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Chapter 728

Wayne Lin was not surprised at all about their reaction, as expected.

After all, most people in this world don’t know the existence of warriors.

He walked over, waved his hand and said, “Well, you are out of trouble. Don’t be afraid. But there are many beasts here. It is dangerous for you to stay here. You should leave early. The expedition depends on the situation.”

After finishing talking, Wayne Lin turned and left, and walked towards a deeper place.

He already felt that BRAGRUN’s headquarters was not far from here.

It wasn’t until Wayne Lin left and disappeared into the sight of the group of explorers that they recovered, and each of them swallowed hard, their brains humming.

“Have you all seen it just now?”

“I saw…”

“This man is too powerful. He actually pushed the wolves back with his bare hands and killed a few evil wolves. Who is this?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s a master of martial arts…”

The scene just now completely subverted their cognition. Before that, they never knew that there was such a person in this world who could fight.

The three beauties, when they thought of Wayne Lin’s heroic posture, their heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably. There is a hero in every woman’s heart. The image of Wayne Lin just now is a hero…

And those young people who had mocked Wayne Lin were all particularly ashamed now. It turned out that Wayne Lin was neither a lunatic nor a fool, but a real master.

When what happened just now, they didn’t dare to stay any longer, and quickly left the green mountains.

On Wayne Lin’s side, on the way to BRAGRUN headquarters, he could clearly feel that the eyes of the master of innate realm just now fell on him for a long time.

At the same time, in the BRAGRUN headquarters not far away, there is a grand hall full of grandeur and grandeur.

This hall is so huge that it is hard to imagine that there is such a hall in such a barren green mountain forest.

Now the hall was full of people, and the atmosphere was desolate and grand.

In the center of this hall, there is a thirty-meter-high statue. The whole body is made of pure gold. It is shining golden, and ordinary people can’t imagine how much such a huge statue is worth!

This statue is the appearance of a middle-aged man, looks extremely majestic, not angry, his eyes are piercing, even if it is only a statue, it is like a living thing, it is afraid to face it, as if it is really conscious.

And this statue is the Holy King BRAGRUN, ​​and the entire BRAGRUN organization is named after him.

All the people of the BRAGRUN organization are full of awe and worship for the Holy King BRAGRUN. They do not believe in religion, Buddha, or all religions, but only believe in the Holy King. In their hearts, the holy king is the most powerful god in the world.

Under the statue of the Saint King, there was a woman crawling on her back, wearing coarse linen cloth, her body was very thin, her face was abnormally pale, she was shaking violently, and she seemed to be suffering from great pain.

In front of her, stood a young man with dusty wind, looking down at her, his eyes were indifferent, there was no trace of emotion, as if the person kneeling in front of him was not a person, but a beast.

“Qin Yuehua, do you know that you are guilty?” Jian Rushuang said lightly, with a voice like a god, the thin man before the judgment


She is Wayne Lin’s biological mother, Qin Yuehua.

“I, what’s the crime?” Qin Yuehua raised her head with difficulty and looked at Jian Rushuang, not because Jian Rushuang was the number one master under King Kong.

Jian Rushuang snorted coldly, “I don’t know how to repent!”

After he finished speaking, he did not directly beat Qin Yuehua. He had a patterned snare drum in his hand. He began to slap. Every time he slapped, Qin Yuehua’s body trembled violently, her expression was extremely hideous, and she seemed to be suffering from great pain.


After another, Jian Rushuang was beating faster and faster, and the worse Qin Yuehua’s body became, she seemed to be unable to hold on, but she did not shout out, she was extremely tough.

There were at least a thousand people present. Seeing this scene, no one dared to speak, only a few people were unbearable in their eyes.

Qin Yuehua was a saint of the previous generation, and she was perfect in terms of talent, character, or handling. With the special status of the saint, she once surpassed the four heavenly kings in the BRAGRUN organization.

Almost everyone respected her, thinking that the saint would definitely be able to smoothly cultivate with the saint king, become a virgin, and even step into the incorruptible body of the vajra, becoming the second powerhouse in the BRAGRUN organization to communicate with the gods!

God-passing realm, this is the true peak of existence in the world today.

Ask the world, how many masters of the God-Sound Realm have been produced in the thousands of years of human civilization?

But in today’s world, the total number of people in the divine realm does not exceed five.

What a detached existence this is.

If the saint can become the second master of the realm of the gods, then the BRAGRUN organization can definitely become the largest power in the world, and it is not impossible to rule the world in another way!

However, 30 years ago, Qin Yuehua did something that humiliated the BRAGRUN organization. She actually left the BRAGRUN organization without authorization, eloped with lowly mortals, got married, and gave birth to a wild species!

For BRAGRUN organization, this is absolutely unforgivable!

Had it not been for the saint king to keep the saint at the last moment, the saint would have already turned into a cup of loess.

Now that the Holy King has been in retreat for many years, BRAGRUN’s organization has been greatly injured, and it has lost its former glory. A large part of the reason is that Qin Yuehua has done good things! Therefore, the vast majority of people do not have a favorable impression of Qin Yuehua.

Originally, they also endured Qin Yuehua, leaving her alone here to die, but some time ago, that wild species actually provoke the BRAGRUN organization and killed the Southern Territory King Lei Zhen. This is simply unforgivable!

By now, Qin Yuehua was dying, and it seemed that as long as she knocked it again, she would die.

Jian Rushuang stopped playing the drums at this time, and he said again: “Qin Yuehua, I will ask you one last time, you are convicted!”

The sword sounded like a frost, and it was so loud that he used his true energy, and for Qin Yuehua, it was a huge blow to the spirit. Her originally weak body has now begun to appear mentally psychedelic.

She subconsciously wanted to speak, saying that she had been convicted, but when she was about to speak, she still awoke and changed her words to say: “I, not guilty.”

The audience suddenly calmed down, Jian Rushuang’s face was even more ugly…

Chapter 729

The holy king retreats, he is the most powerful being in the BRAGRUN organization. With all his words, even the other three heavenly kings must listen to his dispatch, which is half a level lower than him.

The Saint King has been in retreat for a long time, and he has become accustomed to his unparalleled right to speak in the BRAGRUN organization!

But now, he personally tried Qin Yuehua, and Qin Yuehua dared to disobey him, this is really disrespectful!

Originally, Qin Yuehua was a sinner. If it weren’t the holy king who had missed his old feelings and spared Qin Yuehua’s fate, according to his personality, Qin Yuehua would have been put to death.

He didn’t want to have a general knowledge of ants like Qin Yuehua, but in the world, Qin Yuehua and Fan’s wild species have actually become stronger, and he rebelliously opposed BRAGRUN’s organization and killed Lei Zhen. This is simply Unforgivable things!

He learned the idea from the holy king, agreed to hold Qin Yuehua accountable, and started immediately.

“Don’t repent! If that’s the case, then you can die for Lao Tzu!”

Jian Rushuang was furious, his dignity was violated, and Qin Yuehua was about to be executed when he stared.

At this moment, Qin Yuehua felt the breath of death, and her heartbeat stopped, but she did not see any fear or regret on her face. Some were only strong regrets, but it was a pity that she would never see Wayne again.

At this moment, in the crowd, a red figure rushed out and shouted loudly: “Master Jian Rushuang, please be merciful!”

It was neon clothes, she finally couldn’t help it. Qin Yuehua was her aunt, who brought her back from the world. If it weren’t for Qin Yuehua, she would have died. In her heart, Qin Yuehua is not only her savior, but also her mother!

She absolutely couldn’t accept it, and watched her aunt die in front of her.

She was very fast, almost in the blink of an eye, she threw herself in front of Qin Yuehua, blocking Jian Rushuang’s ultimate move against Qin Yuehua.

“Nishang, you are unruly!” Jian Rushuang was furious, slapped Nishang’s shoulder with a palm, slapped her out, hit the pillar behind, and then fell weakly.

After the neon clothes suffered this one, his face was as pale as paper, and the blood spurted out, and his breath became much weaker.

Just kidding, Jian Rushuang is the Great Perfection in the Innate Realm, and is known as the first person in the God-Communication Realm. Even Wayne Lin is in front of him. His palm, even if he didn’t use his full strength, was so terrifying that a master like Nishang could not bear it at all.

Qin Yuehua stayed for a while, and then she shouted excitedly: “Neon clothes!!!”

She gritted her teeth, squeezed out her strength, staggered towards the neon clothes, ran over the neon clothes, hugged the neon clothes, and burst into tears, “Nine clothes, you stupid girl, why are you so stupid, my aunt is a sinner, I don’t know if you do this. what……”

Nishang’s mouth is still bleeding, but she didn’t cry, instead she showed a happy smile, “Auntie, I said, I want to protect you… Unfortunately, Nishang is useless and can’t protect you. Auntie, I let you down. expect……”

Qin Yuehua’s body was trembling uncontrollably, she hugged the neon clothes and felt extremely painful.

“Sword Rushuang! What do you want to do to me, why hurt Nishang! She is innocent! Don’t you remember how much credit Nishang has made for the organization!” Qin Yuehua cursed hysterically.

But Jian Rushuang didn’t touch the slightest, he was still stern, extremely cold, obviously he didn’t take the life of neon clothes in his eyes at all.

In his opinion, neon clothes are not

After being a small person, the fourth stage of the innate realm is so small that she can’t enter her eyes.

If Nishang is obedient and obedient, he is still willing to cultivate it, but if Nishang dares to oppose him, then he is looking for death!

He said coldly: “Who wants to plead for Qin Yuehua, stand up for this seat.”

The eyes swept across the people in the hall, no one dared to look at him, even the kings of the other three regions were silent.

Some people who had received the favor of Qin Yuehua, although they felt that Qin Yuehua was not guilty of death, they did not dare to speak. At this time, offending a sword like frost would be no different from seeking death.

Jian Rushuang snorted and said sarcastically, “Qin Yuehua, it seems that you are a failure. After operating in BRAGRUN for so many years, no one wants to intercede for you.”

Qin Yuehua’s face was cold, and she couldn’t see the thoughts in her heart.

Only the neon clothes can feel her. Her skin is cold, her eyes are cold, and her heart is cold.

“Jian Rushuang, since you want to kill me, as you are, why bother to pretend to be here and just do it directly.” Qin Yuehua said blankly.

Jian Rushuang took a few steps forward, walked again in front of Qin Yuehua, condescendingly, looking down at Qin Yuehua, “I ask you one last time, are you convicted?”

Qin Yuehua said nothing.

“Qin Yuehua, I count to three. If you don’t plead guilty, don’t blame me for not remembering the old feelings, and throwing you and the neon clothes into the Ugly Hantang.” Jian Rushuang said with a smile.

Hearing this, Qin Yuehua’s face suddenly changed, “Sword Rushuang, do you dare?! I am a saint from the previous generation at any rate, you throw me into the Ugly Han Hall, are you still a human!”

When the others heard this, their expressions changed a bit, and their eyes looked at Jian Rushuang, a little more repellent.

Ugly Han Hall, that is the special existence of BRAGRUN organization, there are a group of ugly men with no humanity in it, if a woman enters, it is hell, life is better than death!

In any case, Qin Yuehua is a saint of the previous generation, and she has made many contributions to BRAGRUN organization, and Qin Yuehua is still a woman of the holy king in name. If Jian Rushuang really threw Qin Yuehua into the Ugly Han Hall, then It’s really too much.

Besides, Nishang didn’t have any sins, but just stood up and pleaded for Qin Yuehua, and even this would be thrown into the Ugly Hantang. What kind of humanity is there?

Jian Rushuang sneered, and started counting directly: “One, two…”

Qin Yuehua’s body was trembling violently, she was going crazy with anger, Jian Rushuang actually threatened her with this, it was not human!

There was also fear and panic on Nishang’s face. She could accept death, but to be thrown into the Ugly Hall and accept abuse and humiliation, that would be better than death!

At this moment, another person stood up, frowned, and said: “Sword Rushuang, you have done this, after all, Qin Yuehua is a saint of the previous generation, and the sin does not end here.”

It was an old man with a national character face, he was the king of the Northern Territory, and had friendship with Qin Yuehua.

However, Jian Rushuang just looked at him coldly, “King Beitian, are you teaching me to do things?”

When Jian Rushuang glared like this, the Northern Territory King immediately shook his head and said, “I didn’t mean that, just to be fair.”

“Hmph, this matter is up to me, it’s not your turn to be around!” Jian Rushuang’s attitude was very tough.

The Northern Heavenly King’s face was ugly, but he didn’t dare to talk back anymore. After all, his strength was indeed quite a bit worse than Jian Rushuang.

Chapter 730

He sighed in his heart. Although he was very upset with Jian Rushuang, he did not dare to disobey Jian Rushuang, so he could only shrink back. He glanced at Qin Yuehua and couldn’t help but feel sorry.

Qin Yuehua, as a saint of the previous generation, is also a martial arts genius. At her young age, she is in a congenital realm. As long as Qin Yuehua is given a little time, with Qin Yuehua’s qualifications and the resources of the BRAGRUN organization, it is a proper way to break through the diamond is not bad. Divine Realm, became a well-deserved birth mother.

It is a pity that Qin Yuehua finally took a crooked road, fell into the mortal world, married a mortal, and gave birth to a child.

Jian Rushuang snorted, and he began to count three.

At this moment, Qin Yuehua spoke, “I, plead guilty.”

After saying this, it seemed as if all her strength had been spent, and the expression in her eyes instantly lost their brilliance, and she would not even shed tears, as if she had become a soulless body.

Nishang immediately shouted: “Auntie! You can’t confess your guilt, you are not guilty at all!”

Qin Yuehua didn’t answer her, but raised her head and said to Jian Rushuang: “I’m doing things all by myself. Now I have pleaded guilty. You can kill me alone. It has nothing to do with Nishang.”

She said this expressionlessly and coldly.

Jian Rushuang said: “Death crime can be avoided and living crime is inevitable. The neon clothes are bold and bold. These days, I ran to Huarvell again and again to fight with the wild plant Wayne Lin, instruct Wayne Lin martial arts, and also double cultivation with Wayne Lin, with the power of extreme Yin. It was taught to Wayne Lin, and Wayne Lin’s cultivation base rose sharply within a short period of time, leading to the death of the Southern Heavenly King Lei Zhen, which was extremely heinous.”

After a pause, he stared at the neon clothes, revealing a trace of cruelty, “When abolishing one’s cultivation base, enter the cold valley!”

“You!!!” Qin Yuehua suddenly widened her eyes when she heard this, and became angry again. Jian Rushuang is really shameless, and she has no morals at all.

Nishang had no sin in the first place. Over the years, he has made so much credit for BRAGRUN organization, and now he has achieved this result!

Many people present also frowned, but no one dared to stand up and speak for the neon clothes after what happened just now.

I just feel that Jian Rushuang’s approach is too much.

Jian Rushuang sneered again and again, seeming to enjoy Qin Yuehua’s anger, but powerlessness.

Qin Yuehua took a deep breath, and gritted her teeth and said: “Sword Rushuang, you, as the majestic Eastern Heaven King, the first person in the realm of the gods, are you as familiar as a junior!”

“State-owned and national laws, family rules, no rules and rules, no rules and no squares, Nishang should be punished if he commits a crime.” Jian Rushuang stood with his hand, his aura spread out, sweeping everyone, no wind and waves, full of majesty .

He was obviously a young man, but he was extremely majestic, and looked very violent.

Qin Yuehua was not stupid, she could see that Jian Rushuang did this, just forcing her to submit, in order to avenge her just now.

She clenched her fists hard, and finally said: “You just want me to bow to you. As long as you are willing to put on the neon clothes, I will do whatever you want me.”

Jian Rushuang said: “Knock your head to this seat and admit your mistakes.”

Qin Yuehua was not surprised by these words, Jian Rushuang wanted to humiliate her in a different way.

If it’s because of herself, she would rather die than yield, but now, she can’t let the neon clothes be affected by her.

So she let go of her neon clothes and started to kneel.

Nishang saw this scene and called out: “Auntie, no!”

Qin Yuehua didn’t stop, she just saw

Kneel down.

At this moment, from the huge statue in the main hall, a magnificent voice suddenly rang, like the words of heaven.

“Enough, Qin Yuehua is guilty, and asks beheaded in the afternoon.”

This voice clearly reached the ears of everyone present.

Everyone trembled, with enthusiasm and admiration on their faces, they knelt down without any hesitation, and shouted: “Chen, see the Holy King!!”

With a sound, it was very loud, humming the hall.

Even after Jian Rushuang heard it, his face changed, showing respect and awe, and quickly knelt down.

This is no one, it is the Holy King BRAGRUN.

But his person did not appear, only a voice appeared.

But even so, everyone present felt the horror of the holy king, which was completely heavenly.

No offense and profanity exist.

If Jian Rushuang is the emperor, then the holy king BRAGRUN is a god.

But one person, after hearing the voice of the holy king, did not kneel down, nor did he show admiration or awe, but instead expressed hatred and anger. She was not who she was, it was Qin Yuehua.

It seems that the Saint King is her life’s enemy, gritted his teeth.

But she did not speak, just stood like a nail.

After a full minute, everyone in the hall dared to stand up.

Jian Rushuang glanced at Qin Yuehua coldly, his eyes flashed a little bit of unwillingness, but he didn’t say anything anymore, just now the Saint King appeared.

No matter how bold he was, he did not dare to disobey the will of the holy king.

Can only announce loudly, drag Qin Yuehua down, put him in custody, and wait for the afternoon to ask him.

It’s not long before noon now.

Finally, the people in the hall dispersed one after another, and the people from the law enforcement hall came over and took Qin Yuehua and the neon clothes away.

“Nishang, you girl, how can you be so stupid, alas!”

In the cold and humid dungeon, Qin Yuehua sighed heavily and said, hating iron and steel.

“Auntie is already a dying person, it’s not worth your sacrifice for your auntie!”

Nishang’s breath has already weakened a lot. Although the palm of Jian Rushuang just now did not kill her, it also caused her serious injuries. Fortunately, her vitality was strong enough, otherwise she would not be able to hold on for that long.

But even so, she was dying.

She smiled and said: “Auntie, you rescued Nishang. Over the years, you have nurtured me, taught me to study, taught me how to be a man, and you are the mother of Nishang in the eyes of Nishang. .”

“Unfortunately, Nishang is incompetent and failed to save his aunt.” Nishang said, but also wept.

Qin Yuehua was also very uncomfortable in her heart. She put the neon clothes in her arms, her eyes were in a daze, and a young face appeared, and said with great regret and guilt: “I have never been afraid of death, and I have long expected death, but unfortunately Before I die, I can’t even see Wayne. This is my life, this is God’s punishment for me.”

After saying this, Qin Yuehua was deeply saddened. She was not afraid of death, but she couldn’t even see her son before she died. It was really regrettable and painful.

Her words seemed to remind Nishang, “Auntie, don’t cry, I have already told Wayne, he will come to save us!”

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