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Chapter 395

“Yan Ran, who are you looking for?”

A female classmate next to her found her looking around and asked curiously.

Ouyang Yanran shook her head. She didn’t find Wayne Lin. Thinking about it, Wayne Lin couldn’t protect herself now, so why would he come to such a grand birthday party?

“Nothing, just take a look.” Ouyang Yanran said.

Several female classmates in the same group thought that Ouyang Yanran was still thinking about Lai Binbai, and became more determined, and she wanted to introduce Ouyang Yanran’s determination to meet the handsome guy.

At this moment, a few boys came from the front. Among them, in the middle was a very handsome young man. Looking at his early twenties, his skin was well maintained, and his bangs were very thick. He was currently popular in Korea. It’s not surprising that he is a star in the entertainment industry.

His appearance made Ouyang Yanran’s female classmates excited. They were all Yankong, and they were especially moved to see such a handsome boy.

Except for the young man in the middle, the other boys are also very handsome. The famous brand they wear can be seen from the rich family.

When they saw Ouyang Yanran, they also showed a stunning expression. A beautiful woman of Ouyang Yanran’s level is rare no matter where they go.

“It’s Shao Zhou and they are here!”

“Oh my god, the man in the middle is too handsome, he looks like Hancheng Obama!”

“That’s not the case. This handsome guy is called Luo Zifeng. He is a super handsome guy from the University of Finance next door. The most rare thing is that his family is very rich and handsome.”

“Is he also Gu Shao’s friend? That’s amazing.”

Ouyang Yanran listened to the discussion of several female classmates, and she couldn’t help but look at Luo Zifeng a few more times. She also had to admit that this man named Luo Zifeng grew up very handsome, more handsome than Laibinbai, and very good. Heroic, rather than weak custard type.

But Ouyang Yanran didn’t have much feeling. Since meeting Wayne Lin, her aesthetic has been biased. She no longer likes handsome little meat, but is more interested in mature men.

Soon the other party came over and greeted Ouyang Yanran and others enthusiastically.

These boys are from the University of Finance next door, and they are friends of a female classmate of Ouyang Yanran. They came to attend Gu Hanxing’s birthday this time. It was actually a marriage and they knew each other.

These girls had originally rushed to Luo Zifeng, but now Luo Zifeng has been staring at Ouyang Yanran, and they have not moved away, they all know that they are out of play.

They are also beauties, but they are still a lot worse than the beauty of Ouyang Yanran.

“Sao Luo, let me introduce to you. This is my good sister, Ouyang Yanran. She is the school flower of our university. There are 800 people who pursue her without a thousand.”

Luo Zifeng’s eyes flashed thickly, with a bright smile, and he proactively greeted Ouyang Yanran, “Yanran, hello, I am Luo Zifeng, you can call me Zifeng.”

Faced with Luo Zifeng’s enthusiasm, Ouyang Yanran didn’t react much, just nodded lightly and said hello.

Luo Zifeng frowned slightly. As the school grass, he didn’t know how many girls had a crush on him. Even if their college flowers were taken down by him early, no girl would be so indifferent to him.

Ouyang Yanran’s indifferent attitude made him a little uncomfortable, but the more he was like this, the more fulfilled he would be when he conquered, so he showed a super sunny and handsome smile and said: “Yanran, you are among all the women I have seen , The most beautiful one, can I add your WeChat?”

Luo Zifeng’s move is always unfavorable, thinking that Ouyang Yanran will definitely agree to him without hesitation. Isn’t it? Those female classmates

They all looked at Ouyang Yanran enviously.

But Ouyang Yanran’s response made him stunned, “No.”

“What?” Luo Zifeng asked in surprise.

Ouyang Yanran was originally a person with a cold personality. She didn’t answer Luo Zifeng any more, but found a seat and sat down by herself.

Her reaction caused Luo Zifeng’s mouth to twitch fiercely twice. When did the school grass of the University of Finance be so ignorant of him!

However, he couldn’t get angry, because Ouyang Yanran was so beautiful, it would not be an exaggeration to describe Ouyang Yanran with the beauty of the country, especially the temperament exuded from Ouyang Yanran, anyone with a discerning eye knew that Ouyang Yanran was Rich girl.

The female classmate saw that Luo Zifeng’s expression was not right, and quickly explained: “Luo Shao, you forgive me. Our family Yanran’s personality is like this, especially cold. She has been in love with her ex for three years, but never kissed him. Mouth. But once you get acquainted with her, she will be very enthusiastic.”

Another female classmate also explained: “Yes, and Yan Ran just broke up with her ex and she was in a bad mood, so we asked her to come over to get to know more friends and forget the unpleasant things in the past.”

After Luo Zifeng heard it, he smiled, his mood suddenly brightened, and waved his hand and said: “You are too worried, how can I be so stingy? Besides, I admire women with character the most.”

As he said, Luo Zifeng picked up the goblet and took a sip, so handsome and handsome like that, so that these girls saw the red hearts in their eyes and called them so handsome.

“Yan Ran, what’s wrong with you today? Didn’t you always use Yan control before? Luo Zifeng is so handsome, it should be your food.” The girl just asked Ouyang Yanran curiously.

Ouyang Yanran said indifferently: “I don’t have any plans to fall in love now.”

“Hey, I didn’t let you interact with him right away. Get to know him first, then call and consider further development. Anyway, I have already come, so I should know more friends.”

Ouyang Yanran thought for a while, and felt that the other party was right, anyway, it was already here. It would be nice to know more friends.

She went over to chat with Luo Zifeng and the others.

Luo Zifeng and several other boys were extremely excited when they saw her coming over. They tried their best to perform in Ouyang Yanran, hoping to get Ouyang Yanran’s favor.

If they could make Ouyang Yanran smile, it would make them even more ecstatic.

Ouyang Yanran found it very boring. These men grew up very handsome, but their thoughts were too naive, and they were not at the same level as Wayne Lin.

Now she started to regret coming to the birthday party tonight, which was really meaningless.

She made up her mind and went back to school after dinner. She didn’t sing K with them. It was boring.

At this moment, Ouyang Yanran saw a figure appearing in front of her, she was stunned and stood up abruptly.

This sudden movement of her shocked Luo Zifeng and others. Ouyang Yanran had always been indifferent, and it was the first time she had such a gaffe.

She also rubbed her eyes, thinking that she had an illusion, and immediately she realized that she had not read it wrong, she was really the person she thought in her heart, and she gave a bright smile from the bottom of her heart. In an instant, the earth rejuvenated and the beauty was overwhelming. , The world has lost its color.

Especially the boys of Luo Zifeng, seeing this smile from Ouyang Yanran, their expressions were all demented!

The man sitting across from Ouyang Yanran thought that Ouyang Yanran was smiling at her. He was instantly ecstatic and his heartbeat was almost at its extreme.

Then Ouyang Yanran left here and walked quickly towards that figure…

Chapter 396

Ouyang Yanran could see clearly, the person who appeared on the opposite side was not who, but Wayne Lin!

When she saw Wayne Lin clearly, she was suddenly filled with chicken blood, and she suddenly became happy and excited.

Originally, she was very boring about the banquet. It didn’t mean anything, so she might as well go back to the dormitory to read.

But the appearance of Wayne Lin made her boredom disappear instantly. That feeling is stronger than when she got a toy she wanted and wanted very much.

In fact, during this time, she didn’t miss Wayne Lin less, especially after knowing that Wayne Lin was in danger, she missed Wayne Lin even more.

She is a high school student, and she is so good in every subject, but she can’t understand why she feels this way. She obviously hated Wayne Lin at first.

Is it because Wayne Lin told her that when Lai Binbai betrayed her, she suddenly began to appreciate Wayne Lin?

Ouyang Yanran couldn’t figure it out, maybe she was a grateful person.

Luo Zifeng and the others were obviously stunned when they saw Ouyang Yanran leaving so quickly, not knowing what had happened.

Even those female classmates who have known Ouyang Yanran for a long time are very surprised. In their impression, Ouyang Yanran is a very cold type, even if Laibinbai came to her, she would not be so. Excited.

They didn’t chat, they all looked at Ouyang Yanran to see who she was going to see.

The closer you get to Wayne Lin, the faster Ouyang Yanran’s heart beats. This is an unspeakable emotion. She had only seen Wayne Lin not long ago. How could she be so nervous? This is not her character at all.

However, while she was so stunned, Wayne Lin in front of her suddenly disappeared!

She felt lost at this moment, and she quickly looked around for Wayne Lin, but she still didn’t see it.

Wayne Lin disappeared under her nose!

Ouyang Yanran was particularly depressed and even felt uncomfortable. It was like losing her beloved toy, her nose was a bit sore, and she had the urge to cry!

How is this possible, she and Wayne Lin are not even friends.

“Miss Ouyang, are you looking for me?”

At this moment, behind her, a gentle voice suddenly rang out, which made her stunned for a moment and stunned. Then she immediately turned back and saw Wayne Lin standing in front of her. Smiling and looking at her.

Ouyang Yanran’s heart was suddenly blocked, it was a feeling of loss and recovery, and her face bloomed with a gorgeous smile.

“Uncle, you made a mistake, I’m looking for you to do what I can do.” Ouyang Yanran said this, but the corners of her mouth rose.

Wayne Lin was stunned. Didn’t Ouyang Yanran walk over to him happily just now?

But Ouyang Yanran said so, and Wayne Lin couldn’t stay away to be uninterested. He said, “Oh, I made a mistake, bye.”

After speaking, he turned to leave.

Wayne Lin adjusted his state to the best through three days of bigu. He was 30% sure that he could fight Wu Meizi to the death. He rushed over directly to attend Gu Hanxing’s unprecedented grand birthday party.

This time he came by himself, very low-key, hidden in the crowd, because of his low-key, after he appeared, no one found him.

Instead, Ouyang Yanran was the first to find him.

Today he is here to do important things, it is not good to have too much contact with Ouyang Yanran.

When Ouyang Yanran saw him walking so swiftly, she felt ashamed and stomped her feet with anger, and shouted to him, “Hey, Wayne Lin, why did you ignore me last time you came to my house?”

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment when she heard what she said, then turned around and said, “Last time, there was something in my house, I didn’t have time to say hello to you, sorry.”

When Ouyang Yanran saw him take the initiative to apologize, she was very polite and really gentle, and she thought of what her father Ouyang Xuehai had said. Now that Wayne Lin is so fierce and hard to escape, she feels particularly sad.

“I was joking with you, I am not angry with you.” Ouyang Yanran unconsciously said that the temperature became a lot softer, and the eyes of Wayne Lin were even more intolerable and sad.

Who is Wayne Lin, how could he not catch Ouyang Yanran’s emotions, smiled dumbly, just about to speak, when someone came over, it was Luo Zifeng and others, so he had to give up.

“Yan Ran, I said where did you go? Turns out you are here.” Luo Zifeng said with a smile. Then he looked at Wayne Lin and saw Wayne Lin dressed in low-end clothes, and he couldn’t help showing some contempt. Who is this?”

He thought his contempt was very secretive, but in fact he was arrested by Ouyang Yanran, and his impression of him became even worse. He didn’t bother to pay attention to it, but said to Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, these are my classmates. Friends, I just met them.”

Wayne Lin showed a strange expression on his face, and Ouyang Yanran explained to him what he was doing.

As for Luo Zifeng, his face immediately became gloomy.

The other boys were also a bit more hostile towards Wayne Lin. The main Wayne Lin looked too ordinary, and he was obviously older than them. If they lost to such an ordinary person, they would really not be convinced.

Some female classmates were also surprised. They were all Ouyang Yanran’s classmates. They had known each other for several years. They had never seen Ouyang Yanran so passionate about a man.

“Yan Ran, who is this uncle? Is it your relative?” a female classmate asked weirdly.

Ouyang Yanran thought for a while and said, “He, he is the blind date my grandfather introduced to me, called Wayne Lin.”


This shocked everyone, and opened their eyes wide, looking at Ouyang Yanran incredible.

Even Wayne Lin was stunned, he obviously didn’t expect Ouyang Yanran to say that.

Ouyang Yanran saw their shocked reaction, and the smile on her face became brighter, and she continued: “Let’s talk, don’t worry about me, I’ll just sit with Wayne.”

When she said that, she went directly and took Wayne Lin’s arm.

She is born with a cold personality, and asking her to take the initiative to hold a man’s hand is really embarrassing for her, and her face flushed.

But she didn’t resist at all, but found it very exciting.

This scene made the faces of Luo Zifeng and other boys black, and they were also full of hostility towards Wayne Lin, as if they were treated as rivals in love.

The girls were also stunned, looking at Ouyang Yanran in surprise. They had known Ouyang Yanran for so long and had never seen Ouyang Yanran looking at a man’s arm so intimately, even if they were just holding hands with Lai Binbai.

And now, Ouyang Yanran is sticking her chest to Wayne Lin’s arm, this is the rhythm of actively delivering tofu.

The corners of Luo Zifeng’s mouth twitched fiercely, and he was really twisted with jealousy now.

Chapter 397

He has never been so uncomfortable!

From the first sight of Ouyang Yanran, he made up his mind to take Ouyang Yanran no matter what, he also had absolute confidence in himself.

But now, suddenly a Cheng Yaojin came out, grabbing love with a sword, and snatching the woman he was fond of. It was a torture to him!

He couldn’t bear it.

He stared at Wayne Lin tightly, wishing to punch Wayne Lin to death.

But he knew that he couldn’t do this. First of all, it was at Gu Hanxing’s birthday party. Once he did it, it would not give Gu Hanxing face. But now Gu Hanxing is in the sky, offending Gu Hanxing, that is a dead end, his entire family is implicated, so he would never dare to do anything here.

But it does not mean that he will succumb!

So he smiled again and said to Wayne Lin: “Mr. Lin, right? I’m Luo Zifeng, the son of the chairman of the Roche Group. I don’t know where you can ask for it?”

Wayne Lin can guess what Luo Zifeng’s idea is with his ass. He is here to do a big deal today. He is too lazy to be familiar with this kind of young guy. He is too lazy to take care of it. He directly said to Ouyang Yanran: “Yanran, I still have something to do. , Don’t accompany you, you can play with your friends.”

He was about to pull his hand out, ready to leave.

This behavior of his fell in Luo Zifeng’s eyes, and it became a manifestation of a guilty conscience. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rose, and he began to tremble.

Ouyang Yanran felt unwilling to see him leaving, grabbed his arm and refused to let him go, saying: “Where are you going? I’ll accompany you.”

Seeing Wayne Lin looking at her with a surprised look, Ouyang Yanran blushed a little and explained: “Don’t get me wrong, I just listen to my grandfather. He asked me to contact you more.”

So this is ah……

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Then you don’t have to do this from now on. Your grandfather has already made a decision to draw a line with me.”

Ouyang Yanran naturally knew about this, but she didn’t understand Grandpa’s decision. Is the Ouyang family so afraid of that Wu Meizi?

“You helped me last time, I haven’t thanked you well yet.” Ouyang Yanran looked at Wayne Lin and said.

“What happened last time was accidental, and I am not helping you. Well, you should keep a distance from me, otherwise it will be against you.” Wayne Lin said seriously.

The chat between the two of them was too jumpy, causing the others to not understand.

Ouyang Yanran faced Wayne Lin’s repeated estrangement, and her temper came. Anyway, this young lady is also a school girl and the daughter of Ouyang’s family. I have been so proactive. What do you mean by keeping estranged from me? Well, the more you have to alienate me, the less I can do as you wish.

So Ouyang Yanran took Wayne Lin’s arm again, and said a little coquettishly, “Brother Wayne, you should accompany me. I haven’t spoken to you for a long time.”


Wayne Lin gasped when he heard Ouyang Yanran acting like a baby. Is this still the Miss Ouyang he knew?

As for the other female classmates, they also had the same devilish expression. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would think that Ouyang Yanran was f*cked by a ghost! Would you still act like this?


As for the boys, Luo Zifeng was even more envious and jealous, gnashing his teeth with anger.

Wayne Lin thought for a while, anyway, he has nowhere to go now. It’s better to stay and eat with young people like Ouyang Yanran, waiting for Gu Hanxing and Wu Meizi to come out and watch the changes.

So he said: “Okay, then talk to you.”

When Ouyang Yanran heard Wayne Lin’s promise, she felt happy, with a bright smile on her face.

After sitting down, Luo Zifeng couldn’t wait to say: “Yan Ran, you haven’t told us what Wayne Lin does and what school did he graduate from?”

As soon as Ouyang Yanran wanted to speak, Wayne Lin said, “I am a vagrant, and I can’t compare with you rich kids.”


Wayne Lin is not wrong on this point. He has already handed over the management rights of the three companies, and now he is only responsible for dividends, so it is appropriate to be a vagrant.

Sure enough, when they heard Wayne Lin was a vagrant, they all showed expressions of contempt and disdain.

Ouyang Yanran was taken aback. She didn’t expect Wayne Lin to answer this way, but she didn’t reveal Wayne Lin. Instead, it was the contempt of Luo Zifeng and others, which made her particularly uncomfortable.

Another boy said: “By the way, I think you are not too young anymore. I don’t know which prestigious school you graduated from?”

They are all top students from the University of Finance and have a natural sense of superiority in their academic qualifications.

Wayne Lin smiled again and said, “I haven’t been to college.”

“Hahahaha… isn’t it, in today’s society, is there anyone who has gone to college?”

“Why, is it shameful not to go to university?” Wayne Lin asked, squinting.

The boy waved his hand and said, “It’s shameful for us, but it should be normal for you. After all, you are a person your age and still a vagrant. Going to college is too far away for you.”

Several other boys also laughed, with a particularly playful expression.

Ouyang Yanran’s face became even colder. She especially disliked these people laughing at Wayne Lin. It was obvious that they were just a group of second generation ancestors who had mixed up with their homes, and they were not comparable to Wayne Lin!

“Enough of you!” Ouyang Yanran couldn’t help it, staring at them. “Wayne Lin is not a vagrant. He just teases you. He is the chairman of dignified Ziqiong Media. There are two major companies, Tengyue Advertising and Aegis Security, which are much more powerful than your elders. You guys dare to laugh at him? Where do you come from?”

Ouyang Yanran seldom was so angry. The faces of these people just now made her look down.

They were stunned for a while, and then Luo Zifeng chuckled out, “I said Yanran, your joke is too big, just like him, can you still be the chairman of Ziqiong Media? You are treating us like this. What a fool.”

“Isn’t it? He’s a low-end product, he’s a takeaway, haha.”

“Needless to say, Ouyang Yanran must have been cheated by this guy.”

They didn’t believe it, but ridiculed each one.

Even those female classmates now agree that Ouyang Yanran was fooled by Wayne Lin. As long as they are normal people, they would not believe that Wayne Lin is the big boss. Isn’t that a joke?

A female classmate pulled Ouyang Yanran aside and said worriedly: “Yan Ran, what’s your situation? You were deceived by this guy.”

“Yeah, Yanran, I think you’d better have a snack. There are so many scammers now, so I love to find a beautiful woman like you to start, cheating money and sex.”

“It seems that Laibinbai’s betrayal has had too much influence on you, and you have been deceived by others, alas…”

Ouyang Yanran said: “What are you talking nonsense! What I just said is true. Wayne Lin is really the chairman of Ziqiong Media and he is very rich.”

Several girls were even more worried when seeing Ouyang Yanran’s conviction, thinking that Ouyang Yanran had been brainwashed.

Ouyang Yanran still wanted to explain, but she didn’t care about Wayne Lin’s face, as if she didn’t care about being laughed at, she was discouraged and didn’t want to explain.

At this time, they talked about Gu Hanxing, the birthday star tonight, and a boy asked Luo Zifeng: “Shao Luo, I heard that you and Gu Shao have a good relationship. Can you introduce us to it?”

When the girls heard this, they turned their attention away, and stopped talking about Wayne Lin, the little character.

Luo Zifeng triumphantly said: “Then you really asked the right person. Gu Shao and I have been good friends for many years. As long as I say hello to Gu Shao, it is not a problem for you to mix faces in front of Gu Shao. Go up to the line of Gu Shao, then it depends on your ability.”

After they listened, they were all fascinated.

Wayne Lin heard these words with a strange expression on his face, and then smiled at Luo Zifeng and said, “Shao Luo, since you are so familiar with Gu Hanxing, I wonder if you can also recommend me?”

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