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Chapter 782

No, it’s no one. It’s one of Jiang Liqun’s subordinates. He has been on the road. It’s a bit of status. I’ve seen Wayne Lin several times before, and in front of Wayne Lin, they are extremely respectful, even more honest than a primary school student. I was afraid that a little improper action by myself would provoke Wayne Lin.

The reason why Wayne Lin had an impression of him was that he was indeed very flattering.

Unexpectedly, Layton called for help, this guy, it is really a coincidence.

Wayne Lin thought that the person Leiton called this time was from the Lei family. He also guessed that he would call Jiang Liqun directly and call Jiang Liqun to come over and cooperate with him to pretend to be forced. There is no need for this.

When Leighton saw this man, his face suddenly showed a flattering smile, and he hurried to greet him, with some respectful attitude in his attitude: “You are here, Mr. Ding, great, I have already waited for you. For a long time!”

The others present also showed respectful expressions when they saw this President Ding, because they all knew that the identity of President Ding was not simple. As the confidant of the legendary Jiang Liqun, Jiang Liqun has been generous in province G over the past two years. Color, I don’t know how terrifying my strength is now!

In particular, I heard that Jiang Liqun is still the mysterious chairman of the Lin Group, and his future is limitless. Even the Lei family is not enough to see Jiang Liqun.

For this President Ding, Layton has been friends for a long time, and the Lei family’s cooperation with the Lin Group some time ago is because of the line that Ding has set up.

It was precisely because of Leiton that the business with the Lin Group was negotiated and his status in Lei’s family rose sharply.

Sit firmly in the position of Lei Family.

Now that something happened to him, the first thing he thought of was this Ding with hands and eyes open to the sky!

It just so happened that Wayne Lin dared to claim to be the chairman of the Lin Group just now, and now it would be better to call Mr. Ding over.

Mr. Ding is not too tall, or even a little short, but his aura is very big, followed by a group of bodyguards with big cows and horses. It is not easy at first glance. So after he came in, he crushed everyone at once.

He strode over, raised his head and chest, very arrogant and arrogant.

Now he does have this arrogant capital. As Jiang Liqun’s confidant, his current strength can be described as terrifying, and even the Lei family will flatter him!

Originally, he also wanted to make friends with Leiton, after all, Leiton is the eldest master of the Lei family, and there is a high probability that he will take over the Lei family. It just so happened that he didn’t matter much, and when he received a call from Leyton, he immediately called the master to rush over.

With his current status and strength, to teach a little martial artist, that is not a matter of grasping.

Since it is such a simple matter, he can still sell Layton a favor at that time. Why not do this kind of thing?

“Master Lei, I heard that there are humble beasts who dare to offend you? It’s totally unreasonable! Who is so bold and doesn’t want to live anymore?!” Ding Fengmao said loudly, full of breath, while looking at the audience Glance.

Anyone who was scanned by his eyes did not dare to face it, and quickly lowered their heads, showing a respectful expression.

He is very satisfied with the awe these people have for him, which makes him feel that he has a lot of face.

It also gave him a sense of the treatment of Wayne Lin’s big shots. Speaking of it, he hasn’t seen the chairman for a long time. It’s really hard to meet a person like a fairy like the chairman.

Leiton stepped aside, pointed his finger to Wayne Lin, and said loudly, “President Ding, the person who offended me just now is this beast! He is absolutely lawless, so let’s not put me in his eyes. I also said a lot of insulting Mr. Ding you!”

Ding Fengmao followed Leiton’s gaze and looked in the direction of Wayne Lin, “What, dare you say bad things about Lao Tzu? Lao Tzu wants to see which animal it is…”

Suddenly, at this point, he couldn’t say what he said. At the same time, his whole person also stood on the spot, his expression was very exciting.

Because he saw Wayne Lin, his brain exploded. This kind of strong contrast made him stand still, unable to recover for a long time!

Leyton hadn’t noticed Ding Fengmao’s abnormality. He was so excited and excited that his face started to flush with excitement. He strode towards Wayne Lin and raised his head, like that. The expression is as arrogant as he is, and he uses his nostrils to talk to Wayne Lin: “Huh! Wayne Lin, you beast, you dare to hit me Leyton? I think you are living too impatient! You don’t go out to ask. Now, what kind of person is Leyton? You, an ant-like thing, dare to be disrespectful to me?!”

“Now Mr. Ding is here, you should be arrogant to show Lao Tzu!” Leyton’s chatter box opened. He thought that he was the winner now, and Wayne Lin was the prey who was about to be nailed to death. Joking and playing tricks, “Wayne Lin, do you think you have learned a bit of martial arts, you are the number one in the world? You are too naive! This world is about identity, connections, and strength! If you ran away just now, I will pay it back soon There is nothing you can do, but you dare to stay, hahaha, I will see how you die this time!!”

Now Leyton is extremely arrogant and happy, thinking that Wayne Lin is already the meat on his chopping board, let him handle it!

Wayne Lin didn’t hear what he said, and continued to eat without even looking at him, which made him very upset.

“Huh! You won’t cry if you don’t see the coffin, if that’s the case, then go and die!” Layton finished this sentence, and then turned back to Ding Fengmao and said, “Ding Feng, I will see you next.”

However, when he turned his head and saw Ding Fengmao’s current appearance clearly, he finally felt something was wrong.

Now Ding Fengmao’s face was pale, his pupils were full of fear and panic, and a lot of cold sweat broke out on his forehead. The whole person was in a very abnormal state, and even his feet were shaking gently.

“President Ding, you…”

As soon as his voice fell, he saw a scene that made him feel incredible, even suspicious of life.

I saw Ding Fengmao hurriedly ran to Wayne Lin, bowed deeply to Wayne Lin, and said in a very respectful and fearful manner: “Subordinate Ding Fengmao, I have met the chairman!!”

The whole box suddenly quieted up strangely. Everyone was stunned, staring at Ding Fengmao in a daze. They couldn’t fully understand why Ding Fengmao, who had such a high status, would respect Wayne Lin so respectfully. They had hallucinations. ?

Chapter 783

“Who did you say is a beast?” Wayne Lin raised his head and looked at Ding Fengmao faintly. His eyes were cold and he couldn’t see any anger, but to Ding Fengmao, it was like a lightning strike, causing his entire brain to blast. It exploded!

His whole body began to tremble, his mouth couldn’t close, and his teeth were fighting all the time.

He knows how powerful Wayne Lin is. Even if his immediate boss Jiang Liqun has followed Wayne Lin, he has achieved today’s results. Even if Jiang Liqun is in front of Wayne Lin, he must be respectful and dare not breathe. .

In particular, Wayne Lin is more awe-inspiring and dreaded besides his distinguished status, powerful and powerful. It is Wayne Lin’s unfathomable strength, a peerless powerhouse with great consummation in the innate realm. He is definitely not a small person like him. Provoked!

Usually in front of Wayne Lin, he always wants to try his best to please, but just now, he actually scolded Randal Lin as a beast, and he wanted to avenge Layton…

Thinking of this, his brain was starved of oxygen, and he felt that he was going to faint and couldn’t even breathe!

Without any hesitation, he knelt directly in front of Wayne Lin, and kowtowed his head vigorously, begging, “It’s because the subordinates have eyes but don’t know Taishan, and didn’t recognize the chairman. I beg the chairman to have a lot of , Don’t have general knowledge with your subordinates, the subordinates kneeled for you…”

He kept kowtow, bang bang, without any reservations, and after a while, his forehead was already bloody.

And his move was absolutely shocking to so many people present!

Not only Leighton, but everyone else has heard of Ding Fengmao. Knowing Ding Fengmao’s name, even in Province G, he is considered a big man. Even their elders must be respectful in front of Ding Fengmao, for fear of offending Ding Fengmao. , But is such a big man actually kneeling to Wayne Lin like this now?

This is too subversive, too incredible, they can’t believe that everything in front of them is true, they just think they have hallucinations.

It’s not that their ability to accept it is not good, but that this is really too magical.

Wayne Lin was quite satisfied with Ding Fengmao’s performance. He was a talent and sensible. He knelt down and apologized immediately.

Otherwise, with his temper, he would not kill Ding Fengmao, but would dismiss Ding Fengmao in one sentence. With his current status and business empire, even if he fired any subordinate, it would not have any impact on him, including Jiang Liqun.

“You are quick enough.” Wayne Lin put down his chopsticks and looked at Ding Fengmao with a smile.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s appearance, Ding Fengmao had been nervous and nervous, and then slowly relaxed a little, and quickly said: “The subordinates do not have long eyes and did not recognize the chairman. I ask the chairman to forgive me. Please forgive the chairman.”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and looked at Leyton, who was already stunned and cold sweat dripping from the side, with a smile, and said, “You have a good relationship with this Leyton? Just a call from him makes you obediently Come here and help him teach others.”

Ding Fengmao is also an old man in the workplace anyhow. He would not understand the meaning of Wayne Lin’s words. He quickly denied it and said, “No, no! Chairman, this is all a misunderstanding. I am not familiar with this guy!”

Then, with a fierce look in his eyes, he asked Wayne Lin: “The director

Long, do you want your subordinates to get rid of this person? “

He made a gesture of wiping his neck, and his eyes were dark.

His remarks were appreciated by Wayne Lin. Originally, he didn’t have a deep impression of Ding Fengmao. He just knew that Ding Fengmao was only one of Jiang Liqun’s subordinates. Now it seems that Ding Fengmao is quite powerful.

When Leyton heard this, he finally reacted, his face lost his blood in an instant, and he quickly said to Ding Fengmao: “Ding Fengmao! What’s the situation? Is something wrong, Wayne Lin? , It’s just the abandoned son of the Lin family, now that he is not as good as a pig and a dog, how could he be your chairman!”

He said this excitedly and quickly, his face was full of incredulity. It wasn’t that he had to accept the ability, but that what happened before his eyes was too far from his imagination, so someone told him suddenly, There are dinosaurs in this world, and they are right in front of him.

It completely violates his attempts for so many years, so the first reaction will feel that this must be some high-tech synthesis, it is fake!

However, when Ding Fengmao heard these words, the coldness in his eyes became more intense, and even murderous intent appeared!

This guy Leyton actually dared to humiliate the chairman so much in front of him. If he didn’t teach Leyton severely, it would be his subordinate’s dereliction of duty!

“Presumptuous!” Ding Fengmao shouted loudly at the moment, “Leyton, you ant, you dare to humiliate the chairman, it’s a death crime!”

After finishing talking, he immediately stepped up in two steps, slapped Leyton’s face hard, and slapped Leyton’s face with great strength!

The whole person also flew upside down.

You know, Ding Fengmao is also a martial artist, although he is not in the innate realm, but the slap of his anger shot is so powerful that it is not something that Leyton can bear.

Suddenly, Leyton was beaten badly and almost fainted. The whole person’s head was buzzing non-stop.

This slap finally awakened Leighton. He finally realized that he really kicked the iron this time. Murongxue’s childhood sweetheart was not a discarded son, but a real big man. As the chairman of the Lin Group, at this level, for him, it is almost the same as a god, how can he resist!

At the same time, he was extremely ashamed and regretful.

The shame was not aimed at Wayne Lin, but at Murong Xue. If it were not for Murong Xue, he would never offend a big man like Wayne Lin!

As for regret, I knew that Wayne Lin’s background was such a big one, and he wouldn’t dare to offend Wayne Lin like that!

After Ding Fengmao slapped the face, he immediately looked at Wayne Lin cautiously, and caught Wayne Lin’s tears of satisfaction, he even more ecstatic, wiped a cold sweat, he did it right this time, otherwise Wayne Lin It really wouldn’t let him go so easily.

“Come here!” Ding Fengmao shouted loudly, “Tie Leyton this beast, and throw it into the sea to feed the sharks!”

“Yes, President Ding!”

Suddenly, behind Ding Fengmao, several sturdy men emerged to subdue Layton.

Where did Layton have seen such a scene, he was already scared to death.

Chapter 784

“I was wrong, I was wrong… Don’t throw me to feed the sharks, I don’t want to die, woo…” Leyton was so scared that he started crying, the kind of howling and crying, at this moment, Where did he have the arrogance just now, he was already scared.

He struggled desperately, but he was such a dude who had already hollowed out his body, where was the opponent of these big guys, like chickens, and in a short while, he was tied up by the big guys.

In this case, he was so frightened that he peeed his pants and fell ticking.

Wayne Lin suddenly laughed disdainfully when he saw his wimpy look, so careless.

With such courage, he dared to oppose him, almost knowing nothing.

The other people present saw the embarrassment of Leyton, and none of them dared to laugh at them, all of them were shivering, panicking, for fear that Wayne Lin would focus on them.

Because they did not mock Wayne Lin less just now!

If Wayne Lin really took them, they would be completely finished.

Even people like Leyton are ants in front of Wayne Lin, not to mention them.

Just then Wayne Lin’s gaze looked over, and they were instantly scared. They all knelt down and begged for mercy, “Chairman, I was wrong. It was our fault just now, because our dogs didn’t know Taishan. , I offended the chairman. I beg the chairman to have a lot, just treat us as a fart…”

“I beg the chairman to let it go, oh oh oh…”

In less than a while, the second generation ancestors all knelt down, slapped their heads, slapped their heads, and slapped themselves. The scene was so spectacular.

For these little people, Wayne Lin didn’t want to embarrass them.

Soon, his gaze turned to the only person standing still, Murong Xue.

To say that Murong Xue is still standing is not to say that she is already stupid. She is absolutely demented.

She stood there, like a puppet without a soul, her eyes were absolutely demented, staring at Wayne Lin in a daze.

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to care about her when he saw her like this.

In any case, Murongxue was considered his childhood sweetheart, and had a relationship with each other before. If it weren’t for the incident five years ago, there is a high probability that they were married.

The current situation can only be said to be good luck.

Wayne Lin sighed inwardly. In fact, he was quite happy to meet Murongxue this time. If Murongxue was the same as before, he would help Murongxue’s family.

But now it seems that there is no need for this at all, and he and Murong Xue are already strangers.

He winked at Ding Fengmao, and then left here.

Ding Fengmao understood Wayne Lin’s meaning, and he was relieved, but at the same time he had to feel that Wayne Lin’s generosity had actually let Leyton go.

In terms of Wayne Lin’s current status and ability, killing a Layton would be like killing a chicken.

He kicked Leighton severely, and cursed: “Forget your fate, the chairman has Dalian patriots, and you don’t have the same knowledge as you! Next time you dare not know Taishan and offend the director. Elder, I will kill you directly!”

Leyton suffered this kick, and his whole body bends like a prawn, and the pain makes him breathless.

But he didn’t dare to have any resentment or hatred, because he knew that Ding Fengmao was right. As the chairman of the Lin Group, it was indeed very simple to really kill him.

After a while, after Wayne Lin, Ding Fengmao and others had left, the audience was still strangely quiet.

Everyone was stunned, unable to make a sound.

What happened just now was too shocking and subverting for them.

It was like a dream. Before that, who would have thought that the abandoned son of the Lin family, whom they looked down upon, would have changed and become the chairman of the high-ranking Lin Group?

It’s just as absurd as an ant on the ground suddenly turned into a dragon in the sky.

Soon, they couldn’t help but looked at Murongxue who was still in a daze, and they all realized that Murongxue had missed a great opportunity this time!

Isn’t it? Originally, as Murongxue, Wayne Lin and Wayne Lin grew up together as a childhood sweetheart. Now that Wayne Lin is so powerful, he is still willing to eat with her. He must still be in love. But now, it has been ruined by Murong Xue.

As the client’s Murongxue, she was only able to react now, hot tears were streaming down her eyes, and her regret was so extreme that she cried out!

Thinking of what she said to Wayne Lin just now, she only felt extremely regretful and mocking, Wayne Lin was so powerful, as the chairman of the Lin Group, and she actually mocked Wayne Lin that way!

If it weren’t for her death tonight, based on her relationship with Wayne Lin, she would definitely be able to reconnect with Wayne Lin.

But now, there is nothing, nothing…

This feeling of regret was so strong that she could not bear it directly, rolled her eyes and fainted.

Not long after, Leyton also received a call from his home, scolded him, and deprived him of his status as Lei’s youngster. At that moment, Leyton’s face was ashamed and he passed out.

The scene was once chaotic.

On Wayne Lin’s side, after he came out of the hotel, his mood had returned to normal.

What happened just now did not affect him.

Ding Fengmao has been bending over, carefully following behind him, putting his posture extremely low, for fear that an improper action might provoke Wayne Lin.

The current Wayne Lin, to him, is similar to the ancient emperor, staying by Wayne Lin’s side, he felt the horror of companionship like a tiger.

This feeling is something he doesn’t have when facing Jiang Liqun, or any big man.

“You seem to be afraid of me?” Wayne Lin suddenly turned around, looking at Ding Fengmao with a smile.

But Ding Fengmao was already nervous enough. When Wayne Lin’s eyes were seen, his mind was completely blank. Before he understood the content of Wayne Lin’s words, he quickly said, “Chairman, I damn it, I beg you. Forgive me!”

As he said, he kept slapping himself.

Although the lesson he taught Leyton just now was obtained with Wayne Lin’s permission, this does not mean that he is completely exonerated.

Who made him call Wayne Lin a beast just now? This is definitely a big mistake!

Wayne Lin was a little speechless. Is his feelings so terrible in Ding Fengmao’s eyes?

“What are you nervous about, am I that scary?” Wayne Lin said helplessly.

Ding Fengmao wiped a cold sweat. “Chairman, your aura is too strong, and your subordinates are afraid.”

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, “Okay, you can go back.”

Ding Fengmao nodded and stepped back quickly, not daring to disturb Wayne Lin anymore. He found that as long as he stayed next to Wayne Lin, he would feel extremely pressured. After a long time, he suspected that he would have a heart attack.

After Ding Fengmao left, Wayne Lin looked at a place with deep eyes and smiled and said, “Friend, you have followed me for so long, should you come out?”

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