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Chapter 443

This shocked Wayne Lin’s heart.

You must know that there are very few masters in the innate realm. Looking at the world, they are rare in existence. But not long after, he has encountered another one?

And still has reached the top stage in the Innate Realm? In other words, the other party’s unlocked brain power already has 20%?

This is too scary!

The key is that not long ago, Tan Qiuya and Tian Mingjie from the third place of Xuanyuan just came to him, saying that there are very few innate realm masters in China and they want to recruit him to join. It didn’t take long for him to meet one.

Now Wayne Lin stared at this person, his muscles tightened, and he felt a devastating breath from the other person. If the other person wanted, he could kill everyone here in a very short time.

When Wayne Lin noticed Ye Xingchen, Ye Xingchen’s gaze also looked over, and at Wayne Lin, he showed a meaningful smile.

Wayne Lin knew immediately that the other party was coming at him.

Because of Zhou Zhe’s arrival, the atmosphere on the scene was temporarily frozen. For a while, most people looked at him and Wayne Lin.

They were very curious whether Wayne Lin would directly attack Zhou Zhe.

Damon Wang said weirdly: “Zhe Zhou doesn’t want to live anymore? He knows that the chairman of the board will be there tonight, but he dare to come.

Jeff Han sneered and said, “No matter what he thinks, as the president of the North Sky Club, he dare to appear in front of the chairman is a kind of provocative behavior. But in my opinion, he mostly came to bow his head to the chairman. .”

Damon Wang also nodded and agreed with Jeff Han’s statement. In fact, Wayne Lin’s identity is too detached now. Looking at Province G, no one dared to oppose Wayne Lin. The North Sky Club was very powerful before, but Brian Gu was beaten by Wayne Lin. Dead, now it’s just a toothless tiger, it’s not worth mentioning.

Wayne Lin said indifferently: “The Northern Sky Club is here to provoke me this time.”

Damon Wang and Jeff Han were involuntarily surprised when they heard these words. They thought it was impossible. What would Beitian use to fight Wayne Lin now? Could it be that Zhou Zhe was really not afraid of death?

As Wayne Lin’s words fell, Zhou Zhe really walked directly in Wayne Lin’s direction, and his face was still full of provocation.

The eyes of everyone in the audience suddenly focused on him. No one knew that the relationship between Beitianhui and Wayne Lin was hostile. Now that Wayne Lin is in the sun, Zhou Zhe dared to sway to Wayne Lin. It’s a provocation.

Wayne Lin also showed a meaningful smile on his face, and most of his attention was on Ye Xingchen.

This is the strongest master he has ever encountered!

He immediately provoked his fighting spirit.

“Wayne Lin, I didn’t expect a cruel person like you to have the face to attend the charity party, but it really makes the charity party tonight unclean.” Zhou Zhe walked up to Wayne Lin and said with contempt.

When many people around heard him, they immediately showed wonderful expressions, and Damon Wang and Jeff Han were directly angry. Damon Wang said coldly: “Zhou Zhe, are you looking for death?!”

Jeff Han also said tit-for-tatly: “Zhou Zhe, you have been hiding for so long, now you dare to show up? Why don’t you hide into the wasteland!”

Zhou Zhe stared at Damon Wang and Jeff Han, and sneered: “I said you two, you can be regarded as characters at any rate, and you have become Wayne Lin’s watchdogs. Tsk tsk, I am ashamed of you, I don’t know where you are from. His face is still in that triumphant look, and his feelings for being a dog for people are very honorable in your eyes, right?”

When he said this, the audience was in an uproar, looking at Zhou Zhe with a different expression, full of surprise


“Damn, when did Zhou Zhe become so rigid? This is going to fight Wayne Lin directly!”

“No, Zhou Zhe is just a master at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow. Brian Gu, the most powerful person in their Northern Heavens Association, has been beaten to death by Wayne Lin. What did he use to fight Wayne Lin?”

“You don’t know about that. I heard that a few days ago, Zhou Zhe recruited a super master, replaced Brian Gu’s position, and became the vice president of the Northern Sky Club. That’s why Zhou Zhe was so bold and dared to deal directly with him. Wayne Lin confronted.”

“Really? Then there will be a good show later…”

The complexions of Damon Wang and Jeff Han suddenly changed, and they were extremely gloomy. Zhou Zhe’s behavior was just slapping them in the face.

With their current character, they wanted to go back wherever they could stand it. At this moment, Wayne Lin’s eyes suddenly changed. He stepped forward and stared at Zhou Zhe. A terrifying light appeared in his pupils. Immediately, Zhou Zhe’s brain buzzed, and all the pictures in front of him disappeared, and it was completely dark!

It was as if he was blind, and he couldn’t see anything. Wayne Lin invaded his spiritual world directly through his eyes, to destroy his nerves.

Zhou Zhe’s face turned pale, a horrified expression appeared on his face, and his body was trembling.

His reaction fell in the eyes of many people, and he couldn’t help but frightened Wayne Lin. Only through a look in his eyes, Zhou Zhe was scared like this, showing the horror of Wayne Lin.

However, at this moment, Ye Xingchen, who was standing on the side, made a move. He snorted and his eyes became sharp in an instant, as if two sharp arrows pierced Wayne Lin.

Facing the attack from his eyes, Wayne Lin involuntarily blinked, and then Ye Xingchen put on Zhou Zhe’s shoulder and let Zhou Zhe come out of Wayne Lin’s eyes.

At this time, Zhou Zhe gasped, his face pale as paper, and he was so frightened that he was peeing on his pants again, an unpleasant odor emanating from his crotch.

“I’m going, isn’t it, Zhou Zhe actually peeed his pants?”

“Hahaha, I really laughed at me. He was so arrogant just now, and as a result, under Wayne Lin’s eyes, he was so scared to pee his pants, shameful!”

“Just like this, he still has the face to jump in front of Wayne Lin…”

For a while, many people around began to laugh.

As for Damon Wang and Jeff Han, the two of them laughed more enthusiastically, and they were extremely refreshed. There were so many big people present, and Zhou Zhe actually urinated his pants in the public. This can become Zhou Zhe’s lifelong inevitable joke.

Zhou Zhe came back to his senses, he felt that his crotch was all urine, his face was ugly, and his body was shaking with anger. At the same time, he couldn’t get arrogant to Wayne Lin, and he felt a little more jealous.

He felt the fear in Wayne Lin’s eyes just now, even stronger than Ye Xingchen!

Up to now, he still has lingering palpitations, and his heart beats extremely fast.

“Damn!!” Zhou Zhe gritted his teeth, knowing that Wayne Lin also has this ability, he just stopped provoking Wayne Lin, and made himself embarrassed.

He looked at Ye Xingchen next to him, hoping that Ye Xingchen could help him out.

I saw Ye Xingchen staring at Wayne Lin, suddenly smiled, and said something inexplicable: “It’s a bit interesting. I didn’t expect that the wild species of the year has grown to this level. It seems that the slut of Nishang has not been with you. Double repair.”

When others heard this sentence, they felt inexplicable. Monk Zhang Er couldn’t figure it out, but when it reached Wayne Lin’s ears, there was a loud noise. In an instant, his pupils condensed, staring at Ye Xingchen.

Obviously, the guy in front of you is from the BRAGRUN organization! ! !

Chapter 444

After taking a breath, Wayne Lin returned to normal. He stared at Ye Xingchen coldly and said in a deep voice, “Who are you.”

Ye Xingchen’s mouth raised a wicked arc, and instead of answering Wayne Lin directly, he said jokingly, “I said that the slut of Nishang often comes to Province G. It turns out that you are here. I have found new pleasures. , Tusk.”

What he said was full of playfulness, staring at Wayne Lin’s eyes, as if looking at a plaything, being played between his palms.

Wayne Lin snorted coldly and said pretending to be a ghost. Then, he suddenly made a move. Thousands of people on the court did not see his movements clearly, and saw that his figure flashed and seemed to disappear out of thin air. When he appeared, it was there. In front of Ye Xingchen, he slapped him.

Fast as lightning.

Ye Xingchen’s pupils shrank suddenly, apparently he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so courageous and dare to attack him.

Wayne Lin’s shot made him feel the danger, which shocked his heart. You must know that he is the top stage in the innate realm, only one step away from Dzogchen, and Wayne Lin breaks through the innate. Even now, it hasn’t been a year yet, and it has brought him a dangerous aura, which shows how powerful Wayne Lin’s talent is.

However, his reaction was not unpleasant. It was almost an instant, he had already recovered, dodged backwards, and at the same time kicked out, and a strong wind blew up. Several beautiful women not far from him were wearing skirts. They were all blown away by his strong wind, which shows how terrifying his foot is.

Wayne Lin didn’t slap the middle Ye Xingchen with a slap. There was no accident. Obviously, in his imagination, facing Ye Xingchen’s foot, he did not dodge, his waist twisted, and his right foot was like a huge spring. With a squeeze, he kicked Ye Xingchen fiercely, to fight Ye Xingchen hard!

boom! !

There was a loud noise, from among them, a strong wind was generated out of thin air, shook out to the surroundings.

Wayne Lin and Ye Xingchen both stepped back a few steps, and the tiles on their floor all began to crack, and the last piece turned out to burst directly.

The most exaggerated thing is that just now they slammed their legs hard, and they actually shook the building, and the chandeliers on the ceiling shook slightly.

This situation directly scared everyone present. Many people looked pale and thought it was an earthquake.

Ye Xingchen’s face became gloomy a lot. He didn’t expect that in his eyes, the wild species like ants would dare to attack him and even protest against him. This is blasphemous to his identity!

Wayne Lin was also shocked. The opponent’s strength was indeed superior to him. Now he obviously felt a little pain in his right foot, which was harder than kicking on a steel plate.

This is the second BRAGRUN organization he has seen, and his strength is so strong, how strong is this BRAGRUN organization?

For an instant, he felt unprecedented pressure.

At this time, the organizer of the charity party tonight appeared and quickly prevented them from continuing to fight.

Seeing this, Wayne Lin didn’t continue to do it. He looked at Ye Xingchen deeply, his heart was full of fighting spirit and anger. The other party called him’wild species’ one by one, which has completely angered him.

Ye Xingchen felt his anger, smiled suddenly, and said: “Originally I thought you were dead, but now you are alive and well, you can just become my plaything.”

After finishing speaking, he also wiped his neck against Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin also sneered, and he simply said: “Sabi.”

In an instant, Ye Xingchen was annoyed, his eyes widened suddenly and burst out

With a fierce spirit, “You!!!”

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to him anymore, turned around and left. From beginning to end, he walked leisurely, showing his identity and generosity. Although he was evenly matched with Ye Xingchen just now, no one would think that he was not good enough. Instead, he felt that Wayne Lin took care of the overall situation and gave face to the organizer of the charity party tonight, so he didn’t have the same knowledge as Ye Xingchen.

On the contrary, it was Ye Xingchen, he looked a bit embarrassing now.

Ye Xingchen looked at Wayne Lin’s back, his face gradually darkened, and his heart seemed to be murderous towards Wayne Lin.

Immediately he sneered and said, “YeZhong, since I discovered your existence, then you can’t leave. Nishang, I have caught your handle, and I don’t know what you are. Expression? I hope your extremely yin physique is still there, otherwise, I will make this wild species worse than life, Jie Jie.”

On Wayne Lin’s side, Damon Wang asked cautiously: “Chairman, who is that person just now? The cultivation base is so advanced that he can protest in court with you.”

Wayne Lin tasted the red wine elegantly, and said lightly: “The new vice-chairman of the Northern Sky Club has a really high level of cultivation.”

Jeff Han hesitated for a while and asked, “Then how is he compared to Wu Meizi?”

Damon Wang also pricked his ears, curious about the answer.

“Better than Wu Meizi.” Wayne Lin said.

Hearing these words, both of them showed worried expressions. Wayne Lin looked over and smiled and said, “Why, are you scared?”

“No no! Chairman, you have misunderstood, how could I be afraid.”

“Yes, chairman, as long as you are there, nothing can be solved.”

The two of them hurriedly explained.

Not long after, tonight’s charity party began to formally.

The rule of the charity gala tonight is that the host will show many charity projects, attract big figures present to bid for charity, and then the person who does the most charity tonight can get the title of charity ambassador.

This title has no real effect, but for all entrepreneurs in China, it is a sweet pastry, which is equivalent to a different weight in the eyes of the country. As long as it does not make a big mistake, the country will take care of it secretly.

Many people came tonight with the title of charity ambassador.

Among them, Zhou Zhe is one of them.

They are the security group in the North Sky Club, but behind the scenes, they did not do things that hurt the world and were faintly warned by the above. If they won the title of charity ambassador this time, they would be safer and more stable. .

“Chairman, I have investigated. The North Sky Club has done a lot of bad things recently and has been spotted by it. Zhou Zhe came to attend tonight’s charity party this time, and he rushed to the charity ambassador. As long as they become this time The charity ambassador of China, their crisis in the Northern Sky Club will be solved.” Damon Wang said meaningfully.

Wayne Lin nodded, and he thought about it.

Jeff Han also said: “Chairman, you killed Brian Gu and Wu Meizi before to prevent Beitian from taking advantage of this to your disadvantage. The subordinates believe that you need to win the title of charity ambassador. Yes, I can protect myself, killing two birds with one stone.”

Wayne Lin’s eyes flashed, and he said, “I think it is not only the North Sky Club tonight, but many people are also here as charity ambassadors.”

Damon Wang said, “Of course, who can claim to be clean as an entrepreneur nowadays? He won the title of charity ambassador, and his social status is different, and his weight in the eyes of the country is different. It is equivalent to a gold medal for avoiding death. .”

Chapter 445

Damon Wang’s remarks surprised Wayne Lin. He had briefly understood that the title of charity ambassador was very popular in advance, but he never thought that if he was so popular, he would become a gold medal for avoiding death.

“This charity ambassador can have such a great effect?” Wayne Lin asked with some confusion.

No wonder he suspects that in China, charity activities are quite frequent, and even often seen on TV, there are many obvious donations.

Besides, doing charity things is entirely voluntary. According to reason, the status of a charity ambassador is not that important.

Damon Wang saw Wayne Lin’s doubts, and he quickly explained: “Chairman, you don’t know that the charity party tonight is officially organized, not only in G province, but also many famous entrepreneurs in the south. What’s important is that in the past few years, there have been several disasters in the country, leading to a deficit in the national treasury, resulting in an unprecedented charity gap. Especially some time ago, there was a natural disaster… So tonight’s charity party has a different meaning This also means that the amount of charity tonight will definitely reach an astonishing amount. As long as you become the charity ambassador this time, your social status will be completely different!”

After a pause, Damon Wang said very seriously, “Chairman, your subordinates believe that it is necessary for you to obtain the status of charity ambassador tonight, which will help you unexpectedly help your future development in China.”

Wayne Lin is so smart. After hearing this, he still doesn’t understand the preciousness of this charity ambassador tonight.

Especially now that the BRAGRUN organization reappeared and discovered his existence, it shows that his situation has fallen into a more dangerous situation. At this time, if he obtains the status of charity ambassador and is valued by the country, then it is more With a layer of protection, BRAGRUN organization wants to move him, and he has to weigh it carefully.

Soon, he made up his mind.

At the same time, similar voices sounded in many places on the scene, and they wanted to win the status of charity ambassador tonight.

On Zhou Zhe’s side, he also clenched his fists, looking at the charity ambassador’s trophy on the stage, his eyes were full of enthusiasm, and he must get it.

Not long after, the host announced that tonight’s charity activities had begun. First of all, he threw out a project to help the disabled and called on everyone to bid.

“I donated ten million!”

“I donated 15 million!”

“I donated 20 million!”

As the host’s voice fell, many people began to raise their hands and shout out the amount they wanted to donate. The amount was larger than one, and the minimum was tens of millions.

In just ten minutes, the donation amount has reached more than 2 billion. If this is spread, it will cause a lot of shock in the society.

You know, half of the donations seen on the news are hundreds of thousands, millions, and tens of millions are a minority.

It’s only now the first charity project, and it has raised more than 2 billion, which is incredible. After all, the money donated is tantamount to wasted, and it has no effect on oneself.

At this moment, a loud voice sounded, it was Zhou Zhe, with a confident smile on his face, and said: “I donate, 200 million, to support our country’s charitable projects and carry out positive energy.”

When he said this, it immediately caused a lot of turbulence in the audience. This shot was 200 million yuan, and it was the Beitianhui, with rich wealth!

Beitian Club’s main business is security. This does not mean that they have no other business. On the contrary, what they really make money is not security, but other projects. Security is just their foundation. By infiltrating bodyguards in There is no problem in getting information and doing business around the big people.

Two hundred million is just a drizzle for Beitianhui.

When he shouted out this amount, it caused a lot of shock in the audience, and many people shouted out in surprise.

“Sure enough

It is the North Sky Club. From the beginning, it directly donated 200 million yuan, which is too fierce! “

“Yes, it seems that the status of charity ambassador tonight is none other than Zhou Zhe!”

“It’s nice to have money.”

“I wonder if Wayne Lin will compete with Zhou Zhe?”

“Wayne Lin? Let’s just leave it alone. When it comes to fighting, Wayne Lin is indeed very good. G Province is the first, but he is more rich than the rich. Ten Wayne Lin is not as good as the Beitianhui.”

“That’s true……”

For a while, various voices rang out in the audience, and more than half of the people gave up the idea of ​​competing for the title of charity ambassador after seeing Zhou Zhe’s move.

After all, they don’t have money without Beitian.

This is no better than an auction. After the money is spent, you can still shoot something back. This is for charity, and the money is spent. Apart from gaining a good reputation, there is nothing substantial.

Hearing the shock around him, Zhou Zhe showed a proud expression on his face. At this moment, he is the protagonist, and he is bound to win the charity ambassador tonight.

Soon, he turned his gaze on Wayne Lin, full of disdain.

He admitted that Wayne Lin is indeed a genius, not only has a high level of cultivation, but also has high commercial talent. But what about it, the North Sky Club has been operating in the South for so long, and the accumulated wealth is not comparable to that of a small boss like Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin naturally saw his ridicule, he just smiled faintly, without paying attention at all, raised his hand faintly, and shouted an amount, “I donate 30 million.”

When Zhou Zhe heard this, he laughed disdainfully, and said to Wayne Lin, “I said Wayne Lin, as the chairman of the three companies, you actually donated 30 million yuan? You are embarrassed to say it.”

When the people around heard him say this, they were indeed a little surprised at Wayne Lin. Doesn’t Wayne Lin fight for the status of charity ambassador tonight?

Even if there is no contention, Zhou Zhe is so disrespectful, wouldn’t he Wayne Lin express it?

Could it be that Wayne Lin is a foreigner and a middle-ranking player, and is beginning to fear the Beitian meeting? Or is it that the battle between Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi was irreversibly severely injured?

Suddenly, many people saw Wayne Lin’s reaction, and they all began to show up.

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to pay attention to this, he closed his eyes, and began to close his eyes to calm his mind.

Even Damon Wang and Jeff Han are a little bit confused about Wayne Lin. According to Wayne Lin’s fortune, they shouldn’t only pay 30 million yuan, although this is only the first charity project.

Soon, the second charity project came.

It was about caring for the elderly, and many people also started to raise their hands and tell the amount of donation.

Because of Zhou Zhe’s 200 million yuan, when many people donated for the second time, the amount was much smaller.

The highest one is only a donation of 40 million. Seeing this situation, Zhou Zhe’s smile on the corner of his mouth has become more intense, thinking that tonight’s status as a charity ambassador must be his home.

So this time, instead of donating 200 million, he donated 100 million, which is enough.

He looked at Wayne Lin again and said jokingly: “Randal, it’s your turn. I don’t know how much you donated? Isn’t it still 30 million?”

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were focused on Wayne Lin. They were all curious, will Wayne Lin resist Zhou Zhe’s repeated provocations?

At this moment, Wayne Lin spoke, and he raised a finger.

After Zhou Zhe saw it, he burst into laughter, “Hahahaha, ten million? I said Wayne Lin, you are really picky!”

However, just after his words fell, Wayne Lin made up: “One billion.”

In an instant, Zhou Zhe’s smile stiffened on his face.

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