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Chapter 104 I also have a Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain

“Mr. Hou! You didn’t say that just now. You have carefully identified it and said that this is 100% genuine, and you gave Wayne Lin a lot! Saying that Wayne Lin is a layman and doesn’t understand antiques, which defiled this Why does the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty become fake now?” Berry Chu said in a breath, emotional.

Indeed, for him, it was too shocking.

It’s equivalent to tens of millions of floaters. The big ups and downs are so fast that his heart can’t bear it!

Candice Liu was also very excited, “Yes, yeah, Mr. Hou, what you said is true, you are an antique expert, how could you make a mistake? You also used professional equipment to identify it.”

Hou Yangwen hated Berry Chu and Candice Liu to death. These two guys wished him to die!

Of course, the person he hates more is Situ Nan. If Situ Nan called him over to pretend to be forceful, he would not face this situation!

Thinking of this, he glared at Situ Nan.

Gu Xing is a wise man. He didn’t realize that there was something tricky in it. He stared at him and said to Hou Yangwen solemnly, “Tell me honestly! What’s the situation!”

Hou Yangwen did not hesitate to sell Situ Nan and pointed to Situ Nan: “Teacher, this matter has nothing to do with me. You know my level. How can you not even distinguish such an obvious fake? It’s Situ Nan. He asked me to act with him just to deceive Berry Chu’s family!”

Speaking of this, it was even more a brainstorm for Berry Chu’s family, and it exploded directly in their minds!

As a result, they were dumbfounded, looking at Situ Nan blankly, unbelievable.

Especially Alma Chu, her face was even more gloomy, and the look in Situ Nan’s eyes completely changed. Now, she still can’t understand the purpose of Situ Nan’s doing this.

This made her impression of Situ Nan extremely.

When Situ Nan saw this situation, the three of Alma Chu’s family looked at him with the kind of eyes that made him extremely uncomfortable. He slammed the table and pointed to Hou Yangwen and said, “Hou Yangwen! Don’t spit people with blood, I simply I don’t know you, and I have never looked for you to act with me, but you walked in by yourself and said that this is genuine!”

Wayne Lin stood up at this moment and added: “Situ Nan, listening to what you mean, you already knew that this is a fake? You are smart enough to fool my father-in-law and mother-in-law for tens of thousands of dollars. Treated as fools.”

Wayne Lin’s words were too poisonous. In an instant, the look in his eyes by Berry Chu and Candice Liu became even worse.

Situ Nan almost spit out blood! Who said that Wayne Lin is a wasteful waste? This mouth is too poisonous!

He opened his mouth and immediately denied, “Don’t slander me, I don’t even know!”

He tried his best to deny it, but his denial was even more annoying than admitting it.

When Wayne Lin’s goal is achieved, he doesn’t speak much anymore, but if he speaks too much, it will appear that he is insignificant.

“Uncles and aunts, Alma, you have to believe me, I really don’t know!” Situ Nan had already started to mess up and explained hurriedly.

Wayne Lin added, “Then what do you mean, or Hou Yangwen slander you, is it because his level is not enough?”

I am grass!

Situ Nan really wanted to tear Wayne Lin’s mouth apart, this guy is too damnable!

Gu Xing stared at Hou Yangwen immediately, and Hou Yangwen immediately said: “Fart! Obviously he asked me to do this, I also have our chat history on WeChat!”

Then he

I immediately opened WeChat, clicked on a voice, turned on the speaker, and immediately let everyone hear Situ Nan’s wretched voice: “Mr. Hou, I will ask you about this matter, Berry Chu and Candice Liu are ordinary People, they definitely can’t recognize that they are fakes. Both of them are cheap people who worship money. They will definitely be grateful to me at that time, hahaha…”

As this voice was spoken, the atmosphere on the scene changed again, and the eyes of Berry Chu and Candice Liu looking at him became even more cold and disgusting.

“Situ Nan, I didn’t expect you to be such a person!” Berry Chu gritted his teeth.

Situ Nan’s face was dusty, and he really wanted to find a seam to get in. It was too shameful!

Candice Liu also said, “Situ Nan, I am so disappointed in you!”

Alma Chu continued: “Take those gifts back, we can’t afford them!”

“Alma…” Situ Nan was very regretful. He looked at Alma Chu pleadingly, but it was a pity that Alma Chu ignored him.

Gu Xing said: “Hou Yangwen, your behavior is too disappointing to be a teacher! I will discuss the matter of Qiankun Antiques Firm in the long term, and I won’t leave it to you for the time being!”

Hou Yangwen was about to cry, regretting and resentful in his heart, but he didn’t dare to disobey the order, bowed his hands, and cursed Situ Nan countless times in his heart.

Berry Chu sighed for a long time, and said, “Oh, what a pity, I didn’t expect such a precious blue and white porcelain to be married. It seems that Berry Chu, I still haven’t seen the life of Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain!”

His tone was full of loss.

Gu Xing said: “Mr. Chu, Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain is a rare commodity, and the Kangxi period is even rarer and precious. Not to mention you. The Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain I have experienced with my own eyes is also very few. Is there only one, or I got it with an adult’s favor.”

Indeed, blue and white porcelain was fired in the Song Dynasty. The real technological peak was in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It can be said that the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty is very valuable and precious.

When Wayne Lin heard this, he moved in his heart. It happened that Quanxi gave him the blue and white porcelain from the Ming Dynasty. He also opened it and looked at it. The quality is pretty good. Maybe he can borrow flowers to present the Buddha and give it to Berry Chu to please him. How about the favor of the father-in-law?

Anyway, he has no interest in antiques, so it would be a waste to put it on him.

“Dad, hearing what you said, I just remembered that a friend of mine gave me a blue and white porcelain from the Ming Dynasty yesterday. It is on the car. I will bring it for you.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

When everyone heard what he said, they were shocked.

Gu Xing looked familiar with Wayne Lin, but couldn’t remember why, so he asked, “This one is?”

Berry Chu said quickly: “Oh, he is my son-in-law, everyone, don’t listen to him talking nonsense, he is an ordinary person, no one will give him Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain!”

Alma Chu also pinched him in the past and said angrily: “Hey, Wayne Lin, what are you doing again? Didn’t you see Situ Nan’s dilemma just now?! You also want to make a fool of yourself!”

She was excited at these words, did not suppress her voice, just happened to be heard by Situ Nan on the side, making Situ Nan’s expression ugly as shit.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the blue and white porcelain that my friend gave me is a real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain, such as a fake replacement, not a fake Situ Nan.”

Gu Xing had been staring at Wayne Lin and felt familiar, and soon he heard Berry Chu say he was the son-in-law of the door-to-door, and he dispelled the doubt in his heart. The Lin family is the proud son of heaven and has a noble status. How could he be the son-in-law of the Chu family. ?

I must have read it wrong, my old eyes are dim!

Chapter 105

Wayne Lin was shocked when he saw Gu Xing’s confused expression. Wouldn’t he really be recognized by Gu Xing?

If he is really recognized, then his plan will be broken.

To be honest, Wayne Lin now doesn’t want to get involved with the Lin family, let alone let Alma Chu know that he is a child of the Lin family.

Fortunately, Gu Xing was not familiar with him, and the doubt in his eyes soon dissipated.

Situ Nan was feeling aggrieved. Hearing Wayne Lin’s words, he laughed loudly, “Hahaha, do you know how valuable Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain is?”

He felt that Wayne Lin was not pretending to be coercion, but a stupid. He dared to pretend such coercion. He had investigated Wayne Lin’s identity clearly. It was just a poor d*ck from the countryside, not to mention the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty. Modern blue and white porcelain, Wayne Lin can’t get it out. It is even more funny to say that someone gave it to him.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I know, didn’t you just say it, it’s worth more than ten million.”

Damn Wayne Lin, taunting him again! Situ Nan was too angry.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu stared at him angrily when they saw what Wayne Lin had said so swearly, thinking that Wayne Lin was going to shame them.

Gu Xing also didn’t quite believe it. In his opinion, Wayne Lin was an ordinary child, how could he have such a rare Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain? He didn’t want to waste time here, and had the idea of ​​leaving.

However, Situ Nan lost a big face just now, and now he finally has the opportunity to pull Wayne Lin into the water, how could he easily let it go. If Wayne Lin also came up with a fake, then it would certainly be able to offset his share of the fake and embarrassment and bad impression just now, so he quickly said: “Gu everyone, please wait a moment, I might as well stay and see if Wayne Lin can I really took out the Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain.”

“This…” Gu Xing was a little unhappy, he didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could produce the Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain.

Berry Chu said: “Anan, you really believe that Wayne Lin can take out the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty. He is just an ordinary person. Who would give him such a precious gift. Everyone, if you want to go, go. Don’t be delayed by us.”

Situ Nan said, “Hey, that’s not what I said, Uncle, didn’t you see Wayne Lin’s confident look just now? You also called me a fake! I admit that I was indeed deceived, Hua Hua Over ten million, I bought a fake and lost my face. But Situ Nan is not someone who can be humiliated!”

Alma Chu became anxious and pinched Wayne Lin fiercely. The dust had already fallen to the ground. Situ Nan lost a big face, but Wayne Lin jumped out to say this. This is not because he is not looking for it. What!

Candice Liu glared at Wayne Lin and said, “You rubbish, nonsense, don’t hurry up and apologize to Anan!”

Wayne Lin was speechless. He didn’t insult Situ Nan. Why should he apologize to Situ Nan? The mother-in-law’s thinking is fresh and refined.

“Situ Nan, listening to you say that, don’t you believe that I can take out the real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain?” Wayne Lin took a step directly and said to Situ Nan.

Situ Nan straightened his waist and said disdainfully, “That’s natural!”

“Then if I can really take out the real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain, how about you?” Wayne Lin said his purpose, and some sly eyes flashed in his eyes. If it was Vicky Lin, he would be sure to see his eyes. Don’t dare to fight him anymore.

It’s a pity that Situ Nan is not Vicky Lin. He is not familiar with Wayne Lin. He doesn’t understand Wayne Lin at all. He doesn’t put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all. He sneered: “If you can take out the real

Blue and white porcelain in the Ming Dynasty came out, then I will kowtow to you and confess your guilt and call you a hundred grandpa! “

Wayne Lin said twitchingly, “Is this bad? You are Alma’s friend, and you are older than me. You are so embarrassed to call my grandpa.”

Situ Nan saw Wayne Lin’s nasty appearance, and the corners of his mouth twitched, and he was inexplicably angry. He snorted heavily and said, “You don’t have to pretend to be there, it is disgusting! What I said is based on how you can Take out the real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain! If you can’t take it out…I don’t need you to kowtow to me and apologize. I only want you to divorce Alma immediately and don’t delay Alma’s happiness!”

His last remark was deliberately loud, and he looked at Alma Chu affectionately, which made people get goose bumps.

“This…a bit too much, right?” Wayne Lin frowned and said angrily.

Situ Nan was overjoyed and thought that Wayne Lin was a manifestation of guilty conscience. He immediately took advantage of the victory and pursued it, “Why, are you afraid? Your feelings are deliberately grandstanding, there is no Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain at all! You have a personality like you, and you have a face. At Alma? Bah!”

He looked at Wayne Lin’s eyes, full of disdain and contempt.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu were immediately brought to the rhythm, and the verbal abuse of Wayne Lin became even more ugly.

Wayne Lin showed a contemptuous expression and said, “Just kidding, I’m afraid? Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain is in my car. I can get it in a few minutes. I’m afraid you will regret it then!”

Situ Nan laughed again, “I regret it? A big joke!”

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes and said, “The mouth is unprovoked. In case you cheat, I can’t help you. You have to write a letter and sign your name. Also, I’ll take the real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain. , If you didn’t admit that it was true if you were killed, then I can’t help you either.”

Situ Nan did not realize that Wayne Lin digs holes for him step by step, “You are purely a villain to save the abdomen of a gentleman! It just happens to be that everyone is here, he is a famous figure in the antique circle, if you can identify it as genuine , Then I will fulfill my promise immediately! But you, if you don’t admit it when you are killed, what counts?”

Wayne Lin blinked his eyes and smiled: “It’s very simple. I will take everyone’s identification results as the standard, and I will never regret it. Anyway, whoever plays tricks or admits it will be a grandson, with pus on his head and sores on the soles of his feet. It’s not a good death, how about having a son without an a*shole?

Many people present took a breath of coldness when they heard Wayne Lin’s words, and secretly said so cruel!

Situ Nan saw Wayne Lin’s cunning look. He didn’t know why, but he had a bad feeling. Could it be that Wayne Lin could really…

Soon, he threw this idea out!

Impossible, even his contacts, wanting to buy Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain, is not so easy, Wayne Lin, this is a waste, even more impossible.

This is definitely Wayne Lin scaring people.

definitely is!

“Well, whoever is cheating is a dog!” Situ Nan insisted.

A century’s “gamble” began.

Alma Chu was almost dying in a hurry, and Wayne Lin was too arrogant, and even said such a bet. Isn’t this seeking a dead end!

Everyone Gu was originally going to leave, but now in this situation, it is not easy for him to leave, so he can only stay helplessly.

At the same time, he also has an unrealistic hope in his heart. What if this young man named Wayne Lin can really produce Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain?

Chapter 106 Situ Nan, You Lost

A seemingly ridiculous gambling game started in this way, and Wayne Lin and Situ Nan also established a written record.

Both of them seemed very confident, but apart from Wayne Lin himself, no one was optimistic about him. They all thought he was sensationalizing and seeking his own death.

Alma Chu was almost mad. She had known that she should listen to her parents’ opinions and prevent Wayne Lin from following. This is good, and she will be ashamed!

Moreover, in front of outsiders, she was very nervous and annoyed at the thought of waiting.

The point is, if Wayne Lin loses, he will divorce her.

This is not the first time that the word divorce has appeared. Alma Chu has made this request before, but recently, she has no such idea.

If this is the case, she and Wayne Lin divorced, it would be a big joke!

After establishing the written records, Wayne Lin went down to pick up Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain.

To be honest, he never thought that the Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain given to him by Quanxi was so useful. When he looked back, he would like to thank the people from Quanxi.

As he left, Alma Chu frowned and said with a displeased mood: “Brother Situ, you are so honest, what is the difference between you and Wayne Lin? When either of you loses, you will be embarrassed!”

Situ Nan smiled and said: “Alma, you are wrong. I have to be honest with Wayne Lin. In fact, I wanted Wayne Lin to retreat because of difficulties. For a good girl like you, Wayne Lin is completely delaying her youth. I can’t Watching your youth is delayed like this! Don’t worry, I can’t lose. After today, I will give you a new and happy life!”

Berry Chu and Candice Liu looked at each other, and they both showed joyful expressions. Although Situ Nan gave them a counterfeit just now, which made them angry, but really speaking, even if it is a counterfeit, it is worth 30,000 or 40,000, no It’s cheaper. The most important thing is that Situ Nan is a rich second-generation who is a serious and arrogant, young son of the Tang Fei Group. If Alma Chu married Situ Nan, wouldn’t it be a hundred times better than Wayne Lin?

“Forget it, Wayne Lin is a lunatic, we don’t need to be crazy with him.” Alma Chu said.

“That won’t work, the words have already been said, like splashed water, there is no reason to take it back.” Situ Nan shook his head and said. Just kidding, how could he give up such a great opportunity.

Candice Liu joined in and said, “Anan was right. Wayne Lin himself proposed this. He did his own death. No wonder someone else! Besides, Alma, you have been delayed by Wayne Lin long enough. It’s time to get out of the sea of ​​suffering.”

Only when Gu Xing and his group were nearby did they understand that the young man named Wayne Lin was the son-in-law who had no place in the house.

Hou Yangwen didn’t feel much about it, but Gu Xing frowned slightly. He was unhappy with Berry Chu and Candice Liu’s attitude towards Wayne Lin.

He had a good impression of Wayne Lin, and he didn’t look like a flamboyant young man, he was much better than Situ Nan. It’s a pity that I’m still too young. I’m afraid I was deceived. Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain is such a precious antique. How can ordinary people be so much better?

In the current information age, there is no such thing as ancient times that ordinary people have antiques in their homes without knowing it. All antiques circulating on the market are clearly marked, and there is no possibility of a pearl getting dusty.

At this moment, Wayne Lin had already picked up the blue and white porcelain, put it on the dinner table, unpacked it, and immediately exposed the body. At first glance, it looked much bleak and unremarkable than the one by Situ Nan.

Situ Nan saw

After that, he burst into laughter immediately, “Just you, a tattered product, I am embarrassed to say that it is a blue and white porcelain from the Ming Dynasty? Wayne Lin, how did your brain grow? Is it all water?”

Alma Chu was also very disappointed. She still had a little hope for Wayne Lin. What if Wayne Lin could really produce real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain? After all, during this period of time, Wayne Lin has also done several impressive things.

But now, when she saw this blue and white porcelain, her little hope was extinguished.

Berry Chu and Candice Liu also shook their heads, feeling that Wayne Lin had lost.

On the contrary, it was Gu Xing. He was taken aback when he saw this blue and white porcelain, and then his eyes lit up, showing a fanatical expression!

He immediately took out a magnifying glass from his pocket, put on his glasses, and began to examine the blue and white porcelain carefully.

The more he watched, the more excited his expression became and his face flushed.

When everyone saw his reaction, they were all stunned. Soon, an absurd idea came up in his mind!

Is it true?

And Situ Nan, his smile was already stiff on his face, his heartbeat speeded up a lot, his hands and feet gradually became cold, and he was extremely panicked.

Alma Chu looked demented, what is the situation, could it be…

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Gu everyone, how about it, my blue and white porcelain is a genuine product, right?”

Everyone Gu suddenly raised their heads, did not answer Wayne Lin’s question, but stared at Wayne Lin fanatically, “Where did you get this early Ming blue and white porcelain?!”

When everyone heard Gu Xing’s words, they were shocked and understood. Gu Xing indirectly admitted that this is true Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain!

This news, in their minds, was undoubtedly a storm that shocked them all.

Especially Situ Nan, his face was ugly to the extreme, his legs were soft, he staggered a few times and almost fell.

He kept muttering: “Impossible…impossible…”

Wayne Lin touched his nose and said, “I just said that it was given to me by a friend. Why, everybody, is this really Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain?”

“Replace it like a fake!” Gu Xing said categorically, extremely excited and serious.

The bodies of Berry Chu and Candice Liu trembled fiercely, and Candice Liu couldn’t help but explode, “f*ck!”

Berry Chu also pinched his thigh vigorously and felt the pain before realizing that it was real, not dreaming.

And Alma Chu, her face was dumbfounded and unbelievable. Then, she came back to her senses and looked at Wayne Lin like lightning, just to see Wayne Lin winking at her, a bit of teasing. , Making her face flushed suddenly.

Wayne Lin smiled and said to Situ Nan: “Anan, you have lost, and now you can fulfill your promise. Kneel down, kowtow to admit your mistakes, a hundred grandpa, you might have a scream.”

Yes, everyone reacted, Situ Nan still had a gambling game with Wayne Lin, now Situ Nan has lost…

For a time, Situ Nan’s expression was extremely wonderful!

Who would have thought that Wayne Lin could actually produce real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain?

He has the heart to die…

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