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Chapter 137

With so many people downstairs in the dormitory, no one wanted to come and help Shane Chu, ​​including the classmates who knew Shane Chu, ​​they all watched indifferently.

First of all, Shane Chu’s contacts in school are not good, because of his pretending personality, many people in the school see him uncomfortable. Furthermore, Qian Feng’s influence in the school is too great, and no one dares. Offend him.

So this has caused such a situation. Even if many people were on the scene, no one dared to speak up for Shane Chu, ​​but many people took out their mobile phones to shoot videos, and there was a lot of trouble.

In response to this situation, Shane Chu was aggrieved as never before, tears streaming out.

Fortunately, a teacher passed by. In order to maintain his image, Qian Feng commanded his eyes to let the two younger brothers let go of Shane Chu.

After being beaten, Shane Chu’s nose was blue and swollen, and his body was dusty, looking extremely embarrassed.

Liao Qian snuggled in Qian Feng’s arms, looked at Shane Chu, ​​and said with a smile, “Honey, he is like a dog.”

Qian Feng hugged Liao Qian’s waist and said with a smile: “You say that, it looks very similar. Hey, it looks more and more alike. Look at his crying nose, he looks like a stray dog.”

“Yeah, when he chased me before, he was a licking dog. Now he is beaten and hurt. It is a stray dog ​​and a bereaved dog. It is really interesting.” Liao Qian giggled.

Shane Chu wiped away his tears. He had never suffered such humiliation in his entire life. He couldn’t stay in this university anymore. He thought about it. After returning, he told his parents that he would not come to school next semester! Do not come to school if you die!

At the same time, he also has insufferable complaints in his heart, why his parents are not big people, why is his sister married not the big boss, otherwise, why does he need to suffer such humiliation!

He lowered his head and walked toward the school gate griefly, just wanting to leave this damn place quickly!

In the back, there were still many people pointing at him, and every word invaded his mind like a needle, causing him to gritted his teeth and ran away.

Finally, ran to the gate of the school and finally got rid of the sound behind him, he was relieved and wiped another tear.

He took a deep breath, then began to scan, looking for his sister’s Volkswagen Lavida.

But he searched for a circle, but didn’t find it. He was a little puzzled. Didn’t the sister come? He quickly called Alma Chu, “Hey, sister, I’m at the school gate, haven’t you guys come yet? I didn’t see your car.”

Alma Chu made a tired voice on the phone, “Sister has to work overtime and has no time to pick you up. I called your brother-in-law to pick you up. He should be here by now. You can call him.”

When Shane Chu heard this, he immediately became unhappy, and said, “What? Did you let Wayne Lin’s trash pick me up? Sister, your brain is lacking. You know that the last thing I want to see is him. Up!”

Alma Chu said angrily: “Shane Chu, ​​you can’t say that to your brother-in-law, he has helped your sister a lot! You will see him later, you have to talk to him, you know?”

Shane Chu thought he had hallucinations, what happened, was this still his old sister? How did you protect Wayne Lin?

“Sister, don’t tease me anymore, just Wayne Lin’s trash, what can he do for you? Will he help you and mom wash the clothes? To be honest, in this world, the person I look down on the most is him!” Shane Chu He said with a mouthful of disgust, and never thought of how ashamed he was just now.

Alma Chu just wanted to talk, when she had something to be busy over there, she quickly said: “Okay, I won’t tell you so much. Anyway, if you wait to see Wayne Lin, be polite, that’s it. Sister died.”

Shane Chu curled his lips. He was very upset. He thought that his sister was perfunctory and sent Wayne Lin to pick him up. Is he not ashamed enough?

It is impossible for him to call Wayne Lin, if Wayne Lin drives an electric car to pick him up, then he can’t afford this person!

After all, he just took the car back by himself, anyway, the journey is not too far, and he will be home in less than an hour.


Just when he was about to leave, an Audi a7 with beautiful lines and a sweet engine sound drove in front of him and stopped him. Then, the window rolled down, revealing a familiar and disgusting face, and said to him: ” Your sister asked me to pick you up and get in the car… Hey, what’s the wound on your face?”

This person is naturally Wayne Lin. He has been at the school gate for a while. He also saw Shane Chu just now and waved his hand to Shane Chu, ​​but Shane Chu did not see him, so he had to drive over.

He saw it at a glance. Shane Chu’s face was hurt, his nose was bleeding, and one of his eyes was swollen. It was obvious that he was beaten by someone, his eyes were red and he cried loudly.

When Shane Chu saw Wayne Lin driving an Audi a7, he opened his eyes wide, showing a look of shock, and wiped his eyes vigorously, and found that he did not have hallucinations. Wayne Lin was really driving. It is an Audi a7, and judging by its condition, the new one cannot be new again, and the temporary brand is used, which is obviously the car just mentioned.

He was extremely horrified. In his impression, Wayne Lin was synonymous with hanging silk, poor, and desolate. He drove an electric car all the year round. How could he imagine that Wayne Lin would drive an Audi a7?

When Wayne Lin saw Shane Chu’s shocked look, he was unavoidably proud of him. From the first day when this brother-in-law hit him into a parentage, he couldn’t drive him. He perfectly inherited Candice Liu’s character and all kinds of cynicism. Now that Shane Chu can be surprised, there is still a sense of accomplishment.

But Shane Chu’s next sentence almost made him angry.

“Where did you stole this Audi a7?!” Shane Chu frowned and said solemnly, “Wayne Lin, stealing a car is illegal! I advise you to surrender and fight for a reduction in your sentence, so that you don’t hurt us. Family.”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and said, “What are you stealing? What are you talking about? This is a new car.”

Audi a7 is an imported car with beautiful lines and good performance. It parked in front of the university and attracted the attention of many people.

Shane Chu obviously didn’t believe it. He rolled his eyes and didn’t dare to get in the car. Instead, he said questioningly: “Stop bragging, you can’t even find a job. Where can you get such an expensive car? Hurry up and explain it honestly. How did this car come?!”

Wayne Lin didn’t care about Shane’s rudeness, and said, “I did not buy it. To be precise, it was given by someone else.”

When Shane Chu heard this, he believed it. His sister Alma Chu is beautiful and beautiful. Even if she is married, there are still a lot of suitors. In his understanding, this car must be given to her sister by the suitor of his sister. .

Thinking of this, his heart immediately itched, Audi a7, he has never driven this class of car!

“Get out of the car and let me drive!” Shane Chu patted the car window, his eyes shone, and he was already thinking badly. If he drives this Audi a7 to Liao Qian, will Liao Qian change his mind? What?

Wayne Lin didn’t like his attitude, frowning and said, “This is my car, you call me brother-in-law, I can consider driving it for you.”

Shane Chu immediately said disdainfully: “Oh, it’s still installed? This is my sister’s car. It must be the car that my sister’s suitor gave to my sister. It’s related to you for half a dime? Come out quickly, or I’ll be right. You are welcome.”

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to have the same knowledge as Shane Chu, ​​anyway, this car was sent by Damon Wang, even if he bumped into it, he didn’t feel distressed, so he simply let Shane Chu drive.

However, Shane’s driving skills are not familiar at all. He just got his driver’s license and hasn’t driven the car. This Audi a7 just happened to be in performance mode. He stepped on the accelerator pedal and the car rushed out with a bang. It hit a BMW 525 in front.

This movement immediately scared everyone around and looked over.

“Who is this? You are so courageous that you dare to hit Qian Feng’s BMW?”

“It looks like it’s Shane.”

“Damn, Shane Chu? Is that the licking dog? He is so courageous that even Qian Feng dares to provoke him?!”

At this time, Shane Chu also came back to his senses, his face lost his blood, and he trembled, because he also recognized it. The BMW in front was Qian Feng’s!

Chapter 138

It’s finished, it’s finished!

At this moment, Shane Chu really had a dead heart.

Why did God treat him like this? He actually hit Qian Feng’s car. Didn’t it kill him!

He couldn’t imagine what Qian Feng would look like when he saw this situation, and how he would treat him!

He regretted that he had known it a long time ago that he would fail to do so and grab Wayne Lin’s hand and drive, so that he would not get into a catastrophe.

Wayne Lin on the side saw this situation. He was also full of black lines. This little brother-in-law was too thunderous. He hit someone’s BMW with this step. In this situation, there is no one hundred and eighty thousand. It is repaired. It’s impossible.

With a sigh, Wayne Lin walked over and frowned and said, “How do you drive and why do you step on the accelerator so deeply?”

Shane Chu cried. He was flustered and confused, and said in a complaining tone: “This can’t be blamed on me, who told its throttle response to be so sensitive! The throttle of the car I used to drive was very soft, and I had to step on it very deeply. Will go.”

Wayne Lin clutched his forehead, and was even more speechless, and said, “The cars you drove before were all family cars, with low displacement, so the throttle is naturally looser. The one you are driving now is an Audi a7 with a displacement of 3.0t and it accelerates from 100 kilometers. Only a few seconds, what do you think?”

“Then, what should we do now? Or let’s run away!” Shane Chu said in a terrified voice, cold sweat began to erupt on his forehead.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes again and was defeated by his thoughts, and said, “You are stupid, you are going to go to jail and you are going to go to jail. Contact the owner of this car, call the police, and follow the insurance procedures.”

When Shane Chu heard this, he swallowed heavily and his face became pale. He really didn’t dare to ask him to find Qian Feng! Now his fear of Qian Feng is deep in his soul.

“No, no, no…” Shane Chu’s pupils lost focus, and his whole body was trembling. Wayne Lin frowned when he saw his situation. He quickly realized the problem and asked: “You know The owner of this BMW?”

Shane Chu nodded first, then shook his head, his expressions were full of fear and panic.

Wayne Lin is so clever. Combined with the injuries on Shane’s face, he instantly understood, and said in a deep voice, “These injuries on your face were caused by this BMW owner?”

Shane Chu clenched his teeth, lowered his head, his body trembling, and he kept saying: “What should I do, what can I do? If Qian Feng found out, he would kill me… Wayne Lin, both Blame you for this rubbish, so honestly, what are you doing with an Audi a7. Now you can kill me!”

Having known Shane Chu for so long, Wayne Lin still saw him in such a panic for the first time, and couldn’t help but become curious about how sacred is this Qian Feng, that would make Shane Chu afraid of it?

You know, Shane Chu is also a little devil in the world, with a very arrogant personality. He formed a gang when he was in high school and became a little boss. He has never seen him look so scared.

“Who is this Qian Feng? How did you provoke him?” Wayne Lin asked in a deep voice. Shane Chu is his brother-in-law. If he is really bullied, he is a brother-in-law. Help my brother-in-law come out.

Shane Chu scolded angrily: “It’s a good thing to tell you, you rubbish! He is a super rich second-generation, and he has a lot of younger brothers… It’s over, it’s over, I’m really going to finish it now.”

At exactly this time, the crowd burst out: “There is less money!”

Immediately, Shane Chu gave a shock on the spot, the blood on his face disappeared more severely, and his body was shaking more severely. He looked around.

Yes, I just want to find a place to hide.

Wayne Lin looked in the direction of everyone, and he saw a handsome man with a small fresh meat coming out of the school. Beside him, there was a beautiful woman with a beautiful face, holding Qian Feng’s hand and face intimately. There is a sweet smile on it, full of happiness.

And behind this little fresh meat, he followed a lot of people, who seemed to be his horses, and this pomp was not a big deal.

“Wayne Lin! You damn trash, what are you doing, quickly let go of me!” Shane Chu wanted to escape, but Wayne Lin grabbed his wrist and immediately made him angry. He just turned his head and saw Qian Fenghe Liao Qian, walking over with a bunch of people, he became even more panicked, and he had to struggle with all his strength.

Helplessly, Wayne Lin’s strength was many times greater than he didn’t know. He grabbed him like iron tongs. No matter how much he struggled, he still couldn’t get away. On the contrary, he suffered even more pain. He was so anxious that he wanted to bite the forest with his teeth. Ming.

Wayne Lin slapped him on the head casually, cursing: “Be honest!”

Shane Chu slapped Wayne Lin, his eyes widened suddenly, showing angry and shocked eyes, “Wayne Lin, you trash, how dare you hit me?”

“Did you call Wayne Lin? Brother-in-law!” Wayne Lin slapped him again. He probably understands now that Shane Chu has grievances with this student named Qian Feng and was bullied to death. Dead, now I am afraid of seeing others. This is a good opportunity to help Shane Chu find his place and let this little brother-in-law know the strength of his brother-in-law.

He used to be dormant for four years because of the Lin family. Now he has completed Nirvana. He doesn’t need to dormant anymore. Naturally, he doesn’t need to linger any more.

This was also his first step to conquer Alma Chu.

Shane Chu was slapped twice by Wayne Lin in a row, and the back of his head was sore, making him mad.

If he had changed before, he would have worked hard with Wayne Lin, but now, he doesn’t have the courage.

After experiencing the beating just now, his fear of Qian Feng has grown deeper, and he is totally unwilling to meet Qian Feng again.

Now he was really dying of anxiety, and tears flowed out again in despair.

“Damn Wayne Lin, you killed me this time, you killed me…uuu…” Shane Chu actually really cried.

Wayne Lin couldn’t help shook his head when he saw him like this. It was too weak, he was still crying, glass heart. This also became more determined, his determination to stand up for Shane Chu.

He patted Shane Chu on the shoulder, and comforted: “Don’t worry, there is a brother-in-law, he can’t bully you. Today, my brother-in-law helped you find your place. If it is really your reason, I will make him willingly apologize to you. “

“Bah! Just blow it! Just like you, Qian Feng slapped a few.” Shane Chu said with disdain.

Wayne Lin smiled lightly without explaining too much.

With his current strength, teaching a college student is not like playing.

Of course, the prerequisite for his action must be Shane Chu’s side, otherwise it would be to help him.

At this time, Qian Feng, Liao Qian and others had already walked out. He also saw Shane Chu, ​​and even saw the BMW car that was knocked and sunken behind Shane Chu and was horrible.

Suddenly his face changed and became gloomy.

“Who crashed Lao Tzu’s car into this, get out of it!” Qian Feng shouted violently.

Chapter 139

With his violent drink, hundreds of people around him calmed down, not daring to breathe.

Even Liao Qian next to him was shocked and shivered.

Qian Feng humiliated Shane Chu just now, and he was in a good mood, but now he saw his car was hit when he came out, his mood was gloomy in an instant!

He just bought this car last month, and it cost him more than half of his pocket money. As a result, he was hit by someone like this. He didn’t want to be angry!

There is a saying that the BMW 525 is not expensive for him, more than 500,000 yuan, but it is a big deal to lose face, the entire Huada, who doesn’t know that it is his Qianfeng’s exclusive parking space, and his car stops. over there? His first reaction is that someone is provoking his majesty. This is the most unforgivable thing!

No one dared to respond to him. His prestige was so great in Huada. For a while, even those who knew would dare not touch his brows easily.

On Shane’s side, he was so scared that he was going to pee his pants. He was afraid of Qian Feng, but now he actually hit Qian Feng’s car. Now Qian Feng will not torture him to death!

He hated Wayne Lin even more. If it weren’t for Wayne Lin, he would not crash into Qian Feng’s car. But now that Wayne Lin is not letting him go, it must be Wayne Lin’s revenge!

Shane Chu is called a hate.

“Brother-in-law, I beg you, let me go! Qian Feng is the overlord of our school. If he knows that I hit him, he will kill me!” Shane Chu begged, he was the first one. Call back Wayne Lin to be brother-in-law.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “What are you afraid of? With me, no one can touch you.”

Shane Chu really didn’t know where Wayne Lin’s courage came from, so he dared to say such big words, only thinking that Wayne Lin was crazy.

“Let me say one more thing, who hit my car! Who can tell who it is, I will reward him with a thousand yuan!” Qian Feng’s tone exudes endless coldness.

As the saying goes, under the heavy money, there must be a brave man. Under the encouragement of a thousand yuan, someone immediately reported that, pointing at Shane Chu and loudly saying: “Lack of money, Shane Chu hit it!”

Suddenly, Qian Feng and the others looked at Shane Chu with a sigh.

Shane Chu felt the tremendous pressure from the previous actions, and his legs were soft. If Wayne Lin hadn’t supported him, he would have collapsed on the ground. He hurriedly denied, “It wasn’t me, I didn’t hit him!”

In the crowd, more and more people said: “There is less money. He hit him. I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Yes, there is little money. So many of us have seen it. He drove that Audi, kicked the accelerator, and slammed into your BMW car. He deliberately went against you.”

“I think this is Shane’s provocation to you…”

Many people fan the flames and identify Shane.

Qian Feng’s expression became more and more gloomy, and he strode towards Shane Chu, ​​and said with a furious smile: “Like a dog, your dog is fat enough. If you dare to come to the shade, hit my car?”

Behind Qian Feng, a dozen horses followed together to form a semicircle, staring at Shane Chu with enthusiasm. As long as Qian Feng gave an order, they would all rush forward and knock Shane Chu out of shit.

Shane Chu’s lips trembled, and now he was so scared that he couldn’t even speak, and tears rolled in his eyes, “I didn’t hit it, yes, he hit it! It’s not my business if you have less money. what!”

Shane Chu did not hesitate to push out Wayne Lin as a shield.

Wayne Lin sighed secretly, his brother-in-law was really embarrassed.

Qian Feng shifted his gaze from Shane Chu to Wayne Lin, “Did you hit my car?”

When Qian Feng was looking at Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin was also looking at Qian Feng, and quickly took a look at the other person. This is a rich second-generation arrogant, rich family, usually on campus. Do evil and domineering.

“If you hit it, you will hit it. You can call the police to go through the insurance procedures.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

Qian Feng smiled: “According to this, do you admit that you hit my car?”

His smile was full of coldness and threats, and it was quite a bit of aura. No wonder the greenhouse flowers like Shane Chu fear him so much.

It’s just a pity that the person he met was Wayne Lin, so naturally he wouldn’t be scared by him.

“I hit it, so what? Look at you like this, but you still want to beat people?” Wayne Lin smiled very meaningfully.

Wayne Lin acted very calmly, without showing the slightest timidity or flinching. It was completely inconsistent with his usual wimps. Shane Chu once thought that he had hallucinations. Is this the Wayne Lin he knew?

Seeing Wayne Lin’s so calm appearance, Qian Feng was not afraid of him at all, but he was a little stubborn. He was not sure what Wayne Lin came from, and said in a deep voice, “Who are you that dare to hit my car? Do you not know. Who am I, Qian Feng!”

A person next to him said: “There is little money. He didn’t hit it, but Shane Chu hit it. That was the Audi a7.”

Qian Feng looked in the direction of the person, and he saw that the front of an Audi a7 next to it was hit and dented. For a while, he became even more afraid.

“Little money, I heard them chat just now, this guy seems to be Shane’s brother-in-law.” Another person reminded.

“Brother-in-law?” Qian Feng was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly said: “Oh, I remembered, you are Shane Chu’s brother-in-law, the trash door-to-door son-in-law, hahaha…”

His words caused a wave of ridicule from many people around. Everyone’s eyes looked at Wayne Lin, and they lost the jealousy and suspicion they had just now. Instead, they became disdainful and mocking. They all seemed to know Wayne Lin’s appearance, but in fact, Wayne Lin. It is the first time for Ming to meet Shane at Huada.

Wayne Lin is not stupid. He immediately wanted to understand that his’fame’ might have come from Shane Chu’s mouth.

Shane Chu saw Wayne Lin’s gaze, and his face also appeared embarrassed. In order to pretend to be at school, he did not take Wayne Lin out to mock him, so many people know that he has a poor brother-in-law and a son-in-law.

After Qian Feng knew Wayne Lin’s identity, his fear disappeared completely and he laughed very playfully, “I heard Shane Chu said that you and his sister have been married for four years, and you haven’t touched his sister’s body. Isn’t it true?”

His sarcasm caused a lot of people to ridicule again, and he looked at Wayne Lin as if he was watching a clown.

Shane Chu couldn’t bear this kind of ridicule. He struggled hard and wanted to leave, but Wayne Lin’s hands always grabbed him like iron tongs, making him unable to go even if he wanted to.

“What are you doing, let me go! I want to go back! Let go of me! Otherwise I will go back and tell my sister, let my sister teach you!” Shane Chu yelled.

Wayne Lin was a little annoyed by him, and directly yelled, “Shut up!”

He was so fierce now, he immediately suppressed Shane Chu, ​​his heart beat so fast, he didn’t dare to toss any more, and then Wayne Lin’s words almost made him jump.

“He caused the wound on your face. Go and beat him back.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

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