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Chapter 176

The corners of Guo Yuanjia’s mouth twitched fiercely twice, and he was now wailing in his heart, he didn’t know what to say anymore.

Tonight’s engagement banquet has become a joke, alas.

“Wayne Lin, it’s you, really you!”

At this time, a voice full of anger sounded, and Huang Wenhua next to him was breathing fire, staring at Wayne Lin, his eyes wanted to eat Wayne Lin’s meat, gnaw Wayne Lin’s bones, and drink Wayne Lin’s blood!

Because of the emotional fluctuations and excitement, Huang Wenhua’s body was trembling violently, and the expression on his face was extremely hideous.

He is now like this, where he is still half handsome, he has turned into a demon, and many of the people present were shocked when he saw it.

As for Wayne Lin, how could he be afraid of Huang Wenhua? He smiled and said, “Yes, it’s me. Huang Wenhua, you are very fateful, you are not dead like this.”

Click! Click!

Huang Wenhua gritted his teeth, made a harsh sound, and clenched his fists. He was a mad dog like that, and he would pounce on Wayne Lin at any time.

When Guo Yuanjia saw this situation, he was already dumbfounded. Wayne Lin is still Huang Wenhua’s foe. This is a big joke!

Huang Dongqiang supported Huang Wenhua, but did not let Huang Wenhua fall. He stared at Wayne Lin, his face was full of haze and murder, “You are Wayne Lin, beat my son into such a murderer?”

Wayne Lin looked surprised and said, “This uncle, shit can be eaten indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense. I am a good citizen who abides by the law and will not do illegal things. Be careful I sue you for libel. “

Huang Dongqiang gave Wayne Lin a fierce look, then looked at Guo Yuanjia, and said with a furious smile: “Guo Yuanjia, you are cruel enough, I asked myself Huang Dongqiang did not offend you, today you came to humiliate me like this?”

Guo Yuanjia panicked immediately and shook his head hurriedly and said, “Brother Huang, you have misunderstood. I don’t mean it at all. Today is the little girl making her own way. I don’t know anything!”

At this time, how could Huang Dongqiang still believe Guo Yuanjia? In other words, this is no longer a matter of believing or disbelief, but a done deal. The Huang family has lost its face and the two families have already settled their grievances. Unless, the Guo family can give the Huang family a good explanation.

In the crowd, Situ Nan was already smiling so that his face was crooked. This Wayne Lin was really a silly pen, he was so stupid that he appeared at the engagement banquet tonight, and he had to act as Guo Junyi’s boyfriend. What is this not looking for death?

It’s not just the Huang Family, even the Guo Family can’t let Wayne Lin go.



Guo Yuanjia had realized that the matter was irreversible, and he sighed long.

What happened tonight really surpassed his expectations. No matter how resourceful he is, he will count, and he has not counted things going in this direction.

However, it has already happened. He regrets it and cannot be saved. Besides, he has only one daughter Guo Junyi in his whole life. He can’t do it if he really blames Guo Junyi, so in the end he can only sigh and admit his fate.

He bowed his hand and said to Huang Dongqiang, “Brother Huang, the deal is done. Now that my daughter already has a boyfriend, let’s stop the engagement tonight.”


Huang Dongqiang’s expression was extremely ugly, Guo Yuanjia didn’t intend to explain to him, he had to deal with him hard.

How could a person like him swallow such an anger, but, it’s done, and things have happened before they happen, and if he goes crazy again, it becomes him gaffe.

A big man like him is extremely clever in mind, and he has thought of the key all at once.

So he laughed, showing a free and easy look, looking at Guo Yuanjia deeply, and said: “Brother Guo, you really love your daughter enough, I remember this tonight!”

When he said this, everyone in the audience knew that Huang Dongqiang was expressing his position and that he would be an enemy of the Guo family in the future.

A grand engagement banquet turned out to be like this, which was beyond everyone’s expectation and used it as a laughing stock for a long time.

But, did the matter end so simply?

Not necessarily.

Huang Wenhua held his father who was about to walk away, his face showed a meaningful smile, “Uncle Guo, you seem to be very satisfied with Wayne Lin, presumably you also know his identity? I don’t know. Don’t admire your generosity!”

When Guo Yuanjia heard these words, he immediately frowned, with a faint smile on his face, “Nephew Huang Xian, just say what you have to say, you don’t have to bend around like this, it is weird.”

“Hahaha.” Huang Wenhua saw Guo Yuanjia look like this, but he didn’t understand why Guo Yuanjia didn’t know the identity of Wayne Lin. In this way, it would be even more interesting.

As a result, the smile on his face became thicker and even more unkind, and said, “Oh, it seems that I have misunderstood. Uncle Guo, you still don’t know the identity of your son-in-law, Chenglong.”

When Guo Junyi heard this, her expression changed and she became a little guilty. She hurriedly stood up and said to Huang Wenhua: “Huang Wenhua, if you want to leave, leave, why do you talk so much nonsense?”

Huang Wenhua said: “Guo Junyi, why, you are now guilty of heart? It seems that you really didn’t tell your dad about Wayne Lin’s identity. Why is this? Is your heart guilty?”

Not only Guo Yuanjia and the others, but the guests on the court also had wonderful expressions at this time, full of gossip expressions. They couldn’t hear it yet. The identity of Guo Junyi’s boyfriend is probably not visible!

In this way, things tonight will be more interesting.

As for Situ Nan in the crowd, he was even more proud and gloating.

At exactly this time, he saw Ugly Master and a group of younger brothers, walking in from the door, he was even more overjoyed, and hurriedly greeted him, “Ugly Master, are you here?”

The Ugly Lord’s weight is still very large. His appearance caused a small commotion. Many people cast awe in their eyes. The rich second generation around Situ Nan had even more awe and fanaticism in their eyes.

This is Ugly, the underground emperor of Hwadrid! There is not only money, but also power. I don’t know how many horses under his hand. With the order, countless people will go through the fire and water for him. How powerful.

“Yeah.” Ugly Master nodded softly, he was extremely cold in front of Situ Nan.

Then, the ugly master looked at Wayne Lin on the stage, with respect and fear flashing in his eyes.

Everyone outside knows that he is the underground emperor of Huarvell, but no one knows. In fact, he is just a subordinate of Wayne Lin.

Chapter 177

Guo Junyi’s face became a little pale, she really hated Huang Wenhua, how could this person be so annoying! I have to go, and I have to step on her.

Of course she knew what Wayne Lin’s identity was. She was the son-in-law of the Chu family. He was very’famous’ in Hwadrid. If her family knew about it, she would definitely explode. When the time comes, her father will not spare her lightly, so how can she not panic?

But now, she clenched her teeth, she could only try to pretend that she didn’t care, “Insane, I have a guilty conscience. Wayne Lin is my boyfriend. He neither killed nor set fire. On the contrary. You, don’t you hurry up and stay here to continue to lose face?”

Guo Junyi said this seriously, making everyone in the Huang family look at her with more anger and hatred.

Guo Yuanjia is not stupid. At this point, he still can’t tell that his daughter is really guilty of conscience. It further shows that Wayne Lin’s identity is problematic.

At this moment, his heart became more complicated, anger, regret, panic, bitterness, depression…

Fortunately, he did not lose his mind, knowing that the more he is like this, the less he can let Wayne Lin’s identity be exposed!

So he stepped up and said, “Haha, Wenhua, I know that Uncle Guo is sorry for this. Uncle Guo is a good match for you. When I look back, Uncle Guo will introduce you to a right person. For today’s matter, I will Look at it first, let it go.”

As he said, he gave many Guo family a look, let them go together, can not continue to stay ashamed.

It’s just that now, how did Huang Wenhua let them go? He didn’t even stoke Wayne Lin’s identity!

“Haha, don’t worry, don’t worry, Uncle Guo, I have always admired you for fear that you will be deceived! This Wayne Lin is actually a celebrity in our Hwadrid City, and many people know it.” Huang Wenhua deliberately increased the volume. , Reached everyone’s ears.

When Guo Yuanjia heard these words, he became even more bitter, and at the same time he understood that he couldn’t run away today.

Because Huang Wenhua is determined to take revenge, even if he ran away now, when everyone knew about it, his Guo family should be ashamed or ashamed!

It’s better to just stay, see tricks, and minimize the loss.

Now he regrets holding the engagement banquet tonight more and more. He had known that he might as well postpone the date, and it would not be too late to meet Wayne Lin. It’s okay now, it’s hard to ride a tiger, even if you want to go, you can’t go!

He prays especially now, hoping that Wayne Lin is not a criminal, otherwise, his Guo family will really lose face!

“Haha, isn’t it?” Guo Yuanjia turned his head and smiled again at Huang Wenhua, and then he said to Wayne Lin: “Young man, when did you meet Junyi? Why didn’t you come to visit me first?”

He gave Wayne Lin a frantic wink, hoping that Wayne Lin would be more sensible, and no matter what Huang Wenhua said, don’t admit it, just bite it to death. This way it can preserve some of the reputation of the Guo family!

How could Wayne Lin not know, but he smiled slightly and said, “Uncle, I have known Junyi for a while, and this time just happened to catch up with the busy business in the company. I was so embarrassed that I could not spare time to visit my uncle. Please forgive me, uncle.”

“Starting a company?” Guo Yuanjia felt a little better. Since he started a company, it means he is a boss and makes no money. In addition, at least his identity is pretty good, “I don’t know what company you open?”


As soon as Wayne wanted to speak, Huang Wenhua chuckled and said, “Haha, Uncle Guo, aren’t you? You are so easy to be cheated by him? He runs a shit company. He hasn’t even been able to find a job for several years. Until now, I have stayed at Chu’s house to eat soft food and do housework. His reputation in Hwadrid is already stinking, and everyone shouts like a rat crossing the street. In the end, when he comes to you, he changes his body and is so popular.”

“What?” Guo Yuanjia’s brow furrowed deeply. He finally relaxed a little, and immediately became worse again. A person who can’t even find a job, how wasteful is this? Besides, his reputation in Hwadrid is already stinking, and these words are enough to make him look bad.

“Jun Yi, who is your friend? Are you deceived by him!”

I have to say that Guo Yuanjia’s reaction was quick, and he immediately changed his name to Wayne Lin as Guo Junyi’s friend, not her boyfriend.

Guo Junyi bit her lip and lowered her head, not daring to look into Guo Yuanjia’s eyes, because Wayne Lin’s identity is indeed a bit hard to tell.

It is not that she dislikes Wayne Lin, but that she dare not face Guo Yuanjia in this environment.

When Huang Wenhua saw this scene, his smile on his face became even brighter. The original bad mood is now a lot better, and he has become abnormally happy and wanton.

He is looking forward to it. When Guo Yuanjia knows the identity of Wayne Lin, how will he react? When the time comes, the reputation of the Guo family will be stinking! Even Guo Junyi will become worthless.

This is a kind of revenge for him.

Seeing that his daughter was not talking, Guo Yuanjia knew what was going on. He immediately stared at Wayne Lin fiercely, his face turned cold, and said unceremoniously, “Who are you? Why are you approaching my daughter!”

Wayne Lin sighed, feeling really helpless, why would there be trouble wherever he went, and someone would jump out to oppose him?

Is he destined to be so restless?

“Uncle Guo, does it matter who I am?” Wayne Lin said.

Guo Yuanjia’s state of mind at this moment can’t understand Wayne Lin’s words at all. In his opinion, Wayne Lin is a manifestation of a guilty conscience and is sophistry!

Suddenly, his heart became even more angry, and his mood became even worse.

“It seems that you really have a shameful identity. When you go back, you have to explain clearly why you want to approach my daughter!” Guo Yuanjia began to separate the relationship.

At this moment, Guo Junyi, who kept her head down, suddenly raised her head and said, “Dad, you don’t need to be so fierce. Wayne Lin is right. Is it important who he is? I like him and he will take care of me carefully. Isn’t that enough? Does it have to be right? Does it have to be rich to pursue true love!”

Then, she said to Huang Wenhua again: “Huang Wenhua, I know what you mean, but I just want revenge and want to see my jokes. You don’t have to continue to betray you, I will say it now. Yes, Wayne Lin’s identity is indeed He is more sensitive. He used to be the son-in-law of the Chu family, and his reputation in Hwadrid is not very good, but what about it? I like him!”

When these words were spoken, in an instant, there was a storm in the audience and Guo Yuanjia’s brain exploded!

The son-in-law of the Chu family…

He suddenly remembered why he felt familiar when he heard this name for the first time!

For a while, his mood was extremely bad, his heart was tightened, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

Chapter 178

“Chu, the son-in-law of the Chu family?”

When everyone in the Guo family heard this message, they all went crazy, especially those elders, now they are shaking all over with anger. Some of the old and good-looking elders are almost unable to stand. Fortunately, The young man next to him could barely stand firm with his support, and kept saying, “My house is unfortunate, my house is unfortunate…”

Isn’t it? The Guo family is also a famous family in Hwadrid. Although it is not as big as the Lin family, but it is also a face. As a result, Guo Yuanjia’s only daughter actually hooks up with the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family. Yes, I was still at the engagement banquet with the Huang’s family and had such a fuss, this face, but I lost it to my grandmother’s house!

There was a lot of discussion in the audience, becoming more and more intense.

“f*ck! I heard you right? This Wayne Lin is the son-in-law of the Chu family?!”

“What Chu family? Does Hwadrid have a big family named Chu?”

“The big family of farts is just a small family. They opened a small lighting company, and the total value is only 30 to 40 million yuan. This is not the point. The key is that this Chu family’s door-to-door son-in-law has a lot in our Huarvell. Fame, it’s a well-known trash and wimp. I heard that I stayed at home all day to do housework and eat soft meals. As a result, I changed my body and became a wasteful son-in-law. When I arrived at the Guo’s house, he became a sweet cake? Hahaha… “

“It turned out to be such a thing. I really laughed. The Guo family’s face was lost this time. Guo Yuanjia, as the head of the Guo family and the only daughter, unexpectedly found such a trash boyfriend and resigned from the Huang family. Marriage is really a godly operation, haha.”

“That’s not it, you don’t look at the reactions of the Guo family, all their faces are green.”

“Tonight’s engagement banquet didn’t come in vain. It was so exciting. I don’t know if there will be any turning point in the future?”

“Turning a fart, it’s already a real hammer, Guo Junyi admits it herself, there is a ghost turn.”

These people were obviously falling into the trap, and what they said became more and more ugly, and it spread to the ears of the Guo family, making them even more uncomfortable, their faces were burning with pain, and they just wanted to find a place to get in.

As for everyone in the Huang family, they laughed happily and felt extremely relieved.

The Guo family regretted their marriage, which embarrassed them, but now, the hatred has been reported back on the spot, and after tonight, their Huang family will not be ashamed. On the contrary, it is the Guo family, this face is so embarrassing, hahaha…

Huang Wenhua’s face turned crooked with a smile. He stared at Wayne Lin now, making no secret of his triumph, his eyes mocking.

Regarding this, Wayne Lin hadn’t spoken from beginning to end, and there was no expression on his face, standing like a piece of wood, stupid. In fact, everyone thought he was frightened and stupid, a wasteful son-in-law who couldn’t even find a job and could only stay at home to eat soft food. In this situation, it is not normal to be frightened.

“Is it funny?”

At this moment, Wayne Lin finally spoke. He looked at Huang Wenhua faintly, his waist straight, no bending, and no trace of panic or guilty conscience on his face, giving people an inexplicable and powerful feeling.

Wayne Lin’s voice was not loud, but it spread clearly throughout the audience. Everyone was quiet at this moment, and their eyes were all looking at Wayne Lin, expecting him to say something.

The smile on Huang Wenhua’s face stiffened, he especially asked

Tired of Wayne Lin’s calm look, what kind of pretense!

“Wayne Lin, I have to admire your face. It’s thick enough. At this point, you can still remain calm.” Huang Wenhua smiled again, jokingly on his face, “Are you still trying to struggle? A virtual identity to conceal his identity as the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family?”

Then he said to Guo Junyi: “Miss Guo, sometimes I really don’t understand what you think. I know that Wayne Lin is the son-in-law of the Chu family, but he still wants to be with him. Your pursuit of true love His attitude is really admirable, even the reputation of your Guo family doesn’t matter.”

His words, like a knife, pierced the hearts of all Guo’s family members, and hated Guo Junyi and Wayne Lin even more.

Huang Dongqiang and others began to make up the knife frantically, and refused to give up this opportunity to get into trouble.

Guo Junyi lowered her head. As a flower growing in a greenhouse, she has a mediocre mental quality. Wherever she can withstand this pressure, her tears can’t stop streaming down.

Suddenly, a big warm hand held her cold catkin, accompanied by a gentle comfort, “Don’t cry, I said I will help you tonight, so you won’t break your promise. With me here, your Guo family won’t Shame.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s voice, Guo Junyi trembled in her heart, suddenly raised her head, and met Wayne Lin’s gentle and domineering face, which filled her heart suddenly.

“Um…” Guo Junyi nodded gently. She knew that Wayne Lin was comforting her, she had no hope, and her heart was still warmer.

Huang Wenhua made a more disdainful cut, thinking that Wayne Lin was dying to be struggling. He folded his hands on his chest and looked at Wayne Lin coldly, looking at what Wayne Lin could do.

Wayne Lin took Guo Junyi by the hand, and faced Guo Yuanjia who was so sinking in his face, and said politely: “Uncle Guo, you just asked me what company I started. I have no chance to answer you. Now I can tell you.”

Guo Yuanjia snorted, without showing Wayne Lin’s face, in his heart, Wayne Lin had been completely blacklisted.

In the audience, Situ Nan stood up, holding a goblet in his hand, sipping red wine leisurely, with a playful smile on his mouth, watching how Wayne Lin made a fool of himself.

Next to him, the ugly master was also standing, his eyes were flat, but if you look closely, you can still see the hotness in the ugly master’s eyes. At this moment, he saw the former second master and came back.

Jeff Han slowly walked to the place closest to Wayne Lin. As long as Wayne Lin had any needs, he would stand up for the first time.

There is another person, Damon Wang, who was there not long ago. When he saw Wayne Lin, he originally wanted to go forward and say hello to Wayne Lin, but his intention was stopped by Wayne Lin’s eyes, and now he is also tight. Looking closely at Wayne Lin, waiting for Wayne Lin’s order.

There was no sound in the audience, everyone looked at Wayne Lin jokingly and with a little expectation, to see what Wayne Lin could say. Of course, most people still hold the element of watching jokes, they don’t believe that Wayne Lin can make a turn.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to what these people were thinking and how he looked at him. He looked at Guo Yuanjia and said with a smile: “Not long ago, I bought Ziqiong Film and Television Co., Ltd. for 2.5 billion. I believe that Uncle Guo also Having heard of this, my current status is the chairman of Ziqiong Film and Television Media Company.”

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