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Chapter 677

Wayne Lin didn’t know what Han Ruxin thought. Even if he knew it, he wouldn’t care. For him, Han Ruxin was just a small person and could not affect his life at all.

On the contrary, it was Freda Shangguan’s side that caused him a headache. I hope this crazy girl will not come to Hwadrid to find him personally, otherwise it will be in trouble!

In the past few days, he stayed at home almost, and started to report to three places in Xuanyuan.

In any case, the three places of Xuanyuan were good to him, and he still had to explain, otherwise their hearts would be bad.

Returning to the three places of Xuanyuan, Wayne Lin could clearly feel that the atmosphere was not the same as before, a little more solemn and Xiao Sha, it seemed that he was experiencing something important.

“Military power, idlers stop!”

As soon as Wayne Lin approached Xuanyuan’s third base, he was stopped by several guards at the door.

Their waists were straight, their expressions were serious, and their faces were a bit immature. It was obvious that they were recruits who had just arrived at the third place of Xuanyuan, so they didn’t know Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I am Wayne Lin, the instructor of the fourth group, and I’m here to report.”

However, these recruits did not pay attention to what he said. They thought he was joking, and scolded: “Nonsense, the instructor of the fourth group is Chen Song, who are you, dare to pretend to be my Xuanyuan three places? People!”

The recruit frowned and looked menacing. I have to say that he was still a bit prestigious.

Wayne Lin was quite emotional. He didn’t expect that he didn’t come back for a month and Xuanyuan would not recognize him in the third place. Just when he wanted to explain, one of the recruits stared directly at Wayne Lin, suddenly thinking of something. Excitedly said: “I remember! Wayne Lin! He is the former instructor of the fourth group, and he has committed a crime. He was taken away by Xuanyuan from three places. I didn’t expect to be back today!”

When he said this, the other recruits also remembered, and their eyes looking at Wayne Lin were filled with jealousy and hostility. They clenched their guns, subconsciously faced Wayne Lin, and stood ready.

Seeing their reaction, Wayne Lin felt helpless, and said, “I am coming back to report this time. You can let me go.”

However, the few recruits looked at Wayne Lin with enthusiasm, “No! You are a sinner, we can’t let you in!”

“No, we want to catch you!”

They looked at each other, and after speaking, they really shot Wayne Lin and wanted to take Wayne Lin down.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, he naturally couldn’t sit still and was caught by these little soldiers. When he shook his figure, he escaped their surroundings and said, “In this case, I went straight in.”

“No, he wants to force it!”

“Wayne Lin, I order you to stop, raise your hands and surrender, otherwise don’t blame us for shooting!”

With that said, they actually set up their guns and looked at Wayne Lin as if they were going to shoot at any time.

It can be seen that they are very jealous of Wayne Lin. Although they have just arrived, they have also heard some remarks about Wayne Lin. Invisible, they think Wayne Lin is a very scary person.

Wayne Lin frowned deeper. He didn’t expect that it was just a month later that he would encounter this kind of thing when he came back to the three places in Xuanyuan. Could it be that all three places in Xuanyuan thought he was treason?

At this moment, Wayne Lin felt something. He looked up, and soon saw six people walking quickly over, shouting loudly: “Stop! What are you doing? Put your guns away!”

It was from the fourth group, they rushed over immediately and ordered them to stop.

“Squad leader, isn’t this person the sinner in the third place of Xuanyuan?”

“Yes, squad leader, he disobeys the military order, aren’t we going to take him down?”

When the six people in the fourth group heard this, the expressions on their faces were quite complicated. Looking at Wayne Lin, one of them said, “Instructor Lin, why are you back?”

This person is Tian Mingjie, who used to idolize Wayne Lin, but under Wayne Lin’s teaching, his strength has also increased a lot. However, after that happened to Wayne Lin, his feelings for Wayne Lin became complicated.

It’s not just him, the other five people are the same.

Wayne Lin also noticed it. He said, “I’m looking for Director Peng when I come back this time.”

Tian Mingjie thought for a while and whispered to Wayne Lin: “Instructor Lin, I think you still don’t want to come back. You are all wanted now, especially Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2, if they know you are back, I will definitely catch you.”

The other five soldiers looked at Wayne Lin with the same expression.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Don’t worry about that, I’ve already been acquitted of the crime. I came back this time to report to Chief Peng.”

“Ah? Really?” Tian Mingjie and the others couldn’t help but get excited.

“Of course it’s true, when did I lie to you?” Wayne Lin smiled.

“That’s really great!”

With the assurance of Tian Mingjie and others, the few recruits dared not continue to stop Wayne Lin and let them go directly.

But as soon as Wayne Lin returned, news spread from three places in Xuanyuan, and many people ran out. When they saw Wayne Lin really appeared, they were shocked.

“I read it right, it’s really Instructor Lin who is back!”

“But isn’t Instructor Lin already dead? How can I come back?”

“Let me just say, someone like Wayne Lin is definitely not that easy to die, you still don’t believe it.”

“Hmph, even if he comes back, what will happen? Do you think he has escaped the military law! He disobeyed the military order and even swallowed the colorful origin fruit. It’s okay if he doesn’t come back. Now that he comes back, he must go to a military court! When the time comes, what will be waiting for him is a lifetime prison!”

Everyone was discussing in full swing, and Wayne Lin’s return made the three places of Xuanyuan, which were originally stagnant water, alive again.

Soon, the news also reached Sun Liang, Zhao Xia and other senior executives. When they heard it, they were shocked, and immediately put down their work and walked out.

When they came out and saw Wayne Lin, they were also stunned, not knowing what to say for a while.

Instead, Wayne Lin appeared generous and greeted him proactively, “Director Sun, Instructor Zhao, long time no see.”

“Instructor Lin, you…” Sun Liang recovered, looked at Wayne Lin, and said, “Why are you back?”

Wayne Lin heard that Sun Liang’s overtones meant that he shouldn’t come back.

Zhao Xia had the same reaction, their feelings towards Wayne Lin were quite complicated.

“Why, I am a member of Xuanyuan No. 3, can’t I come back?” Wayne Lin joked.

Sun Liang looked at him and said gravely: “You come back, but you have to go to a military court. The lightest sentence will be imprisonment for fifty years.”

Chapter 678

Wayne Lin laughed loudly.

Everyone frowned and looked at him, wondering why he could still laugh. Is this a provocation, or is he crazy.

Zhao Xia said in a deep voice: “Instructor Lin, you are now a sinner and wanted nationwide. You shouldn’t be here because we are going to arrest you.”

As his words fell, everyone present began to move, forming an encirclement against Wayne Lin, and they wanted to attack Wayne Lin at any time and arrest Wayne Lin!

Even Sun Liang, he has a very heavy expression now, even if he is optimistic about Wayne Lin, there is no room for discussion on this matter. According to the duties of a soldier, he wants to arrest Wayne Lin!

Sent to the military court to stand trial.

Tian Mingjie and the others were stunned when they saw this situation. He quickly said, “What are you doing? Instructor Lin said that he has already been charged, and you can’t arrest him!”

Sun Liang shook his head and said, “I haven’t received Shangfeng’s order. Wayne Lin is still a sinner now.”

Zhao Xia said: “Instructor Lin, I want to share with your colleagues. We don’t want to fight with you in the same room. You can catch it by yourself. In the military court, we will try our best to intercede for you.”

Now the entire three places of Xuanyuan have come out, forming a huge encirclement. Wayne Lin is surrounded by three levels inside and three levels outside. The water can’t leak. Everyone has a gun in his hand.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin did not have much surprise. It was in his expectation and verified his ideas. Although the military god and Shangfeng had let him go, they still had to be tested. some.

Wayne Lin looked at them and said, “I have already met the God of War and Shangfeng. Now I am not a sinner. Haven’t you received the order?”

When these words were said, Sun Liang and Zhao Xia were obviously taken aback, and the others also had the same surprised expressions. Instructor Lin actually went to see Wenshen and Shangfeng? Especially the army god, that is the Dinghai Shenzhen of China, the idol of the three armies, they can’t see it once they want to meet!

“Instructor Lin, you haven’t lied, you have already seen the God of War and Shangfeng?” Sun Liang said in disbelief. He knew very well what level the God of War is, and not everyone can see it! Besides, Wayne Lin is a sinner!

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to go round and round, and directly told what happened that day, indicating that he had been acquitted.

This matter was very subversive to them, but after Wayne Lin’s explanation, they believed for the time being that Sun Liang immediately called his superiors and reported Wayne Lin’s return to verify whether it was true.

In a short while, after he got the verification, the big stone in his heart soon let go.

Wayne Lin didn’t lie, he has really been acquitted of the crime, which is really great!

Not long after, Director Peng Zhuo also returned. He was extremely happy to learn that Wayne Lin was back.

Especially when he learned that Wayne Lin was the military god and Shangfeng he had met directly, he was even more surprised. The eyes that looked at Wayne Lin also had some different colors!

“What? Wayne Lin returned to three places in Xuanyuan?!”

It didn’t take long for Xuanyuan No. 2 to get the news, and their senior officials expressed their anger.

Especially Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang, with fierce eyes and gritted teeth, they hate Wayne Lin!

They originally thought Wayne Lin was

He was dead, but he didn’t expect that he would dare to come back swaggeringly, and the most damning thing was that at the third place of Xuanyuan, he would dare not arrest Wayne Lin!

Zhong Tao said: “Chancellor Fan, this Wayne Lin is too arrogant, and he has no choice! We can’t let him get away with this impunity, we must arrest him and send him to a military court!”

Luo Hongyang also immediately said: “Chan Fan, Lao Zhong was right. Wayne Lin disobeyed the military order and boldly dared to come back. He also wounded us all. It was a heinous crime. You can’t spare him like this! “

“There are also three places in Xuanyuan. They protect criminals, knowing that they violate the law, and they must report to Shangfeng to punish them!”

“I think there is no need for the three places in Xuanyuan. Look at the current foreign forces, how bad they have made it!”

In front of Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang, stood a tall middle-aged man with a national character face and a stubborn face. He looked particularly imposing. He was a ruthless man, and he was also the director of Xuanyuan No. 2 Division Fan Zhengping. .

An absolute powerhouse, but Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang’s immediate superiors.

His eyebrows are particularly rough, thick and dark, as if they were drawn with a brush, they are upwards, with a special momentum.

Especially the momentum on his body is even more incredible. He just stood there, as if driving the air in the room to revolve around him.

He raised his hand gently, immediately Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang were afraid to speak, and quickly shut up, waiting for Fan Zhengping’s speech.

“You said, this Wayne Lin has reached the realm of Innate Realm Great Perfection and defeated all four of you?” Fan Zheng said flatly, with some intriguing things in his tone.

After Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang listened, embarrassment appeared on their faces involuntarily, which was indeed an unbearable thing for them.

But at this time, they also had to bite the bullet and admit.

“This is a bit interesting. It seems that the effect of the Colorful Origin Fruit is great, allowing a person in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm to instantly break through to the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. Moreover, I guess that the origin of life in Wayne Lin has not digested yet. After that, maybe he will be able to break through to the indestructible body of King Kong.” Fan Zhengping’s eyes revealed every detail.

After Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang listened, they also gritted their teeth, envy and hatred.

Yes, if they were the ones who ate the seven-color source fruit, then they must also be in the innate realm of Dzogchen now, and they may even touch the realm of indestructible diamond!

Once you break through to the realm of King Kong’s indestructibility, you will be No. 1 in the world. From then on, the sky is high and the ocean is wide.

Zhong Tao gritted his teeth and said: “This surnamed Lin is born with a bone, and let him break through to the point that King Kong is not bad, it will definitely harm the people of the country. We must strangle him in the cradle!”

Luo Hongyang also echoed Zhong Tao’s point of view.

“Chairman Fan, I beg you to go out and take Wayne Lin back and send him to a military court to sentence him to death!”

Fan Zhengping did not answer right away, but thought for a while before saying, “Wait and see what idea Xuanyuan has.”

At about the same time, the Xuanyuan side also received this news and began a lively discussion.

And their conclusion is similar to Fan Zhengping’s side, they think Wayne Lin can’t be taken lightly, and they reach a consensus.

After a while, they made an agreement and set off to Xuanyuan three places together and decided to arrest Wayne Lin personally!

Chapter 679

Three places in Xuanyuan.

Wayne Lin has been back for two days. He seems to have returned to his previous rhythm. The difference is that Peng Zhuo directly promoted him to the position of chief instructor of Xuanyuan No. 3, and even the Fang Team and Dragon Blood Team were under his control. .

Logically speaking, this was not in compliance with the rules, but Xuanyuan had no objection at all three places.

Especially, when they saw that Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang were not his opponents together, they were easily defeated, and they became even more disagreed. They even felt that it was an honor to be directed by Wayne Lin.

“It’s not good, it’s not good!”

In the conference room, a soldier rushed in in a panic with a panic face.

“What are you panicking!” Sun Liang scolded immediately.

“There was an accident at the Sun, Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 places, come to arrest people!”

Sun Liang was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and said, “You make it clear, did Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2 arrest people?”

The other people in the conference room also frowned. The status of the three places is equal, but the direction of responsibility is different. Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 are so good. How can they come to catch people? people?

“Grab Instructor Lin, they want to arrest Instructor Lin. The coming is fierce, we can’t stop it.”

Hearing this, the expressions of the people in the meeting room suddenly changed.

When the voice fell, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and a group of people rushed in. Among them, it was Fan Zhengping who was in the lead. Following him were Zhong Tao, Luo Hongyang and others. The mighty, all masters.

Seeing this scene, even Peng Zhuo began to shrink his pupils and realized the seriousness of the matter!

You know, Fan Zhengping is the chief of Xuanyuan Second Division, and he sits on the other side. He is also a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, and he wouldn’t be easily dispatched! And now that Fan Zhengping comes to arrest people in person, it shows that he is bound to win.

If it was just Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang, he would be sure to deal with it, but Fan Zhengping would not be sure.

And what worries him most is that Wayne Lin lied to them and didn’t get rid of the charges? That’s why I came to arrest people in person? !

In an instant, many thoughts flashed through his mind.

When other people saw Fan Zhengping, their faces changed drastically, full of fear and awe.

Fan Zhengping is also a legend.

Originally, the people in the three places in Xuanyuan in the conference room were very angry when they saw someone breaking in, but when they saw Fan Zhengping, their momentum was immediately weakened.

“Fan Zhengping, you brought a large number of people and rushed to the third place of Xuanyuan to do something. This is not compliant!” Peng Zhuo stood up and said coldly.

Fan Zhengping did not answer him directly. Instead, he glanced across the meeting room and did not find Wayne Lin. He frowned slightly, then stared at Peng Zhuo and said, “I’m here to arrest someone and hand Wayne Lin over.”

The tone of command he used completely, high above, in terms of military rank, Peng Zhuo is the same as him, but he did not put Peng Zhuo in his eyes at all, very arrogant.

Peng Zhuo said: “Fan Zhengping, if you don’t say hello, you ran to my three places in Xuanyuan to arrest people, you are extremely arrogant!”

Peng Zhengping said impatiently: “Peng Zhuo, I don’t

I’m arguing with you, Wayne Lin is a sinner and must be sent to court for trial. You Xuanyuan three places dared to protect him, because you have eaten the bear heart and leopard guts. I don’t know whether you live or die. I think you still have some friendship. I don’t need to report this matter. You immediately hand over the sinner Wayne Lin. “

Zhong Tao also stood up, squinted his eyes and said, “Director Peng, you were also present on the Lion Rock that day. You witnessed what Wayne Lin did. This is an absolute felony. You dare to protect him and be careful The location is not guaranteed!”

Sun Liang said: “I think it is you who are bold. Instructor Lin has personally seen Shangfeng and the God of War, and has already been acquitted of the crime, and you still arrested him in the name of a sinner? Shangfeng is in sight!”

When Fan Zhengping heard this, he frowned slightly. He immediately looked at Zhong Tao and questioned him a little bit. Zhong Tao immediately said: “Chor Fan, don’t listen to them bragging, Wayne Lin is a sinner, why? I can get rid of the charge, let’s say, what is the identity of the old man of the military god, where is the little person like Wayne Lin, you will see it if you want to!”

If Wayne Lin really gets rid of the charges, they will come to arrest people. Although it is not a crime, it is inevitable to lose face. Especially this time Fan Zhengping went out in person, he was even more cautious.

However, in the past two days, he also went to inquire, and he didn’t hear any news that Wayne Lin had been acquitted of the crime, and even the wanted order was still there, otherwise he would not come easily.

“Peng Zhuo, you just think that Wayne Lin is in the congenital realm of Great Perfection, which can guide you to rebuild the glory of the three places of Xuanyuan, but have you ever thought about whether you have the ability to save him!” Fan Zhengping said coldly. He said, majestic and exuded, making the atmosphere in the entire conference room even more tense.

Peng Zhuo snorted heavily and said: “Fan Zhengping, you think I am a fool, Wayne Lin has not been charged, I dare to shield him? But you, the chief of the dignified Xuanyuan Second Division, a master of Innate Realm Great Perfection, Actually faked the public for private benefit, public revenge, if it goes to Shangfeng, I don’t know what the result will be!”

Peng Zhuo was a level lower than Fan Zhengping in realm, but he was not afraid of it at all, and he was tit-for-tat with Fan Zhengping and wanted to protect Wayne Lin to the end.

He was not arrogant, but believed in Wayne Lin, and also believed in his own intelligence and judgment. Although there was no clear order on it now, it meant that Wayne Lin had been acquitted. However, from another perspective, the news of Wayne Lin’s return is no longer a secret. Shangfeng must have already known it, but Shangfeng did not send anyone to arrest Wayne Lin, which indirectly shows that Wayne Lin has been acquitted of the charges. Up.

Fan Zhengping saw that Peng Zhuo was so tough, and he followed it up. Anyway, he has come over today. In any case, he has to take Wayne Lin back, even if Wayne Lin has been charged, but Shangfeng has not issued a clear order. , He can also use his plan to torture Wayne Lin severely.

Of course, he did this not simply to vent his anger to Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang, but he seriously suspected that Wayne Lin had eaten the Seven-Colored Origin Fruit to break through to the Great Consummation of the Innate Realm, and at that time he could extract the forest. Study Ming’s blood!

He has stayed for a long time in the congenital realm to reach the Great Perfection, and now he dreams of breaking through to the indestructible vajra body, even if he does everything he can!

He had tried many methods, but they all failed. Now the appearance of Wayne Lin gave him a ray of hope, so he must take Wayne Lin back!

He tore his face straight, and said in a high-pitched posture: “Peng Zhuo, I am not here to fight with you today. Wayne Lin is a sinner. I must take it back. If you know each other, you will hand him over obediently. Otherwise, don’t Blame me for being merciless!”

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