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Chapter 440

After half an hour, Tan Qiuya and Tian Mingjie both left, leaving Wayne Lin sitting there, lost in thought.

He did not immediately agree to join the three Xuanyuan places, and gave time to consider.

Joining the three places of Xuanyuan and entering the six doors is not a hasty thing, and it will have a huge impact on his future life.

After all, once you enter the six doors, it is not so easy to exit.

Of course, the benefits of joining the three places of Xuanyuan are also obvious. First of all, it is equivalent to an extra protective umbrella. In the future, even if he kills more foreigners, nothing will happen. Even if it is in society that offends people, nothing will happen, which is tantamount to a strong background.

And his family will also be strongly protected.

Tan Qiuya is right. He does have a strong national sentiment. Now he knows that the situation in China is not very good, and there is an urgent need for masters in the congenital realm. Especially at his level, there are very few. He was still moved.

As a Chinese, who has never thought of contributing to the country?

However, this is a big deal, he can’t make a choice casually, he still has to weigh it carefully. After all, he still has an important task now, which is to rescue his mother Qin Yuehua from the BRAGRUN organization. Until now, he has not investigated the specific nature of this BRAGRUN organization and how powerful it is. Where, apart from Chou Ye and Lu Dongbin, he has never seen the third BRAGRUN organization.

While he was sinking into thinking, at the Beitian Meeting, there was also a cloud of sadness and coldness.

Since Brian Gu and Wu Meizi were beaten to death by Wayne Lin one after another, the status of the Beitianhui is now far lower than before.

Many forces that used to be the leader of the North Tianhui, now they are beginning to show their estrangement, and they are not too afraid of the North Tianhui to ask questions. Some people even begin to plan to open a security group to fight against the North Tian.

In this case, Bei Tian will be very angry, very annoyed, but there is no big way.

Who made all the masters of the innate realm who can play the most in the North Sky now die!

Don’t look at Brian Gu as the vice president. In fact, his cultivation base is the highest cultivation base in the Beitian Society. It is also because of Brian Gu’s existence that the Beitian Society is so deterrent.

Now that Brian Gu is dead, the deterrent power of the Northern Heaven Society is not so great.

Because Zhou Zhe, the president of the North Sky Club, was not a master of the innate realm, he was just an acquired pinnacle. The reason why he was able to become the president was not because of his cultivation level, but his management ability. The Beitianhui was also in his hands, making it bigger and bigger, but now, Brian Gu is dead, and without deterrence, even if he has any more powerful skills, he can show it.

Especially now that the great god Wayne Lin is standing in front of them, the partners who used to cooperate deeply with them are now slowly choosing to terminate their contracts with them, reducing their business by 30 points in a short time!

Profits have also fallen sharply.

In this situation, Zhou Zhe, the president of the North Sky Club, was completely unable to sit still. He used his relationship to find a top master to become the vice president of the North Sky Club.

That day, he set up a banquet in the hotel and waited for the arrival of this super master.

But after waiting for more than an hour, the other party still did not come, making his heart gradually anxious.

“Lao Huang, this super master you said, will he let you dove?

Isn’t it coming? “Finally, Zhou Zhe couldn’t help it anymore and said to a middle-aged fat man next to him.

This middle-aged fat man sat two young girls on his lap, feeding him something, and his hands were very dishonest. Walking around the two young girls, he smiled and said: “I said Lao Zhou, Just calm down. If Mr. Ye said he will come, he will definitely come.”

When Zhou Zhe heard the middle-aged fat man’s affirmation, his heart settled a bit, but immediately, he said worriedly: “Also, is this Mr. Ye really a master? You know Wayne Lin is a servant, but even Brian Gu, Wu Meizi is not his opponent!”

The middle-aged fat man confidently said: “That must be a super master! When did my old Huang fool you? I tell you, when Mr. Ye comes, you must put down your posture, respectful enough, this Ye Mr. has a bad temper. Once you offend him, it’s over.”

Zhou Zhe nodded, saying that he would definitely not neglect, but he was still a little worried. After all, Wayne Lin’s reputation has become so much recently that it has put too much pressure on the Beitian Club. He can’t sleep well every night for fear that Wayne Lin will suddenly kill. Come here and level them up.

“Lao Huang, is this Mr. Ye really a master of the Innate Realm? Can he beat Wayne Lin? If he can’t deal with Wayne Lin, we will suffer from the North Heaven meeting.” Zhou Zhe still Said worriedly, pacing back and forth.

The other Beitianhui people in the box were also full of worries. After all, Wayne Lin’s recent limelight has been so great! Especially in the scene some time ago, the scene of Wu Meizi’s life and death is still clearly engraved in their minds and is indelible. It is no exaggeration to say that they have an instinctive fear of Wayne Lin, just like mice are afraid of cats.

The middle-aged man sneered disdainfully and said, “Cut, little Wayne Lin, what’s the matter? I tell you, Mr. Ye’s cultivation has reached an incredible realm! He is no longer a human, but a land. God, even a bullet can’t kill him! Even if two Wayne Lin are tied together, they are far from being Mr. Ye’s opponent! Old Zhou, just wait, if you can really hold Mr. Ye’s thigh, then After the Beitian Meeting, you will really sit back and relax. Rubbish like Wayne Lin is not worth mentioning.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Zhou Zhe heard this, he was really relieved.

Not long after, the door of the box was opened. The middle-aged fat man Lao Huang saw the incoming person and immediately his face turned straight. He hurriedly asked the two young girls to get up from him with a smile. They stood up and took the initiative to welcome the person. , And gave Zhou Zhe a wink to let him perform well.

Zhou Zhe is an old fried dough stick. He doesn’t understand why, he immediately showed a flattering expression, and took the initiative to greet this super expert.

“Mr. Ye, you are here.” The middle-aged fat man squeezed a flower into his face.

Then immediately pointed at Zhou Zhe who came by and said, “Mr. Ye, this is Zhou Zhe, the president of the North Sky Club.”

Mr. Ye nodded lightly, and turned a blind eye to Zhou Zhe’s proactive hand.

“Zhou Zhe, this is the super master I told you, Mr. Ye.” The middle-aged fat man said again.

Zhou Zhe was ignored, with some embarrassment on his face, he immediately said: “Mr. Ye, hello, it is my honor to invite you over today.”

Mr. Ye said: “Stop talking nonsense, let’s eat first.”

“Okay.” Zhou Zhe nodded quickly.

If the neon clothes are here, you can tell at a glance that this so-called Mr. Ye is the law enforcement veteran of the Eastern Region, Ye Xingchen!

Chapter 441

That’s right, this Mr. Ye is Ye Xingchen. Since he focused on the neon clothes, he has begun to come to the province. It happened that his believer Huang Zheng told him that Zhou Zhe of the Beitian Association wanted to win over a super master and sit down. He came over immediately about the Beitian Meeting.

On the way he came, Huang Zheng and him probably mentioned the current situation of the North Sky Club, and hinted that the position of the Vice President of the North Sky Club is not so easy to sit on, because the enemy of the North Sky Club is Wayne Lin.

When he heard the name Wayne Lin, he was slightly stunned, feeling a little familiar, as if he had heard it from somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it again for a while.

He soon learned that Wayne Lin was also a master of the Innate Realm, and he had killed Brian Gu and Wu Meizi in succession. He had some interest, but that was all. In his eyes, except for the BRAGRUN organization, everyone else is mortal. Moreover, he came to G province this time, rushing to the neon clothes, neither the Beitian Club nor Wayne Lin was in his eyes. .

Zhou Zhe originally had great expectations for Ye Xingchen, because Huang Zheng has been bragging about how powerful Ye Xingchen is in front of him in the past few days, but now, he saw Ye Xingchen with his own eyes, and his expectations gradually turned into disappointment. , For no other reason, Ye Xingchen looked so imposing, let alone compare with Wayne Lin, and it was far from Brian Gu.

This made him wonder, did Huang Zheng just find an ordinary expert to fool him, besides, Ye Xingchen is too young, only in his thirties, you know, Brian Gu and Wu Meizi are both in their 40s or 50s. People.

After drinking three rounds, Zhou Zhe tried several times to find out about Ye Xingchen’s details, what realm he is now, and what record he has had, but Ye Xingchen didn’t pay attention to him, just ignored him, which made him more and more unhappy. , I think Ye Xingchen is a parallel importer.

Finally, Huang Zheng found out that something was wrong. He smiled and said, “Mr. Ye, this time Chairman Zhou meant that he wanted to invite you to be the chairman of the North Sky Club to replace the previous position of Brian Gu…”

However, before Huang Zheng’s words were finished, Zhou Zhe waved his hand, interrupted his words, and said indifferently: “I don’t think this is necessary anymore. My vice president of the Northern Sky Club is not so good, so don’t bother. Mr. Ye.”

Huang Zheng was taken aback. He didn’t expect Zhou Zhe to say this. Before the dinner, he had discussed with Zhou Zhe, “Lao Zhou, are you? Didn’t you say that you want to invite Mr. Ye to be the vice chairman?”

Zhou Zhe said lightly: “There is no need for this. The position of vice president of the Northern Sky Club is not something anyone can sit on! I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I have invited a mediocre person to come over, and I will have a little effect on Wayne Lin. I can’t play it!”

Huang Zheng couldn’t see how Zhou Zhe didn’t believe in Ye Xingchen’s strength. He quickly said, “Lao Zhou, what are you talking about? Didn’t I tell you, Mr. Ye’s cultivation level has arrived? To an incredible degree, the little Wayne Lin is not Mr. Ye’s opponent at all.”

“Really? Haha.” Zhou Zhe smiled faintly, his face was full of disdain, and then said: “Lao Huang, I’ll take this meal, I have something to do, so I won’t accompany you.”

With that, he was about to stand up and prepare to leave.

However, at this moment, Ye Xingchen, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke. He sneered. At the next moment, an indescribable aura burst out of him. At the same time, his eyes turned to Zhou Zhe. past.

In an instant, Zhou Zhe froze, and there was a hum in his head.

, As if a thunderbolt exploded inside, in his eyes, Ye Xingchen in front of him turned into a giant with a height of hundreds of meters, holding a huge sword in his hand, and swiping it at him, splitting the space in front of him. The two halves, the sun and the moon were dark, the sky was shaking, and the earth roared, as if the world couldn’t bear Ye Xingchen’s sword, it was about to collapse, and he was going to die.

He had never experienced anything like this before, his face turned pale in an instant, and large drops of cold sweat came out of his face, his legs swayed violently, lost the strength to support, and fell directly to the ground.

Moreover, a pool of liquid came out of his crotch, which smelled bad, and he was so scared to pee his pants.

Ye Xingchen dismissed a smile. He retracted his gaze at Zhou Zhe. In an instant, Zhou Zhe came back to his senses. The feeling was as if he had returned to the world from hell and came back from the dead.

The look he looked at Ye Xingchen now was completely different. It was no longer the contempt and suspicion just now, but full of awe and fear, as well as excitement.

He already believed in Ye Xingchen’s strength now. With people like Ye Xingchen sitting in the Beitian Club, the Beitian Club would definitely become more and more prosperous. As for Wayne Lin, it was not worth mentioning.

A little embarrassment flashed across Zhou Zhe’s face when he was so frightened to pee on his pants, but he did not feel embarrassed. Instead, he stood up, fisted deeply at Ye Xingchen, and said in a very sincere tone: “It was Zhou who had eyes Those who know Taishan have offended Mr. Ye, please forgive him!”

Ye Xingchen waved his hand and did not have the same knowledge as him, and said lightly: “Just now from your spiritual world, I saw your fear of Wayne Lin. Tell me what is this person’s origin.”

Zhou Zhe quickly began to introduce Wayne Lin, including his origin, as the door-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family. Later, he inexplicably counterattacked and became the chairman of Ziqiong Media, and then cultivated into the innate state, defeating Brian Gu and Wu Meizi in one fell swoop. thing.

After Ye Xingchen listened, some brilliant lights flashed in his eyes and said, “So, this Wayne Lin is extraordinary. From a door-to-door son-in-law, he has transformed into a peerless master.”

After a pause, he said again: “I am a little interested in him.”

Zhou Zhe said: “Mr. Ye, this Wayne Lin is extremely violent and cruel. If you see him, you must be careful.”

Then he took out his phone, clicked on a video, and showed it to Ye Xingchen, “Mr. Ye, this is a video of Wayne Lin and Wu Meizi fighting. You can refer to it.”

Ye Xingchen looked over. In the video, it was obviously the desperate battle of the two innate realm masters, which caused great damage. If the current video level is not clear enough, they can’t be seen clearly. Even so, it is difficult to capture their movements, most of the images are only seeing their afterimages, even if they are slowed down twenty times, the same is true.

When Ye Xingchen saw Wayne Lin’s face, his eyes suddenly became sharp, “This is…”

He looked familiar with Wayne Lin’s face. Finally, he remembered that this was the wild species that the previous saint Qin Yuehua gave birth to outside!

In an instant, his eyes brightened, the corners of his mouth raised, and a big arc appeared, showing a wicked smile, “It turns out to be this wild species, neon clothes, I have caught your secret, so you came to see this wild species. Now, it’s really effortless to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere to go, Jie Jie.”

Chapter 442

“Chairman, there is a grand charity party tonight, big people in the circle will attend, do you want to attend?”

After Wayne Lin came to Ziqiong Media, Damon Wang reported to him after finishing his work.

“Charity party? Is it very large?” Wayne Lin said curiously.

Damon Wang respectfully said: “Yes, this charity party is very large, and big figures from all fields will come to participate. There is official support. The subordinates believe that since the chairman intends to establish a new charity organization, It’s better to go there.”

Indeed, Wayne Lin intends to set up a charity organization and do more good deeds. Now there is this charity party. If he goes to attend and show up, it will really help.

He didn’t think too much, nodded and agreed.

Now he has nothing special to be busy with, so he can naturally take time to participate in the past tonight.

Next, he stayed in the office to meditate. Since defeating Wu Meizi, his cultivation has improved a lot during this period, and he has stabilized in the upper stage of the Innate Realm.

The Innate Realm, also known as the Transcendent Realm, not only created a watershed with ordinary people, even the acquired peak, in front of the innate realm masters, it is vulnerable to a blow, not only in force, but more in the level of life.

Now Wayne Lin has completely consolidated in the Innate Realm, and his cultivation is stable in the upper stage of the Inborn Realm.

He is roughly divided now, in the innate realm, there are five realms, lower, middle, upper, top, and Dzogchen!

The difference between these five realms lies mainly in the strength of blood and spirit.

And after the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, the legendary King Kong is not bad!

Once you reach that state, you are a real superman.

The life form of the whole person will usher in an earth-shaking transformation. Wayne Lin even suspects that the King Kong is not bad, and there will be unexpected changes in the body, even mental interference, and the ability to fetch things from the air is not necessarily!

This sounds like a mysterious and impossible thing to happen, but in fact it is not like that. In Wayne Lin’s reasoning, the human body has unlimited potential. From the acquired peak to the innate realm, the level of life undergoes the first transformation. The main difference is that after reaching the innate state, the human brain has more’authorities’ opened up, and it can secrete hormones autonomously to enhance the strength of the body and spirit.

When King Kong is not bad, the human brain has more “authorities” opened, specifically, to unlock more “functions”.

In fact, the capacity of the brain that humans can use is only a few percent. Many smart scientists are just because they can use more brain capacity than ordinary people.

In science, there is a theory that the capacity of the brain that humans cannot use becomes a forbidden zone for God! And human practice is actually constantly opening up the God’s forbidden zone and using more brain capacity.

Like Wayne Lin now, he only uses about 15% of his brain capacity!

According to his inference, it should be able to use 50% of the brain’s capacity when the King Kong is not bad!

And to use 50% of the capacity should be from the three-dimensional to the four-dimensional, so inference, there can be mental interference, and the ability to fetch things from space.

This is not fantasy, but is supported by scientific theories.

It is conceivable that if 100% of the brain’s capacity can be used, what kind of state is it? Wayne Lin couldn’t imagine, maybe he could jump directly from four-dimensional space to five-dimensional space?

Wayne Lin opened his eyes, and flashes of divine light flashed through his pupils. The brain capacity he can mobilize now is 15.224% to be precise.

If he can break through to the top stage in the innate realm, he should be able to use 20% of his brain capacity by then!

If it is Dzogchen in the innate realm, it may be asking about 25%.

Of course, this is still his speculation stage, and he needs to study whether it is really this value.

Time was in his meditation, and soon passed. Three seconds before Damon Wang opened the door of his office, he opened his eyes, and he smelled of an unknown prophet.


Wayne Lin stood up and said, “I know, now go to the charity party.”

Half an hour later, senior officials such as Wayne Lin and Damon Wang appeared at the charity party.

Damon Wang did not brag. The charity party tonight is indeed very big. At first glance, they are all big figures from all walks of life, and there are many stars.

When Wayne Lin’s figure appeared on the scene, it attracted the attention of countless people, and they looked over.

“Randal is here.”

“Randal is really arrogant. I know it is a dragon and a phoenix at a glance. It is an honor for us to recognize Randal.”

“Then it goes without saying that Randal Lin is the pride of our Hwadrid City. At a young age, he is a strong man in the congenital realm.”

“Randal, I’ll toast you a glass!”


Soon, many people came over, all kinds of flattery.

Some beautiful women kept glaring at Wayne Lin, and kept leaning on Wayne Lin’s body, wishing to dedicate their lives to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin was accustomed to this kind of scenes, with a smile on his face, without putting on airs, and chatting friendly with these big people.

At this moment, I don’t know who said, “I’m not mistaken, isn’t that Zhou Zhe from the Beitianhui? Why did he come?”

“What? Let me see… I rely on it, it’s really Zhou Zhe. As the president of the North Sky Club, he still dares to appear in front of Randal? Besides, he didn’t just send small people to participate in the North Sky Club before. Charity party? Why is he here tonight.”

“Zhe Zhou is crazy this time, knowing that Randal Lin will come to participate tonight, he dare to be there, is it not afraid of Randal Lin?”

“How is this possible? There is a grudge between Randal Lin and the North Sky Club. As the president of the North Sky Club, how could he not know… Could it be that Zhou Zhe came to apologize to Randal Lin this time and beg for mercy?”

Many people looked towards the gate, and they saw Zhou Zhe wearing a brand-name suit, walking in a crowd of more than a dozen people. His face was full of spirit, and he walked with wind.

And behind him, all the high-level officials of the Northern Sky Club walked in swaggeringly.

Wayne Lin’s gaze also followed. He hadn’t seen Zhou Zhe before, but he recognized Zhou Zhe by looking at the photos. He saw Zhou Zhe’s proud look and he didn’t have the slightest fear. And downfall.

This is a bit abnormal.

Could it be that Zhou Zhe is not afraid of himself?

At the same time, he also saw at a glance that Zhou Zhe was only the realm of the pinnacle of the acquired day, and that this kind of cultivation was like an ant in front of him.

Soon, Wayne Lin’s gaze was attracted by a man next to Zhou Zhe!

The man’s face was cold and proud, he was arrogant and arrogant, arrogant in his bones, it seemed that everyone in this room was just ants.

What really caught Wayne Lin’s attention was that this man was also an extremely master of the Innate Realm, and he had reached the top stage! !

Much stronger than Wu Meizi!

This man is not someone, it is Ye Xingchen.

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