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Chapter 251

Ma Long showed an expression of admiration, muttered to himself, his eyes glowed, “Too domineering, contempt in the form of life, outside the organization, they are all ants.”

Latoya Chu also showed her idiot face, as if she had opened up a new world, and planted the seeds of fanaticism in her heart.

Even Candice Liu and Berry Chu reacted similarly. They did not worship, but gave birth to humble thoughts and agreed with what the other party said. The other party is a human, and they are ants.

Wayne Lin felt the surface of the crowd, his expression slightly changed, his brows frowned slightly, and he underestimated the other party a bit. This was already a concept similar to missionary.

Of course, he won’t let the other party go on. He coughed twice, and the sound was not too loud, but when it fell in everyone’s mind, it was undoubtedly a thunderbolt in the sky, bursting with a bang, and instantly regaining clarity.

“Your hypnosis method is high enough. You have hypnotized so many people without knowing it, and almost regarded you as a god. It seems that you are fooling Malone like this. Let him become the son of the dignified Kunlun Group. Your running dog.” Wayne Lin said disdainfully, having already exposed the other party’s tricks.

The other party was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be unaffected by him, and because of a cough, his hypnosis was broken.

“It’s kind of interesting, it’s kind of interesting.” The other party didn’t become angry, but clapped his hands. Looking at Wayne Lin’s eyes, the interest became more intense, “It really deserves to be a wild species born outside by a saint, with two brushes. .”

The word’wild species’ angered Wayne Lin alive, causing his blood to roll over.

The other party felt his anger, the corners of his mouth were drawn even higher, and he said, “Are you angry? It really is the ant. Just say a few words and get angry. The blood of the saint is flowing in the body of the ant like you. It is an insult to our organization. If this is the case, then I will act for the saint and take your life back. Wild species like you have not been allowed by the organization and are not qualified to live in this world.”

After speaking, he started to do it.

His movements are very small, and there is no sound. He is obviously fast, and his feet are firmly on the ground. There should be huge movements in people’s minds, or even the shaking of the ground, but on the contrary There was no sound, as if the other party was a cat with thick pads on his feet.

This kind of reality is extremely incompatible with the brain, and it is extremely uncomfortable to show people.

The reason why people get motion sickness is because the anticipation in the mind is different from the shaking of reality, and there is a deviation, so motion sickness and nausea occur.

Now this person simply rushed towards Wayne Lin, and he gave everyone such a feeling of motion sickness. Kung Fu can be said to be extremely clever!

However, he could influence others, but he could not influence Wayne Lin, because Wayne Lin had expected the result long ago.

Although he was not affected, his heart was lifted up all at once, because he felt the strength of the opponent and was a strong opponent!

“Good come.”

He doesn’t retreat but advances, he wants to head-on with the opponent.

It’s the opposite of the opponent’s action, which is large and light. His movements are small and heavy. His movements seem to be light and fluttering, but when he steps on the ground, he is like a heavy elephant. Every step makes the house shake like an earthquake. , The shock to people is even greater!

Wayne Lin now feels heavier and thunderous.

Both Candice Liu and Berry Chu were dumbfounded. They were as if they had met Wayne Lin for the first time, their minds were completely confused, and they even suspected that they themselves had hallucinations! Otherwise, how could Wayne Lin be so good?

You know, not long ago, Wayne Lin was still a rubbish who couldn’t even find a job, but now he has changed, and he has become a big man that they all rely on?

This strong contrast makes it difficult for them to accept it for a while.


They played against each other.

At the moment when they fisted, the ground visibly shook, and even the chandelier above their heads swayed slightly. One can imagine how powerful they are.

Feeling the strength of each other, they both were a little surprised and underestimated the strength of each other.

However, the most surprised was the member of the BRAGRUN organization. He did not expect Wayne Lin’s strength to be so great. The collision just now made him even feel pain. This is a rare thing!

Although he is not the most outstanding person in the organization, he is also a person in the organization, and he is essentially different from ordinary people outside.

It seems that the gene of the saint is still too strong, and a wild species born from ordinary life has such a great power.

But what about that? Ants are always ants and cannot be the opponent of God.

“Yes, you still have some brute force, which makes me more interested.”

He showed a smile, his hand did not stop at the slightest, and he launched a more fierce attack.

Soon, Wayne Lin’s pressure became even greater.

Wayne Lin didn’t speak, his eyes were cold and there was no color, and his pupils radiated cold light. He was serious now, not because he couldn’t beat the opponent, but he was angry.

Their fighting speed is extremely fast, so fast that ordinary people can’t catch up with the naked eye. This is completely beyond the recognition of ordinary people, because most ordinary people don’t know that there are still people in this world who can fight that way. Speed ​​and strength can be so extreme!

As they played against each other and constantly shifted their positions, all the floors that they had stepped on began to crack, producing cracks after another.

Several people were accidentally injured by their fists and feet because they were too close. The injuries were directly fractured. They were scared to hide in the corner and shivered.

“This…too fierce, too fierce!” Ma Long’s eyes burst into crimson, extremely enthusiastic, “This is the realm I want! It turns out that the big brother did not lie to me, he is really powerful. so amazing!”

He licked his lips, and now he swept away his fear of Wayne Lin, he believed that Wayne Lin was definitely not the opponent of Big Brother.

Not only him, but the rest of the others thought so too, because they saw that Wayne Lin was constantly backing away, as if the wind had fallen, like a candle in the wind and rain, which would be blown out at any time.

At this moment, Wayne Lin finally spoke and said calmly, “This is what you call the strength of a god? I think it’s just like that. The speed is too slow, and the strength is too weak.”

When the other party heard these words, the pupils of his eyes shrank abruptly, and his heart squeaked. He also thought that Wayne Lin was not his opponent. He was at the end of the battle, but now Wayne Lin still has the energy to speak, and his breath is so stable, indicating that Wayne Lin is still There is no strength to show!

But how is this possible?

When the voice fell, Wayne Lin slammed back. At this moment, his aura had undergone earth-shaking changes. The image that was originally a hard-supported image suddenly became powerful, giving everyone a deep sleep in the spiritual world. The lion has woken up!

The next moment, he suddenly increased his speed, punched, under the opponent’s nose, broke through the opponent’s defense, and hit the opponent’s chest heavily.

With a bang, the sound was huge and dull, like a sledgehammer, hitting the opponent heavily. It was the force that the opponent could not bear, causing the opponent to squirt out a bit of blood, flying out like a straw, hitting hard. On the wall, then slipped down feebly.

Chapter 252

The strength was so great that the paint on that wall burst open, and a dent was vaguely added, which shows how powerful Wayne Lin’s punch was!


Wayne Lin let out a long sigh, and Latoya Chu, who was almost ten meters away from him, could feel his breath, like a powerful fan, it made her feel cold!

Suddenly the whole room was absolutely quiet, and everyone was dumbfounded.

No, it should be said that they were frightened. It was completely a manifestation of subversion and shock. Now their brains are blank. At that moment, they all lost their perception and were frightened by Wayne Lin.

For them, before today, they didn’t know that people could reach such a realm. They thought that the boxers and Sanda players on TV were the pinnacle of human fighting.

However, it was only now that they discovered that the original human fighting ability can reach such a realm!

Wayne Lin won. In fact, he knew from the beginning that he knew what he was capable of, but he still underestimated the opponent, and actually forced out his 80% strength before killing the opponent.

This punch slapped out his energy and energy, and all his internal energy was instilled in the opponent’s chest, which directly knocked his chest into a hole, more than just a fracture.

This way the other party can’t live.

Because of the huge movement that happened just now, many neighbors were attracted out, thinking it was an earthquake, Wayne Lin went out in time, greeted them, and then closed the door so as not to cause panic among these neighbors.

Now, Wayne Lin became the sole ruler of the entire house. When Wayne Lin’s gaze fell on Ma Long, he immediately shook his body severely, and his face instantly turned pale, his fear was extremely extreme, and he knelt directly in the forest. In front of Ming, he slapped himself in the face with a slap and cried for mercy, “Randal, I was wrong Randal! I beg you, my lord, regardless of the villain’s faults, this time I’m a fart, let me go. I promise I will never trouble you again!”

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to pay attention to him, kicked him directly, kicked him out, and passed out to death.

His violent behavior shocked both Candice Liu and Berry Chu, and produced fears! Especially Candice Liu, she is shivering now. Speaking of it, she was the one who bullied Wayne Lin the most in the Chu family. Not only did Wayne Lin wash her underwear, but she also often gave Wayne Lin rancid food and exchanged it. He tried to humiliate Wayne Lin just to drive Wayne Lin out.

But now, Wayne Lin is not a waste at all, but a big man, and now she is finished! If Wayne Lin asked her to settle accounts, she would not even have a chance to resist.

So she was now pale and trembling with fright.

She didn’t even dare to look at Wayne Lin directly.

As for Latoya Chu, it is even more needless to say. She is now both dumbfounded and regretful. She can’t understand why Wayne Lin, who has been wasteful for so long, suddenly becomes so powerful, and becomes an existence that she absolutely cannot provoke. I even regretted that she was so obsessed with her heart that she ran over to betray Alma Chu and caused such a big thing.

Now Wayne Lin’s eyes swept over, which directly caused her mental breakdown. Without hesitation, she knelt in front of Wayne Lin and kowtowed her head to apologize and beg for mercy, “Brother-in-law, brother-in-law! I was wrong…it was my ghost

, After listening to Ma Long’s slander, I…I don’t want to betray you and Alma sister, woooo…I don’t want to die yet, can you let me go, I beg you…I am willing to be a cow for you To be a horse, to be a slave and a maid, oh oh oh…”

Her spirit was completely collapsed now, her nose and tears burst into tears, and she was crying terribly. Where is her usual proud look?

However, Wayne Lin didn’t bother to pay attention to her at all, and said directly to Latoya Chu coldly: “It’s useless to ask me, I beg Alma, if she is willing to forgive you, she will forgive you, and she won’t forgive you, huh!”

Wayne Lin pressed his feet and scratched, and a tile on the ground was directly cracked by him!

Latoya Chu was even more frightened when she saw this scene, and she was terrified to the extreme.

She was originally a person who was greedy for life and afraid of death. Now Wayne Lin’s performance has completely exceeded the range she can accept. She even suspects that Wayne Lin is not a person, but a god. Only gods can be so terrifying. Strength!

So now she was completely in a state of horror. She knelt down in front of Alma Chu, kowtowed hard, and begged for mercy: “Sister Alma, I was wrong. For the sake of everyone growing up together, you Can you let me go this time, I beg you, I really beg you, I don’t want to die yet, oooooo…”

Alma Chu is a softhearted person. She was really angry with Latoya Chu at first, but now, seeing Latoya Chu so pitiful, her anger has disappeared for more than half, and she can’t bear to be harsh. Anyway, Latoya Chu is Her cousin, with the same blood in her bones, really made her helpless, and she couldn’t do it.

So she slapped Latoya Chu and cursed: “Next time, I will let you die!”

Latoya Chu was overjoyed and squatted her head quickly, “Thank you Alma, thank you Alma, I dare not dare, I will never dare! My sister wishes Alma and her brother-in-law grow old together and love for a hundred years! Thank you Alma for not killing! “

When Alma Chu heard these words, she bit her lip and was moved in her heart. Do she and Wayne Lin have a chance to grow old together?

She looked up at Wayne Lin, only to find that Wayne Lin didn’t look at her at all, but walked over to the so-called “God” organized by BRAGRUN, ​​and looked at the “God” condescendingly, “What’s your name.”

The other party tried to stand up hard, but he was so badly injured that his ribs were stuck in his five internal organs. As long as he moved, it hurt him to death.

Now that Wayne Lin saw that he still wanted to move, he stepped on it directly. He let out a scream like a pig, “Wayne Lin! Kill me if you have a species, never want to humiliate me!”

“Really?” Wayne Lin showed a playful smile on his face, and then he began to forcefully step on the opponent’s chest and press down little by little.

The other party was so painful that his body was convulsing, his face was pale, and he felt an inhuman pain.

Finally he couldn’t help it, his mentality suddenly collapsed, and he began to beg for mercy: “Don’t step on it, don’t step on it! I’m really going to die if you step on it again!”

“Death?” Wayne Lin sneered and said, “Don’t you claim to be a god, and your life form is one level higher than me? Why are you now afraid of death?”

When the other party heard what he said, the expression on his face was embarrassing, but his eyes lost the brilliance, he had lost the arrogance and contempt that he had just now, and there was only fear and deep jealousy in his eyes looking at Wayne Lin.

Chapter 253

That’s right, it was jealous, Wayne Lin saw it, the other party was jealous that he was the son of the saint.

Before that, Wayne Lin didn’t know anything about the BRAGRUN organization. He just knew that this organization was mysterious and powerful. His mother came from this organization, but what is the nature of this organization and where is the headquarters? I don’t know.

And now, after contacting Ma Long’s eldest brother, he has a vague understanding of the BRAGRUN organization, and depending on the situation, the status of the mother in the organization is not low. The’saint’ should be the identity of the mother, not the name . As a result, he became more interested in BRAGRUN organization.

The opponent’s vitality is very strong. He has suffered such a severe injury. He hasn’t died yet. He is just coughing and dying. Now he has completely lost his high posture and is beginning to fear death.

“I have no patience.” Wayne Lin said coldly, stepping on the opponent’s chest harder.

As a result, the other party screamed even more severely, and his whole body was convulsed in pain. At this moment, he felt Wayne Lin’s murderous intent. If he didn’t say it, Wayne Lin would really kill him. He had a strong desire to survive. Ask him to shout quickly: “Lu Dongbin! My name is Lu Dongbin!! Please don’t kill me, please.”

Lu Dongbin? The dog bites Lu Dongbin who doesn’t know people?

Wayne Lin stunned, then he lifted the opponent with one hand, pinched his neck, and coldly cursed: “I’m dying, so you dare to tease me? I think you are really not afraid of death, right!”

With that, he began to exert force.

“No, no! I’m really Lu Dongbin. This is my code name. The members of our organization use the names of gods as their code names. My real name is Zou Zhengye. It’s true. I didn’t lie to you. what!”

Lu Dongbin cried and said, his current appearance is extremely embarrassed and miserable, where is the arrogant and extraordinary appearance just now? This strong contrast further sets off Wayne Lin’s formidable power, and the eyes of everyone looking at him are more shocked and awed.

Wayne Lin believed what he said. At this moment, he could see that the other party did not lie. This could be seen by his superior just now.

Wayne Lin sneered disdainfully, “It seems that you BRAGRUN organization really regards yourself as a god, even the code name of the god.”

Lu Dongbin was a little embarrassed. Now he is a prisoner. Without the capital to negotiate terms, he can only smile and flatter, and said, “Then you can let me go? I promise not to tell you your information.”

Wayne Lin smiled immediately: “At this time, do you dare to threaten me? It seems that I can only kill you.”

At this moment, a suffocating murderous intent erupted from Wayne Lin’s body, like a landslide and tsunami, which filled the entire house, and everyone’s hearts shrank unconsciously!

As the person involved, Lu Dongbin felt even more intense. He was completely afraid to the extreme, begging for mercy without a trace of dignity, “Don’t kill me, I didn’t…”

However, before he finished speaking, Wayne Lin looked at the back of his neck with a hand knife, as if the computer was cut off, there was no sound in an instant, and his neck crooked.

This scene, in the eyes of others in the room, was that Wayne Lin killed Lu Dongbin.

An instant fear and panic crawled into everyone’s hearts, especially Ma Long, who trembled to the extreme.

“You, you, you, you gave him and killed?” Ma Long’s teeth were fighting, and the whole person was trembling.

Did Wayne Lin really kill Lu Dongbin?

Of course it was impossible, he just knocked Lu Dongbin unconscious.


nbIt is against the law to kill. Even if he really wanted to kill Lu Dongbin, he would not be so stupid as to do it in full view.

He turned his head and saw the eyes of everyone looking at him, especially Alma Chu’s family of three, he couldn’t help but sighed in his heart. What happened today really exceeded his expectations.

So sometimes life is like this, even if you plan carefully and plan carefully, there will still be unexpected events. No one can completely control their life in their own hands, and the future is full of unknowns.

But it happened without it, and there is no use to regret it. Now let’s see how to explain it.

He walked up to Alma Chu and said guiltily, “I’m sorry, because my business has affected you and made you scared.”

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin and had countless words to ask, but she couldn’t say what she said. What happened today completely subverted her worldview, even if her psychological quality is strong, it will be a half-time. It is also difficult to accept.

At the end, she had to shook her head and said softly: “It’s okay.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin was very guilty, but right now, he couldn’t explain too much, and had to solve Ma Long and Latoya Chu.

He looked at Candice Liu and Berry Chu, and said, “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry, I’m frightened, I’ll help you loosen the rope.”

The rope is hemp rope. It is very thick. You have to cut it with scissors. Of course, it is not a problem for Wayne Lin. He can break it at will. Anyway, now that his martial arts is high and strong, he doesn’t need to be like it. Hidden like that before, broke the rope directly and loosened them.

When Candice Liu and Berry Chu saw Wayne Lin effortlessly, they tore such a thick rope. They couldn’t help but shudder. They didn’t dare to face Wayne Lin. Candice Liu smiled and said, “It’s okay, you’re too polite. Oh, ha ha ha…”

Berry Chu also said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Wayne, you are too polite, we are fine, we are fine.”

Wayne Lin felt helpless when he felt the fear of the two elders, but he didn’t bother to explain anything.

Finding something, Wayne Lin said coldly: “Ma Long, you move again, I will break your leg.”

Ma Long, who was about to leave secretly, heard these words, and couldn’t help but shudder all over his body. His face turned pale with fright. He stopped stiffly and did not dare to move anymore. He turned his head mechanically and saw the forest. Ming’s sneer expression, he only felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, shivering, and quickly explained: “Randal Lin, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go, I just stand for a long time and want to move my muscles and bones.”

Seeing Wayne Lin walk towards him with a cold face, Ma Long’s mentality immediately exploded. He threw himself on his knees, kowtowed to Wayne Lin and apologized, begging Wayne Lin to forgive him.

Others also knelt down and begged for mercy. Now they had no antagonism towards Wayne Lin at all, and they were completely respectful of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin didn’t make it too hard for them, but he didn’t let them go easily. He just gave them a kick, kicked them off a few ribs as punishment, and finally said to Ma Long, “For the sake of your Lao Zi Ma Kaiyu, This time I will spare you a dog’s life, and next time, I will not just kick your ribs. Of course, you can also choose to call the police and ask me to take revenge. You have the guts anyway.”

“Don’t dare, absolutely don’t dare!” Ma Long shook his head like a rattle, and then asked cautiously: “Then Randal Lin, can I go now?”

“Go away.” Wayne Lin waved his hand to let them go.

Then Wayne Lin called Jeff Han to send someone over and tied Lu Dongbin with a five-stripe iron chain to take away. Next, he had to interrogate Lu Dongbin carefully about the BRAGRUN organization.

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