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Chapter 752

Li Dao: “…”

General Qin: “…”

Everyone in the Yandu camp: “…”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, they were all speechless. They all looked at Wayne Lin like a fool. They felt that Wayne Lin must be crazy, so they said such words.

Who is Li Dao, an absolute master, even if he is a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, he dare not be arrogant, just defeat Li Dao with just one move!

As for the three places in Xuanyuan, they were all very excited. It was not the first time they met Wayne Lin. They knew that Wayne Lin was not a person who likes to brag, because every time Wayne Lin said arrogantly, it was actually the last He has achieved it.

Just like now, Wayne Lin said that he would be able to defeat Li Dao with one stroke.

The corner of Li Dao’s mouth twitched twice again, and then he let out a wild laugh, his entire face flushed, and his intense anger made him tremble all over: “Hahahaha! Good! Good! Me? Even if you are a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, I dare not be so arrogant! I want to see, how can you defeat me with one move!”

After saying this, he brazenly shot.

I saw his eyes widened suddenly, like a copper bell, and the kind that still glowed. In an instant, in the huge banquet hall, the lights suddenly became much brighter, and even some people with a lower realm directly thought of it. They all stopped running, even the heartbeat stopped.

It seemed that for a second, the time around them had stopped, which shows how powerful Li Dao’s momentum is.

Li Dao was really hot now. Originally, for him, facing Wayne Lin’s ants, he could use at most 50% of his strength to crush it. But now, he directly used ten% of his strength, and he wanted to crush Wayne Lin with an absolutely violent and invincible attitude!

He wants to shoot Wayne Lin directly into mud.

Anyway, he had obtained General Qin’s permission just now, and the sky fell, and General Qin was supporting him. What was he afraid of?

There was a roar, almost for an instant, without any barriers in between, Li Dao had already rushed to Wayne Lin’s front, and then took it with a palm of his hand, unexpectedly brought the sound of lightning and thunder.

“Boom boom!”

At this moment, in everyone’s eyes, Li Dao is no longer a human, but a thunder from heaven and earth, his palm contains the supreme energy of thunder and lightning, under one palm, Wayne Lin can be smashed into ashes.

Right now, Peng Zhuo’s expression changed when he saw Li Dao’s move, and he blurted out, “No, Li Dao, who doesn’t follow the rules, is a killer move! He really wants to kill Instructor Lin. !”

Zhao Xia also had a numb scalp. He thought that Li Dao was only a master in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and he could not be Wayne Lin’s opponent. However, under the palm of Li Dao, with all his strength, he even hit the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. The strength!

Moreover, the worst thing was that Wayne Lin seemed to be distracted. He watched Li Dao’s palm and took it, but he didn’t respond, let alone stop him!

If this were filmed, Wayne Lin would not be able to stand it even if he had a physique of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm!

If Wayne Lin’s cultivation base can’t stop Li Dao, then their three places of Xuanyuan’s face will really be lost!

At that time, General Qin will definitely go back to Yandu, and as reported above, apply to hand over the important task of holding the Kung Fu Cup.

In this way, the three places of Xuanyuan became a joke, and the road to rise became even more difficult.

As for the people from the Yandu camp, they saw that Li Dao was a big killer move, and they all showed meaningful smiles. They felt that Li Dao was the winner, and even in their minds, they had already seen Wayne Lin’s betrayal. Li Dao slapped him to death.

General Qin also nodded secretly, making no secret of his appreciation for Li Dao.

Not to mention Li Dao himself, he smiled most proudly.

However, just when everyone thought that Wayne Lin was going to suffer hard, they heard a bang, and then a scream of pain and sorrow spread throughout the audience, “Ah!!!”

It was Wayne Lin who made the move, and no one has seen how Wayne Lin made it. It seemed that it was just a flash of electric light. It was obvious that the palm of Li Dao was about to slap Wayne Lin’s chest, but immediately, Wayne Lin He also started to make a move. The fist directly collided with the palm of Li Dao, and it was like a rotten one. He directly broke Li Dao’s palm, and then hit Li Dao’s chest with a heavy punch, which was extremely heavy. The fist hit Li Dao’s chest unimpeded, and his strength was so fierce that he directly punched a hole in Li Dao’s chest and sunk it, and Li Dao’s huge body of two hundred kilograms also flew out heavily.

It was too late to say, from Li Dao’s sudden shot, to Wayne Lin’s counterattack, and finally to Li Dao screaming and flying out. The total amount was only a blink of an eye, and it was almost impossible to respond.

It is also a master of the congenital realm, who has developed eyesight and can respond. As for other ordinary people, who are lower than the congenital realm, the retina can not keep up at all. He only heard Li Dao’s move, and then screamed and flew out.

All of a sudden, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, each of them opened their eyes wide, dumbfounded, and desperate, even Peng Zhuo couldn’t react for a while.

They knew that Wayne Lin was strong, but they never thought that Wayne Lin would be so strong.

Wayne Lin said a move just now, but this move was too fast, and he just punched it.

This huge change, a huge contrast, especially made everyone in the Yandu camp dumbfounded, thinking that they had hallucinations!

Even General Qin, as a big man who has experienced the storms and waves, now has a stunned expression, and he is still unbelievable, and can’t believe that everything in front of him is true.


In the end, it was Wayne Lin himself who broke the silence. He patted his palms, as if he had just done a trivial thing, and said, “You can’t even catch my punch. You dare to come to my Xuanyuan three places. Who gives you the courage to run wild on the ground?”

Guru Guru!

Finally, after hearing Wayne Lin’s words, someone reacted and swallowed frantically.

Li Dao hit this punch, his breath suddenly weakened a lot, and he was dying.

But he didn’t faint, but opened his eyes wide and looked at Wayne Lin like a ghost.

Others don’t know, but as he himself, he felt the horror of Wayne Lin’s punch just now!

Even if it were, the little Valkyrie, the number one master of Yandu, didn’t seem to be so scary!

Chapter 753

There is no way to describe the shock in Li Dao’s heart now!

He had never seen such a powerful person. With the punch just now, he seemed to have seen the end of the world, and the sky was about to fall. He had no doubt that the palm of Wayne Lin just now could slap him to death!

You know, how old is Wayne Lin? He is only 28 years old this year, is his cultivation so terrifying?

When he was in Yandu, he had heard that there was an evildoer in Xuanyuan’s three places. He was so tough that he didn’t believe it, but now he has to believe it, and Wayne Lin’s punch just revealed it. The strength is even more powerful than rumored!

As for the others, they were all stunned, afraid to speak, for fear that they would disturb Wayne Lin and cause Wayne Lin’s displeasure.

The people at Xuanyuan Three were excited, and Zhao Xia laughed loudly: “Instructor Lin is mighty! He defeated Li Dao with one punch, hahaha!”

Sun Liang couldn’t help laughing, his face flushed, “Li Dao, what did you say just now, look down on us at Xuanyuan 3, thinking that our instructor Lin was a speculation? How about it, do you still have this opinion now? ?”

Others also ridiculed mercilessly and beat down the dog.

Li Dao’s face was blue and white, and he didn’t dare to refute it. There was no way. The punch Wayne Lin had just frightened him, especially now that he felt the painful pain! The ribs on his chest were all broken and sunken in. If his body wasn’t strong enough, he would have passed out in pain now.

Wayne Lin patted his sleeves, as if he had only done a trivial thing, and said to Peng Zhuo: “Director Peng, do you need to deal with the remaining people?”

Peng Zhuo was excited, and suddenly he was startled when he heard Wayne Lin’s words.

These are the big people from Yandu. A Li Dao’s identity is not too noble, and Li Dao is provocative enough, and there is nothing wrong with it, but others are not, especially General Qin, who is a big man, Xuanyuan Sanshi How dare to offend.

As for the people who came to Yandu, they were shocked when they heard Wayne Lin’s words. General Qin including General Qin raised their eyebrows fiercely and became nervous. If Wayne Lin really wanted to treat them Shot, then they really can’t deal with it!

Peng Zhuo quickly said, “No, no, they are all colleagues from Yandu. They are mainly responsible for the organization of this Kung Fu Cup, and they have a cooperative relationship with us.”

General Qin and the others, when they heard Peng Zhuo’s words, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. They were really afraid that Wayne Lin was a stunned boy, so they went crazy and shot them.

“Really?” Wayne Lin said, and then he didn’t continue to speak. His mission had already been accomplished. He helped Xuanyuan find the place in the three places. How to negotiate next is up to Peng Zhuo, Sun Liang and others.

Because of Wayne Lin’s awe-inspiring a while ago, now Yandu Fang’s camp obviously doesn’t dare to be as arrogant as it was just now, and has put away its contempt, and its attitude is involuntarily better.

Wayne Lin was sitting on the side, eating quietly, looking very low-key, but no one just ignored him. On the contrary, he unknowingly became the focus of the audience. On the side of Yandu Square, everyone Very jealous of him.

“Old Li, what was your situation just now? Why was this kid defeated with a punch?”

“Yes, instructor Li, you are an extremely strong person in the fourth stage of the innate realm. You can’t even beat you in the three tricks of the little Wu Shen. Why did you lose to this surname Lin?”

“Li Dao, you have lost our Yandu’s face this time!”

In the Yandu camp, many people began to complain, asking Li Dao.

Although Li Dao was seriously injured, he was a strong man in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. He was far more powerful than ordinary people. In addition, Wayne Lin did not kill him just now, so his injury was not too great for him. Seriously, after this short-answer bandage, you can move normally without going to the hospital.

Li Dao looked at Wayne Lin deeply, his face still pale, and his heart lingered, he took a deep breath and said, “The recent rumors are not hype. This surnamed Lin really has a congenital perfection. His strength! Even, his strength is higher than that of Little Valkyrie!”


“Really, this is impossible!”

“Yeah, who is the Little Valkyrie? We are the number one master of Yandu, even the old man of the military god, said that the Little Valkyrie is a rare martial arts wizard in a century. Within ten years, he is expected to break through Divine!”

“Li Dao, you shouldn’t have been beaten stupid.”

Several people expressed doubts and disagreements. Indeed, the Little Valkyrie was so famous in Yandu, and to them, he was like an idol and was also a sign of Yandu.

Now suddenly a member of the Xuanyuan three places came out, and his strength surpassed the Little Warrior. Who would believe this?

This is similar to the martial arts leader who has been in the world for many years. Now suddenly he does not know from which corner a kid has emerged. It is just because he defeated a master, he is said to be the number one master and compared the martial arts leader.

Li Dao snorted and said, “If you don’t believe me, don’t worry, how strong is my strength, don’t you know? The punch just now, if not for the other side’s mercy, I’m already dead!”

Although he was very reluctant to admit this fact, he had to say it, otherwise it would appear that he was too incompetent.

Everyone knows something about Li Dao. Knowing that Li Dao is not lying, they are more jealous and awe of Wayne Lin. They can’t help but look back at Wayne Lin and find that Wayne Lin is eating and drinking in a low-key manner. Gentle’s appearance, like a refined university professor, formed a huge contrast with the domineering posture just now.

Just at this moment, Wayne Lin realized their gazes, suddenly turned around, smiled intriguingly at them, and shocked them all, just like a primary school student or the head teacher found out, he turned his face hastily. I dare not look at Wayne Lin again.

The other people in the third place of Xuanyuan also saw this scene and laughed involuntarily, with pride on their faces. Wayne Lin was a person from the third place of Xuanyuan, and being so powerful was the pride of their third place of Xuanyuan.

Because of Wayne Lin’s town, the conversation between Xuanyuan Three and General Qin became more normal, and General Qin also put away his contempt.

The other people who came from Yandu did not dare to look down on the three places of Xuanyuan anymore, and their impressions had changed a lot. This society is just talking about fists. Whoever has a big fist will be respected.

The three places of Xuanyuan. In the battle a few years ago, too many masters fell, and their strength plummeted. Slowly, they were looked down upon by many colleagues. Therefore, the important task of this Kung Fu Cup fell on the three places of Xuanyuan. Many people did not. Convinced. But now, because of Wayne Lin’s existence, they put away this unconvinced.

After chatting for a while, General Qin and Peng Zhuo were almost talking about it. When the scene was about to leave, General Qin took the initiative to walk towards Wayne Lin, “Instructor Lin, is it convenient for you to talk to me?”

Chapter 754

Wayne Lin was not too surprised when General Qin struck up a conversation. After all, the strength he showed just now was not a joke.

He didn’t immediately agree, but first looked at Peng Zhuo. In any case, Peng Zhuo is his superior, and he still has this emotional intelligence.

Peng Zhuo felt Wayne Lin’s respect for him, and he felt a little warm. He understood that with Wayne Lin’s current ability and potential, his future development would definitely be higher than him. Now Wayne Lin still asks his opinion and gives him For the face, he was still somewhat grateful.

Peng Zhuo wasn’t a person who didn’t know what was good or bad, he nodded slightly and agreed.

Wayne Lin then followed General Qin to aside.

General Qin is not a master of the innate realm, his strength is only in the realm of masters, and he can only be regarded as an ordinary person.

Wayne Lin was still a little surprised about this. In his opinion, anyone who could become a general would not be worse off in strength.

General Qin seemed to see Wayne Lin’s doubts, he smiled lightly, and said: “I am a general, not a general.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin immediately understood that General Qin is commanding and strategically powerful. Being able to become a general as an ordinary person shows that General Qin’s ability to command is particularly outstanding, even a talent.

Otherwise, it would be too easy for an ordinary person to be beheaded on the battlefield.

“I don’t know if General Qin is looking for me, what’s the matter?” Wayne Lin asked directly.

General Qin looked at Wayne Lin with admiration in his eyes. There was no imaginary hostility. He didn’t mean anything, and he said straightforwardly: “Instructor Lin, you are a great talent. You have come to Xuanyuan three places. Come follow me, I Within five years, you can be promoted to lieutenant.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin was both surprised and not surprised.

He was not surprised that General Qin came to dig him. What was unexpected was that General Qin would dig him on the spot. He thought General Qin would be at least a few days away.

“No, I stayed pretty well in Xuanyuan three places.” Wayne Lin refused without thinking.

General Qin was not angry. He smiled and said, “Instructor Lin, you don’t have to be so anxious to reject me. I am a person who loves talents. A talent like you is a waste of talents in Xuanyuan three places. You come to me, I There is a vast space, waiting for you to display it, and then it will become famous in the world, become the second military god, and accept the admiration of the whole country.

Wayne Lin smiled. This General Qin really took him as stunned, and he drew a pie for him.

He shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, I am a person who is not enterprising. I think I am pretty good now. As for what is famous in the world, it is too great, I am not very interested.”

General Qin frowned slightly. He thought he was going to get Wayne Lin from a horse, at least Wayne Lin would be excited, but now Wayne Lin’s performance is completely disinterested, and he simply rejected him.

Even though he is a literary general, his position is not low, and his power is not small. The people he personally draw together are rarely unsuccessful.

Besides, he is a person who loves talents. For a talent like Wayne Lin, he really wants to earn his subordinates.

But Wayne Lin has already said that. He will pass it up again. He nodded and said, “Okay, Instructor Lin, this is my business card. You can call me when you have an idea.”

Wayne Lin nodded and did not reject General Qin’s business card, otherwise it would appear that he was too shameless.

Moreover, General Qin’s influence in Yandu is not small. When he went to Yandu, it was a good thing to be able to make friends with General Qin, and he might be able to help by then.

Then the two of them talked for a few more minutes and began to separate.

In general, the conversation tonight was fairly smooth. General Qin is willing to cooperate with Peng Zhuo to run this Kung Fu Cup together!

After the banquet, Peng Zhuo, Sun Liang and others came over to say thank you to Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin waved his hand to signal that they were polite. This was his own business.


Next, Wayne Lin started to get busy, because the Kung Fu Cup was about to be held in one month, and as one of the responsible persons, he had to follow up the whole process.

And as the date of the Kung Fu Cup approaches, more and more foreign masters have begun to enter the country and come to Province G. Naturally, the three places in Xuanyuan must be monitored.

I took the time to spend two days with Tao Sanniang in Yuancheng. Wayne Lin was very satisfied to see Tao Sanniang taking care of the business very well.

However, when he returned from Yuancheng to Hwadrid, he suddenly received a strange call.

Wayne Lin didn’t answer it at first, but immediately called the number again. After three consecutive calls, Wayne Lin paid attention to the number and found that it was still a pretty number, with 6 8s.

After thinking about it, Wayne Lin answered the phone, “Hello?”

There was no sound on the phone, Wayne Lin frowned, “If you don’t speak, I will hang up.”

Still no sound.

Wayne Lin directly hung up.

Before long, the phone rang again, still at the same number.

Wayne Lin frowned again. Logically speaking, his current number is known to very few people. It is only known by people around him. Moreover, his number is very private and has never been bound to anything, and there is almost no harassment. phone. Now there is only one possibility for receiving an unfamiliar number. The other party knows his identity and rushes directly to him.

After thinking about it, he still picked up the phone again. This time, he didn’t speak anymore, waiting for the other side to speak first.

There was silence for ten seconds before speaking over there, “Wayne Lin?”

It’s a woman’s voice, it sounds pretty good, it’s a beauty.

Wayne Lin said, “Who are you?”

Wayne Lin heard this sound a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

“Is it really you, Wayne Lin, I’m Freda Shangguan, I’m in Huarvell, my side…something has happened, can you help me?” The other party’s tone sounded obviously helpless. panic.

Freda Shangguan?

Wayne Lin was stunned when he heard this voice, and soon he finally remembered, Freda Shangguan, isn’t it the last time he saw Shangguan’s granddaughter in the Yandu compound, Shangguan’s stalwart granddaughter, then she would still be caught Wayne Lin said that he would come to Huarvell to find Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was still vigilant for a while, but later found out that Freda Shangguan didn’t come to him, and slowly he forgot. Unexpectedly, today, I received a call from Freda Shangguan, and the tone sounded like he was in trouble.

“What happened to you?” Wayne Lin asked in a deep voice.

In any case, Freda Shangguan is the granddaughter of Shangguan Wei’an, and Shangguan Wei’an is kind to him. If Freda Shangguan is really in trouble, he still has to help.

Freda Shangguan was hesitating, helpless and panicked, and begged: “Can you come here? I really need you here, please…”

Wayne Lin thought for a while, and agreed.

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