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Chapter 107

In the box, all of a sudden fell into absolute silence, and everyone looked at him.

Situ Nan trembled a few times, he wanted to cry.

“Impossible! You must be wrong! This is the fineness, how could it be the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty!” Situ Nan became hot in his head and pointed the finger at Gu Xing.

When Gu Xing heard him say this, his face immediately pulled down, “Situ Nan, are you questioning my level or my character?”

Situ Nan felt that Gu Xing’s face was dark, and he realized that he had said something wrong, but if he was asked to kneel and kowtow to call Wayne Lin a hundred grandpa, then he would definitely not be able to do it!

Therefore, he would rather offend Gu Xing than betray his dignity.

Just kidding, let him kneel to Wayne Lin, it would be better to kill him.

So he snorted heavily, and said, “Who said that! As everyone knows, Wayne Lin is just the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family, a poor boy from the countryside. For so many years, he couldn’t even find a job and would just stay. Eating soft meals at the Chu family and doing housework every day. Someone like this would give him valuable Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain. This is absolutely impossible!”

What he said is very reasonable, his head is wise, but now, no one believes him, because the person who identified is Gu Xing, who is known for his integrity and high level in the antique circle. How can such a person be lie?

This time, Alma Chu looked at Situ Nan’s reluctance, and felt that Situ Nan was too disgusting.

Even Berry Chu and Candice Liu’s impression of him has fallen to the bottom. Situ Nan is rich, but this kind of character is really unflattering.

Wayne Lin had expected this kind of thing a long time ago, and he didn’t have the slightest surprise, “Situ Nan, are you kidding me? Remember, you just set up the handwriting, do you want me to read it to you?”

With a hideous expression on Situ Nan’s face, he violently snatched the handwriting from Wayne Lin, and then tore it to pieces, “Where is the handwriting?”

Wayne Lin was not angry, so he sneered, “You admit your gambling, Situ Nan, you are really rubbish.”

Situ Nan’s face was ugly. He wanted to struggle, but when he saw Alma Chu’s expression of disgust and contempt, he was extremely uncomfortable.

Even Berry Chu and Candice Liu are disdainful of him now.

He was even more distorted. He glared at Wayne Lin fiercely, and said, “You wait for me!”

Then he turned around and ran, very embarrassed and embarrassed. When he ran to the door to talk, he just hit the waiter who came in with the soup. Half of the soup was spilled on him, making him jump like a monkey. Screamed.

Seeing this scene, Wayne Lin finally couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

After Situ Nan walked away griefly, Candice Liu showed the expression of a wealthy fan. He walked over and greedily stroked the blue and white porcelain, “Wow, this is a Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain worth tens of millions. It’s great! It will be mine from now on! “

Alma Chu couldn’t stand it anymore, she walked over and pulled Candice Liu and said, “Mom, what are you talking about, this blue and white porcelain belongs to Wayne Lin, when will it become yours?”

Candice Liu turned her head and glared at Alma Chu, and said, “Wayne Lin’s is not mine. Without me, do you have him today? Everything he has is mine! He has become rich, and this is a real antique! We are so poor. After a long time, I will finally get rich.”

Gu Xing coughed twice, and Candice Liu’s cheeky skin made him feel uncomfortable.

Berry Chu is also very enthusiastic, the real Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain, this value can be

Big! If it is placed in his study room, the face will be a disadvantage. When the time comes, he will let the news out, afraid that the threshold of the family will be trampled on!

“Gu everyone, how much can you sell for this blue and white porcelain?” Candice Liu asked with a green light in his eyes.

Gu Xing said: “This is blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty. The craftsmanship of forging is extremely exquisite. Looking at this texture and material, it should be used in the palace and its value is limitless!”

Candice Liu’s eyes became even brighter, “Isn’t that going to sell a lot of money?”

Alma Chu also became curious, and she thought about it. Now the Chu Family Company is facing difficulties. If this antique can be sold at a high price, it can also help the family to tide over the difficulties. In this way, perhaps there is no need to ask for help. Financing.

Gu Xing didn’t like Candice Liu’s idea of ​​using money to measure the value of antiques, but out of professional ethics, he still answered, “This quality blue and white porcelain can sell for 25 million.”

“What, what?!”

Candice Liu’s eyes widened, and her breathing became tight!

Alma Chu was also dumbfounded.

Wayne Lin was also taken aback. He knew that this blue and white porcelain was genuine, but he didn’t expect it to be so valuable. This guy Quanxi, in order to please him, actually gave up so much? Is he so scary?

In fact, Wayne Lin really misunderstood Quanxi. This blue and white porcelain was obtained from a fanatical female fan. It happened that the female fan’s family was in the tomb-robbing business. It was easy to come. I don’t know how this blue and white porcelain was before, including Quanxi. Inside, he didn’t know, otherwise, he would definitely not give it to Wayne Lin. Just kidding, 25 million!

“Get rich, get rich, hahaha…”

Candice Liu laughed immediately.

Gu Xing said directly that he would spend 28 million to buy this blue and white porcelain.

Of course he said this to Wayne Lin, after all, this blue and white porcelain belongs to Wayne Lin.

Candice Liu was unhappy on the spot. She said, “Gu everyone, you are wrong. If you want to buy this blue and white porcelain, you should also ask me to buy it! What are you asking Wayne Lin for?”

Gu Xing saw that Wayne Lin didn’t express his opinion, so he had to ask Candice Liu again. Candice Liu was very anxious, 28 million yuan, this was changed into cash, how thick it must be!

She is a bargaining expert. Seeing Gu Xing so readily bidding for 28 million, she naturally knew that there was room for a price increase, so she directly said 30 million.

Gu Xing hesitated for a while, then agreed.

Berry Chu didn’t want to sell it. He still wanted to get it in his study room to show off. It’s a pity that he had no status in this family and was directly rejected by Candice Liu.

Candice Liu was extremely excited, and said: “Well, good, 30 million is 30 million, you immediately transfer to my card, this blue and white porcelain is yours!”

Gu Xing said: “Thirty million is a bit too much. I can’t spend so much money at the moment. You give me two days and I will transfer it to you.”

“That way, you have to move faster, otherwise, I will sell it to others!” Candice Liu said proudly holding the blue and white porcelain.

“Okay!” Gu Xing nodded.

Holding the blue and white porcelain, Candice Liu was extremely excited and excited, as if he was holding her own baby, without asking Wayne Lin’s opinion, she directly took possession.

However, at this moment, she suddenly felt itchy under her armpits, and she subconsciously stretched out her hand to scratch it, but unexpectedly, she was still holding the blue and white porcelain in her hand, and she threw it directly on the ground with a bang and broke.

Chapter 108

Actually, I broke…

In an instant, the audience fell into a weird silence, and everyone had wonderful expressions.

Wayne Lin’s mouth twitched twice, even with his wealth, it is inevitable to feel a little distressed, after all, this is thirty million.

Like other people, the reaction was even greater. Gu Xing showed an expression of regret and anger. In his eyes, this fall was not as simple as 30 million, but a precious antique was gone. Can’t be saved!

Berry Chu and Alma Chu’s pupils contracted, and their bodies trembled with anger.

As for Candice Liu, she was even more dumbfounded, her face pale for a second, and her hands and feet were extremely cold.

“Why, how could this happen…” Candice Liu cried.

Berry Chu was so angry that she slapped her face, “Look at the good things you have done! Thirty million was ruined by you like this! I really can’t strangle you!”

Candice Liu’s face was swollen by Berry Chu’s slap. She was very annoyed. After so many years of marriage, Hua Chuxiong had not slapped her. She wanted to get angry because of the reflex, but when she met Berry Chu’s murderous eyes, She immediately persuaded, and said aggrieved: “What are you doing when you beat me, I didn’t mean it…”

“You still have the face to say! Isn’t it because you have many hands and feet that will break the blue and white porcelain! You are really more than enough to fail!” Berry Chu gritted his teeth, but wanted to slap again, but Alma Chu stopped him in time. Up.

“Dad, okay, mom didn’t mean it, don’t hit her.” Alma Chu said.

Berry Chu had no choice but to give up, and gave Candice Liu a fierce look.

“Well, everybody, is this blue and white porcelain broken, is it worth the money?” Berry Chu asked cautiously. In fact, he already knew the answer in his heart, but he was still unwilling.

Gu Xing gave him an angry look and asked, “What do you mean?”

Berry Chu sat down dejectedly, like a concubine.

Candice Liu still reluctantly said: “How much can you sell?”

Gu Xing thought for a while and said, “At most one hundred thousand yuan.”

After saying this, he was also heartbroken.

As we all know, ceramic antiques are precious in their integrity. If they are broken, their value will be greatly reduced. They are not on the same level.

After listening to Candice Liu, she cried again.

In the end, this broken blue and white porcelain was sold to Gu Xing for a price of 150,000 yuan and transferred on the spot.

Of course the money was transferred to Alma Chu’s account.

It was obviously that Candice Liu broke it. On the way back, Candice Liu instead complained about Wayne Lin, saying that if Wayne Lin hadn’t picked the blue and white porcelain at that time, she would not have broken it. After all, it was Wayne Lin. Ming’s fault.

Wayne Lin was completely convinced about the unreasonable dumping of his mother-in-law, and he didn’t bother to care about it with his mother-in-law.

Seeing him silently, Alma Chu didn’t complain or complain, and felt very guilty in her heart. After returning home, she pulled Wayne Lin aside, “I’m sorry for what happened today. Mom broke such an expensive antique. “

Wayne Lin was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Alma Chu to apologize to him. Her heart was a little warm. He waved his hand and said relaxedly: “It’s okay. If you break it, it’s broken. It’s not a big deal.”

When Alma Chu heard Wayne Lin’s words, her heart was relieved a lot, and she couldn’t help being curious. After all, the 30 million antiques were broken like this.

Alma Chu felt very distressed, but Wayne Lin was so calm, making her wonder, when did Wayne Lin become so generous? Before Wayne Lin lost ten dollars, he would feel distressed for a long time.

“You don’t feel bad at all?” Alma Chu asked.

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s expression, knowing what she was thinking, and said helplessly, “Distressed, but what can I do? It’s done, and I can’t recover from my distress. The truth is not. Besides, I can’t blame mom. , She is an elder anyway.”

When Alma Chu heard these words, she was visibly stunned. Then, there was a strange color in her eyes. It was the first time she saw such a generous Wayne Lin, which refreshed her impression.

“Do you really think so?” Alma Chu asked softly.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “In fact, there is another very important reason.”

“What’s the reason?” Alma Chu asked immediately.

“Because mom is your mother, I blame her for making you difficult to be a man in the middle, so I have to digest it internally.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Alma Chu heard the words, she was stunned for a few seconds, then lowered her head, her heartbeat accelerated a little, and her mood became much more complicated. After a while, she suffocated a sentence, “Actually, you don’t need to treat me like this. Ok……”

Wayne Lin said naturally: “What silly thing to say, you are my wife, it is not a matter of course for me to treat you well. I am not good to you, so it is impossible to be good to other women.”

Alma Chu did not speak, and lowered her head, feeling that she was sorry for Wayne Lin and couldn’t bear Wayne Lin’s kindness to her, because she did not love Wayne Lin, but fell in love with another man! This situation of her is already considered an infidelity in marriage. What is absurd is that she doesn’t even know what that man looks like!

Wayne Lin didn’t know what Alma Chu was thinking. He thought that Alma Chu was touched, and he was proud of it. He saw this opportunity and boldly went to hold Alma Chu’s hand, but when he met Alma Chu, he was caught by Alma Chu. Philip pushed away.

“Whoever wants yours, who cares about yours!” Alma Chu suddenly became emotional, and then she turned and rushed into the room and locked the door.

Wayne Lin was left standing there with a dazed expression, what’s the situation?

Is he kind to Alma Chu also a mistake?

When Wayne Lin was in distress, Situ Nan was even more frantic.


When Situ Nan returned to his home, he was thrown into a mess and went crazy. He broke a lot of things and made a mess, scaring the people in the family.

He smashed for three full minutes, let out his breath, exhausted his physical strength, then stopped his hand, gasping for breath, and projected a terrifying light in his eyes, full of hatred, anger, and all negatives. mood.

He almost jumped out of his teeth: “Wayne Lin!!!”

“You rubbish, you dare to ruin my good deeds and make me lose such a big face. If I don’t kill you, you won’t be named Situ!!!”

Too annoyed, he had never lost such a big face, let alone hated a person so much, Wayne Lin was the first.

Especially when he thought of the look in Alma Chu’s eyes and Wayne Lin’s sorrow just now, he was extremely uncomfortable, and his head was dizzy with anger.

After another few minutes, he slowly calmed down and began to make a call…

After the incident, the corners of his mouth raised, and a wanton sneer appeared, “Wayne Lin, you can wait for me to see how long you will have to wait!!”

Chapter 109

Ugly Lord, is the well-deserved underground king of Huarvell, Jeff Han must stand aside in front of him.

The Ugly Master is very famous on the road, but there are very few people who have actually seen the Ugly Master, let alone the fact that the Ugly Master is not ugly at all, but rather handsome.

The Ugly Lord was called Lord, but he was only a man in his thirties.

Just now Situ Nan called the ugly master…Of course, he did not call the ugly master directly, but to his subordinates. After all, at his level, it is not the same to want to be in contact with the ugly master. For a simple thing, referrals must be used.

That night, Situ Nan went to Chou Ye’s residence and met with Chou Ye.

The place where the ugly master lives is very high-end, it is a luxurious manor. When he saw the ugly master, Situ Nan was immediately shocked. He thought that the ugly master was a five-and-three rough man. He never expected that the ugly master was not ugly at all. , Is still very handsome, looking at the age of more than 30, with a partial tolerance.

To be honest, Situ Nan is very confident in his appearance. A man like Wayne Lin will be crushed into scum in terms of appearance, but when he faces the ugly master, he will inevitably feel ashamed. ! For no other reason, the ugly master is so handsome. Not that kind of small fresh meat, feminine and handsome, but full of masculine, determined and handsome.

He couldn’t help but slander, Damn, he looks so handsome, why do people on the road call him ugly?

“Ugly Lord, hello, this is Situ Nan.”

Situ Nan walked forward, put down his posture, and said hello to Ugly Master.

The ugly master looks lazy in his pajamas, but judging from his exposed calves, he is a very strong type. Situ Nan pondered that he, a karate master, might not be able to hold it in front of the ugly master. A few tricks.

“Well, I just heard the leopard say, do you want me to help you teach someone?” The ugly man flicked the soot and said lightly.

“Yes!” Situ Nan nodded, his pupils projected the color of hatred, “I hope Ugly Master will help me.”

The ugly master said: “Tell me, who is the other party, you need to come to me personally.”

Indeed, the Ugly Lord is the underground king of Hwadrid City, and the person who can let him take action by himself, the other party must have a deep background, otherwise it is a sledgehammer.

Situ Nan gritted his teeth and said, “The other party is just a door-to-door son-in-law, an ignorant trash, and teaching him is easy for the ugly master!”

Ugly Master’s expression has changed a little, and he said with a little surprise: “Since it’s a trash, why don’t you ask me to do it.”

Leopard also said to the side: “Situ Nan, Ugly Lord is not easy to shoot, the price is very high, you have to figure it out.”

Situ Nan naturally understands this reason. If it is Wayne Lin this rubbish, he can find a few gangsters, he can make Wayne Lin hemiplegia, but he has investigated that Wayne Lin knows Jeff Han, it seems to have a close relationship, for insurance, He simply got it right in one step, and went directly to the ugly master, so as not to have any troubles.

“The Ugly Lord knows something. This trash door-to-door son-in-law itself is not worth mentioning. I can abuse him thousands of times. What I am afraid of is Jeff Han behind him! This person has a close relationship with Jeff Han, so I looked for it. Go ugly,” Situ Nan said.

Ugly Master came to be interested, “It is actually related to Jeff Han? What is the name of this trash son-in-law you are talking about.”

Situ Nan took a deep breath, and Wayne Lin’s nasty face appeared in his mind, and he said word by word, “This person is called Wayne Lin! He is the son-in-law of the Chu family. Poor waste!”

Ugly Master smiled,”

Situ Nan, a trash can force you to be like this. It seems that you are not much better. “

Situ Nan’s expression immediately stiffened, and his heart was very annoyed, but he didn’t dare to show it, so he had to smile stiffly, and the ugly master waved his hand and smiled: “Just kidding, look at you, young man. .”

“The Ugly Master taught it.”

At this moment, the leopard next to him thought of something and said, “Ugly Lord, I suddenly remembered that the door-to-door son-in-law who beat Liang Zhentian a while ago seems to be called Wayne Lin.”

“Oh? What’s the matter? Call Liang Zhentian up.” The ugly master took a breath and said, he lay lazily on the sofa, and a young woman behind him was giving him a massage, enjoying it.

Situ Nan didn’t dare to relax. Facing the ugly master, he always felt an invisible aura, oppressing him, more uncomfortable than facing his father, and he couldn’t relax at all.

In his opinion, the ugly master contained a giant beast in his body, which was very terrifying.

This made him more and more in awe of the ugly master, he understood why the ugly master was so awesome in Hwadrid, and at the same time, he was even more excited. With the ugly master’s action, Wayne Lin’s trash can’t die!

After a while, Liang Zhentian appeared, his face full of awe and admiration, he walked lightly, and he didn’t dare to breathe too much, for fear that he might make the ugly master angry.

Outside, he is a fierce brother, many people are afraid, but in front of the ugly master, he is as good as a pupil.

He walked quickly to the ugly master, bowed respectfully, and shouted in reverence: “Ugly.”

Ugly Master opened his eyes and said, “I heard that you were beaten by the Chu family’s son-in-law?”

Some embarrassment flashed across Liang Zhentian’s face and he dared not conceal it. He nodded and said, “That’s what happened. That Chu family’s son-in-law is despicable and brave. He knows that I am your ugly man. Lord, look in your eyes! Ugly Lord, it doesn’t matter if I was beaten, but he doesn’t put Ugly Lord in your eyes, this is serious!”

“Open your mouth.” There was no expression on the Ugly Master’s face, and he uttered two words lightly.

Liang Zhentian was talking vigorously. He was stunned when he heard the ugly master opening his mouth. Then, he saw the leopard walking in front of him, slapped him twice, and blinded him.

Not just him, Situ Nan also looked dazed.

What’s happening here?

Leopard’s two slaps hit very hard, directly swelling Liang Zhentian’s face, bleeding from the corners of his mouth, and falling to the ground.

“Ugly, Ugly Lord?” Liang Zhentian was aggrieved, more panic.

The ugly master did not answer him. He was speaking with a leopard in a cold tone, “The ugly master will ask you one, and you can answer one. This is to punish you for having no rules.”

“Yes, yes, what the ugly master taught!” Liang Zhentian nodded hurriedly and got up immediately, not daring to feel a trace of resentment.

The ugly master took another breath, he casually put his hand holding the cigarette aside, and someone walked over immediately, opened his hands, and followed the ashes from the ugly butt.

Situ Nan could clearly feel that the Ugly Lord was the only master in the entire manor.

This attitude of controlling everything is what he has seen all his life.

“What’s the name of this door-to-door son-in-law?” Chou Ye looked at Situ Nan with a faint smile.

Situ Nan frowned slightly, didn’t he tell the ugly master Wayne Lin’s name just now? Why did you ask again now? Does Ugly have a bad memory?

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