been kicked off. He had grown up so big and had never suffered such severe pain before, and cold sweat was dripping. Come down.

Moreover, where did he still have the prestige and handsomeness just now, he didn’t know how embarrassed he was, and the famous brand suits were also dirty.

Wayne Lin should not be merciful to such rubbish and directly teach him a lesson.

Now Wayne Lin’s temper can be said to be better or worse. He has a very good temper with the people around him, the kind people, like a spring breeze. But for enemies and people with bad behavior, he uses violence to control violence.

Everyone was shocked to see Wayne Lin being so tough and beating the handsome sports car like this. Some people thought that Wayne Lin was very domineering and relieved, but more people felt that Wayne Lin was young and did not consider the consequences. .

I can think of it. People who can drive millions of sports cars must have a lot of money at home and have a very complicated background. If ordinary people offend such people, they are looking for death, and they are likely to take the whole family in!

Wayne Lin wouldn’t care about this, let alone the dude in front of him, even if it was the nobleman from Yandu, he would not miss it.

“Apologize.” Wayne Lin walked to the handsome sports car guy, looked down at him condescendingly, and said coldly. From his body, a powerful pressure radiated from him, making the handsome sports car face pale and inexplicably fearful.

But he didn’t give in either. His anger is greater than his fear now. He doesn’t know who the person standing in front of him is, and thinks Wayne Lin is just an ordinary person.

“Lao Tzu Nyima!” He yelled, “You rush to the street, you are dead! Do you know who Lao Tzu is? You dare to call Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu can get a hundred people to kill you with just one phone call. !!!”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I don’t know how to repent.”

He directly stomped on the opponent’s face and ravaged vigorously.

This scene looked a bit cruel. The handsome man in the sports car had a swollen nose and swollen face, bleeding screaming like a pig.

This picture makes some people around feel a little uncomfortable.

The handsome guy in the sports car was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that there is still such a tiger in this world who would dare to insult him like this. Is it because he is living impatiently?

However, it’s so f*cking painful, how could he have been treated like this before, and if this continues, his face will be broken.

He hurriedly asked for mercy, “Don’t step on it, don’t step on it, I surrender, my f*cking surrender!!”

Wayne Lin let go of him, and still said coldly, “Apologize.”

He is now in a very embarrassed situation. He is so dirty that he doesn’t even mention his brand name, especially his face, which is even more colorful. Ssangyong goes out to sea, and nosebleeds are streaming out.

His heart was extremely angry and murderous, but he did not dare to show it, so he had to hold it back firmly. He stared at Wayne Lin firmly, and wanted to remember Wayne Lin’s appearance, he must take revenge. Return the pain and humiliation to Wayne Lin ten times a hundred times!

The hero doesn’t suffer the immediate loss, he can see it now. The guy in front of him should have learned a little bit of kung fu, and his combat effectiveness is a bit strong. He is now single-handedly not an opponent. He regretted it a little bit. He knew that this would happen, so he would bring a few bodyguards!

Now he decided to go for a while, took a breath, and said: “I apologize, I was wrong just now…”

However, before he finished speaking, Wayne Lin slapped him in the face, making his ears buzzing, “No sincerity, speak louder, be sincere.”

Kaka Kaka…


Brother gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, he really hated Wayne Lin!

Especially now there are still so many passers-by watching. The most disgusting thing is that some people take out their mobile phones to record videos. Once they are posted on the Internet, his face will be lost.

But he didn’t dare to offend Wayne Lin. He could see now that Wayne Lin was a lunatic and had a problem with his brain. He regrets it now, he knew it, he stopped driving so fast just now!

He took a deep breath again and said: “I was wrong, just now…”

He slapped again and slapped it on his face. This time, his mouth was bleeding.

“You…” He was angry, and subconsciously wanted to curse, but immediately, he looked up and saw Wayne Lin’s cold eyes, full of pressure. He had no doubt that if he talked more, he would definitely welcome another one. Beaten up.

“I’m wrong……”

Still snapped.


Continue to slap again.

His face was beaten and swollen, and his temper was lost. Now his brain is humming and he even wants to nausea a little.

All his self-esteem and pride have been beaten up, and he is completely afraid of the lunatic Wayne Lin, crying with his nose and tears, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was wrong, don’t hit me again, woo Uh…”

His mentality jumped. He had grown up so old and had never met such a violent person.

Wayne Lin saw that he was more sincere and stopped hitting him. He pointed to the little girl beside him and said, “You should tell her that you almost hit her just now.”

“Little sister, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I will never drive that fast again…”

The little girl looked at him very pitiful, took out the tissue, threw it to him timidly, and said: “You are so pitiful, I forgive you, wipe it…”

When the handsome sports car guy heard this, his mentality collapsed even more.

All face is lost here.

“I’m done apologizing, can I go?” He said cautiously, full of awe for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin took it as soon as he saw it, and took a look at the time. Now it is almost time for Tao Sanniang to get off work. He waved his hand and said, “Go away.”

The handsome guy in the sports car is amnesty, so he turned around and ran. He just wants to go home now, and he doesn’t want to face the lunatic Wayne Lin anymore. He is definitely a lunatic!

Just then, the little girl’s parents showed up. They found the little girl, rushed over in relief, picked up the little girl, “Tuantuan, why did you come here? My parents didn’t see you when they turned around, Dad. Mom is worried about it!”

The little girl said: “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry. However, this elder brother saved me just now, and the eldest brother is Tuantuan’s lifesaver!”

The little girl’s parents were puzzled. Then, they probably knew what happened from Tuantuan, and were so grateful to Wayne Lin that they almost knelt down for Wayne Lin. Ask them how hard they can imagine, if it hadn’t been for Wayne Lin to save Tuantuan, Tuantuan really had an accident, how would they survive!

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to be grateful. You will take good care of your daughter in the future. Now there are many cars on the road. If something goes wrong, you will not feel good.”

“Yes Yes Yes.”

In their many gratitudes, they originally wanted to thank Wayne Lin for the gold, but Wayne Lin did not accept it. They remembered Wayne Lin deeply.

Just then, Tao Sanniang got off work and walked out of the office building. Her beauty has surprised countless people.

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