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Chapter 377

When Ning Yuning heard this, her face immediately changed!

This foreigner is too much to offend her like this!

The two bodyguards sitting next to her were also a little annoyed. They didn’t understand English, but Connor was so fluent, they knew that Connor was molesting Ning Yuning even if they were fools.

Smith was also a bit taken aback. He didn’t expect Connor to molest Ning Yuning so directly.

No, he could see that Connor is not teasing Ning Yuning, but serious, this guy really wants to support Ning Yuning!

He thought for a while, and he still had no choice to stop. Connor is a top boxer with a lot of money. In one year, he can earn tens of millions of dollars. It is indeed very easy to raise a star of China.

Not to mention Connor, if he had this opportunity, he would also like to take care of Ning Yuning, such a beautiful oriental woman, on the bed, it will definitely be fun.

Ning Yuning tried hard to control her emotions, but she couldn’t stop being angry. Since she became a first-line star, no one has molested her like this…no! This is not molesting, but humiliation, naked humiliation.

Her face darkened, and she said coldly to Smith, “Mr. Smith, what do you mean? You must give me an explanation!”

Smith could see that Ning Yuning was really angry, and Wayne Lin hadn’t come yet. It would be bad if something went wrong because of Ning Yuning and let Wayne Lin go.

So he winked at Connor quickly, and then said to Ning Yuning: “Dear Miss Ning Yuning, sorry, my friend is Connor. He is a comedian. He usually likes to make jokes and doesn’t want to offend you. Mean, please don’t take it to heart.”

Connor also realized what the purpose of the dinner is tonight. It’s better not to spoil Smith for now, so he put aside his posture for the time being and said to Ning Yuning: “Miss Ning Yuning, I was just kidding, you are indeed I have seen the most beautiful Chinese woman, and I will invite you to dinner alone if I have the opportunity.”

Ning Yuning looked at Smith’s face, and she did not continue to have the same knowledge of Connor, nodded gently, and did not pay attention to Connor.

This made Connor particularly unhappy. A boxer of his level, who is a Chinese star, and a small Chinese star, dare to show him his face.

However, he didn’t take the trouble, but smiled meaningfully, and took his gaze away from Ning Yuning. After tonight, he knocked down the yellow-skinned monkey who had offended Smith. No matter how he dealt with Ning Yuning, as long as he shot, Ning Yuning would definitely not be able to get out of his palm until he got Ning Yuning. Going to bed, waiting for Ning Yuning was the pain that he couldn’t bear.

You know, the Chinese women he played with before were very painful the first night, hehe!

Speaking of Wayne Lin’s side, he still came by himself, and now he is alone, so having a bodyguard is a burden.

When Yu Qing saw him coming alone and getting off from a taxi, he felt incredible. At first glance, he thought he had misplaced the person. She couldn’t understand why a big boss at the level of Wayne Lin would still take a taxi and go out without a bodyguard?

Isn’t Wayne Lin afraid of being kidnapped or threatened by society?

No matter how strong his fighting ability is, he can’t do this, right? You know, many so-called boxers usually bring a lot of bodyguards.

But in this case, she wouldn’t be so stupid to ask, maybe people just have confidence in themselves, or maybe they like to be alone.

She took the initiative to welcome

Go up and say with a smile: “Chairman, you are here, Yu Ning and Mr. Smith are already waiting in the box.”

Wayne Lin nodded, said hello, and went up with Yu Qing.

When he walked to the door of the box, his right eyelid suddenly jumped lightly, and some premonitions flashed in his heart, a very mysterious feeling, and then the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing an intriguing smile.

He already felt it out. This time Smith invited him to dinner. The real purpose was not to apologize, but to feast.

It’s a bit interesting, a foreign star dare to give a banquet in China.

He wanted to see what storm Smith could make!

After Yu Qing pushed the door in, he saw Conner on the opposite side at a glance, with a thick neck and almost the same size as his face. Wearing clothes, he could see the muscles all over his body, full of explosive power.

And from the opponent’s fist on the dinner table, seeing the thick cocoons on the joints, Wayne Lin immediately knew that this was a professional boxer, but his level was quite high.

Feelings have invited a master, no wonder Smith has spent so much time inviting him to dinner.


Moreover, Wayne Lin keenly discovered that Ning Yuning’s complexion was not very good, and his mood was irritable and disgusting. Not surprisingly, most of them were molested by this professional boxer.

His coming in also attracted the attention of everyone in the box.

When Ning Yuning saw him appear, she immediately smiled and became happy.

Maybe it was because she had been thinking about it these days. Now she saw Wayne Lin and was really happy. She recovered the joy of seeing the boy she liked when she was studying.

Since she entered the entertainment industry, she has never been in a relationship…It should be said that she has never been in a relationship. When she was in school, she only had a crush on the boys who were good in class.

Now that Wayne Lin appeared, she had recovered this kind of heartbeat feeling, which was particularly beautiful.

Wayne Lin felt her joy, and he suddenly snorted in his heart, dear, isn’t this Ning Yuning interesting to him too?

That’s terribly bad!

Now he has enough peach blossom debts on his body, and if Ning Yuning is added, it will really make matters worse.

Fortunately, he immediately realized that Ning Yuning was only smiling politely, not the kind of throbbing joy, and he was relieved. I think I am too veteran, and I will be frightened at any movement. Think about it, but Ning Yuning is a popular star, with tens of millions of fans, and I don’t know how many handsome guys I have seen, so I don’t know how he would be interested in an ordinary man like him.

At the same time, Smith and several others also set their sights on Wayne Lin, and their eyes flashed obvious hostility.

Connor squinted his eyes and looked at Wayne Lin. His gaze was the sharpest, but he didn’t realize that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person.

He is tall and thin, without strong muscles, and his skin looks very tender. He is not a master at all.

Immediately he breathed a sigh of relief. The arrogance and disdain appeared on his face, and he said to Smith on the side: “Smith, is this the Oriental who defeated you guys?”

Smith gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, it’s him!”

Connor mocked relentlessly: “Then you are too rubbish, you can’t even beat this kind of stuff.”

Chapter 378

Smith was embarrassed by the blushing of Connor, but they did not dare to say a rebuttal because they did not dare to offend Connor.

“Connor, I don’t think you should underestimate the enemy. This yellow-skinned monkey has Chinese kungfu and is not so easy to deal with.” One of Smith’s bodyguards said in a low voice. He felt the horror of Wayne Lin that day. Need to remind Conner.

However, his reminder made Connor dissatisfied and snorted heavily, and said: “Useless things, a yellow-skinned monkey scared you like this. Hua Guo Kung Fu is just rubbish. use!”

It can be seen that Connor’s disdain for Chinese Kungfu is from the bottom of his heart.

Their conversation was softer, and Ning Yuning’s attention was focused on Wayne Lin, so she didn’t hear it. But all fell into Wayne Lin’s ears. Wayne Lin’s eyes became much colder. Originally, he thought this Smith would retreat and didn’t dare to be arrogant anymore. Instead, Smith became more aggressive and invited a professional boxer to come over. .

What angered Wayne Lin most was Connor’s speech, which vilified the Chinese Kung Fu!

As a native Chinese, Wayne Lin has a strong national sentiment and a deep affection for Chinese Kungfu. Now that a foreigner is slandering Chinese Kungfu here, how can he bear it? He must give this arrogant foreigner something. A painful lesson!

This thought flashed through his mind, and he was already sitting opposite Smith under the leadership of Yu Qing.

Ning Yuning said: “Randal, Mr. Smith has specially arranged dinner tonight in order to express his apologies to you.”

Wayne Lin smiled meaningfully. He had already noticed that Ning Yuning didn’t know it was a Hongmen Banquet tonight, and thought that Smith really wanted to apologize.

Then Ning Yuning gave Smith another wink and signaled that Smith could apologize to Wayne Lin.

Smith has Connor’s town. He is now calmer and regained his previous arrogance. He said to Wayne Lin: “Mr. Lin, I heard that you are the chairman of Ziqiong Media. I don’t know where you learned from. Kung fu?”

He didn’t mention a word of apology, instead he asked about Wayne Lin’s skill, and he couldn’t wait to cite in that direction.

When Ning Yuning heard his opening, she couldn’t help but frowned slightly. What the hell was this Smith doing?

Wayne Lin did not answer him immediately, but said to Ning Yuning, “Miss Ning, have you already ordered?”

Facing his question, Ning Yuning was stunned for a moment. Wayne Lin didn’t answer Smith in this way, which didn’t give Smith face. Sure enough, she sneaked a glance at Smith, and found that Smith’s face was gloomy, especially ugly.

She suddenly had a hunch that the dinner tonight seemed not as simple as she had imagined…

Not only Smith, but also the faces of several other foreigners were not good-looking. They felt that Wayne Lin was too arrogant. An inferior race would dare to be arrogant in front of these noble white people. It was simply huge disrespect!

Connor is the most discriminatory against China. He has beaten several Chinese boxers before. Just like tofu, he is vulnerable. Over time, he felt that the entire China was rubbish and a poor race.

But now that Wayne Lin dared to ignore them, Connor was extremely angry, with a anger on his face.

When Smith saw him like this, he hurriedly kicked him in the audience to tell him not to act rashly. When Wayne Lin found out, they wouldn’t be able to act.

Connor understood this, he lowered his head, stopped looking at Wayne Lin, hiding his anger.

It’s just that he was discovered by Wayne Lin long ago, and where can he hide.

Ning Yuning said: “Not yet, wait for your order from the chairman.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Then just order some.”

Then, Wayne Lin ordered some dishes he liked, and then gave the menu to Ning Yuning, indicating that they would also order the dishes they liked.

From the beginning to the end, Wayne Lin was very relaxed. He did not put Smith and the others in his eyes at all. After that, he said to Smith: “Right, what did you just say?”

Smith gritted his teeth with anger. Wayne Lin is so arrogant that he didn’t put him in his eyes at all. At any rate, he is also an international superstar!

As for Connor, he was even more annoyed, and he wished to rush over and beat Wayne Lin painfully.

Wayne Lin smiled at the corner of his mouth, he was deliberately angry with these foreigners.

It is true that Hua Guo has many people with inferiority in their bones. When facing foreigners, they are particularly humble. Over time, they develop the arrogant and arrogant attitude of this group of foreigners. But he is not used to these foreigners. On the territory of China, it is the dragon who is holding it, and the tiger is lying!

Smith was under the table, his fists clenched with kaba Kaba, but he still held back, squeezing a smile and said, “Mr. Lin, I just asked you where you learned it from…”

He didn’t speak the last two words of effort, and Wayne Lin suddenly said to Ning Yuning, “Oh yes, Miss Ning, just forgot to order a braised lion’s head. Please help me order it.”

“Huh?” Ning Yuning was stunned. She saw that Smith’s face was already dark, and she was on the verge of getting angry. She felt very refreshed in her heart. In fact, she also saw Smith not pleasing to her eyes. It was too arrogant and arrogant. Nodded and helped Wayne Lin add a braised lion head.

As a result, Smith became even more angry. He was not a good-tempered person, and now he is so angry that he is about to erupt!

Wayne Lin’s behavior can no longer be described as arrogance, but absolutely defiant and contempt for them!

Connor’s eyes were cold. He stared at Wayne Lin coldly and clenched his fists. If it weren’t for Smith’s face, he would have rushed over and beat Wayne Lin to cry.

Wayne Lin turned around again and asked: “What did you say? I didn’t hear clearly.”

Smith gritted his teeth, he is really going crazy, why are there such arrogant Chinese people!

He wanted to lose his temper very much, but he knew that Wayne Lin’s identity was not simple. He was the chairman of Ziqiong Media, rich and powerful. If he made the move first, then even if he was a foreigner, he would be attacked by China. Legal sanctions, the best way is to fool Wayne Lin and fight Connor in a ring.

So even if he was angry, he had to endure it, even squeezing a smile, and said, “Mr. Lin, your hearing is really bad. I just wanted to ask you, where did you learn Chinese Kungfu? “

Wayne Lin still didn’t answer. He said, “I don’t understand the language of your country. You still speak Chinese.”


Three times in a row, Wayne Lin played Smith like this. How could he bear it? He slapped it directly on the dinner table and burst out, “Damn Chinese, you are too much, no one has ever dared to humiliate me like this! I am very angry, and the consequences are serious!”

Ning Yuning, Yu Qing and others were shocked when they saw Smith furious. They never expected that the good meal would turn out like this.

Yu Qing quickly explained, “Dear Mr. Smith, please calm down your anger. Chairman Lin didn’t mean to despise you. He just doesn’t understand English. I’ll just be the interpreter between you.”

Smith was stunned when he heard this. Can’t understand English?

He looked at Wayne Lin suspiciously, but at the airport that day, Wayne Lin didn’t seem to understand English.

Wayne Lin said with a calm face, “No need to translate, I don’t think these foreigners have an apology, and there is no need to eat this meal.”

Yu Qing was stunned and quickly explained to Wayne Lin.

When Smith and the others saw Wayne Lin leaving, they were also a little anxious, especially Smith. He specially called Connor to come over to avenge Wayne Lin. If this is to let Wayne Lin leave, then his skill Not in vain?

So he also stood up quickly, wanting to keep Wayne Lin.

“Wait a minute, Mr. Lin, why are you leaving? Didn’t you eat together?” Smith said.

Yu Qing translated it to Wayne Lin and said, “Randal, I think Mr. Smith is very sincere. Or else you should stay and finish the meal? Can you?”

Wayne Lin said: “It’s okay to eat, he has to apologize to me first.”

When Yu Qing translated the words to Smith, he was so angry that he, such a noble race, actually wanted to apologize to an Oriental?

But in the current situation, it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to apologize, so he had to gritted his teeth and apologized to Wayne Lin obediently.

Chapter 379

“Mr. Lin, sorry, please accept my apology!”

Smith gritted his teeth and said this with great difficulty.

Several other foreigners, seeing Smith apologize, they also felt very aggrieved and went crazy.

Wayne Lin was enough. He had achieved his goal. He disgusted the foreigners, so he didn’t continue to embarrass them, and later it seemed that he was unreasonable and unpleasant.

“Okay, since your attitude is so sincere, then I will reluctantly forgive you.” Wayne Lin’s remarks were spoken in English, and they were fluent, with no accent at all.

After making Smith heard it, he became even more angry and almost turned the table up. The feeling this guy speaks English. Just now he was deliberately embarrassed, it was too cheap!

Connor’s eyes became even colder.

What Wayne Lin wants is this kind of effect. This group of foreigners dominate the country in China. He certainly doesn’t know how many Chinese people have been bullied. How can he give them a good look now? Wayne Lin is bloody in his bones. people!

Ning Yuning and Yu Qing are not fools, they can’t tell where they are at this point, Wayne Lin is deliberately embarrassing Smith and them. However, in any case, it is still a very happy thing to be able to see Smith deflated. In the past few days, Smith has given them a look, too arrogant and pretending.

They were also a little worried. Will Wayne Lin embarrass Smith in this way arouse their anger? Especially the foreigner named Connor, it’s not easy to look at. His fists are full of calluses, and his neck is too thick, which is particularly scary.

Wayne Lin just glanced at Connor indifferently, but he didn’t pay attention at all. In fact, Wayne Lin knew what Smith was making. He was determined to teach these foreigners a severe lesson and let them know about China. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is not something they can offend!

After sitting down again, the atmosphere was a little stiff. Yu Qing saw this situation and quickly stood up and started to talk about the topic to break the silence.

Slowly, the waiter began to serve dishes, Smith found the opportunity, he continued: “Mr. Lin, at the airport that day, you injured us, did you use Chinese Kungfu?”

Wayne Lin knew that the other party was on the subject, nodded and said, “Yes, how about it, right?”

Smith and Connor looked at each other and said with a smile: “I don’t see that Mr. Lin is a businessman and knows how to fight. None of my bodyguards are your opponents. They are very powerful.”

With that said, Smith gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up, admiring it, but he was actually sneering inside.

Wayne Lin smiled, lowered his head to pick up food, and did not respond.

Then, Smith said directly: “Mr. Lin, I happen to have a friend who has practiced some boxing and wants to compete with you. I wonder if you have this interest?”

Finally, Smith said the purpose of the meal, opened his eyes wide, and looked at Wayne Lin expectantly, hoping that Wayne Lin could agree.

However, Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “Let’s forget the contest, I don’t have this interest.”

Smith frowned immediately and sneered, “Mr. Lin, are you afraid?”

Connor raised his head and began to speak, “I heard that your Chinese Kungfu is very good, and I came here to learn. Don’t be afraid, I will show mercy and will not hurt you.”

Connor said with a joking smile on his face.

Ning Yuning and Yu Qing saw this scene, they were confused, what’s the situation,

Smith invited Wayne Lin to dinner, didn’t he want to apologize? Why did he start an appointment, and this white man named Kang Na knew that he was very good at it. How could Wayne Lin be his opponent?

“Mr. Smith, Randal Lin is the boss of the group. It’s not appropriate to fight with your friend?” Ning Yuning frowned and said. She knew Wayne Lin’s skill was good, but she still felt that Wayne Lin was fighting against this professional boxer named Connor. Wayne Lin couldn’t beat it.

It’s not good if you get hurt.

Smith shrugged and said, “It’s just a simple discussion. Connor will be merciful and won’t hurt Mr. Lin. Don’t be afraid.”

Wayne Lin ate the food, he ate very slowly, chewing the food slowly, tasting the delicious food.

“Forget it, your friend is not my opponent.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

As his words fell, immediately, the huge box quieted down, looking at him.

Smith’s mouth twitched. This Chinese is too arrogant, dare to say that Connor is not his opponent?

Smith couldn’t help but laugh now.

Not only him, but a few other foreigners also laughed, thinking that Wayne Lin was a joke.

As for Connor himself, some anger flashed between his eyebrows. This Chinese man is not only arrogant, but also dares to despise him. It’s true!

He said directly: “Chinese people, I don’t know where you are confident, and think that I am not your opponent. In my opinion, your Chinese Kungfu is just a fancy, like dancing, it’s not worth mentioning!”

With that said, he also made a provocative gesture of thumbs down at Wayne Lin.

His action was really too much, even Ning Yuning and Yu Qing’s faces became gloomy when they saw it. This Connor is not only provoking Wayne Lin, but also discrediting China and despising the Chinese in his bones.

Ning Yuning said angrily: “Mr. Smith, your friend is too much, I ask him to apologize to our country!”

“Apologize?” Connor laughed like he heard a big joke, “I heard it right? Did you ask me to apologize? I have never heard such a ridiculous thing in my life. The lion needs to apologize to the rabbit. ?”

Seeing his arrogant appearance, Ning Yuning was trembling with anger. Not only she, but other people in her team were also very angry. Any bloody Chinese would be very angry when encountering such a situation.

Wayne Lin shook his head. This Connor is really dying, sitting in the well and watching the sky, thinking that he is a professional boxer, and he is invincible. Go to the ring to play a game for people to watch.

It seems that it is necessary for him to let this Connor know that the Chinese Kungfu is great.

“Mr. Smith, please ask your friend to apologize immediately. He humiliates our country. This is something that our children can not tolerate!” Ning Yuning said solemnly. Now she is not afraid of power and resolutely safeguards the dignity of the motherland.

Her performance made Wayne Lin look at her a little high, but she couldn’t tell, Ning Yuning was quite patriotic. You know, many celebrities nowadays, in order to evade taxes, do not hesitate to enter other nationalities, and then return to the country to collect money. On foreign social media, they still speak bad things about China, especially bad.

It was really rare for Ning Yuning to be so bloody, and Wayne Lin had a much better impression of her.

Smith said lazily: “Connor is right. The lion does not need to apologize to the rabbit. You want Connor to apologize. It’s very simple. Just defeat Connor.”

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  1. The author must have watched a lot of 60s & 70s hongkong chinese kung-fu films to have developed this idea of western thinking. Those films inturn, are based on earlier 20th century impressions. As a person of chinese descend, my grandfather used to teach me of chinese values, many of which I found degrading to personal respect. Such as kowtowing, or flattering superiors. It seems that chinese has a perchant to be plastic. Viscious to those below them and fake to those above.
    As for foreign perception, I grew up fearing China. Hearing tales of various relatives who barely escaped with their lives during Mao’s take-over. Most foreigners fear going to China due to communist cruelty. Thus the author is mistaken and has a perception of foreign view based on the Ching dynasty and early Kuo MinTang republic, not of the present.
    Lastly, the western characters here, a movie star and boxer, well, they are not exactly cultured people. Small people that grew big due to talent only. Those are not the ideal people to judge.


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