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Chapter 374

Gu Hanxing saw this man, as if he had found the backbone, his eyes immediately became more red, and his mouth was squashed. He burst into tears, rushed over, hugged the other’s thigh, and cried, “Uncle Shi , You are late, father, father, he has been beaten to death by Wayne Lin, oooooo…”

Gu Hanxing cried miserably. It wasn’t pretending to pretend, but he really collapsed and the sky fell. Now he can only count on the uncle in front of him.

Uncle Shi is not a man, but a woman. He is Brian Gu’s junior sister and Brian Gu’s first love. For so many years, I have always liked Brian Gu. Now Brian Gu’s departure is a huge blow to her. !

She saw Gu Hanxing crying so hard, her eyes also showed strong sadness, but more, still resented!

“Han Xing, don’t worry, Shishu will definitely avenge your father. This Wayne Lin, he must die!” Shishu said coldly, revealing infinite murderous intent, especially horror, making the temperature of the entire mourning hall, It suddenly dropped several degrees, and everyone was afraid.

When Gu Hanxing heard what Uncle Master said, he was relieved, nodded vigorously, and gritted his teeth and said: “Uncle Master, you must not let Wayne Lin die so easily. It’s better to get him cramped and tortured so much that he I can’t survive, I can’t survive! I want to snatch all the women around him, ravage him in front of him, and let him die in despair and pain!!!”

Now Gu Hanxing’s expression can no longer be described as hideous and twisted, it is completely abnormal.

Uncle Master nodded vigorously and said solemnly: “Han Xing, don’t worry, this Wayne Lin will only have a dead end next, and the women around him will also be implicated by him.”

Gu Hanxing was overjoyed. He thought of the women around Wayne Lin. They were all first-class beauties, and they were all in his pocket. The sadness of Brian Gu’s death immediately rushed away a lot. .

Next, Uncle Shi walked to the crystal coffin and looked at Brian Gu inside. She shed tears and was extremely sad and angry. She has always maintained an underground relationship with Brian Gu. Her husband is just her puppet. In his mind, Brian Gu is her real husband. And now, Brian Gu is dead, and her hope is gone.

Many people don’t know that, in fact, her martial arts is better than Brian Gu, but in front of the world, in order to maintain Brian Gu’s face, she has always been hiding.

Now that Brian Gu is dead, there is no need for her to hide her clumsy!

There was a word in her mouth: “Wayne Lin, you are dead, I will kill you at the end of the world, no one can save you!”


Two days later, Wayne Lin recovered all his injuries and returned to his peak state. And after the battle with Brian Gu, he has improved in strength, and now he has established a firm foothold in the realm of Innate Realm.

In these two days, Wayne Lin was actually not idle, mainly running around before the three companies. He is now beginning to delegate power and intends to hand over these three companies to the corresponding people. He is only responsible for dividing the money. All right.

With his deterrence, I believe these people would not dare to embezzle and fill their private pockets.

Now he wants to put more energy on his practice, slowly pull away, and no longer manage these business matters. If you have enough money to spend, you don’t need too much. Besides, there are still tens of billions in his account.

And he could clearly feel that after he reached the innate realm, if he wanted to go further, he had to concentrate and put his energy on showing his character. Moreover, the higher the level, the more you must be cautious and careful.

The heavier you get, once you go out on a business trip, the consequences are very serious.

It’s still a trivial matter to die. The most feared thing is getting into a demon and causing devastating harm to people around him.

One more point, Wayne Lin now feels that if he wants to break through to the indestructible body of the vajra, he must be wholeheartedly, especially to constantly weaken the entanglement of the world. Take Brian Gu for example, he was in the innate state ten years ago. , But his strength has not been greatly improved. He has always stayed at the middle level. A large part of the reason is that he can’t let go of worldly power and can’t do it wholeheartedly.

Of course, then again, if people live in this world, who can be absolutely solitary? Relatives, friends, lovers, these are all inseparable.

What Wayne Lin can do now is to weaken the business relationship as much as possible and leave it to his subordinates for management. He can only be the person behind the scenes.

Many people don’t understand his approach, and wonder why he should delegate power when he is at his age. Even Damon Wang and Jeff Han couldn’t understand. Even at the beginning, they thought that Wayne Lin was testing them and scared them so much that they hurriedly declined to ask, so they didn’t dare to take on such a big responsibility.

In the face of the curiosity of these subordinates, Wayne Lin did not explain. There is a good saying that the bird is well aware of the ambition of the hungry bird. Most people are still fighting for worldly money and power, and he has already jumped out of this circle. Go to a higher level to pursue.

After getting these things done, he went to find Ugly Master.

Chou Ye is his mother’s person and will not harm him. Wayne Lin can be sure of this, but because of this reason, Chou Ye has too many things to hide from him. This is what makes Wayne Lin the most uncomfortable.

“Master, you have grown up now, and even Brian Gu is not your opponent. Madam will be very happy to know this news.” Ugly Master said with sincere emotion. Now he looks at Wayne Lin and can’t see it at all. After wearing it, it seems that Wayne Lin is covered with a layer of mist.

Wayne Lin said: “Mother, how is her life now? What is her phone number, I can’t see her, make a phone call, is it okay?”

The ugly master sighed and shook his head: “Madam is now in a state of imprisonment. All behaviors and actions are under the supervision of the organization. If you talk with your wife on the phone, the young master will expose your existence, and the organization will immediately take measures. of.”

Wayne Lin was silent for a while, and said, “I can’t use someone else’s cell phone to call me? For example, the neon clothes.”

The Ugly Master shook his head lightly, indicating that he couldn’t.

Wayne Lin was a little bit lost. He really missed his mother. It was obviously already in the 21st century, and the traffic was so developed, but he still couldn’t see him. It’s ridiculous to think about it that communication is so advanced and there is no last call.

After remaining silent for a while, Wayne Lin asked a question, “How does my current cultivation base compare to neon clothes?”

The Ugly Master froze for a moment, then smiled, and said: “Young Master’s current cultivation base is superb. After defeating Brian Gu, he has made progress even further. However, compared with Master Nishang, it is still a bit worse. “

“Really?” Wayne Lin’s eyes flickered slightly, and he became even more interested in the neon clothes that the dragon sees no end.

Next, Wayne Lin stayed at Chou Ye for a while, and talked about BRAGRUN organization and his mother. Time was almost up, he was going to go home.

At this moment, his cell phone rang, and it was from an unfamiliar phone.

After thinking about it, he answered the call, and the horse heard a sweet voice, “Hey, Randal Lin, hello, I’m Ning Yuning…”

Chapter 375

Ning Yuning? Didn’t you tell her her phone number?

In all likelihood, Ye Piaoyang told her.

Wayne Lin didn’t delve into this, and asked: “Miss Ning, hello, is there anything you want to do with me?”

Ning Yuning’s tone was a little nervous, and said cautiously: “Randal, I’m sorry, I called you rashly and disturbed you.”

Wayne Lin is a little funny because of her nervous look, is she so scary?

“Miss Ning, you don’t have to be so nervous, I’m not a scourge, just ask me if you have anything to do.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Ning Yuning blushed when he heard his words, and scolded herself for being stupid. She was not very good at talking. How could she become so stupid when she came to Randal Lin!

However, as a very popular figure, Ning Yuning has seen many big scenes, and her mental quality is still quite good. She took a deep breath and recovered to nature, and said: “That’s it. remember?”

“Remember, why, did he go to trouble you?” Wayne Lin frowned, his tone became much colder. Last time he taught Smith a little lesson, which is already very good for Ning Yuning. Otherwise, instead of his usual character, he would have beaten Smith down to beg for mercy, without having to ask any questions.

Ning Yuning was very moved when she heard Wayne Lin’s anger, indicating that Randal Lin was concerned about her?

“No, no, Smith later learned about your identity, and he was very embarrassed, so he now wants to invite you to dinner and apologize to you.” Ning Yuning quickly explained: “Randal, I don’t know when you are Are you free?”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin was a little surprised, that foreigner actually wanted to invite him to dinner?

“Just forget it, I’m not interested in him.” Wayne Lin waved his hand and said, he has handed over the power of the company, and his main energy is on cultivation. Where can I have this time to eat with Smith.

When Ning Yuning heard this, she was obviously lost, and said, “Is it this way? Okay, let me talk to Smith.”

Wayne Lin heard the disappointment in Ning Yuning’s words, and said: “Miss Ning, is this Smith threatening you?”

Wayne Lin has a good impression of Ning Yuning. As a big star, he doesn’t have that kind of high-pitched air, and his personality is quite good. It makes people feel comfortable getting along. Mainly this time Ning Yuning was also affected by him this time, and he wanted to help Ning Yuning because of his feelings and reason.

Ning Yuning was silent for a while, and said, “There is no threat. Since Randal Lin doesn’t want to eat with Smith, then I will refuse him. Randal Lin, I’m really sorry to disturb you.”

With that, she hung up the phone.

Wayne Lin thought for a while and called Ning Yuning over, and said, “You tell Smith, I promised. If I have time tomorrow night, let him pick a place.”

“Huh?” Ning Yuning was startled, she didn’t expect Wayne Lin to suddenly agree.

“Why, is it inconvenient tomorrow night?” Wayne Lin frowned when she saw that she hadn’t answered for a long time.

“Ah, no, no!” Ning Yuning said hurriedly: “Then I will tell Mr. Smith immediately and let him prepare.”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Yes.”

After hanging up the phone, Ning Yuning held the phone in a daze. Wayne Lin originally wanted to refuse, but suddenly agreed. What was the reason? Is it for her?

She was in a daze for almost a minute, until Yu Qing walked in, saw her like this, shook in front of her, and asked: “Yuning, what are you in a daze? Have you called Randal Lin already? Did he promise Smith’s meal? Hey, Ning Yuning, wake up.”

Ning Yuning came back to her senses, her face flushed, and said, “Ah? Sister Qing, what did you just say? I didn’t hear it.”

Yu Qing rolled his eyes and said angrily: “I said did you call Randal Lin, what did he say, did you agree to Smith’s meal? Yu Ning, I found something wrong with you recently, and always like to be in a daze. , Do you have a sweetheart?”

Ning Yuning heard a heartbeat and shook her head quickly and said, “No, no, how could I have a sweetheart? I put my career first, and you don’t know that Sister Qing. Besides, we are definitely not in this business. If you’re in love, if the fans know about it, then my popularity will definitely decline.”

Yu Qing nodded. This is indeed the truth. This is also the helplessness of the stars, especially the stars with good looks.

Then Ning Yuning said again: “Randal has answered the question and answer, I will call Smith and tell him.”

Immediately she called Smith, and simply said what had just happened.

After hanging up the phone, Yu Qing said with emotion: “I really didn’t expect that the famous chairman of Ziqiong Media was so young, he doesn’t seem to be 30 years old! This is too great, who should marry Give it to him, this life will be glorious and rich and enjoyable.”

Ning Yuning nodded, expressing agreement, yearning in his eyes. Which celebrity in the circle has no desire to marry a rich family, even she is no exception. Don’t look at her current popularity and popularity, but there is still a lot of helplessness, and we need to look at the faces of many big bosses. If she is married to Wayne Lin, it will be different.

“For a good man like Randal Lin, there is definitely no shortage of good women around him.” Ning Yuning said.

Yu Qing pushed her and said, “You are also very good. No, you are better than them. You are beautiful, good in figure, talented, and a big star. What kind of woman has this condition to compare with you? And many rich men just like marrying celebrities as their wives. Yu Ning, you can go after Randal Lin.”

Ning Yuning was taken aback by Yu Qing, and shook her head quickly and said, “No, no, I definitely can’t. Randal Lin can’t like me!”

Yu Qing said, “Why do you say Randal can’t like you? I think Randal must be interesting to you. At the airport that day, when you took off your sunglasses and mask, his eyes were dumbfounded.”

Ning Yuning heard this, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot, “No, it’s impossible, right?”

“Why is it impossible? I think it is very possible. Besides, happiness is achieved by myself. With Yu Ning your condition, I really chase Randal Lin, I don’t believe he will be indifferent.” Yu Qing brainwashed wildly. .

Ning Yuning’s heartbeat was getting faster and faster.

In fact, she also knew that she liked Wayne Lin, but she had never dared to have any ideas, because she felt that Wayne Lin felt very cold towards her, and did not take her seriously because she was a big star.

But Yu Qing’s remarks really made her think about it.

Yes, she is also a big star anyway, she is beautiful, she has a good figure, maybe, she takes the initiative, is really hopeful!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t stop her heartbeat from speeding up and she became excited.

On Smith’s side, he hung up the phone, the corners of his mouth curled up, showing a triumphant smile, and said to a brawny man next to him: “Connor, the yellow-skinned monkey agreed. We will have dinner together tomorrow night. Don’t let me down.”

The man named Connor was also a white man, about 1.5 meters tall, naked to the top, and was hitting three sandbags. The speed of his punches was extremely fast. Every punch made the sandbags shook violently and sent out. The bang, bang, look particularly scary.

In the end, he punched in a row, blasting all three sandbags, and said to Smith: “Smith, do you think that yellow-skinned monkey can catch my punch?”

Smith looked at the sandbags constantly oozing out of the iron sand on the ground. He couldn’t help but shudder. This explosive force was really terrifying. He was afraid that he was going to the hospital on the spot!

Chapter 376

He laughed aloud, gave Connor a thumbs up, and said, “Connor, your explosive power is too strong. With this punch, the yellow-skinned monkey must be beaten to the ground.”

Connor has strong muscles and a fierce expression, especially with a thick neck. He knows that he is the kind of fighting expert who can fight well. A look can scare people to pee in his pants in minutes.

He is a professional boxer. He has also held a gold belt in his country. Boxing skills can be said to be extremely terrifying. He was just at his peak age. As long as he was bare-handed, twenty ordinary people combined were not his opponents.

This time he came to China for vacation. He and Smith were friends. After receiving a call from Smith, he rushed over as soon as possible, to avenge Smith and to teach that damn yellow monkey!

“Hit on the ground? Smith, my old buddy, you look down on me too much. A yellow-skinned monkey, can he withstand the power of my punch?” Connor frowned and expressed dissatisfaction. Then he Facing the machine testing the strength of the fist next to him, he slammed a punch, and with a bang, the data on the display screen jumped wildly, and finally showed 1324, the unit is pounds, that is to say, he hit 1,324 pounds with this punch. The power of the body, converted, is 600 kilograms!

This can kill an elephant!

When Smith saw this data, others were stupid. You know, at the peak of his time, he can only hit 450 pounds with a punch, and Connor can easily punch at 1,324 pounds, which is too scary. !

The other people in the gym were also shocked, looking at Connor, full of fear and admiration.

Smith swallowed hard and said, “Oh my God, a punch weighing 1,324 pounds can directly kill that damn yellow-skinned monkey!!”

Connor snorted and said, “Of course, the Orientals are weak and vulnerable to a blow. They can’t even count as farts in front of me.”

Smith rubbed his hands, his expression started to get excited, as if he had already seen tomorrow night when Wayne Lin was beaten by Connor with a punch.

He is an internationally famous star. He was actually bullied by an Oriental in China. How did he accept it? He is not Wayne Lin’s hands, but it does not mean that others are not Wayne Lin’s opponents. This time he directly invited Connor, the top boxer in their country, he can definitely get revenge!

“Hahaha, that’s great, Connor will surely help me get revenge if you have Connor!” Smith was very happy.

He now knows the identity of Wayne Lin, but what? He is not a Chinese, as long as he doesn’t kill him, he will be tortured by Wayne Lin and he will return to China directly. What can the Chinese do with him?

He played the abacus well, but he hadn’t thought that Connor, a so-called top boxer, was just an ant in front of Wayne Lin.

Next, Connor continued training. Instead of playing sandbags this time, he called three sparring partners and attacked him with protective gear.

These three sparring partners are also retired boxers, each of them over 1.9 meters tall, tall and big, but in front of Connor, they appear to be so weak, like leaves swept away by Connor’s autumn wind. Down the ground was knocked down.

Even if they were wearing thick protective gear, they are now suffering from serious injuries. They are particularly uncomfortable. They dare not practice with Connor anymore. Connor is a beast!

Smith saw Connor so fiercely, he became even more excited, thinking that this time he could definitely get revenge.

Time flies and a day has passed. Smith chose a location, and it was in the restaurant downstairs in this gym. After that time, he had a meal. By provoking Wayne Lin, he could also help Wayne Lin.

Ming called up and played a game with Connor, killing two birds with one stone.

Ning Yuning and Yu Qing are the intermediaries, and they will naturally come to the dinner tonight, in order to resolve the conflict between Wayne Lin and Smith.

It’s just that they never thought that Smith’s meal this time was not an apology at all, but a feast.

“Mr. Smith, you are here.”

Yu Qing saw Smith coming down from the Porsche Cayenne and hurriedly walked over to say hello.

Smith nodded and said, “That Huang…Is Chairman Lin here?”

Yu Qing said: “Randal is already on the way, he will be there soon.”

There was some coldness in Smith’s eyes, and he nodded and said: “Very well, then I will go up and wait for him first, I hope he won’t back down this time!”

What he said was a bit meaningful. Yu Qing had an unpleasant premonition inexplicably, but she did not ask deeply. She turned her head and thought about it. Now Smith already knows that Wayne Lin is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, so courageous. No matter how old he is, I dare not fight against Wayne Lin.

“By the way, where’s Miss Ning Yuning?” Smith looked around, but he didn’t see Ning Yuning’s figure, and asked strangely.

Yu Qing said, “Miss Ning has already been waiting in the box.”

“Okay.” Smith nodded, and went up with Connor.

After they went up, they saw that Ning Yuning was already in the box, and Connor saw Ning Yuning, and his eyes lit up, revealing squinted eyes.

Connor is white, but he has always had a soft spot for Eastern women. This time when he came to China, he played with many Chinese women. But he has never played with such a beautiful woman, let alone play, he has never even seen it!

So he immediately coveted Ning Yuning now, staring at Ning Yuning unabashedly.

Ning Yuning noticed his presumptuous eyes, and couldn’t help frowning, feeling particularly uncomfortable. But the other party was someone who Smith had brought, and she was not easy to show her face.

Fortunately, she was not in the box herself, and there were two other people there, relatively not so panicked.

“Mr. Smith, hello.” Ning Yu said hello generously.

This box is very large, and Smith should have booked it. In order to impress Smith, Ning Yuning was responsible for these words.

Smith also liked Ning Yuning’s beauty. He said, “Ms. Ning Yuning, you are very beautiful. You are the most beautiful of all the oriental women I have ever seen. I don’t know if you have any ideas on how to develop in the house. ? I can recommend you.”

Ordinary female celebrities are already too excited to hear that they can go to Haolaiwu to develop. However, Ning Yuning remained calm, and just smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Smith for your kindness. I have no intention of leaving China now.”

A trace of irritation flashed in Smith’s eyes. This Ning Yuning was so arrogant that he dared to refuse his invitation!

Connor’s eyes were still staring at Ning Yuning, his eyes were full of aggressiveness, making Ning Yuning extremely uncomfortable. She said: “Mr. Smith, this one next to you is your bodyguard, I wonder if you can let him He shouldn’t look at me all the time, it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Ning Yuning speaks English. She feels that what she said is sufficiently euphemistic. As long as she is a little educated, she will feel embarrassed. However, Connor laughed and said directly: “The little star of China, you make a price and stay with me tonight, how about?”

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