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Chapter 173

Thinking of this, he became even more excited, and his pace became faster and faster. He swept away the weakness of his body and returned to his normal state. And in his eyes, everyone disappeared, only Guo Junyi in front of him was left.

Finally, he walked in front of Guo Junyi, showing his most handsome and affectionate smile, and said to Guo Junyi: “Junyi, sorry, I’m late. You are really beautiful today.”

I have to say that Huang Wenhua, who is wearing a white suit, is still very handsome and handsome. He is also tall and has an extraordinary bearing. In terms of appearance, he is indeed worthy of Guo Junyi, and it can be described as a talented girl.

It’s a pity that Guo Junyi didn’t call him at all, and didn’t have any good feelings. She didn’t see the slightest smile on her face, and said coldly: “You mean I’m not beautiful except today?”

Huang Wenhua was stunned. Obviously, he didn’t expect Guo Junyi to say this. Didn’t it embarrass him on purpose.

Many people present also thought it was a bit weird. How did it feel that Guo Junyi was not very satisfied with Huang Wenhua? But they didn’t think too much, after all, tonight is already the engagement banquet for Guo Junyi and Huang Wenhua, such a grand scene, such a formal ceremony, there can be no baskets.

Fortunately, Huang Wenhua reacted quickly. Although he was a little dissatisfied, he was gentle and affectionate on the surface, saying: “Of course not, you are so beautiful every day, but today, you have reached a new level of beauty. !”

To be honest, Huang Wenhua’s remarks were pretty beautiful, but Guo Junyi didn’t catch a cold at all, rolled his eyes and ignored it.

Seeing her reaction, Huang Wenhua felt even more upset, thinking about how to get revenge after getting married!

Then Huang Wenhua began to greet Guo Yuanjia, Liu Yuan and others, with a very good attitude and decent performance, which gave a good impression.

Huang Dongqiang and the Huang family also came over, and the two families began to talk, and the atmosphere was very good.

Both Guo Yuanjia and Liu Yuan had a good impression of Huang Wenhua. The more they looked at them, the more pleasing to the eye. Gradually, they also forgot the boyfriend Guo Junyi said.

Huang Dongqiang said with a smile: “Wenhua, when you and Junyi get married in the future, you have to treat Junyi well, you know? Try to have a fat son sooner.”

Huang Wenhua smiled very happily. He looked at Guo Junyi with passion and affection in his eyes. Standing beside him, he just smelled the scent from Guo Junyi, and his heart was swaying. He couldn’t help holding Guo Junyi’s hand as he said. : “Dad, don’t worry, I will spend my whole life taking care of her after marrying Junyi, and I won’t make her feel wronged…”

However, at this time, Guo Junyi frowned, stepped back, avoided Huang Wenhua’s hand, kept her distance, and said coldly: “You are all wrong, who said I want to marry Huang Wenhua?”

This word was spoken through the microphone next to it and reached everyone’s ears, immediately quieting the audience. Everyone was stunned and looked at Guo Junyi in surprise.

In an instant, Huang Wenhua’s face stiffened, and Huang Dongqiang’s face next to him was also unsightly. No matter what Guo Junyi meant, saying such things on this occasion would not give them face!

Guo Yuanjia and Liu Yuan also changed their expressions. Neither of them thought that their daughter would say something like this. Liu Yuan hurriedly took Guo Junyi’s hand and said in a low voice: “Junyi! You!

What are you talking about? ! “

Guo Yuanjia also immediately stood up and said, “Haha, Junyi is joking, Wenhua, don’t take it to heart.”

Huang Wenhua grinned reluctantly. He is a face-loving person. Whether Guo Junyi is joking or not, the sentence just now made him very faceless, “It’s okay, Junyi loves to joke, I know, since I want to talk to Jun When Yicheng gets married, we have to tolerate everything about Junyi, so how can I care about her.”

He cared that the word was not good enough, and expressed his inner dissatisfaction.

But Guo Yuanjia didn’t have much to say. Who told his daughter was wrong first, so he smiled reluctantly and didn’t have much to say.

But immediately, Guo Junyi came over again, making the atmosphere even more rigid!

“Who said I was joking, I’m serious.” Guo Junyi said solemnly, and then she said to Guo Yuanjia: “Dad, didn’t I tell you, I already have a boyfriend, and my boyfriend is here. ,right here.”


Suddenly, the expressions of everyone in the Huang family changed.

Especially Huang Wenhua, he has changed the most. He can no longer maintain his composure and drips gloomy. Guo Junyi is no longer as simple as not giving him face, but slaps him in the face fiercely!

In an instant, he gritted his teeth in annoyance, a anger came from the soles of his feet, making him tremble, and his mood fluctuated greatly. In addition, he was not in good health now. At this time, the brain appeared dizzy, even I’m a little unsteady!

It was his assistant who had eyesight and quick hands, and held him in time to prevent him from falling.

As for Huang Dongqiang, his face was ugly and scary, and his eyes were full of anger and humiliation. The first thing he thought of was not that Guo Junyi was embarrassing him, but that the Guo family wanted to embarrass him the Huang family! He didn’t believe that on such an important occasion, Guo Junyi, a little girl, dared to say such a thing, without Guo Yuanjia’s instructions behind her, he would not believe it if she was killed!

The reaction of so many people present was also very fierce. Many people straightened their necks, their faces full of surprise, even incredible. Guo Junyi’s words just now are really amazing! At such an important engagement banquet, to say such words, this is not what the Huang family’s face is?

Moreover, there is another key information point. Guo Junyi has a boyfriend, and this boyfriend is on the scene.

For a while, many people began to look around, looking for who this mysterious boyfriend is?

Wayne Lin in the corner felt helpless when he heard Guo Junyi’s words. This Guo Junyi was too rigid, and he really didn’t leave anything for him.

If he is not Chairman Zi Qiong and does not have strong strength, he still cannot be stewed by the Huang family today.

Shaking his head, Wayne Lin smiled helplessly.

He was not angry with Guo Junyi. To tell the truth, the Huang family was just a small role in his eyes, and he had never looked at him. But what he has no choice about is that after tonight, his identity as Chairman Zi Qiong can no longer hide.

This means that Alma Chu will soon know that he is chairman Ziqiong, not impersonating.

Chapter 174

“Guo Yuanjia, you have to explain this to me!”

Huang Dongqiang’s expression was ugly to the extreme, staring at Guo Yuanjia, always planning to tear his skin.

Huang Wenhua also had a hideous expression, and his face was flushed red. No one could tell that he was on the verge of collapse. It was equivalent to a barrel of explosives, and a little spark could ignite an explosion.

Even Guo Yuanjia, who has experienced strong winds and waves, could not help but feel his scalp numb in the face of this situation, and he was panicked. There was no way, this matter was indeed unreasonable by them. This was a marriage that had been negotiated. Now Guo Junyi said that there is a man. My friend, isn’t it the same as cuckolding Huang Wenhua and slapped Huang’s face severely!

To be honest, he didn’t expect that Guo Junyi would be so headstrong and so ignorant. In such a situation, he would say such words and put their entire Guo family in a passive and unreasonable situation!

If it wasn’t for him to love Guo Junyi from the bottom of his heart, he would want to slap Guo Junyi at the moment. This crazy girl thinks that his waywardness is causing big trouble for the Guo family.

As for Guo Yuanfeng, he was even more angry, thinking that Guo Junyi was too naive.

“Misunderstanding and misunderstanding, Mr. Huang, Wenhua, what was just now is all misunderstanding!” At this point, Guo Yuanjia had to put down his figure, licking his face to make a round, “Little girls are naughty and always like to come up with some weird ideas. It’s often ridiculous, haha, please forgive me Huang and Wenhua.”

He chuckled, his acting skills were very good, he couldn’t tell at first glance, he thought it was really like this.

Huang Dongqiang snorted heavily. He could see that Guo Junyi’s remarks had nothing to do with Guo Yuanjia. It should be Guo Junyi’s willful and self-assertive. In this case, he is not so angry.

“Brother Guo, we have a good relationship, but we should stop making such jokes in the future.” Huang Dongqiang sold Guo Yuanjia’s face without recurring, just said meaningfully.

Guo Yuanjia breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly nodded and said, “That’s for sure!”

He gave Huang Dongqiang a fist and let go of his posture. Originally, in this engagement banquet, his Guo family should be a higher status as the wife, but because of Guo Junyi’s earlier appearance, the Guo family’s posture was put down, invisible. Zhong is also ashamed. Regarding this, even if he loved Guo Junyi again, he couldn’t help but get angry, stared at Guo Junyi fiercely, and said, “Guo Junyi, what’s your situation today?”

Guo Junyi gritted her teeth and said unwillingly: “Dad! I have told you, I already have a sweetheart, and he is already here, I am not engaged to Huang Wenhua for the banquet tonight, I am here to tell everyone This matter.”

Before Guo Yuanjia had spoken, Guo Yuanfeng couldn’t help it. He directly cursed unceremoniously: “Laughter! Guo Junyi, you are determined to embarrass the Guo family, aren’t you? You are already an adult, and you are so self-willed. What style!”

Then Guo Yuanfeng said to Guo Yuanjia, “Brother, I told you a long time ago that you can’t spoil your daughter like this, you see it’s spoiling things now.”

What happened just now caused the atmosphere at the scene to be a bit embarrassing. Many guests in the audience were not happy to make a move. They were full of gossip and looked at the Guo family and Huang family.

“Junyi, your uncle is right. Now that you have grown up, you will soon be married. You can’t be so headstrong in the future, you know?” Guo Yuanjia couldn’t bear to see Guo Junyi jealously aggrieved, and said In the end, he only has one daughter, who has loved Guo Junyi from childhood to most. He was afraid of turning it in his mouth and holding it in his hand for fear of falling. The reason why he married his daughter to Huang Wenhua was to hope that her daughter would have happiness in the future.

Huang Wenhua’s background is right, and his ability is also outstanding. He can be alone when he is under thirty.

As for the man named Wayne Lin that Guo Junyi talked about these past two days, he didn’t care at all, so what if he can fight? It’s just a martial artist who died. Now this society is not about force. He doesn’t approve of really allowing his daughter to be with such a person.

“Dad, when have I been self-willed? This is a major event in my marriage. Can’t I be the master?” Guo Junyi’s nose was sour, and her eyes started to look in the direction of Wayne Lin. Hope this time, Wayne can stand up and unite with her. In the end, she found out in a panic that Wayne Lin was missing and she didn’t know where she went!


Where is Wayne Lin? I was still here just now, why can’t I find anyone now?

Guo Junyi’s mood was lost and panicked. She looked around, hoping to find Wayne Lin’s figure as soon as possible, but found that Wayne Lin had disappeared and could not be found again.

How could this be? Has Wayne Lin abandoned her and ran away!

Her first reaction was to get off the stage and look for Wayne Lin. If Wayne Lin is really gone, then she really doesn’t know how to face the current situation alone.

Now she realized that before she knew it, Wayne Lin had become her spiritual pillar!

“Junyi, dad is talking to you, what are you looking around for?” Guo Yuanjia said angrily.

“Dad, my body is a little uncomfortable, or else, let’s come here first for tonight’s banquet!” Guo Junyi bit her lip forcefully, holding back her tears. Now she feels very cold in her heart. The family members forced her to marry someone she didn’t like, and even gave up her only hope. At this moment, she felt that she was abandoned by the world, very uncomfortable, and wanted to cry.

Guo Yuanjia turned blue when he saw her like this, and he thought she was really sick.

“You were not okay just now, why are you suddenly uncomfortable now?” Guo Yuanjia said with concern and doubt.

At this moment, Huang Wenhua, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, suddenly spoke with a smile on his face, “Junyi, you just said that your boyfriend is here. I wonder if you can let him come out and let everyone see?”

His words did not specifically lower his voice, and through the microphone next to him, it resounded through the audience, and the atmosphere that had finally normalized began to become weird again.

There must be so many people present and haven’t attended such an engagement banquet after living so long.

The expressions of Huang Dongqiang, Guo Yuanjia and others have obviously changed to different degrees.

Huang Wenhua is angry, the expression on his face is smiling, but there is no half of the smile.

Indeed, Huang Wenhua was angry. He was in a bad mood at first. Wayne Lin broke his good deeds and beat him like this, and almost died. He chose the way of overdrawing his life to attend tonight’s engagement banquet, which was a joy to everyone. As a result, Guo Junyi made things difficult again and again, and his small universe exploded immediately!

After everyone was quiet, Guo Junyi became annoyed by Huang Wenhua’s interrogation. She deliberately smiled brightly and said: “Okay, since you want to see him, then I will let him come out and let you see!”

Then she looked at the corner where Wayne Lin was just now, and said, “Honey, come up and let everyone see what the man I think Guo Junyi looks like looks like.”

Chapter 175

Suddenly, everyone looked in that direction.

Guo Yuanjia only felt that his scalp was numb. Tonight’s affairs were completely out of his control. He would never have thought of killing him. Since childhood, he was so docile, at most occasionally a daughter who went out to play in a male costume would be so rebellious and unwise The side.

Tonight, it was the engagement banquet of the Guo family and the Huang family. They also invited so many people from the upper class to come over and witness together. As a result, they made such a fuss. Aren’t they losing the face of the Guo family! He can imagine how bad the reputation of the Guo family will be after tonight, and how deep their grievances with the Huang family will be.

Knowing that there would be a scene tonight, he would rather not have the marriage of Zhang Luo.

Of course, there is another possibility that the Guo family’s face can be preserved. That is, the so-called boyfriend of the daughter is a big figure with a deep background, more noble than Huang Wenhua. Only in this way can the Guo family’s face be preserved, and neither can the Huang family. Dare to remember hate.

But is this kind of thing possible? It’s impossible!

The simple truth is, if this boyfriend is really a big man with a deep background, how could he be so low-key? Still tolerating your own woman’s engagement with other men? Damn it.

So at this moment, Guo Yuanjia’s mood is really bad, and he has never been so bad.

As for Huang Dongqiang, his face has turned green, it is hard to see the extreme! Anyone can tell that he is now on the verge of collapse and will explode at any time. But isn’t it? Huang Dongqiang is also a powerful person anyhow, and he lost such a big face. He didn’t go crazy on the spot, he was already considered good tempered!

Huang Wenhua had a creepy smile on his face, and his eyes seemed to emit a ghostly fire, which was very scary.

As Guo Junyi finished saying this, the audience was silent, no one made a sound, all were waiting for the “mysterious” boyfriend Guo Junyi said was sacred.

However, after Guo Junyi’s words fell for five seconds, there was still no response, and the scene was still so strange and quiet.

“Huh? What’s the situation? Where’s Guo Junyi’s boyfriend, he didn’t show up.”

“Yeah, shouldn’t you have already run away?”

“I think it’s possible, and I don’t look at what the environment is right now. I dare to show up wherever I am. I can’t be bored by the Huang Family.”

“Guo Junyi was deceived. It’s not good to marry Huang Wenhua properly. I have to find a boyfriend outside. I really don’t know what I think.”

“It is said that beautiful women have low IQs. It seems that this is indeed the case.”

“This is interesting. From now on, the Guo and Huang family will definitely get revenge…”

Such a sound rang from various places and reached Guo Junyi’s ears, which made her feel particularly uncomfortable, her nose became more sore, and her eyes became red.

At this moment, she felt an unprecedented grievance, and really wanted to cry, but she held it back.

She began to accept the fact that Wayne Lin really abandoned her and left. In the end, she still lost and became a joke.

Her expression fluctuated, and she didn’t hide it from Huang Wenhua, and she smiled very gloatingly and aggressively, “Why, your boyfriend is gone, dare not to come out?”

Guo Junyi bit her lip and said nothing.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the crowd, “Who said I was gone?”


nbThis voice appeared suddenly, not very loud, but it was sonorous and resounded through the audience, and everyone heard it.

Immediately, everyone looked at the source of the sound, and saw a man in a suit, with a button unbuttoned, and no tie, looking particularly bohemian and unrestrained. His hair is not specifically styled like others, but a natural hairstyle. It is not handsome, but it has a great taste and is particularly attractive.

Who else can this person be if he isn’t Wayne Lin?

Jeff Han, who was next to him, heard him speak suddenly, with a dazed and surprised look. He never thought that Guo Junyi’s boyfriend was him!

When Guo Junyi heard this familiar voice, her expression immediately stiffened, and she immediately looked over to see Wayne Lin. The tears she had been holding back finally couldn’t help but flowed down. Particularly excited, particularly moved!

She was obviously desperate, but she met the light at a corner and was lost and recovered.

Wayne Lin didn’t give up on her, she was still here, great!

Huang Wenhua also saw Wayne Lin, his expression was so wonderful, his pupils shrank instantly, turning into pinholes!

“Wayne Lin, is it you?!” He broke out, yelling out shrillly, very gaffey.

He couldn’t help but lose his temper. Just two days ago, he almost died in the hands of Wayne Lin, and his hatred for Wayne Lin was deep to his bones!

Huang Dongqiang heard his son’s call, he also reacted instantly, staring at Wayne Lin, clenched his fists, hatred and hideous.

At the same time, Situ Nan, who was in the crowd, stood up abruptly, and the wine glass in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

His reaction was exaggerated, but after two seconds of froze, he slapped himself slapped, seeing his memory, since he had forgotten it! Didn’t you see Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi together last time?

There was also Huang Wenhua who reacted the same way, he also forgot about it.

However, it is one thing to see Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin eating together in private, and it is another situation on the occasion of tonight. The current nature is equivalent to the hatred of seizing a wife, and it is no longer a common sense.

Under everyone’s gaze, Wayne Lin walked out of the crowd, went up to the stage, stood in front of Guo Junyi, took out a tissue, gently wiped away the tears on her face, and said with a smile: “What are you crying for? , Am I here?”

Guo Junyi narrowed her mouth and bit her lip. She felt aggrieved and very happy. She pinched Wayne Lin’s arm hard, and said, “Where did you go just now? You didn’t want to come out until I called you. Up!”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, did not speak, and then greeted Guo Yuanjia and Liu Yuan, calling out his uncle and aunt, very polite.

Now that I have promised to be Guo Junyi’s shield, I have to perform a full set, and I must have professional ethics.

Guo Yuanjia did not respond, he stared at Wayne Lin with a calm face.

The same is true for Liu Yuan.

In their eyes, Wayne Lin is not as good as Huang Wenhua! It’s just an ordinary person, and the shirt is unbuttoned, which looks very indecent.

Guo Junyi held Wayne Lin’s arm intimately and smiled sweetly and happily, and said to Guo Yuanjia and Liu Yuan: “Dad, Mom, this is my boyfriend, called Wayne Lin. Now I have brought you to know you, so Don’t let me marry Huang Wenhua anymore. I don’t like him at all.”

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