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Chapter 731


Qin Yuehua was stunned when she heard this, and her reaction was particularly great!

“Did you tell Wayne?”

Nishang nodded and said: “Yes, auntie, in this situation, only Wayne can save us.”

Qin Yuehua was very angry by the neon clothes, pointing at the neon clothes, her body was trembling, “Nine clothes, you are confused! You are called Wayne to die!”

Nishang bit her lip and said, “But Auntie, this is the only chance to save you. I can’t give up easily.”

“You, you…” Qin Yuehua was very annoyed, stared at the neon clothes for a while, trying to curse, but when the words came to her lips, she still held back, and then sighed and said: “But have you ever thought about it? , Wayne is here, he can’t save us, he can only come to bury us.”

Nishang lowered her head, ashamed and regret appeared on her face. In fact, before she sent the message, she had thought a lot about it. If Wayne Lin came to save people, it would really be a life of nine deaths. But she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t just watch her aunt being executed.

Qin Yuehua sat down dejectedly, despair and sadness appeared on her face.

On Wayne Lin’s side, he has now reached the depths of the mountains and forests. When he is here, he can clearly feel that he is already very close to the BRAGRUN organization. Here, there are suddenly no beasts, snakes, insects, rats and ants. , It seemed so silent.

He didn’t know what technology BRAGRUN organization used. He couldn’t see the appearance of BRAGRUN organization at a glance, but he could clearly feel that BRAGRUN headquarters was in front of him.

He stood still, staring straight ahead, and then his lips rose slightly. He had discovered that the Ni Duan of BRAGRUN organization was in front of him.

Just as he walked forward again, at this moment, two people came out from behind the big trees on both sides.

The aura is strong, the figure is also very burly, piercing and energetic, and the clothes that he wears are still the kind of ancient clothes, which seems quite contrary to this era.

They stared at Wayne Lin and reprimanded in a deep voice: “Mortals stop, this is not a place you can reach, leave immediately.”

They are two masters at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, and their strength is not bad.

However, it was not the two acquired pinnacle masters that caught Wayne Lin’s attention, but the innate realm masters hidden in the shadows, whose cultivation reached the third stage.

“A mortal?” Wayne Lin smiled and said, “You don’t have much strength, but your tone is arrogant.”

“Presumptuous!” One of the big guys immediately crossed his brows and angered, his roaring voice was particularly loud, with a bit of the power of a lion roar, but unfortunately he was only an ant at the peak of the day after tomorrow, and he still looked too weak for a super expert like Wayne Lin. some.

I took a step forward, sternly, and said in an absolutely domineering tone: “Mortal, I don’t know how you found this place, leave quickly! Otherwise, don’t blame us for adding swords and axes!”

His figure is particularly burly, with a full 1.9 meters, and the muscular body is also five big and three thick, looking like an iron tower.

And the other big man beside him was equally scary, but from a visual point of view, Wayne Lin looked like a child in front of them.

Of course Wayne Lin won’t have any mood swings. He said lightly: “I’m here to visit BRAGRUN organization.”

Upon hearing this, these two big guys

, The pupils contracted suddenly, and a terrifying fierce light broke out in their eyes. They knew that they were shocked and realized that Wayne Lin was not a mortal, because mortals would not know the name of the BRAGRUN organization!

“Who on earth are you! Come to BRAGRUN organization, what’s the so-called!” The big man looked at him in an interrogating tone. As long as Wayne Lin answered incorrectly, he would immediately attack with thunder.

Naturally, Wayne Lin would not be fooled by this situation. He came to BRAGRUN headquarters today and was ready to go back.

“You are looking for neon clothes.” Wayne Lin said.

Another big man frowned, said in a deep voice, “Who are you in neon clothes?!”

“Friends.” Wayne Lin said: “Why, do you have a dignified BRAGRUN organization, do you even keep your friends out?”

The two big men looked at each other and hesitated. Their ranks were very low. They had no decision-making power for this kind of thing, so they had to ask their superiors. Their eyes turned to a place…

Soon, in that place, an old man appeared out of thin air, it was the innate realm master who had been monitoring Wayne Lin for a long time, and his cultivation had reached the third stage.

When the two big men saw this old man’s arrival, their faces were in awe, and they bowed respectfully, “Your Honor!”

The old man nodded lightly, and then said to Wayne Lin: “What is your name and how do you know that BRAGRUN headquarters is here?”

He used a purely questioning tone, his posture was also lofty, full of superiority and arrogance, as long as Wayne Lin answered incorrectly, he would immediately take action and capture Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I believe you have heard of my name.”

“Oh? Who are you.” The old man raised his eyebrows, as if he was interested, and there was some contempt on his face, thinking that Wayne Lin was posing.

But soon, Wayne Lin’s words directly suppressed him, “I am Wayne Lin.”

Sure enough, when the old man heard the three words’Wayne Lin’, his eyes widened and his reaction was great. There was horror on his face, and he blurted out, “What?! You are Wayne Lin?!”

The two big guys were stunned when they saw the old man’s reaction so much. In their impression, the Venerable was a big figure with a deep city, and Taishan collapsed in the front but never changed. They were always in a high posture. Is there such an abnormality now?

They were not stupid, and they immediately realized that the young man in front of him had a different origin.

Wayne Lin laughed and said, “It seems that you know me, but it saves me a lot of effort.”

The old man was shocked now, he naturally knew Wayne Lin. It can be said that as long as he is a high-level Wayne Lin in the BRAGRUN organization, he does not know him.

Not only is Wayne Lin the wild species of the previous saint Qin Yuehua, but more importantly, it is Wayne Lin who, not long ago, fought to the death with the Southern Heavenly King Lei Zhen on the Junlin Mountain and killed Lei Zhen!

It can be said that Wayne Lin is the enemy of the entire BRAGRUN organization.

And now, Wayne Lin dared to take the initiative to throw it to BRAGRUN headquarters? This is too arrogant!

The old man’s reaction was not unpleasant. Hearing Wayne Lin’s name, he immediately realized that Wayne Lin’s visit to BRAGRUN headquarters this time was definitely not as simple as visiting neon clothes!

So when he reacted, he reacted immediately…

Chapter 732

Without any hesitation, he turned around and ran!

He wanted to return to BRAGRUN headquarters as soon as possible to pass back the news of Wayne Lin’s arrival.

His speed is considered to be very fast, and without any warning, he has already backed away, a few tens of meters in a second.

But Wayne Lin was faster than him.

Almost when he moved, Wayne Lin followed.

If the virgin is moving like a rabbit, Wayne Lin seems to have never moved before, and is absolutely still with the old man, so in the eyes of the two big men, Wayne Lin just took a very casual step, and he was already behind the old man. He grabbed the back of the old man’s neck and said with a smile: “What are you doing so fast, do you want to go back and report the news?”

When the old man heard Wayne Lin’s words, it sounded in his ears, and the distance between the two was less than half a meter. He only felt his scalp numb, and there was a bitter coldness, as if for a moment, it was not Wayne Lin who followed him, but the god of death.

“Wayne Lin, don’t you…”

Before he could finish his words, Wayne Lin had already grabbed the back of his neck, and then squeezed, with a click, the old man’s words came to an abrupt end. The body that had been running so fast also stopped all of a sudden, losing the strength to support it. .

Ordinary people, having their necks squeezed off, must have died on the spot, but for the masters of the third stage of the Innate Realm, the vitality is extremely strong. Although his neck was squeezed, he has not completely died.

He opened his eyes wide, full of panic, and despair.

And the two big men, seeing this scene, they were dumbfounded!

The scalp was numb in an instant. In their minds, the old man was an absolute strong man, and he could abuse them with a single finger, but now, he was subdued by Wayne Lin in one breath. How terrifying is Wayne Lin?

They froze for a second, reacted, and immediately began to react. At this time, they knew that they could no longer escape. What they had to do was to send out the signal to remind the people inside!

Their reaction was already very fast, but for Wayne Lin, it was still too slow and too slow, just like a snail.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s finger soaring, two silver needles flew out of his fingertips, and they chuckled into their temples at a speed faster than the sound, and died on the spot.

Wayne Lin was never a cruel and ruthless person.

But these two big men carried an extremely strong smell of blood. Wayne Lin knew that the two big men had a lot of lives on their hands, and it was not a pity to die.

What’s more, he doesn’t have a good impression of the entire BRAGRUN organization.

He is not cruel, but it does not mean that he is kind.

He just killed the people who should be killed.

The old man was even more frightened when he saw Wayne Lin killed the two big men so easily. In his throat, he made a difficult voice, “Don’t kill me, please…”

Wayne Lin didn’t kill him immediately, but put him down to let his breathing flow smoother, and then asked, “What are you going to do with my mother.”

When the old man heard the words, his eyes flickered and did not immediately answer, but Wayne Lin snorted coldly. He once again felt the breath of death, and the cold sweat was streaming down. He didn’t dare to fail. …”

Wayne Lin’s heart twitched, his eyes became colder, “When?!”

“Just, just today…

When these words were said, the old man clearly felt that Wayne Lin’s people had changed, his eyes became colder and full of murderous intent!

The old man became frightened again, Wayne Lin’s strength was too strong, he saw the shadow of Jian Rushuang on Wayne Lin…

“Don’t kill me, please…” the old man begged bitterly.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath, his clenched fist slowly relaxed.

For this old man, Wayne Lin didn’t do anything, because Wayne Lin knew that even if he didn’t do it, the old man would not live long.

He strode directly in.

I don’t know what high-tech technology BRAGRUN organization uses. The door of BRAGRUN organization is clearly right in front of him, but with his naked eyes, he just can’t find it. He has to rely on his own consciousness to find the direction of the door.

As soon as he entered, Wayne Lin immediately felt a subtle resistance, repelling him, a very strange feeling.

But the strength is not great.

Wayne Lin stepped in and went in.

After coming in, what I saw was another scene.

Inside, the four seasons are like spring, the climate is pleasant, there are retro buildings everywhere, and the fragrance of the air.

And the people in this area are also wearing ancient clothes. The lowest level of cultivation is in the realm of masters, most of them are the peak of the acquired, and there are many people who are experts in the innate realm.

After Wayne Lin walked in, he involuntarily thought of a word, Xanadu.

Here is the meaning of Xanadu in Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring.

This is BRAGRUN’s headquarters, Wayne Lin took a deep breath, his mood was quite complicated.

His coming in did not cause any abnormalities, and even people passing by did not notice him much.

Because in their impression, BRAGRUN headquarters is an absolutely secret existence. Even high-level Chinese people can’t find their address by using high-tech technology. They have lived in this subconscious mind for decades.

Even if Wayne Lin’s face looked unfamiliar, it was just a new member.

So after Wayne Lin came in, he relaxed even more.

When he discovered this situation, he was not nervous anymore. But he didn’t relax completely, because he still had big things to do.

He walked in all the way, intending to find the location of his mother Qin Yuehua and Nishang. The best way is to sneak away mother and Nishang without disturbing BRAGRUN organization. This is the safest way.

I have to say that BRAGRUN’s headquarters is really big. He has been shopping here for more than an hour without finishing it. And the more he walked around, the more surprised he was. Before he came, he would never have imagined that BRAGRUN headquarters was so huge that it could be called a small city!

Here, the ecology is complete and there are everything, not only powerful fighters, but also various high-level scientific research experts, and there are talents in the fields of biology, communications, machinery, medicine, and military.

It’s no wonder that even China is so jealous of the BRAGRUN organization, the strength of this BRAGRUN organization is too terrifying!

As he walked around, Wayne Lin’s heart sank. If he couldn’t find his mother Qin Yuehua and Nishang, it would be really difficult for him to take them out!

At this moment, he heard someone discussing behind him: “Have you heard that the sword will be like the Frost King immediately, and the previous saint and Lord Nishang will be executed…”

Chapter 733

When Wayne Lin heard this, his heart immediately jumped, and his steps stopped.

“What were you talking about? The previous saints and Lord Nishang are going to be executed? What crimes did they commit.” Wayne Lin immediately turned around and asked in a deep voice.

When the two people saw him, they froze for a while, obviously they hadn’t seen him or recognized him.

“You haven’t heard of such a big thing? Your news is too late, right? Did you just come back from outside?”

“Yes, isn’t this matter already spread throughout the organization? Why don’t you know it? Not long ago, Lord Jian Rushuang took the saint from the previous generation to the Daluo Palace to ask for sin.”

The two people didn’t have any doubts about Wayne Lin, and both believed that Wayne Lin had just returned from a mission outside, so they didn’t know about this major event yet.

They are obviously small people in the BRAGRUN organization, they are not high-ranking, and they have not seen Wayne Lin’s photos, otherwise they would definitely not be so calm.

There was some coldness in Wayne Lin’s eyes, but he didn’t show it. Instead, he said calmly, “Yes, I just came back from outside, and I don’t know about it yet. Please also ask the two seniors to talk about it. “

With this shout, the seniors made them feel lighter, the expressions on their faces were much better, and they straightened their waists unconsciously. They were originally the lowest level of existence in the BRAGRUN organization, only in the realm of masters, they had never been the only ones calling someone else’s brother, or being called a brother for the first time, they were still very comfortable.

“Haha, brother, then you are asking the right person, we know this very well.”

Then, Wayne Lin learned from the two of them what had happened in the Daluo Palace just now.

In the middle of the journey, he was furious several times, but he held it back!

When he heard these two people say that Jian Rushuang was planning to throw his mother and the neon clothes into the Ugly Hantang to be abused, he almost broke out!

He clenched his fists secretly, and his anger and hatred towards Jian Rushuang condensed to an extremely strong level.

“Finally, what happened in the end.” Wayne Lin tried hard to control his emotions.

“Finally, Lord Saint King appeared, announcing that he would ask the previous saint and Lord Nishang in the afternoon, Jian Rushuang had imprisoned the previous saint and Lord Nishang in Laurie.”

“Is that so?” Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed, and he pretended to say casually, “Then where are they locked up?”

One of them shrugged and said, “Then I don’t know. In other words, if you ask so clearly what to do, is it because you have friendship with the previous saint?”

The other person also squinted at Wayne Lin.

If it is someone else, they might panic when encountering this situation, but for Wayne Lin, how could he show his feet? He behaved as usual. He had already figured out the wording, and he was prevarication in a few sentences. This little person did not arouse suspicion.

“This sword is like the King Frost, too dictatorial, right? Since the saint of the previous generation did not make any serious mistakes, it is not appropriate to execute the saint of the previous generation suddenly.” Wayne Lin said deliberately displeased.

Immediately they were stared at by the two little people, “Hey, you are tired of life, dare to slander the king at the headquarters, if you are known by the sword-like frost king, you don’t know how to die!”

“Yes, you, a small person, dare to speak ill of the heavenly king behind your back, and you are living impatiently!”


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Wayne Lin looked frightened, his voice lowered a lot, and he still said in a somewhat unconvincing voice: “I’m also telling the truth. The saints of the previous generation have never betrayed the organization, so you can’t die. As for Master Nishang, That’s even more unreasonable, she just stood up and interceded for the saint of the previous generation…So I said Jian Rushuang was too dictatorial, it was a public revenge!”

When these two little people heard Wayne Lin still dared to say this, they became even more frightened, thinking that Wayne Lin was stunned. However, their own opinions are not that strong. Listening to Wayne Lin’s words, Jian Rushuang is indeed a bit too much, because according to their understanding, the previous saints did not do anything to harm the organization in the past few years. House arrest is in the organization.

“You don’t know anything about this, the saint of the previous generation, it was not her that was wrong, but her son, a while ago, had a decisive battle with the Southern Territory King and killed the Southern Territory King. This is a great sin. This sin must be borne by the previous saint.”

“As for Master Nishang, I heard that she has been very close to the son of the previous saint this time, and has also doubled cultivation with the son of the previous saint, so the cultivation of the son of the previous saint is so advanced…”

This person wanted to say something, but was immediately pushed by the companion next to him, and he dared not say anything.

He straightened his face immediately, and said to Wayne Lin in the tone of his senior: “I said you are a little person and do so much gossip. You should take care of yourself!”

Wayne Lin didn’t speak, but nodded, indicating that he promised.

He had asked for the key information, and now he was worried, full of anger, and a strong impulse to kill Jian Rushuang, which turned the place upside down, but he still resisted it!

The more this happens, the more calm he has to be. Now his top priority is to quietly take his mother and neon clothes out.

As long as you leave here, there will be plenty of opportunities for revenge!

After understanding this, he took a deep breath, calmed himself down quickly, and started looking for the dungeon where his mother and neon clothes were held.

It’s a pity that he is really unfamiliar with this place, and he doesn’t dare to be too high-profile, afraid to appear in front of the masters of Innate Realm, so he searched for half an hour, but did not find the dungeon location.

At this moment, he suddenly heard the movement, his eyes immediately turned towards the movement and saw a scene that made his pupils shrink.

I saw the shackles of the mother and neon clothes, surrounded by a group of people, walking forward with difficulty!

Mother was bloody, her face was sallow, her body was very weak, and her spirit was very weak. She knew at first glance that she had suffered pain.

The neon clothes became even more embarrassed, her breath became even weaker, dying, and even walking became a difficult task. Especially on the left shoulder of Nishang, he was obviously seriously injured, which made his whole body difficult.

Seeing this scene, Wayne Lin clenched his fist tightly. He was really angry, very angry, and sad!

His first reaction was to rush over and save his mother and neon clothes by the simplest and rude means!

But he still held back, because he knew that if he did, then what awaited him would be forever.

There are too many masters here, even if he is a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, in this case, with two burdens, it is impossible to escape.

He has to think of a safer way!

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