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Chapter 242

This man is in his thirties. His muscles are extremely smooth, full of strength, and his skin is particularly firm. It takes a lot of effort for a technician to massage him. A discerning person knows that he is a martial artist at a glance, and his strength is not low.

After listening to Ma Long’s words, he turned over, slapped Ma Long, and cursed unceremoniously: “Useless waste.”

It was also slapped, Ma Long was particularly angry and arrogant after being slapped by Wayne Lin, but now he was slapped by this man, but he did not dare to put one fart, and he became even more panicked and fearful, and then gave himself two A slap in the face, “Big brother is right, I am a trash, I am a trash!”

If anyone who knew Ma Long saw this scene, they would definitely be shocked. They would never have thought that Ma Long, who was so arrogant and invincible, would be so humble in front of a person.

The man waved his hand and said, “Okay, you don’t have to be miserable, tell me what the other party’s name is.”

Ma Long said immediately: “Big brother, I have found out clearly. That guy is Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Media. He has some money, and Ye Piaoyang will bring a bunch of female stars to cheat him. Of course, he’s here. It’s not like a fart in front of Big Brother.”

“Wayne Lin?”

When the man heard the name, he frowned slightly, said twice, and there were some memories on his face, as if he had heard the name somewhere.

Ma Long snorted in his heart and asked cautiously: “Big brother, do you know this guy? Isn’t he also a member of the organization?”

Now Ma Long is afraid that Wayne Lin is also a member of the organization, so he won’t be able to avenge him, maybe he will have to apologize to Wayne Lin!

“Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin…” Suddenly, the man suddenly sat up from the bed, his pupils dilated suddenly, and said excitedly: “Grass, it’s him?!”

Malone was immediately taken aback by his reaction. In his impression, the eldest brother had always been very stable and calm in everything he did. He had never been so surprised before. This made his premonition even worse, shouldn’t it, he really kicked the iron this time!

“Big brother, I was wrong. I didn’t know Taishan. I offended the big people in the organization. Please help me.” Ma Long shuddered and knelt down directly to the man. His behavior made the big brother extremely uncomfortable. Then, he said, “Ma Long, what are you doing? Who said Wayne Lin is a member of the organization?”

“Huh?” Ma Long was stunned, with a dazed look. What’s the situation? This Wayne Lin is not a member of the organization, why is the older brother so surprised?

The man showed an intriguing expression and said: “Ma Long, get up, you have done something this time.”

The second monk Ma Long couldn’t figure it out, and said, “Brother, I, I don’t quite understand, do you know this Wayne Lin?”

The eldest brother lit a cigarette, he waved his hand to let the technician out, and then said: “You can tell me something.”

Ma Long didn’t know what the big brother meant, but he said it honestly. After the incident, Ma Long said again: “Big brother, Wayne Lin seems to be able to fight. I can’t beat him with the moves you taught me. “

The eldest brother smiled and said: “It is normal that you can’t beat him. He is the best genius of the Lin family. The most important thing is that he is the son of our saint, and his genes are much stronger than ordinary people.”

“Wh, what?!” Ma Long opened his eyes wide in fright and said, “He is the son of the saint of BRAGRUN organization.

what! “

“Not bad.” The eldest brother nodded and said: “But don’t worry, his presence is a stain in our organization. I didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would dare to stay in Huarvell, this is interesting…”

Looking at the sneer of his eldest brother, Ma Long couldn’t help but shudder, feeling cold in his hands and feet, and at the same time couldn’t help sympathizing for Wayne Lin. Now Wayne Lin was targeted by his eldest brother, and he would definitely end up miserably.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help laughing.


Wayne Lin was on fire. The reason was that he was photographed when he sent Ning Yuning back that night, and it was posted on the Internet, and it was quickly searched.

Who is Ning Yuning, but now the hottest star in the entertainment industry has several titles, and he is also a house goddess, the head of a lady, and a lot of fans.

I don’t know how many people regard Ning Yuning as the lover of their dreams. They want to meet Ning Yuning in their dreams. Ning Yuning has never had any scandals, so fans are so loyal to her.

As a result, it was photographed that Ning Yuning had a tryst with a mysterious man?

This is big news in the entertainment industry, so it rushed to the hot search at a very fast speed, and almost squeezed the meager server!

Fortunately, because it was relatively late at the time, I didn’t take the look of Wayne Lin clearly, only the outline.

Even so, as long as someone knows Wayne Lin, it is not difficult to recognize Wayne Lin.

For a while, the Internet was all condemning, who is this hateful man who had a tryst with Ning Yuning.

“Sister, it’s awful, brother-in-law has hooked up with the big star!”

In the Chu family villa, Shane Chu was swiping his cell phone and suddenly called out loudly, very excited, and everyone was shocked.

Today is the once-a-month gathering of the Chu family. People from the Chu family gather for a meal. Everyone can hear his voice.

Since Alma Chu became the chairman of Shengke Lighting, her status in the Chu family has been much higher.

Of course, this was only on the surface. In fact, the whole Chu family saw her as unpleasant and rejected her very seriously. She didn’t want to come to this party at first. It was her parents who pulled her and made her come.

Alma Chu frowned, and cursed unceremoniously: “Shane Chu, ​​what are you doing? I was surprised at a meal.”

Shane Chu hurried over and showed her mobile phone to Alma Chu, “Sister, take a look for yourself, brother-in-law has been searched hotly. It turns out that the mysterious man who had a tryst with Ning Yuning last night is brother-in-law!”

This sentence, like a bomb, exploded at the scene.

Who is Ning Yuning? But now the famous star, whose annual income is tens of millions, actually meet Wayne Lin? This is funny!

Alma Chu was stunned for a moment, and then she looked into the phone and she saw the figure standing close to Ning Yuning in the photo, although it was only in profile and not clear yet, As Alma Chu who has lived together for four years, she can still tell at a glance that this man is Wayne Lin.

For a moment, the corners of Alma Chu’s mouth twitched fiercely, making her heart particularly uncomfortable.

The other people in the Chu family also reacted and quickly took out their mobile phones to scan to see if it was true.

Chapter 243

“It’s really Wayne Lin!”

“What’s the situation? Why did Wayne Lin hook up with the big star? Isn’t he a small person?”

“This is a fake. We don’t know what kind of stuff Wayne Lin is. How can a big star look at him? Besides, Wayne Lin is the son-in-law of our Chu family.”

“It must be fake! It’s just a figure that looks like Wayne Lin, it can’t be Wayne Lin.”

Suddenly, the whole Chu family began to stir. Many people took out their mobile phones to read them, and they read the news and saw the photos.

In fact, many of them have noticed that this is Wayne Lin, at least 90% similar. Even so, some people still think it’s just like, it’s impossible to be Wayne Lin, especially the younger generation, they are all fans of Ning Yuning, in their minds, Ning Yuning is a fairy-like existence, and Wayne Lin was just a hanging silk. The difference between the two is the difference between the god and the ant. How could there be a relationship, let alone a tryst.

But in any case, all of them looked at Alma Chu.

Full of schadenfreude and ridicule, since Alma Chu came to power, they didn’t dare to say anything on the surface, but behind their backs, they all hated Alma Chu even more. Now that they can see Alma Chu embarrassing, they are even more happy.

Alma Chu finally took her gaze out of the phone. Now her brain is a little blank. I don’t know why, and she feels very uncomfortable. She wants to squeeze a smile, but finds it difficult.

“By the way, Alma, where is Wayne Lin, he didn’t come this time?”

“Yes, he must go to this kind of family gathering before. After all, he can have a good meal. Why didn’t he come today?”

“What the news says, isn’t it true?”

Many Chu family members who usually dislike Alma Chu are now taking advantage of this opportunity to start to get angry.

Alma Chu tried to keep herself calm, and said lightly: “He has something to return to his hometown.”

Candice Liu and Berry Chu also saw the photos on the Internet. Now they are in a particularly bad mood. Since they met in Yulong Bay that time, their attitudes towards Wayne Lin have been different, knowing that Wayne Lin is gone. Fortunately, after making a lot of money, I can’t wait for Wayne Lin to remarry Alma Chu quickly. As a result, there was no movement, but they were anxious to death.

Now that they see this news, they are even more anxious. This shows that Wayne Lin is really rich, and even big stars can hook up!

“Alma Chu, the mysterious man who had a tryst with Ning Yuning according to the news, isn’t it really Wayne Lin, right?” A family of Chu provoked this topic.

Alma Chu did not answer.

Candice Liu immediately stood up and said: “Of course it can’t be our family Wayne, it’s just other men who look like Wayne. Our family Wayne’s relationship with Alma doesn’t know how to love!”

When Alma Chu heard the words, her lips moved, and she wanted to say something, but in the end she didn’t say it, as she acquiesced.

At this moment, a teasing voice came out, “I see, it is true in all likelihood. Now Wayne Lin is rich. Not long ago, he bought a big villa in Yulong Bay, three thousand eight hundred. For a house that is more than ten thousand yuan, I paid in full in one go.”

Hearing these words, everyone suddenly gasped!

38 million large villas,

Or pay in full in one go? This is too rich!

As the children of the Chu family, they themselves are considered rich second generations, but they dare not imagine the concept of spending nearly 40 million in a house.

Soon someone came back to his senses and said: “This is a fake! Wayne Lin is a vagrant, how could he get so much money, Latoya Chu, you are starting to joke again.”

“Yes, if Wayne Lin can afford such an expensive house, then I will be the richest man in the country.”

“That’s not it, Sister Xuan can really joke.”

When they reacted, they didn’t believe it was true, and thought they were joking.

However, Latoya Chu walked out, with a mocking expression on her face, and said, “Who said I was joking? This is a very real thing. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Alma Chu.”

Alma Chu frowned without answering.

Candice Liu jumped out and said, “Yes, our family Wayne did indeed buy a large villa in Yulong Bay, which is not expensive, only 38.99 million.”

This news was too shocking for the Chu family. It was just like a pauper who had known him for a long time and suddenly said that he was the richest man in the world. How could it feel too absurd.

“Is this true? Wayne Lin, is this a fortune?”

“It looks like it should be true. Haven’t you seen Latoya Chu saying it is true? It’s impossible for Latoya Chu to lie?”

“Damn, it seems that Wayne Lin is really rich. God is really unfair. Such a hanging silk can make a fortune. Why don’t we talented people make a fortune yet?”

Candice Liu felt very happy to see everyone’s envy and jealousy. Originally, based on her character, she should have come back to make a big announcement, but it is a pity that Wayne Lin has divorced Alma Chu. The big villa has nothing to do with them. Besides, Alma Chu specially warned her not to tell her about this. She held it all the time, but it broke her.

Now that she finally had a chance to speak out, she was released at once.

However, Latoya Chu continued: “Wayne Lin must have made a fortune. He can afford a big villa and can have a tryst with a big star. Sister Alma, I really envy you. Marrying such a good husband, tut. Wait for your reply. I’m home, remember to ask my brother-in-law for a signature of Ning Yuning. I believe that my brother-in-law and Ning Yuning are so familiar with each other. One signature can definitely be done, right?”

When these words were said, the audience suddenly became much quieter.

Yes, since Wayne Lin has already made a fortune, it is true that he and Ning Yuning have a tryst!

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes looked at Alma Chu differently.

Full of all kinds of schadenfreude and ridicule, the feelings of Alma Chu have been greened.

Candice Liu was also dumbfounded. She didn’t expect that Latoya Chu’s purpose was actually this. She was fooled!

So her face became embarrassed.

Seeing Alma Chu like this, Latoya Chu felt even more sullen, and she continued to say, “Sister Alma, wouldn’t you refuse to help me even this favor? For her brother-in-law, it’s just a matter of effort. , Brother-in-law has gone to a tryst with Ning Yuning, this relationship must be very familiar, right…”

Alma Chu can feel what it means to kill the heart.

She clenched her teeth, feeling extremely uncomfortable, and even tears rolled in her eyes.

Chapter 244

Alma Chu has realized what it means to fall into a trap and what it means to be bullied by a dog!

She bit her lip hard, trying not to let her tears fall.

But it was really difficult, and the embarrassment she suffered now was something she had never experienced before.

This is Thompson Chu coming over, calmly, and said angrily: “Alma Chu, what’s the situation?! Wayne Lin is the son-in-law of the Chu family, why did he hook up with other women? After going out, where should we put the face of our Chu family!”

“Yeah, it’s too shameful. Our Chu family is also a prestigious family in Hwadrid anyway. Now Wayne Lin actually ran outside to get in trouble. This is not to hit you in the face, but our entire Chu family. s face!”

“Alma Chu, how do you manage Wayne Lin? How can you not even do this thing well? It’s too shameful!”

“That’s right, just like her, even her husband can’t control her, and she still wants to control Shengke Company. Does she have this ability?”

“I see, she should be given the position of chairman!”

Suddenly, many people in the Chu family began to fall into trouble, saying ugly things.

These words, like thorns, pierced into Alma Chu’s heart, making her extremely uncomfortable, and tears finally fell down!

She said loudly: “Enough! Wayne Lin and I have already divorced. He is meeting with other women outside. It has nothing to do with me, and I don’t care about him!”

She couldn’t help it anymore, and broke the incident.

When the Chu family heard the news, they all showed surprised expressions.

What, Alma Chu actually divorced Wayne Lin? Did they hear me right?

“Are you serious, you and Wayne Lin are already divorced?” a Chu family asked.

Alma Chu nodded and said, she is going to give it up now, “Yes, I have divorced Wayne Lin, and whoever he associates with now has nothing to do with me or the Chu family. So you don’t have to worry that I will lose you. s face!”

Candice Liu and Berry Chu sighed, and they were particularly disappointed. They were really good fortune. Now that Wayne Lin has finally made a fortune, he even divorced Alma Chu.

Latoya Chu was happiest when she heard the news. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said, “Wow, Sister Alma, are you? You divorced Wayne Lin? Wayne Lin is now the big boss. Not only can you afford a large villa in Yulong Bay, but you also have a hot search with the big stars of Ning Yuning, Qingqing, I, and I. Sister Alma, are you dumped by Wayne Lin?”

Alma Chu pretended not to hear what Latoya Chu said, and clenched her fists under the table, tears in her eyes.

Others reacted and joined the industry of mocking Alma Chu, and now Alma Chu has become a joke.

“Enough said!!”

Finally, Alma Chu couldn’t help it. She slapped the table suddenly and burst out.

Everyone was taken aback by her.

Now she couldn’t stop her tears, she burst into tears, she said with great anger and grievance: “Yes! I divorced Wayne Lin. Now Wayne Lin is rich. In your opinion, I am indeed embarrassed. But, it’s your turn to mock me and watch me joke! Are you my enemies or my family?!”

“Since I was young, I have been obedient in the family. Before marrying Wayne Lin, I never lost face to the family! Besides, marrying Wayne Lin, isn’t it because you let me marry

Is it? Did you blame me in the end? Are you still human! “

Someone whispered: “It’s been so long, but is it interesting to come out and say it?”

When Alma Chu heard what he said, she immediately looked over and said, “I don’t want to talk about the previous things, I will just talk about the most recent things! The family encountered difficulties twice, but which time did I save the situation? The first time if not. I borrowed 20 million from Chairman Ziqiong, and the Chu family was long gone! Okay, I borrowed 20 million to help the Chu family tide over the difficulties, but Sean Chu gambled the money in. Now, the family is in crisis again. It’s me who moved 100 million from Ziqiong Media to save the Chu family from fire and water! To put it bluntly, if it’s not me, Alma Chu, all of you will eat Northwest Wind Now, there are still days like today, with dividends every month?”

“But you, instead of grateful to me, but ridiculed me with gratitude and revenge, watching me joke, this is how you behave? Are you my relatives or my enemies?!”

Alma Chu said so many words in one breath, completely roaring, hysterical, tears were already on her face.

She has never been so excited since she was a child. Even when she married Wayne Lin and suffered all the grievances, she still resisted the grievances and behaved plainly.

But now, she really couldn’t help it, the Chu family was too much! If others mock her like this, she can still accept it, but these are all her relatives, not her elders, or her brothers and sisters, and now they mock her like an enemy. Why! Isn’t she surnamed Chu? Isn’t she a human?

At this moment, everyone was stunned. They all looked at Alma Chu dementedly. They were surprised. They didn’t expect that Alma Chu’s reaction would be so intense, which they had never seen before in Alma Chu.

After a while, a voice rang, “Just kidding, are you so excited?”

It was Latoya Chu, who complained in a low voice, with no guilt or regret on her face. Instead, she seemed indifferent and disapproving.

Not only her, but many Chu family members also think so. They have no sympathy for Alma Chu at all.

When Alma Chu saw this scene, she fell silent, and she felt extremely cold in her heart, as cold as never before. At this moment, she finally saw clearly that the cold blood of her so-called family members was not worth her contribution!

She walked to Latoya Chu and stared at Latoya Chu, “Just kidding?”

Latoya Chu raised her head, “Just kidding, you are so…”

With a snap, before she could finish her words, Alma Chu slapped it on Latoya Chu’s face, very crisp and sweet.

Latoya Chu was taken aback for a moment, and then she became extremely annoyed, and cursed like a shrew: “Alma Chu! Are you f*cking sick?!!!”

Alma Chu smiled and said, “Are you so excited? I was just joking with you.”

Latoya Chu suddenly felt uncomfortable eating shit. She didn’t expect that Alma Chu, who had always been so gentle, would actually beat her. When she wanted to fight back, she heard Alma Chu threaten, “If you dare to fight back, I promise you from now on. Less than a cent will be allocated in the future!”

Hearing this, Latoya Chu persuaded.

Yes, now Alma Chu is the chairman of Shengke Lighting and has all the power. If Alma Chu really wants to target her, she really won’t get the money.

So she had to admit it.

Alma Chu solved her, then turned around and looked at the others coldly. She dared to ridicule and ridicule when no one was there. She snorted heavily and walked away.

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