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Chapter 470

Yes, just now Wayne Lin was walking on the surface of the lake at a very fast speed, leaving like an arrow, flat on the ground.

This scene was too shocking for Liao Fan. It completely subverted his cognition. At that moment, he even thought that he had hallucinations, but, soon, he pinched his thigh hard. It was in severe pain, and he also heard the exclamation of the apprentice behind him, and realized that this is not an illusion, Wayne Lin is really a reed crossing the river!

In fact, he was wrong. Wayne Lin was not crossing the river with a reed. He was not so godly. He didn’t step on a reed to cross the lake. He walked away on the water, similar to the light work in martial arts movies. But it’s not that there is no weight, but that his stepping on the water is very fast, spreading the resistance to the surface of the water, and at the same time using Qiao Jin to reduce the pressure of his feet, so as to achieve the effect of stepping away.

Originally, he didn’t want to show it in front of ordinary people, but he can’t take care of that much now, because he found the neon clothes in an instant, just across from it.

Liao Fan paled with fright, his legs were swinging, his mouth was trembling, “This is, first, first, innate, peerless master!”

Then he slapped himself heavily, full of panic and regret, and wailed: “What the hell did I do? I actually said that the strong in the innate realm stole the teacher, and the strong in the inborn realm Shot…”

The apprentices were also shocked one by one. The scene just now was extremely shocking and even subversive to them.

“Master, Master, was the person just now a human or a ghost?”

An apprentice asked tremblingly, his eyes full of fear, and a wave of admiration and excitement that he didn’t even realize.

Immediately other apprentices also asked: “Yes, Master, he shouldn’t be a monster, he can actually step on the water and pass.”

“Cut, there are any ghosts and gods in this world, monsters, I think you are stunned, according to my opinion, there must be something wrong with this lake, he has done tricks, and I will know if I go to try!”

An apprentice turned his head back. He was a firm materialist. He didn’t believe that Wayne Lin was really such a god, so he also tried to get into the water…

The result was very cruel. He couldn’t walk away like Wayne Lin, and fell directly into the water. The cold water stimulated him to scream, scream, and be very embarrassed.

In the end, Liao Fan had to go into the water and rescue him. At this time, he finally understood that Wayne Lin was not pretending to be a fool, but was really capable. For a while, everyone admired and respected Wayne Lin.

Just at this moment, three people came over. They obviously knew Liao Fan. Seeing them so embarrassed, they asked in surprise: “Brother Liao, why are you covered with water and fell into the water?”

Seeing these three people, Liao Fan greeted him. It was his junior and junior sisters. They were so embarrassed when they saw that he was so embarrassed. He was so embarrassed that he simply said what had just happened.

“What? Innate realm strong?!”

“His…walking on the water, the trousers are not wet, this is not something that ordinary innate realms can do! At least it has reached the third stage!”

Another beautiful woman with a graceful figure and a nice face opened her eyes wide, and said excitedly: “Brother, is the master of the congenital realm you mentioned is very young, looks like an ordinary white-collar worker, and has very skin. Baijing, about 1.83 meters tall, and very gentle and elegant in conversation?!”

Liao Fan was taken aback, he looked at the excited little junior sister in front of him, and asked curiously: “Little junior sister, do you know this senior?”

The little Junior Sister clapped her palms suddenly, and said more excitedly: “That’s him, Wayne Lin, the number one master of G province, the master of the innate realm under 30 years old, my idol!!”


;That’s right, this little junior girl is no one, it is Yang Guiying. She came here for morning exercises with the two seniors early this morning. She did not expect that she actually met Wayne Lin, her idol again.

In an instant, she was so excited that she even had the urge to cry.

Hearing these words from her, Liao Fan and the two men were also shocked and blurted out, “It’s him?!”

“It turned out to be him! I heard that his cultivation has reached an unfathomable state. Even the female devil Wu Meizi is not his opponent. He was killed on the spot!”

“Hi…the number one expert in province g, if it were him, it would be no surprise.”

They were all extremely shocked, looking at the direction of Wayne Lin’s disappearance, their hearts were agitated, and they couldn’t calm down for a long time. This lake is not small. From here to the opposite, there is a distance of more than three hundred meters. What is Ming’s cultivation base?

The radiance in Yang Guiying’s eyes, she clenched her fists, and said firmly and yearningly: “Idol, I will definitely see you again, and I will worship you as a teacher when that time comes!”

Wayne Lin didn’t know that he had been targeted by Yang Guiying. If he knew, he would definitely be very upset.

Walking on the water, this is the first time he has used it. At the beginning, he was a little uncomfortable, and his strength was not perfect, which caused the shoes to get wet. But soon, he mastered the skills, and quickly became proficient. Catch up.

Walking on the water, this is not something that anyone can do, at least it will take the third stage of the Innate Realm and it will be consolidated before it can be done, otherwise Liao Fan will not be so shocked. After all, the innate realm is already rare, let alone the third stage.

Wayne Lin’s speed is very fast, like a glimpse, he is now leaning forward, his arms are close to his body, and his whole person is in the shape of a bullet, and his legs move at high speed to reduce wind resistance.

He has locked in the breath of neon clothes, right in front, and the distance between the two is constantly shrinking.

Before, even if he met the neon clothes, he was helpless and couldn’t catch up with the neon clothes. Now his strength has improved a lot and he can finally catch up with the neon clothes.

He had long wanted to see neon clothes, but neon clothes kept hiding from him, the attitude of being high above him, looking down at him, made him uncomfortable.

Now that he found the neon clothes, he naturally wouldn’t let it go easily. He had to ask himself, what’s the situation of his mother now, and when can he meet her!

Getting closer…

Wayne Lin’s legs are almost too fast to see the trail, just like the propeller of a helicopter. The shoes he wears cannot withstand such a speed at all. They have burst apart. One can imagine how fast his speed is.

Finally, Wayne Lin was on a flat ground and saw the red figure in front of him that was advancing fast, it was neon clothes.

Ni Chang frowned. She was only on a whim, planning to come and take a look at Wayne Lin, but she didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be eyeing her. What was even more unexpected was that Wayne Lin had grown up to this level without knowing it, even she could catch up. .

Nishang tried to speed up, but still couldn’t get rid of Wayne Lin, making her a little helpless and a little embarrassed, thinking that Wayne Lin was too self-righteous.

It’s not that her strength is not strong enough for Wayne Lin, but that her cultivation has fallen to the third stage in the past few days, and it will take two days to recover to the peak.

If this continues, sooner or later, Wayne Lin will catch up…

She sighed and did not run again, but chose to stop and meet Wayne Lin.

Originally, in her plan, it was far from time to meet Wayne Lin.

Chapter 471

But she didn’t turn her head back, facing Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin quickly caught up with the neon clothes and stopped.

Running like this just now, if he changed to the pinnacle master of the day after tomorrow, he would have already lost his strength and died, but for him, it was only a small amount of exercise and two breaths to recover.

He looked at the back of the neon clothes. This was the first time he had come into contact with the neon clothes so close. He felt the misty breath of the neon clothes. It seemed that the neon clothes were not a real person, but a wisp of smoke and a cloud of phantoms. Confusion, very unreal, seems to dissipate at any time.

For a moment, the atmosphere stagnated. The two of them were separated by a distance of ten meters, and neither spoke between them, which seemed a bit abnormal.

In the end, it was Wayne Lin who broke the silence first and said, “What should I call you.”

Nishang still didn’t look back, she said coldly: “It’s not yet time for you to see me.”

Wayne Lin laughed, “Then when is the time to meet me?”

Nishang said lightly: “Seeing me early is not good for you.”

“Really? Then I have to see you better.” Wayne Lin laughed haha, and then began to walk forward, constantly drawing closer to the neon clothes.

Ni Chang frowned. She was a little surprised that Wayne Lin’s strength had improved so quickly that he could catch up with her. At the same time, she was a little embarrassed. Wayne Lin was so bold that she dared to step up and provoke her majesty.


When there was a distance of three meters left, Nishang began to talk and drank Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin did pause for a while, but then, he continued to walk towards the neon clothes.

Nishang’s brows furrowed deeper, she walked forward, once again separated from Wayne Lin, and said: “When the time is right, I will take you to see your mother. Now it’s useless for you to force me.”

There was some majesty and anger in her tone, thinking that Wayne Lin’s behavior was disrespectful to her.

In her cognition, she is half of Wayne Lin’s elder, and Wayne Lin should respect her instead of offending her so rudely!

Wayne Lin finally stopped. He believed what Nishang said, but, with this cold look, Nishang always turned his back to him and didn’t even look at him. This was a great disrespect for him.

He didn’t know the specific identity of Nishang and his mother, whether he was a servant or a subordinate, or an adopted daughter. If it is a servant, it would be very disrespectful to just look down on him like this, with such a high posture! Not disrespect to him, but disrespect to mother!

So he walked over to the neon clothes again, he decided, today no matter what the neon clothes look like, to get a glimpse of the true face of Lushan.

Nishang noticed that Wayne Lin began to walk towards her again, and her brows frowned again, and at the same time, there was an inexplicable fire in her heart.

“Stop!” she scolded, her tone already a little cold.

But Wayne Lin still didn’t stop. After a while, he had already walked behind the neon clothes, and he wanted to go over the neon clothes and walk to the front to see clearly what the neon clothes looked like.

Neishang noticed his intention, and his face became even more ugly. He snorted coldly, turned his face to the other side, and said, “Wayne Lin, I persuade you to stop. No matter how presumptuous you are, I will get angry.”

“Really?” Wayne Lin smiled faintly, he suddenly accelerated, and when the neon clothes could not react, he was already in front of the neon clothes, and finally saw the face of the neon clothes!

Just a glimpse, Wayne Lin was amazed.

This is a face that is extremely beautiful, and even he can’t describe the beauty of neon clothes in words. It is a kind of ingenious work, all over the country, and stunning and stunning.

Wayne Lin asked himself if he had seen many top beauties, such as Alma Chu, Tao Sanniang, Ouyang Jue Se, Guo Junyi, Ning Yuning, etc., whose concentration is much higher than ordinary people, but

It was he who saw the neon clothes for the first time now, and was still deeply surprised, and even in his mind, he had the idea of ​​encountering a fairy.

Yes, Wayne Lin’s first impression of neon clothes is that she is a fairy, not a mortal woman.

In addition to the stunning appearance of neon clothes, what is more important is the otherworldly temperament of neon clothes that no other beauty has.

The reason is very simple, that is, Nishang is not an ordinary woman, she is a master of the innate realm, and has reached the fourth stage, the body structure has undergone subtle changes, not only has a longer life, but the kind of temperament and aura displayed are completely different. same.

Therefore, Wayne Lin was really stunned, staring straight at the neon clothes, but he couldn’t move it away for a while.

Nishang saw this scene, she suddenly became furious, screamed presumptuously, and then shot Wayne Lin.

Nishang is a very cold and arrogant woman, even in the eyes of ordinary people, a little abnormal woman. She could use her life to protect Wayne Lin, but she could not tolerate Wayne Lin being rude to her. Yes, in her opinion, Wayne Lin staring at her like this is rude and offensive!

She is Qin Yuehua’s adopted daughter, in a sense, Wayne Lin’s sister, and Wayne Lin is disrespectful of her, so she got a hot mind and shot Wayne Lin.

Moreover, the strength of her shot is not light.

Wayne Lin felt the killing intent, and instantly reacted, his mind was aroused, his body leaned back, just to escape the slap in the face of the neon clothes.

“Are you serious?!” Wayne Lin said angrily.

When he stepped back two steps and looked at Nishang again, he found that Nishang had actually put on a white veil, which blocked her stunning face, only revealing her beautiful eyes.

Nishang missed a hit, and some surprise flashed in his eyes. Obviously, he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be able to escape under the situation just now. Although she wasn’t a killer move just now, her speed was also very fast. In a hasty situation, even a master of Innate Realm would not be so easy to dodge.

He snorted coldly, did not respond, and continued to attack Wayne Lin, as if he really wanted to teach Wayne Lin a lesson.

Wayne Lin saw her sneak attack. Now he hides him. Instead of stopping, he has gotten worse. He is also a little angry.

This is what you forced me!

Wayne Lin gritted his teeth abruptly, and began to counterattack the neon clothes.

Soon, they trembled. Wayne Lin found that Nishang was obviously a female generation, but the style of fists and feet was particularly strong, which was completely inconsistent with her image. Be good, he almost suffered a big loss at first. .

Nishang was also very frightened. Now that half a minute passed, she hadn’t even won Wayne Lin. You know, after all, she is the top powerhouse in the fourth stage, and her fighting skills are the most exquisite and brilliant. Even if her cultivation base falls to the third stage, it is not Wayne Lin’s promotion to the innate realm, less than a year. The newcomers can contend.

But the result now is that Wayne Lin can not only contend with her, but also slowly gain the upper hand and suppress her, which shocked her even more.

Wayne Lin is also quite strange. Didn’t he say that Nishang is the fourth stage master? Why doesn’t it feel particularly strong?

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Nishang just encountered a rare period of weakening of the technique, and fell from the fourth stage to the third stage, otherwise he would not be an opponent.

Finally, finding an opportunity for the flaws in the neon clothes, Wayne Lin suddenly accelerated, lightning with his left hand, and the spirit snake out of the hole, accurately grasped the neon clothes veil, and then took off.

As a result, the beautiful face of neon clothes was exposed again.

Nishang felt a chill on her face and was shocked when she saw that the veil was taken off.

But under the shock, her mood fluctuated greatly, causing her breath to be disturbed. The real qi that was raised suddenly rushed to her forehead, making her a little dizzy, her footsteps also erratic, and she accidentally stepped on a pothole under her feet. Unbalanced and want to fall down.

Chapter 472

Wayne Lin was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that such a super master like Nishang would step on the air with one foot, and his face instantly paled. This was a reaction of anger and chaos!

He is just taking off the veil of neon clothes. Is the reaction so big?

Wayne Lin felt helpless, but at this time, he still had to take action to save the neon clothes. After all, it would be bad if he fell.

So he quickly shot, and when the neon garment was about to fall, he accurately embraced the neon garment’s body. As soon as he touched it, he found that the neon garment’s figure was too good, especially the waist, full of elasticity and tight skin.

When Nishang reacted, she found that she had actually fallen in Wayne Lin’s arms. In an instant, her reaction became even more excited, staring at Wayne Lin, “You, you, you, presumptuous!!”

She couldn’t say a word completely. The violent mood swings made her throat sweet and there was an urge to vomit blood. At the same time, she shot out angrily and slapped Wayne Lin’s chest with a palm.

This palm was slapped too fast, and Wayne Lin had no time to react when he was holding him. In a hurry, he had no choice but to transport all his energy to his chest and hold the palm of the neon clothes abruptly!

It was too late, almost in the blink of an eye, Ni Chang’s palm hit Wayne Lin’s chest, and a huge force poured in, Wayne Lin felt that his chest was about to smash.

The palm of the neon clothes is shot with anger, without any mercy!

Fortunately, Wayne Lin’s current physique was much stronger than before, and he was lucky to defend in advance, so he was not seriously injured.

But even so, he could not bear the palm of the neon clothes, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

I feel like my heart has shifted.

Nishang was stunned at the moment, and then she extremely regretted that what she had done was so heavy on his brother Wayne!

She was breathing fast and her face was full of guilt. At this moment, her qi finally returned to normal slowly.

“You, are you okay?” Nishang said cautiously. It is rare that when she was so nervous, she looked like a little girl who did something wrong.

Wayne Lin gave her a fierce look, pushed her away, went to sit down on the stone bench next to him, rubbed his chest, his face was pale, panting, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

Nishang’s palm was not covered. If he hadn’t had a strong body, he had burped now. He really didn’t expect that Nishang would put such a heavy hand on him. Is this really still standing with him?

Nishang saw Wayne Lin’s painful look, she felt even more guilty, walked over, bit her lip, and said guiltily: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it just now.”

After taking a few breaths, Wayne Lin finally smoothed his breathing. He waved his hand angrily, and said, “Come on, I just want to die.”

Wayne Lin smiled bitterly now, he realized that he was really asking for trouble, and he was going to provoke this woman to do what?

Nishang is a very cold and arrogant person. Since childhood, she did not like to owe favors to others. Now she has done a wrong thing. In her opinion, it is more serious than owed favors.

She bit her lip vigorously, and then said to Wayne Lin: “I was wrong when I slapped you just now. I know you wouldn’t forgive me, so you can slap me too. I promise not to dodge. owe!”

After speaking, she straightened her waist, closed her eyes, and gave her a face

The expression.

Wayne Lin was stunned when she heard this, and looked at her weirdly. Isn’t this woman sick?

However, Wayne Lin followed the neon clothes’ words, and couldn’t help but focus on the neon clothes deliberately. The arc of the crime made Wayne Lin see it, and his heart was hot.

If you slap a palm on the neon clothes…

Amitabha, sin, sin, this is also evil.

In any case, Nishang is his mother’s, and he came to Hwadrid this time to protect him. After thinking about this, he also calmed down, mainly helpless, waved his hand, and said: “Forget it, you go, when I am unlucky.”

Nishang opened her eyes and saw Wayne Lin stand up and leave slowly, making her feel even more uncomfortable.

She chased up, stopped Wayne Lin, and said solemnly: “No, you have to take it back! I don’t like to owe people in my life!”

Wayne Lin’s face is full of question marks, what kind of ghost circuit is this? He has already forgiven him, and this woman wants him to take action. Is this a self-abuse tendency?

He couldn’t help but look at the neon clothes with a weird look, and found that the other party was serious, not as if he was joking, Wayne Lin seriously thought that his mother’s heart was too big, and he actually sent such a woman to protect him.

“No, I’m fine, just rest a while.” Wayne Lin said irritably. Anyway, he is a man, so he should be more generous. Besides, he also knows that Nishang didn’t intentionally hurt him just now.

But the neon clothes were very awkward. She stopped Wayne Lin again, and said with a more serious expression: “That’s not good! You have to take it back, otherwise I won’t let you leave!”

Wayne Lin was even more daunted now. With question marks on his head, he couldn’t understand why this kind of person would cultivate to such a high level.

He couldn’t help but look at Nishang’s chest again. If it is a man, it’s fine. The key is a woman. How can he take pictures of neon? Isn’t this a hooligan?

With a sigh, Wayne Lin had to say again: “I’m really fine, and I don’t blame you. You didn’t mean it just now. You don’t need to blame yourself.”

Wayne Lin felt that what he had said was clear enough, as long as Nishang was not a second fool, he would definitely give up.

However, he still underestimated the paranoia of Nishang. She shook her head vigorously and said very seriously, “No, I hurt you just now. You must hurt me too. I don’t want to owe your favor!”

Ah ah ah ah, Wayne Lin is going crazy, what kind of favor is this place.

The mother sent this woman to be poisonous, right?

Wayne Lin was going to leave it alone, but now he is injured, and he is not the opponent of neon clothes at all. When he had this idea, he was intercepted by neon clothes and made him want to cry without tears. He didn’t think of it. Such things will happen.

Looking at Nishang’s paranoid face, Wayne Lin gave up. He realized that if he didn’t take it back, Nishang would definitely not let him go. “Yes, aunty, let me take you. Go back, all right!”


Nishang nodded, a relieved expression appeared on her face, and then straightened her waist, closed her eyes, and looked like she did not resist. She straightened her chest and waited for Wayne Lin to slap it.

Wayne Lin sighed again. He looked at the bulging chest of Nishang for a while, but he couldn’t find the place to start.

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