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Chapter 161

Guo Yuanfeng immediately said in surprise, “Brother, don’t you, do you know this Wayne Lin? I saw that he was wearing a suit of stalls. Apart from his skills in three-legged cat kung fu, there is nothing else that excels. Are you admitting your mistake? Human?”

Guo Yuanjia frowned slightly, trying to remember where he had heard the name, but he thought for a while without remembering it, and shook his head and said, “Forget it, maybe from where I heard it.”

“I’ll just say, how can a small person like him get into your eyes.” Guo Yuanfeng said with a smile.

Seeing Guo Yuanfeng like this, Guo Yuanjia asked with interest: “Yuanfeng, is Wayne Lin really that bad? I don’t think anyone has ever been so angry with a young man.”

“Huh!” Guo Yuanfeng said that he was energized and suffocated. He rolled up his sleeves and put on a posture, saying, “It’s not just that bad as that simple? It’s so impeccable, lawless, I don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick! Let’s not say that he hit me with a few bodyguards at the beginning, and then he learned that I was Junyi’s uncle, and he had no respect for me and all kinds of offenses! Hey, you weren’t there at the time, otherwise you would Your temper will be half-dead by anger, and you won’t be able to stand the anger on the spot! I don’t know how the child Junyi picks up people. He actually likes such a gangster and gave up Huang Wenhua’s marriage!”

Guo Yuanfeng said with a snapping mouth, he said bad things about Wayne Lin for three minutes, and that Junyi Mai Tai doesn’t look at people, leaving such a good young man like Huang Wenhua not to marry, he went to find someone with no education and no IQ. The little bastard is simply a scum. Worse still, Guo Junyi’s staying with such a person would ruin the reputation of the Guo family. If it is spread out, it will be laughed at.

Because of Guo Yuanfeng’s complaint, Guo Yuanjia also had to take it seriously and said: “If it is really like what you said, I must be cautious.”

“Brother, what is there to be cautious about? Take Jun Yi back immediately and educate her! You know, in three days, the engagement banquet will be held, and everyone in the circle knows the news. If it doesn’t happen by then, then where can we put the face of our Guo family!” Guo Yuanfeng looked very anxious.

Guo Yuanjia didn’t answer right away, but was silent for a while, then gently nodded and said: “Well, I know, I will deal with it. It’s getting late, you go back and rest first.”

“it is good.”

After Guo Yuanfeng left, Guo Yuanjia said to the woman next to him: “Madam, what do you think of this matter?”

The woman said: “Based on my understanding of Junyi, she still knows what is good and bad, and she should not associate with punks. Besides, Yuanfeng is not calm enough today, and the mood swings are too great. We can’t fully base it. It’s up to him to judge.”

“Madam is reasonable.” Guo Yuanjia smiled and slapped the woman’s flattery. At the same time, her hands and feet began to be dishonest. The woman immediately slapped him away, and said shyly: “Put your hands and feet clean, old man The old wife is still so mad.”

“It’s just because of the old husband and wife, I can’t be polite.” Guo Yuanjia smiled, that look, it is as wretched as it is, if you let people outside see it, you will definitely be surprised. Who would think that being so serious in the circle Guo Yuanjia, there is such a frivolous side.

After the two people had a fight, Guo Yuanjia withdrew his frivolousness and said seriously: “My idea is to see this Wayne Lin in person first to see what he is coming from, and then make plans.”

“It’s the engagement banquet in three days. Can we still have time now?”

There was a bright look in Guo Yuanjia’s eyes, and he said meaningfully: “It’s too late.”


On the side of Wayne Lin and Guo Junyi, they started to return to the hotel after eating supper.

They talked a lot along the way. Of course, it was Guo Junyi talking and Wayne Lin listening. Guo Junyi mainly talked about some of her childhood experiences, her thoughts, her thoughts, and her perceptions. She was eager to take all of her own. Everything was told to Wayne Lin, but there was such a desire inexplicably.

“By the way, I told you all my stories. What about you, what story do you have?” Guo Junyi asked at last, looking at Wayne Lin.

“My story?” Wayne Lin was taken aback for a moment.

Immediately, some emotion flashed in his eyes, and then he shook his head and smiled: “I don’t have any stories to tell. My life is very ordinary and ordinary.”

“You lied to me.” Guo Junyi immediately pouted and said unhappy: “As a woman’s intuition, you must have a wonderful story.”

“Haha.” Wayne Lin laughed, “You think too much, I really don’t have a story.”

Seeing that Guo Junyi was still talking, Wayne Lin interrupted her and said, “Okay, I’m taking you to the hotel. Go up.”

Guo Junyi subconsciously reluctantly said, “Then what about you? You are now divorced, where are you going to live.”

“I have a place to live.” Wayne Lin smiled, then stopped a taxi directly on the side of the road and left.

Guo Junyi looked at the direction she was leaving, clenched her small fist, wrinkled her nose, and said combatively: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me. One day, I will discover your story.”

Ye Se 1998 is a relatively niche bar. When Wayne Lin came in, there were no more than ten people in it. They looked particularly calm. There were no sexy dancers dancing on the stage. Only a vicissitudes of middle-aged man sang sadness there. The ballad.

This bar has been in a state of loss for a long time, and a discerning person knows at a glance that it will go bankrupt soon.

However, this bar has been in business for seven or eight years, and it loses millions of dollars every year, but it hasn’t closed down.

Ordinary guests would never come to this bar for consumption, because it is too boring, not passionate at all, and the decoration is deadly old.

The most outrageous thing is that it is obviously a bar, but there is no waiter. Customers want to drink, but they have to go to the bar to buy it. Now it is a society that pays attention to service. Who wants to come to this business model?

When Wayne Lin came in, the people in the bar obviously paused. Even the singer who was singing the folk songs also appeared to be out of voice, his pupils contracted, and a look of shock and awe was projected on Wayne Lin!

This pause lasted for two seconds, and then returned to nature, everyone began to return to the normal track, as if the pause had not happened before, but they had hallucinations!

The corner of Wayne Lin’s mouth rose slightly, and his eyes also showed sorrow. It has been a long time since he came back to this bar.

Come back now… I found that nothing has changed, it’s still the same, the original taste.

He walked to the bar, sat down, and said, “Bring me a glass of Blue Phantom.”

On the bar, a man in his thirties was bartending a drink. He didn’t wear a suit like other bars, but a vest with a cigarette in his mouth and a scumbag on his face. The most extreme thing was that he was still Wearing flip flops. He looks particularly vicissitudes of life, his hair is messy, and he looks like he is not awake. Everyone who says he is a pig killer believes. This kind of image, mixing in a bar, is too counterintuitive.

He looked at Wayne Lin, with some light flashes in his eyes, and said, “Are you sure?”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Do it.”

“Okay.” Hu Zhanan didn’t talk any more nonsense. His movements were quick and clean. Then, his hands moved, and the wine glass gave a soul to his hands, like dragons and phoenixes, the movements were very intense and fast. But none of the wine dripped out.

Not to mention, this bartending skill has crushed all the bartenders on the market.

Finally, it took ten minutes to do this, a cup of smoking’Blue Phantom’ was ready, and finally Hu Zha Nan lighted a fire on the surface of the wine, and it burned instantly. Wayne Lin took the burning wine and drank it in one sip. .

Then, he smiled at Hu Zhanan, and said: “I haven’t seen you for so long, your level is still so superb.”

Hu Zhanan gave him a gentleman’s gift and said: “It is my honor to serve the Lord.”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, then he walked to the sofa next to him and rolled his eyes. He suddenly lost his strength and fell on the sofa. He immediately snored, and he fell asleep directly.

And in the corner of his eyes, two shallow tears shed…

Chapter 162

After he fell asleep, everyone in the bar stood up, walked over, bowed to Wayne Lin, who was sleeping on the sofa in an indecent pose, and then they started to exercise. Wayne Lin covered the quilt, and someone called, “Hey, boss, the young master is back.”

In less than ten minutes, the bar closed, the flashing neon lights dimmed, and the middle-aged people singing on the stage also stepped off the stage, acting very carefully, for fear of waking Wayne Lin, although they knew it was impossible. . People who drink the Blue Phantom will not wake up even if they play firecrackers next to him. But their movements are still very gentle and cautious. This is a respect for Wayne Lin.

After half an hour, a tall woman in a windbreaker walked in. Her aura was huge. As a woman, she had a net height of 1.78 meters, and her figure was a mess! Vivid is the heroine who came out of the comics, bulging forward and backward, full of women’s extreme charm.




With her arrival, everyone in the bar stood up and bowed respectfully to this woman, not only respectful, but also worshipful.

She nodded gently, took off her windbreaker, revealing her body that was too criminal and full of hormones.

She is obviously the ultimate stunner, and she can’t look away from any man after changing her eyes, but the men in the bar dare not look at it more, their eyes are clear, and they dare not have a trace of disrespect. Because they know very well what kind of character the boss is, and what will happen if they offend her!

Moreover, they respect the boss from the bottom of their hearts, and there can be no trace of blasphemy.

The boss nodded lightly as a response to them, and then her gaze was attracted by Wayne Lin on the sofa, and she couldn’t move away anymore. Her eyesight was so good that she could still see it in such a dim light. The tear marks at the corner of Wayne Lin’s eyes, as well as Wayne Lin’s frowning brows, the sadness between them.

“He clicked the Blue Phantom as soon as he came?” She asked, her voice overly nice.

The Huzha bartender nodded and said, “Yes. Lord, he seems to have a lot of thoughts, and I feel that he has experienced a lot of vicissitudes.”

The boss was silent for a while, then she waved her hand and said to them: “I see, you all go back, I will stay and take care of him.”

“Yes, boss.”

They responded in unison, and then left together.

For a long time, the boss and sleeping Wayne Lin were left in the huge bar.

The boss squatted down in front of Wayne Lin and gently stroked Wayne Lin’s brows, “One, you are finally back, I have been waiting for you for a long, long time.”

The boss looked at Wayne Lin, with endless tenderness and affection in his eyes.

She thought Wayne Lin would never come back, and she had to give up many times, but fortunately, Wayne Lin returned.

Slowly smoothing the sadness between Wayne Lin’s eyebrows, the boss then touched Wayne Lin’s cheeks lovingly, “One, what makes you so sad that you want to drink the blue phantom to help you sleep?”

“But what happened to you, now that you come back, I won’t let you leave.” The boss said with a firm gaze, and great determination burst out from her eyes.


Wayne Lin seems to have entered a different dimension. Here, it seems that there is no body, no weight, only consciousness is left, floating and floating, floating upward.

Scene after scene appeared in front of him, some of which he learned from his grandfather at the beginning, and some of Lin Zihao’s fights

Struggle, and the tenderness between relatives.

Later, these beautiful pictures, like a broken mirror, collapsed in front of him, and what followed was the sad news of Grandpa, who became a vegetable, and he became the culprit of the frame, no matter how he explained, struggled, or begged, No one believed him. He knelt in front of everyone, like a dog, suffered countless beatings and insults, and was finally expelled from the Lin family and became a bereaved dog.

Moreover, in order to avoid the Lin family’s rush to kill, he entered the Chu family and became the son-in-law of life and hibernated.

He thought about leaving Huarvell, but Lin Zihao obviously wouldn’t agree, because Lin Zihao knew his abilities, and Lin Zihao was relieved only by living under the sight of the Lin family.

Fortunately, Huang Tian lived up to his intentions. Grandpa woke up at the last moment, cleared him of the crime, and inherited all his inheritance to him.

The picture changed again, it was the bit by bit after he married Alma Chu…

There were crying and laughing, happy and sad, and finally he fell in love with Alma Chu imperceptibly.

It’s a pity that the sky didn’t follow everyone’s wishes. He finally divorced Alma Chu. The scene repeated in front of him, but he couldn’t recover it, couldn’t touch it, and suffered the extreme!

He slept for a long, long time, and his consciousness wandered between heaven and earth. I don’t know how long it took before he returned to his body. He slowly opened his eyes and felt the control of his body.

The side effects of the Blue Phantom are still too great, and now his head is tingling.

Regaining his sight, he saw a piece of beautiful hair, lying in front of him, and smelled the fragrance of orchids floating over him.

He knew who the person in front of him was, and tried to sit up cautiously, but when he moved, the other party already felt it. He immediately sat up, saw him, and smiled, “You are awake.”

This is a beautiful face to the extreme, impeccable, every part of it is carefully crafted, it is a perfect artwork of God.

Such a woman, if it were in ancient times, would be a disaster for the country and the people, not to mention her figure, which is so hot that she is completely a combination of angels and witches.

“Well, how long have I slept.”

The woman looked down at her phone and said with a smile: “It’s been 18 hours, and your physique has deteriorated. You used to drink Blue Phantom and you couldn’t sleep for four hours.”

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly: “Yes, my physique has deteriorated a lot.”

The woman sat next to Wayne Lin and said, “Where have you been in the past few years? Why have you never come back.”

“Actually, I have always been in Huarvell and have never left.” Wayne Lin said.

The woman was stunned for a moment, and then she forcefully said with certainty: “Impossible! I have searched for the entire Hwadrid Fortress, you are not in Hwadrid Fortress at all.”

“Haha.” Wayne Lin smiled slightly, without explaining too much, the woman immediately realized something, she raised her eyebrows displeasedly, “Are you always hiding from me on purpose?!”

Wayne Lin didn’t deny it, but said: “Not just hiding from you, but hiding from you.”

“Why?” The woman was very unhappy.

Wayne Lin stood up, he stretched his waist, his body made a clicking sound, like fried beans: “Okay, wake up, I should also go.”

The woman’s face suddenly changed, and she grabbed Wayne Lin and said, “one! Why do you keep avoiding us? Give me a reason.”

“I’m tired of the previous life, it’s that simple.” Wayne Lin shrugged and said, “No need to give it away. I will come back to you when I have time.”

Chapter 163

After speaking, he walked over, lifted the gate with one hand, and left the bar, facing him with the warm sunshine.

The woman looked at him from behind, trying to catch up several times, but in the end, she held it back. Because she understands Wayne Lin’s character and knows that Wayne Lin has made a decision, even if she goes after it, it will be futile, but it will cause Wayne Lin’s displeasure.

She sighed bitterly, then called to get them back.

Wayne Lin slept for 18 hours, and now his spirit is back. He is not a person who is easily depressed. Divorcing Alma Chu is indeed a bit hurtful for him, but it is not enough. Defeat him and make him feel depressed.

Now he slept, he recovered a lot, and life has to go on. He still has too many things waiting for him to do.

After Ye Se came out in 1998, he went directly to Ziqiong Company and started to work.

It seems that everything is back to the original track, except that there is no Alma Chu.

And what is Alma Chu doing?

In fact, she was the opposite of Wayne Lin. She didn’t sleep long, and always woke up quickly, and then went to work.

Wayne Lin’s departure was not a trivial matter for her, although she also couldn’t figure out why she was so sad, obviously she didn’t love Wayne Lin.

Later, she thought for a long time, and finally figured out that she had been in love for so long. But this love is not love, but family love. Even a dog that has been raised for four years is sad when it disappears suddenly, let alone a human being, right?

It must be so, she tried to say to herself.

She can only devote all her energy to work so that she will not feel sad.

Under her leadership, Centec has given a brand new vitality, not only has survived the previous crisis, but has also flourished, and its scale has expanded a lot.

In this regard, she is quite proud and satisfied.

Except that I think of Wayne Lin from time to time, everything else is fine.


“I won’t go back!”

Guo Junyi said to Guo Yuanjia in front of him, turning her face aside with resentment between her voice.

Guo Yuanjia came to Guo Junyi himself. Originally, he wanted to see Wayne Lin, but he sent his own people to find Wayne Lin, but he didn’t find Wayne Lin. In the end, he had to come to Guo Junyi himself.

Just like Guo Yuanfeng’s, the engagement banquet will be held the day after tomorrow, and Guo Junyi hasn’t come back by that time, so it would be too decent.

So in desperation, he had to come to Guo Junyi personally. He only had one daughter, Guo Junyi. It would be impossible to say whether it hurts or cares.

“Daddy apologizes to you, don’t be angry with your dad, okay?” Guo Yuanjia’s tone eased a lot and said to Guo Junyi.

Guo Junyi’s mother Liu Yuan took Guo Junyi’s hand and persuaded him: “Junyi, you’ve been out for almost a week, and your parents are almost worried about you at home. If something happens to you, let your parents How do you live? Now that your parents are looking for you, don’t get angry and go home with your parents.”

“Hmph, if you care about me, why do you insist that I marry Huang Wenhua!” Guo Junyi was angry at this, “You know I don’t like him.”

Liu Yuan and Guo Yuanjia looked at each other, and both saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“Huang Wenhua’s child is very good, sensible, self-cultivation, and capable. The key is to be the same as our Guo family, and the character is also very good. If you marry him, you will definitely be very happy.” Liu Yuan said patiently.


Guo Junyi immediately said disdainfully: “Fart! Wayne Lin said, Huang Wenhua is a scumbag, especially distressed, I don’t know how many women have played with him. It’s just that he has done a good job on the surface, and you elders don’t know. That’s it! If I really marry him, it would be a fire pit, and my life would be over.”

Guo Yuanjia and Liu Yuan looked at each other again, and then Liu Yuan asked: “Junyi, who is this Wayne Lin you are talking about?”

Guo Junyi immediately rolled her eyes and said disdainfully: “Please don’t pretend, mom, uncle must have told you everything!”

“You girl, Yuan Feng is your uncle anyway, how can you smash him like that.” Guo Yuan decked his face and frowned.

“He was unreasonable at first. You haven’t seen how fierce he was that night. If Wayne Lin hadn’t come to rescue me, I would have been tied back by him.” Guo Junyi complained.

Then, she began to complain about Guo Yuanfeng and said that Guo Yuanfeng must have received Huang Wenhua’s benefits, so she worked so hard to speak to Huang Wenhua.

Guo Yuanjia was a little dizzy when he heard it. He knew that there would be no results if he listened to it like this. He said directly: “Okay, okay, don’t talk about this. You call your little boyfriend home tonight, and let mom and dad see what he is. People, if they really suit you, make plans.”

Guo Junyi was taken aback for a moment, and then she opened her eyes wide, and said excitedly: “Really?!”

“Nonsense, when have I joked with you?” Guo Yuan said with a face.

“It’s also…” Guo Junyi’s expression couldn’t conceal her joy, but I quickly, she thought of something, and immediately cursed mourning again. The key point is that Wayne Lin is not her boyfriend, just an ordinary friend, besides, Just after Wayne Lin got divorced, it was too much to let him come to see his parents. According to Wayne Lin’s character, he would probably not agree.

Seeing her hesitate, Guo Yuanjia said, “What? Are there difficulties?”

“Well, let me try it.” Guo Junyi said embarrassedly. Then, she ran aside and started calling Wayne Lin, but the result was that the call could not be connected.

She hit several times, but still couldn’t get through.

Finally, he had no choice but to walk over and said: “He has something wrong and can’t walk away. Or, will it be a while?”

“What?” Guo Yuanjia frowned immediately, and said in a bad tone: “He is so big that I don’t even want to see him? Tell me, what does your little boyfriend do, where did you come from? .”

Guo Junyi froze and couldn’t tell. At first she really didn’t understand what Wayne Lin did. At present, she only knew that Wayne Lin was the son-in-law of the Chu family, and she just divorced.

It’s just that she can’t tell her parents about this information, otherwise her parents won’t be able to explode directly.

Finally, she went back with her parents.

In fact, she also knew that if she didn’t go back at this time, it was too unreasonable, and the engagement banquet would be held the day after tomorrow.

She prayed in her heart, it’s better for Huang Wenhua to have an accident. If you can’t attend the engagement banquet, it would be best!

So, can Huang Wenhua come to the engagement banquet?

the answer is negative.

In the end, Wayne Lin’s kicking stone hurt him too much, and almost killed him!

Fortunately, he made a call in time and asked the family to send someone over. He was sent to the hospital in time and saved his life.

“Son, who beat you like this, tell dad!” Sitting next to Huang Wenhua, was a middle-aged man with an angry face.

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