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Chapter 497

When Wayne Lin followed these four soldiers, a group of people stood in a training hall at Xuanyuan No. 3.

“Changfeng! Fierce fire! Green wolf! The three of you don’t need to be so arrogant, our instructor will be here soon, and you will have bad luck at that time!”

“That’s right, don’t think that your fangs team is amazing. In front of our instructors, you are just ants!”

“Our instructor…”

At the scene, many people were surrounded. Among them, a dozen people had blue noses and swollen faces. Several of them were beaten so hard that they couldn’t open their eyes and the bridge of their noses was collapsing.

They were all soldiers from the fourth team of the Xuanyuan Division 3, and Wayne Lin’s soldiers. They were all relatively powerful. They were all first-class players when they went outside, but they were beaten by the three opponents. There was no fight back, bruised all over.

Among them, two soldiers were trampled on their feet, particularly miserable. Not only were they seriously injured, but they were also trampled on their faces and could not move.

These three people are soldiers of the Fang Team, named Changfeng, Agnihuo and Qinglang.

They are extremely tall and tall, with a height of 1.9 meters. They are extremely strong and exude a powerful aura. Even when facing a dozen soldiers in the fourth group, they will not lose the wind. Instead, they are in the aura. On, overwhelming everyone in the fourth group.

“Hahahaha, you guys from the fourth group of trash, it’s so loud that you dare to threaten us?” Changfeng laughed loudly, his face was full of disdain, his left foot stepped on Daniel’s face, like that It can be said to be arrogant to the extreme.

Another person named Qinglang said in a weird manner: “That’s not the case. I heard that their new instructor is very powerful. He abused all of their fourth group. Tsk.”

Agni said coldly: “As far as the fourth group of waste, our Fangs group came out, which one can’t abuse them? Rubbish is rubbish, always rubbish.”

Daniel was stepped on his feet, his face was full of pain, and more aggrieved, he said loudly: “Chang Feng, you let me go, I don’t accept it!”

“I’m not convinced? Then I’ll beat you up!” Chang Feng said, he increased his strength and stepped on Daniel’s face.

This is the style of their fangs group. They are arrogant and domineering. With their strength and military exploits, they do have this arrogant capital. As long as they don’t kill people, they don’t care much.

The most important thing is that the instructor of the Fang team is a cruel person, even Sun Liang, who is the deputy director, is not willing to offend.

Daniel was stomped on his face and humiliated to the extreme. He wanted to struggle, but there was no way. Chang Feng was too strong and he was not an opponent at all.

He is expecting now that instructor Lin has not left yet, so he can just rush over and breathe out for them.

“Why, your people went to move the rescuers. They moved for so long and haven’t moved here?” Chang Feng said disdainfully. He looked down on the fourth team from the bottom of his heart, including Wayne Lin.

Qing Lang also said: “You can call up all the trash in all your groups, and go together, we will still abuse you.”

Agni sneered and said: “They dare not, garbage is always garbage.”

More than a dozen soldiers from the fourth group clenched their fists and gritted their teeth. They were extremely humiliated and angry. They wanted to rush to fight with their three fangs group, but they did not dare because they had already fought. Once, the result was to be abused.

Although they dislike the Fangs team very much, they have to admit that the Fangs team came out, indeed

It is very powerful, and they are not of the same level!

At this moment, they heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside, accompanied by an excited voice, “Instructor, they are in front, they will be here soon!”

“Instructor, this time you have to speak out for our fourth team, their fangs team is really too arrogant!!”

In an instant, everyone on the scene looked towards the door, and immediately saw five people appearing. Walking in front was Wayne Lin, who had changed his casual clothes. He looked like an ordinary white-collar worker and the training hall. Compared with these powerful soldiers, the difference is quite big.

The dozen or so soldiers in the fourth group saw Wayne Lin, and immediately showed an expression of excitement, feeling saved, and surrounded them one after another.

“Instructor, great, you are finally here!!”

“Instructor, you are here at the right time, so hurry up and show the color of this group of fangs!”

“Yes, instructor, you must not let them go, they just called you rubbish!”

“This is all right, the instructor is here, these three guys in the Fangs group will be severely taught!”

Their faces became excited, and they looked at Wayne Lin closely, they had absolute confidence in Wayne Lin.

After this period of coaching, they were completely convinced of Wayne Lin, and they recognized Wayne Lin’s strength from the bottom of their hearts. They believed that if Wayne Lin played the role, the three fangs groups in front of them would definitely be severely affected. lesson.

Especially for the big cow who was stepped on by Changfeng, he saw Wayne Lin’s arrival, and his tears flowed with excitement, just like a primary school student was beaten and he saw his parents. I hope the parents can help him find his place and avenge him.

Wayne Lin walked in and saw these dozen soldiers with blue noses and swollen faces, and some of them suffered internal injuries. He frowned and said in a deep voice, “You still have the face to complain to me? How do I teach you? “

When they heard Wayne Lin’s words, they all bowed their heads in shame, and didn’t dare to refute them, feeling very embarrassed.

However, there were still some people who were not convinced, muttered in a low voice, and said, “It’s not that we are useless, but that the other party is from the Fang team…”

His words aroused the agreement of other people, “Yes, the Fangs group is our Xuanyuan three, the most powerful group, and the people in it are all abnormal.”

Wayne Lin’s face sank directly when he heard this, making him even more ugly.

“Gao Teng! Bai Yong!” Wayne Lin called out two names, it was the two people who were whispering just now. After they heard it, their faces immediately became straight, reflexively stood up straight, and stood out.



Wayne Lin stared at the two of them with a cold face, “A thousand push-ups, perform them immediately!”

After they heard it, their faces immediately became bitter, and they begged for mercy: “Instructor, we are injured…”

“Instructor, please…”

In their current state, they really can’t do a thousand push-ups, especially in front of the three people in the Fangs group. They really don’t want to lose that face.

Wayne Lin’s eyes widened, his aura exuded, full of majesty, “Huh? Are you defying my orders?”

They felt Wayne Lin’s anger, and immediately shuddered, shook their heads quickly and said, “Dare not!”

Then they all lie down and do push-ups.

Chapter 498

Others saw Wayne Lin’s majestic appearance and did not dare to complain anymore. Obviously, they also remembered Wayne Lin’s usual serious appearance. Although Wayne Lin coached them for a short time, their awe of Wayne Lin was deeply rooted. of.

It’s not because Wayne Lin often trains them. On the contrary, Wayne Lin seldom trains them, and is rarely as rude as other instructors. Wayne Lin is usually very good at talking. However, Wayne Lin’s majesty is the deepest, because Wayne Lin has the greatest aura, especially when he doesn’t speak, they will feel scared at the first glance.

So now there is a very strange scene. From the appearance, Wayne Lin is the thinnest among so many of them, but he is the most majestic. The others lower their heads and dare not look at him. Like a primary school student facing his head teacher, he seemed particularly scared.

Wayne Lin turned his gaze to the three of the fangs group opposite, and saw the big cow stepped under the foot of Changfeng, and Liu Feng under the foot of the fire.

Some anger flashed in his eyes. Anyway, Daniel and Liu Feng were both his soldiers, and they were also from the third place of Xuanyuan, and the three members of the Fang team were so insulted that it was really impossible to justify Up.

But he didn’t show it right away. Instead, he smiled at them and said, “Everyone is a soldier from the third place of Xuanyuan. It’s too much for you to do this? Why don’t you give me a face and let them both go.”

Wayne Lin’s appearance now is very peaceful, without any domineering. In the eyes of Changfeng, Lihuo, and Qinglang, it is a weak performance. Moreover, the three of them carefully looked at Wayne Lin, and they did not find that Wayne Lin was strong. Wherever they were, the fear in their hearts disappeared immediately, looking at Wayne Lin with disdainful eyes.

Chang Feng raised his head and said with a disdainful face: “What kind of thing do you have a face to let us give you face?”

When he said this, he was too arrogant and didn’t give Wayne Lin any face. In any case, Wayne Lin was also the instructor of the third group. In terms of position, he was one level higher than them.

But Chang Feng mocked Wayne Lin in this way, it can be said that he has not given any face!

Immediately, the dozen or so soldiers of the third group became annoyed, and they pointed at Chang Feng and cursed: “Chang Feng! What are you talking about! How dare to talk to our instructor like this, you are itchy, right?”

“Unreasonable, our instructor keeps saying that, it can be regarded as your superior, you dare not put our instructor in your eyes?!”

They are all very angry, but unfortunately there is no culture, and what they say is not lethal.

Wayne Lin felt warm when seeing these soldiers defending him. Anyway, he must seek justice for them today.

He raised his hand and said lightly: “Enough.”

The dozen or so soldiers filled with outrage had no choice but to stop.

Next, Wayne Lin walked slowly towards the three of Changfeng. He put away his smile and said, “You three are soldiers of the Fang Team, your strength is pretty decent.”

When the three Changfeng people heard Wayne Lin’s words, they laughed disdainfully, thinking that Wayne Lin was just pretending.

Then, Wayne Lin said: “What happened today is that my military skills are inferior to humans and I can’t beat you. We recognize this. Now you have released Daniel and Liu Feng. I can do this.

Not with your general knowledge. “

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, the dozen or so soldiers of the fourth group immediately became anxious. They called Wayne Lin over for Wayne Lin to take action and teach them three well so that they could avenge them!

But as a result, Wayne Lin actually counseled himself first, which made them extremely uncomfortable. But no matter how uncomfortable they are, they dare not say a word because they know Wayne Lin’s character.

Wayne Lin wasn’t scared, but after he understood what happened, it was indeed difficult to intervene, because fights often occurred between different groups of this kind. As long as the nature was not very bad, they were tacitly approved.

Just like today, the dozen or so soldiers of the fourth team were abused by the three soldiers of the Fang team. There is nothing to say. The pure skills are inferior to humans. If he serves as an instructor to teach the three soldiers of the Fang team, then It’s kind of bullying.

He still doesn’t want to do this kind of thing. After all, he is an instructor, and the three opposite are students. If he really does it, in his opinion, it would be no different from an adult bullying a child.

However, his bet fell in the eyes of the three of them, and it turned into an acknowledgment and weakness.

All three of them suddenly laughed.

“Hahahaha…I really laughed at me!” Changfeng laughed loudly, “When I was on a mission outside, I heard a master came from the base. With my own strength, he abused all the people in the fourth group. I originally thought I was a master, but I didn’t expect it to be rubbish! Also, the fourth group in itself is rubbish. Our Fangs group can do it by just one person.”

Qing Lang also laughed very happily, and Yin and Yang said strangely: “Chang Feng, don’t say it so absolute. Although the fourth group has a lot of rubbish, there are still some who can fight anyway, and there are a few masters of the acquired peak. Maybe. , The instructor in front of me is a real master. When we wait for a casual shot, the three of us will be beaten to the ground, hehe.”

Compared with his yin and yang, the fire is going to be more direct. He gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up, and then down, only to say a few words: “You are also rubbish.”


Unspeakable arrogance.

Their arrogance comes from the bottom of their hearts, and they fully despise the fourth group, just like the cultural people in the city, looking at the poor people who have not studied in the countryside, sincerely discriminating.

Even if it was Wayne Lin, they still discriminated against, and they didn’t pay attention to Wayne Lin at all.

Wayne Lin felt it instantly. To be honest, it would be impossible for him to say that there was no fluctuation in his heart. Anyway, he was also an instructor, and his position was higher than these people. They should respect him.

When they saw Wayne Lin being said so, they still didn’t respond, and looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes with even more disdain.

Including the dozen or so soldiers in the fourth group, they are now beginning to wonder if Wayne Lin is really afraid of the three of them.

Even in my heart, there was some suspicion and dissatisfaction towards Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin had suddenly become so weak and looked down upon him.

However, at this moment, Wayne Lin looked at Changfeng, Fiery Fire, and Qinglang three people, smiled suddenly, and said, “Seeing what you mean, I am confident in my own strength, thinking that I am also rubbish, not your opponent. ?”

Chapter 499

As Wayne Lin said this, immediately, the atmosphere of the audience changed slightly. The dozen or so soldiers behind Wayne Lin began to get excited on their faces. They followed Wayne Lin for a while, facing Wayne Lin. Ming’s character has a certain understanding, knowing that when Wayne Lin said these words, it means that Wayne Lin is starting to get angry, and Wayne Lin is angry and will definitely make a move.

Generally speaking, they still believe that Wayne Lin can defeat the three of Changfeng, Lihuo and Qinglang.

After all, Wayne Lin is a master of innate realm.

But for the three of Changfeng, Lihuo, and Qinglang, they did not put Wayne Lin in their eyes at all, and Changfeng smiled jokingly: “You are quite self-knowing. Also, the people who taught this bunch of rubbish , Where can it go?”

The green wolf said: “After the long wind, you can accept it when you see it, and when someone goes to the Sun’s place to file a complaint, it is not good for us to bully the young with our fangs.”

Chang Feng said twice with haha, “That’s true, there is no need to be familiar with garbage.”

After speaking, he let go of Daniel, kicked him towards Wayne Lin, and said with a contemptuous expression: “Your garbage is returned to you.”

The fire also put Liu Feng under his feet, showing extreme contempt for Wayne Lin.


Wayne Lin spoke. How could he let these three people leave now? Let alone the loss of his face in Xuanyuan three places, even as an instructor, it is necessary for him to stand up for this group of soldiers. Otherwise, what instructor is he worthy of?

Hearing what he said, Changfeng, Lihuo, and Qinglang stopped, turned around and looked at Wayne Lin with a smile but a smile. Chang Feng said, “Oh, why are you not convinced?”

Wayne Lin’s face was cold, and he walked slowly over, helped Daniel and Liu Feng up, and while helping them wipe off the blood and dirt on their faces, he asked caringly, “Are you all right?”

Feeling Wayne Lin’s concern, the eyes of the two big men suddenly turned red, and Daniel said with a shame: “Instructor, I’m sorry, I’m ashamed of you.”

Liu Feng was also very ashamed, “Instructor, we are ashamed of you.”

Wayne Lin was originally a little angry. These two guys don’t usually train hard. Now that they are so ashamed and uncomfortable, he can’t get angry anymore. He patted them on the shoulder and said, “Train well in the future. Just get the place back.”

They all nodded vigorously, and after being determined, they must train well and return all of today’s humiliation!

Next, Wayne Lin turned his gaze on the three of Changfeng and said in a deep voice: “You three, you must apologize to them, otherwise, don’t blame me for bullying the small, and teaching you on behalf of your instructor.”

“Hahaha…I heard you right? To bully the big one, rely on you?”

“I’m so ridiculous, just relying on you, a businessman, want to teach us? It’s not that I despise you, do you have this ability? Ah?”

“Garbage is garbage. This fourth group is not just student garbage, but even the instructors are garbage!”

They seemed to have heard a huge joke and laughed at Wayne Lin wantonly, very rampant.

At this moment, in the training hall, there were slowly more people from other groups. Seeing this scene, they all started to talk and give pointers. They recognized the three of Changfeng and them, who were members of the Fangs Group, and showed awe, but to Wayne Lin, they didn’t know much about them. In fact, every time Wayne Lin came to Xuanyuan three places, he was too low-key. Except for training the soldiers of the fourth group, he didn’t come out much at other time, so not many people knew him.

“Hey, aren’t these three soldiers from the Fang Team? Why are they here?”

“Chang Feng, Agni, Blue Wolf, but celebrities, powerful, and have completed many difficult tasks!”

“I just heard the news that a dozen soldiers in the fourth group were abused by all three of them, and now they have their instructors come to avenge you?”

“Huh? No, this kind of thing happened? I heard that the instructor of the fourth group is a strong man.

Tortured, terrifying strength! The three members of the Fang Fang team are probably going to be beaten. “

“Haha, this is not necessarily true. I found out that the new instructor of the fourth group is a businessman, and he was invited by Sun Chu. The reason why he abused the fourth group alone is purely because Director Sun came out, otherwise As a new instructor, it’s not easy to come in to the three places of Xuanyuan.”

“It makes sense to say that, besides, the trash of the fourth group is famous in Xuanyuan three places. The results of each competition are the worst. Which group did not beat them?”

“That’s true……”

“This looks good, if the new instructor of the fourth group is tortured by the Fangs group, it will be ashamed if it is spread!”

Most people are not optimistic about Wayne Lin, waiting to see Wayne Lin’s jokes.

Wayne Lin laughed instead of anger. He ignored the ridicule of these people. Instead, he directly said to the three Changfeng: “It seems that you are not going to apologize. If this is the case, then I can only replace your instructors and teach them well. Teach you how to behave!”

After saying this, Wayne Lin’s eyes suddenly lifted, just a slight movement, and immediately, it felt different to people, as if a sleeping lion had awakened at this moment.

Changfeng and the others felt Wayne Lin’s aura, but they didn’t despise it that much, “It seems that there is something, who will go first?”

Agni stood up, twisted his neck, made a creak, sneered, “I’ll come first.”

“Okay.” Chang Feng and Qing Lang both nodded, stepped aside, and gave way to Agni. Green Wolf said in a weird manner, “Agni, you should act lightly, but don’t abuse the new instructor too badly. After all, it was Chief Sun’arranged’ to come in. When you teach him too badly, they will not end well.”

With a cruel smile on Lihuo’s stodgy face, he started gearing up, and said with a grinning smile: “Don’t worry, I’m very’measured’!”

He looks like this, everyone can see that the fire is going to abuse Wayne Lin.

There are many people who know Agni at the scene, knowing that he is a very irritable person. Once a fight starts, the methods are very ruthless, and they can often abuse opponents miserably. Every competition has many people discounted. In his hands.

However, Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “You are too weak, you can’t even handle a single move, so let’s go with the three of you.”

As Wayne Lin said this, Li Huo’s expression immediately changed, becoming more anxious and ferocious and cold, “You are looking for death!”

After saying this, he immediately shot. The speed was extremely fast. With a slam, people came to Wayne Lin and hit Wayne Lin with a hard punch. He was confident that once Wayne Lin was hit. This punch must be seriously injured!

In the face of his attack, Wayne Lin seemed silly and did not respond at all. He still stood there in a daze. Seeing his reaction so slowly, everyone thought that he was going to be finished. The famous explosive power is so high that no one can stand a punch from him.

Lihuo saw that Wayne Lin couldn’t even react, and the corners of his mouth began to rise, revealing a smug grin.

However, in the next moment, the grinning grin on his face stiffened, and Wayne Lin caught his confident punch with one hand, motionless, and looked very relaxed.

“That’s it?” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Li Huo immediately opened his eyes wide, and cried out in a gloomy tone: “This is impossible?!”

He has always had a facial paralyzed face, and he has never been abnormal and cold, but now, he is completely shocked, his mouth is open, and he can swallow an apple.

Not only him, but everyone present was also shocked and dumbfounded.

It’s not that their concentration is not enough, but that this scene is really weird to them. They can feel the strength of the punch just now, at least five thousand catties, even a wall. I was stabbed through, but Wayne Lin followed it lightly, and didn’t even shake his body!

This is completely beyond their cognition.

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