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Chapter 559

But there is no water at all here, except for the stones, which are the dry leaves on the ground, nothing else.

If she can’t get out, Alan Su dare not think about the consequences of her continuing fever.

Waiting for others to come to rescue, I don’t know when Lena Qin’s current situation can wait any longer. He gently put Lena Qin down and walked to the entrance of the cave, looking at the mountain. The entrance of the cave is not straight and cannot be seen. Up to the top, the light in the hole is shining through the gap.

He looked at Lena Qin who was lying on the side and whispered, “I must save you out.”

Even if he does not fear death, he cannot let Lena Qin die.

He took off his shirt and shoes. The skin and the rock wall can increase resistance, which helps him to climb. Because the hole is flat, he visually inspected the distance, and he has a chance to support both sides with his legs sideways. Climb up the stone wall.

However, after it was actually implemented, it was found that the distance was not uniform. The wider the distance went up, his legs could not support such a distance, and he could not climb even if he moved to the extreme edge.

She hadn’t eaten anything for the past day and night, and her physical strength was not good. She slipped again after her body became slightly soft. However, she did not give up, but kept trying, but fell down every time.

Lena Qin was in a daze, seeming to see a figure climbing at the entrance of the cave, up and down, and up and down, repeatedly she wanted to say not to waste her energy, but she really didn’t have any energy.

When she was locked up, she was afraid of putting Ecstasy or something in her food, so she didn’t dare to eat too much. With fever, she really didn’t have any strength.

Want to persuade is also powerless.

Alan Su’s stamina was exhausted in falling down again and again, he was exhausted and looked up in despair.

He died when he died, but what would Lena Qin do?

She escaped from the dead, changed her face, changed her voice, and finally survived, is she going to die here?

I don’t know whether it was sweat or tears, which slipped from the corner of his eyes.

How to do?

He turned his head to look at Lena Qin. Lena Qin half-squinted her eyes as if she was covered with a layer of veil. She couldn’t see Alan Su’s appearance, just a fuzzy outline.

She saw that figure crawling towards her, stretched out her hand and brushed away the hair blocking her forehead, hoarsely saying to her, “Actually, I am not afraid of death at all. It is good to die with you, at least With you, but I can’t bear to die.”

Lena Qin looked at him, watching him leave tears, crying like a child.

“I have never told you about my parents, not because I don’t trust you, nor because I don’t love you, but because I…every time I think about it, I will be entangled by nightmares for a long time, but now I want to tell you, I’m afraid I won’t even have the chance to be entangled by nightmares in the future. I’m afraid that I will never be able to confess my heart to you anymore.”

He wiped his face, “I don’t remember how old I was at that time. Maybe I deliberately ignored the past and forgot about myself at that time.

My mother betrayed my dad. I watched her take the man home, in her and my dad’s bedroom…” Alan Su lowered his head, Lena Qin couldn’t see his expression, only could feel him The helplessness and hatred at that time.

Perhaps it is helpless that woman is his mother, hate, hate her shameless.

Alan Su never mentioned it to anyone, even Keller Shen and Phillip Zong didn’t know this unknown history.

Only know that he was brought up by grandma.

Parents died young.

“I have seen it many times. It lasted for half a year. I resented that I had such a mother, but I couldn’t choose what kind of woman to crawl out of the belly. Such a thing would be discovered sooner or later. I didn’t expect that day would come. It was so fast that I was caught off guard, and it was so fast that it would upset my life.

I also found out afterwards that my dad’s company temporarily cancelled his business trip and returned home early and found out about my mother. He caught my mother and her adulterer in bed on the spot. He should have been too angry at that time. , Will take the knife… He missed the pair of dog men and women.

When I came home from school, I saw him holding a knife against my neck. When I saw me, he burst into tears and said I’m sorry… I saw him kill himself in front of me. He would just kill on impulse. Deep, when the reason is back, it is too late to regret. “

“The only person I have said is Liu Feifei. At that time, I really liked her. Later, she said to leave. She left for ten years. But for ten years, I thought I couldn’t let it go. In fact, it has already become a no-brainer. Reconciliation is not love, no lingering, not still feelings for her, but not reconciled to her leaving without saying goodbye at that time.

After seeing her again, I have lost even ten years of unwillingness. I once imagined that when I saw her, how I would question her and abuse her irresponsibility, but I didn’t, because after I met you, Not even that bit of unwillingness is gone. “

“Being with you, I am very happy, very happy, very relaxed. In fact, I wanted to talk to you on an impulse, but I was also afraid, afraid that you would dislike me, I am afraid, let you see me I used to think that Liu Feifei would leave without saying goodbye just because I disliked me in the past. I am afraid, I am afraid you will leave me, so I dare not.”

“Actually I don’t regret not sharing my things with you, my world is too gloomy.”

Now, it’s just that he thinks he might die here. Before he dies, confess to her.

Lena Qin passed out in a coma, and then he couldn’t hear what he said.

Alan Su hugged the unconscious Lena Qin, he lowered his head and k*ssed her on the forehead, and said with a smile, “God is kind to me, you refused to forgive me, but let us die together.”


There was a sound from the entrance of the hole, followed by a sound of friction, and it didn’t take long for someone to fall.

Alan Su watched as a man in a camouflage uniform fell not far from him.

He was stunned for a second, then he reacted in the next second, as if he had found a straw for life.

“Are you here to find us?”

Alan Su asked excitedly.

The man clutched his waist and turned his head to look over, then nodded, “We are here to find someone, are you Alan Su?”

Alan Su said excitedly, “This is Alan Su, hurry up. She has a high fever and is in a coma and needs to be sent to the hospital.”

The man in the camouflage uniform took a look in the hole and said in a hurry, “Don’t worry, my companion will notify someone to save us.”

“People are in a coma, how can I not be in a hurry?

! “

Alan Su growled.

The man shrank, wondering why this man has such a bad temper?

He calmly said, “Can I climb up here?”

Alan Su stared at him, “If I can climb up, I still have to wait for someone to save it?”

“That’s not it. If you can’t climb up, you can only wait for someone to save you. What can I do if you urge me?”

The man took out the water from the bag he carried and handed it to Alan Su, “You feed her some drinks, my companion should call someone to rescue us soon.”

Chapter 560

Alan Su glanced at the man and immediately took it. He unscrewed the mouth of the bottle, handed it to Lena Qin, and whispered to her, “Lena Qin, wake up, you have water.”

Lena Qin didn’t respond, no matter what Alan Su called, how to shake her body was completely unconscious.

The man in the camouflage uniform reminded, “Pinch her among the people.”

Alan Su handed the water in his hand to the other hand, vacantly pinching her human heart.

After a while, Lena Qin woke up, still feeling weak and would pass out again at any time. Alan Su handed the water to her mouth and whispered, “Drink some water.”

Lena Qin’s dry and cracked lips were wrinkled together, just as she opened her mouth, she broke away the thin layer of skin on the surface, bleeding out, her throat was dry as if it was on fire, and all the water on her body was dried up. Withered, she suddenly touched the water, and she drank gulps.

She can even hear her swallowing water.

Just a half pot of water did not fully satisfy her desire for water, but it also gave her a little bit of energy.

“We are all traveling together. When I fell, my companion was by our side. I think he will call someone to rescue us soon. Don’t worry.”

Said the man in camouflage uniforms.

Lena Qin heard the voice slowly turning her head, and then saw someone inside. She knew where the water came from.

“We are saved, you hold on.”

Alan Su hugged her and said excitedly.

Lena Qin blinked, her curled eyelashes flapped slightly, looking at Alan Su excitedly through the faint light.

Thinking of what he had said to himself, his eyes dropped slightly.

At this time, someone shouted at the entrance of the cave and asked if there was anyone.

The man in the camouflage uniform stood up, raised his head and responded to the hole. He quickly dropped the rope from above and shouted to the people below. When they were able to reach the rope, they would pull hard so that they would know the length and no longer need to drop it. .

The man stood at the entrance of the cave and waited. It didn’t take long for the rescue rope to be dropped. The man looked at Alan Su and said, “Go up.”

Alan Su grabbed the shirt he took off and put it on Lena Qin, tidying up her clothes, then picked her up and walked to the entrance of the cave. The man grabbed the rope and walked to Alan Su and took a look at Lena Qin’s situation. “I don’t think she is too weak. It is difficult for her to take care of herself during the process of pulling up. Or, do you guys go together?”

Alan Su nodded.

The man tied the rope to Alan Su’s waist and explained to him, “Your body fits the rock wall as much as possible, and put her in front of you. This will reduce the damage to her.”

Lena Qin’s feet and calves were injured, and she looked weak, and obviously needed to be taken care of, otherwise it would only aggravate her condition.

Alan Su said that he understood that the man pulled the rope and informed the person above that the bottom was ready.

At first, there were three people on the top. When pulling, I felt that the one below might not be up at the same time, so I asked two people to pull together.

Alan Su didn’t wear clothes, his skin rubbed against the stone wall and made a faint sound. It was fine at first, but after a long time, his entire back was burning with pain.

He just frowned slightly, didn’t care too much, just wanted to go up quickly and take Lena Qin to the hospital.

After a while, the people above saw them and pulled the rope a little bit in the middle to reduce the friction between Alan Su’s body and the stone wall. Keller Shen stood at the entrance of the cave and watched them come up. When he reached the entrance of the cave, he bent down to catch the Alan Su’s arms. Lena Qin, “Leave it to me.”

Alan Su looked up at him, did not speak, and handed the person to him.

With the help of others, Alan Su successfully came up from the cave, and when he reached the shore, he hurriedly connected the rope on his body. The leader said, “I’ll come, you can’t untie it.”

This kind of system of theirs, ordinary people cannot untie it, it is not the ordinary way of knotting.

Alan Su urged anxiously, “Excuse me, please hurry up.”

The team leader didn’t say a word, and told him with action that soon, the rope on his body was untied, and he walked to Keller Shen and stretched out his hand, “Give it to me.”

Keller Shen glanced at him, his condition is not very good, he still has some way to get out of the woods, afraid that he will not be able to do it.

“I can.”

He knew what Keller Shen was hesitating.

He said so, and Keller Shen is not good at talking about other things, and now it is time for him to behave. Just when Keller Shen was about to pass Lena Qin to Alan Su, she said weakly, “Can you please take me out? ?”

She looked at Keller Shen.

Keller Shen went to see Alan Su the first time, and when he arrived at the entrance of the cave, he went to hug Lena Qin, because there was no one to lie on the ground, and someone must take Lena Qin out of his arms at the entrance of the cave.

Compared with others, Alan Su would definitely be more reluctant, so he took the initiative to step forward.

At this moment Lena Qin didn’t want Alan Su to hold her, he was afraid of Alan Su’s misunderstanding.

Alan Su pursed his lips and said nothing.


Lena Qin looked at Keller Shen and said again.

She is too weak to leave on her own and can only rely on others.

As she came up, she felt that Alan Su must have been hurt, and she didn’t want to owe Alan Su anything, even if he confessed to herself, she never thought of reconciling him.

For her, the past is the past.

Moreover, her body… “Since Big Brother Shen is unwilling, you put me down and I go by myself.”

Lena Qin said stubbornly.

“You take her out.”

Without waiting for Keller Shen’s response, Alan Su spoke first.

Keller Shen pursed his lips and glanced at Alan Su, knowing that Alan Su was scrupulous about Lena Qin, and now they are all injured, he didn’t want to delay time, and said to the team leader, “I’ll leave it to you.”

After speaking, he hugged Lena Qin and walked back.

Alan Su was afraid that there would be branches in front of him, and Keller Shen would not be able to walk. Lena Qin, who was scratched in his arms, took the initiative to walk to the front to block the branches.

Lena Qin leaned on Keller Shen’s shoulder, squinting his eyes, Alan Su walked in front of them, just in time he could see the wound on his back, the whole back was covered with rubbing scars, and blood would be bleeding in serious places. The one without blood is purple red.

There were slight fluctuations in her heart, and she felt a little distressed, but it was not that she was soft-hearted and reunited with him.

She will never be with him again in this life.

She closed her eyes and separated her eyes from looking at him.

The journey was not very long mainly because the mountain road was difficult to walk, and after nearly an hour they walked out of the mountain.

The car that Alan Su knew Keller Shen voluntarily walked over and opened the door so that he could carry Lena Qin in the car.

As soon as Keller Shen wanted to put Lena Qin down, Alan Su said, “Give me the car key and I will drive.”

He was afraid that Lena Qin would reject him and waste time.

Keller Shen bent over and put Lena Qin on the back seat and handed him the car key. Alan Su walked to the front with the car key and opened the door of the driver’s seat.

Keller Shen got into the back seat and took care of Lena Qin. He took out two bottles of mineral water from the net pocket behind the car seat and handed one to Alan Su, “You drink some water.”

Alan Su didn’t look back and said, “Give it to Lena Qin.”

Keller Shen passed it forward again, “There’s more.”

They have been trapped in the cave for so long, they must need water.

Alan Su knew that there was another one in the back, so he took it, unscrewed the lid, and poured a bottle of water into his mouth. It only took a minute to fill it. He threw the empty bottle out of the car and started the car.

At the back, Keller Shen unscrewed the lid of the mineral water and handed it to Lena Qin, “You drink a little too.”

Lena Qin raised her arm to take it.


Ana Lin woke up late, not knowing whether it was because of his lethargy, or because he always slept very heavily beside Phillip Zong.

When she got up, Phillip Zong had already left. After breakfast, Zong Yanxi said that Dabai’s hair was dirty, and she took Wanda to the yard to give Dabai a bath, and said that she would take her to buy dog ​​food.

Wanda smiled and said yes.

Ana Lin stood in front of the glass window watching the scene of Wanda taking her two children bathing the dog, and her lips curled up unconsciously.

She turned around and picked up the phone, and was about to call Gibson Shao to ask about the situation there. She didn’t know who turned it on. She picked up the remote control and when she was about to turn it off, she saw one side of the news and the protagonist in the news. Actually know.

Chapter 561

The news is about Nanshan Temple, and there is nothing, mainly because the protagonist who caused this news turned out to be the one who teased her in City C last time.

This piece of news became news because the man appeared in the temple naked and was also covered in injuries. The picture drew infinite speculation.

After all, everyone knows that temples are clean places and the most filthy things are taboo, but now such things happen.

She sat on the sofa and continued to look down, knowing that this person was found in the most inconspicuous place of the temple.

Ana Lin held the TV remote control into deep thought.

She stroked everything that happened during this time.

At first it was the photos, followed by the person who teased her, and then the person who “hero saves the beauty”. At that time, Gibson Shao said that the man was a rich man, but it was not that C was a person.

This means that he is from city B, because that person now appears in city B. The rich man at that time must be Gu Bei from Phillip Zong’s mouth.

However, this person who can cooperate with Gu Bei in the “hero save the beauty” scene must be someone Gu Bei trusts.

But he appeared in the temple at this moment.

Lena Qin was arrested and must be kept in a very secret place. Nanshan Temple was very secret.

The clearer and clearer things were, the more horrified she became. If Lena Qin was really hidden in the temple as she had guessed, then this person is naked and wants to behave against Lena Qin?

Ana Lin felt that she was about to suffocate, she patted her chest hard, but her breathing was not smooth.

“Mommy Mommy, can we go out?”

Zong Yanxi ran over and threw herself into her arms, holding her coquettishly, “Mommy, I want to go to the pet shop to give big white dog food, I also want to change the chain that binds the dog…” “No today You can go out.”

Before Zong Yanxi finished speaking, Ana Lin interrupted her. She touched her daughter’s hair and said, “Hey, obedient, you can’t go there today at home.”


Zong Yanxi looked up at her disappointedly.

Ana Lin didn’t know how to explain to her daughter, that the person named Gu Bei, she didn’t know what kind of person it was. They dared to catch Lena Qin, which meant that this person named Gu Bei was not a good person. And the three are doing things, what if you pay attention to hit the two children on the head?

It’s safer in the villa. She tried to find excuses to comfort her daughter, “It’s too hot outside…” “We are sitting in the car, and there is an uncle driver who can take us, and we don’t need to bask in the sun. Besides, there is sun. Let’s use shade Umbrella, no, you can also wear a sun hat.”

Zong Yanxi quickly refuted Ana Lin’s words and was unconvincing.

Ana Lin, “…” When did this kid become so talkative?

She straightened her expression, narrowed her smile and said sternly, “You can’t go out today.”

Zong Yanxi blinked, suddenly withdrew from her arms, turned and ran into the room.


Yu’s mother didn’t know what was going on, she couldn’t bear Zong Yanxi’s disappointment. When she was taking a bath for Dabai’s, she was mumbling about what to buy for Dabai. She stepped forward and persuaded, “If the kids want to go out, take them. The driver will take them both.”

Ana Lin never let go, and looked up at Wanda, “It’s better to be at home these days.”

Wanda wanted to say something, Ana Lin interrupted her in time, “I’m going out, and I’ll use the driver later. Today, the two of them are at home.”

After speaking, she got up and went upstairs. Because she was not going out, she was still wearing loose and comfortable home clothes. After reading the news, she had to go out. Last night, Phillip Zong said that Lena Qin escaped. It happened. I dared not tell her something, and deliberately lied to her.

She can’t feel at ease without figuring it out.

Wanda is not an incomprehensible person either. Ana Lin said everything for this purpose. She can’t say anything else. She walked into the room to coax Zong Yanxi. Zong Yanchen sighed and poured it. A bowl of dog food was placed in front of Da Bai, and he squatted down to touch his head, “You are so happy.”

You can be a carefree dog, as long as the owner feeds it.

If Dabai knew what Zong Yanchen was thinking, he would definitely say that being a dog also has troubles. It has to please its owner and always worry about being abandoned.

As pet dogs, they are also not easy, don’t think they live so easily.

Ana Lin walked down and saw his son squatting on the floor to feed Dabai, and said, “Coax your sister.”

Zong Yanchen raised his head and looked at her, “I will take care of her, you can rest assured to go out.”

Ana Lin walked over and k*ssed his son’s face, who was still sensible, “Thank you son.”

“But when you’re free, let’s take her to the pet shop. I don’t have any Folaien to use, so I have to buy it.”

Zong Yanchen said.

Ana Lin had never kept a pet, and didn’t know what he was talking about. He asked, “Is Dabai sick?”

Zong Yanchen said mischievously, “There are still things Mommy doesn’t know.”

Ana Lin pulled his ears and looked ruthless, but actually didn’t use force. “It would be nice if I can raise you and my sister. Where can I have free time and money to raise pets?”

Zong Yanchen repeatedly begged for mercy, “Mommy, I was wrong, I was wrong, that was either medicine for sickness, or deworming for dogs. Grandpa uncle brought it over and it was only a little bit. It was used up after showering him. .”

Deworming medicine is an essential medicine for pets at home, especially those with children at home. The dog’s hair is prone to lice and fleas. Without medicine, it is easy to spread to children, and homes will also have them.

Ana Lin patted his head, “When your dad is free, let him take you there.”

“Mommy, are you with us?”

Zong Yanchen asked with a smile.

“Of course, I have something to go out. Go out first.”

Ana Lin stood up, Zong Yanchen said goodbye obediently, and Ana Lin waved his hand to him, then changed his shoes and walked out the door. He didn’t bring anything last time, so he had everything at home.

The driver walked over to open the back door for her and asked respectfully, “Where to go?”

Ana Lin thought for a while, “Go to the company.”

The driver closed the door and ran to the front to drive.

Soon the car stopped in front of the company. Ana Lin didn’t get off the car immediately. When she came, she didn’t think about it. She didn’t know if Phillip Zong was in the company. He took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Keller Shen. I might ask Keller Shen. Phillip Zong is more reliable.

Ana Lin knew that he didn’t want to worry about this, but Lena Qin was not an outsider. She had always regarded Lena Qin as a relative, and it was because of them that Lena Qin was arrested.

When she dialed the number and put it in her ear to wait for Keller Shen to answer, another car stopped next to their car, and soon the door opened, and a man in a suit and leather shoes came down. He turned and walked into the company. Ana Lin saw clearly. Covered his face.

She opened her eyes wide, it was him.

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