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Chapter 500

The two Changfeng and Qinglang standing next to each other are now completely widened, dumbfounded, in disbelief. Even, they have a doubt whether it is the fire to cooperate with Wayne Lin in acting!

Otherwise, with the strength of the fire, how could it be so easily caught by the new instructor of the fourth group, and still not move?

As capable masters, they all know how difficult it is to catch an opponent’s fist with one hand and still not move at all!

Regardless of their contempt for the fourth group from the bottom of their hearts, it is still impossible for them to catch the fourth group’s fist empty-handed, unless the opponent is an ordinary person, they can do it.

But now, Wayne Lin is empty-handed to catch the fist of the raging fire, how strong is this? Even the instructors of their Fangs group might not be able to do it, right?

In contrast to their shock, the dozen or so soldiers in the fourth group were completely different, and suddenly shouted excitedly, “The instructor is awesome! The instructor is awesome!!”

They all clenched their fists, all of them were too excited. Wayne Lin’s performance with this hand was so handsome, and it gave them a lot of face for the fourth team! !

“That is the strength of your Fangs team?”

“At this level, I am ashamed to brag, I really don’t know where the face comes from.”

“You said that our fourth group is rubbish, and I said that your fangs group, in front of our instructors, is also rubbish.”

They couldn’t wait to go back, and gestured their thumbs down at the raging fire.

Agni is proud of himself, born in the Fangs group, he looks down on the other four groups, especially the fourth group, which is the worst of them. Where can he tolerate this kind of ridicule now, he was furious, he lost control, and sent a beast. With a roar like that, and then launched a fierce attack on Wayne Lin again.

It’s a pity that his level is so different from Wayne Lin, he is not at the same level at all. Wayne Lin grabbed his other fist again, then crossed his arms and grabbed his two wrists with one hand, just like It was a lock that locked his hands tightly, making him unable to pull away even with the strength of breastfeeding.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said disappointedly: “Too weak, is this the strength of your Fang team?”

Lihuo frantically made his face flush, and even if the lock was really locked, he would have to be struggling to open it, but he was still in Wayne Lin’s hand, like being hooped by a huge machine. Live the same!

He was still so weak for the first time since he joined the Fangs group. The most frightening thing was that Wayne Lin was very relaxed, his face was not red or breathless, but instead he looked at him with playful eyes, not struggling at all.

This shows that the strength gap between him and Wayne Lin is very big!

While he was angry, he also began to feel a little frightened. He couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin looked white and pure, how could such a huge energy be hidden in his body? This is completely unscientific! !

Don’t say it was him, everyone present, seeing this scene, took a breath. It’s not that they haven’t seen the world, but that the impression given by this scene is too subversive. In their eyes, there is a terrifying fire. In front of Wayne Lin, it is like a child, with no room for resistance.

“Impossible! Impossible! This is impossible!!” The fire yelled frantically. He couldn’t get away no matter what. He tried to get out of his leg and kicked towards Wayne Lin’s waist, but Wayne Lin’s queen shot him and kicked him. On his calf, he suddenly let out a scream, and he knelt before Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was very relaxed from beginning to end. It was not because he was fighting with the fire, but the adult bullying the child. After he was done, he would educate him. Isn’t he mischievous?

Wayne Lin closed it when he saw it, let go of the fire, then looked at Changfeng and Qinglang, hooked his fingers, and said lightly: “You two go together.”


Wayne Lin didn’t say much, but his tone was very flat and his expression

It was also very calm, but the domineering he exuded now, rushing towards his face, made everyone feel it!

In particular, Wayne Lin’s majesty didn’t put Changfeng, Green Wolf, and Agni in the same place at all. As an elder, he was teaching these three naughty bear children.

For a while, everyone’s eyes looked at Wayne Lin, and they began to change, and there was no longer the contempt that they had just now, and unknowingly, a little more awe. As for the soldiers in the fourth group, it goes without saying that they worship Wayne Lin to the extreme now, and the light in their eyes can’t stop them! And they are proud from the heart, this is the instructor of their fourth group, invincible instructor!

Both Changfeng and Qinglang’s expressions became extremely solemn at this time, and there was no longer the contempt they had just now. They did not expect that Wayne Lin’s strength was so strong, even if the fire was in his hand, there was no way to fight back. .

However, among the three of them, Agni is not the strongest, but the weakest. Changfeng is the strongest, even if asked in the Fangs group, they are all ranked.

Faced with Wayne Lin’s provocation, Chang Feng suddenly laughed. He no longer had the smell of gunpowder, but said with a little more respect, “I looked down on you just now. I didn’t expect you to have some ability, since this is the case. , Today’s matter, let’s forget it, we will leave now.”

After speaking, he turned around, ready to leave.

But how did Wayne Lin let them go, and immediately said, “Want to go? Yes, you have to apologize to every soldier in the fourth team.”

Chang Feng frowned, looked at Wayne Lin coldly, and said, “Instructor Lin, I admit that you have some skill. I told you the wrong thing just now. But, I advise you, just accept it if you see it right. , Our Fang team, never apologize to the other four teams. This is the rule set by our chief instructor.”

He directly moved the chief instructor of the Fangs group out, trying to scare Wayne Lin back.

However, he still underestimated Wayne Lin too much.

“I count to three, you don’t apologize again, don’t blame me for teaching you.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

Qing Lang said to the side, “Chang Feng, I’m afraid he will be an egg. If the three of us are on the same board, can we not beat him?”

Agni also gritted his teeth and said: “Yes! The three of us are playing together, even if the innate realm masters have to retreat by three points! This guy is just more powerful, and I don’t think the fighting level is so good!”

He lost a big face in Wayne Lin’s hands just now, and wanted to find the place back all the time!

Chang Feng was said to be moved, his eyes gleamed with all kinds of brilliance, staring at Wayne Lin, and finally snorted and said: “Toast without eating and fine wine, green wolf, raging fire, let’s go together and let him see and see. Our Fang team is really amazing!”

“it is good!”

“it is good!”

Both the green wolf and the raging fire became excited, and in their eyes, there was an infinite fighting spirit and a raging fire.

Everyone present felt their boiling fighting spirit, forming a mental storm that shocked everyone.

Wayne Lin sighed, shook his head, and said, “You don’t shed tears if you don’t see the coffin. What’s more, I will replace the instructor of the Fang team today and teach you a good lesson.”

When Wayne Lin’s words fell, Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo all rushed towards Wayne Lin. They attacked from three different directions at the same time. The speed was fast to the extreme, and the coordination was perfect and flawless. It is the unique combination technique of their Fang group, which has increased the power several times.

But for Wayne Lin, there were too many flaws. It was just a thought. He had at least thought of no less than a hundred ways to crack it.

But he still used the simplest and rude. He suppressed it with his strength. When the three of them arrived at the same time, he kicked out three kicks, kicked them on their lower abdomen, and kicked them upside down to form. It took a parabola and flew more than ten meters in the air before falling.

Chapter 501




When the three of them fell to the ground, they all vomited a large mouthful of blood.

Wayne Lin’s kick was too heavy, even with their physique more than ten times that of ordinary people, they couldn’t bear this kick, the intestines inside would be kicked off, and he was suffering from colic!

If it were an ordinary acquired pinnacle master, this would have already passed out of pain. Fortunately, they are from the Fang team and have received a lot of professional training. Both their ability to resist and their will have reached a terrible level. In order to stay awake.

But even so, they couldn’t help screaming, there was no way, it was too painful.

Compared with pain, what made them even more terrified was Wayne Lin’s strength, which was so terrifying! Even if the three of them attacked together and carried out the summing technique, they still couldn’t get close and were easily kicked into the air by others. This was too much for them.

In fact, not just them, but other people present also reacted in the same way, especially those who were not in the fourth group. At this moment, they all looked at Wayne Lin dumbfounded, feeling scalp numb and beginning to fear.

After a brief period of silence, a enthusiastic shout broke out from the fourth group.

“The instructor is awesome!”

“The instructor is invincible!”

“The instructor is too powerful!!”

“What the Fang team, just like that, in front of the instructor, vulnerable to a blow, hahaha…”

They all seemed to have won a big battle. With a slam, they surrounded Wayne Lin, and also lifted Wayne Lin up and threw them up. When Wayne Lin flew over, they were immediately frightened. Quickly gave up the idea just now.

Wayne Lin scowled and scolded them, “Stand up straight for me when I was surprised, what I looked like!”

Following Wayne Lin’s cold snort, all of them felt scared, and immediately formed a queue, standing straight.

Wayne Lin saw that their reaction was fairly fast, so he was a little satisfied, and said, “I taught you that everything should be calm. Don’t be surprised, let alone get confused. You have to know that when you leave After going out, it’s not just you, but the three places of Xuanyuan, and the motherland behind us!”

These words were shocking. Wayne Lin’s face was stern, and his face was full of majesty, which shocked everyone present, and the eyes looking at him were also full of awe.

Then, Wayne Lin began to walk towards Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo, staring at them condescendingly, “How about it, are you still convinced?”

After the three of them were repaired by Wayne Lin in this way, they looked at Wayne Lin again, and they had completely lost the contempt and arrogance they had just now. Now they felt quite flustered and fearful.

It’s not that they are timid, but that Wayne Lin’s majesty is too great, even surpassing their coach, and Wayne Lin is indeed awesome, they can’t even want to refuse.

So now they all lowered their arrogant heads, and said in awe and panic: “Instructor Lin, we have taken it.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin also nodded slightly. He didn’t intend to care about them too much. He was a member of Xuanyuan three places, and was a compatriot who fends off foreign enemies together. Naturally, Wayne Lin will not embarrass them too much. “Well, apologize to my group of soldiers, that’s all for this matter.”

Chang Feng and the others were very unwilling, but faced with Wayne Lin’s majesty, they did not dare to obey, and obediently apologized to the dozen soldiers in the fourth team.

Suddenly, the dozen or so soldiers felt relieved, and all the injuries they suffered no longer hurt.

You know, these three are the tops of the Fang team. They are usually in the base, and they can’t pull each one. Now

Will apologize to them obediently, if this kind of thing were changed, they would not even dare to think about it.

The people in the other three groups are particularly envious now. They all know that what makes the Fang group apologize obediently is because of Wayne Lin’s face.

“Okay, all are gone.” Wayne Lin saw that the matter had been resolved, and waved to let them all go.

The three of Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni had no temper at all and had to leave in a desperate manner.

Wayne Lin did not continue to stay either, but walked out of the training hall. Behind him, a dozen soldiers from the fourth group followed.

When they reached the dormitory all the way, they were still following. Wayne Lin couldn’t help but stop, frowned, looked at them and said, “What are you doing with me?”

Daniel stepped up, bowed deeply to Wayne Lin, and said sincerely, “Instructor, thank you so much just now!”

The others bowed together, full of gratitude and admiration.

Wayne Lin showed a helpless smile, and said: “As your instructor, I should give you a helping hand, don’t thank me.”

Daniel shook his head and said, “That’s not the case, instructor! Before, before you came, we were not rarely bullied by the Fang team, but our former instructors never dared to help us out.”

Wayne Lin was stunned when he heard this, and asked, “Why?”

Liu Feng took a deep breath and said, “Because of the instructor of the Fang Team.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin was so clever, he immediately guessed that he was indispensable.

“Yes, the instructors of the Fangs group are notoriously short guards. Anyone who bullies his soldiers will be punished by him, even the instructors of other groups are no exception.”

“Before, our instructor didn’t dare to offend the instructor of the Fangs team. Even if we were beaten, we didn’t dare to stand up for us.”

“Not only our fourth group, but also the instructors of other groups. The instructors of the Fangs group are too overbearing, and even Chief Sun dare not offend him.”

“Instructor, you are the first instructor who dares to stand up for us, we really thank you!”

They all expressed their gratitude to Wayne Lin in every word.

Wayne Lin smiled, and he waved his hand and said, “I can’t control what other instructors do. Now that you are my soldiers, you have been bullied. I will naturally find the place back.”

When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they were even more moved, and at the same time they became more worried. Daniel sighed and said, “Ah! Instructor, you can find a place for us, but we are causing you trouble, Fang This instructor of the group is very difficult to deal with.”

“Yeah, we are all to blame…”

They began to feel guilty, and when they thought of the short-term temperament of the tusk group instructor, they all became worried for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was a little interested seeing them like this, and asked, “The instructors of the Fang Team are terrible?”

All of them nodded vigorously, their eyes showed awe, admiration, fear…

At the same time, on the side of Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni, they returned to the Fangs group with many people pointing on the road.

They looked like this, and they were immediately spotted by the other Fang team members. Someone frowned and asked, “Changfeng, Green Wolf, and Agni, how did you three make it like this? You were bullied by those guys in the Dragon Blood team? “

The Dragon Blood Team is another top team at Xuanyuan Third, and its overall strength is not below the Fang Team.

Seeing that Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni were seriously injured, they immediately thought of the Dragon Blood Team.

Chapter 502

“Furthermore, it must be the group of guys from the Dragon Blood team, pretentious, thinking that they have completed a lot of s-level tasks in the past two years, so they started to install it.”

There is a man who is not too tall, only one meter and seven years old, but a very strong man jokingly said that he was lying on the sofa, and the five fingers of his right hand were moving fast. There were five blades in him. His fingertips move extremely fast, and under the shining of the light, it looks particularly bright and full of cold air. Ordinary people will get goosebumps at a glance.

These five blades are so sharp that they can cut through the skin with a single stroke, and there are only blades, no handles, very dangerous things, but in the hands of this man, they seem to be tamed, and they can’t scratch at all. It can be seen how strong he is from his fingers.

As soon as he finished speaking, the five knives on his fingers suddenly let go, and flew towards the dial opposite him. There was no sound. The five knives were actually inserted into the red heart in the middle of the dial.

Another person sneered and said: “Furuto, your sword skills have improved a lot, I believe you are ready, you are going to compete with the dragon blood team’s magic dragon?”

Gutō snorted, and some fear flashed in his eyes. Obviously, he was still very jealous of the Dragon Blood team’s magic dragon, but he said disdainfully: “The only magic dragon is not my opponent. In this competition, I will personally defeat him! It’s you, Che Hong, have you beaten Ding Feipeng of the Longxue team this year?”

Che Hong snorted coldly, and said, “What is Ding Feipeng? What I want to challenge this year is his brother!”

In their words, they showed strong hostility towards the Dragon Blood team.

Indeed, in Xuanyuan three places, the only group that can be treated equally by the Fangs group is the Dragon Blood group. The other four groups are all too bad, and they are not at the same level as them.

So when they saw that Changfeng, Qinglang, and Agni were injured, they didn’t think about the other four groups. Even the instructors of the four groups were excluded. They thought they knew the instructors of those four groups. They are all soft persimmons, and they dare not offend the people of their Fangs group, and are afraid that the instructors of the Fangs group will make trouble.

At this moment, they saw Changfeng, Blue Wolf, and Agni who didn’t speak. They were a little surprised. Gutō asked again: “Why, you three are taught by the dragon blood team so that you can’t say anything. ?”

Che Hong’s words caused a ridicule from the other members of the Fangs group, but then, Chang Feng’s words shocked them, “It was not the Longxue group who defeated us, but the fourth. The instructor of the group.”

“What?” After hearing this, Che Hong was stunned.

Others also frowned, their first reaction, even disbelief, the fourth group, that is the existence of the three crane tails in Xuanyuan, and the instructor of the fourth group is just a soft persimmon. When they arrived in their Fang group, they didn’t dare to speak loudly, let alone teach them.

Besides, the instructors of the fourth group, have the guts, dare to attack the people in their fangs group, and are not afraid of the instructors of the fangs group making trouble? Looking at the entire Xuanyuan three groups, who didn’t know that the instructors of the Fang Fang group were famous for protecting shortcomings.

Gutō sneered and said, “I said Changfeng, you are also ranked in our group anyway, you were taught by the dragon blood group guys, and you still dare not admit that you pushed it to the fourth group instructor? Who doesn’t I know, the instructor of the fourth group is a bully. Does he dare to bully the people in our Fangs group?”

Another person also said: “Yes, all three of you were bullied by the trash instructor from the fourth team? Who believes it.”

Chang Feng said bitterly, “This is true.”

Then, Azure Wolf and Lihuo also nodded bitterly, and they were all astonished at once, and both stood up, their faces full of surprise.

Among them, Guteng said in surprise: “On the fourth group, that fellow Liu Bufan? Does he have the courage to shoot at you?!”

“That’s right, even if Liu Bufan is an instructor, he might not be able to beat you like this?”

When they saw the expressions of Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo, they all began to realize that it was true, but the more they were like this, the more they felt incredible. Liu Bufan, as the instructor of the fourth group, they knew him. It’s just a cowardice, and the same virtues as the mob in the fourth group. Even in terms of personal strength, Liu Bufan can beat any of Changfeng, Blue Wolf, and Agni, but if it’s Changfeng, Green Wolf, and Agni If we go together, Liu Bufan will not be an opponent!

Besides, with Liu Bufan’s cowardly character, how dare you fight the Fang team?

Chang Feng sighed heavily. He is now also full of aggrieved face. Just now, he was taught a lesson by Wayne Lin in front of so many people. What a shame. However, he also had to be in awe of Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin’s cultivation level was really terrifying.

“It’s not Liu Bufan, but a new instructor named Lin.” Chang Feng said bitterly.

When the other members of the Fang team heard this, they couldn’t help but stunned, “Not Liu Bufan?”

“What the hell, the fourth team has a new instructor?”

“Just that rubbish group has dragged down the level of our Xuanyuan three places for a long time. Someone will go to them to be instructors?”

“What is the origin of this new instructor, who can beat the three of you like this?”

“But the three of you are all injured. Believe that the new instructor must have been seriously injured, right?”

“Hey, Changfeng, Green Wolf, Agni, the three of you, didn’t you kill the new instructor?”

They all began to tease, thinking that the new instructor of the fourth group was definitely not the opponent of the Changfeng trio, but unexpectedly, Qinglang came out and made them all stunned again, “The instructor of the fourth group, Unharmed, in front of him, the three of us are fragile like a piece of paper, completely and vulnerable.”

In the eyes of Li Huo, there was a deep fear and awe. He felt the most profound about Wayne Lin’s strength, especially in Wayne Lin’s hands, completely immobile, which was deeply engraved in his mind for a lifetime. Can’t wipe it off! !

Chang Feng also lowered his head, he was actually beaten by Wayne Lin just now.

Finally, the other members of the Fang team came back to their senses, and they all uttered their shock, “Damn! Really!?”

“What is the origin of this new instructor, who is so powerful in his hands?”

“The three of you are bragging!”

“That’s right, how could such a powerful person be an instructor in a trash place like the fourth group?”

They all expressed their disbelief, but when the three of Changfeng, Qinglang, and Lihuo had all said what had just happened, they were completely shocked.

Just then, from outside, a loud voice came in. Gutō saw this man, his face straightened, his body straight, he saluted suddenly, and shouted: “Instructor!”

The person here is no one, but the instructor of the Fang Team.

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