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Chapter 386

The force of this kick was great, and the thick door was directly hit against the walls on both sides. It caused a huge movement and shocked everyone in the banquet hall!

Some people with a bad heart were directly frightened and sat on the ground. Many people shook their whole bodies with fright. Some of them fell to the ground with their bowls and chopsticks, and some swallowed.

The arrival of their group suddenly broke the warm atmosphere of the banquet hall, and everyone looked at them angrily.

“Hey! Who are you so brave enough to break into our banquet hall and find death?!”

“It’s unreasonable, where are the little wanderers who dare to run to us and run wild, want to die!”

“Wait a minute, they yelled something just now, and dared to let Wayne get out. I think they are living impatiently!”

“Security guard, security guard, what are you doing coldly? Get these cripples up and send them to the police station to go to jail!”

Many of the Chu family members were glaring straight and shouting loudly. They rushed to show up in front of Berry Chu and Candice Liu so that they could reach Wayne Lin and add to Wayne Lin’s good impression of them.

They didn’t realize who these people standing in front of them were and why they dared to be disrespectful to Wayne Lin.

The security guards in the hotel all started to take action. They took electric batons and wanted to subdue Gu Hanxing and the others.

It’s just that they were coming so fiercely that they were beaten to the ground easily with three punches and two kicks before they even touched them.

Everyone in the Chu family saw more than a dozen security guards, they were all easily defeated, and the shots were particularly heavy. The fierceness they showed made them shudder, and they began to realize this group of people. It’s not a little vagrant, so I dare not speak anymore.

Gu Hanxing is particularly proud now. He swept away his previous depression, with a wild and evil smile on his face. He walked out and shot the audience coldly, without seeing Wayne Lin. He was a little disappointed, huh. After a loud voice, he said loudly: “Let Wayne Lin get out and see me, I have an account to settle with him!!”

All the members of the Chu family were surprised and panicked. Now Wayne Lin is no longer the poor son-in-law, but the big boss behind three big companies with a net worth of over 10 billion yuan, and this group of people dare to come here. Trouble with Wayne Lin? It must be impatient to live!

Especially Berry Chu and Candice Liu were particularly angry. Now in their minds, Wayne Lin is more precious than their sons. It is the guarantee for them to enjoy the prosperity and wealth. How can they tolerate the slightest offense from others to Wayne Lin.

Immediately Berry Chu slapped the table hard, and cursed furiously: “Presumptuous! Whoever gave you the courage to be disrespectful to my son-in-law, I think you are impatient! Do you know who my son is? Qiong Media, Tengyue Advertising, and the chairman of the three major Aegis Security companies can choke you to death with your fingers!”

When Berry Chu said these words, his face was full of pride. Now Wayne Lin is now different from the past, and the social status of his old husband has also risen with the tide.

Candice Liu also said coldly: “What are you doing so much with them, call Wayne now, and let Wayne come over and teach these gangsters!”

At this time, Thompson Chu stood up and said, “You don’t need to call Wayne, so as not to disturb him. We can handle this small matter by ourselves, lest Wayne think that we are useless at all. Bother him.”

When Berry Chu and Candice Liu heard what Thompson Chu said, they thought it made sense. Now Wayne is a busy person, and he leaves early and returns late every day. If these little things bother Wayne Lin, it seems that they are too useless.

Then Thompson Chu made a call, “Hey, is it Ahu? It’s me, Uncle Chu. Now you bring people over to Jinfu Hotel. Someone is making trouble on my Chu family’s place. The more people you bring The better.”

After hanging up the phone, Thompson Chu said coldly to Gu Hanxing and the others: “I don’t care what your origins are. From this moment on, you have caused trouble, and my people will be here soon!”

Gu Hanxing laughed loudly, “Old man Chu, you still dare to shout

To save the scene? You don’t even know who is standing in front of you! “

Suddenly, a Chu family suddenly yelled out and pointed at Gu Hanxing and said, “I remember who this guy is! He is the guy who was defeated by Wayne with three punches at the Aegis security opening ceremony that day. I dare to come and ask for trouble, I can’t help myself.”

The other Chu family members also remembered one after another, and began to laugh, “Who am I? It turned out to be Wayne’s defeated general. The face is really thick. The quilt was so shameless that Wayne was taught that day, and now I dare to run to us and go crazy. ?”

“Hahahaha, he was beaten and cryed by Wayne that day, like a child, now he is taking his parents to avenge him, it’s really shameful.”

“Isn’t it, this man is really thick-skinned, and he dares to come home for revenge…”

Hearing these ridicules, Gu Hanxing’s expression immediately changed. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, and his anger rose up all at once. Wayne Lin laughed at him, but the ants in front of him even dared to laugh at him, almost killing him!

“Looking for death!!!” Gu Han Xingbao shouted, and then he was about to violently beat people.

At this moment, a hand next to him held him, just like putting a chain on the mad dog, and he couldn’t move in an instant.

It is his uncle, Wu Meizi.

“Uncle Master?” Gu Hanxing looked at Wu Meizi puzzled.

To say who Gu Hanxing fears most in this world is not Brian Gu, but Wu Meizi in front of him.

In fact, he is a small group of people, knowing that Wu Meizi’s cultivation is higher than his father Brian Gu, and Wu Meizi is the real ruthless person. When Wu Meizi was young, he once did a big thing, that is, one person, one sword. Killing the enemy at the time was full of horrific methods!

He also knew that Wu Meizi and his father Brian Gu had secret secrets, and had sympathized underground for many years. In his mind, Wu Meizi is his stepmother.

Wu Meizi is tall and thin, and there is always no expression on her face, which is very mean.

She looked unsmiling, and her aura was really big, especially scary.

“These are all ants, there is no need to be familiar with them.” Wu Meizi said lightly.

Gu Hanxing said unwillingly: “But Master, they humiliated me like this just now! I’m really unwilling to breathe like this!”

Wu Meizi stared at him with cold eyes, “If the ants offend the gods, they should trample them to death instead of teaching them.”

Gu Hanxing shuddered. He understood what Wu Meizi meant. This was to kill all these people!

This is too crazy. Gu Hanxing asked himself that he was relatively lawless, and he would crush anyone who disliked him. But if he wants to kill him because others humiliate him, he still can’t do it. The key is not one or two people, but more than a hundred people!

Crazy, crazy.

He looked at Wu Meizi now, more afraid.

Wu Meizi looked at him and said with a faint smile, “Why, are you scared?”

Gu Hanxing was indeed scared, but he dared not admit it, and shook his head quickly and said, “No, no!”

Wu Meizi snorted and said, “Han Xing, you are as kind as your dad, so you can take your own life.”

They are so cruel, are they still kind?

But compared with Wu Meizi, it is indeed very kind.

Gu Hanxing said again: “Uncle Master, after all, there are surveillance everywhere in the hotel. If you kill them, I am afraid that something will happen!”

Wu Meizi said lightly: “I didn’t let you kill now.”

Gu Hanxing breathed a sigh of relief. It was okay if he didn’t let him kill now. Then he immediately became excited. Master Wu Meizi is so cruel, isn’t Wayne Lin a dead end? !

Chapter 387

When many Chu family members saw Gu Hanxing stop, they all smiled triumphantly. They thought that Gu Hanxing was a rat-fighting device, and they were scared.

“Grandpa, it’s not the same if you take action. They are immediately scared, haha.” Sean Chu flattered flatteringly. He is also alive now, and his body is fatter.

“Isn’t that nonsense, and don’t look at what my grandfather’s status is now. You can call hundreds of people over with a single call, and all of them can drown this group of trifles with one spit.” Chu Huayou said.

The other Chu family members followed suit, and Thompson Chu blushed and was particularly helpful.

Gu Hanxing was particularly annoyed when he saw them being so arrogant, but Wu Meizi didn’t say a word. He didn’t dare to cross over easily now, so he had to wait there.

After a while, a large group of people walked in from outside. There were almost a hundred people, all of them tall and burly men, all looking fierce and evil. Their appearance made the Chu family and others ecstatic.

“Ahu is here!”

“Ahu is interesting enough, calling so many people over, haha!”

“This group of craps is over! Humph, a mob, with only a dozen people, dare to come to our Chu family’s site to make trouble, it’s almost unkempt!”

Thompson Chu also smiled. Ahu was a big brother he had met not long ago, and he was very powerful, and he responded with a hundred responses. So many people came here at once, and now they are not crushed to death!

Ahu is a brawny bald man who looks particularly fierce. He also has a huge centipede tattoo on his arm. He knows he is a wicked person at first glance.

He brought so many people in, especially prestigious, and greeted Thompson Chu, “Uncle Chu, I’m here, which animal is not long-eyed, dare to make trouble in your place, Uncle Chu, I f*cking kill him! “

Ahu was so fierce and vicious, seven or eighty big hands swarmed in, making the banquet hall very crowded.

Thompson Chu saw this scene, he was particularly excited, laughed, and said: “Ahu, you are here just right! It is this group of people who ran to my Chu family site to go wild, saying that they came to our home Wayne. The revenge seekers are very arrogant and hateful! Ahu, you give them a severe lesson, Uncle Chu owes you a favor!”

Ahu waved his hand and said, “Hey, Uncle Chu, what are you talking about? You can call me Ahu, to give me Ahu face. Besides, these beasts have eaten Xiongxin Leopards. Are you daring, dare to come and find Brother Wayne to seek revenge? Brother Wayne is my idol, and if they find Brother Wayne trouble, they are my enemy, Ahu!!”

As he said, he turned his head and looked at Gu Hanxing, Wu Meizi and the others, with bad eyesight, and the number 70 or 80 who followed him began to surround them.

If you change from ordinary people and see this kind of battle, you will be scared to pee your pants. People in the 70s and 80s are still fierce and strong men. What kind of scene is that?

But for so many people in Wu Meizi, it is just ants. It is naturally impossible to ask people if they will be frightened by ants.

Seeing this situation, Thompson Chu felt that the overall situation had been set, and he was very excited. He came out and said: “I don’t care who you are sent, dare to run to my Chu family to make trouble, then there will be only one end, death. !”

Then he said to Ahu: “Ahu, interrupt their legs and throw them out again. What consequences will come from the Chu family?”

At this moment, Thompson Chu is particularly domineering, slamming Fang Qiu, standing at the pinnacle of his life, many Chu family members are also excited, and many people take out their mobile phones to take pictures and record videos, and plan to post them to Moments later. Go inside to pretend.

Ahu touched his head, a grin appeared on his face, and said:”

Uncle Chu, don’t worry about that, each of them can’t run, they will have to spend it in a wheelchair in the future! “

As he said, he waved his hand, ready to give orders.

At this moment, a middle-aged man in blue clothes next to Wu Meizi spoke, and he stared at Ahu coldly, “Pan Hu, you are so lucky. You dare to interrupt your teacher’s legs. !”

When Pan Hu heard this voice, his expression was stunned on the spot, and he said in amazement: “Master?”

The middle-aged man in the blue clothes stood up, Pan Hu quickly took out a pair of glasses from his pocket and put it on. Finally, he saw clearly what the middle-aged man looked like, his face changed drastically, and he shouted out of form, “Master, Master. ?!why you!”

Pan Hu has high myopia and doesn’t usually wear glasses, so when he just came in, he didn’t see Wu Meizi and the others. Now he can see clearly, his scalp is numb and his feet are swinging.

The middle-aged man in front of him is his master Xu Ren!

Xu Ren’s face was cold and his expression looked particularly scary. Pan Hu was so scared that his scalp was numb and trembling.

“Master, why are you here?” Pan Hu asked in horror. It could be seen that he was particularly afraid of Xu Ren.

This scene reversed so quickly that many Chu family members were confused when they saw it. What happened? Isn’t Xu Ren a big brother? Why is there a master? And so afraid of his master? This makes no sense!

With a slap, Xu Ren slapped Pan Hu on the face and scolded: “You are so brave, you dare to call your teacher a beast, and you dare to break the powerful leg?!”

This slap in the face made everyone trembled. The key point was that Pan Hu did not dare to have the slightest resentment, but became even more afraid. He almost shivered and knelt in front of Xu Ren directly, slapped himself. While begging for mercy, “Master, I was wrong, Master, please forgive me!”

The strong men in the 70s or 80s who originally surrounded them are now shocked one by one. They stepped back a few steps, their scalp numb, and even the people who were afraid of their boss, they couldn’t imagine the other side’s background.

“This… why, how could this be?”

Many Chu family members were dumbfounded and looked at Thompson Chu one after another. This situation made them feel scared.

Thompson Chu gritted his teeth, now he is also a little panicked.

Xu Ren’s face was full of subway greens. Then, he made another move that made everyone tremble. He turned his head, then knelt in front of Wu Meizi with a thump, and severely cut off his tail finger, and said with guilt. : “Master, I’m sorry, the disciples have no way to teach them, and they offended Master, please be punished by Master!”

This scene really stunned everyone, especially Pan Hai, who was even more stunned, with an expression of disbelief on his face!

He came to Xu Ren’s school three years ago, and after he also learned from Xu Ren, he learned a lot of skills, and then he slowly came out of the world. To say who he fears and admires most in this world is Xu Ren. He even thought that Xu Ren was the best player in the country. But now, Xu Ren knelt in front of this middle-aged woman, and also cut off his tail finger, because the apprentice he taught offended him?


He is really cold hands and feet now, as if he has fallen into an ice cave, and his fear is extreme.

As for the Chu family, they are shivering even more now. No matter how stupid they are, they have realized that they have gotten into a big disaster. The other party is not a small and vagrant, but a real big man!

No wonder, now that Wayne Lin has become a big man, they dare to come and seek revenge blatantly. It is not that they are crazy, but that they have this strength!

Chapter 388

At this moment, Wu Meizi became the focus of everyone.

The banquet hall with hundreds of people suddenly quieted down strangely, and no one dared to speak anymore.

There was still no expression on Wu Meizi’s face, she was very cold, and said lightly: “You have a good attitude. I will let you go this time.”

Xu Ren was overjoyed, as if he was amnesty, and quickly kowtow to thank, “Thank you Master, thank you Master!”

Then he hurriedly said to Pan Hu: “Naughty animal, don’t hurry up and give your teacher a confession!”

Pan Hu took the command, rolled over, kowtow quickly to confess his guilt, eager for forgiveness.

He hadn’t seen Wu Meizi before, let alone the existence of Wu Meizi, but even his master Xu Ren was so in awe of Wu Meizi, using his butt to think of Wu Meizi’s identity is not easy!

Wu Meizi waved her hand and said calmly: “Okay, get up.”

Pan Hu hurriedly stood up and immediately heard Wu Meizi say again: “Go, beat all of Wayne Lin’s family members again. You can’t stop without my order.”

“This…” Pan Hu immediately became embarrassed. He didn’t take advantage of the Chu Family. If this beats the Chu Family up and down, he won’t be able to get along in the future. The point is that the person behind the Chu family is Wayne Lin, who is a super big man. Even the underground emperor Ugly of Huarvell is Wayne Lin’s person. He can’t afford to offend him.

Wu Meizi looked over, “What, are you going to defy my will?”

Xu Ren kicked directly over, kicked Pan Hu to the ground, and cursed: “You bastard, you dare to violate your master’s order, I think you want to die!”

Pan Hu trembled and said, “Master, it’s not that I want to disobey the order of the master, but the man behind the Chu family is Wayne Lin, and I can’t afford to offend me, my apprentice.”

Xu Ren sneered and slapped Pan Hu’s face with another slap, and cursed: “Trash thing! A mere Wayne Lin scared you like this, your master came to trouble Wayne Lin this time! Wayne Lin counts What? It’s just an ant in front of your master.”

Pan Hu suddenly brightened his eyes and said, “Is the master really that great?”

He couldn’t help looking at Wu Meizi, and seeing Wu Meizi’s dark eyes, it seemed that there was no emotion, like a black hole, trying to suck his whole person in, there was no bones left, and he couldn’t help shivering. He can be considered a lot of big people, but he has never seen a woman like Wu Meizi. Wu Meizi doesn’t feel like a person, but a monster.

Xu Ren gave him a kick, “Hurry up, or I will abolish you!”

Pan Hu didn’t dare not follow him, so he quickly gave orders to let the people of No. 70 or No. 80 start to work on the Chu Family.

When Thompson Chu and others saw this situation, they started to panic. They had no idea that things would be reversed like this.

“Dad, what should I do? How did Ahu turn back?!”

“Yeah, grandpa, how could things become like this.”

“How about we call the police!”

All the Chu family members began to panic at this moment.

Thompson Chu was also panicked, but as the head of the family, he had to remain calm at this time. He gritted his teeth and said to Pan Hu: “Ahu, what’s the situation! Why are you back?!”

There was some shame in Pan Hu’s eyes, and he quickly wiped it away, sneered, and said: “Huh, old man, are you embarrassed to ask me? I’m so f*cking tired of you! Don’t let you go. Take a look at the dog’s eyes, even my master dare to offend, I think you are the birthday star who hangs himself, it is too long!”

Thompson Chu was scolded by Pan Hu pointing his nose like this, his face crooked with anger, and pointed at Pan Hu and cursed: “Pan Hu! If you dare to move my Chu family, Wayne must not let you go.

Clear! “

When talking about Wayne Lin, Pan Hu’s eyes flashed some fear. But he wiped it away immediately, and said coldly, “Hehe, Wayne Lin is also a rubbish in front of my master. He has offended my master now. He will die soon, so he won’t let me go?”

Then, he waved his arm and said loudly: “Brothers, get on me and beat me to death!”

Following his order, the men of No. 70 or No. 80 all rushed forward like wolves, catching someone is just a beating, even the elderly and children are not spared, some young and beautiful women, even more so Being frantically mopped up, the scene is quite chaotic.

As the head of the Chu family, Thompson Chu was now brought down, and he was slapped a few times and was extremely embarrassed.

The Chu family has never been humiliated in this way no matter how poor it is. Even the friends who were invited by the Chu family have been implicated and beaten severely.

Gu Hanxing looked particularly relieved, and now he is particularly looking forward to, when Wayne Lin knows this, what will he look like? I’m afraid I’m going crazy, hahaha! !

He secretly glanced at Wu Meizi, and found that his uncle, the uncle, still had no expression on his face, his eyes were very deep, as if behind the eyes was the abyss, eighteen layers of hell, sealed with terrifying souls, which was particularly scary.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu were also beaten. They couldn’t even run if they wanted to. They were caught and beaten again. The pain made them grin and scream.

They have lived for so long without being beaten like this.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight, fight again to die…”

“Uuuuu, I was wrong, please don’t fight…”

“It hurts……”

“Who will save us…”

There was a wailing sound at the scene, and the people in the hotel did not dare to come up to take care of it. It was very miserable.

Finally, Wu Meizi spoke. She simply raised her hand and said faintly: “It’s okay.”

Her voice was obviously not loud, but it was clearly transmitted to the ears of everyone present, Pan Hu quickly ordered them to stop.

The chaos on the scene was extremely chaotic. Everything was broken. The Chu family, including some guests, all fell to the ground and screamed, groaning, very miserable.

Some young people who had resisted were given special care, and they were beaten even more severely, with several broken bones.

Wu Meizi walked out at this time, swept across everyone with a sharp gaze, and said: “Today these are a little lesson for you. Go back and tell Wayne Lin that my name is Wu Meizi, Brian Gu’s junior, next time I come again, that’s To his life.”

After saying this, she turned around and left without looking back, extremely domineering.

All the Chu family are now shocked.

After they were gone, no one from the Chu family dared to speak, “Oh, it hurts me to death, Wayne, who did he provoke?”

“Yes, we are all exhausted by him this time…”

Thompson Chu stood up trembling slightly. He gritted his teeth. He was already old enough. He was beaten so badly that his bones would fall apart.

“Enough!” He yelled, and then said to Berry Chu: “You immediately call Wayne and tell him about this.”

Berry Chu’s face has now been beaten into a pig’s head. He took out his cell phone and found Wayne Lin’s phone and dialed it. After a while, the call was connected and Wayne Lin’s voice came, “Hey, Dad, are you looking for me? ?”

When Berry Chu heard Wayne Lin’s words, he felt aggrieved and sad, his nose was sour, and he cried out, “Wayne, we were beaten, oooooo…”

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