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Chapter 350

After Tao Sanniang was gone, Wayne Lin was really relieved and rubbed his a little distended temple. He was really helpless. He never thought that Tao Sanniang really liked him. Still have to come to the door in the middle of the night to dedicate himself.

If his willpower were not strong enough, this would have been a big mistake.

But Tao Sanniang’s charm is really big, she can be called a fairy. If you change to another man, you can guarantee that you can’t resist it, and you have already started to make mistakes.

As for being seen by Du Xinli again, he didn’t take it to heart. Compared to Brian Gu, Du Xinli was just an ant, which was nothing to mention.

There was a fire in his dantian, so he had to take a cold bath and put out the fire forcibly, otherwise he wouldn’t have to sleep tonight.

After Du Xinli returned to his room, he lost his temper, smashed a lot of things, and hated Wayne Lin.

Because he entered the hotel very early after he arrived today, he didn’t know about Brian Gu and Wayne Lin. He thought that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person. He made ten thousand determinations in his heart. He will officially participate in the hunting contest tomorrow. It is still cruel to kill Wayne Lin, so that he can vent his hatred!

Soon Wayne Lin got rid of all distracting thoughts and re-entered the state of lucidness. After another two hours of meditation, he began to go to bed.

In fact, when he reached his level, even if he didn’t sleep for three days and three nights, he could still maintain a full spirit.

But tomorrow will be a fierce battle with Brian Gu. He must improve his state to the best. Normally he can display 100% of his strength, but now he must display 120% of his strength.

Finally, when the first ray of sun shone into the room, Wayne Lin seemed to have a reaction, and opened his eyes on time.

Then he got off the bed, briefly moved his muscles and bones, put on his clothes, and started going downstairs…

When I came down for breakfast, I could find that the atmosphere now was more dignified and lively than last night, and many people couldn’t hide their excitement.

Du Xinli saw Wayne Lin, he walked over, stopped next to Wayne Lin, and deliberately said gloomily: “You are dead, I will cramp you and let you die in despair and pain.”

Facing Du Xinli’s threat, Wayne Lin frowned slightly. He became a little impatient, and said directly to him, “As you know you, Sanniang Tao, I don’t want to be familiar with you. If you really If you dare to trouble me, I’ll interrupt your doglegs. Okay, now I’m going to f*ck.”

Du Xinli’s eyes were fierce and fierce. Wayne Lin’s remarks were simply looking for death. He smirked, “Well, you wait for me. If you don’t cramp you, I won’t be named Du.”

Faced with his threat, Wayne Lin responded with only two words: “Sabi.”

This time Du Xinli gritted his teeth even more with anger.

He has never hated a person so much. Wayne Lin is the first one. When the hunting competition starts, he wants Wayne Lin to die. Anyway, in the hunting contest, there is an unwritten rule that murder is acquiesced. Even if you return to the society, you cannot be held accountable!

Many people have also noticed the tit-for-tat between Du Xinli and Wayne Lin just now. They all looked at Du Xinli with weird expressions, thinking that Du Xinli is a fool, knowing that Wayne Lin is a master of the innate realm at the same level as Brian Gu, you are the one What is the fun for children from the mere peak of the day after tomorrow?

It’s a pity that Du Xinli didn’t know about this. Seeing everyone’s eyes, he thought these people were a joke. He was provoked by Wayne Lin, which made him even more determined to kill Wayne Lin.

After breakfast, the hunting contest began not long after.

After the organizer’s introduction, Wayne Lin thoroughly understood the rules of this hunting contest.

After listening, it was really exciting.

It turned out that in this hunting competition, the so-called rules are that there are no rules, and all participating players can hunt as much as they want. Pay attention to the hunting prey, not limited to these beasts in the forest, but also the prey in the eyes of the contestants, regardless of type. This means that people can also be


Of course, it is not endless hunting. Each person can only hunt two people at most, and each player has an alarm device. If this alarm device is pressed, it is equivalent to withdrawing from the game, and other people can no longer Hunting, once hunting forcibly, it will be hunted down by the organizer.

In fact, every year, contestants will die inside, some are hunted, and some are killed by wild beasts.

Anyway, in a word, this is a very primitive and cruel game. People who are not very courageous and confident enough in themselves dare not participate in such an exciting game!

This year there are a lot of people participating in the competition. There are four to five hundred people in total. Most of them are masters in the master realm. A small part of them are ordinary people who only reach the level of martial arts. There are also some masters of the acquired peak. As for the extraordinary masters of innate realm like Wayne Lin and Brian Gu, there are very few.

Most people have armed themselves, all kinds of high-tech equipment are put on their bodies, and there are many weapons with great lethality. However, the organizer stipulates that guns cannot be used, at most only crossbows.

As for Wayne Lin, he just took two daggers and went in, and he didn’t wear any invulnerable high-tech battle clothes. In his realm, wearing these is useless.

His real threat was not from the beast, but from Brian Gu.

The people around him felt that he was too arrogant when they saw him playing so lightly.

After everyone selected equipment and weapons, they boarded the helicopters and dropped them into different places in the forest.

The large forest chosen this time is particularly large, with an area of ​​hundreds of kilometers. Different players are placed in different areas to ensure relative’fairness’.

Then each player has a nameplate on his body, which says his identity.

And this nameplate can be obtained by grabbing each other. In the end, whoever has the most nameplates is the leader of this hunting contest, that is, the champion.

The champion can get a mysterious gift from the organizer.

This is another important reason why so many people come to participate in the hunting contest every year.

Excitement, prizes, and a channel for revenge.

After Wayne Lin figured out the rules, he was also very excited.

The organizer stipulates that players can act together in a team, and the maximum number is no more than five people. Most of the players are formed in threes and fives.

A few people like Wayne Lin walk alone.

Wayne Lin was thrown into the deep forest. As soon as he jumped from the plane, he encountered a group of wild wolves hunting. Seeing him appear, the group of wild wolves rushed over.

He didn’t even look at it. When the two wolves rushing in front of him rushed in front of him, he kicked out with two legs, kicked on the heads of the two wolves, and flew out directly, killing him.

When the other wild wolves saw this situation, they were all frightened, screamed, turned and ran.

This hunting contest lasts for one week. During this week, all players must stay in the forest, eat and drink Lazarus in it, and completely restore the life of primitive people. If you can’t make it any longer, press the alarm The device will soon be rescued by staff, but it also means losing the qualification for the competition.

Already this week, everyone is heading towards the center of the hotel. Those who have not retired will come across and grab each other’s nameplates until the last person is the leader.

Wayne Lin has no interest in this leader, he just wants to kill Brian Gu.

Two days later, Wayne Lin had already killed two wild wolves, a wild boar, and a brown bear. As for other animals that were not hostile to him, he had let them go.

Finally, on the third day, he met the first player gang. It wasn’t anyone, but it was Du Xinli. This was a coincidence.

Du Xinli was also taken aback when he saw him, and then burst into laughter, showing a hideous, cold expression.

Chapter 351

Wayne Lin also showed a weird expression when he saw them.

This is a coincidence. He wandered in the big forest for two days and encountered no less than two hundred beasts. He had not encountered anyone. As a result, the first one he encountered was Du Xinli’s team?

If he hadn’t known in advance that the launch was entirely computer random, he would have thought that the organizer had arranged it in advance.

To be honest, Wayne Lin hasn’t encountered a single person in the past two days, but encountered a beast, which is quite boring. Now that he meets Du Xinli and others, he is still a little happy.

Compared to his cleanliness, Du Xinli and the others seemed a little embarrassed, especially the other four people. They were all damaged, dirty, and even blood stained. They knew they had fought with beasts at first glance.

Only Du Xinli is decent, at least not so dirty, but he can see that he has sweated, and a lot of dust is stuck on his hair and face.

Now they saw Wayne Lin with green light in their eyes, extremely excited and excited, Du Xinli laughed loudly: “Hahahaha… the surname Lin, I didn’t expect Laozi to meet you. ! This time I see who else can save you!”

The four accomplices with him also smiled sternly. The eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of cruelty and playfulness. In their eyes, Wayne Lin looked like a dead person.

Wayne Lin laughed too. They were amused by them. The matter between him and Brian Gu was so turbulent, Du Xinli didn’t even know, so they dare to come and provoke him? I really don’t know how to write dead words.

Du Xinli and the others dispersed, and slowly surrounded Wayne Lin for fear that Wayne Lin would escape.

But in the end they discovered that Wayne Lin actually ran away, instead looking at them with clown eyes, which made them extremely unhappy. They had originally expected that Wayne Lin would have been scared under such circumstances and treated them. Kneeling to beg for mercy.

Seeing that Wayne Lin was already in their encirclement, Du Xinli became more calm, holding a machete in his hand with blood stained on the blade, which looked particularly terrifying and scary.

“Wayne Lin, I see where you can go this time, without asking me who Du Xinli is, you dare to snatch the woman I like?” Du Xinli grinned grimly, his expression cruel, and looked very scary. In this big forest, he completely abandoned his usual gentle side and exposed his evil side undisguisedly!

Everyone has a dark side deep in their hearts, but in the real world, there are too many restrictions, evil thoughts are confined, and they can’t vent.

But here, there is no restriction, and the evil thoughts of many people have exploded.

Du Xinli was like this. He completely tore off his disguise and revealed the most evil side of his own bones. Now his eyes were full of green light, as if he had regarded Wayne Lin as an animal and could be slaughtered wantonly.

Soon, he walked in front of Wayne Lin, staring at Wayne Lin with both eyes, especially scary.

“Du Xinli, are you trying to kill me?” Wayne Lin also looked at Du Xinli and said meaningfully.

He originally didn’t have much dislike for Du Xinli, thinking that Du Xinli was just jealous of being jealous, a manifestation of a normal man.

But now, through the kind of evil that Du Xinli showed, he found that he had overestimated Du Xinli. This was a man with despicable behavior.

Du Xinli grinned again and said: “Why did you know now? You had a great time with that btch these two days. This btch ran to your room last night. You were so cool. !”

When he said this, the expression on his face was completely distorted, full of hatred, anger, ferocious, and cruel.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, and said, “I and Tao Sanniang are not the kind of relationship you imagine. She came to my room last night, but I didn’t sleep with her.”

His explanation fell in Du Xinli’s ears, and it became an expression of confession and fear.

At the moment, Du Xinli seemed to hear a big joke, and laughed loudly, “Hahaha! Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin, do you treat me Du Xinli as an idiot? You two days, I, adulterer and adulteress, She ran to your room last night. Now tell me you didn’t go to bed? Hahaha!”

Wayne Lin was silent. He suddenly found that his explanation was a bit redundant. It was obvious that Du Xinli would not believe it, nor could he believe him.

When Du Xinli saw him not speaking, the smirk at the corners of his mouth became more intense, “Why, now I know I’m afraid? You weren’t very arrogant before! Now let me show you arrogant one!”

Du Xinli held the machete in his hand, and the light of the knife just shone on his face, looking particularly terrifying and hideous.

Wayne Lin said, “So depending on what you mean, do you have to kill me?”

“Why can’t you see it now?”

As Du Xinli’s words fell, the other four men, holding machetes in their hands, took two more steps and completely surrounded Wayne Lin in the circle. As long as Du Xinli gave an order, they would rush forward. Wayne Lin was hacked to death.

Du Xinli especially enjoys this situation. He thinks that he has the absolute initiative. Wayne Lin is just a piece of meat on his chopping board. He will slaughter it at will, so he is not in a hurry now, thinking about seeing Wayne Lin dying. Desperate before, begging him for mercy.

So he raised his mouth, showing a joking smile, and said: “Of course, because you are a friend of Tao Sanniang, I will give you a chance to kneel down to me and kowtow to admit your mistakes. I can consider letting you go. Dog life.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin couldn’t help but smiled.

Du Xinli saw that he could still laugh at this moment, and his face was gloomy, and his killing intent was awe-inspiring, “When death is coming, you still dare to laugh? If this is the case, don’t blame me for being cruel! Slashing you to death with one stab, as punishment for your offending me.”

Wayne Lin said, “Du Xinli, I finally understand why Tao Sanniang has always looked down on you. How can you be attracted to you with a mentally retarded view from Tao Sanniang? Originally, Tao Sanniang saw Because you are her friend for many years, I beg you not to have the same knowledge as you. Even if you meet you, you can have a little lesson. Now it seems that there is no need for this. The evil side of your human nature has been exposed. , When you go out of society, you will continue to be blackened.”

Du Xinli showed an unbelievable expression on his face, and then he burst out with a chuckle, “Just you are a little white face, and you want to teach me? I think you are a woman who plays a lot and has blind confidence in yourself, right! Okay! , Since you are so good, now you come to teach me…”

Before he finished speaking, he felt a flower in front of his eyes. It turned out that Wayne Lin made a sudden move and slapped him in the face, knocking him down.

Wayne Lin slapped his dynamite barrel directly, and cursed angrily: “I even dared to beat Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will kill you!!!”

He got up with a beautiful carp, then stood up again, and then firmly held the machete and cut it down at Wayne Lin.

I have to say that Du Xinli’s martial arts is still good, and his cut looks good. If Wayne Lin is still at the peak of the day after tomorrow, it is indeed possible that he will not be able to escape.

But now Wayne Lin is in a congenital realm. To him, Du Xinli’s knife is almost the same as a tortoise crawling, so slow…

Chapter 352

Du Xinli has absolute confidence in his sword, and the arc of his mouth has risen a lot. He thinks he has cut out his most perfect sword since he practiced martial arts. With the strength of Wayne Lin’s little white face, it is impossible to dodge. Got it.

In his mind, he had already seen Wayne Lin severely injured by a knife.

However, just when his knife fell halfway, Wayne Lin suddenly made a move, just kicking it casually, with a late shot, and the speed was so fast that Du Xinli could react.

Almost in an instant, Du Xinli’s abdomen was hit by this foot, his feet were volleyed, and the whole person flew upside down, and then slammed into the big tree behind. The huge impact made the diameter reach half a meter. The big trees shook for a while, and a lot of leaves and fruits fell.

This kick directly caused Du Xinli to lose the ability to move, as if his five internal organs had been kicked and shifted, his face was pale as paper, he lost his blood, and he spewed a big mouthful of blood when he was in the air.

The other four people were all shocked by this scene, and didn’t understand what had happened. Du Xinli was a master of the acquired peak! I don’t know how many famous boxers have been defeated. In their minds, they are almost invincible, but now they are kicked so easily by Wayne Lin?

Each of them opened their eyes wide, shocked, and thought they had hallucinations.

Of course, the most shocking thing is Du Xinli himself. He now feels that his whole body is kicked to pieces, his intestines are broken, and his internal organs have shifted!

He lost the strength to move his fingers.

The power of this kick completely surpassed his understanding of the limits of human beings. Why can one kick such a terrifying kick! Is Wayne Lin a man or a ghost? ? ?

Wayne Lin originally didn’t want to take the shot so hard, it was Du Xinli who had been doing it all the time, provoking his bottom line. What would someone like Du Xinli do without being disabled?

“you you you……”

“Who are you or a ghost?!!!”

“One by one, kicked out Brother Li with one kick?”

“How is this possible, Brother Li is a master-level master…”

The remaining four people were extremely shocked and terrified, and their bodies began to tremble. They were originally holding the hands of the machete forcefully, but now they also relaxed. When Wayne Lin looked over, they were directly scared. Throw away all the knives in his hand.

Wayne Lin just moved casually, one by one, they were so frightened that they knelt in front of Wayne Lin and began to beg for mercy and apologize.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin didn’t have the same knowledge as them, and said lightly: “Don’t let me see you again in the future, otherwise it won’t end here, you know.”

“Know that!”

“I promise I won’t show up in front of Big Brother in the future.”

“Thank you elder brother for not killing, thank you elder brother for not killing.”

Wayne Lin nodded, and finally took a faint glance at Du Xinli before leaving.

Of course, before leaving, Wayne Lin took the nameplates from the five of them. Although Wayne Lin didn’t have much interest in the so-called leader, he would not waste this opportunity.

Next, Wayne Lin continued to walk in the big forest, and met several teams one after another. These people saw that Wayne Lin appeared on his own, and he did not have any weapons on him, especially if he was still holding on. Shao Mingpai all had malicious intentions and wanted to kill Wayne Lin.

It’s just that they had this heart, but they didn’t have this strength. Wayne Lin was able to solve it three-handedly, the nameplate was taken away, and the qualification was lost.

So when the fifth day came, Wayne Lin had more than 30 nameplates in his hands.

However, he is not the one who has the most nameplates. Brian Gu has the most. As of now, Brian Gu has more than fifty nameplates in his hand. And most of them are easily obtained.


p; His reputation is too great. Many people met him and did not resist, and obediently handed over the nameplate to Brian Gu.

Now that five days have passed, many people are curious about the battle between Brian Gu and Wayne Lin.

Because of the rules, if Brian Gu and Wayne Lin couldn’t meet all the time, they would still be unable to fight.

However, this possibility will be very small.

“Mr. Gu, you said Wayne Lin, how many nameplates do you have now?”

One of Brian Gu’s attendants asked cautiously that he was not originally on the same team as Brian Gu, and when he met Brian Gu, he handed over his nameplate to Brian Gu early.

Like Wayne Lin, Brian Gu participated alone, but because of his reputation and strength, many people did not choose to leave after handing over their nameplate to Brian Gu, but chose to follow Brian Gu. , Look at the century war between Brian Gu and Wayne Lin.

Therefore, there are a total of forty or fifty people walking with Brian Gu.

Another person said disdainfully: “Why don’t you talk about it? There must not be as many as Mr. Gu.”

“That’s not necessarily true. That Wayne Lin is also a master of the Innate Realm. In our hunting competition, besides Mr. Gu, he should have the highest cultivation level.”

“What about the congenital realm? It is also the congenital realm, and the gap between them can be widened. Wayne Lin is just a newcomer who has just stepped into the congenital realm. Compared with a peerless master like General Gu, he is different. It’s not a little bit.”

“That’s true, in this hunting contest, Mr. Gu is the strongest, and the leader did not run.”

These people surrounded Brian Gu, changing their methods, all kinds of flattering Brian Gu, to please Brian Gu.

At this time Brian Gu spoke, and said in a faint tone: “Huh, Wayne Lin is just a stinky kid, I don’t know how high the sky is. It doesn’t matter how many nameplates he gets. When I meet him, it will be the day of his death!”

Brian Gu’s tone was cold and full of murderous intent, causing many people around him to feel the biting cold and shiver involuntarily.

“Mr Gu is right!”

“Domineering, Mr. Gu! That’s awesome!”

“Of course, I don’t look at Gu’s identity. The vice president of the Northern Sky Club, the top master of the middle class in the Innate Realm, hitting a Wayne Lin is like crushing an ant.”

“In my opinion, will Wayne Lin have voluntarily abstained now in order to avoid President Gu?”

“It’s really possible!”

“Wayne Lin is not a fool either. He knows that he is not Mr. Gu’s opponent, and has now abstained and escaped.”

Brian Gu’s eyes narrowed, and he was also a little afraid of this, but the intuition in his heart told him that Wayne Lin should not do this.

At this moment, a group of people appeared in front of him, and Brian Gu looked at each other, and Brian Gu’s face immediately showed a meaningful expression.

The people here are people from Yuntian Pavilion such as Fan Lao and Tao Sanniang. They also have more than 20 famous brands in their hands.

Although this hunting contest was organized by the Yuntian Pavilion, the Yuntian Pavilion is not the real organizer behind it, and it is also eligible to participate.

When Fan Lao, Tao Sanniang and others saw Brian Gu, their expressions also changed, showing fear.

After thinking about it, they decided to welcome him. Fan smiled and said hello to Brian Gu, “Hello, Mr. Gu, the last time I left, I haven’t seen you for several years. Gu is always not old at all, but younger. , Especially his cultivation is unfathomable. In my opinion, the leader of this hunting competition must be Mr. Gu.”

Fan Lao’s words revealed obvious jealousy and flattery.

Brian Gu smiled slightly, then he looked directly at Tao Sanniang and said, “Tao Sanniang, I heard that you and Wayne Lin are lovers. You stayed overnight in his room last night? Very good, very good.”

When he said this, the atmosphere in the air instantly became rigid.

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