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Chapter 170

While enjoying the flattering of these little brothers, he was in a much better mood just now. He couldn’t help but look in the direction of Wayne Lin and saw that Wayne Lin was eating comfortably, without realizing that the danger had come. , He showed a disdainful sneer, huh, Wayne Lin, you have to be seduced now, wait for the ugly master to come, see how you are terrified!

He couldn’t wait now, and looked forward to how wonderful Wayne Lin’s expression would be!

Wayne Lin naturally knew what Situ Nan was thinking.

He didn’t take it to heart. Ugly Lord was originally his person. What’s to worry about?

Now he is more worried, will the matter tonight be passed on to Alma Chu?

There is a high probability…

Wayne Lin went to the bathroom, and when he came back, he heard many people discussing about him.

“Recently, we have a big man in Hwadrid, do you know?”

“Big guy? Who.”

“It’s the chairman of Michelle Media Company! As of today, the market value of Michelle Media has exceeded six billion! Damn, this is too fierce. You must know that Michelle Media had two months ago. The market value is only 2 billion. Two months have passed and it has tripled, which is too exaggerated!”

“You are talking about Chairman Zi Qiong, who in the circle doesn’t know, this is a real capital crocodile! He bought Zi Qiong in full from Hanson Lin at a price of 500 million yuan higher than the market value. This is a big man.”

“Yeah, this is really awesome.”

“The most awesome thing is that this chairman Zi Qiong is very mysterious, and he has not shown his face in the circle until now. Many people have guessed which family member this is.”

“I’m not sure, I wonder if the mysterious Chairman Zi Qiong will be there tonight?”

“Should I be there? After all, it is the marriage of the Guo family and the Huang family. These two families are also big families in our Hwadrid City.”

“Then I am looking forward to it. I don’t know what the sacred and sacred Chairman Zi Qiong looks like? I heard that he is a young man, less than thirty years old?”

“Grass! Isn’t it impossible, I’m less than thirty? I think it’s impossible…”

When Wayne Lin was passing by, he heard a lot of people discussing, and he was still very strange in his heart.

Jeff Han naturally heard it too. He was particularly proud and proud. Looking at the entire Hwadrid city, there are very few people who really know the identity of Zi Qiong as chairman. If he hadn’t happened to be in Jeff KTV at the beginning, he wouldn’t be able to get to know Zi Qiong. .

He now increasingly believes that it is a wise choice for him to follow Chairman Zi Qiong.

At the same time, Situ Nan also began to discuss Chairman Zi Qiong. A rich second generation asked Situ Nan flatly, “Brother Nan, do you know the chairman of Zi Qiong?”

Speaking of this, Situ Nan felt uncomfortable, and some embarrassment flashed across his face. At the beginning, he invited Chairman Zi Qiong to participate in the dinner, but was directly rejected. Chairman Zi Qiong did not give him any face. As a result, he has never seen the mysterious chairman Ziqiong.

However, this kind of thing is naturally impossible for him to admit.

Looking at Hwadrid now, who is the most topical and mysterious person? Without a doubt Michelle

The chairman, in just two months, Zi Qiong has achieved a market value of 2 billion to 6 billion. This ability and method are not something ordinary people can do.

How many people want to get to know Chairman Zi Qiong, even if they just see Chairman Zi Qiong, they have no chance?

Although Situ Nan is very conceited and arrogant, he also has to admit that he is still far behind the chairman Zi Qiong, and he is ashamed.

“Cough!” He coughed twice, adjusted his expression, and asked, “What do you mean?”

Another rich second generation immediately said, “That must be a acquaintance! Yang Xing, isn’t your f*cking questioning nonsense? What kind of status is Brother Nan? It’s not a matter of a sentence that he wants to know Chairman Zi Qiong. “

The other rich second-generation also immediately followed up flattering, taking Situ Nan’s shot very refreshingly, laughed haha, waved his hand and said: “Chairman Zi Qiong is very mysterious to you, very tall, and for me, That way. Not far away, just last week, I had dinner with Chairman Shi Qiong and played golf together.”

Then Situ Nan began to let go of it, how did he meet with Chairman Zi Qiong at first sight, met late, and talked so much. The theme was to continue to pay for himself. I heard that these rich second generations were fascinated, and they were even more fascinated with Situ Nan. Worship and awe.

“Brother Nan, do you have a picture with Chairman Zi Qiong? How old is he and what he looks like, can you show us?” Or the rich second-generation licked his face and asked, rubbing his hands and then said. “I sent it to Moments, pretending to be forced, hehe.”

His words resonated with other rich second generations. They also wanted to see what Chairman Zi Qiong was like. Over the past period of time, they have often heard the mysterious Chairman Zi Qiong mentioned in the circle. Chairman Qiong has a feeling of chasing stars.

Situ Nan immediately lowered his face and said, “That’s why you have pig heads. Why are there so few people who have seen Chairman Zi Qiong in Huarvell?”

“Why, why?” They were all dumbfounded.

Situ Nan looked like he hated iron but not steel, “Because this is what the chairman Ziqiong meant! He doesn’t want so many people to know him, so he has always been so low-key. People who are not at that level, even know his appearance. Not at all, you know? You guys, IQ still needs to be improved!”

Situ Nan couldn’t help complimenting his wit, and he was almost exposed, which was dangerous.

If this group of guys knew that he had several invitations and was rejected by Chairman Zi Qiong, where would he put his face?

Those rich second generations heard Situ Nan say this, and they also believed it. After all, Chairman Zi Qiong was really mysterious, and they were about to become legendary existences.

Situ Nan patted them on the shoulders, and said earnestly: “You still have to work hard to reach the required level, and you are qualified to know Chairman Zi Qiong.”

Time flows slowly in this way, unconsciously, it’s time for the engagement banquet to be officially held.

With a burst of melodious music, the atmosphere of the audience was quickly stirred by the host’s rich and level opening.

“Next, we have to invite the protagonist tonight, Miss Guo Junyi!”

The lights in the audience immediately dimmed by two-thirds. The main light was concentrated on the front stage. Soon, under everyone’s attention, from the backstage, several people walked out, and one of them was dressed up. The most beautiful and charming is Guo Junyi herself.

Chapter 171

For such a big banquet tonight, there were many beautiful ladies, models, and even the waiters are big beauties. It can be said that there are a hundred flowers blooming, but Guo Junyi’s appearance is very beautiful, which compares everyone, especially With a happy smile on her face, she looked back a bit and smiled at Bai Meisheng, meaning that the harem is pink!

I have to say that this world is unfair. Some people are born with a golden key. Not only do they have a noble status, but they also look like an overwhelming country. Guo Junyi is such a person. At this moment, she is the focus of the audience and the only protagonist.

Because of her appearance, there was a brief silence in the huge banquet hall. Almost everyone stopped their movements and focused on Guo Junyi!

Guo Junyi now wears a creamy white dress. The skirt is very long, just touching the ground, but it is not like a wedding dress. It matches her curled hair, snow-white neck, delicate face, and flawless skin. The facial features are extremely exquisite, and the golden ratio, together, becomes a beautiful face!

The most memorable one is her noble and elegant temperament. At a glance she can tell that she comes from a rich family. Such a woman is almost the ultimate among Asians.

There are more than two hundred young talents on the scene, most of them have experienced many beautiful women, and their aesthetic vision is far higher than ordinary people. The average beautiful woman is not attractive to them. But now they see Guo Junyi, they are completely conquered, their eyes are demented, and they stare at Guo Junyi who is walking on stage with lotus.

Originally, Guo Junyi was a big beauty with a good foundation. Now she has been specially dressed up, and the charm that she exudes is absolutely unparalleled. Even Wayne Lin saw her, and there was a brief moment of shaking God, and her heartbeat could not help speeding up a lot!

To be honest, Wayne Lin’s impression of Guo Junyi mainly stayed in the image of a woman disguised as a man when she first met, and she looked very beautiful, but she was not beautiful. Even if Guo Junyi recovered her daughter’s body later, Wayne Lin never treated her as a woman deep in her heart.

Take today’s event as an example, he agreed to be Guo Junyi’s shield, mainly defined as helping a friend’s busyness, and never thought about that. But now, when Guo Junyi appeared in front of him like this, to be honest, Wayne Lin had such a heartbeat!

Of course, that heartbeat is not just falling in love, but pure instinct as a man, to see the touch of this superb beauty.

Jeff Han on the side also showed some obsession, and then said with emotion: “I have to say that Guo Yuanjia is really beautiful, she is indeed one of the three beauties in Hwadrid.”

Wayne Lin nodded slightly and agreed with Jeff Han. In fact, Alma Chu is also one of the three beauties in Hwadrid. If Alma Chu also dressed up like this, she would definitely not be worse than Guo Junyi!

Wayne Linnao made up the scene, and then he sighed with a wry smile, fearing that he would not see this scene anymore.

The group of people in Situ Nan was dumbfounded, their eyes followed Guo Junyi closely, and they couldn’t move away at all. They even held their breath at this moment and their heartbeat accelerated.

“This Guo Junyi, his wife is too beautiful!”

“f*ck! Huang Wenhua is so lucky to be able to marry Guo Junyi, I’m sour.”

“Seeing Guo Junyi, I suddenly found that the women I used to play with were all shit.”

“This looks is simply invincible!”

“I suddenly felt boring in this world

, Watching such a perfect woman marry, oh oh…”

They all said what was in their hearts, and their faces were full of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Situ Nan’s face was also sour, and I regretted it very much. Why didn’t I go back to the country earlier to propose marriage like Guo’s family? For nothing, such a big beauty as Guo Junyi made Huang Wenhua cheap!

When he came back this time, he originally thought he could kill the Quartet and accomplish a great cause. As a result, I didn’t expect that after I came back, I would have been deflated many times, not to mention how aggrieved!

The more he thought about it, the more upset he became, the more annoyed he was, and he violently picked up the wine glass and drank half of it in one gulp.

After Guo Junyi came out of the backstage, the smile on her face has not disappeared, becoming more and more intense, her eyes began to search the crowd, looking for Wayne Lin. She knew that her behavior was a bit wrong, and she should have maintained a reserved and dignified attitude at this time. But she really couldn’t bear it anymore, and couldn’t wait to find Wayne Lin.

And her gaze, when it fell in the eyes of so many people, became a kind of excitement, especially those handsome young talents who thought they were very attractive. Magnificent and proud, straightened his waist, trying to express himself!

Even Situ Nan, he saw Guo Junyi’s action, he could not help but straightened his waist, showing his most spiritual side.

It is a pity that Guo Junyi’s gaze only flashed over him, and did not stop at all.

Guo Junyi searched her eyes and found Wayne Lin in a circle. She couldn’t help but lost her mind. It appeared on her face. Everyone could feel that the moment before was still clear, and this moment was full of clouds and everyone’s emotions were also Be driven up and down.

Then, in the next second, when Guo Junyi swept across a corner, she saw a familiar figure and a familiar face. All of a sudden, her face was filled with a bright smile, and it was even brighter than before. Also sweet!

Her smile, like the sun shining brightly, instantly makes everyone feel cheerful.

Wayne Lin didn’t break his promise, he really came here, so happy!

Because of the look in Guo Junyi’s eyes and smile just now, the men in Wayne Lin were all in a state of dementia and excitement.

Everyone yelled: “Oh my God, Miss Guo’s family actually smiled at me just now! Ah, I’m going to die…”

“Shabi, what are your eyes, Miss Guo is smiling at me, don’t you have any self-knowledge?”

“You’re so crazy, just what you look like, Miss Guo will smile at you? You don’t take a picture of yourself by peeing!”

“What do you mean, it was a personal attack, right?!”

“What happened to the personal attack…”

“You are all being quarreled. Ms. Guo laughed at me! All of them are affectionate and brain-dead. To tell you the truth, the last time I met Miss Guo and we had a very happy conversation, I knew Ms. Guo was Interesting to me.”

Around Wayne Lin, such voices were heard one after another, and even many people were red-faced in the fight, with the intention of making a big fight.

As the person involved, Wayne Lin shook his head helplessly.

Guo Yuanjia and his mother Liu Yuan are on the left and right of Guo Junyi. They follow Guo Junyi’s gaze and look towards Wayne Lin…

Chapter 172

However, they shot a circle and didn’t see any special young talents.

As for Wayne Lin, they simply ignored him after a glance, nothing else, Wayne Lin behaved too ordinary, completely inconspicuous, they did not expect their daughter would like such ordinary people.

They didn’t think too much, and quickly closed their gazes and their attention.

Guo Yuanjia’s spirit is particularly good today, and his face is red.

He took the host’s microphone, faced everyone, and began to speak: “Thank you for showing your face tonight, for coming over to the little girl’s engagement party…”

As a successful person in business, Guo Yuanjia speaks very well, and speaks a lot of eloquently, which is very comfortable to listen to, and also reflects the strength of his Guo family.

But a careful person can tell that although Guo Yuanjia said that it was Guo Junyi’s engagement banquet, he did not mention Huang Wenhua. This is odd. In addition, many people started to realize that Huang Wenhua hasn’t appeared on the stage until now, and even Huang Dongqiang has not been there. It stands to reason that the Huang family has already appeared at this time.

In fact, Guo Yuanjia also realized this, which made him feel very uncomfortable. As such an important engagement banquet, it should be hosted by the man’s family and the woman’s family was the last one to appear. But now it’s the other way around. It’s not like a story, it shows that the Huang family is not sincere.

It’s not that so many people have been invited, Guo Yuanjia didn’t want to hold it.

In fact, the Huang family is also in a dilemma. Huang Wenhua’s injury is not completely healed. He has just underwent surgery and needs time to recuperate. He thought that his physical fitness was good, and after these two days of recuperation, he could at least walk down the ground, but found that it was still too difficult.

But tonight is an important day, and he had to attend again, so Huang Dongqiang asked the doctor to inject Huang Wenhua with painkillers, and specially hired a brilliant Chinese medicine doctor to overdraw Huang Wenhua’s physical strength through acupuncture, so that Huang Wenhua could go down quickly. Can walk normally.

Even so, Huang Wenhua doesn’t feel good. He walks vacantly, and he will pant after two steps.

The more this happened, the more he hated Wayne Lin. If it were not for the beast like Wayne Lin, how could he have fallen to this point!

Fortunately, his willpower is still strong, and he finally perseveres.

When the engagement banquet was about to take place, he successfully rushed over!

When he was about to walk to the banquet hall, Huang Wenhua took a deep breath, straightened his waist, and pushed away the assistant who was holding him beside him, showing a confident and arrogant smile, and then he pushed open the door forcefully.

Begin to step into the banquet hall.

Behind him, his team, including his father Huang Dongqiang, were all on his right. At this moment, the entire Huang family respected him.

Yes, today is his big day, no matter how badly he is injured, he has to rise up and let everyone see his strong side!

As the saying goes, there is a blessing if you don’t die in a catastrophe. He firmly believes this. This time he survived. Then what awaits him is light and glory!

The entry of a group of them attracted the attention of many people. They looked back and saw the spring breeze on his face. They all showed a surprised expression in an instant. Then, the first person called out: “Huang Wenhua is here! “

This way

The sound was not loud, but because it happened to be quiet at this time, many people heard it, and looked over here with a few sloppy eyes.

Including Wayne Lin, he also looked over after hearing the movement. Soon, he saw Huang Wenhua and narrowed his eyes slightly.

This Huang Wenhua is so fateful that he didn’t kill him with that kick, so he can still come to the engagement party?

Immediately afterwards, he saw clearly that Huang Wenhua was at the end of the crossbow, and his body was very weak, so he stood up with a breath.

Although Huang Wenhua put on makeup on his face to make him look ruddy, Wayne Lin could tell at a glance that he was actually pale and blue, without blood. Even walking is swaying, a child can easily push him down.

Even with such a serious injury, he still has to come to the engagement banquet. It seems that Huang Wenhua is also good enough.

The arrival of Huang Wenhua and others made the atmosphere at the scene suddenly warm, and Guo Yuanjia, who was not pretty on the stage, melted away his displeasure.

When Guo Junyi saw Huang Wenhua, her face suddenly became cold, and she snorted. The more she looked at Huang Wenhua, the more unpleasant she became. Especially after Wayne Lin had said some bad things about Huang Wenhua, she became even more unhappy with Huang Wenhua. To marry Huang Wenhua, she would rather be a bachelor for a lifetime!

Then, she subconsciously looked towards Wayne Lin again, and saw Wayne Lin was still there, eating leisurely, without the slightest nervousness or anxiety, and she appeared extremely calm and strolling in the courtyard. It added a lot of security to her, and with Wayne Lin, she felt at ease inexplicably.

This is a very strange feeling.

In fact, intellectually, she also knew that tonight’s engagement banquet was held so grand, so formal, and there were so many big-faced people present, it was unlikely that Wayne Lin could really’save’ her. But in the bottom of her heart, she just had an inexplicable feeling that Wayne Lin could do it!

After Huang Wenhua came in, he put a bright smile on his face and walked in, because everyone’s eyes were focused on him. At this moment, he was the focus of the audience. This atmosphere gave him A cardiotonic was injected into his heart, which made him surge with energy again, and the whole person became more vigorous, and his original heavy footsteps were a lot easier, and he walked vigorously.

Soon, when he looked forward, he was immediately attracted and was amazed!

Right in front of him, standing Guo Junyi, this super beauty, the charm and the ultimate femininity exuded, instantly hit his heart! Let his originally weak heart, like being beaten with chicken blood, throbbed and accelerated, and the body secreted adrenal glands frantically, making his originally pale and bloodless face instantly rosy!

Beauty, it’s so beautiful!

He had met Guo Junyi before and knew that Guo Junyi was a beauty, but he never thought that Guo Junyi was so beautiful.

I got rich and got rich, and married Guo Junyi, it was a winner in life, hahahaha.

At this moment, his face was radiant, and he came back to life all at once, looking straight at Guo Junyi, incredibly hot.

He didn’t even bother to nod and greet the guests around him. He now hastened his pace and walked towards Guo Junyi with the fastest speed. He couldn’t wait to finish the engagement banquet with Guo Junyi tonight! Fix the date of marriage as soon as possible, and then marry Guo Junyi home, bridal chamber!

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