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Chapter 614

Tao Sanniang has already left the Yuntian Pavilion. Because of Wayne Lin’s existence, Yuntian Pavilion did not dare to say anything, and even tried to please her.

But now, as soon as Wayne Lin died, Yuntian Pavilion immediately turned his face, ordered her to go back again and again, and sent a master to’invite’ her.

Now, actually sent a master Wang Hang over!

Thinking of Wayne Lin’s face, Tao Sanniang couldn’t help crying. Even if it was a week now, she still couldn’t accept this fact at all.

Wayne Lin actually died, the man who made her fall in love at first sight and hesitated, just died like this! She didn’t even see the last side of Wayne Lin, she couldn’t believe it was true, and she didn’t want to believe it was true!

But, the fact is before her eyes, she has to accept that Wayne Lin is really gone, and will never be seen again…

The moment she thought of this, her heart couldn’t stop the pain, the whole heart was twisted into a ball, and even breathing became a difficult thing.

When Wang Hang saw Tao Sanniang look like this, he also sighed and said, “Fan is serious this time, Sanniang, I advise you to go back. Anyway, you are from Yuntian Pavilion. You should not betray the Yuntian Pavilion.”

When Tao Sanniang heard this, she couldn’t help laughing, “Betrayal of Yuntian Pavilion? Where do you start! Over the years, have I not done enough for Yuntian Pavilion! Back then, if it wasn’t for me, Yuntian Pavilion? It has already become a flying ash, and the quilt is flattened by Wayne! Now that Wayne is dead, you are threatening me? This is the style of the Yuntian Pavilion. Is this what Fan Lao called to convince people with virtue!”

When Wang Hang heard this, he fell into silence. After a while, he said: “No matter what you say, Wayne Lin is dead. It is your life and you must accept it. “

Tao Sanniang gritted her teeth, she is now angry, sad, and deeply powerless.

Yes, even if she is angry again, what if she despise Yuntian Pavilion? This is the fact that Wayne Lin is dead, and now there is no one to protect her.

Seeing Tao Sanniang not speaking for a long time, Wang Hang sighed again and said: “Sanniang, you have done so much for Yuntian Pavilion, Fan Lao will not embarrass you, as long as you go back, everything will go back to the past. trail of.”

Tao Sanniang sneered disdainfully, “Is it? I don’t think it’s that simple. This time, Fan asked me to go back. Isn’t it just to squeeze my last bit of value and dedicate me to the surname Lan!”

Wang Hang remained silent, acquiescing to Tao Sanniang’s words.

Tao Sanniang laughed again and stared at Wang Hang said, “Wang Hang, I was born to be Wayne Lin’s person, and died is Wayne Lin’s ghost. No one can make me betray Wayne Lin, not even the Heavenly King Laozi. Yuntian Pavilion, Kill me if there is a species, otherwise, I will level the Yuntian Pavilion one day! Hahahaha…”

Tao Sanniang is very proud at this moment, she has prepared everything, even if she is dead, it is impossible to betray Wayne Lin, even if Wayne Lin is dead, she will be Wayne Lin’s ghost, and go to the Yin Cao Difu and Wayne Lin to be a husband and wife!

She made this decision, took out the dagger, rushed towards Wang Hang, and wanted to fight Wang Hang!

However, at this moment, Wang Hang’s words stopped her movements abruptly.

“Sanniang, your family is in the hands of Yuntian Pavilion. This is Fan’s ultimatum. If you don’t go back, your family will be hurt by you.” Wang Hang said.

Tao Sanniang seemed to have been spotted, her body stopped suddenly, and deep pain appeared on her face!

Her expression changed wildly, angry, angry, flustered, regretful, painful…

She closed her eyes, breathed abnormally, panting quickly, and after a while, she

He calmed down, opened his eyes again, and said in a hoarse voice: “Okay, I’ll go back with you…”

Such a simple sentence seems to have taken her whole body’s strength to make her whole person emptied, and tears flowed silently from her eye sockets.

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but don’t worry, I will follow you soon, wait for me, wait for me…”


Two days passed.

Everything seemed so calm, as if everything was back on track, Wayne Lin just disappeared, and after a week of discussions about him, it slowly cooled down.

In fact, after Jiang Liqun’s fiftieth birthday, someone started to publicize that Wayne Lin did not die and survived. However, not many people believed this, because the news of Wayne Lin’s death came from the innate realm. From the expert, this credibility is much higher than some wealthy merchants in Yuancheng.

As for Du Feng, after he left, there was no publicity, not because he didn’t gossip, but because he didn’t dare. Now Jiang Liqun didn’t publicize it outside, so how dare he say it first.

Although Wayne Lin didn’t warn him like this, he didn’t even hint, but he was a wise man, and he naturally guessed Wayne Lin’s deep meaning, so he simply held back.

And he also had a hunch that when Wayne Lin came back this time, it was absolutely impossible to calm down like this. In the near future, there will be a bloody storm!

As for Wayne Lin’s side, he didn’t do anything right now, so he stayed in Jiang Liqun’s secret room, began to retreat, and tried his best to attack the innate realm of Great Perfection!

Ever since he swallowed the eight-color heaven and earth spirit fruit, his body has been constantly being transformed. The rich life origin has constantly washed his body. After these two days, he didn’t know how to discharge it. How many impurities.

Now his physique is more than twice as strong as before he was injured, and he is as soft as tofu and just like a diamond.

He even has a feeling that his body may have reached the state of half-step King Kong, even if it is a bullet, it cannot penetrate his body!

Of course, he knew that this was his illusion, and bullets were still one of the most lethal weapons in today’s society. With his body, he still couldn’t hold the bullet damage.

Only when the real King Kong is indestructible can it be done.

However, he has now swallowed the heaven and earth spirit fruit, and his body has been transformed. It is only a matter of time before he breaks through to the indestructible body of King Kong.


In the secret room, two huge whirlpools appeared out of thin air, and they began to absorb all the air here, making a rushing sound, as if the air had been torn apart.

But Wayne Lin sucked for a full minute, his belly swelled up, like a pregnant woman who was pregnant in August.

In fact, a lot of air has already accumulated in his stomach, which is compressed by him.

Then he exhaled vigorously.

This call was even more remarkable. It rustled the room directly. Jiang Liqun was protecting the law outside. Hearing this sound, he thought that a tornado had appeared inside.

In half a minute, Wayne Lin vomited all the air out.

He didn’t stop, and immediately began to inhale and exhale, repeating.

Even if it lasted for twelve hours, the secret room was already chaotic.

And finally, at the thirteenth hour, he suddenly opened his eyes and stopped vomiting, with a satisfied smile on his face, “Finally broke through…”

Chapter 615

Yes, Wayne Lin has now successfully broken through from the fourth stage of the Innate Realm to the realm of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm!

The realm of sitting on the same level as the sword.

Moreover, the most important thing is that he broke through to the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, which was nothing more than consuming half of the life source of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit.

For the remaining half, he can continue to fuse, and when that happens, he will be able to fight with swords like frost, and even crush swords like frost!

He simply clenched his fist, and suddenly he made a click sound, like a collision between gold and stone, sonorous and powerful, and it was full of power and heart palpitations!

Now Wayne Lin’s punch is not a joke, even the strong man in the fourth stage of the innate realm can’t hold his punch.

A master like Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping had to kneel even if he hit him with a punch, severely injured every minute.

Feeling the surging power in his body, it is constantly flowing, and the concept is completely different from the fourth stage of the innate realm, even if his xinxing is very strong, he can’t help but get excited!

This is not only brought about by strength, but the most important thing is that after he successfully broke through to the Dzogchen in the innate realm, it means that he can go back to Hwadrid, and there is no need to hide his name like this!

Although, just counting time, he left Hwadrid not too long, less than half a month.

However, over the past half month, too many things have happened. Mainly he walked around the ghost gate, everyone thought he was dead, and many things had changed dramatically.

When the time comes, he will go back and land in Hwadrid. What kind of sight is that like?

How happy would Alma Chu see him?

There are also old men like Damon Wang, Jeff Han, and the clown. They are afraid that they will be too happy to speak.

By the way, there is also Tao Sanniang.

This fairy-like woman often wears a cheongsam, and she is a woman coveted by countless men. Even now, Wayne Lin still clearly remembers the scene when she first met Tao Sanniang.

And, many things happened later, a woman like Tao Sanniang fell in love with him unhesitatingly.

Thinking of Tao Sanniang, Wayne Lin couldn’t help but show a smile. He hadn’t seen Tao Sanniang for a long time, and it was impossible to say that she didn’t miss Tao Sanniang at all.

Although he and Tao Sanniang just established a relationship and never took that step, but deep in his heart, he already accepted Tao Sanniang.

I just don’t know, how was Tao Sanniang during this time? Did you already know the news of his death? Will it be very sad, or will it be relieved after being sad for a while?

And Yuntian Pavilion, after he’dead’, will he be embarrassed by Tao Sanniang?

In an instant, Wayne Lin thought of a lot of things in his mind, and his feelings for Tao Sanniang grew stronger.

The most important thing is that in the dark, he felt some bad premonitions, it seems Tao Sanniang, there will be some trouble?

This premonition is very mysterious, it is difficult for him to analyze, but his thinking, vaguely received some information from the void, it seems to be some mysterious brain waves.

It really exists, but in his current state, he can’t analyze it at all.

Wayne Lin is a very careful thinking person. Since he has received this kind of information, he has to understand whether it is true or not.

After adjusting his image, he began to walk out of the secret room.

Outside, Jiang Liqun was the first

I found him coming out, stood up immediately, greeted Wayne Lin quickly, and greeted respectfully, “Welcome Randal Lin out of the customs!”

Behind Jiang Liqun, hundreds of neat teams bowed their heads to Wayne Lin, bowed, and shouted loudly, “Welcome to Wayne Lin!”

Wayne Lin was accustomed to such scenes. He knew that this was Jiang Liqun’s meaning, which expressed his supreme respect and absolute surrender to himself.

He nodded faintly and said, “Well, thank you for your hard work.”

Jiang Liqun said hurriedly, “No hard work, no hard work!”

The hundreds of men behind him also shook their heads quickly and looked at Wayne Lin in admiration.

Jiang Liqun stepped up, he couldn’t help but asked softly: “Randal, have you broken through now?”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin admitted generously.

After Jiang Liqun listened, his heartbeat speeded up a lot. Damn, the congenital realm is perfect!

This is the realm in the legend. If it were in ancient times, it could be called a fairy!

But now, such a powerful existence, standing in front of him and becoming his boss, this feeling is really wonderful.

The more you get to the Innate Realm, the more you know that it will be difficult to break through in the future. Take Jiang Liqun’s current situation. He has no clue about breaking into the second stage of the Innate Realm, and is completely confused.

As for Wayne Lin, he was already in the realm of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, and he was standing at the top of the pyramid of human society.

Looking at the world, there are not ten that can reach this level! ! !

Now Jiang Liqun faced Wayne Lin and felt more and more unfathomable. If he hadn’t opened his eyes and saw it with his own eyes, he would not have sensed Wayne Lin’s existence at all, as if he was invisible.

If the cultivation level is not enough, Wayne Lin would think that Wayne Lin is an ordinary person without the power to bind a chicken, and he would never think that this is an absolute powerhouse, who can choke many people to death with his fingers!

After Wayne Lin came out of retreat, he immediately took a bath and ate a meal. His current appetite was so great that one person could eat twenty people, which was extremely terrifying.

After he was full, he went to rest for an hour, and when he came out again, he was full of energy and was already at his absolute peak.

He has absolute confidence, even if the sword is coming again, he also has the confidence to fight the sword!

Even if you can’t win Jian Rushuang, at least it can be equal to Jian Rushuang.

“How is the matter I asked you to investigate.” Wayne Lin asked Jiang Liqun.

Jiang Liqun immediately reported what he had investigated in the past two days, and the result was similar to Wayne Lin’s guess.

The news that he was alive did not arouse attention and was spread, but most people still didn’t believe it.

However, what he really cared about was Hwadrid City. After he died, would anyone trouble Alma Chu’s family?

Fortunately, because Alma Chu’s family is very low-key, and there are clowns secretly protecting, and there are no people who do not know how to bully Alma Chu.

At this moment, Jiang Liqun’s expression was a bit embarrassed, his mouth moved, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything. Wayne Lin immediately noticed his strangeness, frowned and said, “Is there anything bad?”

Jiang Liqun said: “Randal Lin is like this. Yesterday, I heard a news about Yuntian Pavilion…”

Suddenly, Wayne Lin’s eyes condensed, “Say!”

Chapter 616

Jiang Liqun couldn’t help but shook his head. He didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, and said quickly: “That’s it. I heard that Yuntian Pavilion is going to marry the Xuandan faction, and this time Yuntian Pavilion sent a marriage to Miss Tao. …”

Speaking of the end, Jiang Liqun’s voice was lowered a lot, and even his face became pale, because he saw that Wayne Lin’s expression suddenly became cold, and the surrounding air became condensed. It was very terrifying. I can’t breathe.

“Miss Tao you said, but Tao Sanniang?”

Wayne Lin was indeed angry. He stared at Jiang Liqun and said coldly.

“Yes, it is.”

Jiang Liqun knew about the relationship between Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang. When I saw Wayne Lin, Tao Sanniang came with him. Now, Yuntian Pavilion actually married Tao Sanniang and the Xuandan faction. This was not for Wayne Lin. Do you wear a hat?

Wayne Lin had just broken through the congenital realm of Great Perfection. He was originally very happy, which meant that he could go back to Hwadrid soon, but now, when he heard the news, his mood suddenly fell.

It’s only half a month since he’dead’, Tao Sanniang just forgot about him like this, wanting to throw into the arms of another man?

To be honest, Wayne Lin didn’t really believe that Tao Sanniang would forget him in such a short period of time, because he knew Tao Sanniang’s character. Don’t look at Tao Sanniang’s usual seductive look, but Tao Sanniang is absolutely amazing. Non-dissolute person, on the contrary, Tao Sanniang is still a very dedicated person. Recalling the scenes he had experienced with Tao Sanniang, he absolutely did not believe that Tao Sanniang would voluntarily marry the Xuandan Sect.

The only explanation is that Yuntian Pavilion forced her.

Wayne Lin felt very angry when he thought of this kind of scene. He could fully imagine that Yuntian Pavilion saw that he was dead, so he fell into trouble and began to attack Tao Sanniang.

Last time, he saw Tao Sanniang’s face and didn’t have the same knowledge of Yuntian Pavilion, but now, Yuntian Pavilion is getting worse and he can no longer tolerate Yuntian Pavilion!

“What is the origin of this Profound Pill Sect?”

Wayne Lin calmed down a little, and asked lightly.

Jiang Liqun answered honestly: “The Profound Pill Sect is quite mysterious. It is said that all the people in it are genius doctors with excellent medical skills, and they also have the ability to make alchemy. They are very powerful. I heard that there are also many innate realm masters in it. Blue Star at the helm is the master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and this time the marriage with Yuntian Pavilion is Blue Star’s younger brother, Lan Feng.”

Wayne Lin had heard of this Xuandan Sect before, but he didn’t understand it thoroughly.

“The specific time and place of the marriage.”

“Just tomorrow night, Tingyu Villa. I was also invited. This time, the Yuntian Pavilion and the Xuandan Sect are married strongly, and the scene is very grand.”

Wayne Lin looked deep and muttered to himself: “Tomorrow night? Sanniang, I’m back, and I won’t let you be wronged any more, wait for me.”


“Sanniang, you haven’t eaten for two days, and if this continues, your body will break down.” A middle-aged woman came in with a bowl of noodles in her hand and placed it in front of Tao Sanniang, and said softly: “Sanniang, I made your favorite Yangchun noodles. Would you like some?”

This is a spacious room, decorated very luxuriously, and there is a noble atmosphere everywhere. In front of the dressing table, there is a beautiful figure sitting with her hair curled up, black and soft, revealing her snow-white neck, and her figure is very hot. It’s perfect.

She is wearing a white wedding dress today, extremely holy, showing her beauty, dignity, and majesty perfectly, just like a fairy.

But for such a beautiful woman, she has no expression on her face. Today is her big day, but on her face, there is no half of happiness and joy. On the contrary, she has no expression on her face, as if she has lost her soul. It’s just a beautiful body.

If you look closely, you can see the deep depression and pain in her eyes, which is heartbreaking!

Now she was facing the bright face of the middle-aged woman, unmoved at all, not even blinking her eyes, like a walking dead.

“Sanniang, eat as much as you want. Don’t eat any more. Auntie is really afraid that you are hungry!” The middle-aged woman said distressedly.

“Auntie, I’m not hungry.” Tao Sanniang said in a weak voice. She has no strength at all now, her lips are beginning to dry, and she has no moisture. As for her whole person, she looks particularly haggard and weak.

In fact, she hasn’t eaten for more than two days, and she hasn’t slept for two days.

She was going to be hollowed out now, let alone a master, even an ordinary person could easily defeat her.

“Oh!” The middle-aged woman sighed heavily and said, “But it’s no way for you to be hungry all the time. It’s your own body that hurts your anger. Look at you, you don’t have the strength to speak! “

Tao Sanniang said: “I have no appetite.”

The middle-aged woman became a little angry and cursed: “Sanniang! You are violating yourself and your body is your own. Do you think that even if you go on a hunger strike, Fan can change his mind? He is determined to marry you. Go out! This is your life, you can’t change it. Is it possible that you still have to fight against yourself? Besides, Lan Feng is the younger brother of the Xuandan faction at the helm. He is a talented person. It would be nice to marry him. “

Tao Sanniang did not speak, she was silent, she was not moved at all.

The middle-aged woman picked up Yangchun noodles again and handed them to Tao Sanniang, “You are about to go out of the lobby soon, let’s eat some, you are a bride tonight, you can’t be like this.”

“I’m not hungry.” Tao Sanniang said the same thing.

The middle-aged woman immediately became annoyed, “Are you hungry or not! You can see how hungry you are, and you still say you are not hungry, you really want to starve yourself to give up?!”

“Auntie, you don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand? Why don’t I understand! You just can’t let Wayne Lin in your heart, you have written it on your face, why can’t I understand it?” the middle-aged woman said loudly, looking like a person coming by “You, you are too innocent. You have never experienced love. After experiencing love, the first man will die. In fact, these are all naive ideas! Men are the most indispensable in the world are men! Besides, That was Wayne Lin’s own short life, he died a long time ago, and you still have a good time. Could it be that Wayne Lin was delayed by a Wayne Lin?”

Tao Sanniang was silent.

Middle-aged woman: “Sanniang, I said you are a mature woman, why can’t you pass this level! No matter how good Wayne Lin is, people are dead! You have been thinking about his use, listen to Auntie, hurry up Eat this bowl of Yangchun noodles.”

Tao Sanniang’s eyes began to turn slightly. She looked at the hot Yangchun face in front of her. Wayne Lin’s appearance was reflected in the bowl. Her tears flowed down silently again, and said softly but firmly: “In this life, I Life is his person, death is his ghost, he is gone, my life is meaningless.”

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