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Chapter 746

The Global Competitive Competition, also known as the Kung Fu Cup, is a competition that Wayne Lin has only recently learned about. It is a competition co-founded by many powerful countries in the world. Its nature is similar to the World Cup.

Both are particularly important, regarding the face between nations.

The only difference is that the World Cup is global and is announced to all people, while the global competition is for warriors and is not open to ordinary people.

But its importance even exceeds the World Cup!

Moreover, it is held every five years. At that time, all countries in the world will send the top players of their own countries to participate in the competition. The duration of the competition is 40 days. Through continuous competition, the absolute champion will be achieved.

In many previous Kung Fu Cups, China has never won a championship, and the ranking is not very good, which has made China lose a lot of face in the international arena.

You must know that China is known as a Kung Fu country in the international arena. As a result, China has never won the Kung Fu Cup, which is so important. It really has no face!

Regarding the top players, there are not many countries in China. Just the Whampoa Road, a military god, is enough to be proud of the world, but the problem is that in this Kung Fu Cup, the first requirement is that all contestants must be no more than 40 years old, otherwise it is a violation.

In this way, China really does not have any masters who are too good at it, because many of the great masters in China are in their forties, even if it is Zhao Xia, they are in their early forties this year and lost. Eligibility to participate.

And most importantly, even if Zhao Xia is of this strength, there is actually no chance of winning in the Kung Fu Cup.

Suddenly, everyone in the conference room looked at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin thought for a while and said, “Since the above said so, then we will make every effort to win this championship.”

“That said, it’s a pity that the Kung Fu Cup has a hard condition. All contestants must be no more than 40 years old. In this way, there are very few top players we can send.” Peng Zhuo sighed. , He also wants to participate, but he is 44 years old this year.

He had participated in the last Kung Fu Cup, but at that time, he was only in the third stage of the Innate Realm, and he lost to a foreign master, and he was still a very complete defeat.

Although China is a big country and has a magnificent national fortune, there are really very few top players under the age of 40.

Occasionally, that is not an official person in China, just like Lei Zhen, he is a super master, but he is not an official person, and he will not participate in the Kung Fu Cup at all.

Wayne Lin thought for a while, and said with some confusion: “There are so many masters abroad?”

Peng Zhuo nodded and said with a solemn expression: “Many, especially the beautiful country, they have the most advanced biotechnology and artificial intelligence technology in the world today, which can greatly stimulate the potential of the martial artist, and the training method is also the world’s leading. According to our simple Statistics show that there are more than two hundred masters of the Innate Realm under the age of 40. Among them, there are more than ten in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm! As for the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, it is said that there are four of them, which is very terrifying.”

When Wayne Lin heard this data, he couldn’t help being surprised. There were more than two hundred masters of the innate realm under the age of 40. What kind of concept is this!

You know, the entire China, all the masters of innate realm, add up to only a hundred!

As a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, he walked all the way from ordinary martial artist, master realm, and acquired pinnacle, very clear how difficult the Innate Realm is.

At the beginning, he also managed to break through to the innate realm by swallowing the Xisui Pill and experienced endless pain, and the beautiful country, with only one-fifth of the population of China, has so many innate realm masters?

This is really shocking!

Sun Liang on the side also said: “In addition to the beautiful country, there are also many innate masters in several other developed Western countries. Even the Sun Nation next door, I heard that this year, there have also been two innate masters. A great master of the Great Perfection, for this Kung Fu Cup championship, it is bound to win… It can be said that the difficulties we face in this Kung Fu Cup are greater than those in the past!”

The other high-level people in the conference room were also frowning, sighing again and again.

Wayne Lin also frowned. Through understanding, he knew the importance of this Kung Fu Cup, especially this one, which was held in China. If you still can’t win the championship, you won’t even get the silver medal. , That’s really a shame!

In recent years, the rapid development of China has caused hostility from many developed countries. During this time, many foreign forces have come to China to cause destruction.

Wayne Lin hadn’t been in Xuanyuan three places for a year, and he had performed several missions.

It’s no wonder that the order was given to death, and we must win the championship.

Wayne Lin is not stupid. From what Peng Zhuo and Sun Liang said just now, he reacted. This time the Kung Fu Cup, the two leaders meant that he should also participate.

He thought for a while and asked: “Apart from me, does our country still compete in the Dzogchen Congenital Realm?”

Peng Zhuo said gravely: “At present, it is only you.”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he also felt the pressure on his shoulders, which heavier a lot.

In this way, he fought alone.

However, he also has confidence that with his current strength, even Jian Rushuang is not his opponent, and the innate realm of other countries is Great Perfection. To be honest, he did not take it too seriously.

“Then I will go all out.” Wayne Lin is not a person who likes to shirk responsibility. As the saying goes, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Since he is the only one, he can’t hold back.

However, Peng Zhuo shook his head and said, “No, instructor Lin, you understand it wrong. We don’t want you to participate in this Kung Fu Cup, but we want you to be the organizer of this Kung Fu Cup and maintain order. “

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was really surprised when he heard this. Since he is the only Innate Realm Dzogchen who meets the conditions, why not let him participate? Is this logic wrong?

As if he understood his doubts, Peng Zhuo began to say: “The rules of the Kung Fu Cup are different from ordinary competitive competitions. The final eight is a group battle, not a one-on-one match. At that time, you will be instructor Lin alone, then you will be besieged by seven other people…”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin indeed frowned.

He didn’t expect this game rule. If this is the case, it is indeed tricky. Although he is invincible at the same level, it is still very dangerous to have him hit seven.

Chapter 747

This meeting has been going on for a long time, not only at Xuanyuan Three, but also at Xuanyuan Two and Xuanyuan One.

It can be seen from the above that the degree of emphasis on this Kung Fu Cup.

It’s a pity that China’s disadvantages this time are still very great. Except for Wayne Lin, there are no players who can get it. The above means that Wayne Lin should not sign up. In this way, if you want to win the championship, almost It is impossible to accomplish.

However, since the above decision has been made, Wayne Lin can’t say anything. I believe the above also has his own consideration. Perhaps, at that time, Hua Guo can find masters of the innate realm of Dzogchen from the people, and represent them to fight.

Coming out of the meeting room, Zhao Xia found him and invited him to a banquet together.

“Instructor Lin, there will be an important banquet tomorrow night. The person in charge from Yandu will be sent. Let’s go and entertain it together. How about you?”

The task of this reception fell on Zhao Xia. Wayne Lin had also heard it at the meeting, but since Zhao Xia invited him, he was unhappy, nodded and agreed.

Zhao Xia was very happy, and said, “If you have instructor Lin, you accompany me to participate, then I can rest assured.”

Wayne Lin said with some doubts: “Instructor Zhao, is it because Yandu is here this time, and there is your enemy?”

Based on Wayne Lin’s understanding of Zhao Xia, Zhao Xia would not specifically invite him to a banquet like this kind of reception, because what Zhao Xia showed just now was to let him go to the town.

Zhao Xia gave Wayne Lin a thumbs up, and said admiringly: “Instructor Lin is really eye-catching, I know I can’t hide it from you.”

Then, he sighed and said: “This time I came to Yandu. It is indeed an enemy of mine… Actually, it is not an enemy. When I was young, there was friction. Now that I meet, I will inevitably… “

When he said this, he laughed twice. Wayne Lin smiled and did not continue to ask. He is not stupid. He naturally understands what Zhao Xia means. It is only that the other party is better than Zhao Xia. If Zhao Xia goes by himself, he will be Humiliation, if he went to the town, the situation would be different.

Anyway, he didn’t have anything important to do tomorrow night, smiled and agreed directly.

Zhao Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief when Wayne Lin agreed.

On the next night, Wayne Lin went to a banquet according to what Zhao Xia said.

I heard that Yandu came this time, a big man, a high-ranking authority, the entire Xuanyuan three high-level officials, all behaved very serious and nervous, the reception ceremony was very grand, even the director Peng Zhuo personally went. Greeted.

Wayne Lin didn’t go, because he still had to take Alma Chu off work, and after taking Alma Chu, he went to the banquet leisurely.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel, Wayne Lin heard someone complaining.

“Damn, these swallows are here, too arrogant! We turned a blind eye to Chief Peng, he really regarded him as a big man!”

“Hey, let’s not say that people are big people. In terms of official positions, they are even higher than Chief Peng. Besides, whoever makes people come from Yandu, they must pretend to be a wave when they get to the place. “

“But he also pretended to be too much, especially his subordinates, who still said rudely to Instructor Zhao, just like that arrogant look, really want to beat him!”

“Isn’t it an innate

The fourth stage master of the realm, what drag, in front of our instructor Lin, is scum. “

“That is, the chief instructor is a well-known Innate Realm Dzogchen, and you can slap that guy to death with one slap… By the way, didn’t the chief instructor come to participate in today’s banquet?”

“I don’t know. We have been standing here for so long and haven’t seen the chief instructor. Is it possible that the chief instructor is not here?”

“Ah? No, I’m still looking forward to it. The chief instructor will arrive and slap those Yandu people in the face!”

A long distance away, Wayne Lin heard the complaints of these soldiers. He frowned slightly. The person in charge from Yandu was so arrogant that even Chief Peng didn’t pay attention to it?

“What are you muttering here?” Wayne Lin walked over and asked lightly.

The soldiers saw Wayne Lin for a moment, and then they saluted straightly and shouted in unison: “Chief instructor!”

Wayne Lin nodded, and then said: “You said just now that the people from Yandu are very arrogant, what’s the matter?”

The soldiers immediately became excited, and talked about what happened just now. After Wayne Lin heard it, he knew what was going on. It turned out that Chief Peng and Zhao Xia and the others went to meet Yandu today. The group of people in charge who came, but they were dragged to death one by one, they were all very high-ranking to Director Peng, and one of them directly mocked Zhao Xia.

Their posture makes people feel uncomfortable.

“Chief instructor, they came from Yandu because they were very arrogant. They looked down on the three places of Xuanyuan. You didn’t see their faces just now. It’s damn! That means I don’t have the skills. Otherwise, I will definitely just Go up to them.”

“Don’t be afraid, now there is the chief instructor, and you will be able to stun them after a while. I see them, the most powerful is only the fourth stage of the innate realm, which is far behind the chief instructor.”

They obviously pin their hopes on Wayne Lin. Seeing how excited they are, Wayne Lin is also interested. He waved his hand and said, “Okay, needless to say, I will go up now and see if they are What is sacred.”

“Come on, Chief Instructor!”

“The chief instructor is invincible, kill them with majesty, let them see, our three trump cards in Xuanyuan!”

Wayne Lin shook his head helplessly when he heard what they said, then went up.

As soon as he walked into the banquet hall, Wayne Lin heard movement from inside, “Director Peng, are all the three most powerful instructors in Xuanyuan here? I don’t think so! This time the Kung Fu Cup is in our place. It’s held in the country, or in Province G… I don’t understand why the above will assign such an important task to you Xuanyuan three places, but I’m here to say that if this time the Kung Fu Cup is messed up, you will lose it. For the sake of Huaguo’s face, you are afraid that you will not be able to take this responsibility!”

This sentence was very sharp, aggressive, and did not give any face, even if Wayne Lin listened to it, he would feel very uncomfortable, let alone Peng Zhuo himself.

Then, Peng Zhuo’s voice came: “General Qin, if you have opinions about us and feel that we are not capable of taking charge of this Kung Fu Cup, you can give them a report. You don’t have to be here to show us your face! You Qin The general is highly respected, but we are not vegetarian in the three places in Xuanyuan!”

At the same time, there was dissatisfaction from the other three senior officials in Xuanyuan, and they began to return.

Chapter 748

This banquet hadn’t been held for long, it was already smelling like gunpowder, so it can be seen that the other party just looked at Xuanyuan’s three places not pleasing to the eye.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, he was a little confused, since the Kung Fu Cup is so important, why should Xuanyuan three places be responsible for it? Now that Xuanyuan Three is in charge, do you still send people who are wrong in Xuanyuan Three to collaborate? Isn’t it clear to mess up the Kung Fu Cup?

Time goes back to ten minutes ago.

During the banquet, a rough voice sounded, full of provocative meaning and said: “I heard that each of the instructors in Xuanyuan 3 are very strong and have made a lot of combat exploits. By coincidence, I am also practicing martial arts. Challenge your instructors at Xuanyuan Three.”

After a pause, he went on to say, “I wonder if you dare to fight?”

This voice is full of air, and Wayne Lin knows that his cultivation has reached at least the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and he is still in his peak state.

The entire Xuanyuan three places, plus Peng Zhuo himself, couldn’t beat this person.

After his words fell, after a while, no one dared to fight, and immediately aroused ridicule, “Hahaha, why, your three cowhides in Xuanyuan are blowing so loudly, does no one dare to fight? No, you guys. But as for the organizer of this Kung Fu Cup, with your guts, will you be able to stand up?”

Another voice sounded, “At that time, it doesn’t matter if you lose the face of Xuanyuan three places, but you also lose the face of our country. Can you bear this responsibility!”


“Don’t be arrogant!”

“What kind of attitude do you have, you dare to mock the three places of Xuanyuan!”

His words aroused a lot of anger from the top three of Xuanyuan, and they all began to curse.

Just then, there was a loud voice remembering, it was Zhao Xia, “Enough, what are you guys do, don’t you just want to fight! Lao Tzu should do it! However, Lao Tzu’s words are here, with no sense of fist, when the time comes You were injured by Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu is irresponsible!”

“Hahaha, Zhao Xia, you guys dare to speak up? You hurt me, you dream! It’s not that I despise you, I can abuse you with one hand.”

Among the group of people from Yandu, a burly middle-aged man stood up, with a flat head, piercing eyes, and particularly raised temples. At first glance, he knew he was a great master. He looked at Zhao Xia very seriously. Disdain.

In disdain, he also revealed a trace of hatred. He is Zhao Xia’s enemy, Li Dao.

Zhao Xia also stood up, snorted heavily, and said, “Arrogant, I want to see if you can abuse me with one hand!”

Peng Zhuo felt the power of Li Dao, he winked at Zhao Xia and motioned Zhao Xia not to be impulsive.

Zhao Xia looked firm and shook his head at Peng Zhuo, indicating that he could not bear the tone.

“Please.” Zhao Xia was lucky, and his vigor continued to rise, and his eyes flashed with astonishment. Li Dao didn’t interrupt him, but always looked at him with contempt, and didn’t put Zhao Xia in his eyes at all.

Finally, when Zhao Xia condensed his momentum to the apex, he made a bold move.

Zhao Xia was originally the strength of the third stage of the Innate Realm. During this period of time, he has accepted Wayne Lin’s guidance and has not broken through the realm, but his strength has increased a lot. It is no exaggeration to say that now he is almost standing at the top of the third stage of the innate realm, and is also the last step from the fourth stage.


nbEven the people in the three places of Xuanyuan were surprised when they felt Zhao Xia’s momentum. They didn’t expect that Zhao Xia’s momentum had become so strong. However, they immediately thought that it should be Wayne Lin’s contribution. After all, as the chief instructor of Xuanyuan 3rd place, Wayne Lin is so powerful that even Zhao Xia would ask Wayne Lin.

Li Dao secretly put away his contempt, and he was somewhat surprised that Zhao Xia was actually so strong.

However, what about the peak of the third stage of Innate Realm? In front of him, the same is the defeat.

Li Dao faced Zhao Xia’s attack and faced him calmly without any pressure. Zhao Xia was beaten down almost the whole time. Everyone on the scene could see that there was a mountain high in the flash, but Zhao Xia was obviously not. Li Dao’s opponent.

“Zhao Xia, this is your strength? Too weak, meaningless at all, lie down for me!”

When Li Dao’s voice fell, he saw his aura suddenly changed, directly overpowering Zhao Xia, and at the same time, his speed was much faster, punching out, directly breaking through Zhao Xia’s defenses, and hitting Zhao Xia hard. On the face, he beat Zhao Xia and flew out on the spot, and knocked Zhao Xia stunned. This was ko in fighting.

“Hahaha, this is too weak, I was knocked out by instructor Li in one punch, no way.”

“With this strength, I still dare to be responsible for the Kung Fu Cup. I’m afraid that I will not be bullied to death by those foreign devils!”

“I think it’s better to react with the above. Let’s replace Xuanyuan One and Xuanyuan Two, so that we won’t be ashamed.”

“It’s a trivial matter to lose our face. If you lose Hua Guo’s face then, it will be damn!”

The people in the three places of Xuanyuan were very annoyed when they heard this. Everyone gritted their teeth. Even a calm person like Peng Zhuo could not help but clenched their fists now.

These guys from Yandu are really too much, and they don’t take them seriously!

Li Dao stood there proudly, with an arrogant posture, like an invincible king, looking down at the group of losers in Xuanyuan Three, and saying wildly: “Your strength is too bad, and I am disappointed. Let’s go, I too. Don’t bully you, let’s go together. I will single you all. If I can’t defeat you within ten minutes, you will win.”

When these words were said, it burned even more oil. This was no longer not giving Xuanyuan three faces, but humiliating Xuanyuan three places, including Peng Zhuo!

There was no one in the three places in Xuanyuan, which was already the consensus of many people. Even if Wayne Lin’s reputation had been gained a while ago, it was only a flash in the pan. For the people in Yandu, they didn’t believe it very much.

The main reason is that Wayne Lin’s rise was too sudden, and it is also very outrageous, the innate realm of Dzogchen who is less than 30 years old, what is this concept?

It’s no different from a three-year-old being a scientist.

Anyone who is a little bit logical would not believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes, but the problem is that, apart from the circles in Province G, not many people have seen Wayne Lin. Especially the masters on Yandu’s side, he has never seen him before. For a super master like Li Dao, he would not believe it.

You know, he is 42 years old this year, and he has broken through to the fourth stage of the innate realm, which is already very awesome. Now someone suddenly tells him that some people are under 30 years old, that is, the innate realm is Dzogchen, that is not funny. Did he play.

In his understanding, this must have been propagated by Xuanyuan Three, in order to brighten his face, just like the right to hold the Kung Fu Cup this time, it is believed that Xuanyuan Three’s nonsense!

This time when he came to Province G, he was going to severely break the lies made up by the three Xuanyuan places.

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