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Chapter 227

At this moment, everyone has an absurd sense of unreality!

38.99 million, was the payment successful?

After almost five seconds, the hundreds of people present came to their senses, and then there was a series of cold breath sounds.

And it was Wayne Lin himself who broke the weird silence. With a faint smile on his face, he said to the salesperson at Yulongwan: “I have signed the letters. You should complete the procedures as soon as possible. Move in at night.”

On several contracts, Wayne Lin’s elegant name has been signed impressively.

In an instant, the scene suddenly became a sensation.


“I heard it right, did the payment really succeed? 38.99 million! This is rounded to 40 million, I rely on it!”

“An illusion, it must be an illusion. This guy looks like he is delivering food. How can he get so much money!”

“Isn’t it true that we are watching people leave, they are really big bosses!”

“I’m sour, I want to live in a forty million mansion too! Is this the most expensive house in Hwadrid?”

At this time, the sales staff in Yulong Bay were all boiled, especially the female sales person in charge of Wayne Lin’s list. Now her whole face was flushed at a speed visible to the naked eye, her breathing was extremely rapid, and her body was shaking.

For a big villa of 40 million yuan, she can get hundreds of thousands in commission!

As for the other salespersons, the eyes looking at her are full of envy, jealousy and hatred, especially the intermediary who brought Wayne Lin. He was originally responsible for this list, but just now, because he looked down on Wayne Lin, he actually took it A big order is let out…

With a snap, he slapped himself hard!

I cried directly. You know, he couldn’t make so much money in a year. Originally with this commission, he also had the money to buy a house, and he was crying to death.

At this moment, Candice Liu also reacted, she couldn’t help but explode directly, “Damn! Forty million big villa, just bought it like this!”

The expression in her eyes looking at Wayne Lin was full of shock, incredible, fanaticism…

Wayne Lin was a little hairy when she was staring at her, as if she was about to rush up to throw him down at any time, it was terrifying.

Berry Chu was also demented. He had never thought that Wayne Lin could actually afford such an expensive villa, which made him feel that Wayne Lin was so strange.

Seeing this reaction from his former father-in-law and mother-in-law, Wayne Lin was still very happy. Because of forbearance, he had been in a wasteful manner for so long before, and now he finally got rid of the Lin family, he can show off his greatness, a blockbuster.

Alma Chu gritted her teeth, her eyes were not too surprised, because she had seen Wayne Lin’s extraordinary side in Tingfeng Pavilion before, and buying a house of 40 million did not seem to be too unusual. It’s just that the shock in her heart is still a lot, and it is obvious that Wayne Lin paid such a big price for her to buy the big villa… For a while, her heart was a little confused.

Of course, the most exciting expressions belonged to Latoya Chu’s trio. They were completely dumbfounded, with ghost-like expressions. To them, they couldn’t understand why Wayne Lin could spend so much money!

This is not 40,000 yuan, nor 400,000 yuan, but forty million yuan, forty million yuan! Even if it is Wang Rongmin’s company, the real value is only four thousand

It was only about 10,000 yuan, but Wayne Lin bought a house directly, and he took out 40 million yuan, which was still paid in one lump sum.

He now wondered if he had hallucinations.

As for Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen, their expressions are the most exciting.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Latoya Chu, now it’s your turn. Let’s get the money ready. I took a look, and the big villa next door doesn’t need to be expensive. 35 million can be settled.”

Then, Wayne Lin said to the salesperson at Yulongwan, “Beauty, go and prepare the procedures for that villa. My relative’s boyfriend is the big boss, 35 million yuan.”

Suddenly, there was a bunch of salesmen rushing out to prepare for the formalities. This is a super big order.

However, for Latoya Chu and others, they are not so excited. Now their scalp is numb, and their hands and feet are a little cold. Even now, they can’t understand why Wayne Lin can kill them. It’s unscientific to come up with so much money. Could it be an illusion? For this reason, Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen also pinched themselves vigorously, but they grinned in pain.

After a while, the sales clerk of Yulong Bay sorted out the contract, rushed over at running speed, put it in front of Latoya Chu and others, and said quickly and excitedly: “Hello three bosses, this is the ninth phase of Yulong Bay b666. According to the purchase contract, this house covers an area of ​​900 square meters. It also has swimming pool and other facilities. It is very luxurious and uses the best materials for decoration. Living in it is just like a palace…”

The salesperson Barabara introduced a bunch, and finally she said: “This villa is calculated at a total price of 35.88 million. Do you use your card? As long as the payment is successful, within half an hour, The transfer can be successful, and you can also come in and live tonight.”

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Latoya Chu’s trio.


Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen swallowed hard, their brains are now messed up, they are completely Liushenwuzhu, they have grown up, they have not encountered such ridiculous things.

“My dear…” After a while, Latoya Chu began to shake Wang Rongmin’s hand, acting like a baby, and Wang Rongmin’s face was already black!

35.88 million, even if he sold his company right away, he wouldn’t be able to collect so much money.

He immediately took his hand back from Latoya Chu, took out a cigarette and started smoking, only to find that his hands were a little trembling.

Wayne Lin said again: “What’s the matter, Latoya Chu, are you still not paying? Why don’t you fail to pay?”

Wayne Lin likes to do things like beating a dog in the water the most. He has never been a kind person. Just now, the three of Latoya Chu mocked him.

Han Xuefen couldn’t stand Wayne Lin’s expression in particular. She also said to Wang Rongmin: “Yes, Rongmin, didn’t you say that you want to buy Xuan’er a villa in Yulong Bay.”

Wang Rongmin still didn’t speak, his face was dark and he was still flustered. His face was so embarrassing this time.

Latoya Chu is an extremely face-saving person. In this situation, she really feels very embarrassed and irrational, and began to even more strongly demand Wang Rongmin to buy her a house.

But in the end, Wang Rongmin was directly annoyed, and he pushed her away, cursing: “Buy a fart! Where can I get so much money!”

After speaking, he just stood up and walked away quickly…

Latoya Chu and Han Xuefen were left ashamed.

Chapter 228

Latoya Chu was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Wang Rongmin to go with her like this. You know, before coming, she did everything she could to comfort Wang Rongmin. Wang Rongmin also agreed to her. They bought a villa in Yulong Bay as their wedding room.

But now, Wang Rongmin left her directly and left, which was beyond her expectation.

“Hey! Why did Rong Min run away?” Han Xuefen exclaimed dissatisfiedly.

Latoya Chu ran out to chase Wang Rongmin, but she could no longer see Wang Rongmin, and she was completely panicked.

Naturally, Candice Liu would not let go of this opportunity for revenge. She immediately punched out a set of combo punches and returned what Han Xuefen and Latoya Chu had just mocked her.

“Oh, didn’t it just say that you want to buy a big villa? Why are people running away now?”

“It’s only 35.88 million, not much at all. It’s not as good as the 38.99 million set we just bought. Why don’t you even get the money.”

“I said Latoya Chu, what big boss do you know? I think you were deceived. It’s so pitiful.”

Listening to these words, Latoya Chu’s mentality collapsed on the spot. She stayed no matter what, she cried out immediately and ran out.

Han Xuefen’s face was blue and white, and now Candice Liu’s words were like a knife to her, which made her extremely uncomfortable. Especially in the public, so many people ridiculed her and pointed them at her, even if her face was thicker Can’t go down, run away.

Candice Liu was relieved, walked up to Wayne Lin, showed a flattering smile, and said, “Wayne, when did you become so prosperous? You can even afford such an expensive villa. Mom is really proud of you. what.”

Wayne Lin smiled and did not speak. At this moment, Alma Chu walked over and said, “Thank you for breaking the siege just now. Now that you have bought a house, there are many other things to be done, so we won’t bother you.”

After speaking, she took Candice Liu to leave.

“Hey, Alma, where are you taking mom to go? We just bought a big villa and haven’t gone in to take a good look.” Candice Liu exclaimed.

Alma Chu said, “It was bought by Wayne Lin, and it has nothing to do with us.”

Candice Liu was immediately unhappy, and said angrily, “Why doesn’t it matter? Didn’t Wayne Lin just say that this big villa was bought for us, so I will live in tonight.”

“Wayne Lin is just talking, his name is written on the real estate certificate, and it has nothing to do with us!”

“It doesn’t matter, you are his wife…” At this point, Candice Liu stopped abruptly. She remembered that Alma Chu and Wayne Lin are now divorced. Legally speaking, they did not. Relationship.

She was so excited just now that she had forgotten this. For a while, her expression became stiff, especially uncomfortable. It felt like a duck with her mouth flying away.

“Well, even though you are divorced, you can remarry…”

“Mom!!” Alma Chu immediately stared at Candice Liu angrily, “What are you talking about nonsense? What do you think of me!”

Candice Liu didn’t dare to look into Alma Chu’s eyes. Looking at him from the left and right, he muttered in a low voice: “So what are you doing, I’m just telling the truth.”

They were talking not far away, Wayne Lin was listening

Well, after hearing the words of the two mothers and daughters, the corners of her mouth could not help but raised slightly. In the past few years, Candice Liu has not lost sight of him, and now he is starting to admire him, and her heart is still a little refreshed.

Alma Chu bit her lip, looked back at Wayne Lin again, and then strode away.

To be honest, she knew she was a bit gaffe in doing this. Anyway, Wayne Lin helped them out, but didn’t say thank you very much. It seemed a bit impolite to leave like this.

However, she really can’t face Wayne Lin with a normal mentality now, especially after Wayne Lin is so good!

So the only thing she can do now is to leave Wayne Lin as soon as possible, so that she can calm down.

Candice Liu reluctantly left the 40 million mansion, she really wanted to live in, but Alma Chu had already left, and it would be meaningless for her to stay here.

She also took a deep look at Wayne Lin, deeply regretful. She knew that Wayne Lin had such a beautiful day, and she would not approve of the divorce of Alma Chu and Wayne Lin if she was killed! Now she really wants to go back and talk to Wayne Lin, please Wayne Lin, let Wayne Lin and Alma Chu remarry, and give them this 40 million villa, but she can’t open this mouth for a while. After all, before, She really humiliated Wayne Lin.

Ugh! This time, it was really a misfortune that became an eternal hatred.

Even Berry Chu, he regretted it very much. Now Wayne Lin’s eyes became more pleasing to the eye, thinking about it, and after he went back, he would talk to Alma Chu and see if he could remarry Wayne Lin.

After they had all gone, Wayne Lin withdrew his gaze and felt particularly happy. After so many years, he could finally exhale in front of Alma Chu’s family.

Next, he and Yulongwan finished the procedure and moved in directly that day.

This villa has been renovated. The furniture and everything are ready-made, and there is no formaldehyde smell. You can move in directly. It is very convenient and suitable for Wayne Lin’s current situation.


“Alma, where did Wayne Lin get rich? Why did he become so rich all at once? He can even afford a 40 million villa.”

After returning home, Candice Liu couldn’t wait to ask Alma Chu immediately. What happened just now was too exciting for her. She hadn’t thought about the fact that she would have such a beautiful day after being abandoned by her for so long.

Berry Chu also asked: “Yes, Alma, last time Wayne Lin Shengke invested 100 million yuan, isn’t it really Wayne Lin’s money? But the account is from Ziqiong Media’s account, Lin Zi When did Ming catch up with Ziqiong Media?”

Candice Liu said again: “I really didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would have a day of turning over, and he would have turned into a big boss from a waste of firewood. Oh, Alma, you just said something, Mom is almost dying.”

Alma Chu had no expression on her face. After changing her shoes, she walked to the room.

Not reconciled, Candice Liu immediately caught up to her, stopped her, and said, “You girl, you don’t put mom in your eyes anymore!”

“Now that Wayne Lin and I are divorced, does he have any money and does he have anything to do with us?” Alma Chu said coldly.

“Why doesn’t it matter? Anyway, you have been married with him for four years. If you don’t listen, you have been slept by him for four years! Even if you get divorced, so what? Is it because he slept for nothing? He didn’t help us at all in our house before. Now that he has money, he has to compensate us no matter what.”

Chapter 229

Alma Chu was annoyed by Candice Liu’s remarks, “Mom! What nonsense are you talking about? Wayne Lin and I have always slept in separate beds. You don’t know, I haven’t even touched my fingers. Strictly speaking, he and I are not a husband and wife at all, and he has no obligation to compensate us at all.”

Candice Liu was a bit speechless for a while, but she was really unwilling, paused, and then said: “You are too. You have been married to Wayne Lin for so long, so why haven’t you been with others? Li, is it your wife who did this!”

Alma Chu was exasperated, “You are so embarrassed to say that I am obviously the one who taught me this way! On the first night of Wayne Lin’s arrival, you told me to not let me sleep in bed for Wayne Lin. Now you are ashamed. Did you teach me?”

“You…” Candice Liu said poorly again.

At this time, Berry Chu came up and said, “Daughter, what is going on with Wayne Lin? He is not a poor child from the countryside. Why did he change his life after divorcing you and become so rich?”

This sentence overwhelmed Alma Chu and made her feel more complicated and confused, and said: “He said that he has a good relationship with the chairman of Ziqiong Media and the one who invested in Centec Lighting Billion, he asked Chairman Zi Qiong to get it.”

“There is such a thing?”

Candice Liu and Berry Chu were both surprised. Ziqiong Media also knew that it was a big company with a market value of several billion. Didn’t expect Wayne Lin to recognize such a big man?

Only Alma Chu felt even more uneasy, because she remembered that that night, when she took off the mask of Chairman Zi Qiong, Wayne Lin’s face was revealed! And, what Wayne Lin said to her told her that Wayne Lin is Chairman Ziqiong…

Before, she had never believed this sentence, but now, her heart began to shake a little.


boom! boom! boom!

In a mysterious gym, there is a naked young man with three big sandbags erected in front of him. Each sandbag weighs hundreds of kilograms, but he was beaten up and down and overwhelmed. The steel rope sent out. The creaking sound.

If a professional boxer sees this scene, he will definitely be shocked and doubt his own worldview. In this world, there is actually such a powerful person? Even a heavyweight boxing champion does not necessarily have this power. Moreover, this young man punches very quickly. He hits three sandbags at a time, each of which is swayed like a swing by him, which is simply shocking. .

In the end, he hit three punches in a row, and he directly exploded all three sandbags, and the sand inside leaked out.

Bang bang ……

“Second Young Master, your kung fu has improved even more.”

A man clapped and walked over. It was the underground emperor Ugly Lord of Hwadrid.

And this shirtless young man is also Wayne Lin. He has spent the past two days staying with Ugly Master, training in retreat.

Wayne Lin took the functional drink that was thrown over and drank it in twos or twos. He smiled and said, “How about it? Do you want to fight? Let’s learn from each other.”

Ugly master smiled bitterly and said: “If you learn from each other, how can I be your opponent now?”

Wayne Lin smiled and didn’t

After speaking again, after wiping his sweat, he stopped training and walked to the balcony with the ugly master, blowing the wind, and said, “This time I returned to the Lin’s house and defeated Lin Zihao, and the revenge was taken.”

“Well, I heard.” Ugly master nodded, his tone of admiration and admiration for Wayne Lin could not be concealed. When he knew about this, his heart was still shocked! He knows how powerful the Lin family is. It is no exaggeration to say that he is now the underground emperor of Hwadrid City. However, compared with the Lin family, he is a small person. The Lin family can easily crush him. . Especially Lin Zihao is even more difficult to deal with.

But now, Wayne Lin went to the banquet single-handedly. With the strength of a single person, he stepped on the Lin family, and taught the Lin family a lesson. To be honest, when he first heard the news, he was the first The response was incredible.

When Wayne Lin said this, he paused, his eyes looked far away, his eyes deep, as if there were endless vicissitudes and secrets.

After a while, he said, “Joker, do you know my mother?”

The Ugly Master was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to ask like this.

“Madam is a kind-hearted and generous person, very gentle to everyone, like a spring breeze, she is the most maternal woman I have seen in the world.” The Ugly Master said seriously.

Wayne Lin laughed and said, “I didn’t expect you to have such a high evaluation of her, even the mother of the world has said it.”

The ugly master sighed and said, “Unfortunately, good people don’t live long, and my wife passed away so young.”

He said these words with regret and nostalgia on his face. Everyone who saw him like this would believe that he had said these words sincerely, but Wayne Lin did not.

“Joker, your acting skills are superb, you almost fooled me.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, and gave the clown a thumbs up.

Ugly master, when I heard this, his pupils shrank obviously, and some consternation flashed through, “Second Young Master?”

Wayne Lin stared straight into the eyes of Ugly Master, the smile on his face gradually became cold, and finally his expression became serious, and he said very seriously: “Tell me, what is her identity, and why is she doing this?”

The Ugly Master was stared at by Wayne Lin, breathing uncontrollably, and the expression on his face was a little unnatural. He was the underground emperor of Hwadrid City, just the word Ugly. I don’t know how many people were shocked. , But he looked so weak in front of Wayne Lin.

That’s right, just weak, his aura was completely covered by Wayne Lin.

However, the ugly master is still a big man, and his psychological quality is far superior to that of ordinary people. He quickly recovered his naturalness. He looked at Wayne Lin with clear eyes and asked suspiciously: “Second Master, forgive the clown for being stupid. I can’t understand what you mean by Second Master .”

Wayne Lin looked at the clown deeply, for almost ten seconds!

The clown also kept looking at Wayne Lin.

“Clown, you don’t have to hide from me, I know, grandpa, she was killed as a vegetable.” Wayne Lin said this sentence expressionlessly, as if it had nothing to do with him, just talking about other people. It’s just a story.

However, the clown can still feel the anger and sadness in Wayne Lin’s heart.

The clown was silent, and after a while, he asked, “Second Young Master, how did you find me?”

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