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Chapter 100

“Hey hey! Anan, don’t be impulsive!”

“Yeah, Anan, what are you doing? This is a tens of millions of antiques. How distressed it is to drop it, let it go!”

Berry Chu and Candice Liu said nervously, hurriedly holding the gift box in Situ Nan’s hand, for fear that Situ Nan would really smash such precious blue and white porcelain on impulse!

Situ Nan still didn’t let go. He looked at Alma Chu directly and asked Alma Chu to agree to accept it himself.

Under his fiery gaze, Alma Chu lowered her head, a little confused, nodded gently, and agreed.

Situ Nan immediately showed a successful smile, and then glanced at Wayne Lin again. Seeing Wayne Lin’s silent and expressionless face, he felt even more distressed, thinking that Wayne Lin had lost the idea of ​​resisting.

“Uncle, aunt, this is right, this is what I gave you. You rejected me, how sad I am.” Situ Nan put down the gift box and said with a smile: “Uncle, aunt , You can take a look at it, if you don’t like it, I’ll send you more expensive ones.”

Berry Chu was terrified. He saw that the gift box had been steadily placed on the table, and he was relieved, and a lot of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

It was so thrilling just now. He felt that his heart was a bit overloaded. Fortunately, he did not have a heart attack, otherwise he would have to lie down just now.

However, he did not blame Situ Nan, on the contrary, he felt warmer in his heart and appreciated and satisfied Situ Nan even more.

Situ Nan is really a good boy. In order to get him to accept the antiques, he resorted to such tricks.

Candice Liu was also relieved, patted her chest, gasped for a few breaths, and became more satisfied with Situ Nan, just like the mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, the more satisfied she looks.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu looked at each other, then they began to hold their breath and slowly opened the gift box.

So excited, their hands are shaking slightly…

Alma Chu’s heartbeat was also fast, and she opened her eyes wide and stared closely.

Only Wayne Lin was very calm, there was no expression on his face, even a faint smile. It’s not that he pretends to be forceful, but that there are tens of millions of antiques that can’t enter his eyes at all, and he doesn’t even have the qualifications to make his heart beat faster. Not to mention that this is a high probability that it is a fake, even if it is true, he dismisses it. He didn’t know how many such antiques he had seen in the Lin family before, and when he was a child, he broke a few. Not to mention, he is now a wealthy man with a net worth of more than 50 billion, and the interest he earns every day is a large sum.

His calm expression fell in Situ Nan’s eyes, and it turned into an act of pretense, which made him very upset. Originally, in his expectation, Wayne Lin must be very jealous, crazy, and even overreacted, which further aroused the disgust of Alma Chu and the two elders, but Wayne Lin was so calm. Even between his looks, he revealed a wave of disdain, which made him extremely unhappy!

Finally, Berry Chu and Candice Liu opened the gift box, and as expected, they saw a blue and white porcelain with excellent color. It was placed there and exuded a brilliant brilliance. It was very delicate and beautiful, with clear and beautiful lines. Vintage!

Berry Chu took a breath, his face flushed, and he was so excited that he couldn’t even speak his words. “It’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful! I was able to witness the blue and white porcelain in the early Ming Dynasty in this life. It’s worth it, and it’s worth it in this life.” !”

Candice Liu also yelled out, “Wow! Is this the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty? It’s too beautiful! No, I can’t bear it, Alma, you can help me!”

Candice Liu’s face went from flushed to pale, and she was overwhelmed with excitement.

Gasping for breath, there was a little lack of oxygen supply, her body felt weak, and she staggered. Alma Chu held her in time to avoid falling.

But even so, she was still very embarrassed, and she had to sit on a chair to barely sit still.

Seeing her reaction, Wayne Lin rolled his eyes a little speechlessly. What’s the ability to bear it? It’s too bad. If you let her know, the son-in-law she has always looked down on has tens of billions of deposits, then she can’t directly faint. Passed?

Alma Chu didn’t know much about antiques, but she probably knew some attempts, and she could tell from this look that it was genuine.

With her psychological quality, Rao can’t help but speed up her heartbeat now, flushing her face!

The smile on Situ Nan’s face couldn’t be concealed. He first glanced at Wayne Lin triumphantly, and then said in a gentle manner: “Uncle, aunt, do you like this gift?”

“I like it! I like it! I like it so much!!” Candice Liu nodded and answered for the first time. Just after speaking, she was dizzy again.

Berry Chu rubbed his hands, he was also very excited, and he touched the surface of the blue and white porcelain lovingly, but he didn’t dare to touch it too heavily for fear of ruining such an expensive blue and white porcelain.

“Anan, you, where did you get this quality blue and white porcelain, I’m afraid, I’m afraid it will be very expensive, right?” Berry Chu was a little uncomfortable talking.

“It’s not too expensive. I bought it at an auction some time ago, and it cost more than 12 million. Uncle likes it.” Situ Nan blew his face without blushing and breathlessly.

“Great! Great!” Berry Chu gave Situ Nan a thumbs up, his eyes overflowing with appreciation and satisfaction, and then he said: “Anan, you gave such an expensive gift to uncle, uncle too I don’t know what to give you!”

Situ Nan waved his hand and said disapprovingly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I have nothing to do with Alma. It is only natural to give a gift to my uncle. However, I have a request.”

“You say it! As long as my uncle can do it, he will definitely not refuse!” Berry Chu said anxiously.

Situ Nan looked at Alma Chu with a smile, and said, “My request is very simple. I only hope that my uncle and aunt will allow me to continue to be friends with Alma. I will come to see Alma more in the future. I hope that the uncle and aunt will not take a broom. I’ll go.”

What he said, Berry Chu and Candice Liu couldn’t understand why they didn’t understand, they were to match Alma Chu and him!

Even if Wayne Lin was here, they did not hesitate to agree. In their minds, Wayne Lin, let alone a son-in-law, not even a human being, nodded quickly: “What must be done! You are welcome to come to us more in the future. You can come to our house to stay overnight, haha!”

Situ Nan got an inch and said with a wry smile: “It’s not suitable to stay overnight, right? After all, Alma is already married. You only have two rooms in your house. Wayne Lin slept on the sofa again. I don’t have a place to sleep.”

Candice Liu blurted out and said, “What’s the matter? Just sleep with Alma!”

Wayne Lin’s face was dark, and this mother-in-law didn’t regard him as a person. Besides, others are still here, why are they also Alma Chu’s legal husband? You say so, where do you put Alma Chu.

“Mom! What nonsense are you talking about!” Alma Chu flushed.

Candice Liu didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with him, and said frankly: “You and Wayne Lin are nameless. Sooner or later, you will marry Anan. You sleep with him in advance. Isn’t it normal?”

Berry Chu was also shameless under the temptation of the blue and white porcelain, and nodded, “Your mother is right. I think you have gone through the divorce procedures with Wayne Lin in these two days.”

Chapter 101 You are a fake!

Wayne Lin’s face is dark, and it’s okay for his mother-in-law to be so mean, and now even the father-in-law has become a mess.

Alma Chu bit her lip, and she lowered her head without answering.

To be honest, her mind is very messy now, a little messy.

She doesn’t love Wayne Lin, but she doesn’t have no feelings for Wayne Lin. After all, she has been with Wayne Lin for four years anyway. Besides, Wayne Lin is really good to her, except for being useless. He takes care of her in every possible way in life.

She didn’t say anything, she still remembered it in her heart.

Especially at the last dinner of the Chu family, Wayne Lin knew Jeff Han, and she was very grateful for her sigh of anger in front of the Chu family.

Asking her to divorce Wayne Lin like this, she couldn’t do it, because she knew that this was a cruel thing for Wayne Lin!

Besides, she doesn’t love Situ Nan either. The person in her mind now is the tall and burly figure, the clown mask.

Chairman Zi Qiong…

However, Situ Nan’s great gift, such a ferocious pursuit, really made her rush, and the deer bumped.

Situ Nan watched this scene and sat leaning on his chair, very proud and happy, he hadn’t had such a happy life for a long time.

At this moment, Wayne Lin said, “Dad, Mom, you are going to sell Alma for the mere tens of thousands of blue and white porcelain, is this too sloppy?”

With a helpless smile on Wayne Lin’s face, he shook his head and said.

Situ Nan, who was holding Erlang’s legs, heard these words, his pupils shrank suddenly, and there was a hint of surprise and guilty conscience!

What the hell, Wayne Lin, this waste, how could he know that his blue and white porcelain only cost tens of thousands? I, Berry Chu and Candice Liu, also froze for a while, and then their expressions changed and their gloominess fell. Berry Chu patted the table and cursed unceremoniously: “Wayne Lin! What are you talking about? This is Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain. It’s worth more than ten million. Didn’t you hear Anan say just now? Is he deaf?”

Candice Liu also scolded: “Wayne Lin! You are a trash, if you don’t have the ability, you are still so small, and you deliberately discredit Anan. Why are you so disgusting? I order you to quickly apologize to Anan!”

Alma Chu also frowned. She also thought that Wayne Lin had deliberately said this because of jealousy, which was a bit disgusting.

Situ Nan regained his composure, and he told himself in his heart that he had reacted too much just now, and he would still have a guilty conscience. Is it true that he is afraid that Wayne Lin this waste can make waves?

He put down Erlang’s legs, waved his hand, and said with a smile: “Uncle and aunt, don’t be angry. Since Wayne Lin said this, he must have his reason, not because of jealousy deliberately discrediting me, ha ha.”

Wayne Lin did not care about his yin and yang, but stood up and said, “Dad, mom, you have all been fooled by him. The quality of his blue and white porcelain is indeed very good, regardless of the material, texture, and forging craftsmanship. It is a pity, It was fired within five years. It is not a Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain. It is a high-end imitation product with a value of 30,000 or 40,000. But if it is worth tens of millions, it would be a big joke.”

Alma Chu knew something about Wayne Lin, and knew that although he was a little incompetent, he was not a liar. Maybe, was it really a fake?

She looked at Wayne Lin, who smiled and nodded at her.

But when Berry Chu and Candice Liu heard this, their expressions were unsightly. They were so excited just now that they had long determined that it was a genuine product. If it really looked like what Wayne Lin said was a fake, it would be more than ten million. Isn’t it going to be ridiculous?

For them, it is unacceptable!

Besides, they didn’t believe Wayne Lin’s words, they thought that Wayne Lin had deliberately said this because of jealousy, and their impression of Wayne Lin was even worse.

Candice Liu stepped directly on the sole of Wayne Lin’s feet and cursed: “Shut up, you trash! Get out of here right away! I don’t learn well at a young age, and my character is so bad, it’s not as good as Anan. It even slander people badly!”

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and said, “Mom, this is really a fake, what am I doing to lie to you? If you don’t believe it, let the expert appraise it.”

When Situ Nan heard this, he immediately panicked. His fake, fooled ordinary people, but he definitely couldn’t fool experts!

He quickly stood up and said with a cold face: “Wayne Lin, you have not allowed Alma to lead a happy life in the past few years. You have lost face so many times to Alma and uncles and aunts. I didn’t care about you. Are you sore me now? Okay, you said I was a fake, then you just talk about it, from where can you tell that I am a fake!”

After a pause, he squinted again and said: “If you can’t tell and slander me, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

To tell the truth, Situ Nan really hated Wayne Lin, even jealous, so why was Wayne Lin such a rubbish to marry Alma Chu? Even if Wayne Lin had never touched Alma Chu, he would not allow him to get along with Alma Chu day and night!

Alma Chu said: “Brother Situ, forget it, Wayne Lin is careless, don’t be familiar with him.”

Situ Nan gave Wayne Lin a fierce look and said, “Okay, Alma, for your face, I don’t have the same knowledge as him.”

Alma Chu pinched Wayne Lin’s waist and stared, “What are you still doing, why don’t you quickly apologize to Brother Situ?”

Wayne Lin curled his lips and said, “Why should I apologize to him? I didn’t say anything wrong. It is him who should apologize. He is holding tens of thousands of counterfeit pieces to deceive you by saying it is an antique of more than ten million yuan. what.”

“You!” Alma Chu was mad by Wayne Lin, she stomped her feet fiercely, really wanting to bite Wayne Lin, who is it?

Berry Chu and Candice Liu began to scold again. Situ Nan’s expression became colder, and he smirked, “Okay, you keep saying that I am a fake, you tell me now, where is my fake!”

Then he said to Berry Chu and Candice Liu: “Uncle, auntie, you don’t need to scold him, just let him say, see if he can tell what is good or bad. I am really gold and I am not afraid of fire, it is true. , Don’t be afraid of him smearing!

When he said these words, he was righteous, with a clear conscience, and resentful, and his acting skills were so good that people could not see that he was half guilty. I only felt that he was the anger after being misunderstood, which made Alma Chu and the three people even more disgusted and annoyed at Wayne Lin, and at the same time they also admired Situ Nan even more. Invisibly, they stood on Situ Nan’s side, and the same enemy became angry. Looking at Wayne Lin coldly.

If Wayne Lin can’t say it, he doesn’t mean Wayne Lin lightly.

Chapter 102

Wayne Lin smiled, he didn’t panic at all, he whispered.

“I have to say that the level of imitation of your fakes is very high. No matter the material, texture, and cracks are restored, it is really difficult to find if you are not a professional. I believe you will also grasp this point and take my father-in-law and mother-in-law. If you can’t identify it, you can send it here without fear.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, full of self-confidence in his words, wherever there are usually cowardly appearances, Berry Chu and Candice Liu were in a daze, and they felt that Wayne Lin in front of them was strange.

Wayne Lin went on to speak. He started talking around blue and white porcelain, talking various professional terms. At this moment, he seemed to be a professional antique expert, and what he said was highly credible.

As he deepened his revelations step by step, Berry Chu’s face gradually became unsightly. Although he is not an antique expert, but he also knows some common sense about blue and white porcelain antiques, he naturally heard that Wayne Lin did not lie.

“So, I dare to affirm that your so-called Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain is a fake!” Wayne Lin finally said loudly.

Candice Liu’s face turned pale suddenly, “No, it’s really a fake!?”

She felt so distressed that her face became stiff.

Alma Chu was also stunned. She stared at Wayne Lin stunnedly, wondering what Wayne Lin said to learn to distinguish antiques?

Situ Nan’s face is very ugly, because what Wayne Lin said is the weakness of his fake blue and white porcelain!

But soon, he showed a smile, thanking him for making extra preparations, expecting that Wayne Lin’s rubbish would jump out and make trouble, so he arranged for an antique family in advance to come and meet!

He winked at the bodyguard, and the bodyguard understood and sent the pre-edited text message. After a while, three men in their thirties passed outside the door. One of them, he looked into the box and took a look. When he arrived at the blue and white porcelain on the dinner table, he looked shocked, and cried out aloud: “Oh my God! I read it right, this is the best blue and white porcelain in a vintage!”

His words attracted everyone in the box.

Then he walked in quickly, first exchanged a quick look with Situ Nan, and then he said with an expression of excitement: “Good thing, good thing! Who owns this blue and white porcelain?!”

When he said this, his voice was trembling, and he was very excited. It made people realize that this blue and white porcelain is a real thing!

Berry Chu and Candice Liu looked at each other, their desperate faces regained their brilliance.

“Are you?” Berry Chu asked.

The man immediately stood up straight, coughed slightly, and said, “I am Hou Yangwen from Qiankun Antiques Company.”

When Berry Chu heard these words, he immediately awed in awe and cried out in surprise, “What? You are Mr. Hou Yang Wenhou?”

Hou Yangwen showed a smug smile on his face and said, “Do you know me?”

Berry Chu said flatteringly: “Knowing! Naturally knowing! All of us who play antiques in Hwadrid, your name is like a thunderous to Mr. Hou.”

It is true that Berry Chu does not have a deep research on antiques, but he knows all the celebrities in the circle. Hou Yangwen like the one in front of him is more famous in the antique circle, and he has identified many antiques. For people like Berry Chu who like to collect antiques, Hou Yangwen is undoubtedly a star.

In addition to his own ability, the reason why this Hou Yangwen is so famous is that there is another more important reason, that is, his master, but looking at China, all the famous antique masters, Gu Xing cares everyone!

When Hou Yangwen heard Berry Chu’s flattery, he was even more proud. Invisible, his posture was also a little higher, and he was very proud of Chu.

Berry smiled and said: “I have won awards, reputation is just a fame to me, just like clouds in the sky.”

“Puff!” Wayne Lin couldn’t help but laugh. This Hou Yangwen is too pretending to be too forceful. It’s still a cloud, too non-mainstream. Apart from other things, just because he would cooperate with Situ Nan to act and deliberately deceive others, it can be seen that this Hou Yangwen is just a man of reputation, and he naturally does not have any respect for such people.

However, when Hou Yangwen heard his secret laugh, he was very upset and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I didn’t smile.”

Berry Chu kicked Wayne Lin immediately, and then said to Hou Yangwen: “Mr. Hou, please don’t be angry. Just now you said this blue and white porcelain is in a vintage?”

“Right right.” Hou Yangwen said in response, “Mr. Chu, this blue and white porcelain is an antique of the Ming Dynasty! This material, this fineness, and this completeness are very valuable! Mr. Chu, I wonder if you can cut your love and transfer this blue and white porcelain. give me?”

When Berry Chu heard this, he took a sigh of relief, and his despair suddenly recovered!

Is this true Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain?

Candice Liu couldn’t wait to say: “Mr. Hou, are you right? My son-in-law said that this is a fake, worth tens of thousands of dollars.”

Hou Yangwen looked very angry, and stretched his voice: “Nonsense! This is a serious Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain. Who is your son-in-law, who actually said it is a fake? Isn’t this a joke! Excuse me, who Is it your son-in-law? I want to listen, how does he think it is a fake!”

He said this loudly, full of anger and majesty.

Candice Liu was not angry. Instead, she laughed happily. That’s great, great. This shows that blue and white porcelain is still very valuable!

“Wayne Lin, you half a bucket of water was almost fooled by you, so don’t hurry to apologize to Anan!” Candice Liu slapped Wayne Lin on the back of the head and scolded angrily.

Situ Nan said with a cold face: “Don’t worry about apologizing, Wayne Lin, what you said just now is a good word, and you insist that I am a fake, and it doesn’t matter if I insult my reputation, but you question my respect for my uncles and aunts, and my sincerity to Alma. I can’t swallow this tone. Today, you’d better give me a deal, otherwise, I will also sue you!”

Looking at him like this, Wayne Lin had to sigh in his heart, this is really a great drama, it’s a pity not to play in the entertainment industry.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu were immediately infected by him, and the accusations against Wayne Lin were even more excessive. They almost pressed Wayne Lin’s head and knelt down to apologize to Situ Nan.

Alma Chu looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes full of hope.

Even if what Wayne Lin said just now makes no sense, it can’t conceal his identity as an ordinary person, but Hou Yangwen, a serious antique expert, is self-evident.

Regarding this, Wayne Lin frowned, and he was also a little anxious. The current situation is very unfavorable for him.

Fortunately, at this moment, another group of people passed by outside the door, heard Hou Yangwen’s voice, looked into the box, and uttered a question, “Awen, it’s you? When did you return to Huarvell? Why didn’t you tell me as a teacher? .”

When Hou Yangwen heard this voice, he immediately slapped the spirit, looked back conditionally, and yelled respectfully, “Master!”

Wayne Lin and others all looked towards the door, and immediately saw an old man in his sixties standing at the door.

Berry Chu saw this old man, his body was shocked, his pupils contracted, and then he showed an expression of excitement and admiration, and blurted out, “This, this is Gu Xing, everyone?!”

Chapter 103 Gu Xing: Who said this is genuine?

Berry Chu’s reaction was more excited than when he saw Hou Yangwen just now, and he completely ignored his gaffe, walked over quickly, bent over, and shook hands with Gu Xing, “Hello everyone, I’m Berry Chu, I It’s your fan!”

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised. He could see now that this is Gu Xing, who is famous in the antique circle. He had seen Gu Xing before. At that time, his grandfather was not paralyzed, and he had some friendship with Gu Xing.

But at that time he was still young, and Gu Xing probably doesn’t remember him now.

Gu Xing’s arrival caused some changes in the atmosphere in the box.

Wayne Lin swept away his anxiety just now, and began to chuckle. For Gu Xing’s personality, he is well-respected and respected. In addition to his superb technique, he is also very important. One thing is because of his character, honesty, and never favoritism.

With his presence now, Situ Nan and Hou Yangwen, the dramatists, are afraid they will suffer.

Similarly, Situ Nan and Hou Yangwen also realized this. Their faces were very ugly. Situ Nan’s expression was completely gloomy and uncontrollable, and he clenched his fists, in a bad mood! As for Hou Yangwen, he was already pale and began to be afraid.

They looked at each other and expressed the same meaning: Gu Xing must not be allowed to discover this blue and white porcelain! In the end, Gu Xing could not be allowed in, otherwise, they would all be finished.

Faced with Berry Chu’s enthusiasm, Gu Xing said helplessly: “Mr. Chu is too acclaimed, and Gu is just one of the masses.”

“Where is it, everyone, Gu, is the idol of us antique lovers! It is really an honor for Chu to see you today!” Berry Chu rubbed his hands like a fanatic of a star chaser: “I wonder if you can take a photo with me?”

“This…” Gu Xing was helpless.

But before he waited for him to speak, Berry Chu gave Candice Liu a wink and asked Candice Liu to take out his phone to take pictures.

Candice Liu also knew that Gu Xing was a great man, so he immediately took out his phone and took a few pictures.

Berry Chu was satisfied.

Gu Xing looked at Hou Yangwen and asked, “Awen, didn’t you go to Yuncheng?”

Hou Yangwen saluted Gu Xing and said respectfully: “Return to my teacher, I will come back to get something, and I will go to Yuncheng later.”

“Yeah.” Gu Xing nodded, said hello to Berry Chu, and then wanted to leave.

Berry Chu said immediately: “Wait a minute, everyone, I have a Ming Dynasty…”

Before he finished speaking, Situ Nan coughed twice and said in a louder volume, “Uncle, I suddenly remembered that we haven’t ordered any food yet! Come, you two waiters, come over and order my uncle and aunt! Uncles and aunts, I am a guest today, you are welcome, you can order whatever you want!”

Situ Nan had some cold sweat on his forehead. If you look closely at his behavior, you can find that he is abnormal, especially in the eyes, revealing a trace of panic and guilty conscience.

It is a pity that only Wayne Lin found out, and the others, including Alma Chu, were still shocked by Gu Xing’s appearance.

When Wayne Lin saw him like this, the corners of his mouth rose even more. Gu Xing was really time to come. Situ Nan’s face would be swollen this time.

Hou Yangwen also took Gu Xing and walked out the door, saying, “Master, let’s go back and order food.”

They cooperated very well. Gu Xing was successfully fooled by and started to walk out. However, how could Wayne Lin let this opportunity pass, he shouted immediately

Come, “Gu everyone, I have a blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty. Please have a look.”

Wayne Lin’s words were very loud and round, and immediately made Gu Xing stop, with a surprised expression on his face. He turned around and said, “What? Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain? Where, let me Check it out!”

In an instant, the expressions of Situ Nan and Hou Yangwen were ugly to the extreme. They stared at Wayne Lin and their eyes were full of anger and murderousness, wishing to tear Wayne Lin apart! This trash, no one does not speak when you are dumb!

Berry Chu also recovered and hurriedly said: “Yes, everyone, I have a blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty. It is said to be worth tens of millions, and it is from the Kangxi period.”

Then, he gave Wayne Lin a fierce look, and said, “You trash, let me see it clearly, this is a famous person in the antique circle! He said it is genuine, and it must be 100% genuine. Don’t show off your crappy technique in front of me! It is laughable and generous!”

Wayne Lin endured a smile and said, “I understand.”

He deliberately glanced at Situ Nan and said to him with his mouth: Are you panicking? You still have time to escape now.

Situ Nan understood what he meant. At this moment, he was as uncomfortable as eating shit, and he wanted to hit someone!

But it’s more panic and panic, and constantly cursing in his heart, this Gu Xing is so good, how could he come here? If he knew it, he would not choose to eat in this restaurant!

At this moment, Gu Xing had pushed Hou Yangwen away and walked up quickly. He saw the blue and white porcelain on the dinner table. His eyes lit up first, and after a few seconds, the excitement on his face disappeared quickly and wrinkled. He frowned, and said, “Mr. Chu, is this the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty?”

Berry Chu hadn’t realized that Gu Xing’s expression was wrong, he nodded vigorously and said, “Yes! This is a blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty. It was given by my daughter’s childhood sweetheart, worth tens of millions!”

Gu Xing sighed and said, “Mr. Chu, I have to tell you that your blue and white porcelain is a counterfeit, and its value is no more than 40,000 yuan.”

“What?!” Berry Chu screamed out in a loss of voice at the moment, very gloomy.

Immediately afterwards, he shook his head vigorously and said: “Impossible! Gu everyone, you must have read it wrong. Mr. Hou has just checked the equipment and has confirmed that it is genuine or a blue and white porcelain from the Kangxi period. How could it be a counterfeit?”

Candice Liu also said: “Yes, yeah, everyone, you must be wrong. You are old and dim! Mr. Hou said just now, this is the real product. Or if you look at it carefully, you will know it is. Really.”

Gu Xing frowned deeper and said, “Which Mr. Hou is it?”

Candice Liu pointed to Hou Yangwen behind Gu Xing and said, “Hey, it’s your apprentice, Mr. Hou Yangwen Hou! He said just now, this is the real thing.”

When Hou Yangwen heard this, his face had lost his blood, and he was so panicked.

Gu Xing immediately turned around, staring at Hou Yangwen, and said with a displeased expression: “Awen, what’s the matter with you? You have identified such an obvious fake? How can I trust Qiankun antique dealers at your level? Give you?”

When Hou Yangwen heard these words, his body trembled and he hurriedly said: “My teacher! I was really dizzy just now. I made a mistake by accident. I ask my teacher to punish you!”

When Berry Chu and Candice Liu heard this, they were dumbfounded, their eyes widened, and they were dumbfounded.

Including Alma Chu, she had the same reaction.

The next moment, she thought of something and hurriedly looked at Wayne Lin!

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