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Chapter 515

“The Yang Family?”

Wayne Lin was a little surprised, and asked, “Which Yang family is it?”

Damon Wang said: “It’s the Yang family from the famous Southern Meritorious Family. The Yang family has a lot of meritorious service in the past three generations, and has a high status in China. Yang Zhan, the younger brother of the current Patriarch Yang Lie, is also the lord of the state. In addition, the Yang family has many powerful and powerful people with a profound background.”

Damon Wang was afraid of Wayne Lin’s temper, he was not sure of agreeing, and he quickly said, “Randal, his subordinates think that since the Yang family invited it, it would be better to participate.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “What is the theme of the Yang family’s banquet this time? Which big person from the Yang family celebrated his birthday?”

Damon Wang shook his head and said: “It’s not the birthday of a big figure in the Yang family, but the Yang family is going to select a powerful person for their children to be the master of those children, and strive to cultivate innate strengths. Come out.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin became a little interested. He said, “So this time the Yang family meant to invite me to be the master of those children?”

For a large meritorious family like the Yang family, through the ages, they have been developing in official careers. Now suddenly they say that they have to choose a master for several children. It always feels a bit weird.

Damon Wang said: “This subordinate is not very clear, but in my opinion, the Yang family invites you to come over. The main reason is that you want the chairman to give them some advice, right?”

Wayne Lin nodded, but he didn’t take it too seriously. No matter what the Yang family planned, the decision was up to him.

Damon Wang asked cautiously: “Then Chairman, are you going to attend the Yang family banquet?”

“Go, why not?” Wayne Lin felt a little funny when he saw Damon Wang’s perturbed look. He thought that back then, Damon Wang was still a super big man. The Chu family had to rely on Damon Wang, and even Alma Chu would do it for 20 million. , And went to accompany Damon Wang. Fortunately, this kind of thing was stopped by him in time.

Damon Wang didn’t know what Wayne Lin was thinking. When he looked at him like this, he was inexplicably scared and his scalp numb.

Now Wayne Lin’s aura is getting stronger and stronger, and Damon Wang’s trembling often makes Damon Wang tremble with a look in his eyes.

Combining with what Wayne Lin has done this time, Damon Wang’s awe of Wayne Lin has deepened to his bones. To put it bluntly, Wayne Lin asked him to eat shit, and he did not dare not eat it.

The Yang family’s banquet was held tonight, and it was held on a huge cruise ship, extremely high-end and luxurious, even larger than the Titanic in the movie.

This cruise ship is privately owned by the Yang family and is of great value. The most important thing is a status symbol.

Setting the banquet on a cruise ship, Wayne Lin encountered this kind of thing for the first time.

When Wayne Lin and Damon Wang appeared in the port, many people were already there. At first glance, they were all luxury cars and big names in various fields.

Logically speaking, Wayne Lin is now a big man in Province G, but he appeared in the crowd and not many people recognized him. In fact, he is now acting too low-key. At first glance, he is an ordinary person. Unremarkable.

On the contrary, it was Damon Wang next to him, with a bigger aura, and he knew it was the big boss at first glance.

Looking around, all the big shots were followed by a lot of bodyguards, and the show was huge. The two people like Wayne Lin and Damon Wang were alone, but they were different.

At first glance, many people think that Wayne Lin is Damon Wang’s bodyguard.

When boarding the cruise ship, at close range, someone finally recognized Wayne Lin, opened his eyes, and said in surprise: “Randal Lin, you too

It’s here, so lucky to meet! “

This is a boss in the real estate industry. He has seen Wayne Lin twice before and was extremely impressed with Wayne Lin. When he first saw Wayne Lin, he was taken aback for a while, thinking that he had made a mistake and waited for him. After blinking and looking again, he was sure that it was Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Hello, I am lucky enough to meet.”

For Wayne Lin did not call out his name, the real estate boss was not at all angry or embarrassed. With excitement on his face, he shook hands with Wayne Lin with both hands, and lowered his posture, saying, “Randal Lin, it really is. You are great! Randal Lin, I have always wanted to get acquainted with you, because I have never had a chance before.”

Then, he hurriedly took out his business card from his pocket and handed it to Wayne Lin, “Randal, this is my business card.”

Wayne Lin took the other party’s business card, glanced at it, and said with a smile: “It turns out to be President Pan, who has been admired for a long time.”

With a bright smile on his face, President Pan seemed to be able to get closer to Wayne Lin, which was a very exciting thing for him.

Soon, people recognized Wayne Lin one after another, and one after another came over to say hello to Wayne Lin.

It was also at this moment that Wayne Lin became more aware that his reputation is very large in the upper class, and many people are vying to flatter him.

After boarding the cruise ship, Wayne Lin immediately had a different feeling, as if a towering tree had left the earth and its roots were gone.

The cruise ship is very stable on the sea, ordinary people can’t feel the shaking, but for Wayne Lin, it can feel it very clearly!

As the saying goes, strength starts from the ground, the’root’ of the warrior is the earth, and all the strength is used by the power of the earth and then punched out through his own body.

Before that, Wayne Lin had always been connected to the earth, but now, when he left the earth, there was a feeling of’lost’ in an instant.

That feeling is like a baby who has been in the arms of the mother and left the arms of the mother.

This feeling is very mysterious, but you can’t feel it unless you reach Wayne Lin’s realm.

However, Wayne Lin adjusted it in just one breath, no discomfort.

Only at that moment, he felt that his own shortcomings and dependence on the earth, no matter how high his realm, to the fourth stage of the innate realm, the power still comes from the earth, once he leaves the earth, his strength will be A lot of losses.

In an instant, he had a trace of enlightenment that he had never had before. Perhaps, only when he reached the legendary realm of King Kong indestructibility, could he break free from the embrace of the “Mother Earth” and grow from a baby to a child, and he could live alone.

Speaking of a lot, in fact, for Wayne Lin, it was just a matter of two or three breaths. Soon, he was already sober. No one knew that he had experienced such a feeling just now.

In the lobby of the cruise ship, it was very spacious and extraordinarily luxurious. It was more luxurious and upscale than any banquet that Wayne Lin had attended before.

This shows that the strength of the Yang family is really not low, even surpassing the Ouyang family!

And holding such a banquet is actually just to select the master for a few younger generations.

When Wayne Lin appeared here, he immediately felt several powerful auras, he was a master of innate realm!

Among them, what attracted Wayne Lin’s most attention was that at ten o’clock, the tall man, who was nearly two meters tall, had his cultivation level in the third stage of the Innate Realm! The strength can be said to be extremely powerful.

In addition, the other masters of the Innate Realm are also very profound, not to be underestimated.

Chapter 516

The man who is close to two meters is naturally Zhao Xia. He is sitting there like an iron tower, attracting the attention of the audience. There is no way, his body is too burly, plus his strong aura. It’s hard to attract attention!

When Wayne Lin appeared, Zhao Xia’s gaze shot Wayne Lin’s body, frowned slightly, and quickly looked away.

At first he thought that Wayne Lin was also an innate realm powerhouse, so he looked at it differently, but immediately, he realized that he had made a mistake. Wayne Lin’s aura was not large, and the energy contained in his body was not particularly large, at best. Acquired peak master. In the congenital realm, there are all ants. Since they are ants, they will naturally not arouse his attention.

Several other Innate Realm masters also reacted in the same way. Their eyes simply stayed on Wayne Lin for a while, and immediately moved away.

As a master of the Innate Realm, he is no longer in the same form as ordinary people. No matter how easy-going personality is, there is a kind of arrogance deep in his heart, thinking that ordinary people under the Inborn Realm are ants, which is not worth mentioning.

Wayne Lin naturally saw their reactions in his eyes, he smiled slightly, and didn’t care too much. On the scene, his realm is the highest, and because of his cultivation method, as long as he wants to keep a low profile and hide his strength, it is impossible for people who are not higher than his realm to see through.

However, he did not recognize Zhao Xia. He just felt that the Yang family was a big deal this time. He invited so many innate realm masters to come over in one breath. You know, innate realm masters are noble and noble wherever they go. Rare existence.

As long as you reach the Innate Realm, your personality must be arrogant. Generally speaking, you will not let others go. The Yang Family’s ability to invite so many Innate Realm masters to the scene shows that the Yang Family’s face is still great.

Soon, everyone arrived, and the cruise ship began to leave the port, heading into the depths of the sea, and started.

After a while, someone from the Yang family came out and said to everyone: “Good evening, my friends, this is Yang Fan. Thank you so much for showing your face tonight and joining my Yang family’s banquet.”

After the voice fell, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

With a bright smile on Yang Fan’s face, he pressed his hand down, and said, “I believe everyone knows. The main purpose of this banquet tonight is to select suitable congenitals for the younger generations of my Yang family. Those who are strong in the realm are the masters, and I invite everyone to come over today, just to be a witness together.”

Yang Fan’s words are not very straightforward, but everyone knows the meaning of his words. It means that the Yang family wants to choose one of the most powerful among these innate realm masters to be the teacher of several younger generations of the Yang family. Zun, the main reason for inviting so many people over is to increase the seriousness of the apprenticeship this time. It is not a joke.

In fact, this is still the practice of the famous ancient martial artist accepting disciples. After all, accepting disciples is a big event, especially in the congenital realm. It is even more important!

The more famous martial artist, the more cautious and serious, in the event that a child’s play happens and the apprentice is taught, and the apprentice deceives the master and destroys the ancestor, then nothing will be done. If the apprenticeship ceremony is carried out under the witness of many big figures, then the relationship between the master and the apprentice will be very strong, and the apprentice has learned the skill, even if they are at odds with the master and want to betray, they must weigh it carefully!

This invisibly gave the master an insurance and the apprentice a shackle.

Moreover, the Yang family is a big family of first-class, and their children must not be sloppy when they apprehend their teachers. That’s why they contributed to tonight’s banquet.

Wayne Lin knows a thing or two about this kind of rules. If he wants to accept disciples in the future, he will certainly not be sloppy. It must be more grand and grand.

Everyone at the scene began to envy after listening to it. It is a great honor to be able to worship the masters of the innate realm as their teachers! If you can really break through to the innate realm, then you will make a lot of money!

Wayne Lin sat in the crowd, and he watched this scene with interest.

After Yang Fan finished speaking, he patted his palms. Immediately, eight young people from the Yang family walked out from behind the scenes. Each of them was full of energy, full of self-confidence and extravagance, and their bones were very good. It is a good material for martial arts.

The youngest of them was only fifteen or six years old, and some others were in their twenties. There was only one person, relatively old, twenty-five-six years old, and still a woman.

Wayne Lin was stunned when he saw this woman. Isn’t this Yang Guiying? Is she the Yang family?

Suddenly, Wayne Lin patted her forehead. Why didn’t she expect that Yang Guiying is Ouyang Yanran’s best friend, with a distinguished status. The high-class banquet that day was held for her to wash the dust. She was a martial idiot and wanted to worship. He is a teacher, and then the Yang family’s banquet tonight is to choose a master for the younger generation of the Yang family…

Fortunately, Wayne Lin was sitting on the right side, not in the middle, not very conspicuous, Yang Guiying didn’t see him, otherwise Yang Guiying would have to chase him to apprentice, and it would be a little troublesome.

Yang Fan said to Zhao Xia’s congenital realm: “Instructor Zhao, Master Hu, Master Jiang, Master Shen, Master Deng, these eight are the best younger generations of my Yang family. Please choose them.”

These five innate realm masters did not choose immediately, but looked at each other, and finally put their eyes on Zhao Xia together and said, “Instructor Zhao, should you choose first?”

Obviously, these four innate realm masters are a little jealous of Zhao Xia and plan to choose Zhao Xia first.

Zhao Xia smiled and said, “You pick first.”

The remaining four masters of the Innate Realm glanced at each other, and then a middle-aged man wearing a white training suit with a Yin Yang Tai Chi on his back came out first and said with a smile: “Since everyone is not in a hurry, then Let me, Hu Yuan, really start.”

He is a master of the first stage of the Innate Realm. He is not very tall, even a little chubby, but his eyes are very energetic, and his temples are also high and raised. He is a master at a glance.

He walked directly to a twenty-year-old youth and asked with a smile: “Lady, what is your name?”

The young man straightened his waist and said loudly, “My name is Yang Gaoge!”

Hu Yuanzhen laughed and said, “Yang Gaoge, a good name! Yang Gaoge, I ask you, what do you think is the innate state?”

Yang Gaoge was confused for a while, and then he said loudly: “The innate realm is the final yearning of the martial artist, the limit that human beings can reach, and it is a higher level than mortals!”

“Okay!” Hu Yuan was really satisfied with this answer, and then he squeezed Yang Gaoge’s muscles and bones, and found that Yang Gaoge’s bones are very good, and he is very talented in martial arts. He even more secretly nodded and continued to say in a deep voice: ” Yang Gaoge, would you like to worship my teacher?”

Yang Gaoge was overjoyed and nodded vigorously. He was very eye-catching. He immediately knelt down and kowtowed his head vigorously, saying, “Apprentice Yang Gaoge, see Master!”

Hu Yuanzhen was even more excited to see Yang Gaoge so eye-catching.

Next, a formal ceremony of apprenticeship is carried out, three prayers and nine knocks, and an oath that you will never betray you, otherwise it will be a thunderstorm.

Only under such formal procedures and issuing such a poisonous oath can Hu Yuanzhen be willing to teach Yang Gaoge his true ability.

Next, the other three innate realm masters also selected apprentices one after another.

So Zhao Xia was left. He walked directly to Yang Guiying, looked at her with piercing eyes, and said, “Would you like to worship me as a teacher?”

Everyone looked at Yang Guiying, thinking that Yang Guiying would definitely agree.

However, Yang Guiying’s next reaction stunned everyone.

“Not willing.” Yang Guiying shook her head.

Chapter 517

Yang Guiying’s unwillingness to say it bluntly, did not hesitate at all, and did not hesitate because Zhao Xia is a master of the innate realm. Obviously, she had never thought of worshiping Zhao Xia as a teacher from the beginning.

So Zhao Xia’s face suddenly became gloomy. What’s his identity? The instructor of Xuanyuan’s Three Fangs Team, the instructor of the third stage of the Innate Realm, he was looking at the Yang family’s face before he left. When they came, Yang Guiying refused him so swiftly. After everyone froze for a while, Yang Fan on the side saw that Zhao Xia’s face was not good. He immediately panicked and said: “Guiying! You girl, what nonsense? Don’t hurry up to apologize to Instructor Zhao, and then worship and apprehend the teacher three times!”

Several other Innate Realm masters were also very surprised. Yang Guiying actually rejected Zhao Xia. What kind of medicine was sold in this Yang family gourd?

Everyone thinks this way. Yang Guiying is a member of the Yang family, and she is just a little girl. Her every move must be instructed by the Yang family.

Zhao Xia also thought of this. He immediately turned his eyes on Yang Fan, with some questions. He is not a cat or dog, but an instructor of the dignified fangs team, and a master of the innate realm, and his face is greater than the sky. Naturally, it is impossible to be teased in vain, otherwise it spreads out, where is his face going?

Yang Fan felt Zhao Xia’s pressure, and he became even more annoyed with Yang Guiying.

Yang Guiying straightened her back and said: “I just said that I don’t want to worship Instructor Zhao as a teacher. In fact, in my mind, I have already been a teacher.”

“What?!” Yang Fan was immediately surprised, and Zhao Xia’s expression was even more ugly. He directly said to Yang Fan, “Yang Fan, you must give me an account of this!”

Yang Fan hurriedly nodded, some cold sweat appeared on his forehead, and then he calmed his face and scolded Yang Guiying: “Absurd! What is meant by apprenticeship in your heart, Yang Guiying, you are stubborn by nature, and you don’t look at any occasions when you play your temper? The chief instructor of Xuanyuan’s three fangs group has reached the third stage of innate realm in his own cultivation. He is invincible. Today the chief instructor is willing to accept you as a disciple. It is a blessing from your previous life. Others want to worship Instructor Zhao. The teacher has no chance!”

Yang Guiying felt Yang Fan’s anger, and she was not a wayward and lawless person. In this situation, she also knew that if she refused to be a teacher, it would have a great impact on the Yang family.

Besides, Zhao Xia is indeed a super strong, and she is not ashamed to worship Zhao Xia as a teacher, she found the treasure.

However, in her mind, she has preconceived that Wayne Lin is her master, and she wants to worship Wayne Lin as her teacher in her dreams. Although Wayne Lin rejected her last time, she has always been striving towards this goal. , Even once became her dream.

But now, asking her to give up worshiping Wayne Lin as a teacher, she always feels unwilling to do so!

So she gritted her teeth tightly, her face was full of unwillingness and unwillingness, Yang Fan was mad, originally tonight’s banquet went well, not only was able to get close to the five innate realm masters, but also in the future. The five masters of the innate realm have cultivated several talents for the Yang family. If you can come out of the masters of the innate realm, it will be even more profitable.

But now, when Yang Guiying did this, he broke the Yang family’s good abacus invisibly!

In particular, the person who offended is the biggest backing Zhao Xia, which is a shame.

Wayne Lin, who was sitting in the crowd, saw this scene, he suddenly had a bad feeling, Yang Guiying, a crazy girl, wouldn’t he think he was going to worship him as a teacher?

At this moment, a middle-aged man with a big aura, extremely rough eyebrows, and a majestic person, exuding a powerful aura, came out of Yang Guiying and said to Yang Guiying: “Guiying, you are naughty again! So big! How will you marry someone in the future if you have not changed your stubborn character?”

Yang Guiying saw this middle-aged man, her face immediately showed awe.

His neck shrunk at least, obviously afraid of the other party, and weakly shouted, “Dad.”

This person is Yang Guiying’s father and Yang Lie, the owner of the Yang family.

When everyone present saw Yang Lie coming out, they all greeted Yang Lie and were in awe of him. Even when Zhao Xia saw Yang Lie, his expression was relaxed a lot, not as ugly as before, and they pointed towards Yang Lie. He nodded and said hello.

Yang Lie, as the head of the Yang family, has an extraordinary status, far beyond what Yang Fan can compare.

When Wayne Lin saw Yang Lie, he couldn’t help but nod secretly. Yang Lie has a kingly breath. He is not invaded by gods and ghosts. He is rich and wealthy throughout his life. He is in power. Fortune is particularly prosperous. .

Unexpectedly, Yang Guiying was actually Yang Lie’s daughter, showing his honorable status.

After Yang Lie came out, he gave Yang Guiying a harsh look, then showed an apologetic smile, and apologized to Zhao Xia: “Instructor Zhao, I’m sorry, the little woman is stubborn. I just made a joke and asked Instructor Zhao not to fight Little girl’s general knowledge.”

Since Yang Lie has said so, then Zhao Xia still wants to save face, but he must also give himself a step, “How can I care about Ling Qianjin, but I am more curious, let Ling Qianjin respect. Expert, who is it? I wonder if this person is present?”

When Zhao Xia said this, his eyes were still drawn across the audience, with a smile but a smile. Anyone who was stared at by him couldn’t help but feel scared, lowered his head and dared not look at him.

Yang Lie couldn’t tell. Zhao Xia was going to step down. After all, he was a well-known master. He was rejected by Yang Guiying in front of so many people, even if Yang Guiying succeeded in apprenticeship. There will still be people who criticize him, thinking that he is not as good as the expert Yang Guiying thinks, which is not good for him.

But if Yang Guiying now tells who the expert is and is still on the scene, Zhao Xia can fight the expert, then all these worries will be gone. Even invisible, it will increase his reputation.

So Yang Lie immediately said to Yang Guiying: “Tell Instructor Zhao, who is this expert in your mind.”

Yang Guiying also understands this. She was already desperate, and she raised some hopes. If instructor Zhao and the idol were allowed to fight and instructor Zhao lost, then she would not have to apprentice a teacher, and she could also worship the idol naturally. Under the sect, this is killing two birds with one stone!

“It’s true that the expert in my mind is Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Media. He is the number one expert in G province and the rumored boyfriend of my good girlfriend Ouyang Yanran.” Yang Guiying said loudly. At the same time, her gaze was still shooting in the crowd, expecting to find Wayne Lin’s figure.

And Wayne Lin in the crowd, upon hearing her words, he suddenly snorted in his heart and screamed no good!

Sure enough, his guess just now was not wrong, Yang Guiying really identified him.

Damon Wang who was on the side was immediately stunned. He immediately looked at Wayne Lin, saw the bitter smile on Wayne Lin’s face, his expression was weird, and then looked at Yang Guiying… something in his heart could not help but become excited.

Yang Guiying is Yang Lie’s biological daughter. If Wayne Lin becomes Yang Guiying’s master, his influence will be even stronger!

When everyone present heard the name Wayne Lin, their expressions became wonderful.

Yes, the name Wayne Lin is no longer an unfamiliar name in the upper class. In fact, they are all familiar with it. In fact, Wayne Lin has done too many important things during this period of time. It is difficult to remember.

“Wayne Lin?” Both Yang Lie and Zhao Xia were taken aback at the same time, and then they both remembered who Wayne Lin was…

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