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Chapter 455

Wayne Lin was stunned on the spot when he heard this.

What the hell?

Is there such a physique in this world?

If it weren’t for Ugly Master’s expression to be more serious than ever, and with some panic, for fear of being heard by Nishang, Wayne Lin would suspect that Ugly Master was lying to him.

After a while, Wayne Lin said, “Who is the Taoist couple in the neon clothes?”

Chou Ye shook his head and said: “As far as I know, Master Nishang is still free, and there is no Taoist companion. In fact, the secret that Master Nishang is a very yin physique was only circulated not long ago, and not many people know it. Ye Xingchen would say this, obviously he is one of the secrets.”

Then the ugly master frowned again, and said with a little worry: “According to Ye Xingchen’s personality, he knows that Master Nishang is a very yin physique, and he will definitely not let this opportunity pass. He is probably going to be against Master Nishang!”

Wayne Lin also nodded lightly, agreeing with Ugly Master’s speculation, and after simply contacting Ye Xingchen twice, Wayne Lin could see that Ye Xingchen was the kind of ambitious person who would do nothing to achieve his goal.

After thinking about it, Wayne Lin said, “I want to see this lady in neon clothes, can you arrange it?”

Ugly master smiled bitterly and said: “Master, you can think of me, I’m just a slave. Where can I be arranged for you. She is a super strong in the fourth stage of Innate Realm.”

This is also true.

Wayne Lin said again: “Since she will come to Huarvell, she should see me sooner or later.”

The ugly master thought for a while, but said helplessly: “I can’t give you the answer to this, I can’t guess what she thinks, but I think I should see you once. of.”

“Okay.” Wayne Lin also knew that as Ugly Master, he couldn’t arrange a meeting between him and the neon clothes. The more so, the more he wanted to see the neon clothes.

Then, Wayne Lin asked some things about neon clothes, but the ugly master didn’t hide anything, because he didn’t know much about neon clothes. He only knew that the neon clothes belonged to BRAGRUN’s organization in the Western Regions and was brought by the saint Qin Yuehua back then. After returning to BRAGRUN’s organization, his cultivation base was very high. Besides, there was no other information.

At this moment, Ugly Master’s cell phone rang suddenly. He took it out and showed a surprised expression on his face. Then he looked up at Wayne Lin and thought for a while before answering the phone.

“Hey, Master Nishang…”

Wayne Lin immediately raised his brows and his ears stood up.

On the phone, a cold female voice came immediately: “Tell brother Wayne, the time is right, I will meet with him, and Ye Xingchen, don’t worry about him, I will solve it and let him concentrate on cultivation.”

“Good Ni…” Chou Ye responded respectfully. Before he finished speaking, he felt a flower in front of him, a gust of wind blowing, and Wayne Lin quickly walked in front of him and grabbed his mobile phone. , Put it in her ear and said: “I want to see you now.”

“Master, you…”

Wayne Lin glared at him, and the ugly master was afraid to speak.

On the phone, Nishang heard the sound of shortness of breath, and did not respond immediately, but became silent.

After a while, the voice of neon clothes came through the phone, “It’s not the time yet.”

“When is the time then?” Wayne Lin asked in a deep voice.

Nishang did not answer.

Wayne Lin sighed, this feeling of being hung is really uncomfortable.

After thinking about it, he then asked: “My mother, how is she?

? “

Asking this sentence, Wayne Lin’s heart couldn’t help feeling tense. In his mind, the gentle and kind face of his mother appeared. In the impression, he hadn’t seen his mother for a long time, and at one time he thought his mother was dead. , I didn’t expect my mother to be alive.

Now he is in this world, and his only relative is his mother.

“She…is fine.”

Nishang’s words paused for a while, even if she quickly recovered to nature, Wayne Lin still caught it keenly!

Mother is not doing well! !

Wayne Lin’s breathing was swift, and holding the phone with a lot of force, the tempered glass screen was cracked by him.

“I can tell, my mother is not doing well. Is someone bullying her?” Wayne Lin’s eyes were cold, and he gritted his teeth. A strong murderous intent radiated from him, causing the temperature in the room to drop several degrees. The Lord felt his coercion for the first time, his heart was tightened, and his heart was shocked. After not seeing him for a while, the young master’s cultivation became more sophisticated! !

Nishang became silent again. Wayne Lin hated her silence and gritted his teeth and said, “Tell me!”

Nishang finally spoke, her tone of helplessness and grief and anger, but she tried her best to suppress it, and at first it sounded very cold, “You don’t need to ask so much, she is not in danger of life now. Besides, with your current cultivation base , I can’t save my aunt, what’s the use of telling you?”

Wayne Lin’s strength to lift up instantly vented half, and his anger disappeared like a tide, slowly rising, becoming bitter, unwilling, and self-blaming.

Yes, even if Nishang tells him, what can he do?

Not to mention fighting against the entire BRAGRUN organization, Ye Xingchen is one of them. He is difficult to defeat, so what can he use to save his mother from the sea of ​​suffering?

Strength, everything depends on strength!

Over the years, after experiencing so many difficulties and setbacks, Wayne Lin’s mind has long been tempered to be very tough. He has not been decadent too much, and soon he cheered up.

Now that he is less than 30 years old, there is a lot of room for improvement!

Before he was so difficult, he has survived, and now he faces no matter how difficult he is, he will not easily fail.

“I am powerless now, it does not mean that I will be powerless for the rest of my life. For thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, one day, I will have enough strength to rescue my mother!” Wayne Lin said firmly, at this moment, he He was full of perseverance, a strong confidence, spontaneously radiating from him.

The Ugly Master on the side was immediately shocked by him. At this moment, he felt Wayne Lin’s determination and self-confidence not to admit defeat and dare to fight against the sky. In an instant, he even developed a kind of trust, believing that Wayne Lin will really one day grow up to the point where he can fight against BRAGRUN organization!

It seemed that the neon clothes on the other side of the phone also felt Wayne Lin’s confidence.

She fell silent again.

But after a few seconds, she said, “You don’t know BRAGRUN, ​​and it’s normal to have such confidence. Auntie, you don’t need to think too much about it. When the time comes, I will rescue auntie. Your mother and son will meet again.”

Wayne Lin didn’t believe in Wayne Lin’s tone. Even if she covered up well, Wayne Lin heard it out. When Wayne Lin wanted to say something, Ni Chang hung up the phone.

Wayne Lin heard the busy tone on the phone, his mood was quite complicated.

Wayne Lin didn’t stay long after returning the phone to the ugly man, and left after explaining the matter.

Next, he will begin to retreat, sprint with all his strength, and break his cultivation base to the fourth stage of the innate realm! ! !

Chapter 456

Wayne Lin is now in the third stage of the Innate Realm, half a step away from the fourth stage.

To describe it concretely, there are five cups in the Innate Realm, and one cup represents a stage. Wayne Lin’s third cup has already been filled with 90% of the water, and the remaining one can be filled.

And it’s not enough to fill it up. You have to find an opportunity to fill the fourth cup with excess water to break through to the fourth stage.

Ye Xingchen and Nishang both have four cups, which represent the fourth stage.

When he reached Wayne Lin’s realm, it was not easy for him to go further.

After arranging everything and making sure that the safety of Alma Chu’s family of three was okay, Wayne Lin proceeded to retreat with peace of mind, and before the retreat, he prepared a lot of pills.

In an old forest in a deep mountain, there is a cliff. In the middle of the night, at five o’clock in the morning, a person came out on the cliff, put a finger on the rock, and sat upside down.

If anyone sees this scene, they will be scared to speak!

You know, there are hundreds of meters below the cliff. If you fall, you will have to fall into a ball of mud!

Moreover, the wind here is still so strong, the mountains and forests are whistling, let alone the ordinary people stand upside down with one finger like this, even if they are lying there, they will be trembling with fright and peeing.

But this person stood upside down like this, and the only place to support his fingers was only two centimeters away from the air!

It is equivalent to half of Wayne Lin’s body hanging in the air beyond the cliff. This is no longer a fate to describe, it is purely death!

However, even if it is so, the wind blowing from the mountains and forests can only blow his clothes and float, but not his body, as stable as a mountain. It seems that he is not a detached individual, but a human-shaped flag, firmly inserted in the rock, and will not be shaken by the wind or sun.

And this person is Wayne Lin.

This is the third day of his retreat.

In another half an hour, the sun will rise from the east, and the first ray of sunlight will shine on his face.

This is his way of retreat, to temper his will and break through his limits through the dangers of nature.

Only this method can stimulate his potential the most and play a role in promoting growth.

In his theory, this is an act of stealing secrets!

Even the average Innate Realm master would not dare to do this, because once a missed fall, it would be the result of a dead end, and there would be absolutely no chance of surviving!

Only when the legendary King Kong is indestructible can there be a glimmer of life.

Of course, if this were not the case, it would not have the effect of stimulating potential and promoting growth.

The wind blows louder and louder, slamming Wayne Lin’s clothes, pushing Wayne Lin towards the cliff with a certain strength, just like the strength of a seven or eight-year-old child.

In order to maintain his balance, Wayne Lin’s body tilted towards the forest.

On the rock, a half-centimeter hole has been punched out by his finger.

This kind of cultivation method can be said to be rare in the world. There are many ways to stimulate one’s concentration and speed up cultivation through danger. But Wayne Lin is no longer in danger, but in desperation. An accidental end that is torn to pieces can be said to be unique in the world.

Is Wayne Lin afraid?

Of course I am afraid!

On the first day, his heartbeat was almost at its extreme, and he had the thought of shrinking several times, and several times, because of prolonged concentration, the brain was consumed too much, and he was distracted and almost fell. Go down.

But on the second day, the first ray of sunlight shining on his face. When the purple qi came to the east, he felt alive and felt a mysterious and mysterious meaning. He slowly became scared. Relax.

Now on the third day, he is calmer. He can clearly feel that his body is not strengthened, but his mentality has strengthened too much. He is fighting against the god of death all the time, and on several occasions, he has felt the breath of death.

But he still survived, which is a great tempering of his mentality!

Not only that, his mental power has also increased a lot, and now his energy is more than twice as strong as before the retreat!

Of course, he did not relax his vigilance, he was still in awe. It’s just that his mentality has slowly calmed down.

Finally, after half an hour passed, he clearly felt that the first ray of sunlight from the east shone on him.

The night was driven away, the day was ushered in, the light ushered in, and the glory of the day ushered in.

This kind of rules that nature has never changed for hundreds of millions of years has formed a freeze in his heart, and he feels more deeply.

He realized something that he had never thought about before.

About life, about nature, about time…

Almost at the same time, he opened his eyes and saw the sun on the other side of the mountain. The intense light began to drive away the night.

Next, he started to drive, and his body actually fell to the cliff!

Just as he was about to fall, Wayne Lin’s right hand stretched out abruptly, grabbing a stone on the edge of the cliff, and then with force, the whole person soared up from the cliff, accompanied by a loud and long howl.

The birds and beasts resting in the mountains and forests were all startled by him and moved.

Wayne Lin was bathed in the sun and began to punch.

He always stood on the edge of the cliff, punching again and again.

And the strength he brings, through his bare feet, is continuously transmitted to the ground, shaking the rocks on the edge of the cliff one by one, and then falling down. It will take a long time to hear the sound of the stone falling to the ground. , It can be seen that the height of this cliff is amazing.

But on Wayne Lin’s face, there was no slightest fear or panic.

He was still punching side by side.

When the sun slowly rose until it was directly above his head, when it was noon, he stopped punching, and the cliff stone under his feet was shocked by him for more than ten meters!

He exhaled a long suffocating breath, with enough breath, blowing all the flowers and plants on the ground to the ground.

“My cultivation level has improved a lot, and now I fight Wu Meizi again, and in less than a minute, I can kill her.” Wayne Lin showed a satisfied smile on his face, and then said with a little regret: “Unfortunately, it is still Did not break through to the fourth stage. However, even if there is no breakthrough, Ye Xingchen and I are confronted head-on, it is not necessarily his opponent.”

Wayne Lin clenched his fists, he was still very confident of his strength.

He felt a little hungry now, and took out a few special pills from his schoolbag and swallowed them in one bite.

The pill was quickly digested in his stomach, turned into a strong heat, and spread to his body. Soon, his physical strength would recover more than half.

He is no longer afraid of the cliff now, and staying in retreat will not achieve the effect of stimulating potential, so he does not need to waste time anymore.

So he packed his bags and started to leave.

Instead of going down the mountain along the original road, he took out a few hundred meters of hemp rope from his schoolbag and tied it to a big tree, then he threw the other end of the rope down the cliff, and he grabbed this one. Hemp rope, jump straight down.

After just half a minute, he went down to the foot of the mountain, unharmed, and almost the time of free fall.

When Wayne Lin returned to Huarvell, he met two acquaintances at the gate of Yulongwan Community. It was not who, but Tan Qiuya and Tian Mingjie.

They saw Wayne Lin and walked up quickly. Tan Qiuya said: “Mr. Lin, now a week has passed, how are you thinking about it, are you willing to join our Xuanyuan Group 3?”

Wayne Lin saw the appearance of the two of them. His face was obviously haggard, and his eyes were bloodshot. He seemed to have waited for him here for a long time. He asked in surprise, “You have been waiting here for a long time. ?”

Tian Mingjie said bitterly: “It’s not a long time, just two days and two nights. The key is that your mobile phone has been turned off. We have to wait at your door.”

Wayne Lin was a little embarrassed. It just so happened that he went to retreat for the past three days and his mobile phone was also turned off.

He smiled awkwardly and said, “I’m sorry, I have left something a little bit these days, I will keep you waiting.”

Tan Qiuya waved her hand and said, “It doesn’t matter. Mr. Lin, are you thinking about it, joining our Xuanyuan three places has many benefits…”

Wayne Lin waved her hand, interrupted her directly, and asked, “You are so anxious, did someone sacrifice again?”

Tan Qiuya trembled all over, and Tian Mingjie also lowered his head.

At this moment, there was a voice coming from behind Wayne Lin, “Mr. Lin is really clever, I guessed it so soon.”

Wayne Lin looked back and saw a tall, stiff middle-aged man walking over.

Just by looking at it, Wayne Lin knew the identity of the other party.

Chapter 457

This person, unsurprisingly, must be a high-level person in Xuanyuan 3rd place. When Tan Qiuya and Tian Mingjie saw him, they immediately showed respectful expressions and saluted solemnly: “Chu Sun!”

The iron-blooded middle-aged nodded to them, walked to Wayne, and said in admiration: “Mr. Lin, you are younger than you look in the picture. If you have not personally investigated you, I really can’t believe it. Thirty years old.”

After walking in, Wayne could clearly find that the opponent’s right foot was obviously short. Even if he had covered it up well, he could still see it. Moreover, one of the opponent’s eyes was broken and it was fake. The eyes will not turn.

Especially the place has an iron-blooded and hard-line temperament, and the evil spirit is very strong. At first glance, it is known that many people have been killed. But his murderous aura does not make people feel bloody, not the kind of vicious person. Wayne knew immediately that the other party killed all bad guys, had a clear conscience, and even thought it was honor.

Wayne immediately raised his respect and said politely, “Chu Sun, hello.”

Obviously, even if the person in front of him is not the principal of Xuanyuan’s third place, he is at least the deputy.

To be honest, Wayne was still a little surprised. Even if he was the deputy, his identity was not simple. He actually came to him in person, indicating that Xuanyuan 3 places high value on him, and it also shows that the talents of Xuanyuan 3 are withered and he needs him very much. .

Sun Chu smiled and looked at Wayne carefully, then suddenly his expression became serious. He actually saluted Wayne and said in a deep voice, “Xuanyuan Third Deputy Chief Sun Liang, sincerely invite Mr. Lin to join Xuanyuan Third !”

At the same time, Tan Qiuya and Tian Mingjie also saluted Wayne at the same time, with extremely serious and solemn expressions, even with obvious requests in their eyes, shouting: “Tan Qiuya, deputy head of the fourth team of Xuanyuan 3rd Department, sincerely Invite Mr. Lin to join the three places of Xuanyuan!”

“Tian Mingjie, member of the fourth team of Xuanyuan No. 3, sincerely invites Mr. Lin to join Xuanyuan No. 3!”

The sound is loud, can penetrate the sky, and shock people.

ven with Wayne’s composure, at this moment, he couldn’t help but be shocked, a little moved, and a blood flowed through his body.

In fact, when he is in his state, it is difficult to be affected by the outside world, but now, he is not only affected, but also not lightly.

He felt it completely, they didn’t pretend, they really wanted him to join Xuanyuan three places.

Especially from their eyes, Wayne saw bitterness and sadness. It was obvious that there were really no people in the third place of Xuanyuan.

Originally, Wayne was reluctant to join, especially now that he has obtained the status of charity ambassador and has a relationship with the lord of the state. His status in China is already relatively detached. Joining Xuanyuan three places will not give What benefits he brings, but the danger has increased a lot.

If rationally, Wayne shouldn’t join the three places of Xuanyuan no matter what, but Wayne is not a purely rational person, he is a person of flesh and blood, emotional and ambitious.

Now the country needs help, he has this ability, it is difficult to stand on the sidelines.

Finally, he sighed and shook his head helplessly.

When the three Sun Liang saw Wayne’s reaction, they thought that Wayne had refused. Their eyes dimmed. Sun Liang sighed heavily and said, “Everyone has their own ambitions. Since Mr. Lin, you don’t want to join Xuanyuan Three. , Then we won’t force you.”

There was a deep sense of loss and bitterness in his eyes.

Wayne smiled bitterly and said, “Director Sun, you have misunderstood me, I am willing to join Xuanyuan Three.”


In an instant, Sun Liang opened his eyes wide and looked at Wayne excitedly. Tan Qiuya and Tian Mingjie also had the same surprise on their faces. There was a scent of unsustainable mountains and rivers, and a bright future in the dark.

Wayne touched his nose and said with a wry smile: “Your response is too big, it makes me so rare.”

Sun Liang laughed loudly and patted Wayne on the shoulder and said, “Haha, Mr. Lin, with your participation in the three places of Xuanyuan, we can definitely regain our glory.”

Wayne was even more embarrassed when he was boasted. Although his current cultivation level was not low, he was still far from enough to look at such a large institution in Xuanyuan Three. He still had this point of self-knowledge.

Sun Liang seemed to have confidence in him, and said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, to put it bluntly, in terms of your strength, perhaps you don’t have our own understanding of you.”
Wayne smiled bitterly again, this Sun Liang was a bit too much praise.

However, he has now agreed, and he is also relieved. Now that he has decided, then he will do it well.

Next, Sun Liang took Wayne and chatted for a while, mainly introducing the three places of Xuanyuan and Wayne’s main duties when he joined the three places of Xuanyuan.

To Wayne’s surprise, Sun Liang asked him to join Xuanyuan’s three places, actually asking him to be an instructor.

“Well, Chief Sun, I’m an instructor, I’m afraid it’s not this piece of material.” Wayne said embarrassedly.

Sun Liang confidently said: “You are definitely this material! I have investigated your Aegis Security Group. Those newcomers have made rapid progress in a short time under your training. You are not this material, who else Is it this material? Okay, it’s so decided. The day after tomorrow I will let Qiuya come to pick you up in person. Then you will report to Xuanyuan 3 and I will walk you through the procedure. From then on, you will be Xuanyuan 3 People at the office.”

After a pause, Sun Liang said meaningfully, “Don’t look at us at Xuanyuan 3rd place now that there are no people, but our status in the country is still relatively detached. As long as you are the instructor of Xuanyuan 3rd place, as long as you don’t violate Errors of principle are much easier to act in the country.”

Wayne is a wise man, so he quickly understood what he meant, that is, as long as Wayne doesn’t treason, he can almost walk sideways in the country.

Wayne didn’t doubt this, after all, the third place of Xuanyuan itself was a transcendent organization.

Of course, everything has two sides. Wayne gets these conveniences based on danger, and he also needs to do his responsibilities well, otherwise everything is empty talk.

Seeing the figures of Sun Liang and three of them going away, Wayne shook his head, and, confusedly, joined the three places of Xuanyuan.

In the next two days, he accompanied Alma. The two went to the surrounding cities to play for a day, ate some famous local snacks, and went to the playground to play around. Both of them were in a much better mood.

Speaking of it, the two of them have been married for so long and haven’t played like this before. This experience is indeed very wonderful.

On the second day, Wayne got up early, got in Tan Qiuya’s car, and went straight to Xuanyuan’s third base.

On the way there, Tan Qiuya told him a lot about the three places of Xuanyuan, and Wayne slowly realized that the instructors at the three places of Xuanyuan were not so easy to do, and there were so many thorns inside
At the same time, in the three bases of Xuanyuan, in a square, hundreds of people gathered, their figures are particularly strong, their eyes are piercing, full of explosive power, and their bodies are full of fierceness and evil spirit. I know it’s not easy to mess with.

In particular, a dozen of them have very strong auras, strong physiques, exuding iron and blood, and they are fighting each other, and their fists are extremely fierce. Ordinary people can’t bear it, and even die on the spot!

“Hey, I heard that Sun is in the folks, and he has found a new instructor, saying that he will come to replace instructor Liu.”

“Well, I also heard that there is such a thing.”

“Mainly, this new instructor, I heard that he is the president of an entertainment company, he is less than thirty years old.”

“No! A businessman is here to be our instructor? Isn’t that a joke! Sun Chu is definitely not so confused, right?”

“It’s true. I have already inquired about it from Tian Mingjie, and it is said that this new instructor’s kung fu is very good, and we are not opponents together.”

“Hehe, bragging is awesome! A businessman, under thirty years old, is a yellow-haired boy, is he qualified to be our instructor! What to teach us, business? What a big joke! Wait for this guy to come. , I’m the first to give him power!”

“Hey, Lao Niu, wait you don’t abuse the new instructor, wait for someone to cry, how can they end up?”


A crowd of people in the square sneered.

At this moment, someone shouted, “Look, Chief Sun is here with someone!”

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