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Chapter 51

Della Qin was very depressed recently. She finally entered Ziqiong Film and Television Company, but on the first day she had the opportunity to see Wayne Lin. At other times, she had no chance to see Wayne Lin, let alone seduce Wayne Lin.

Since knowing the identity of Wayne Lin, she has looked down upon other men, just like the rich second generation who is haunting her now, the son of a small company in Hwadrid, and the family also has tens of millions of assets, but Compared with Wayne Lin, it was still far behind. In the past, if she met this rich second generation, she would develop it, but now, she has no interest at all.

Not to mention that this son’s property is incomparable with Wayne Lin. The tens of millions of property belong to his father. He can’t help but have the final say. Wayne Lin is different. He has billions of dollars to acquire Ziqiong Film and Television Company. It’s not a concept at all to control the money by itself.

She didn’t want to come to the bar to drink tonight, but she was fooled by a friend. As soon as she came over, she was entangled by the rich second generation surnamed Pan, and was very annoying.

She chatted with each other without a word, her face was perfunctory, and she wanted to leave several times.

The other person’s gaze made her annoying, and she stared at her chest and thighs squintly, as if she was about to see through her clothes, she was disgusting.

At this moment, her bored eyes suddenly lit up, she straightened her back, and looked in one direction incredulously. She wondered if she had seen it wrong, and quickly rubbed her eyes, then opened her eyes and found She didn’t read it wrong, and then she trot to her opponent excitedly.

“Miss Qin, you look so good-looking, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…” Pan Hai looked at Della Qin with a look that he thought was affectionate. He talked love and planned to conquer Della Qin, but he didn’t finish his words. , Saw Della Qin rushing out with excitement, he was stunned on the spot.

Hurrying to look over Della Qin’s back, Della Qin walked quickly to a man, smiling like a peach blossom, showing a shy and sweet expression, and the whole person came back alive and radiant.

Seeing this scene, Pan Hai’s expression immediately turned gloomy, and he was dissatisfied with a slightly blessed woman next to him: “Xu Lu, didn’t you say that Della Qin is single and has no boyfriend?”

Xu Lu said, “Della Qin is indeed single. If you don’t believe me, ask… hey, what about Della Qin?”

Pan Hai pointed to Della Qin not far away, and said with a gloomy face: “Look for yourself, her boyfriend has come to the door, grass! Xu Lu, let me tell you, if I can’t sleep Della Qin tonight, today Don’t want me to pay for the late consumption! And the fifty thousand yuan you owe me, return it to me immediately!”

Xu Lu hurriedly looked over and saw the man’s face. She frowned and said confidently: “This man is definitely not Della Qin’s boyfriend! I live with Della Qin. She is 100% single now. But from the look of this man, he doesn’t look like a rich man. How could Della Qin be so close to him?”

Suddenly Xu Lu clapped her hands violently, “I see, this man must be a relative of Della Qin. Della Qin worships money more than me, and she doesn’t like the poor.”

When Pan Hai heard Xu Lu say this, his face looked better, and his eyes continued to stare at Della Qin, revealing bursts of green light.

Della Qin’s figure is so good, from the first sight of Della Qin, he has been on Della Qin’s idea, set a goal, and must take Della Qin down tonight!

Xu Lu is a small employee under his company. He owes him tens of thousands of yuan and repays it through physical means. However, Pan Hai is tired of her. After some of the money is waived, he will not touch her again. Xu Lu is just a small employee. Where did she get his money? At this moment, she had an idea and showed Della Qin’s picture to Pan Hai.

, It was agreed that if she can give Della Qin to Pan Hai, the previous debt will be cancelled.

Pan Hai saw that Della Qin was so beautiful and his figure so hot, so he agreed without hesitation for long.

He found out Della Qin’s character from Xu Lu. She is a typical gold worshiper. As long as she is generous, it is not difficult to win Della Qin, so he keeps showing off how rich he is in front of Della Qin and how many suites are there. What luxury car I bought some time ago.

It’s a pity that he didn’t know that Della Qin’s appetite had grown, and he was not interested in his superficial display of wealth. On the contrary, he felt naive, which was far from the capital crocodile like Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin came out of Jeff Han’s box and was about to go home. Suddenly, a beautiful face appeared in front of him, and he was taken aback.

“Wayne, it’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect you to be here too. Is this the fate of the legend? Hehe!”

“Della Qin, is it you?”

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you surprised or surprised?” Della Qin’s face was filled with a bright smile, her hands crossed in front of her abdomen, and she looked excited and shy.

Wayne Lin really did not expect to meet Della Qin here, frowned slightly, and said faintly, “I am going home.”

“Okay, I’m going home too. The air here is muddy and the environment is noisy. Actually, I don’t like going to the bar very much. Tonight is because of my friend Xu Lu who insists on pulling me over.” Della Qin Explained quickly, quickly set aside the relationship and acted like a good girl.

How could Wayne Lin not know her thoughts, too lazy to reveal it.

At this moment, a man suddenly came from the side and blocked the two of them. It wasn’t anyone, it was Pan Hai.

He never looked away from Della Qin, now he saw that Della Qin was going to leave with Wayne Lin, how could he sit still, so he ran over and stopped them.

“Miss Qin, didn’t you say that you should have a drink together? Where are you going?” Pan Hai said with a smile, and at the same time he looked at Wayne Lin frantically. He saw that Wayne Lin was wearing plain clothes and his shoes were very cheap. He breathed a sigh of relief and was 100% sure that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person.

Della Qin frowned slightly when he saw Wayne Lin, and quickly explained to him, “Wayne, don’t get me wrong, he and I only met tonight, not even friends.”

Then she immediately said to Pan Hai: “Pan Hai, please don’t pester me in the future. I already have someone I like. It’s impossible for me and you!”

After saying this, her gaze was soft, flashes of affection and shyness flashed across Wayne Lin’s face.

Pan Hai’s face turned black into charcoal, and he pointed at Wayne Lin and cursed: “Grass! Where the hell are you, the little brawler, dare to grab a woman with Lao Tzu? You are looking for death!”

As his voice fell, he left and surrounded several men from the side, surrounding Wayne Lin and Della Qin.

Seeing this, his brow furrowed deeper.

“I am not Della Qin’s boyfriend, you found the wrong person.” Wayne Lin said.

Pan Hai laughed loudly, “Why, I haven’t taken any action yet, you started to persuade you? Just like you rubbish, you dare to grab a woman with Pan Hai? Now, you go under my crotch and I fall. May consider letting you go.”

As he said, he stepped on the chair next to him with one foot, pointed to his hip, and said arrogantly.

Chapter 52

The people around also laughed and looked at Wayne Lin gleefully.

Pan Hai was originally a dude, relied on being an only child, and his parents spoiled him. Since childhood, he didn’t know how many things he had caused, and he developed an arrogant and domineering character, which was ignored by anyone.

Now he is an adult and he is not doing his job properly. He often hangs around in places like bars and clubs. He has raised a few thugs. Whoever dares to provoke him will have only one end, and that is beatings.

Now he is staring at Della Qin. He originally planned to take Della Qin down tonight, but suddenly a man came out and cut him off. How could he stand it? He didn’t care about the situation. , Let’s beat the opponent first.

He hasn’t done this kind of thing in recent years.

Della Qin suddenly became nervous, and hurriedly took Wayne Lin’s arm, and cursed at Pan Hai: “Hey! What do you want to do? Pan Hai, I tell you, don’t mess around! It is illegal to hit someone.”

She took the opportunity to hold Wayne Lin’s arm. Seeing Wayne Lin didn’t push her away, she was overjoyed, and deliberately used her physical advantage to rub Wayne Lin and seduce Wayne Lin.

“Following the law?” Pan Hai smiled disdainfully, “What if I hit someone? Do you see who dares to testify that I hit someone?”

As his voice fell, there were waves of harmony around him. Obviously, Pan Hai was already a frequent visitor to this bar. Many people knew him and supported him.

Della Qin’s face changed slightly. She saw Xu Lu and hurriedly shouted: “Hey! Xu Lu, let him stop.”

Xu Lu blinked, pretending not to see Della Qin, and flashed into the crowd.

Della Qin yelled a few times, but Xu Lu didn’t respond to her. She didn’t know where she was, she was sold by Xu Lu.

Then Pan Hai’s words made her heart cold, “You don’t need to call Xu Lu, she called you to accompany Lao Tzu tonight, she owes Lao Tzu tens of thousands of dollars.”

“What?!” Della Qin immediately exclaimed, “Xu Lu, how dare you betray me? I still treat you as a sister at a loss!”

Xu Lu saw that Pan Hai had already confessed her, and she was too lazy to hide, and stood up and said: “Della Qin, don’t pretend to be pure, you are the person who worships gold the most. Whenever she sees a rich man, she rushes forward Pan Shao is a super rich second-generation, with a family worth of tens of millions. I introduce him to you. You should be grateful to me.”

Della Qin opened her eyes wide, panicking and angry, “Xu Lu, fart your mother’s fart! If you don’t slander me, I won’t worship money.”

Then she immediately explained to Wayne Lin: “Wayne, don’t listen to her nonsense, I don’t worship money at all, I am sincere to you.”

Wayne Lin showed impatience on his face and said, “Have you both noisy enough? Get out of here!”

Hearing his words, there was a brief silence in the audience. Everyone looked at Wayne Lin in shock, thinking that he must be mad, and his death is coming, how dare he swear?

Pan Hai immediately twitched the corners of his mouth. He clenched his fists and smiled in anger, “Okay! Crazed enough! How dare you scold me for getting out? I’ve never been scolded like this when I grew up like this. You are the first , Good, you are good!”

Everyone could tell that Pan Hai was really angry.

Della Qin also had a numb scalp. Now she can’t help but feel complaining about Wayne Lin. You are the chairman of Shiqiong, you are rich and good, but now you are in the tremor bar, surrounded by so many people, all drunk. Little bastards, people won’t care who you are, and on impulse, they just rush to f*ck you.

She regrets a bit now, she is still too anxious, she knew

You shouldn’t offend Pan Hai, these are good, because Wayne Lin’s arrogance, she will also suffer.

“Grass, go to Lao Tzu, kill this b*tch!” Pan Hai gave an order, and several men around, staring at him, began to rush towards Wayne Lin to take Wayne Lin down in one fell swoop.

Faced with this situation, Wayne Lin raised the corners of his mouth slightly, showing some disdain and a touch of excitement. Speaking of which, he hadn’t been active for a long time, and he was really nostalgic.

As for Della Qin, she was already frightened, her face was pale, she quickly let go of Wayne Lin, and began to scream.

When it was said that it was too late, the little gangsters had already rushed around Wayne Lin, showing hideous minions, punching and kicking covering Wayne Lin.

At this moment, Wayne Lin moved. His movements were very fast. In the neon-flashing bar, no one could see his movements. Only a few pops were heard. The menacing punks just now , They all flew out, lying on the ground rolling and screaming, unable to stand up.

From the beginning to the end, it took Wayne Lin less than five seconds. For everyone, it was just a blink of an eye. They were all confused.

Including Della Qin, she opened her mouth wide and still kept a panic expression on her face, and her eyes could see Wayne Lin standing there, and those little gangsters all flew out.

For a moment, her brain went blank and was deeply shocked.

Next, Wayne Lin walked towards Pan Hai, grabbed him by the collar, and pressed him on the table.

Pan Hai was frightened by Wayne Lin’s ferocious performance. The wine red on his face faded and turned pale, his body shivered, and he kept swallowing saliva, “Hey, I tell you, don’t mess around, I’m Tianlong. The young master of the group, my father is Pan Hongguo, if you beat me…”

Before he could finish his words, Wayne Lin’s slap fell, slapped his face with a slap in the face, the voice was so loud, he was stunned, “Wow, did I let you talk?”

Pan Hai slapped, and immediately flattened his mouth, his eyes reddened. He had never been beaten like this when he grew up, and tears fell immediately.

Wayne Lin was a bit speechless. He just slapped him. Before he came cruelly, the other party was already crying? Is this mentality too fragile?

Della Qin on the side looked at it, with red hearts in her eyes, and her heart throbbed.

Wayne Lin looks too domineering now, where is there a half-sophisticated son-in-law?

Della Qin felt that she was shot by Cupid, and really fell in love with Wayne Lin.

Seeing Pan Hai really crying, Wayne Lin suddenly felt that it was meaningless, and he didn’t bother to be familiar with him, let go of him, swept the audience, and said sharply, “Who is still not convinced? You can go together, and I will continue.”

All the people who were staring at him couldn’t help but trembled, and hurriedly lowered their heads, not dare to look at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled openly, disapproving.

As the best person in the Lin family, he has shown extraordinary talent since he was a child, and he is superior in business and learning ability. He started practicing martial arts at a very young age, and now, his strength is comparable to that of a master, but he just doesn’t bother to show it.

Now that these people dare to hit his idea, it is simply the birthday star hangs himself, living impatiently.

He put his hands in his pockets and walked towards the door, and everyone who stood in front of him was too afraid to get out of the way and gave him a way.

Della Qin flushed, she was so excited that she hurried to catch up with Wayne Lin.

Chapter 53

“Wayne Wayne, slow down, I can’t catch up with you…”

Della Qin couldn’t run fast in high heels, panting behind, and seeing that Wayne Lin didn’t mean to wait for her, she yelled out quickly.

Wayne Lin still didn’t stop, Della Qin had to speed up, and when she met Wayne Lin tonight, she had to seize the opportunity anyway. But she was wearing high heels and couldn’t perform well. No, she broke the heel just two steps after she ran. Ouch, she exclaimed and fell to the ground.

Hearing the sound, Wayne Lin stopped and looked back. He saw Della Qin fell to the ground, her knees bruised, tears in her eyes, and she was looking at him pitifully.

Wayne Lin sighed lightly, walked back again, and squatted down in front of her, “What are you doing so fast?”

Della Qin saw that Wayne Lin was willing to come and care about her, and she was delighted in her heart, pretending to be more pitiful, tears falling down, “I didn’t want to catch up with you, who made you run so fast in front.”

Her voice is wronged, Ewha brings rain, and her beautiful face makes a man feel pity and pity when she sees it. She can’t bear to hurt her and wants to protect her from the bottom of my heart.

Wayne Lin was a man. He also had such intolerance in an instant, but he quickly returned to normal. After checking her injuries, he found that there was no major problem. He said angrily, “What are you doing after me? Sick.”

Della Qin said, “You saved me just now. I can’t thank you for it? My mother told me since I was a child that I want to know the good news. Starting today, you will be my savior.”

Seeing Wayne Lin approaching her, Della Qin’s heartbeat speeded up and she became nervous. She had never experienced this kind of feeling before. Tonight, Wayne Lin showed too much charm and completely overturned her previous impression of Wayne Lin.

“Putting away your set is of no use to me.” Wayne Lin was indifferent to Della Qin’s seduction, and said with a cold face: “Della Qin, don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking. Put away your point. Be careful, I think you are Alma Chu’s good friend, I don’t care about you, otherwise, I would have kicked you out of Zi Qiong.”

Della Qin gritted her teeth and faced Wayne Lin’s indifference. She was very unwilling. She was clearly no worse than Alma Chu. Why could Alma Chu marry a golden turtle son-in-law, but she was alone.

“Wayne, you misunderstood me, I am sincere to you. I admit that I did treat you a bit badly before, but that was all because Alma Chu treated you like this. As her friend, I still don’t know you. Well, you can’t go against her, right?” Della Qin blinked, looking pitifully.

Wayne Lin really made sense when he heard this. Alma Chu had a very bad attitude towards him before, and none of Alma Chu’s friends had a good face to him.

Della Qin observed Wayne Lin’s expression and said cautiously: “Wayne, can you take me home? I can’t go now, I’m a little scared…”

Wayne Lin frowned immediately and refused without thinking, “No.”

“Ah?” Della Qin’s face turned bitter, and she shook Wayne Lin’s sleeves, and said coquettishly and pleadingly: “Wayne, please, I can’t even stand up now, don’t you just look at me? Are you being bullied by bad men? There are so many punks here, I’m afraid…”

She spoke delicately, causing Wayne Lin to shudder. This Della Qin is too good at showing off, Wayne Lin can’t handle this kind of junior brother.

Wayne Lin looked up. There were indeed many people around who were looking at Della Qin’s idea. If he left, Della Qin might really be in trouble.

“You call your family and ask them to come and pick you up. I can wait for your family to come before leaving.” Wayne Lin said in a deep voice.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s looseness, Della Qin couldn’t bear to watch her being bullied by a man. She was overjoyed. There was a great opportunity to persuade Liu Wayne to send her home! On the surface, she was full of disappointment and said pitifully: “My family has already gone abroad, and they can’t protect themselves now, so how can I take care of me?”

Wayne Lin fell silent, because Della Qin lowered his head, he did not see the sly in Della Qin’s eyes, “What about your friends? You can ask your friends to come and pick you up.”

“My friend?” Della Qin laughed at herself. “Since my family was in trouble, where can I still have friends.”

Suddenly she thought of something and said, “The only friend who is really willing to come to pick me up is Alma Chu, but it is not safe for her to come here alone now that night…”

This really stumped Wayne Lin.

After thinking for a while, Wayne Lin glared at her and said, “Let’s take it as an example!”

Della Qin immediately cheered, and the chicken nodded vigorously like a peck of rice: “It must be!”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes angrily, then helped Della Qin up and said, “Can you walk by yourself?”

Della Qin tried to walk two steps, her face was painful, her crippled feet couldn’t help, tears in her eyes, and she said, “Can’t walk.”

Looking at her like this, Wayne Lin couldn’t walk for a while, and said, “I will send you to the hospital. You can go back by yourself if you are cured tomorrow.”

Della Qin is not willing to go to the hospital. She finally caught this opportunity to let Wayne Lin send her home. If she plays better, she hopes to take Wayne Lin down, “I don’t have to go to the hospital, go home. , Apply ice and it will be better tomorrow.”

“That’s okay.” Wayne Lin took a look, and there was indeed no need for her to go to the hospital with this injury.

Fortunately, it was a bar street. There were a lot of taxis parked on the side of the road, and one could be hired at random. Wayne Lin helped Della Qin into the car and walked for 20 minutes to get to Della Qin downstairs.

Under the envious and ambiguous eyes of the driver, Wayne Lin helped Della Qin out of the car, “Can you walk now?”

“No.” Della Qin’s eyes flickered.

Wayne Lin sighed and had to continue to help her move forward, but after two steps, Della Qin was panting, his face was sweaty, and his expression was full of pain, “I can’t do it.”

“What’s wrong?” Wayne Lin asked.

Della Qin said: “It’s too painful, I can’t walk anymore. You didn’t even concentrate on helping me, making it as if I was a plague god, so painful, I really can’t walk.”

Wayne Lin was a little embarrassed. He really didn’t use his strength to help Della Qin. After all, if men and women are not married, he can’t hug Della Qin, right?

Wayne Lin coughed twice to cover up his embarrassment, and said, “Why don’t you put my shoulders on my shoulders and hop on one foot? You will be home anyway.”

Della Qin opened her eyes wide and looked at him in shock. She didn’t seem to expect that Wayne Lin would say such cold-blooded words, and said grievously: “I’ve been hurt like this, you still… forget it, you go back. I’ll just go back by myself!”

She looked angry.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded without hesitation.

“Hey hey!” Della Qin stopped him immediately and said flatly, “Are you really the heart to leave?”

Wayne Lin pretended not to hear, and continued to move forward. Della Qin felt very aggrieved, and her nose was sour that she actually cried.

Chapter 54

Wayne Lin heard the sound and turned around to see her sitting on the ground, buried her face in his knees, her shoulders twitched, as if crying, he walked back and said, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Della Qin didn’t speak, and cried even louder. Hey, an old couple just passing by saw that Wayne Lin was embarrassed to point him at him, kicked Della Qin in the foot, and said: ” Alright, okay, stop crying, I’ll take you home, all right.”

“Let’s go, let me die here alone.” Della Qin said in anger.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes, feeling helpless, “Okay, then you can stay here for one night.”

Della Qin sobbed and said, “I told Alma Chu, you bullied me.”

Wayne Lin twitched, “How did I bully you?”

“I don’t care, you are bullying me anyway!” Della Qin cried.

Wayne Lin wanted to leave several times. No matter Della Qin got it, he still didn’t dare. If Della Qin, the crazy lady, really went to Alma Chu to file a complaint, then he would be finished.

“Then what do you want?” Wayne Lin’s tone was compromised.

Della Qin said: “I want you to carry me up.”

Wayne Lin frowned immediately, and said in a low tone, “Della Qin, don’t go too far!”

“Why am I going too far? I really can’t walk anymore, my feet are swollen!” Della Qin said aggrieved.

Wayne Lin looked down and saw that Della Qin’s feet were indeed a little swollen. He had walked all the way just now. In order to avoid suspicion, he did not help Della Qin hard. Speaking of which, he also had part of his responsibility.

He thought for a while and said, “I can carry you up, but you can’t use Alma Chu to threaten me in the future, let alone tell Alma Chu my identity.”

Della Qin immediately raised her head and nodded vigorously, “Hmm, I promise you!”

She was so happy, she didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would really want to carry her back. As for the request Wayne Lin said, she had never thought of telling Alma Chu of Wayne Lin’s true identity, she was not that stupid.

Wayne Lin squatted down in front of her and said, “Come on.”

Della Qin was so happy, she quickly stood up and picked Wayne Lin on top.

She has absolute confidence in her figure, and Wayne Lin will definitely be moved next!

Sure enough, Wayne Lin blushed a bit when Della Qin lay on his back.

Della Qin observed this, she deliberately spoke in Wayne Lin’s ear, causing Wayne Lin to be upset, and quickly told her to shut up.

Finally successfully sent Della Qin home, Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief. He found that he was a little useless. Sending a woman home was actually much more tired than he had just had a fight in the bar.

The key is that this woman Della Qin is too sultry. Walking up this road, Wayne Lin seems to be in a war, almost unable to control himself several times.

Fortunately, his willpower is firm enough.

After putting down Della Qin, he didn’t give Della Qin a chance to keep him, and just ran away, letting Della Qin tell him not to look back.

Della Qin called him several times without stopping him, and angrily picked up the pillow and thumped it, very regretful. She had known that she shouldn’t have gotten off Wayne Lin’s back just now.

After a while, she thought of something, and the corners of her mouth began to slowly rise again, a sly smile evoked, “Wayne Lin, what if you run this time? Can a monk run a temple? I already know you Weakness, next time, one hit will kill! Hehehe…”

Wayne Lin came down from Della Qin’s house and found that he had come out, and found that he was sweating. The pressure Della Qin put on him just now was too great.

At this time, his mobile phone rang, and when he took it out, he found that Alma Chu had actually called him. She suspected that she had made a mistake. Alma Chu rarely called him.

After answering the call, Alma Chu’s nice voice came through the phone: “Where are you, haven’t you come back?”

Wayne Lin looked around and didn’t recognize where it was, so he said, “I’m doing business outside, and I will go back soon.”

“I bought a bottle of shampoo. I don’t have any more at home.” Alma Chu finished speaking and hung up the phone.

After a while, Wayne Lin’s WeChat received a red envelope from Alma Chu, accompanied by the name of the shampoo brand and the purchase address.

Wayne Lin didn’t order the red envelopes. What he has now is money. Not to mention a bottle of shampoo, it is a matter of minutes for the company that produces shampoo.

After buying the shampoo and going back, Alma Chu said, “Why don’t you accept my red envelope?”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I’m not at work now, I have money.”

Alma Chu nodded, and walked over to take the shampoo in Wayne Lin’s hand, but immediately, she smelled Wayne Lin’s body, there was a woman’s fragrance, she immediately frowned, her face became gloomy, and said, “Where are you going? Talking about business?”

Wayne Lin hadn’t reacted yet, he said, “I will take the owner to see the house, which is the property nearby.”

Alma Chu said with a smile, “Is the client a man or a woman?”

Wayne Lin said: “Of course it’s a man, wife, don’t worry, I don’t come into contact with female clients.”

However, Alma Chu’s face suddenly became cold, and she stared at Wayne Lin in disgust, “Wayne Lin, next time you go fooling around, can you clean up your smelt first! Don’t let this disgusting smelt, Bring it into my house!”

Wayne Lin was stunned and said, “Wife, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?”

Alma Chu’s expression became even colder, her eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of disgust and contempt, “Pretend it to me? Then you tell me how you smell like a woman?”

Wayne Lin yelled a terrible cry, and he took Della Qin’s feelings all night, and got her taste!

“My wife, listen to my explanation, things are not what you think…” Wayne Lin said hurriedly.

Alma Chu folded her arms, “Okay, you can explain to me, what’s the matter?”

Wayne Lin hesitated and couldn’t say anything neatly.

“Why, I can’t tell?” Alma Chu said with a sneer on her face, “Wayne Lin, I know you are not a good person. If you have a little money, you can go out and spend a lot of money. Della Qin is right. Men don’t have a good thing. Even you are no exception!”

Having said this, Alma Chu couldn’t help but flashed a cold figure in her mind. Chairman Zi Qiong added in her heart, except for him.

Wayne Lin was mute eating Coptis chinensis, and he was unclear. He wanted to explain that the scent on his body belonged to Della Qin, and his relationship with Della Qin was very innocent.

But he knew that once he said this, the consequences would only be worse!

He is not a person who is good at lying. After thinking about it for a long time, he can’t think of a perfect excuse.

“Wife, please believe me, I really didn’t do anything to be sorry for you!” Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu deeply, trying to move Alma Chu with his sincerity.

It’s a pity that he failed. Alma Chu didn’t even want to see him anymore. She snorted impatiently and said, “Okay, put away your hypocritical set. I don’t care what you did outside. I I just want to tell you that this is my home, please do those things in the future, don’t go back to my home, so as not to soil my home!”

Wayne Lin was anxious, “My wife, I believe that you and Chairman Zi Qiong are innocent. Why don’t you believe me?”

When he said this, Wayne Lin regretted it a little. Sure enough, Alma Chu’s expression darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Wife, I didn’t mean that…”

Alma Chu stared at him fiercely: “Wayne Lin, this is what you did to retaliate against me, right? I feel that I have been defiled, so you have to fool around outside to avenge me?”

Wayne Lin became even more anxious, and quickly explained: “My wife, you misunderstood, I really didn’t mean that!”

“Enough!” Alma Chu took a deep breath, expressionless, with no emotion in her eyes, “I know you won’t believe me, all of you don’t believe me, I don’t care, don’t care. Tonight is The first time, I don’t care about you. Next time, you’re fooling around outside. If you don’t clean up the smell on your body, don’t come back! I will not interfere with your private life, but please respect me!”

After saying this, Alma Chu turned around and left. Before entering the room, she added, “You continue to sleep in the living room tonight. I don’t want to smell that disgusting smell.”

Chapter 55

Wayne Lin opened his mouth, trying to keep Alma Chu, but he couldn’t yell out, slapped himself a big slap in the face, and slapped himself as a idiot. He was too careless and didn’t know how to deal with the smell before he came back. Wayne Lin, you Where’s your brain?

Wayne Lin was very upset, but there was nothing he could do. Now Alma Chu was obviously angry. It would be useless if he went in to explain. On the contrary, it would be counterproductive. It seems that the only way to explain to Alma Chu is when Alma Chu’s anger is gone tomorrow. Up.

But from another angle, it’s not a bad thing, at least it means that Alma Chu still cares about him, doesn’t it?

After taking a shower, Wayne Lin continued to be the director of the department. The first two nights had difficulty returning to the room to sleep. In the end, he was kicked out again in less than a day. What a failure.

Wayne Lin had insomnia again tonight. He didn’t fall asleep until three o’clock in the middle of the night. On the second day, Zhengxiang was asleep. He was slapped in the face and suddenly woke up, and then he heard the voice of his mother-in-law. “Wayne Lin, you are going to die. It’s three poles in the day. You are still sleeping here. The pigs are not as lazy as you. Get up quickly!”

Hearing this sound, Wayne Lin gave a shock all over his body, hurriedly sat up, rubbed his eyes, and saw that besides his mother-in-law, there were two other people in the room looking at him with contempt and mockery.

He recognized it immediately. These are relatives of the mother-in-law Candice Liu’s family. Why did he come here today as a guest?

Look at the time, it’s only eight o’clock now.

“Su Hong, why did your son-in-law ran to the living room to sleep? Shouldn’t he sleep with Alma?” a middle-aged woman asked.

Candice Liu said: “Fart son-in-law, he is just a son-in-law, who has no status in our house, why would Alma sleep with him?”

A middle-aged man smiled and said, “You hired this son-in-law to come back. You are a minion. You can help you with housework? You have a good idea.”

Candice Liu was not ashamed but proud, and nodded: “Of course, he usually takes care of our housework, and he is better than a nanny. It is enough to give him three meals a day.”

Before the change, Candice Liu would not taunt Wayne Lin like this in front of his mother’s family, let alone Wayne Lin at the family dinner the night before, helping them to raise their eyebrows and take back the deprived shares. But later she learned that the reason why Jeff Han gave Wayne Lin’s face was entirely for the sake of the Lin family. Now that this favor has been used, Jeff Han will not talk to Wayne Lin anymore. In other words, Wayne Lin still That wasteful son-in-law, nothing has changed.

And when she woke up this morning, she saw Alma Chu with dark circles under her eyes and not sleeping well. After inquiring, she found out that Wayne Lin’s trash last night actually went out to spend a lot of time, and she came back with a commotion! She was on fire right now. In her opinion, being able to give Wayne Lin a bite of food is a gift to Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin should be devoted to the Chu family as a dog.

It’s unforgivable that this dog actually ran out to spend a lot of time.

If there were no outsiders, she would even want to beat Wayne Lin to relieve her anger.

When several guests heard Candice Liu’s words, they all laughed, full of joyful atmosphere.

“Su Hong, I think Alma is still young, so beautiful, and in good conditions. I can’t live with a son-in-law for a lifetime, right? There are just a few guys in my unit, single, with good looks and family background. I can introduce Alma to meet him.” Candice Liu’s brother Liu Wenshan said with a smile.

“Yeah Candice, Alma is in such good conditions, and it’s a waste to follow a wasteful son-in-law.

what. “Liu Wenshan’s wife Han Xiujuan also followed.

Candice Liu looked embarrassed and sighed, “Why don’t I know the truth? But the Chu family refused. Alma, a girl with a good business mind since she was a child, worked in the Chu family company before she graduated from university. , Created a lot of value for the company. Alma hired her son-in-law because the Chu family raised her as a son and did not allow her to marry.”

Indeed, Alma Chu originally recruited Wayne Lin as the door-to-door son-in-law, mainly for this reason. She was a talent in business. At that time, there was no one in the Chu family, and Sean Chu was a typical dude. When Dong was angry, she asked Alma Chu to recruit her son-in-law to train as a grandson.

Otherwise, with Alma Chu’s appearance, it would be impossible to marry Wayne Lin.

It’s just that after Alma Chu recruited her son-in-law, she originally thought she could really be qualified to inherit the Chu family, but later discovered that this was just Thompson Chu’s method of invigorating Sean Chu. Alma Chu was very sad at that time.

In fact, there are many examples of this kind in society. The daughters of many large consortia get married by recruiting son-in-law. Otherwise, marrying out is like throwing out water, and they will suffer too much if they cannot be separated from the family property.

Candice Liu saw Wayne Lin eavesdropping, and immediately stared at him and cursed: “What are you doing while standing stupid? Don’t hurry up and come back to pour tea and pour water after washing!”

“Oh oh.” Wayne Lin nodded quickly, went to wash up, and came back to pour tea and water for the guests.

When Han Xiujuan saw Candice Liu instruct Wayne Lin, she said with envy, as if she had ordered a minion, “Su Hong, your son-in-law is listening to you. Do whatever you ask him to do. It’s so obedient.”

“Of course, don’t look at who gave him the food.” Candice Liu said triumphantly.

At this time, Alma Chu’s door was opened, and Alma Chu came out from the inside. She actually woke up a long time ago, putting on makeup in the room. When she heard Candice Liu talk more and more, she couldn’t listen. She walked out dissatisfied with Candice Liu Said: “Mom, can you say a few words less, Wayne Lin is a human, not a dog.”

Candice Liu said: “Am I wrong? I was the one who gave him food, otherwise he can survive?”

Then she said to Wayne Lin, who was washing in the bathroom, “Move faster, I’m all waiting for you to make tea!”

Wayne Lin had to speed up and walked out hemp to make tea for everyone.

After chatting for a few words, the doorbell rang, and Han Xiujuan immediately lit up, and said in surprise, “It must be Junsheng who is here. Wayne Lin, please open the door for Junsheng.”

Wayne Lin nodded and opened the door. He saw a handsome figure, neatly combed hair, dressed in a suit, and a man who looked like a real estate agent standing at the door. Seeing Wayne Lin, he didn’t say hello and walked in. , And pushed Wayne Lin away, without any politeness.

Candice Liu saw this man, and she said: “Junsheng, you are here, I just heard your parents say that you have recently made a fortune?”

Liu Junsheng didn’t have the slightest guest’s consciousness. He walked in with a big heart, and sat down on the main seat. He picked up the tea cup on the table and drank it, and said proudly, “I didn’t make much, just a few dozen. That’s all.”

Candice Liu immediately became envious, and gave Liu Junsheng a thumbs up, “Awesome! I heard that you are now in the entertainment industry?”

Liu Junsheng chuckled, the pride and desperation on his face could not be covered up, and said, “Forget it, I went to Ziqiong Film and Television Company some time ago. This is the largest film and television company in Hwadrid City, and many current stars. It was packaged by Zi Qiong, hehe.”

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