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Chapter 323

Gu Hanxing couldn’t help laughing, especially proud of Wayne Lin being beaten by him in the crowd.

With a bang, Gu Hanxing slammed a big tree half a meter in diameter, directly smashing the tree apart and losing its vitality. A cold expression flashed in Gu Hanxing’s eyes, and he said with a sneer: ” Wayne Lin, can you stop my punch?”

The several sparring partners next to him turned pale and trembling when they saw his terrifying punch.

Gu Hanxing put on a windbreaker and laughed twice and said, “Go, I heard that the newly established security company, chairman of Ziqiong Media, is about to cut the ribbon today. Let’s go and congratulate him!”

Damon Wang’s work efficiency is very high. After half a month, he has completed all the procedures, and now he can open it directly.

Wayne Lin has a very low-key personality. He hadn’t thought about how many people he would invite or how grand the scene would be, but he still underestimated his appeal in Hwadrid.

Many people came here uninvited after learning the news, just to please him, so on the day he cut the ribbon, many people came to congratulate him, and they also gave him many valuable gifts.

The first visitor was Guo’s family. Guo Yuanjia gave a gift and a gilded plaque to celebrate the opening of Wayne Lin’s new company.

“Mr. Guo, why did you come here too, you are not greeted well, please forgive me, Mr. Guo.”

Wayne Lin proactively greeted him and said, accepting the gift from Guo Yuanjia.

After not seeing him for a while, Guo Yuanjia’s complexion improved, and he even looked a few years younger. Obviously, he had a good life during this period. Wayne Lin learned that since the fall of the Huang family, the reputation of the Guo family has not diminished, but has become even stronger. Many bosses in the circle have also sold the Guo family’s face even more, so the business has improved.

This is because the Guo family is going for a walk outside. Wayne Lin and his daughter Guo Junyi are in a relationship and tend to get married. To put it bluntly, the Guo family has benefited from Wayne Lin. Now that Wayne Lin’s new company has opened, he will definitely come over.

Guo Yuanjia laughed loudly: “Hey, today is your great day for Wayne, how can I not come? Here, I wish Wayne your new company will become more prosperous, step by step, and be the best in the province as soon as possible! “

In fact, Guo Yuanjia does not quite understand why Wayne Lin has such a big crossover. He obviously works as an entertainment company. Now he has come to work as a security company. The difference between the two is too great.

But he also believed that Wayne Lin had made such a choice because of Wayne Lin’s consideration.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Thank you, Mr. Guo.”

Guo Yuanjia pretended to be displeased and said, “Wayne, Mr. Guo is too outspoken. If you don’t dislike it, call me uncle, how about?”

In fact, Guo Yuanjia said this with some risky elements. If Wayne Lin rejected him, then his face would be lost. Now there are many friends in the circle looking at him.

Why didn’t Wayne Lin know what he was thinking? He smiled and called his uncle.

Guo Yuanjia immediately relaxed and his face was joyous.

Guo Junyi also came here, she stood beside Guo Yuanjia obediently, her eyes never taken away from Wayne Lin, as if she was about to melt Wayne Lin’s whole person.

Wayne Lin looked very embarrassed.

Fortunately, there is an important meeting to be held in Alma Chu’s company today. If no one comes, he will be finished.

Guo Junyi also walked up and gave Wayne Lin a gift, and stared straight into Wayne Lin’s eyes, and said: “Wayne, you have opened a new company again. I wish you a prosperous business and a better life.”

“Thank you.” Wayne Lin accepted the gift from Guo Junyi, but when he went to pick it up, Guo Junyi was not honest, and deliberately drew a circle on his hand, and cast a wink at Wayne Lin, especially The ambiguous ground made Wayne Lin’s heart shake, and he quickly coughed twice to cover up the past.

Next, many other people gave Wayne Lin gifts and congratulations. The atmosphere was very warm and the scene was very big. The surrounding area was full of luxury cars, which attracted the attention of many citizens.

Then, a figure appeared on the scene, which immediately attracted the attention of many people!

It’s no one, it’s the Tao Sanniang from Yuntian Pavilion.

Today, she is clearly wearing a dress that is common to urban women, and it is wrapped tightly. There is no leakage, but she still can’t cover her sexy, seductive femininity. Her appearance immediately put the scene The eyes of the men were attracted to the past, and many people with poor concentration have their eyes straightened.

Tao Sanniang didn’t come by herself, and there were a few of her bodyguards. She had a faint smile on her face. She had a pair of peach eyes that seemed to be able to talk. She smiled and radiated a great deal out of every move. His charm relentlessly harvested the eyes and desires of the men present.

Wayne Lin was stunned when he saw her, but she did not expect that she would come too. She is a member of Yuntian Pavilion. In a sense, she represents the will of Yuntian Pavilion. Come here on the day when his new company opens and cut the ribbon, right? Thinking that Yuntian Pavilion is going to be on his side?

After a while, Tao Sanniang came over, and she showed a rich and charming smile. With her smile, the temperature of the scene rose several degrees!

Those men looked straighter, including many of Wayne Lin’s bodyguards, who were short of breath. Xu Hua was simply dumbfounded and his eyes would not move.

Wayne Lin had met her twice, and it was considered that he had experienced her charm technique, and he was in the innate realm now, so he had a high defense against Tao Sanniang’s charm technique, and he did not lose any stance.

“Randal, Yuntian Pavilion Tao Sanniang, I wish your business more and more prosperous, more and more prosperous, and also wish Randal Lin step by step, surrounded by beautiful women, and peach blossoms.” Tao Sanniang personally gave Wayne Lin a gift, and He also blinked at Wayne Lin, full of teasing and temptation.

Even if Wayne Lin’s concentration is very good, he can’t help but shake his heart fiercely, causing ripples and cursing a fairy in his heart!

After a few days, Tao Sanniang’s charm skills have become even more powerful. I don’t know how many men will be fascinated by her.

There shouldn’t be such a woman in this world, it’s too torturous.

Wayne Lin kept the gentleman’s smile on his face, accepted Tao Sanniang’s gift, and said, “Thank you Yuntian Pavilion.”

Tao Sanniang showed a faint resentment, and said: “Is it enough to thank Yuntian Pavilion? Don’t you want to thank others?”

When she said this, especially the bitter look in her eyes, it made many people around her stare, and she felt pity for her, as well as inexplicably hostile towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s face became colder, Tao Sanniang, this fellow is too much, on his opening day, give him this hand.

He coughed a little harder, and immediately let the men who were addicted in the surroundings immediately clear their eyes, as if they were drinking.

I have to sigh, Tao Sanniang’s charm technique is too powerful, and it has reached the point where it can charm sentient beings!

Chapter 324

Not far away, Guo Junyi saw this scene, gritted her teeth with anger, she kept pulling the petals of the flowers in the vase, and gnashed her teeth and cursed: “Vixen, shameless vixen!”

At the same time, she stared at Tao Sanniang and Wayne Lin with murderous eyes. In her eyes, the two of them were already male and female.

Wayne Lin felt a lot of pain in his heart. What’s this? He obviously has no such relationship with Guo Junyi and Tao Sanniang. Why did he make him look like a scumbag, so depressed!

“Thank you, don’t use it.” Wayne Lin said lightly, and at the same time he warned Tao Sanniang in his eyes to tell her not to mess around. Today is the big day for his new company to open.

However, Tao Sanniang was not afraid of him at all, she showed more resentful eyes, and bit her lip lightly, her eyes seemed to have some tears. Her appearance is even more lethal to so many men present. Up!

“Randal, did you forget me so soon? I even came here to congratulate you. It’s so sad.” Tao Sanniang said bitterly.

Wayne Lin: “…”

The corners of his mouth twitched twice. This Tao Sanniang is too much, isn’t this purely misleading!

Just look at the expressions of these people around you. I already think that Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang have that kind of ulterior secret.

“Boss Tao, don’t be joking. I and you have only met three times this time. It won’t be good for your husband to misunderstand by then. You say yes.” Wayne Lin said with a friendly smile. Some light flashes in his eyes.

Tao Sanniang knew that Wayne Lin was warning her. She accepted it as soon as she saw her. She smiled and normalized immediately, and said, “Randal, I just made a joke with you. Yuntian Pavilion hopes to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with Randal Lin. , The next time the Yuntian Pavilion auction opens, I will go to Randal Linduo to play more.”

There is no difference between her explanation and no explanation, which is even more misleading.

Wayne Lin had no choice but to endure her now.

Then, many people came to present gifts to congratulate Wayne Lin.

To Wayne Lin’s surprise, people from the Chu family also came. Thompson Chu, Chu Huayou, and Sean Chu all came over with presents, obviously with some nervousness on their faces, and congratulated Wayne Lin.

However, the expressions on their faces are a bit embarrassing, especially Thompson Chu. He is now laughing dryly. As the Patriarch of the Chu family, he used to bury Wayne Lin. He thought that Wayne Lin was the shame of the Chu family. When Ming kicked out of the Chu family, who would have thought that one day Wayne Lin would be like this, the boss of three big companies.

As for Sean Chu and his son, they are not much better. Now they see so many big people, the big bosses have come to give gifts to Wayne Lin, and they are obviously flattering. They are nervous and nervous, for fear that Wayne Lin will bear grudges. If you find their troubles, then they can’t bear it!

There are other Chu family members, they are also very nervous and nervous, and they don’t even dare to look into Wayne Lin’s eyes.

If this were changed before, they would not have thought that such a day would happen if they were killed.

Wayne Lin was very emotional when he saw them coming. Before he was in the Chu family, he was indeed angry and insulted.

Now he has grown into an existence beyond the reach of the Chu Family, and he can easily kill the Chu Family with his fingers.

“Wayne, you are really promising now. It is the pride of our Chu family. Grandpa gave some gifts here. I wish Wayne your new company will be prosperous and prosper as you grow. At the same time, I wish you a better job and enter the country as soon as possible. Rich list.” Thompson Chu personally came over to give Wayne Lin gifts, said with some embarrassment.

Then, Chu Huayou, Sean Chu and other Chu family members also gave Wayne Lin congratulations, saying congratulations. They kept their posture very low, with obvious anxiety and awe. Now Wayne Lin is what they want to look up to. exist.

Especially for Sean Chu, he is actually more afraid now, because he used to bully Wayne Lin the most, and even the worst, he even burned Wayne Lin with a cigarette butt. Now Wayne Lin has transformed himself into a super boss, casually A super existence that can squeeze him to death with a finger, there is no reason why he is not afraid.

Wayne Lin did not accept their gifts immediately, but with a calm expression, squinting his eyes slightly, looking at them with deep meaning.

Because of Wayne Lin’s move, they have become more nervous and fearful!

Even Thompson Chu couldn’t help getting scared, his face turned pale.

Not to mention Sean Chu and the others. Now they regret it. If they knew it, they would not come to congratulate Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin suddenly laughed when he saw them look like they were terrified. He thought it was funny.

He did not continue to embarrass Thompson Chu and others, but he did not personally pick up the gifts, but asked his subordinates to pick up the gifts, and responded: “Thank you.”

Other than that, there is nothing more to say.

While this made everyone in the Chu family relieved, they also felt very disappointed and regretted.

Wayne Lin didn’t embarrass them so that they could not get down the steps, but he was also very cold towards them. They wanted to hug Wayne Lin’s thigh, fearing that it would be impossible. Who told them to bully Wayne Lin this way for the past four years? Everyone regretted their intestines.

Today’s opening ceremony was held very successfully and grandly. It can be said that two-thirds of all the bosses in Hwadrid have come to join us, and the atmosphere is very warm.

At this moment, Wayne Lin felt something, his eyes narrowed, he looked in one direction, and suddenly saw a familiar face, walking out of the crowd.

No one, but Gu Hanxing.

He was more than one person, followed by more than a dozen horses, all masters of the Northern Heavens Association, coming fiercely, and at first glance they knew that they were making trouble.

“Hahaha, Wayne Lin, I said you are too interesting! Why don’t you ask me to come over for such an important face today, and give you a good congratulation!”

Gu Hanxing laughed, and walked from the crowd at a pace that his six relatives did not recognize. Everyone who stood in front of him was roughly pushed away by him. Whoever is angry and dares to swear, is directly beaten unconscious by him, it can be said to be extremely domineering!

When Damon Wang and the others saw him, their eyes immediately changed, showing a look of awe and anxiety, “No, Gu Hanxing came here to make trouble!”

There were many people present, and they were obviously taken aback when seeing this scene, and then they all reacted, Gu Hanxing and the group of people are here to smash the scene!

After a while, Gu Hanxing shot out from the crowd, walked in front of Wayne Lin, and kicked off a sign next to Wayne Lin, “Establishing a new security company? Are you worthy of Wayne Lin?”

Speaking of this, the smell of gunpowder is full.

Chapter 325

What is arrogant, what is domineering, and what is arrogant, Gu Hanxing now perfectly interprets this.

Today is the big day for the opening of Wayne Lin’s new company. Someone actually came to the scene like this, which shocked everyone, and then there was a lively discussion in the audience.

“Damn, who is this group of people? You are too courageous, so you dare to go to someone else’s opening ceremony and hit the ground, isn’t he afraid of death? Anyway, Randal Lin is also the chairman of Ziqiong Media!”

“He is still the owner of Tengyue Advertising Company, with a net worth of over 10 billion and his energy is huge. He actually dared to make trouble on the opening day of Randal Linxin’s company. I think this person is looking for death!”

“Huh, you don’t understand this. This young man is called Gu Hanxing, but he is from the North Sky Club, and his father is the Vice President of the North Sky Club Brian Gu! His identity is higher than that of Wayne Lin. Is he looking for death?”

Someone said disdainfully, full of confidence in Gu Hanxing, but a little dismissive of Wayne Lin.

When other people heard that Gu Hanxing was a member of the North Sky Club, their expressions suddenly changed. In Huarvell, few people did not know about the North Sky Club. Especially in the upper class, they were even more acquainted with the name of the North Sky Club!

There is a saying that in Hwadrid, the real scary person is not the Ugly Lord, nor the Lin Family, but the Beitianhui, Brian Gu! Gu Hanxing is Brian Gu’s own son, and the weight can be imagined.

The Northern Sky Society is very powerful in the south, far from a novice like Wayne Lin.

Yes, in the eyes of most people, Wayne Lin is an upstart, while Beitian will be a veteran and powerful, and his strength is not on one level.

As a result, many people began to cheer up. They never thought that they would come to attend Wayne Lin’s opening ceremony, and they would encounter such things. This is a good show.

Some people also questioned, “No, even if Gu Hanxing is a member of the Beitian Club, why should he come to Wayne Lin’s troubles in a good manner? Anyway, Wayne Lin is also a boss. No matter how rampant the Beitian Club is, he can’t just find Wayne Lin. Trouble?”

“You don’t know anything about that. Gu Hanxing and Wayne Lin have a grudge. The last time they were at Yuntian Pavilion, they almost fought.”

“There is such a thing? You saw it with your own eyes!”

“That’s not the case. I heard a good friend tell me. Before, I was still suspicious. From this situation, there must be a lot of hatred between them!”

Gu Hanxing’s arrival can be said to have ignited the atmosphere of the audience all at once. The scene that was originally noisy suddenly became much quieter. Everyone looked at Wayne Lin to see what Wayne Lin would do.

Most people will be furious when encountering this situation, and will even be in a hurry. If it is not handled well, it will be a joke.

Guo Junyi stood up worriedly, Guo Yuanjia quickly grabbed her, and his eyes beckoned her not to act rashly. Gu Hanxing is not an ordinary dude, and once provoked, the Guo family can’t bear the anger at all.

Tao Sanniang squinted her eyes slightly, and the expression on her face was not too busy at all.

Damon Wang was very angry and flustered. He knew how difficult it would be to deal with the northern sky behind Gu Hanxing, and now he can only count on Wayne Lin to deal with it.

The expression on Wayne Lin’s face has not changed. He looked at Gu Hanxing lightly and said: “Gu Hanxing, am I worthy?

It’s you who have the final say, let alone your Lao Tzu. Now please compensate me for my loss immediately, otherwise I will call the police. “

Gu Hanxing began to laugh. He thought that Wayne Lin was embarrassed, and he even said it to the police. At his level, did the police solve the struggle?

He took a step forward and got closer to Wayne Lin with an arrogant expression. He stared at Wayne Lin closely and said provocatively: “Wayne Lin, do you still want me to compensate? A joke! I have Gu Hanxing here today, yours. Don’t even think about driving the shit!”

Wayne Lin also narrowed his eyes, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Wayne Lin smiled suddenly, “Since this is the case, then I can only call the police and let the law punish thugs like you.”

Then he signaled Damon Wang to call the police.

Everyone thought that Wayne Lin’s performance was cowardly. Gu Hanxing had already hit the door. He didn’t save Wayne Lin at all, but Wayne Lin didn’t respond hard, but appeared very cowardly. He had to call the police to deal with it.

Please, has reached this level of struggle, is it useful to call the police?

Gu Hanxing laughed even more arrogantly. He felt that his goal had been reached halfway. Wayne Lin had definitely not reached the innate realm, so he didn’t dare to face him head-on.

But this is not good enough, he still wants to insult Wayne Lin into the dust!

So he arrogantly said: “Wayne Lin, don’t you want to open a security company, okay, I challenge you now! See if your bodyguards are really capable of protecting employers, if you even If you can’t beat them, then don’t talk about opening a security company, so you don’t have to smash the jobs of our industry!”

He is playing tactics directly. If Wayne Lin is afraid to fight, then he doesn’t need to go on in this line. Even his reputation will be greatly affected!

It can be said that Gu Hanxing directly forced him to the edge of the cliff. He should not fight and he must fight.

In fact, Wayne Lin was also waiting for his words. Gu Hanxing himself came to hit the scene today, as he expected, it was a good thing for him, and he could help him with free publicity.

“Are you sure?” Wayne Lin said, “You are not my opponent. If you lose to me, you will be ashamed of Beitian. You have to think clearly about this matter.”

“Hahaha, the big joke, I will lose to you? You are afraid that you are living in a dream!” Gu Hanxing laughed, and there was no wind and waves, a strong momentum emanating from him, sweeping the audience.

Feeling his aura, Wayne Lin’s expression became dignified, but he didn’t see that Gu Hanxing’s strength was already so strong. In time, he might have to break through to the innate realm.

“Okay, how do you want to compare?” Wayne Lin asked.

Gu Hanxing straightened his back with a wild and evil smile on his face. He pointed to the group of bodyguards behind Wayne Lin and said, “Don’t be so troublesome. All the bodyguards in your company will go on together. I will stand alone. All bodyguards, if I don’t resolve the battle within three minutes, even if I lose.”

When these words were said, there was an uproar immediately, and they were shocked by Gu Hanxing’s pride!

You know, there are at least 30 bodyguards behind Wayne Lin. They are all professional bodyguards who have received professional training. They are strong in their own right. Now Gu Hanxing has to challenge so many people alone? Go crazy!

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