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Chapter 488

Suddenly, the other three people also looked at Wayne Lin, full of teasing.

“Okay.” Wayne Lin didn’t seem to see Zhu Xinghai’s ridicule, and he agreed with a smile. His answer made Zhu Xinghai treat him even more contemptuously. He determined that he was an ordinary person, but with good luck, he married Alma Chu. Just such a big beauty.

Alma Chu was rather angry. She snorted and said, “Don’t bother Mr. Zhu, a member of the Alice restaurant, we haven’t taken it to heart.”

What she said was the truth. As long as she was willing, Wayne Lin could open a higher-grade restaurant than Alice Western Restaurant. Besides, she wouldn’t like Zhu Xinghai’s posture.

It’s just that her words fell into their ears and turned into an expression of anger into anger, blindly defending Wayne Lin.

It can be seen that Zhu Xinghai often comes here for dinner. Even the manager knows him. When he saw him, he made a welcome gesture and called out Mr. Zhu. He just glanced at Wayne Lin and Alma Chu and realized that it was Zhu Xinghai. Friends of, did not ask any more, led them directly to a special seat.

This lounge is not very central, but rather close to the corner, but the space is large and the environment is very elegant.

“Despite the order, this meal tonight counts as mine.” Zhu Xinghai said proudly, and then said to the manager: “Manager Tan, is Ning Yuning here? I don’t know when to start playing?”

Manager Tan said with a smile: “Ms. Ning has arrived. About twenty minutes later, when most of the guests have arrived, Ms. Ning will sing.”

Some excitement flashed in Zhu Xinghai’s eyes. He was very excited now, and he was in high spirits. He had been looking forward to Ning Yuning’s appearance soon. Not only could he see the big stars, but he could also make a good splash in front of Alma Chu! He believes that as long as Alma Chu sees his strength, he will definitely leave an impression in his heart, and once an impression is left, then it will be easy to operate next.

He is very talented when it comes to making up sisters. He can definitely conquer Alma Chu, a superb stunner, by putting a long line to catch big fish!

The other three people heard that Ning Yuning would appear in 20 minutes, and their eyes were bright and they began to look forward to it, even Alma Chu was looking forward to it. For them, Ning Yuning is an idol, and they can often hear Ning Yuning’s popular songs, TV shows, and after dinner, they have seen a lot of Ning Yuning’s variety shows. Even if Alma Chu is now the president, she still has a heart to chase stars.

Wayne Lin didn’t quite understand their psychology. From his point of view, celebrities were nothing great. Ning Yuning was a big star, so he had to be respectful. Smith, the bigger international movie star before, died in his hands.

However, Alma Chu liked Ning Yuning, and he didn’t mind using his identity to invite Ning Yuning over and sign Alma Chu to satisfy Alma Chu’s wish.

At this moment, the two female friends winked at Alma Chu and invited Alma Chu to go to the bathroom together. Alma Chu thought for a while. She just drank a lot of water just now, and she was a little impatient, so she nodded and passed by.

When they arrived in the bathroom, one of the female friends said to Alma Chu: “Alma, what the hell do you husband do?”

Alma Chu said: “Starting a company, I’ve already told you about it.”


“Please, we have been friends for so many years, so what else can we hide.”

Another female friend also said: “Yes, there are no outsiders now, just tell us.”

Alma Chu said dumbfoundedly: “I didn’t lie to you. My husband is really the chairman of Ziqiong Media. If you don’t believe it, you can check it yourself. A listed company can be found by checking it.”

When the two female friends saw what Alma Chu said so absolutely, they looked at each other and did not believe it. Instead, they strengthened the guess in their hearts that Alma Chu’s husband happened to have the same name as the chairman of Ziqiong Media, so online If you check it, you can’t find out anything. Otherwise, Alma Chu’s husband pretended to be the name of the chairman of Ziqiong Media.

But Alma Chu is all here, and they are not good to go on, so they changed the subject and said: “Alma, I think Zhu Xinghai is interesting to you, don’t you think about it? He is from Yuancheng, come to Hwadrid Development, young and promising, especially rich and handsome.”

“Yes, although you are married, but you haven’t had a baby yet, and your figure is well maintained. I believe that if you take the initiative, Zhu Xinghai will not mind.”

When Alma Chu heard this, she finally couldn’t listen anymore, the more this person said, the more outrageous he was!

She sternly said: “Hey, Lu Guyun, Chang Yuqin, you two are enough! I treat you as good friends, and I have been holding you back just now, and now you are still saying this! If you do this again, I want Angry!”

Lu Guyun and Chang Yuqin were really a little angry when they saw Alma Chu. They pointed at them like this, and their faces were a little bit awkward. Lu Guyun frowned and said, “Alma, are you angry with us like this? Good sisters for many years, what I just said is for your own good, who can’t tell, your husband is just an ordinary person, so what about the chairman of Ziqiong Media, who believe it, you treat us blindly.”

Chang Yuqin also said, “Yeah, do you think we are fools? If you are really a big boss, can you be so embarrassed? He can’t even wear shoes. I think he is a beggar. We matched you and Zhu Xinghai too. For your own good, what good conditions are Zhu Xinghai, not a hundred times better than your Wayne Lin?”

When Alma Chu faced this, she was very angry, but she couldn’t say anything to refute it. Who made Wayne Lin appear on the stage today is indeed too embarrassed. She has known Wayne Lin for so long and has never seen Wayne Lin so embarrassed. Look like.

“Believe it or not! Anyway, it’s impossible for me to betray my husband. If you mention these later, don’t blame me for turning my face!” Alma Chu said coldly.

Lu Guyun and Chang Yuqin were also a little angry, thinking that Alma Chu was a dog biting Lu Dongbing and didn’t know people. However, in comparison, they were more gloating. How about Alma Chu being so beautiful? It turned out that they were not married to an ordinary person. Thinking about it this way, their hearts were balanced.

On Wayne Lin’s side, Zhu Xinghai also showed his true face. He tilted his legs, raised his head, and looked at Wayne Lin with contempt. He didn’t hide his arrogance and contempt, and said, “Wayne Lin is right now. The women are gone, and there are men left. Then I will tell you in a man’s way.”

Wayne Lin looked at him, with a hint of playfulness in his eyes, “Really, what do you want to say.”

Zhu Xinghai said with a lofty posture: “Alma Chu, I am interested, you can make a price.”

Chapter 489

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes. No matter how good his temper, he couldn’t help but a fire burst into his chest when he heard this!

This Zhu Xinghai was too arrogant and too much to say such things in front of him. It can be seen from this that he did not do similar things less often!

“Zhu Xinghai, you are looking for death, do you know?” Wayne Lin looked at him faintly, with a gleam in his eyes.

Zhu Xinghai laughed disdainfully at the moment, put down Erlang’s legs, leaned forward, and stared at Wayne Lin and said, “Oh, in a big tone, Alma Chu said that you are the chairman of Ziqiong Media. Have you really taken in? Hahaha…”

The man beside him also laughed mockingly as if he heard a big joke.

Wayne Lin was silent.

Zhu Xinghai continued, “Huh, I’m speechless? I’ll just tell you that. The chairman of Ziqiong Media is my brother. You dare to pretend to be him in front of me. You don’t know what the dead words are. Write! Just now I just looked at Alma Chu’s face, so I didn’t reveal you. I believe you deceived Alma Chu this stupid woman in this capacity, right?”

Wayne Lin stared at Zhu Xinghai, suddenly smiled, and said, “Zhu Xinghai, you are so confident that you think I must not be able to beat you?”

“Nonsense.” Zhu Xinghai sneered, “It’s not that I despise you, what do you use to fight me? Let me tell you that. I am not only rich, but I am also a master at the peak of the day after tomorrow. The next step is the innate realm, development Brain capacity…Forget it, just talking nonsense like you is a waste of talking to you, you don’t understand it at all.”

In his eyes looking at Wayne Lin, he made no secret of his arrogance and contempt for Wayne Lin, as if he was just looking at a low-level animal.

Wayne Lin smiled again. He only thought Zhu Xinghai was a little bit interesting. I don’t know, wait a minute, how Zhu Xinghai will react when he knows his true identity.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s silence, Zhu Xinghai thought Wayne Lin was beginning to be scared. He said more proudly, “Well, I am not patient enough, I am too lazy to talk so much nonsense with you, for a price of 500,000 yuan, and divorce Alma Chu. .”

He felt that if Wayne Lin gave Wayne Lin 500,000 yuan, Wayne Lin would definitely agree, but he did not expect that Wayne Lin said two words: “Shabi.”

Suddenly, Zhu Xinghai became annoyed, his eyes widened, and he cursed viciously: “Do you dare to scold me?!”

“You have been seated so soon? It seems that you are very self-aware.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

Zhu Xinghai clenched his fists and stared at Wayne Lin fiercely, full of threats and murderous intentions, “Lin, you are looking for death! I am polite to you because of Alma Chu’s face. Don’t think I am afraid. It’s you! I’ll say one last thing to you, Alma Chu, I’m going to make a decision. If you are acquainted, you quickly took half a million, and let me go as far as you can. Otherwise, I will let you survive.”

Wayne Lin also put away his smile, stared at him coldly, and said, “I also give you a chance to kneel down and confess my mistake. I can consider letting you go. Otherwise, when Alma Chu comes back, you think I don’t have this chance to beg for mercy.”

Wayne Lin is giving an ultimatum, but Zhu Xinghai didn’t cherish this opportunity at all. Instead, he was so angry that he laughed, “Just you rubbish, dare to threaten me? Good! Very good! Since you toast and not eat fine wine, then Don’t blame me for being polite!!”

After finishing speaking, he also made a wiping motion against Wayne Lin, which was very threatening.

The man next to him, looking at Wayne Lin, was already looking at a dead person.

Wayne Lin

I was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, just at this moment, Alma Chu’s three women also came back from the bathroom, Zhu Xinghai immediately returned to the gentle and elegant appearance he had just threatened Wayne Lin at all.

Wayne Lin didn’t care about Zhu Xinghai’s acting at all. Didn’t he, even a top powerhouse like Ye Xingchen died in his hands. For a young guy like Zhu Xinghai, it’s not worth mentioning. Just crush to death at will.

Alma Chu didn’t know what Zhu Xinghai had said, otherwise, based on her character, she would definitely be leaving.

I have to say that Zhu Xinghai is very good at disguising. In front of Alma Chu, he is completely another image, especially gentle and generous, which makes people unable to fault.

Slowly, more and more distinguished guests came in to eat. Looking at the past, they are all rich people, and they still have a pursuit of life, especially the petty bourgeoisie.

After a while, with a burst of cheers from the scene, asking from the center stage, a graceful figure appeared, wearing a gleaming black dress with countless crystals, which looked special under the light. Noble and brilliant.

This shadow is no one, it’s the superstar Ning Yuning!

During this period of time, Ning Yuning was very popular, and her reputation spread throughout Southeast Asia, and even many Western countries had her fans.

In China, her fans are even more ridiculous. The reason why Alice Western Restaurant was able to invite Ning Yuning to sing is not just because of the money, but more importantly, the owner of Alice Western Restaurant and Heiyan The chairman of the media, Ye Piaoyang, is affectionate. Ye Piaoyang personally persuaded Ning Yuning to come and sing.

So now the Alice Western Restaurant is full tonight, and everyone is coming to Ning Yuning. What is even more exaggerated is that there are many fans outside the Alice Western Restaurant just to see Ning Yuning. Across the glass, they were satisfied just to hear Ning Yuning’s singing.

The appearance of Ning Yuning immediately ignited the atmosphere of the scene!

“Wow! Star Ning is on the stage!”

“It really deserves to be Fairy Ning. This looks, this figure, this temperament is invincible!!”

“Alice’s boss is so powerful, he can actually invite Ning Yuning to sing. This is a big face.”

“Isn’t it? Now Ning Yuning is the hottest artist in the country, and compares those old-brand heavenly queens!”

There were exclaims everywhere at the scene, staring at Ning Yuning in the center of the stage, and couldn’t move away. Everyone took out his mobile phone to take pictures and record videos. If you don’t want to miss this, you can send it to Moments. An opportunity to show off.

Even the fans outside the Alice Western Restaurant, heard Ning Yuning coming out, and they were all boiling over. Many fanatical fans wanted to rush in, but fortunately they were stopped by security.

The Alice Western Restaurant was expecting this kind of thing to happen, so they increased their security forces tonight to ensure that they could keep order.

Zhu Xinghai and several people also started to get excited, and took out their phones to take pictures, completely seeing the idol fans. Especially Zhu Xinghai’s eyes straightened, and he swallowed continuously.

Alma Chu also opened her eyes wide, staring at Ning Yuning in the field, and clenched her fists excitedly.

Wayne Lin was a little frightened when he saw these people’s reactions. He touched his nose helplessly, and said, “Isn’t he just a star. As for the fuss?”

As everyone knows, his words immediately aroused the hatred of many people around him, and even Alma Chu pinched him, thinking that he was offending Ning Yuning.

Chapter 490

Wayne Lin saw the crazy appearance of these people, so he didn’t dare to say any more, for fear that it would arouse public anger.

Speaking of it, it is not the first time Wayne Lin has seen Ning Yuning. He has met several times before, and each time he met in private. His impression of Ning Yuning is just that he stays in a big star and looks good. On the basis of a good character.

In addition, I have never seen Ning Yuning’s’power’, because he rarely watched TV dramas, and rarely listened to songs. Even in a variety show, he couldn’t see an episode in a year, so he couldn’t feel Ning Yu Ning’s charm, not to mention that she has such a big reputation in China and so many fans.

Now that he sees more, he is still a little surprised.

However, I have to admit that Ning Yuning tonight is really beautiful, no matter his appearance, body, or temperament, he is impeccable. Wearing a black long dress, she was extremely bright, and instantly became the focus of the audience, even comparing Alma Chu. At this moment, Ning Yuning is the most attractive woman in the audience.

“It’s so beautiful…” Alma Chu stared at Ning Yuning closely and couldn’t help expressing such emotions. She is a fan of Ning Yuning and especially liked the songs Ning Yuning sang. She had only watched Ning Yuning before. It was only Yu Ning, she had never seen a real person offline, and now she saw it and found that Ning Yuning’s real person was much better than the image on the screen!

Even a beautiful woman of her level would be so surprised, not to mention the other people, especially the men present, their eyes would not move, and they would love to fall on Ning Yuning.

To be honest, only Wayne Lin was the most calm, mainly because he had known Ning Yuning before.

Ning Yuning was specially dressed up tonight, slim and generous, wearing a black long dress, which completely outlines her graceful figure, sexy and elegant, but not vulgar and exposed.

With a microphone in her hand, she immediately began to sing after she came out on stage. It was a classic song of hers. It was very beautiful, with a very good voice and perfect singing skills. Everyone present was quickly attracted to it. After listening to me, I was moved by the melody of her song.

Wayne Lin is a person with a lack of tone, and he doesn’t like to listen to songs very much, but after listening to it, he has to admit that Ning Yuning’s song is really good and very high.

This added to his impression of Ning Yuning, but he didn’t expect Ning Yuning to sing so well.

After singing a song, Ning Yuning began to speak, “Dear friends of Alice Restaurant, I am Ning Yuning. I am very happy to come to Alice tonight and meet everyone. Next, I will sing “Beloved”, I give it to everyone, I hope everyone can find the love in life, never give up, and grow old together.”

When she said the last sentence, a trace of loss flashed deep in her eyes, and a man appeared in her mind, who was her crush, but she hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

She is a very professional ethical person. She immediately suppressed this emotion and began to sing. This “Beloved” is different from the dynamic pop song just now. The melody of this song is very gentle. Full of affection, with Ning Yuning’s unique voice, it’s absolutely amazing!

Suddenly, after listening to so many people on the scene, they all became fascinated, including Alma Chu. She was very moved by hearing it. As the melody progressed, her thinking began to work, and she remembered it in her mind.

The scenes I experienced with Wayne Lin, ups and downs, various twists and turns, it was not easy to walk all the way!

It is said that women are all emotional animals, and Alma Chu is no exception. She is now completely trapped in Ning Yuning’s “Beloved”. She was so moved that her nose was sour, she shed tears, and she couldn’t help holding Wayne Lin’s. Hand, looked up at Wayne Lin, full of affection, and said: “Wayne, you are the love of my life, thank you for being in my life.”

In comparison, Wayne Lin didn’t have that much emotional resonance. It was the first time he heard this song, and he was more immersed in Ning Yuning’s beautiful melody. However, when he saw Alma Chu’s emotional appearance, he was also touched, holding Alma Chu’s hand with his backhand, and said very seriously: “Alma, you are also my beloved.”

“Yeah!” Alma Chu nodded vigorously, and then leaned on Wayne Lin’s shoulder, her face full of happiness.

Zhu Xinghai saw this scene, his face was ugly, and he stared at Wayne Lin sullenly. Now he hates Wayne Lin more and more, and his anger is getting stronger and stronger. After tonight, he will investigate Wayne Lin. Ming’s origin, where did he live, and then shot Wayne Lin! !

At the scene, many people were also moved. Many women with low tears are now in tears. After singing a song, there was a warm applause immediately on the field, which was sent to Ning Yuning.

Ning Yuning smiled and bowed slightly in all four directions to express her gratitude. She showed her good qualities. Her behavior has won the favor of many people.

In the following, Ning Yuning sang a few more classic songs, each of which sang very well, making people mesmerized.

In addition, she was also very funny, with some humorous jokes interspersed in between, perfectly mobilizing the atmosphere of the scene, and the applause never stopped.

It was almost time, she completed the task and was about to step down.

Everyone was very disappointed when they heard that she stopped singing, and yelled for her to sing a few more songs.

According to the agreement, she would sing those songs at the scene this time. After singing, even if the task was completed, the fans on the scene were too enthusiastic, and two lovely children ran up to give her flowers. , Let her sing two more songs, she had no choice but to sing again when she felt soft-hearted.

After thinking about it, she said, “Well, since everyone wants to hear me sing so much, let me sing two more. The next one is a new song I wrote recently. I haven’t had time to release it yet. Sing it now. Let me listen to you, so you are the first to hear my new song, and I hope you don’t record it secretly, otherwise I will have copyright troubles.”

Ning Yuning blinked and looked a bit playful. There were a lot of people who planned to record it, but when she heard this, they all put their phones away.

Moreover, they were even more excited when they heard Ning Yuning’s new song. This means that they are the first people to hear it, and the whole country has no such honor!

Ning Yuning took a deep breath. In her mind, the slender figure and the plain, but masculine face appeared again.

“I haven’t named this song yet. It’s written for a male friend. I haven’t seen him for a long time. I really want to see him again.”

With some complicated emotions, Ning Yuning spoke and sang this song…

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