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Chapter 584

The sky began to rain slightly, and there were seven or eight young people in a certain place in Qilian Mountain, and they came here to explore.

One of the men walking in the forefront spoke in a mysterious tone deliberately, “Hey, do you know why there was a legend in Qilian Mountain long ago?”

His expression and tone were too mysterious, and it aroused the appetite of others, and a girl immediately asked, “What is the legend?”

Others also stopped and looked at him curiously. He moistened his throat and continued to say in a very mysterious manner: “It is said that there was a fight on Qilian Mountain, and many people died each time. At twelve o’clock in the evening, a lot of evil spirits will run out, day after day, and it hasn’t stopped for decades!”

“Cut.” Someone immediately raised a middle finger to him disdainfully, and said: “You lie to ghosts, what age are you, and still use superstition to deceive people?”

Others also looked at him mockingly, feeling very disdainful of him.

The man was not angry at all, and said, “Hmph, I knew you would not believe it, but it doesn’t matter. It’s almost twelve o’clock anyway, and it’s too late for us to go down the mountain. When the time comes, you will know that Is it true? Haha! Don’t blame me for not reminding you, when those things come out, don’t be scared to pee your pants!”

He had a very determined look, which made the girls in the team start to get scared, and now it is late at night, on Qilian Mountain, it looks particularly gloomy and terrifying.

Suddenly a girl said: “Wang Gang, don’t joke anymore. In this world, there is no wrongdoing.”

“Sakura, just listen to him bragging, he proposed the adventure tonight, so he deliberately made up stories to deceive us.”

Wang Gang snorted heavily, and he said angrily, “Hmph, don’t believe it! Do you know that there was a huge explosion on Qilian Mountain three days ago? Bang, bang, I heard it for several kilometers. It was done by the government in order to blow up these wronged souls!”

“Really?” Two girls started to be scared and shivered.

“Of course it is true. When did I lie to you?” Wang Gang deliberately shone a flashlight on his face, looking terrifying, and deliberately said in a gloomy tone: “But we are here to explore. Interesting, hehe.”

Hearing what he said, the girls in the team suddenly became scared a lot, and their heartbeats accelerated a lot. They couldn’t help approaching the boys around them, making those boys feel refreshed.

However, at this moment, suddenly, on their left, there was a whispering voice. It seemed that something crawled out of the ground. At this moment, their nerves were highly concentrated, and they immediately held it. Take a breath!

A girl screamed and threw herself into the arms of the boy next to her, shivering.

Wang Gang was also stunned. He was just making up a story just now, in order to deliberately frighten these girls so as to give them a hug. Didn’t expect there to be any movement?

“Oh my God, did you hear it, there is a voice!”

“What should I do, is there really something dirty?”

These voices still haven’t disappeared, and even faintly, I heard a trace of gasping.

Wang Gang swallowed, took the opportunity to hug the girl next to him, and said, “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

Then he flashed it with a flashlight, only to see a scene that made his scalp numb!

I saw in that pit, a hand stretched out, as if there was something, crawling out of it.

Everyone saw this scene, and they were so scared that they screamed and lost their souls, especially those girls who were so scared that their whole bodies were weakened.

Can’t stand still.

Wang Gang was also stunned. He never expected that there would really be dirt on Qilian Mountain, which was too terrifying.

There were originally two boys who were very courageous and vowed to get rid of if there were any dirty things, but now they were so scared that they turned pale, turned around and screamed while running.

“There really is something dirty, what, what should I do? Wang Gang… I’m so scared…” A girl was so scared that her feet became soft and collapsed.

Wang Gang was also panicking now, his lips were trembling, he pushed the girl away, and began to rush down the mountain.

Two girls were left there, alone and helpless. Soon, they saw that arm came out, and then another head came out. It was a blood-stained person. They were so scared that they fainted!

On Qilian Mountain, silence was restored again, and the faint moon shone, and it seemed that only the moon in the sky could see the scene in front of him.

Not long afterwards, the blood-stained person in the pit crawled out of the pit with difficulty, coughed a few times in pain, and then lay weakly on the ground. He looked at the full moon in the sky and began to laugh.

“Hahaha, I’m not dead, I survived, haha…cough cough cough…” He laughed, laughing until he was choked, and tears fell.

He is Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin who survived catastrophe!

For three days, he was unconscious in the pit for three days and three nights, and was buried in the soil. Fortunately, he prepared in advance to ensure that even if the pit was buried, there would still be oxygen supply so that he could survive successfully. Come down!

In these three days, several waves of people have come to search, in addition to Jian Rushuang and Nishang, there are also three places in Xuanyuan, one place in Xuanyuan, two places in Xuanyuan, and other forces, but he has not been found.

Because of this explosion, he was buried alive directly, and he could survive this way, I have to say, this is a miracle, an absolute miracle! If Jian Rushuang knew about it, he would definitely admire him even more, and even fear it!

However, even if he is alive now, the injuries on his body are really too serious. Not to mention the impact of the final big explosion, the injuries that Jian Rushuang brought to him were also extremely serious. Peng Zhuo was replaced. , Zhong Tao and others were already dead, and it was a miracle that Wayne Lin was able to survive.

He gasped for breath, feeling the injury on his body. He couldn’t help but smile. It was still too heavy. He didn’t know how many bones had been broken. It would be almost impossible to return to normal.

This is the price he paid for grabbing the heaven and earth spirit fruit in front of Jian Rushuang.

After resting for a full half an hour, he started to stand up staggeringly, ready to go down the mountain, first find a place to hide, and heal his injuries.

He staggered, taking every step very hard, not because he was weak, but because he was really injured. The bones of his body were at least half broken, and every step was extremely painful.

From the mountain to the mountainside, it was only about one kilometer away. He walked for three full hours, and on several occasions, he almost couldn’t stand still and rolled down the mountain!

But even so, all his strength has been exhausted, and he had to stop and start to gasp, but he did not dare to gasp, because his internal organs were injured too badly, and gasping like this would aggravate him. Internal injuries.

After resting for a while, he regained some strength, and stood up staggered again, ready to go down the mountain.

However, at this moment, from the bottom of the mountain, a jeep drove up, and the lights came over. Someone was driving up the mountain. It happened that the lights hit five meters to his left, making him stare. , Showing an incredible expression!

“How is this possible?!” When Wayne Lin saw what was in front of him, he was dumbfounded.

Chapter 585

But isn’t it? The one lying quietly in front of him is actually another spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, or a colorful origin fruit! ! !

When he saw it, the whole person was completely confused, and he suspected that he had hallucinations.

How is this possible, Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit, isn’t it only one in 112 years? And it ended up on the Lion Rock, how come it ended up on the Qilian Mountain? The most unbelievable thing is that such a precious treasure of the spirit fruit of heaven and earth has attracted countless people’s coveted and fought for it, but now, this spirit fruit of heaven and earth is blooming on the roadside, no one cares?

This contrast was so great that Wayne Lin was completely taken aback for a while before he came back to his senses.

Without saying anything, he walked over quickly, squatted down, and carefully looked at this spiritual fruit of heaven and earth!

His heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot, his eyes widened, and he was even afraid that he had an illusion. He pinched himself hard and felt pain. He realized that this was not an illusion, but a real thing. The one in front of him is really another heaven and earth spirit fruit!

He really wanted to laugh out loud, quite a feeling that there is no way out of doubt, and the willows are in the dark!

With this heaven and earth spirit fruit, as long as he swallows it, the injuries on his body can be recovered, and the rich life source can even make him break through to the congenital realm of great perfection, and even impact that the legendary King Kong is not bad. , It’s not impossible!

He took a deep breath, calmed himself down immediately, and quickly swallowed the heaven and earth spirit fruit.

Mainly now there is a jeep going up the mountain, if he is also found out, and the Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit is taken away, that would be bad.

So he quickly picked off the heaven and earth spirit fruit, and immediately found something wrong.

“What’s the situation, how can this heaven and earth spirit fruit have eight colors?” Wayne Lin was stunned, and he counted it carefully again, and was sure that the heaven and earth spirit fruit in his hand actually had eight colors. Kinds of colors, not the first seven colors!

This couldn’t help but stunned him. Could it be that this is another kind of heaven and earth spirit fruit, the eight-color origin fruit?

Seeing that the jeep was getting closer now, he couldn’t take care of that much anymore, and with all his strength, he peeled off the skin of the heaven and earth spirit fruit, and then swallowed it in one bite!

At the beginning, I didn’t feel anything. It seemed that he had just swallowed an ordinary fruit. Wayne Lin’s mood immediately fell. “Could it be that it’s just an ordinary fruit?”

However, immediately, an unprecedented strong medicinal power melted in his stomach, with a boom, too domineering, and stunned him.

And this strong medicinal power directly impacted his mind…

“Not good!” Wayne Lin realized that it was not good, his face changed abruptly, he stood up quickly, and rushed down the mountain. At that moment, the jeep that had driven up from the mountain had already drove in front of him and banged him into flight. Got out.

And under this collision, he also passed out.

“Oh my God! Sister Hong, you seemed to hit someone just now!” A girl exclaimed when the co-pilot boarded.

In the driving seat, there was a woman with a nice face and a panic. She had seen it just now, and she slammed on the brakes, her face was pale.

She was gasping for breath, her mind was pale, she had hit someone just now, and she was driving so fast that the other person was knocked out.

“What should I do? Sister Hong, that person doesn’t seem to move anymore, maybe he’s already dead?

? “The girl next to her said very worriedly. She was so frightened that she even wanted to cry.

Sister Hong bit her lip tightly. She came out this time because she had a conflict with her family. Angrily, she drove out and drove aimlessly all the way to Qilian Mountain without knowing it. Originally, she was only planning to go to Qilian Mountain to relax herself, but she never expected that she would hit someone, and it seemed that the other party was already, no longer…

She knew how fast she was just now, and it was very likely that she would kill someone.

The girl next to him said again: “Sister Hong, it doesn’t matter, anyway, there is no camera in the wilderness, we can escape, and we will not be caught! Let’s go quickly!”

The temptation of this sentence was so great that Sister Hong was immediately moved.

But the next moment, she shook her head and resolutely said: “No! I can’t just leave, if the other party is still not dead and still saved, then I didn’t kill a life!”

The girl next to him said: “Oh Sister Hong, what are you talking about? Even if you die, his life is not good. What does it have to do with you? Besides, this man ran into the wilderness in the middle of the night. Linglai, maybe he was the bad guy who robbed him, and he deserved it if he died! So let’s go quickly, no one knows anyway.”

The temptation of these words was great, but for Sister Hong, she did not listen, but her eyes became more determined. She took a deep breath, then opened the door and walked out of the car.

And her behavior made the face of the girl in the co-pilot even more ugly.

Sister Hong’s heartbeat is also very fast now, especially nervous and panicked. She walked over slowly under the light of the car lights, and finally saw Wayne Lin lying on the ground.

When she saw Wayne Lin clearly, she immediately covered her mouth, because Wayne Lin looked too embarrassed now, not to mention her ragged clothes, her body covered in cuts and bruises, covered in blood, and she looked very scary.

She was trembling with fear, but she still endured the fear, squatted down, stretched out her trembling hand, and tried Wayne Lin’s breath, and found that Wayne Lin was still breathing, and there was a heartbeat, she breathed a sigh of relief , Said to himself: “It’s good if you don’t die, it’s good if you don’t die.”

Then, she waved to the girl in the co-pilot, asked the other person to come together, and carried Wayne Lin back.

At first, the girl was reluctant to live and die, but later Hong Sister became angry, and she knew she agreed.

And they didn’t see that the wound on Wayne Lin’s body was slowly healing, and the blood from the wound no longer flowed out.


Time flickered and another day passed.

Wayne Lin had a very long dream in this day. In the dream, he dreamed of many things, some good and some bad.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide and yelled, “I can’t die, I can’t die!”

His exclamation shocked the two people in the room.

“Hey, you are sick, what are you doing so loudly?!”

A sharp voice sounded and said annoyingly.

Wayne Lin heard the voice, looked over, and saw a beautiful face, a woman in her early twenties, very strange, he had never seen it before.

Moreover, the layout of this room is also very unfamiliar, and he was stunned for a while.

Chapter 586

“you are?”

Wayne Lin asked, his voice was hoarse, and he was very thirsty and hungry.

The beautiful-looking woman rolled her eyes and said angrily: “You are ashamed to ask me? It was not me and Sister Hong who rescued you, you are already dead! You unscrupulous fellow, we have served you day and night. Well, you wake up now and scare us.”

At this time, on the other side, a much gentler voice sounded, “Hello this gentleman, do you feel better now?”

Wayne Lin looked over immediately, and suddenly saw a delicate and beautiful face, a long-haired shawl, a very intellectual and elegant woman, looking at him with a smile.

I have to say that even if Wayne Lin has seen a lot of beautiful women, the woman in front of him is still considered to be in the top rank, feeling like a big sister next door.

Wayne Lin asked, “Did you rescue us?”

Now Wayne Lin’s brain is slowly regaining consciousness. He probably guessed something when he saw the situation before him. He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. He didn’t expect that he survived a catastrophe and was actually rescued by two women.

Before the intellectual and elegant woman had time to speak, the beautiful woman just said, “Of course! You ran to Qilian Mountain all night, and you were all dirty, bruised and broken, with broken bones. If it weren’t for our kindness to rescue you, you would be dead now! We are your saviors, and you will repay our kindness in the future!”

When Wayne Lin heard this, his face immediately became straight. He sat up from the bed and quickly apologized to the two women, and said seriously: “Thank you for the life-saving grace of the two young ladies. Lin will certainly repay them well in the future. Miss!”

He was very serious and serious, but it made the delicate woman stunned, and Sister Hong immediately said: “Mr. Lin, you must not listen to her nonsense! In fact, I should still say sorry to you if It’s not that I drove too fast, I wouldn’t hit you, and your injury wouldn’t be so severe! Speaking of which, I should apologize to you!”

With that, Sister Hong stood up and wanted to bow to Wayne Lin.

The delicate woman stomped her feet next to her and rolled her eyes frantically. She really convinced Sister Hong and told the other party the truth. Didn’t this make the other party hate herself! The credit has become a fault, stupid, so stupid!

Wayne Lin just remembered that that night, he woke up from Qilian Mountain, then walked to the mountainside, and then under the light of the car lights, he found the second heaven and earth spirit fruit, and he quickly swallowed it, and the result was surging. The strength of the medicine broke his whole body, and even rushed into his brain, causing him to lose control on the spot, ran out, and was hit.

Thinking of this, he suddenly realized something, and immediately checked himself quickly!

Soon, he felt that these injuries on his body had actually recovered more and more, and even the broken bones had been on the street now!

And most importantly, his life origin is too rich!

He now feels that he is full of power. Although his body is quite weak now, his life origin is too rich, several times what he was before! He has a strong feeling that when these injuries on his body are completely recovered, then he will soon break through to the innate realm of Dzogchen!

And can rush

It’s not impossible that shocking King Kong is not bad.

From this point of view, he survived a catastrophe this time, a blessing in disguise, hahahaha…

It was really so excited that he couldn’t control his emotions for a while and laughed loudly: “Hahahahahaha…”

With his appearance, the two women in the ward were shocked, and they looked at him in astonishment.

The delicate and beautiful woman was completely looking at her insane eyes. From the beginning, she did not advocate saving Wayne Lin. She was so miserable and suffered such a serious injury. She knew at first glance that it was not someone. She rescued this kind of person. Just cause trouble for yourself.

In the eyes of Sister Hong, there were more worries. She was afraid that Wayne Lin was stunned by her, and there was a problem in her mind.

“This person is crazy.” The delicate woman rolled her eyes wildly.

Sister Hong asked worriedly: “Mr. Lin, are you okay? Do you remember your name and the contact information of your family?”

Wayne Lin stopped laughing, he was particularly excited now!

This is not to blame him, who has been changed, such a big ups and downs, a blessing in disguise, or such a big blessing, will not be able to restrain his emotions, ecstatic!

Now that Wayne Lin was able to stop so quickly and restrain himself, he was considered restrained.

He clenched his fists, and his eyes burst out with unprecedented light, as dazzling and terrifying as the sun. After Sister Hong looked at it, she immediately dared not look at each other.

“Sword Rushuang, you wait for me! When I cultivate to the congenital realm, I will definitely visit you!” Wayne Lin gritted his teeth. This is his declaration, “Mom, wait until I successfully break through to the congenital realm. The realm of great consummation will definitely go to BRAGRUN organization to pick you up!”

Now Wayne Lin’s mind is turning very fast. In just a few seconds, he thought of many things, not only with BRAGRUN organization, but also with Alma Chu, the clown, Damon Wang and Jeff Han. , And the three places of Xuanyuan…

The current status quo, as well as what he should do when he returns, began to practice in his mind.

Although his injuries are still serious now, he is recovering quickly. The life source of this heaven and earth spirit fruit is too rich, in Wayne Lin’s perception, it even exceeds the one that Alma Chu swallowed. Stars!

Because this heaven and earth spirit fruit has eight colors, and the shape of the fruit is even bigger.

As for why the second heaven and earth spirit fruit was born, and it was more precious than the first, this was not something he could figure out for the time being.

Seeing him like this, Sister Hong thought that he had a mental problem, so she hurried out, found a doctor, and came back to examine him.

After an examination, the doctor opened his eyes wide and said in amazement: “This… the injury on his body has healed more than half overnight. How can this be possible?”

He took the results of Wayne Lin’s report and couldn’t believe it. Especially, it was obvious that some bones had been broken, and now they have been repaired by themselves. This is totally subverting science!

Several other doctors were alarmed. Later, this incident was really weird. They didn’t believe it was true at all. They all agreed that the machine must have malfunctioned during the first inspection.

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