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Chapter 140

Shane Chu was stunned, then his scalp numb and jumped up, “You are crazy!”

Not only Shane Chu, ​​but so many people around him thought that Wayne Lin was crazy, breaking the jar, and letting Shane Chu beat Qianfeng. What is this not a lunatic behavior?

Qian Feng also froze for a while, and then he burst out laughing, looking at Shane Chu, ​​his expression was full of joking, and said: “Shane Chu, ​​your brother-in-law is a bit funny, dare you to beat me? Come, go I hit my face and I promise not to fight back.”

He put his face in front of Shane Chu and motioned to Shane Chu to beat him, which was arrogant. But Shane Chu was even more frightened, shivering, and didn’t dare to hit Qian Feng at all.

“Fight! You are fighting! I let you fight, don’t you give me face, right?!” Suddenly, Qian Feng increased his voice and stared at Shane Chu with a terrifying face, and immediately frightened Shane Chu and fell down. , Sat down on the ground.

Shane Chu was so frightened by Qian Feng that his mentality collapsed and fell to the ground, constantly shouting sorry, sorry…

His futility caused a harsh ridicule around him, and many people took out their phones to take pictures.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin shook his head helplessly and sighed. Unexpectedly, Shane Chu was so arrogant at home, but he was so unbearable in front of the stabbing head. Fortunately, he was the one who came to pick up Shane Chu today. If Alma Chu were replaced, there might be some moths.

Seeing Shane Chu being frightened, Qian Feng laughed arrogantly and proudly, and said to Wayne Lin yin and Yang weirdly: “Sorry, I accidentally scared Shane Chu into tears. But looking at his appearance, it seems that Don’t dare to take revenge, how about you do it yourself and avenge him?”

Wayne Lin looked at him indifferently, hating that iron can’t make steel, Shane Chu was too useless, and he only dared to go mad at home.

Seeing that Wayne Lin didn’t use his hands and didn’t speak, Qian Feng sighed again, and said in an exaggerated tone: “Looking at my memory, you have forgotten that you are the son-in-law of the Chu family, and your personality is even worse than Shane Chu, ​​hahaha …”

“Qian Shao is domineering, you should teach these two guys this way. Look at him, you are almost scared by Qian Shao.”

“Is that right? A son-in-law who came from the country dared to be disrespectful to Qian Shao. This isn’t about playing lanterns in the latrine and looking for death, haha.”

Many people laughed, treating Wayne Lin like a clown, and Shane Chu’s face was painful.

“Is it funny?”

Faced with so much cynicism, Wayne Lin didn’t feel aggrieved or angry, but smiled.

Qian Feng saw that he could actually laugh, and he was particularly upset, as if he had hit the cotton with a full punch, which was very bad.

“It’s funny, how come?” Qian Feng straightened his neck and stared directly at Wayne Lin. His eyes were full of provocation, and he said: “I don’t bother to talk with you two rubbish and hit me. For the car, you must pay me a new car, otherwise, I have a hundred ways to keep you from mixing in Hwadrid!”

In his demeanor, he is arrogant and domineering, watching the world, no one is in his eyes.

Wayne Lin said: “You are going too far. Shane Chu did accidentally hit your car. It was his fault. Just go through the box procedure. Do you want us to compensate you for a new car?”

Qian Feng said domineeringly: “Whoever gave you the insurance procedure, you have to pay for a new car if you hit Lao Tzu’s car! If you dare not pay, don’t even think about getting out of here today! I will see you again. You hit you one at a time, but when the time comes, it won’t be enough to pay for a new car!”

When he said this, he was so proud, as if he was the only true god in the heavens and the earth, full of charm, and the eyes of everyone around him were full of worship and awe. In the eyes of those female students, all of them were enthusiastic, and Qian Feng was overwhelmed by him.

Liao Qian, who was in his arms, had already committed an idiot, and shouted, How handsome Qian is!

Wayne Lin looked at Shane Chu with a weird expression and said, “You are usually bullied by him like this?”

Shane Chu gritted his teeth and did not answer Wayne Lin. But in his expression, Wayne Lin had already told Wayne Lin the answer.

Wayne Lin sighed, and said with emotion, “After all, it’s still a bunch of little shit kids, ignorant, and don’t understand what it means to have a mountain outside the mountain, and there are people outside the mountain, thinking you have two stinky money in your family, you can do whatever you want? “

Everyone thought that Wayne Lin was stunned. He was definitely a fool. He couldn’t see the situation clearly, and he could still say such things. At the moment, Qian Feng cursed, “You shameless face, big bear, buffalo, you two. Give it to me. First take down this trash door-to-door son-in-law, and then catch Shane Chu. I want to see where they are courageous and dare to challenge me!”

The words fell, and from behind Qian Feng, two tall and tall students stood up, and they were obviously trained sports students with good strength.

They are all Qian Feng’s lackeys, raising two to three thousand yuan a month, and Qian Feng asks them to beat anyone. There are still several lackeys like this, so no one dares to provoke Qian Feng when looking at Huada.

The big bear and the buffalo smiled grimly and geared their hands. When they walked in front of Wayne Lin, they had to reach out and take Wayne Lin down.

When everyone saw this scene, they all gloated and thought that Wayne Lin would definitely suffer.

Shane Chu also turned pale with fright, very regretful.

But the next picture made all of them open their eyes.

Facing their pincers, Wayne Lin seemed to make a move easily, grabbing the wrists of the two of them one to the other. The two sturdy sports students could not move, but they followed Wayne Lin’s They couldn’t hold on, and their faces flushed.

There were turbulent waves in their hearts, and the strength that shocked Wayne Lin was so great that they had no ability to resist.

If they were so easily dealt with by Wayne Lin, they would not know where to put their face. They shouted in anger, and then kicked Wayne Lin with their feet.

It is a pity that they were as immature as children in front of Wayne Lin, without any fighting skills, they were preempted by Wayne Lin, kicked out of their feet, and directly kicked them to kneel in front of them.

“Ah, don’t break it, it hurts, it hurts…” Da Xiong’s palm was turned back by Wayne Lin’s break, the pain made his tears flow out, and he quickly begged for mercy.

The same goes for buffalo.

Wayne Lin didn’t make things difficult for them. He kicked them aside with his kicks. Then he walked up to Qian Feng and said in a cool tone: “Now you obediently apologize to Shane Chu, ​​I can consider not to care about you.”


Qian Feng swallowed heavily as well. The strength that Wayne Lin showed just now was too strong, completely beyond his expectation.

The look Wayne Lin looked at him now brought him tremendous pressure and made his heart beat much faster.

Shane Chu was also stunned, staring at Wayne Lin blankly. Why didn’t he know that Wayne Lin was so awesome?

Chapter 141

Qian Feng staggered back. At this moment, he felt the tremendous oppression brought by Wayne Lin, which exceeded his limit.

Shane Chu rubbed his eyes vigorously, and Wayne Lin’s strength gave him some hope.

Wayne Lin waved to Shane Chu and called him over.

Wayne Lin now has an indescribable majesty on him, which made Shane Chu inexplicably scared and dare not follow it. He quickly got up from the ground and ran to Wayne Lin, “Brother-in-law, when are you? Has it become so powerful? Even the Big Bear and the Buffalo are not your opponents.”

In Shane Chu’s tone, he was a little more pleased, and he played his dog-licking nature.

Wayne Lin didn’t answer, but directly said: “How did he bully you, you fight back.”

Shane Chu glanced at Qian Feng, shook his head quickly, and instantly stunned, and said, “Forget it.”

“Why, don’t you dare?” Wayne Lin said with some sarcasm.

Shane Chu was very dissatisfied, so he straightened up subconsciously and wanted to deny it, but when the words came to his lips, he saw Qian Feng’s threatening expression and immediately became discouraged again. He shook his head and said, “Forget it, forget it. When is the injustice reported?”

Qian Feng immediately smiled triumphantly, “Waste is really waste.”

When Shane Chu heard this, he was very annoyed, but he still didn’t dare to hit Qian Feng. There was no way, because Qian Feng left him too much shadow.

Wayne Lin shook his head, and then he grabbed Shane Chu’s hand and slammed it towards Qian Feng’s face.

With a slap, it hits exactly, and the clear slap in the face resounded through the audience.

Shane Chu immediately opened his eyes, and he actually hit Qian Feng…

Many people around were also dumbfounded. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to have this hand operation. But Qian Feng, many teachers in the school have to look at his face, and they were beaten like this?

As for Qian Feng himself, he instantly became angry, “Shane Chu! If you dare to beat me, you are dead, you are dead!”

Liao Qian said distressedly: “Oh my dear, are you okay? Shane Chu, ​​you trash, you dare to beat my dear!”

When she said that, she slapped Shane Chu on the face.

Shane Chu was as stupid as he could not react, and stood there blankly, waiting for Liao Qian’s slap in the face.

Wayne Lin intercepted it in advance, grabbed Liao Qian’s hand, and pushed her away, frowning at Shane Chu and asking, “Shane Chu, ​​what’s your situation? Isn’t it upright at home, why in front of your classmates? , I dare not even put one fart.”

Shane Chu still lost his soul, staring at Liao Qian blankly, and said incredulously: “Liao Qian, I’m so good to you. I bought so many things for you, but you hit me for him? Why?”

Liao Qian said disgustingly: “Like a dog, just like you, a toad, want to eat swan meat? Even if all the men in the world die, I won’t be with you! You have a little money now! Wait for you to die!”

When Shane Chu heard this, his face was full of sadness, and his heart was broken without a trace. Wayne Lin understood it, it turned out that Shane Chu’s grievance with Qian Feng was mainly caused by this woman named Liao Qian.

Qian Feng recovered. He gritted his teeth, his face was full of anger, and roared: “You dare to beat Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu sees you are impatient with your life! Give it to me and beat both of them to death. Whoever beats them to the ground first, I will award five thousand! Whoever beats them to cry first, I will award ten thousand!”

This sentence directly ignited the explosive barrel, making the eyes of the people around them red all of a sudden, five thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan, for them, college students who have not yet come out of society, it is a huge sum.

That’s it, it’s enough to spend a semester beautifully!

They didn’t think about assaulting people and detaining me. Anyway, there are so many people here, and the law doesn’t blame them, and they are students themselves. As long as they don’t beat people to death, they will definitely be fine. Besides, this is Qian Feng’s order, and the responsibility is no longer on their side. They can execute Qian Feng’s order without any worries!

So for a while, many people became excited and swarmed towards Wayne Lin and Shane Chu.

When Shane Chu saw this situation, he was so scared that he couldn’t afford to leave.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, he snorted heavily, his aura ushered in a huge change, the three students who rushed to him first were slapped easily by him, and then repelled.

These are all college students, even though they are hateful, Wayne Lin is still very measured.

His strength was so extraordinary that these college students could not compete with him. He stood there, slapped one by one, slapped one by one, and slapped the face. For a while, all kinds of popping sounds were heard in the air. One person could get close to Wayne Lin’s body, but he was all beaten back.

This picture directly stunned Shane Chu. Is this still the useless brother-in-law he knew? Damn it!

Although there must be a brave man under the heavy money, that also depends on the situation. Now that Wayne Lin is so violent, he slapped a dozen people in less than half a minute. The rest of those people, where dare to come up, all of them Stopped, swallowed hard, and persuaded.

Including Qian Feng, he also opened his eyes wide and doubted his life. What’s the situation? Didn’t it mean that Shane Chu’s brother-in-law was a waste and useless? Why is it so violent.

He regrets it now…

Wayne Lin patted his sleeves, as if he had done a very easy thing, his eyes swept across the audience, and said lightly, “Who else wants to be Qianfeng’s lackey?”

No one dared to answer, they all stepped back a few steps to make room for Wayne Lin, especially wherever Wayne Lin’s eyes went, all bowed their heads, not daring to look at each other.

This majesty made Shane Chu’s mood extremely rippling, and his originally fearful mood slowly swelled.

When he was so prestigious in China University.

Wayne Lin turned around and said to him: “It’s a man, so just get the place back. How he bullied you, you pay him back.”

Shane Chu’s heart moved this time, and he looked at Qian Feng, his eyes gleaming fiercely.

During this period of time, he was so angry with Qian Feng that he had already thought about countless versions in his mind, how to face Qian Feng. Now that he had this opportunity, his mind immediately became active.

Qian Feng was startled when he saw this look in his eyes, and hurriedly said, “Shane Chu, ​​don’t mess around! I warn you, if you hit me, I promise you won’t get stuck in Huarvell!”

Shane Chu clenched his fists, Qian Feng’s words made him hesitate, he was still afraid of Qian Feng.

But at this time, Wayne Lin kicked him behind him, kicking him towards Qian Feng, “Fear of a fart, the sky will fall, I will cover you.”

When Shane Chu heard these words, he felt no fear, gritted his teeth, raised his hand and slapped Qian Feng’s face!

Qian Feng was white and clean, he was pampered since he was a child, and rarely fights with others. Facing Shane’s hands, he looked particularly flustered and clumsy. He was not Shane’s hands at all. After a while, he was beaten to the ground by Shane. , Slapped Qian Feng’s face with one slap. After a while, Qian Feng’s face turned into a pig’s head.

This scene shocked so many people around. They didn’t expect that someone would actually dare to beat Qian Feng.

Chapter 142

Shane Chu beat Qian Feng violently.

The joy that has never been, the joy that has never been!

For a long time, Qian Feng has always been the pinnacle of existence in the school. No one dares to be disrespectful to him under the group of horses. Over time, Qian Feng has become an invincible existence in everyone’s mind.

Including Shane Chu thought the same way, but just now he had a fight with Qian Feng, only to realize that Qian Feng was so weak and vulnerable.


On the way back, Wayne Lin asked Shane Chu.

Shane Chu blurted out, “It’s cool! It’s so cool, it’s never been so cool!”

Now Shane Chu was full of smiles on his face and clenched his fists. The flush on his face had not disappeared, and he looked particularly excited. He clenched his fists and constantly waved in the air with a few clicks.

Wayne Lin smiled indifferently, without saying much.

What happened just now is not worth mentioning to him. In his capacity, dealing with a small college student has nothing to show off.

One good thing is that now Shane Chu’s attitude towards him has undergone a big change of 180 degrees, and he has no longer called him waste, but shouted one by one with brother-in-law.

“Brother-in-law, how did you practice? You are so amazing. So many people are not your opponents, so handsome!” Shane Chu looked at Wayne Lin, his eyes gleaming with stars.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Do you want to learn?”

“Think and think!” Shane Chu nodded vigorously, with enthusiasm on his face, “Brother-in-law, you teach me? When I learn martial arts, I don’t have to be afraid of Qian Feng next semester! Then I will be in school. Be the boss! And the b*tch Liao Qian, I want her to regret, kneel in front of me and sing Conquer!”

Shane Chu is the typical half-bucket water type, and he is easily overwhelmed when he is a little accomplished, as if he is very powerful.

In response, Wayne Lin shook his head secretly, and said lightly, “If you want to learn, it’s not impossible. We will get the basics first. I will get up at six tomorrow and go for a morning jog with me, running around Honghua Lake. Tie a five-kilogram sandbag and stick to it for a month before practicing standing.”

Shane Chu immediately complained, “Ah? So troublesome, is there any quick fix?”

“Too hard?”

“Yes, I see that the protagonists in the novel are directly practicing peerless martial arts, and they easily become martial arts masters, and the world is invincible.” Shane Chu said seriously.

“Let’s wash and sleep. There is no shortcut in the world. To succeed, you must first lay the foundation.” Wayne Lin said meaningfully.

Shane Chu thought for a while, clenched his fists and said, “If you lay the foundation, lay the foundation. Even you can do it. There is no reason why I can’t do it!”

Wayne Lin glanced at him with a smile at the corner of his mouth. He didn’t say anything in his heart. He had practiced this martial art and suffered more than what he had just said. From the age of six, he began to build a foundation for cultivation. At the age of ten, he was thrown into the animal hunting garden by his grandfather for training, and he almost could not return.

During this time, he didn’t know how much he suffered and how many blood and tears he had left.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of someone.

It’s his brother, Lin Zihao!

Also the eldest young master in the family.

Since childhood, he and Lin Zihao have been in a competitive relationship, training together, growing together, and fighting together.

His talent has been better than Lin Zihao since he was a child. Whether it is martial arts, business, medical skills, or learning, he is better than Lin Zihao.

Just because he thought so, he got more grandfathers, and it was already long ago. Since Xiao Lin Zihao, the older brother, he has been jealous of him and regarded him as a thorn in his eyes.

Although in the family, Lin Zihao

Acting like he loves him very much, but he himself knows that Lin Zihao hates him so much. On the night four years ago, Lin Zihao beat him hardest, and almost killed him!

Now that four years have passed, he has been wronged, and he has also received a grandpa’s 50 billion inheritance. The most unbalanced and angry person is this brother, right?

I don’t know how he grew up?

Wayne Lin had an instinct that his brother would definitely come to trouble him one day.

But he was not afraid. Instead, he was looking forward to some things that needed to be resolved.

For example, why did Grandpa suddenly develop an illness four years ago and become a vegetable!

This is a mystery.

Wayne Lin always believed that he could not be separated from Lin Zihao.

For the next two days, there was a belief in support that Shane Chu got up very early and accompanied Wayne Lin on a morning jog to improve his physical fitness, and wanted to become a strong man.

But with this kind of energy, he persisted for two days, and on the third day, he couldn’t persist.

Directly beat the retreat drum.

Wayne Lin had expected this ending a long time ago, and he did not force Shane.

One day, Wayne Lin got up at five o’clock in the morning. Instead of going for a run, he went out early, drove his Audi, and went to a place in the suburbs.

Not where, but the tomb of grandfather Lin Changtian.

It was a pity that Wayne Lin could not smooth out the last time to see Grandpa!

He had already thought about seeing his grandfather, but he still held back it, not because he had no conscience, but because he had no face to face him.

Grandpa had high hopes for him, but he lived like this, letting him down!

If it hadn’t been for Grandpa to wake up finally and settle his grievances for him, he would still lie down until now.


Wayne Lin sighed for a long time, his mood was extremely complicated before he saw his grandfather.

Now that the sky is still dark, the entire land of China is dark.

After Wayne Lin parked the car and turned off the fire, the light between the heavens and the earth disappeared. It was a public fundraiser. There were tombs and weeds everywhere. From time to time, the crows of insects and crows were heard, which seemed particularly desolate and gloomy.

Ordinary people in such a place are too scared to tremble and dare not stay.

But Wayne Lin was not afraid at all. He got out of the car and walked up slowly.

The world is very quiet, it seems that he is the only one left.

“Grandpa, your unfilial grandson has come to see you!”

Soon, Wayne Lin found the mausoleum of his grandfather Lin Changtian. He took out the incense from the bag and lit it. The faint light of the fire cut through the night sky, but it looked even more gloomy and desolate.

Ordinary people, if they encounter this situation, would have been frightened long ago, but he is not half afraid, and some are only guilt, anger, nostalgia, sorrow…The emotions swept through his mind, which was extremely complicated.

He lit the incense and respectfully knocked his grandfather three beeps. The sound was so loud that it could be heard from far away.

After finishing all the procedures, he sat next to his grandfather’s tomb, murmured, talking about what happened over the years, unknowingly, tears have filled his cheeks.

He was in front of his grandfather’s tomb,’talking’ for more than an hour, and he was not ready to leave until the sky broke.

At this time, he faced one direction and said lightly: “My friend, you have been peeking at me for so long, so should you come out?”

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