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Chapter 638

Hearing what the old nun said, the older teacher was too clear to believe it. She frowned slightly, but did not dare to refute the old nun, so she folded her hands together and bowed her head and said, “Yes.”

The old nun showed a faint smile and said: “You don’t believe me, this donor is a famous congenital great perfectionist, with a cultivation base that can reach the sky, and the power of a palm can turn the clouds and rain. If it weren’t for the kindness of the donor, I wouldn’t have explained so much to Er et al. He had already overturned Miaoxuan Temple.”

Hearing what the old nun said, all the nuns in the treasure hall were shocked!

They all looked at Wayne Lin dumbfounded, full of horror, but they didn’t doubt either, because they knew that the old nun abbot would not deceive them. In this way, their hostility to Wayne Lin disappeared suddenly, but more. A bit of respect.

The powerhouse of the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, who stands on the top of the world, is really capable of overturning the clouds and rains easily. Facing their embarrassment, they can always remain humble, it is already rare!

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect the old nun to see through his cultivation level. You know, his aura is so deeply hidden, even a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, he might not be able to see him. The reality.

“Lin Shizhu, may I ask your wife, but’forget it’?” The old nun was kind-hearted, she had something otherworldly that no one else had. She was so pure that she didn’t look like a human being. At least Wayne Lin had never seen such a pure one. people.

Facing the old nun, Wayne Lin couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect, and put his hands together: “Abbot, here is Wayne Lin. This time, I came to Miaoxuan Temple to bring his wife home and disturbed the cleansing of Miaoxuan Temple. Please forgive the abbot.”

The old nun looked at Wayne Lin with a smile, her eyes full of appreciation, “Lin Donor, Hong Chen is beautiful, seven passions, ethics, morals, grievances and hatreds, very wonderful, with Lin Donor’s cultivation and status, he can always maintain his authenticity and seriousness. It’s rare for China to have such a talent as a forest donor in China.

The big top hat of the old nun made Wayne Lin a little embarrassed, and she laughed a streak, and quickly said: “The presiding officer is too acclaimed, and Lin is just a layman in the dust.”

The old nun smiled slightly and stopped answering the conversation. Instead, she said to Alma Chu who was kneeling on the ground: “Forget it, your husband in the dust is looking for you, you can go with him.”

Wayne Lin was overjoyed when he heard this!

However, what Alma Chu said soon was, to him, a bucket of cold water poured on his head.

“The abbot, forget that he has converted to Buddhism, and is no longer involved in the red dust. From now on, I only want to stay in front of the Buddha and sleep with the blue lantern.” Alma Chu’s cold voice came, without a trace of emotional fluctuation.

Wayne Lin’s expression immediately stiffened when he heard this!

“Alma!” He couldn’t help it anymore, and strode directly to Alma Chu, put his arms around her shoulders, and said excitedly: “Alma, it’s me! Wayne, I’m not dead, your husband came back!!!”

Face to face, he finally saw Alma Chu’s appearance clearly, thinner than before, and more delicate, if it weren’t for Alma Chu to become familiar with him, Wayne Lin would doubt that the person in front of him was not Alma Chu, but Another woman!

Because Alma Chu has not changed except for her appearance, everything else has changed, the whole

People have become colder and colder, and they don’t have the elegance and noble temperament they used to be. Instead, they have become cold, cold in the bones, and even the seven emotions and six desires have been broken!

Now Alma Chu is facing him face to face, just frowning slightly. Other than that, there is no mood swing. Instead, she stepped back and said with some sullenness: “This benefactor, please respect yourself!”

Wayne Lin was stunned.

He had imagined the scene of reunion with Alma Chu more than a thousand times, excited, excited, happy, angry, but he had never thought about this situation.

Indifferent, absolute indifference, completely unknown to him!

And this is not a pretense. From Alma Chu’s eyes, he can’t see a trace of nostalgia and emotion, he is just looking at a stranger.

Wayne Lin’s brain was in a mess, he couldn’t understand at all, why a good person, without a shock to his brain, would have amnesia, and he still remembered everything except him! This is simply unscientific, not to mention that Alma Chu swallowed the spirit fruit of heaven and earth, and her body and spirit have reached the innate realm!

Wayne Lin opened his mouth. Now his mind is very messy, buzzing, and the whole person is panicked. Even if he is on the Lion Mountain, facing more than forty innate realm masters, he chases the sword like frost. At that time, he was not as panicked as he is now.

It’s really like the whole person has six gods and no masters, and I don’t know what to do. Back when I was a child, the first time I did something wrong.

“Alma, don’t scare me, I have paid so much to save you, for us to stay together in the future and grow old together! You can’t treat me like this now… You must be kidding me! Yes, you You’re joking with me, you’re still angry with me, right?!” Wayne Lin said excitedly. He is now confused and can’t see his pale face and cold sweat on his forehead.

Alma Chu looked at him, frowned slightly, and some doubts appeared in her eyes, as if she had some impression of Wayne Lin.

Seeing her like this, Wayne Lin immediately said excitedly: “Alma, you still remember me, you must remember me! I am Wayne, Wayne Lin, the son-in-law who came to the house back then!”

The way he dances and dances like this is very funny. If anyone who knows him sees him, he will be surprised.

However, no matter how hard he tried, Alma Chu remained indifferent. Even the fluctuation in her eyes just now disappeared. She shook her head slightly, and said coldly: “Sorry, poor nun can’t go back with you, poor nun is now forgetting. Not Alma Chu.”

What she said was a bolt from the blue for Wayne Lin, making him pale on the spot.

“No! You can’t be a monk, you are my Wayne Lin’s wife! You promised me to stay with me, and you promised me to grow old during the day!” Wayne Lin gritted his teeth, full of anger, even He didn’t know whether he was angry at himself, angry at Alma Chu, or angry at reality.

Alma Chu saw him like this, and did not touch anything. She was still so cold and silent for a while. She said: “I’m sorry, we may have loved it before, but the poor nun has no memory of you anymore. I have converted to Buddhism and have no attachment to Hong Chen. Please don’t embarrass the poor.”

After speaking, Alma Chu also paid a Buddhist ceremony to Wayne Lin.

Chapter 639

At this moment, facing Alma Chu’s words, Wayne Lin actually felt a biting chill!

Cold, this is a kind of coldness he has never had before!

Even when he was a child, when he was thrown into an ice bucket by his grandfather to soak in the winter, he never felt so cold.

But now, this sentence of Alma Chu made Wayne Lin’s body and mind freeze, and even his thoughts were frozen.

You know, he is an extremely strong person at the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm.

He shuddered fiercely. He had never seen Alma Chu like this before. No matter how cold Alma Chu was before, she wouldn’t be like this. She couldn’t see a trace of emotion in her eyes. She was completely indifferent. stranger.

Even on Alma Chu, apart from his appearance, he could not feel the familiar breath, as if in Alma Chu’s body, it was another soul.

This is no longer as simple as selective amnesia, but Alma Chu, in extreme grief, cannot accept this fact, so she changed her personality directly, and her original personality was deeply hidden!

Wayne Lin couldn’t imagine, how much grief would have to happen before this happened?

Facing such a Alma Chu, Wayne Lin was speechless.

After Alma Chu finished speaking, she began to kneel down again and said to the teacher beside her: “Please continue to shave for oblivion, brother.”

The teacher did not agree, but looked at the abbot’s old nun and asked the abbot’s advice.

The abbot old nun sighed and said: “The roots of the forgotten dust are still unbroken. Today’s ordination ceremony is cancelled for now.”

Alma Chu immediately raised her head, looked at the old nun and said, “Abbot, the root of forgetting is broken, and asking the abbot to shave for forgetting.”

The abbot’s old nun shook her head and said, “No, your roots are still unbroken. You just changed your personality. This is not the real you.”

Upon hearing these words, Alma Chu frowned slightly, but did not refute, nodded and accepted, “It is all arranged by the abbot.”

Then, the old nun said to Wayne Lin again, “Everything in the world has yin and yang cause and effect. Donor, you can arrive at the last moment of oblivion or oblivion, indicating that there is still a marriage between you and oblivion. Donor.”

The abbot’s old nun said this very vaguely, but Wayne Lin heard it right away. He saluted the abbot’s old nun with respect and said, “Thank you for the abbot’s accommodating, Lin is indebted.”

The old nun the abbot smiled slightly, and then she asked her wife to go out with Wayne Lin and Alma Chu to stay alone.

The huge palace suddenly quieted down, leaving only the sound of Alma Chu kneeling on the ground and knocking Muyu.

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu, who had become completely different. His heart was so complicated that he couldn’t tell what it was like.


“Benefactor, the poor nun is not called Alma Chu now, and the poor nun’s name is forgotten.” Alma Chu interrupted him coldly.

Wayne Lin’s body shook slightly, seeing Alma Chu look like this, his heart was really uncomfortable!

He can accept Alma Chu beating him and scolding him, losing his temper, but he can’t accept that Alma Chu treats him like a stranger.

Moreover, in a sense, the original Alma Chu had disappeared and was replaced by the non-human fireworks’forgetting’.

Wayne Lin suddenly felt very ridiculed. He had spent endless efforts at the beginning, after all the hardships, and died all his life, just to save Alma Chu’s life. But in the end, God made a big joke on him, Alma Chu’s life was saved, but

Isn’t it the Alma Chu he is familiar with?

There was a long silence. After that, Wayne Lin said, “Master Forget, do you remember me at all?”

There was a slight pause in the rhythm of Alma Chu’s beating Muyu, which was not obvious. If it weren’t for Wayne Lin’s keenness, she wouldn’t be able to hear it.

This slight change gave Wayne Lin a feeling of despair, which raised hope!

It shows that Alma Chu still has some impression of him.

It’s a pity that this pause only lasted once and then returned to normal. Then Alma Chu said indifferently, “I don’t remember.”

Wayne Lin didn’t react as radically as before. It seemed that he was used to Alma Chu’s appearance. He thought for a while and simply chose to kneel beside Alma Chu.

His move made Alma Chu frowned slightly and felt discomfort. It seemed to be repelling Wayne Lin from being so close to her and polluting her pure body.

After bowing down to the Buddha and kowtowing a few heads, Wayne Lin said, “Master Forget, can I tell you a story?”

Alma Chu knocked on the wooden fish, closed her eyes, and did not respond, as if she had entered a mysterious state.

Wayne Lin continued: “Once upon a time, there was a man who was an amazingly talented genius. He was very fast in learning everything. Whether in martial arts, medicine, finance or various fields, he has made considerable achievements.”

“This man lived happily before he was twenty-three years old. He was born in a big family and he was carefree. He once thought that the happiest life in the world was nothing more than that. But soon, the reality was given. He hit hard. His parents had an accident and left him forever. Not long after, even the grandfather, who loved him so much, was conspired to become a vegetable, and everyone in the family framed that he did it overnight. In between, he became a sinner, was kicked out of the family, and had nothing.”

“When this man was so desperate that there was nowhere to go, a woman appeared. This was a beautiful woman who was so beautiful to the bone. The man was moved when he saw her, but the man didn’t dare to look at him. Knowing that in his current situation, he was not worthy of the other party at all, and he didn’t even dare to look at it. But when he was embarrassed, the woman took the initiative to talk to him and made an incredible request. Invite him to be a woman’s son-in-law.”

“The man was dumbfounded at the time and couldn’t believe it was true. There are such ridiculous things in this world.”

“Later, after the woman explained to him, he knew why a woman did this. This was out of obedience to the family of women.”

“The man agreed, and since then he has become a woman’s son-in-law…”

Wayne Lin said in a whisper, speaking very calmly and with great care. Following his words, he slowly fell into the memory.

When talking about being humiliated, he will show embarrassment and emotion, and when talking about the sweet moments between husband and wife, he will show a happy smile on his face.

As he spoke, he even reddened his eyes in the end.

“When the man has done everything, went through all the difficulties, and returned to the woman, only to find that the woman has become another personality under extreme grief and turned a blind eye to him…”

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu with a more serious and profound look than ever before, “Master Forget, I want to ask you, if you were this man, what would you do?”

Alma Chu’s breathing became a lot faster, she no longer had the indifference in her eyes, and there was pain on her face. She knocked the wooden fish faster and faster…

She could not calm down.

Chapter 640


Originally, Alma Chu beat Muyu at a fixed frequency, but now, her heart is obviously messed up. She beats Muyu faster and faster. In the last second, she has to beat several times, and her strength is getting stronger and stronger. .

Finally, with a bang, the sturdy wooden fish broke directly than her!

“Enough!” Alma Chu suddenly widened her eyes and stared at Wayne Lin with excitement, with a rare anger on her face.

Wayne Lin was not angry when faced with her scolding, but instead smiled and smiled heartily.

Alma Chu’s reaction shows that Alma Chu has not completely forgotten him, and there is still the possibility of saving him.

He tried to stretch out his hand, but took Alma Chu’s hand, “Alma, come back, I have already returned, and I will never leave you again.”

Alma Chu’s reaction was fierce. She even started to tremble, and violently threw away Wayne Lin’s hand, and stood up, holding her head, and shouting loudly: “Don’t disturb the poor Ni Buddha Heart! All living beings are troubled, and troubles are all suffering. All troubles are neither born nor perish, neither scale nor clean, neither increase nor decrease. The tangible is born in the intangible, the incompetence is born, the existence is returned to nothing, and the realm is born from the mind! All beings are troubled …”

She started to chant the meditation mantra loudly, she had lost her pure heart and lack of desire, and she seemed to be struggling.

Because of her movement, all the nuns outside were alarmed and wanted to rush in, but was quickly stopped by the old abbot, “forgetting that the original personality in the body was awakened and struggling.”

“But the abbot, it is painful to listen to the voice and forget the younger brother, will she be okay?”

“Yes, the abbot, forget that the younger brother has a lot of buddhism. If she can escape into the empty door, she will definitely be able to achieve high Dharma achievements.”

The abbot’s old nun shook her head and said: “Forgetting the dust is constantly rooted, and there are too many concerns in the world, which do not belong to the Buddha. Now that the forgotten husband is back, Hongchen is the home of forgetting.”

When the other teachers heard this, they all showed regret.

Wayne Lin simply hugged Alma Chu, let Alma Chu struggle, he did not let go, “Alma, come back!”

“You let me go! I am forgetting, not Alma Chu! I am forgetting, not Alma Chu!” Alma Chu’s reaction was extremely fierce, she even kept scratching Wayne Lin and biting Wayne Lin’s arm, but even so, Wayne didn’t move, he used his sincere feelings to call Alma Chu back.

Alma Chu’s reaction became even more intense when he was held in this way. The expression on her face kept changing. For a while, she was indifferent, angry, and painful. It seemed that two people were fighting inside.

“Wayne, is it really you? You have really come back… shut up! You are forgetting, not Alma Chu, Alma Chu is dead!”

“Wayne, why did you do this, don’t you know how painful I am…”

“The poor nun is forgetting, the benefactor, I order you to immediately let go of the poor nun!”

In the end, it seemed that the personality of’forgetting’ was stronger and had the upper hand, gradually swallowing Alma Chu’s personality, and her expression became more and more indifferent.

Wayne Lin saw her like this, and his heart was cut. In Alma Chu’s ear, he called out affectionately: “Alma, I love you, I love you…”

Hearing this, Alma Chu’s body suddenly shook, and then she stopped moving, tears kept streaming down, looking up at Wayne Lin, the original indifferent eyes regained the look and tears.

Holding Wayne Lin’s face, he exclaimed affectionately: “Wayne.”

Hearing these familiar words, Wayne Lin’s lacrimal glands could no longer be stretched, tears streaming out, “Alma, you are finally back, great, great.”

The man does not flick when he has tears, but he is not sad.

Wayne Lin is undoubtedly a man of steel will. No matter how difficult it is, he can face it with a smile. Even in the face of death, he is calm, but now, facing Alma Chu’s cry, he She burst into tears directly.

Alma Chu also hugged Wayne Lin tightly, “You will never leave me again, never leave me again…”

“Hmm, never leave you again!” Wayne Lin nodded vigorously, and agreed.

Maybe Alma Chu was too tired, or Alma Chu was too excited. She rolled her eyes and passed out in a coma, nestling in Wayne Lin’s arms.

Wayne Lin hugged her, felt her familiar breath, a hanging heart, and finally relaxed.

Not long after, Wayne Lin walked out holding Alma Chu, and sincerely thanked the abbot old nun: “Abbot, thank you very much, my wife Alma has returned.”

“Amitabha Buddha, good and good.” The old abbot said with a smile and folded her hands: the lover finally gets married, congratulations to the donor. “

Wayne Lin nodded, the happy smile on his face couldn’t be concealed, and thanked the abbot old nun, ready to hug Alma Chu down the mountain.

At this moment, from outside the Miaoxuan Temple, a middle-aged couple walked in and saw Wayne Lin. They were shocked, and everything in their hands fell to the ground.

It wasn’t anyone, it was Berry Chu and Candice Liu. It turned out that they also came to Miaoxuan Temple during this time and silently guarded Alma Chu.

Now when they saw Wayne Lin, they thought they had hallucinations at first. They didn’t come back to their senses until Wayne Lin called out Mom and Dad. It turned out that it was Wayne Lin who had returned!

They were so excited that they cried directly. Obviously, during this period of time, they also suffered endless suffering.

Wayne Lin listened to them saying a lot, and the guilt in his heart grew more and more. Before he knew it, he was already burdened a lot and became the backbone of his life. Many people lived for him.

Fortunately, this time there was no danger. He finally came back and successfully broke through to the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. In this way, his strength is stronger and he has more ability to protect the people around him.

Jiang Liqun moved quickly. When Wayne Lin returned to Yulong Bay, he had already bought back the endorsement, and everything remained the same.

Wayne Lin didn’t go anywhere, he just guarded Alma Chu at home.

Of course he was not idle either. During this time, he began to understand the situation in Hwadrid.

Even if he had prepared in advance, when he heard the report, he couldn’t help getting angry, and his heart was raging!

In just half a month, his property in Hwadrid was nibbled clean, and Damon Wang, Jeff Han and others were also implicated!

And he knows all the people who cannibalize his property!

At the same time, it didn’t take long for Wayne Lin to survive a catastrophe, and the matter of his return soon spread in the circle.

In a high-end clubhouse, there are several big guys who are soaking in hot springs and receiving the services of young girls. When he heard a call, he suddenly screamed out in shock: “What?! Wayne Lin is not dead, he Are you back?!”

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