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Chapter 437

Some mysterious place in China.

It is winter now, but here, there are still thousands of flowers in full bloom, especially in a yard, full of cherry blossoms, and the cherry blossoms bloom, especially beautiful, blooming in the off-season, it looks particularly strange.

There is a courtyard here, which looks very retro, like a house in a costume movie, full of nature and tranquility.

The people living in it are also dressed in cheongsam, Hanfu, etc.

Among them, Wayne Lin’s mother, Qin Yuehua, lives here.

She was a little pale now, and her body looked a little weak. She sat cross-legged in front of a guzheng, playing with ten fingers, and melodious and sad music burst out of her hands. This scene was extremely beautiful.

A graceful woman walked in from outside and saw the weakness and sadness on Qin Yuehua’s face. She immediately quickened her pace, walked over, took Qin Yuehua’s hand, and said concernedly: “Auntie, how are you?”

Qin Yuehua raised her head, saw the other party, smiled, and said happily: “Neon clothes, you are here. Have you eaten yet, my aunt will cook for you.”

The woman who came is the neon clothes. She will come back here for a while to visit her aunt. Now she sees Qin Yuehua’s haggard and sad look, and she feels heartache!

At the same time, she couldn’t help being angry. The Holy King is too hateful. It has been so long. She still refuses to forgive her aunt. Every so often, she punishes her aunt. The name is baptism, which is actually torturing her aunt and taking her life !

“Auntie, you are called to baptism again, no, I will go to plead with the holy king now, let him stop this behavior!” Ni Chang gritted his teeth and said that he would stand up and go to the holy king.

Qin Yuehua immediately grabbed her hand, shook her head and said, “Neon, don’t go.”


Qin Yuehua smiled and said with a smile: “Nishang, auntie knows that you have auntie in your heart, auntie is very happy. However, auntie doesn’t want you to go to Saint King, auntie is fine now.

“But auntie, your body is so weak! If you continue the baptism, you will lose your life!” Nishang gritted his teeth and said angrily: “How many years have passed since this, and no matter how serious the sin is, it has been Washed up! Besides, you were pursuing your true love at first. This is not a sin at all. The Holy King is too…”

When Qin Yuehua heard Nishang say this, she immediately became a little nervous, went up quickly, covered Nishang’s mouth, and said nervously: “Nishang, auntie told you how many times, don’t just talk about the holy king.”

At this moment, a sneer voice came from outside, “Oh, you, a neon clothes, dare to speak ill of the Holy King in private. I think you are living impatiently!”

When the voice fell, there was an additional person in the yard, a man with long hair in a blue gown.

This man’s appearance was extremely handsome, comparable to that of a fairy in the sky, as if the facial features on his face were carved out by the gods with magical powers. The figure is also very tall, almost reaching the extreme of men. Compared with the so-called boys in the entertainment circle, Xiao Xianrou is much better.

It is no exaggeration to say that even a handsome guy like Wu Fanyi was crushed to the point of this man.

Moreover, what he is truly outstanding is not his appearance. This is the least worth mentioning of him.

After he appeared now, it was as if the air in the yard had stopped flowing, and he was shocked by him.

Because he is also a master of Innate Realm, and his strength is super strong, he has reached the top realm of Innate Realm!

Nishang saw him appear, his face suddenly changed, and his calm mood immediately became nervous, and he called out the other party’s name in a deep voice: “Ye Xingchen!”

Obviously this man is called Ye Xingchen, and he also has a nickname in the organization,’Erlang Shen’.

The BRAGRUN organization is a theological organization, and everyone in it has a code name of a fairy.

“What are you doing here with my aunt? It’s not your responsibility!” Nishang’s eyes looked at Ye Xingchen with repulsion and hostility.

Ye Xingchen showed a meaningful smile. He didn’t care about Nishang’s hostility towards him, and said: “I came here, naturally something is going on. Nishang, you just criticized the holy king, I heard it.”

Nishang frowned, and she said coldly: “If you want to sue, just go and sue. You don’t have to run to me to pretend, I don’t want you!”

Qin Yuehua hurriedly stood up and said, “Venerable Stars, Nishang was joking with me just now, and I definitely didn’t mean to offend the Holy King. Please also Master Stars to have a lot of things. Don’t know the same as Nishang, okay?”

Nishang immediately held Qin Yuehua’s hand, “Auntie, you don’t need to ask him for mercy, just let him complain to the holy king. Anyway, I am not afraid of shadows, and I have never thought of disrespectful to the holy king!”

After Nishang finished speaking, he waited for Ye Xingchen coldly, his eyes filled with disdain, thinking that Ye Xingchen was just a running dog.

The look in her eyes made Ye Xingchen feel uncomfortable. He snorted and said: “Neon, you don’t need to be so arrogant. For the sake of the saint, I won’t care about you this time.”

Qin Yuehua’s expression loosened, and she was about to say thank you. At this moment, Ye Xingchen said again, “Oh, looking at my memory, you have forgotten it. Now you are no longer a saint, but an ordinary member of the organization, tusk.”

After speaking, he shook his head, his face was full of mockery.

The smile on Qin Yuehua’s face suddenly stiffened.

Nishang had always been displeased with him, but now seeing him as a villain taunting Qin Yuehua, no matter how she could bear it, her complexion changed immediately, she instantly chilled, and a strong murderous intent burst out like a cone of ice and released it to Ye Xingchen In the past, “Ye Xingchen, you have something to say!”

Ye Xingchen felt the murderous intent of Nishang, his face showed some fear, and he gave a cold snort, and did not continue to say, lest he touched Nishang’s brows.

He knows Nishang’s character, if he says one more thing, this crazy woman really wants to fight him hard.

Now he looked at the exquisite figure of the neon clothes, and an evil fire appeared in his heart, and he wanted to vent under the neon clothes. He has long been eyeing the neon clothes, but because of the status and cultivation of the neon clothes, he dared not attack them.

One day, he seized the opportunity to conquer the neon clothes and devastated him severely.

“Neon clothes, because you are a woman, I don’t know you as much.” Ye Xingchen snorted heavily, and then said: “I’m here this time to ask you how often you left the organization in these three months. I went to Province G, what did I do?!”

After Qin Yuehua finished listening, her heart suddenly jumped and she became nervous.

Nishang also frowned. She went to Province G frequently during this time, so she naturally went to protect Wayne Lin, but she could never explain this.

Chapter 438

Ye Xingchen stared at the neon clothes tightly, and he saw the unnaturalness of the neon clothes at a glance. Even if the neon clothes only flashed by, he still caught him.

Nishang said coldly: “Ye Xingchen, your hand is too long. I need to report to you if I go to Province G to do anything!”

Seeing Nishang’s reaction, Ye Xingchen was even more convinced that Nishang went to Province G. There must be some ulterior secret. He stepped forward and said with great dignity: “As a law-enforcer, my position is one level higher than you. In the past three months, the whereabouts were abnormal, and I came here to ask questions. Not only did you not cooperate, but you were also rude to the deity. Could it be that you have a guilty conscience and have a heart of betrayal?!”

After speaking the last sentence, Ye Xingchen’s eyes suddenly widened, and a fierce aura broke out from him, and the wind blew up on the ground, making everyone feel tremendous pressure.

Nishang’s eyes became even colder. She had some grudges with Ye Xingchen at first, but now Ye Xingchen swayed here to make things difficult for her.

“Ye Xingchen, when will you, as the law enforcement sage of the Eastern Region, have the power to take care of my affairs in the Western Region! You are clearly despising the organization and despising the Holy King!” Nishang also exploded with a lot of momentum, opposing Ye Xingchen. “You are so bold!”

Just as her words fell, there was also a voice from a distance, “Ye Xingchen, who gave you the power, it is my Western Regions!”

When the voice fell, there was a woman in her 30s and 40s who appeared in the yard, her charm still existed. She was wearing a Taoist robe, exuding shocking aura from her body, and she was also a super master in the upper class of the Innate Realm.

When Ye Xingchen saw her appear, his face suddenly became gloomy, and his eyes flashed with jealousy. The middle-aged woman in front of him was the law enforcement veteran of the Western Regions, who had the same position as him.

Nishang saw the middle-aged woman, saluted and shouted the venerable.

Venerable Law Enforcement of the Western Regions nodded, then she smiled and nodded with Qin Yuehua, showing respect, obviously she also respected Qin Yuehua very much.

Ye Xingchen saw the appearance of the Law Enforcement Venerable of the Western Regions, he knew that he could not make things difficult for the neon clothes, he snorted heavily, glanced at the neon clothes threateningly, and then walked away.

After he left, the Western Region Law Enforcement Venerable said to Qin Yuehua: “Jingxuan sees Lord Saint.”

Qin Yuehua smiled bitterly and said, “Jingxuan, you don’t have to be polite. I am no longer a saint now. Just call me my sister.”

The Western Region Law Enforcement Venerable shook his head and said solemnly: “In Jingxuan’s heart, you will always be a saint.”

The title of saint made Qin Yuehua’s gaze float up, thinking of the previous scenery, but unfortunately, as she left the BRAGRUN organization and married into the Lin family, these have become phantoms.

Next, the Western Region Law Enforcement Venerable chatted for a few words, and then began to seriously say to Nishang: “Nishang, you must be careful from now on, I think Ye Xingchen will trouble you again.”

These words are very meaningful, and the neon clothes are not stupid, and they immediately reacted, nodded, expressing understanding.

After Ye Xingchen left, he sneered, “Nishang, originally I was just testing you, but I didn’t expect your reaction to be so big, it is obviously a guilty conscience! You have frequently visited Province G in the past three months, there must be some untold secret , You’d better not let me find your handle, otherwise, you can’t escape from my palm, and I will completely conquer you at that time!”

Thinking of that picture, the smile on Ye Xingchen’s mouth became stronger, and Jie Jie said: “It’s said that neon clothes are a rare extremely yin physique in the world. When I get her, I will definitely increase my cultivation base and impact King Kong. Bad is not impossible!!”

The so-called extremely yin physique, in addition to self-cultivation faster than other women, has a magical effect. In a certain way,

Can help men increase their training speed!

Looking at the whole world, women with extremely yin physique are rare and rare. Now Ye Xingchen has inquired that Nishang is extremely yin physique. Since he learned this news, he has been on the idea of ​​Nishang.

He is now the upper realm of the innate realm. Once he and the neon clothes double repair, he can definitely break through the realm and reach the peak in one fell swoop! At that time, he will also be a big figure in the BRAGRUN organization!

However, the cultivation base of the neon clothes is not bad, he is not sure that he can take the neon clothes, so he can’t force it, the best way is to take it out.

He set his sights on Province G, believing that Nishang frequently visits Province G, and there must be hidden secrets!


On Wayne Lin’s side, he was in the Aegis Security Group and took time to train a group of newly recruited bodyguards.

These new bodyguards are not small, they are all well-known masters. They have not heard of Wayne Lin’s reputation, and at first they were not convinced by Wayne Lin. However, soon, they are seeing the horror displayed by Wayne Lin. After that, they immediately let go of their contemptuous psychology, became in awe and began to study seriously.

Wayne Lin is quite used to such things.

However, as the chairman of Aegis Security, he is often responsible for training new bodyguards. He plans to train a chief instructor to take over his job.

At this moment, two people came quickly from outside, with some panic on their faces, striding towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin noticed it immediately, his ears moved slightly, and before the two men could speak, he stopped and signaled the new bodyguard to practice freely, and then he walked outside the door.


“Well, I already know.”

Those two men were stunned, they didn’t report, the chairman already knew? This is too amazing.

Wayne Lin’s ear power was beyond ordinary people’s imagination. He just calmed down and listened. He immediately heard two strong breathing sounds outside and felt their powerful breath.

Obviously, these are the two masters I met last time.

Sure enough, after Wayne Lin went out, he saw two people in dark gray uniforms standing in the hall, a man and a woman.

When Wayne Lin saw them, their eyes were also on Wayne Lin, and their eyes collided.

In fact, Wayne Lin knew just now that these two people were the two people who followed him when he went to Smith and Connery to kill him some time ago. And these two people, nine out of ten are from the government.

“I don’t know if these two are…”

Before Wayne Lin finished speaking, he was interrupted by the man among them, staring at him with majesty, “Wayne Lin, you are suspected of a serious murder case, please come with us right away!”

Speaking of this, everyone in the hall was frightened, and the chairman was actually suspected of murder! ?

You know, in China, the most serious crime is murder, and once caught, it will be sentenced to death!

If it were an ordinary person, he would have been so scared that he would piss off, but Wayne Lin’s face did not show the slightest panic, and even the smile on his face did not change. He said, “Don’t worry, the two will come together. Sit down and drink the hot tea, I have a good Hangcheng Longjing.”

With such a calm look, he couldn’t find a trace of fear or panic at all. He smiled and looked at the two people, not knowing, thinking he was greeting a friend.

Chapter 439

This calmness caused the two men to raise their brows. They had to admit that Wayne Lin’s psychological quality was so strong that he could remain calm even if he encountered such things, and they could see that Wayne Lin’s calmness was not pretended. But he was really not afraid.

The man among them was obviously unconvinced. He was a few years older than Wayne Lin. He was an arrogant person himself. He lived smoothly since he was a child. Even after he joined the army, he has not suffered any setbacks. Among his peers, he is almost the top existence, and now, there is a Wayne Lin who is not only younger than him, but also higher than him, which makes him very unconvinced!

Seeing Wayne Lin’s calm look, he was particularly upset. He snorted and asked, his vigor spread, and he stared at Wayne Lin, and said, “Wayne Lin, take me seriously! You are now With more than 20 lives, we are here to arrest you!”

I have to say that his majesty is still great, he has been in a high position for a long time, and he is full of official power, making everyone present in awe and afraid to make a sound.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that his identity is not simple, and ordinary people like them can not be offended.

The woman also had a cold face and said nothing, very serious.

Wayne Lin still sat down to make tea and said, “I don’t know what evidence you have?”

“Hmph! I naturally have evidence. I am here to arrest you today. I know you are a master of innate realm, but I advise you not to act rashly!” The man said in a deep voice, his tone full of threats.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Really? I want to try it.”

He raised his head and looked at the two masters in uniforms in front of him with a smile.

“You!!” The man was very angry when he saw Wayne Lin, a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water. He stretched his hand to his waist and wanted to take out the gun.

At this moment, the woman next to him stopped him, with a serious expression, and suddenly smiled, “Sure enough, she is a master who can defeat Brian Gu and Wu Meizi, and she is not afraid of us.”

Wayne Lin also laughed, then made the tea, poured it for them, and motioned them to sit down and drink tea.

The two looked at each other, and after making eye contact, they decided to sit down.

Wayne Lin made a gesture to signal the others to leave, leaving Wayne Lin and these two masters in uniforms in the hall.

“Wayne Lin, why are you killing so many foreigners? You are not afraid of legal sanctions?” After sitting down, the woman stared at Wayne Lin and asked in a deep voice.

“Because they deserve to die.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

The man’s face turned cold and said, “Who do you think you are and have the power to decide the life and death of others? I tell you Wayne Lin, don’t think that you are a master of the innate realm and you can do whatever you want! In China, you can be cured. How many people are!”

Wayne Lin’s smile closed up, his eyes suddenly became deep, staring at the opposite man, motionless, and instantly, the other party felt the tremendous pressure, his breathing gradually increased rapidly, and his forehead slowly emerged. Cold sweat.

Only then did he understand how terrifying Wayne Lin was. In Wayne Lin’s eyes, he seemed to see Dou Zhuan, the world turned upside down, the end of the world, fell into eternal darkness, and his consciousness was gradually lost!

The woman next to him was extremely shocked when he saw his face becoming paler and paler, with an expression of unprecedented fear on her face.

Wayne Lin did not continue to embarrass him, put away the pressure, and said lightly: “You know what they are, so you don’t want to use this set. You don’t have to act anymore. It’s been a month. I came to see me, not to convict me. I have to guess right, you guys want to recruit me.”

Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, their faces finally appeared surprised, no

Thinking that Wayne Lin was so smart, he could see through their trump cards at once!

For a while, they were a little embarrassed.

The woman took a deep breath, no longer stern, stood up, and proactively stretched out her hand to Wayne Lin to show her friendliness, “Mr. Lin, you really know what you are doing. You can see through us at a glance. We were just now. Make you a joke. Get to know, my name is Tan Qiuya, and I am the deputy leader of the fourth team of Hua Guo Xuanyuan Office 3.”

“My name is Tian Mingjie, and I come from the fourth team of Hua Guo Xuanyuan No.3.”

Three places in Xuanyuan?

Wayne Lin was stunned when he heard these four words. He had heard of this organization before. The people in it were Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons, and they were mainly responsible for the activities of foreign forces in China and safeguarding the country’s security.

He didn’t expect that the people from the third place of Xuanyuan would come to him. Could it be that he was attracted by his ability?

“Long admiring the name.” Wayne Lin shook their hands.

Tan Qiuya said: “Mr. Lin, you are a smart person, so I won’t be circumspect. As you said just now, we are indeed here to recruit you. A master like you is squandering talents in the folks, such as Join our three places in Xuanyuan and work together for the motherland.”

Originally, Tian Mingjie was very dissatisfied with Wayne Lin, but after what happened just now, he completely lost this idea of ​​Wayne Lin. Instead, he was very jealous of Wayne Lin, knowing that Wayne Lin could kill Brian Gu and Wu Meizi. It’s not accidental.

Wayne Lin hesitated for a while, and said, “I’m used to being free and loose, I’m afraid I won’t have the honor to join Xuanyuan three places.”

It seems that Wayne Lin would say this a long time ago. Tan Qiuya is not surprised. She smiled and said, “Mr. Lin, you don’t have to refuse so early. We don’t want you to choose right away. In fact, you will be big a month ago. But killing and killing so many foreigners shows that you are a person with a heavy national sentiment, and you don’t want to see your compatriots being bullied by foreigners. In fact, we are doing this kind of work in Xuanyuan three places.”

Wayne Lin was silent and did not speak. Before that, he really hadn’t thought that Xuanyuan three places would come to solicit him.

In his opinion, places like Xuanyuan Three are not so easy to enter.

Moreover, for a person like him who is used to being free and loose, it is really unsuitable to go into places like Xuanyuan Three.

Tan Qiuya sighed again and said, “Mr. Lin, at your level, I believe and know that our country now looks good and we live and work in peace and contentment, but in fact, it is full of crises secretly. Especially in the past few years, there have been constant foreign forces coming in. …The twenty-odd foreigners you met last time are only a small part of them… In the past few years, Western countries have invented the water of life, and suddenly there have been many masters of innate realm, which is what they call The supernatural powers brought us tremendous pressure…We need a master like you to protect our country and people.”

After finishing speaking, Tan Qiuya actually stood up and bowed deeply to Wayne Lin, with a particularly sincere attitude.

After Wayne Lin saw it, he was instantly moved.

In fact, over the years, he has also felt that more and more foreigners are coming to China, many of them are foreign forces, but what he did not expect is that China is actually a little weak.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s silence, Tian Mingjie gritted his teeth and bowed deeply to Wayne Lin, persuading Wayne Lin to join in.

Wayne Lin was silent for a while, and said, “We have a vast land and a wealth of resources in China. There must be many masters of the innate realm, why bother to find me?”

A little sadness flashed in Tan Qiuya’s eyes, saying: “In the past, we did have many masters of innate realm, but over the years, with the rapid development of the water of life invented by Western forces, we have many inborn realms. Senior, already dead in their hands.”

Wayne Lin’s heart sank when he heard these words, he could fully feel the heavy and tragic words of Tan Qiuya.

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